Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Monday Night Highlights

You know how you can tell how one of Austin’s Angels is HOH? Live Feeds like the ones from last night. It was probably the slowest night in the Big Brother 17 house yet as Meg is well aware that it won’t do her any good to campaign, much less campaign this early.

Meg and James enjoy a game of pool – Source: CBS All Access

We might be able to expect some hard-hitting campaigning and potential flip talk tonight, but last night was just too early and since Meg is a have-not, she didn’t get any alcohol to fuel her.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 31, 2015:

4:30 PM BBT Liz & Austin are busy doing things you won’t want to watch.

5:25 PM BBT – Meg is worried about life moving slowly in Jury House. James assures her she’ll have a great time and it’ll go quickly.

5:35 PM BBT – Vanessa studying days & events with Steve and John. Vanessa continues to misuse the term “Backdoor” and asks them what day it was she was BD’d by Becky. Steve’s earlier explanation apparently didn’t stick or she’s just doing it to agitate Steve.

5:42 PM BBT – James says if Meg goes, he’ll try to get with Johnny Mac. Meg tells him to be weary of Steve, though. James says he would put up Steve and someone else if he wins HOH. Meg says it should be Steve and Vanessa. Meg is really not a fan of Vanessa. She says she can’t stand the thought of Vanessa making it to the final two and that James better not take her to the end if it comes down to that.

5:50 PM BBT – Meg is pretty resigned. She knows she’s getting evicted and there’s not much hope for her.

6:30 PM BBT – Most everyone is outside either working out or lounging.

6:55 PM BBT – Meg is still upset with Vanessa. She thinks it’s personal that Vanessa made them have-nots this week and then nominated them. James says he thinks it was strategy to weaken them, but Meg just thinks she’s a mean person.

8:05 PM BBT – Nothing has been going on in the house. Meg, James and Johnny Mac are sleeping and Liz and Austin are cooking.

8:06 PM BBT – Steve goes to the HOH room to inform Vanessa that he is in terrible shape and won’t do well in the final 3 physical competitions (he was just on the elliptical and was struggling).

8:10 PM BBT- Steve and Vanessa speculating on the next double eviction. They know it could be this week but think it’s next week or the one after. Vanessa also says she’s only seen Big Brother from season 10 on.

9:12 PM BBT – HGs get get a bottle of wine and two beers.

9:20 PM BBT – Julia is bummed she can’t drink so Vanessa suggests both nominees (who are both have-nots) drink so they both get equal penalty votes.

9:45 PM BBT – Austin and Liz speculate Julia will be the new Meg as the house pawn when Meg gets evicted.

10:15 PM BBT – HGs drinking, chit-chatting and playing pool. Meg is back to napping.

11:10 PM BBT – Meg and James are playing pool while Steve and Austin play chess before an audience of Liz, Julia and Johnny Mac.

11:45 PM BBT – James and Meg agree that Austin and Liz probably won’t go too long after the show is over.

1:15 AM BBT – Meg lightly campaigning to John. John tells her nominate Vanessa and Steve if he got HoH. This is a cover story from John.

2:05 AM BBT – James, Meg, and Steve discuss how many HGs are left with just a few weeks to go. They’ll have to speed up the pace, explains Steve.

2:15 AM BBT – Austin promises James he wouldn’t put him up if he wins HoH.

2:30 AM BBT – Austin tells James he won’t throw away his game for Liz like Clay did for Shelli.

3:50 AM BBT – James and Meg are still up. They’re talking strategy to get her to stay and running through their talks from the day and what they learned.

4:05 AM BBT – James suggests to Meg they propose a 4-HG deal with them, John, and Austin to go against the rest of the house. James says they can blame the hinky vote on Steve which they think Austin will love, unless Austin is working with Steve.

Meg hasn’t given up but things do not look good for her chances at all and she’s planning some long shot deals with her close ally James. Glad to see she’s not going to sleep through every minute of her last few days. Don’t expect changes from the evict-Meg plan.

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  1. 4:05 AM BBT – James suggests to Meg they propose a 4-HG deal with them,
    John, and Austin to go against the rest of the house. James says they
    can blame the hinky vote on Steve which they think Austin will love,
    unless Austin is working with Steve.

    This is what I suggested a couple of days ago! It’s an extremely slim chance, but doable. It would be easy enough to convince Austin to do a Judas vote and blame it on Steve. The harder sell would be JMac. (I’m not going to hold on to this hope, but it’s fun to think about how Van would erupt! LOL)

    • With the DE looming, she’d wouldn’t have enough time to acost anyone. Just sit and stew, while she prays James doesn’t win HOH.

      It would make for a stunning shift, if the others do flip on Julia and manage to get another right away. I personally would love to see both twins get evicted Thursday. I know. I know, but the thought is so……..pleasing.

      • I don’t think JMac or Steve will make that bold leap to do this…they’d rather cling to the stronghold alliance that Vanessa is hanging on to – the Austwins. James is outnumbered, so he won’t make any more bold moves as it will require him to win every comp from here on out. Not possible even when you have twits playing along too. If the Austwins regain power, I believe James, JMac and Steve are goners. If that happens, I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch BB until F3…the Finale.

      • I’m not so sure. James and Austin are tighter than anyone else in the house realizes. Austin isn’t willing to stick his neck out for James, but I don’t think he’d target him, either.

      • As long as Van’s still there, Austin won’t and James won’t have much of a prayer without Meg there supporting him at least to pair up with Austin unless Austin can prove he’s willing to take that leap necessary this week by evicting Julia.

      • Vanessa broke that up. She told Austin that James said he would put austin and the twins up in a heartbeat. And yes, James really did say that mulitple times.

    • Let Austin get it okay’ed by Vanessa, lol… she running things.

      Here’s what numb-nutz (James) isn’t thinking about, of course this is Austin’s problem if the vote went 4 – 1; obviously the 1 vote is Lizzz-uh’s and she knows it so that means Austin voted Julia out. Only defense is she’s still out if he hadn’t, 3-2.

      “But Honey, when we got to F3, we were dumping Julia anyway, right?”

      “Well, yeah-uh!!!”

      • Both Liz and Steve (he has a crush on Julia) are a lock for a VTE Meg. Meg’s only hope is James, John, Austin.

      • I am not so sure Johnny Mac would vote for Meg if only they can talk and find out that Vanessa lied to Johnny Mac about Meg wanting to target him. I am so sure Johnny Mac want’s to get revenge on the trio as well and if it isn’t Liz or Austin then Julia will have to do. Step Lightly Johnny Mac but carry a big stick and whack that trio on the head and get them out.

    • I want Austin gone. I hope he goes in the DE. Then I’d like JMac to get HOH and put the twins up. My perfect final 3 would be James, JMac and Steve. And if Meg stayed have those three and her as the foursome.

  2. Yeah, I think Liz already told Austin in Sunday’s episode that their new Official Dating Status is sorta / kinda dependent on Austin ending his real life GF status first … Ha !!!
    And, yes, you think that Liz would have said anything but “Yes” to Austin’s Official GF / BF status?

      • If you recall, even after Liz said “Yes” to be Austin’s official GF on Sunday .. as he goes in to “seal the deal” with a kiss, Liz was pretty quick to back off, before she had no where else to go, and succumbed to allowing Austin to give her a little peck on her lips, or, did it end up being on her cheeks as she turned her head ??
        It’s been about a month since the talk of a commitment from either Liz and/or Austin, but since Austin still has his littler pony-tail beard … other than official “Dating Status”, whatever that means in the House, not much has progressed, apparently …

      • I think Liz is one of those girls who falls in love quickly, lets the relationship run its course, then hops on the next thing that interests her when this one didn’t sustain her.

      • Yep! His gf back home probably saved him his breath by making the choice to break up for him while he was snuggling up to Liz!

    • I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have to worry about a “real life” gf. If his gf watched the show, their relationship is already over.

  3. So, back to the same boring week. I wish they would just evict Meg and go on with the next HOH. These guys are the ultimate wimps, you have to hit them all in the head like nails with a hammer. I hope Johnny Mac or Steve wins the next HOH because only then, will we see a big move if at all!

      • I am really rooting for James at this point, he would really shake things up…if only he would put Liz and Vanessa on the block!

    • If the Austwins win HOH with Vanessa not playing they survive to final 6. That puts them in a very strong position over the rest of the house. If they win that HoH too, its over for the house.

      • That’s what I said. They should not all still be together when they regain power. JMac and Steve are goners if they do, leaving James really alone!

  4. Anyone wanna give odds on whether or not Vanessa will be nominated in Thursday’s Double-Eviction? Would be perfect timing, as it will be only minutes between the winner of the HOH to make nominations and, as well as for the POV to avoid too much emotional attack from Vanessa?
    Either of the Noms and/or remaining Noms this week could put Vanessa up, just because she put them up ?
    Though, if that were to happen … I would not be a bit surprised at all if she happens to win the POV then go on to win the second HOH of the night … So, yes, another week of Vanessa as HOH … Woo Hoo !!!

    • Besides James who do you think would nominate her? The Austwins simply do not have the guts to put her up. JMac and Steve need to take out the Austwins first.

      The only way Vanessa goes is if Steve and JMac vote out Julia this week and blame it on Vanessa, like Andy (BB15) blamed Judd’s eviction on Alyssa.

  5. I don’t understand why it is so hard for Meg to convince them to vote out Julia. That seems like a no brainer to me. These ppl!!!

    • Because she spent too much time sleeping to make any connections with the “other side” of the house.

      • No, it is because they have their mind set on getting rid of Meg over Julia. Vanessa is running the show, because they are letting her…and unless the other house guests stop her, she will continue to run the show

      • No one other than James has the guts to make big moves to start breaking up the numbers. He can’t do it alone and they don’t seem too eager to join him to do the thing that needs to be done to make this season better rather than worse.

      • I never really understand when people talk about making “big moves.” There have been a lot of big moves. They’re just not always the “big moves” the fans want to see. Vanessa backdooring Jason was a big move. James putting up Clelli was a big move. Becky re-nominating Vanessa was a big move. Vanessa nominating James and Meg was a big move.
        The only reason people consider James nominating Clelli a bigger move is because they were a “power couple.” But it was no different than any of the other ones I just listed above. James didn’t nominate Clay and Shelli because it was a “big move,” he did it because it was what he thought was good for his game. Just like all the other ones (although we saw how Becky’s backfired).

        Most of those above nominations were a good move for the H.O.H. at the time. Had Vanessa nominated Liz and Austin this week, it would be considered a “big move,” but not good gameplay. I’d rather watch all the guests make good decisions because they’re what they think is best and use good gameplay, rather than them making “big moves.”

      • I’m not discounting the big moves that have been made, just more that have yet to be made and most likely won’t by JMac or Steve! hahaha

      • Jason was not a big move. It was an out move. The plan was to evict Austin, which would have been a big move, but Vanessa wimped out and instead put up a player who was barely playing the game. Just because we liked Jason does not make it a big move. All Jason did was lay in bed with Meg or lounge outside smoking. He knew BB history but didn’t play the game.

        Big moves are flipping the house or taking out big players.

        It true we fans want Vanessa out and to break up the Austwins. But those would be big moves and also smart moves for the rest of the house. Hiding from the house and putting up lame nominations like Meg are gutless moves.

        If these people were smart they would be thinking about taking Meg to the end like Derrick did with Victoria.

        The aim of this game it to take out the better player so that as you survive there are less threats to you. Leaving the best playing in the house lessons your chance of surviving. This season they evicted mostly dead wood, except for James. But they are left with the Austwins a powerful 3 person alliance, Vanessa, Steve, JMac and James. All good comp players (except Julia and Meg). Not sure why they think this is a good strategy but one by one as they are evicted I think they will realize the error in their strategy.

      • Vanessa had an 8 person alliance (yes, we know she only formed it to ensure her safety for the week and the plan went awry), and then betrayed it. If that’s not making a big move, then I don’t know what is.

      • But James Vanessa and the Austwins are the only ones to win HoHs. Vanessa is the most gutless player in years. She has evicted Jeff, who had to be one of the worst BB players every, Jason, who basically stayed in bed or on the lounger in the backyard smoking playing the game for maybe 5 minutes, and now Meg, who can;t win a comp, sleeps all day and had no clue what’s going on in the house even when it involves her!

        This is why the game seems so boring this year. I mean who cares of Meg goes home? And what difference did it really make that Jason went home?

      • Well I’m glad James lit a fire under Meg’s butt and gave her incentive to wake up around 4:00 this am BBT!

      • Well, I mean, if you want to win the game, everyone besides you needs to go home. So I guess that’s who cares if Meg goes home and why it makes a difference that Jason went home.

      • No, Queen is right. James and Meg are clueless about the game of Big Brother. They think they can just sleep and complain and make it to f2. They may be two of the worse players ever on the show.

      • So you don’t think Vanessa is running the show, are you kidding me? Also, if you think Julia is smarter than James, you are crazy. James made a big move, what what Julia’s big move?

  6. We all know that if Meg or James gets them thinking about evicting Julia we will have 2 more nights of switching from one to another. Back and forth, back and forth. Worse than a tennis match. Poor Matthew is going to need professional help before it’s over just trying to keep up.

    • I think if thee is any talk of that from James or Meg, the idiots in the house will immediately run to Vanessa and tell her everything, then she will run to the Austwins and tell them exaggerating everything she heard. That’s why it won;t work and that is the problem with BB 17. No one has been able to keep a secret in this house all season beginning with Audrey and Jeff.

  7. Vanessa also says she’s only seen Big Brother from season 10 on.

    That breaks my heart. Hands down the best seasons were 6, 7, and 8. Who could play big brother without knowing who Janelle is?! Or Evel Dick! Omg. DR. DELICIOUS. The list goes on and on…
    Well as soon as I think Vanessa cannot leave me baffled anymore, she somehow finds a way.

    • Evel Dick showed up in Season 13 when his blood work came back positive for HIV, so he had to leave early (he just didn’t let the hgs know this was the reason) and Janelle showed up in Season 14 as a coach, then I’m sure Vanessa has done her homework on them. LOLOL

      • Oh wow! I never knew that was the reason Dick left! Talk about enlightening. I always thought a family member died or something.
        And I did forget the season with the coaches…that was Dan at his finest LOL, and probably Boogie at his worst x.x

      • I found out about why Evel left on Couples Therapy a year ago! hahaha And yeh, loved Dan’s funeral and Boogie’s downfall in Season 14. hahaha

    • I am afraid if they knew of Evel Dick they would be even worse characters than they already are. At least Evel Dick didn’t hide the fact he was going to be an a-hole to the house.

  8. It was so boring on after dark.And James is as big of a fool as Vanessa cause the words out of Austins mouth are just more lies.The mean girls and Judas needs to lose someone.And the 4 hg alliance won’t work cause Austin wants jmac out.And is Going to choose Liz and Julia no matter what he says to anyone.I really wish they’d do eviction Wednesday night and than the double right than.But u can bet still going to be more of the same boring things if a big move isn’t done to upset Housr.

  9. Do you guys think it’s better for Steve and JMac’s game (not for us as viewers) to vote out Julia?

    I can get the logic on why Vanessa would nominate Julia rather than Austin/Liz or JMac/Steve because Julia is the most expendable and the least in danger to be evicted. But I am wondering if it makes sense for JMac/Steve to evict her.

    • Steve won’t do it. He has a crush on Julia. The only way I see Julia getting evicted is if they convince JMac somehow + Judas does a hinky vote and blames it on Steve. Another even slimmer possibility is if Van wakes up and realizes that she needs Meg to help evict the Austwins and she orders Steve/JMac to evict Julia quietly.

    • Makes complete sense to me. I listed my reasoning in a post below.
      This is kind of why it irks me that people still compare Steve to Ian. The only thing they have in common is they are nerdy an awkward. But Ian is a walking BB encyclopedia, and he would definitely not let 3 people (two of which are related) keep skating by. Steve is afraid to make any move…Ian blindsided Mike Boogie!

    • Won’t happen with Van still there…she’s working both sides of the house now, with the exclusion of James.

    • Yes, it makes the most sense. First, trusting Vanessa is never the best move. If Austin or Liz wins HoH this week, Vanessa will flip on JMac and Steve immediately. They may not realize that but we all know that is exactly what she’d do.

      The other reason it makes sense is because if Julia, Austin or Liz wins the next HoH JMac is going up on the block for sure.

      If JMac goes up and either James or JMac comes off the block, Steve will be the replacement nom and either he or JMac will leave next.

      If they evict Julia, without telling Vanessa anything, they can blame it on Vanessa. (Remember Andy blaming Alyssa for Judd’s eviction to get her evicted in the DE season 15? It would be the same thing. Vanessa would be out the door before she could convince the Austwins she had nothing to do with it.

      If they vote out Meg and one of the Austwins wins HoH, they are safe through 2 more evictions and the house is down to 6 people. If JMac or Steve are gone, all they really have for sure is Vanessa. How would you like to be in that position?

      • This was Van’s strategy – working with both sides of what’s left of the house with the exclusion of James. She’ll float to whoever’s in power if she can’t play for HoH or win Vetoes. She knows this, but none of the others are getting a clue until possibly now…which could possibly be too late if she gets wind of their plans they’re excluding her from.

  10. Branden,
    This was one of your best lines ever:
    “4:30 PM BBT Liz & Austin are busy doing things you won’t want to watch.”

  11. Seems like Steve and JMac are missing a golden opportunity. They essentially control this vote since James is a guaranteed vote for Meg, and should be using the opportunity to blindside Julia.
    Pros to getting out Julia:
    1. They gain the numbers advantage -3 (JMac/Steve/Vanessa) vs. 2 (Meg & James) vs. 2 (Liztin).
    2. They gain an ally in James for saving Meg
    3. To win HoH, they’d only need to beat Austin and Liz. James (or Meg, but she’s not winning) wouldn’t put them up, and they could easily expose Austin and Liz to James. James would nom Liztin with Vanessa as a plan B.
    4. This shouldn’t be a hard sell to Vanessa, since she could play dumb and blame it all on them betraying her.
    5. They could likely smooth things out with Austin, since he knows he’d now have a legit F2 with Liz. Getting Julia out of the way would do him a favor.
    Maybe this is just fan fiction, but it makes sense to me and I really hope they do it. Could be possible if they catch wind of the DE this week.

    • For that to work out, they’d have to get Van’s permission and both Steve and JMac are wusses around Van. They are more her lackeys than equals that should suggest and get a change done. Plus, there’s that pesky crush that Steve has on Julia.

      • Which is why this cast has been so horrible! Since when did you need the HoH’s permission to think and vote. I get not wanting to make an enemy, but if they had any social game at all (which they don’t) it should be really easy to convince her…”we need the numbers, you can blame us, you come out looking OK, we take the heat, etc., etc. We’ll tell Meg this was always the plan, you were never a target, etc., etc.”
        They could also do it without telling her and try and smooth it over afterward. If she’s still pissed, they’ve got James to team up with. Steve can expose Austin to James, and then they have a group of 4, with two of them (James/Meg) already having a Vanessa vendetta.

      • Somewhere along the line BB morphed into a game of intrigue, deception, lies, rumors and deals into a game where people think lying inside the house is like lying outside the house. Master plans, deceptions and spreading rumors no longer takes place because as James and Meg love to say, “we’re not tattletales!” They are also not good at the game!

        BB needs to fix that somehow.

    • That was my plan…but as long as Van is still there in the house, I don’t see this playing out at all. You can bluff the Austwins more than you can Van.

      • I think they could do it without bluffing Vanessa to be honest. If Steve explains the numbers, and that she gets no “blood on he hands” she should be receptive. But Steve is too scared and John isn’t a good strategist.
        Like I said, if they can’t convince Vanessa, then team up with Meg and James, and its 4 against 2 in the HoH.
        Maybe I’m just desperate for some actual gameplay, because there has been zero this season.

    • I think its better for them if they don;t tell Vanessa. The should vote out Julia without telling James or Meg. Once Julia is evicted they need to make deals with Meg and James and tell the Austwins voting out one of them was always the plans. Tell them that Vanessa made a deal with them to vote out an Austwin in exchange for not being the replacement nomination.

      Of course Vanessa is going to have one of her tantrums and she will cry and put on her usual act but JMac only needs to ask the Austwins why, if this was not the plan, was Vanessa keeping him in the house knowing he would go after the Austwins?

      Austin and the twins just have to be reminded of previous conversations about Vanessa playing everyone and making deals all over the place. I think this plan would work and since its a DE and Vanessa can’t play HoH she won’t be around very long and she won’t have time to do her usual round of interrogations.

      • So many ways to play it. Sad part is, they will let the opportunity slip by, just like they have all season.

  12. Big Brother Rule #1 – If there are two players that are related, when given the chance, you have to evict one to break it up. See Also – Evel Dick, Season 8 winner, Danielle Donato, Season 8 runner-up

    Big Brother Rule #2 – If there are two players in a showmance, when given the chance, you have to evict one to break it up. See Also – Brenchel, Big Jeff, McCranda,

    “Somebody get these fools a blindfold, cause they’re in the dark!”

    • The mistake was made a while ago when they allowed the second twin in the house. It was a stupid strategy. If Liz was evicted instead of Jason, for example, Julia would not have been in the game and they would not have the problem to deal with as we see now.

      Also, we wouldn’t have to be watching Austin and Liz getting gross on the feeds.

  13. A lot of people are complaining about the way the game has been played this year, the lack of big moves meaning surprise moves and house flips, etc. I have a couple of thoughts how to fix this for the next BB.

    I would enforce what I think are the existing rules about nominations. HoHs should not be allowed to discuss nominations with anyone in the house. All nominations should be secret until the nomination ceremony, All replacement nominations should be a secret as well. This way no one will feel safe or think they are going to have an easy week. It would force people to play the game instead of sitting around while the targets squirm. If an HoH violates this rule he/she would be penalized by having to change her nominations from the person divulged to another HG. The original nomination that was discussed would be safe that week.

    Then they should give prize money for winning comps. Give HoH winners $5000 and POV winners $2500. This gives everyone an incentive to win instead of throwing comps all season. It takes away strategy to some degree but again it makes people compete all the time and again minimizes the feeling of safety for any given week. Sharing prize money or offering this prize money to someone else in exchange for throwing the comp would not be allowed.

    For the feeds watchers, players need to be penalized for actions that result in Fish. Singing, Humming, talking about production, talking about people outside the house, shoutouts, etc. would be rules violations with penalties. There is nothing worse than listening to the feeds and someone is about to say something important and… FISH! Each guest should get one or two slip ups per week. Once they get more than their allotted slip ups they get a penalty like not being able to play in the next POV ot HoH competition. If they get penalized more than 2 times they get fined their stipend for the week.

    Not wearing their mics would be an automatic penalty after the 3rd call out of the season. This season there were two house guests called out on this repeatedly, Clay and Julia. Clay was called out constantly and should have been penalized numerous times, Julia too.

    Just a few thoughts on how to improve the game. I realize these all have down sides but the original rules are no longer enforced but there must have been a reason they were written in the first place.

    • Prince, you need to be a producer of Big Brother. It would be wonderful if you could take AG’s place as executive producer. Your ideas are spot on! From your mouth to God’s ear (or in this case, Allison Grodner’s!) I really believe AG is the reason BB is going downhill. SOMETHING’S got to give! Les Moonves, you really need to read these forums.

  14. Meg told James she was trying to be nice to Vanessa to sway her vote. James told her she didn’t have to do that anymore. What’s that little guy got up his sleeve?

  15. The poll above shows how the show skews what is really happening in the house. Sad that production misleads everyone.

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