Big Brother 17: John Continues To Campaign As Vote Flip Appears Close – Update: Meg Ruins Everything

Vanessa sounds very open to making a shift, or at least to making it sound like she is. Unfortunately for this very interesting talk Liz arrives. Steve also had just passed through the room so we know they were sent by Austin. Julia shows up too and the talk ends. Vanessa scatters.

James wants to know more and gets John alone in the Storage room. John explains again the deal offered to him was to target James and Meg along with the returning Juror if they kept him. James asks if the twins named names when making that offer, but John says they only implied it. Well that wasn’t a slam dunk for James. Perhaps John should have exaggerated that one.

Upstairs there’s a panic at the disco. Flashback to 10:39 AM BBT as Austin instructs his twin minions (Twinions?) to go to the Goblins and lie that John was making a “save me” pitch to them today. They’re sounding desperate but they’ve gotta play the game.

About ten minutes later while James is again talking to John we find Vanessa heading upstairs to prep for the lockdown. She tells Steve that James and Meg are very nervous that he hasn’t campaigned to them, but to wait on going to talk. Vanessa then tells Austin she’s collecting info and will share it back to them. She reminds him that this is part of her building trust promise.

Feeds cut for the live show prep, but should be back in a few hours. There won’t be much time to talk with everyone locked in a room together, but we can wait and see what happens next.

Now with what was going on there with Vanessa at the end, it’s interesting. It seemed like she was working all week to flip the vote against Steve, but this would be much different than her previous attempts to flip the twins. If she makes this move then it’d put her at odds with the Austwins, but doesn’t she already suspect that’s happening with or without her?

If Vanessa doesn’t make a move soon she’ll be marching to the end with an unbreakable pair of twins and a showmance that’s far more likely to turn on her before each other. Vanessa might play messy, but she isn’t stupid. This could all depend on if she thinks this is the time to make that move.

What do you think will happen? I know a majority likely hope Vanessa will flip, but do we really think that’s what Vanessa will do? I’m thrilled to see things remain up in the air even in the final hours before eviction. What a great season of Big Brother!

Update: Feeds returned from lockdown and Meg decided she needed to go talk with Austin. James thinks they should wait and talk to Vanessa, but Meg presses on. Flashback to 1:18 PM BBT as Meg pulls Austin aside. She wants to know about the 5-HG deal that John claimed. What exactly did Meg possibly think was going to be said here? What a doofus.

Austin tells Meg that John is lying and there was no other deal. He says they want to work with her and James. Meg is excited and big smiles. Austin promises that he’ll fight to protect them if Steve wins HoH tonight. And just who does Meg think will go up if that happens? Again, what a doofus.

Vanessa later stopped by and talked with James. James told her he didn’t know what to do, but she says it’s too risky to flip. That’s the end of that.


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  1. It’s up to Vanessa. Regardless of the manipulative way she plays the game, she has to see it’s a numbers issue, plain as day. She’ll get to F4 with the Austwins, maybe on F5 with Steve. Her odds are better with Meg, JMac and James. She can convince anyone in that group that sitting next to her in F2 would guarantee them a win…whereas she won’t get anywhere close to that with the other side of the house.

    • If there was any brainpower on the other side of the house besides JMac, she would probably do this. Unfortunately, she’s dealing with a bag of hammers. I can’t believe I’m actually pulling for her to win now, but she’s the only one that can stop the Austwins from strolling to F2 in some form.

      • Don’t cut the other side of the House short… the twins side + Austin ain’t that smart either. Here’s proof, Austin had a shot to BD Vanessa (this is before she won POV) and he wasn’t going to do it… how smart was that? And the twins weren’t insisting he get Vanessa out. Austwins would have to go F3 to
        accommodate 3 but I’m sure you mean the Twins b/c those 2 take precedence over Austin if either one has the say.

    • I wish that was what she was thinking. Otherwise, I think she has no intention of keeping Jmac, that she is just laying a trap for JaMeg.
      Get them committed to keeping JaMeg with their votes & V evicts Jmac.
      Then JaMeg is exposed as betraying Austin.
      And Steve puts both JaMeg on the block next week to take out at least one of them, since they “targeted” him this week because Steve just has this “thing” for Vanessa and Austin and I think they’ll get in his head to target JaMeg.
      I want Jmac to stay but Vanessa is laying a trap.

      • That is what don’t jive….Vanessa has to know she is a sure loser if she hangs with Austin and the twins

      • I know. She could rule and bend JaMeg and Jmac and returning juror around her finger at the end. She’s a good competitor and she’d knock out 2 good ones in Austin and Liz plus Julia if she’d turn on them. I just don’t see that happening. Hope I’m wrong though! :)

      • Bbadboy who do you think will return becky ,jackie say steve got voted out and shelli I am hoping for shelli

      • I am soooo sick of hearing about Shelli. If she was all that great and smart as to playing a great game then Why is she in the jury house??? Her mission was not to get $500,000 but to get in jury with her pet…What did Shelli do that was sooo dam smart that one could call her a “great player”??

      • I don’t like Shelli, but she is well rounded at comps. Except for the luck comps, she has either won or come close to winning.

      • I didn’t say that she is a great BB player. Her social skills leave a LOT to be desired and I think that social skills are as important, if not more important, than the combination of winning comps and making big plays. I just said that she’s good at most comps.

      • At this point every returning HG will target Vanessa and Austwins I think, including Shelli.

        If James, Meg or the returnee win the HoH, we could see a major flip of the house this week.

        If Becky returns and wins HoH, it will be interesting to see how Meg and James cozy up to her after stabbing her in the back when she was HoH.

      • Right!! That’s what I keep thinking. She has to know how to count and this is the last week to secure votes to start their demise.

      • I’ll be back around 5pm BBT and see if Van’s truly on board or going to set them up! TTFN

      • Vanessa is smart enough to know that a F4 with the Austwins means she loses. if she doest do the flop now it’s over for all of them. The 3 headed monster will reign.

    • This is a time where the house has to get Austin or Liz. No matter what deals the house makes with Austin and the twins, it will no better then a 4th or 3rd place finish. Got to get one of those two out. Probably Austin, because Liz and Julia have zero clue (they want JMac out because he doesn’t do dish; get out of here with that). Then it will be a fair shot for the rest of the house. All Austin was doing was make deals with the house so it becomes a 3v2v2 and they have the house in their back pocket all the way to F4. But this house is dumb so JMac is gone

  2. John and Vanessa as a potential alliance?
    Could John be pulling a Dan Gheesling to save himself?
    Are Meg and James competent to keep him so they won’t get a target on themselves?
    Can Vanessa save Johnny Mac?

    • He’d be wise to follow through…. Vanessa is only one person, but the Austwins become more and more powerful as the numbers grow smaller and smaller.

    • No, James and Meg are not competent enough to realize it on there own plane and simple. They need Vanessa to tell them she will vote to save JMac period, or they wont get it.

  3. This the way you play big brother!!! If this group of HGs continues to play the way they’ve been playing all summer, then they’ll go the safe route and VTE John. But, if Vanessa, James and Meg actually want to try and win, they’ll flip. We’ll seeeeeeeeee! (Although, I think Vanessa can figure out a way to win no matter what.)

    • Another problem for the Goblins is how untrustworthy Vanessa…if they vote to keep John and Vanessa doesn’t… They would be the odd two out, especially if Shelli comes back in…so, can they trust Vanessa???

      • They can trust her or sit back and get picked off next week. At this point it doesn’t matter too much anymore how many more weeks you make it if you’re not going to F2 and right now they aren’t with the scamper squad in power.

      • The Goblins won’t vote to keep John if Van isn’t on board with them with JMac’s plan. She’s the deciding factor in going through with this.

      • She could lie to them…have them vote for John…not do if herself and throw them under the bus…

      • True, but then she’ll have to put up with them plus the returning juror if none of her side wins HoH!

      • Maybe, but breaking up the twins is the right way to go if anyone has any chance of making it to F2 and you need a strong alliance of more than one or two to do just that.

      • i think it’s more likely for James to win this HOH if it’s endurance, which is has been in the past when a juror is returning to the house

    • No way the Austwins will turn on each other. There is safety in numbers and your side just needs the most numbers. Vanessa can have the numbers if she joins with Jmac and the goblins. Jmac is using the old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

  4. I expect nothing to happen. Herd mentality is strong with those who are in control. The twins don’t think for themselves, Austin talks a big game but lacks coherence, Meg and James are gullible and could be the most likely to flip votes but their numbers don’t mean much without Vanessa. Vanessa does whatever she wants and no one cares. I hope JMAC figures out a way to win back into the house.

    • V is probably setting James/Meg up to break up Austin’s obv fondness for them. I’d love to see this work but James/Meg have to talk alone with Jmac and tell him Vanessa has to go. She is just as likely to tell Jameg to vote to keep Jmac and then she doesn’t.
      This exposes Jameg’s betrayal to Austin.
      This makes Jameg Steve’s target when he stays. He will get one of them by putting both on the block. With his fascination of Vanessa, he will do it, too.
      Sorry. I want Jmac to stay and work with Jameg and returning juror but no way I trust Vanessa. Not unless Austwins have a blow up with her and she’s angry when she votes. It’s a trap.

      • JMac is my favorite, but if Vanessa is truly that good, I can’t help but root for her.

      • Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. I think Van is setting up James and Meg. I think it’s stupid, but I believe that’s what she’s doing. I also don’t know why she would do this especially since she has to know she is on the bottom of the Austwins deal and she knows the Austwins were targeting her. I know she’s blaming Steve for that, but I don’t buy that it’s not eating at her. But, still I believe she is trying to show the Austwins that they can’t trust James and Meg. I think Van will say she’s voting Steve out, JMeg will vote for Steve and Van will think that hangs them out to dry. As far and James and Meg are concerned, they should still vote to send out Steve if that’s what they want. Who cares what the trio thinks.

      • Steve’s coming after JMeg anyway if he wins HoH. So what does JMac have to lose by getting together with JMeg to set this plan up?

  5. JMac should tell the Austwins that he will target James or whomever they want, and then don’t do it and target them; what the heck everybody else is lying, why not join the Fibber Club

      • Exactly, Steve will do the same thing, and they trust/like him better. JMac can’t say anything to the twins that will make a difference.

      • You have to know when to hold em and when to fold em….Vanessa knows and she had better fold em or she will not stand a chance in the end….She knows this for sure….i think JMAC is staying

      • I hope so, but not holding my breath. If John does get evicted, I really hope he is the returning juror and wins HOH. If not, now hoping for Jackie to return.

      • Nobody trusts anyone, nor should they, but Austin seems to fall for a good lie if delivered sincerely, Vanessa sure has been getting her way with lies and cries

  6. Why was Zingbot zingy James for his “relationship” with Meg. James is married with a little girl. He obviously isn’t interested in Meg but jokes around with her like he does everyone in the house ans she’s his only close ally.

    • I don’t think James is married (he does have a child and has spoke the name of the childs mother) and he does have a crush on Meg.

    • It was funny to watch James after that zing. He was going around pretending like he and Meg were in a showmance. He was calling her pet names, like honey and dear, giving her hugs and even a kiss on the forehead. James the joker! LOL

  7. I can’t believe that James has not just been going along with the Austwins this week to keep himself and Meg safe. I’m sure that he knows that they are the biggest target and the biggest obstacle to getting to the end. Hopefully he sees JMac’s proposal as a better play. Ally himself with JMac and the returning houseguest to target the Austwins next week. If he can only trust Vanessa if she is on side. Big if…..

    • I actually don’t think JMac will align with the Goblins. He wants their vote to stay but he won’t align with them, he doesn’t like them. He has played this whole game based on wanting to hang with the cool kids, throwing comps for them.
      I still think they should get rid of Steve because he is a bigger threat to them but JMac is no ally.

      • The only HGs that trust each other are the twins and at times that’s questionable at times…

      • Realistically we can only talk any of them aligning with each other one week at a time at this point. I do I think he would work with them next week. It’s his only option, the Austwins must go as they will control the votes.

      • I think if JMac stays and wins HOH, he will put up JaMeg. He will not put up the Austwins even if he stays without their vote.
        I think that’s how much he doesn’t like the Goblins.

      • If Jmac stays, there’s NO CHANCE he puts up the Goblins. That would be asinine. He knows Austin and the twins wants him out. He would 100% put them up.

      • I don’t think JMac is an intelligent player. I think he will make decisions based on who likes less, and I think he likes the Goblins less than the Austwins.

      • Agreed. I think he still doesn’t care for Vanessa but keeping the Arsetwins is dangerous for everyone’s game. Plus, they betrayed his trust. AND, the twins can’t sway him with their “hawtness” so they want him out.

      • Also to be clear, if Steve stays and wins HOH he is also putting up the Goblins so it doesn’t matter on that front.
        The only way they can not be put up is if they continue to work with the Austwins and the Austwins keep their word since they want to get Van out.

      • Steve might put up Becky, if she returns, with James or Vanessa. He still isn’t happy over Becky putting him up earlier.

      • I totally agree. He has never cottoned to them.
        I also think V is laying a trap. I do not believe she will vote to keep Jmac. She is going to leave breadcrumbs that she will so that JaMeg votes to evict Steve. She will cast the deciding VTE Jmac.
        JaMeg’s “betrayal” will be exposed to Austin.
        Steve will then target JaMeg in retaliation (not Austin or Vanessa because he has some twisted thing with them no matter what).

        V knows Steve will not work with JaMeg so she is more assured of him than Jmac. If she votes to save Jmac, I’ll eat some mac (&cheese) Lol.
        Unless she has a major falling out with the Austwins and votes angry…she will keep Steve. I wish she would save Jmac but I just don’t think she wants to at all, esp’ly with the returning juror. She’s staying with the devils she knows. :>

      • I think she will keep JMac if he takes all the heat from her voting to keep him. She doesn’t like getting blood on her hands, remember?

      • I agree. There is so little chance that Vanessa goes against the Austwins. I think she won’t want to burn that bridge but by having this conversation, she’s setting it up so that JaMeg burn the bridge.

      • Since you are a JMeg fan I can see why you’re afraid they’ll fall into Vanessa’s trap if she is indeed trying to trap them as you mentioned above.
        But Vanessa does need someone to take out the Austwins and JMac is willing to do her dirty work while James isn’t willing to be Vanessa’s pawn.
        As much as I dislike Vanessa I think her best move is to keep JMac.

      • In that case why won’t he align with the Austwins?
        And the reason he aligned with Clay and Shelli was because they had a personal connection

      • He will align with the Austwins over the Goblins. I think he doesn’t like them either, but he likes them better than the Goblins.

  8. Being a poker player Vanessa has to see that she is the odd man/woman out. She’s not stupid… There has got to more to her game… Maybe she is waiting to see who comes back in the house..

  9. Go, Johnny boy. It’s about time you started playing the game. I applaud this move fully.

  10. I want JMac’s plan to go through! Will be the biggest blindside flip ever of the season!

  11. Send Steve packing… hope he doesn’t come back. Then it’s the house vs Liz and Julia (so Liz) in HoH. Hopefully the house wins. Put up Austin and Liz and go from there

    • I’m with you Dave. Get that hairy creep on the block. Maybe his scraggly hair will fall out and he would look somewhat human.

    • It’s unlikely, but watch…somehow Julia will find a way to win HoH now and extend the SpazTwits winning streak to 3 lol

  12. If Vanessa does not go ahead with evicting Steve…John would likely lose both Meg and James’ vote…uniamous vote again…

  13. From a Jmac standpoint it’s a great idea for him, JMeg and Vanessa. Only way I see for anyone to get passed the Austwins (although I love the new nickname Austin and his Twinions Matt!) although it so smells like a Vanessa trap for JMeg. Just hope these 4 see it as a means to an end for the Twinions!!!

  14. The reason why it makes sense for Vanessa to flip is because the goblins have a much better chance of winning hoh next and if that happens she should be on their good side. She needs to be-raid Steve infront of the Austwins and get him to admit to some stuff he did not do getting them to turn on him.

  15. I’ve disliked Vanessa from day 1 when I saw her sobbing on the couch on BBAD, and my opinion of her since then has only gone down. But if she really does flip the vote with James and Meg to keep John, then I’ll respect her just that little bit because it’ll show she’s really playing the game and isn’t just an emotional wreck that she’s otherwise proven herself to be. I highly doubt she will flip, though, because then she’ll have to change her “I play with integrity” rant and will have no one to hide behind on this one. However, she won’t be in the house too long after between the twins and Austin. At least things are getting shaken up and the mice are scampering. Should be interesting when a returning jury member comes back in today—as long as it’s not Shelli.

  16. If Van is setting a trap for JMeg by telling the Austwin’s their “secret” plan that she was included in, that will keep them preoccupied until 5:00 p.m. when she meets with JMeg and JMac in PR to finalize it all. If she doesn’t say “It”, then they know she bowed out. We just need to wait and see. Feeds have been down for awhile because BB is conducting a secret game (possibly new twist?) for the Hgs to play before live show tonight.

  17. I hope Vanessa flips then wins hoh and nominates Julia and Austin. Then I hope Austin wins pov to see what he does if Vanessa tells him she will renom Liz if he takes himself off.

  18. Vanessa would be foolish not to do this. She HAS to know she’s on the outs with Austin and the twins. By joining Meg, James, Jmac, and the returning juror, unless of course it’s Steve, they have a clear advantage going into the next HOH. They’re basically playing against Liz because Julia is a non-threat at this point.

    If Vanessa plays it safe, this week could be her downfall. She’s so clearly on the bottom of the totem poll with Austin and the Twins. Now she’d still be at the bottom with her new alliance, but it’s not so definitively set in stone like it is with Julia, Liz, and Austin.

  19. Vanessa is definitely setting JaMeg up. There is no way she aligns with them. There is also no way she goes against the Austwins yet.

  20. V should just vote to keep Jmac with Meg and James and she doesn’t need to be worried (long shot) about any risk if the vote doesn’t go as planned. For instance, if she vote to keep Jmac and goblins don’t, she can just blame the hickey vote on one pf the goblins and the Austwins would believe her ( regardless of what goblins say). Same is true ( though not likely) if the goblins split their eviction vote…just blame the two of them for the evict steve vote. And, if they vote with her, it’s Mission Accomplished. Any scenario is a win win win for Vanessa (surprise).

  21. This is the BB I missed (what’s going on now, not knowing who is going home); I hate the predictable evictions. I want to see that dumb look on Austin’s face when (if) Steve walks out the door. Then real whining when the twins lose the HOH!

  22. Horrible thought… Remember when Vanessa and Austin were talking about the winner letting her gamble the winnings in poker?? Making a pack about sponsorship etc… She may be slitting her own throat to make good on that deal… If this flip doesn’t go though it would honestly be BB suicide for her and make me wonder if her F4 with the twins is all she cares about due to that. What happened to her being a DJ and lying to all the other HG about her poker career anyway? One day she’s a DJ in the house the next day she and Austin are talking about her poker career and her gambling his winnings.

  23. Hmmmm 3 jurors that have had time to compare “Vanessa” stories/tales/lies Am sure that Vanessa has considered the possibility that she was ratted out by all 3… Which means any one of the 3 might go after her…and one of the 3 twinkies as well

  24. During BBAD last night, they were bashing John on how he doesn’t like the word “alliance”. Heck, who blames him, I can’t keep up with the many (broken/fake alliances). The Goblins should “team up” with Vanessa, get Steve out and then “team up” with John to break up Liz, Julia, and Austin.

    • But can they see this as being smart like we viewers do? Plus I’m sick of watching Liztin go head to toe with each other in the HoH room too and elsewhere they get the urge to PDA!

  25. Come on JMac! I was rooting for JMac to join up with the James gang since week 2. I lost interest in JMac as week after week he refused to play his own game. Now that his back is up against the wall, he’s playing hard. It’s about time! Even if it takes flipping Van to align (temporarily) with James & Meg, I’m all for it!

    What I really want is for the returning juror to shake things up and get back in the game. I want them to matter more than just something that extends the season a week, like usual.

      • Jackie did nothing all summer and becky besides winning 10,000 dollars nothing shelli got rid of 2 great players I know jason would have been good and Audrey would have been a great player

      • Shelli, IMO, will go against James because of the sincerely immature way she handled sweatergate, which played a huge part in her eviction

      • I just don’t want to see Shelli back in the game, she is so phony. I can’t stomach Austin and Liz…and Julia AND Shelli. No, please Jackie, she can flip her hair all day especially if she goes after AsreTwins and Vanessa.

      • Both Jackie and Becky have won comps. Jackie still has 2 allies in the game, with one of them being strong at some comps. Becky is likely to convince James and Meg that they need her and can trust her.

      • I’m judging from their attitude on their exit interview. Jackie/Beckie seemed to be thirsty for revenge..(no guaranty) just my pick.

      • I agree with KSJB, I’d rather see Becky or Jackie return. If JMac is voted out, he’s another option. Shelli might be too easily persuaded to align with Van and/or Austwins. She might want to go against them, but she’d have to convince James that she wants a truce. Shelli would be safer not aligning with James, so I don’t want her back.

      • They didn’t show Shellie in the commercial walking through. It must be Shellie coming back.

      • Well we all know how much production is involved. Think that was a hint as to who is coming back

    • John should have been pushing for Vanessa, Meg and James vote ALL week. Instead he was mostly focused on making idiotic promises to Austin and the twins. I really want him to stay, but this is his own fault.

  26. I think the biggest lesson learned this Season is Don’t Wait So Long to Play. Becky drifted along as a recruited background floater (understandably so because she didn’t know the game) and when she finally went from 0-100 it was awesome but far too late. Same thing with JMac I think. He’s making some killer moves now but is it just too late in the day? (I’m digging this Season a lot.)

    • That’s why you don’t put recurtied players in the game get players who have seen the show

      • You have to have recruited players. I read that Jason (I think?) said something to the effect of: “If it’s all superfans, what fun is that?” It’s a TV show so they need to have some eye candy. That’s just a fact. They don’t cast a majority of unattractive wilderness survival experts to be on Survivor, right? And look at JMac. He’s supposed to be a superfan but what’s he done all Season? Not much. As long as it’s a TV show made for the general public airing on a major network (instead of a niche cable channel) we’re never going to get rid of Recruited players. (That’s what All-Star Seasons are for, I think. To satisfy viewers who love the game play.)

      • Every show has them. Every show always will. I think CBS and the Prods. read sites like these all the time. Maybe if people post enough comments in numbers that matter it could affect contestant selection. But as long as those who post (like we do) are pretty low in numbers in the big scheme of things (if TV ratings aren’t effected, why would CBS care?) it won’t make much of a difference I don’t think.

      • It had worked for 17 seasons, they’re not gonna change the way they casts. They might tweak it a little bit, but recruits is always gonna be there….casting is not an easy task.

      • They have atleast 10,000 people who apply to be on big brother you should be able to find 14 to 16 players out of 10,000

  27. UGH! I thought all Austin wanted to do was go to jury with Liz. I wish they will make that happen next week. Liz, then Austin and they can be snuggle buddies all they want. John is the one that I see would grant Austin his wish. Work it John!!!!

    Why aren’t the Goblins reminding Vanessa they flipped the vote to save her just a few eliminations ago, that she owes them this flip.

    • I would love to see Van go next week, followed by both Austin and Liz in a DE the following week.

      • It could. Things would have to line up just right. I admit it’s a long shot, but it is possible. A lot depends on whether or not JMac stays and who the returning juror is. If both JMac and the returning juror team up with James & Meg, then it’s likely that they will be in power after tonight. Once they have the numbers, they could run the board.

      • JMac is gone. And the returning juror will likely the next one to go, unless it’s Shelli and Vanessa takes her back under her wing. I’m not convinced Meg could win a game of Tic Tac Toe even if her opponent was intentionally trying to lose

  28. We all want power shift. First and foremost, they have to win HoH and control the game…then we may see some light..I’m depending on Meg here, the Comp beast.

  29. LIstening to Meg talk to Austin and now Steve, I think it will sadly be JMac going home tonight. James and Meg seem to buy into everything Austin says.

  30. Mmmm I don’t know about “a great season of Big Brother” …the votes have almost always been unanimous, and the majority of the remaining players are a bore. I miss the days of secret alliances, strategic planning, and house drama after an eviction – sigh

    • That’s what you get when the HGs are more interested in being friends with everyone than they are in playing the game,.

      • Or they don’t know which game they are playing. Clay was playing for the Big Brother Big Sister charity (if he won all the proceeds would go to them in Clay’s name). Austin went in looking for a showmance (even though he started out with the girlfriend bit), remember if it wasn’t Liz, he was going to have another “victim”. Steve went in to work on his social skills. Shelli, practicing for a role in other shows (cry on mark), Jason was playing to get out of mother’s basement, etc…

      • Yep! Austin is also playing to “impress” the wrestling community. He’s failing at that! Being portrayed as a whipped puppy won’t gain you any respect in wrestling. LOL

      • Right, like the Austwins deciding to be loyal to the Goblins over Steve and JMac because they’re “more fun”?? How is that any kind of a strategy? You’re not just choosing roommates here!

    • Maybe it’s all relative? I found BB16 kind of boring because of the overwhelming power of the male alliance from day one. S17 (for me personally) has been pretty amazing due to the insanity (on all sides) presented within. Players being lazy and easily manipulated, other players being mean, others surviving when it’s almost unimaginable how on earth that’s possible…I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

  31. I don’t’ want to get my hopes up for tonight.

    The way things have been going lately I can just hear Julie:

    1. “Johnny Mac, you’ve been evicted from the Big Brother house.”

    2. “Liz, you’re the new Head of Household.”

    3. “Shelli, you’ve won your way back into the Big Brother house.”


  32. Vanessa will stick with Steve and her alliance as well. Steve as a sntich has been loyal to them all along. Johnny Mac is not a good competitor while, Steve has won HOH and POVs. All they need to do is stick together and get out James and the returning house guest who will be all alone with no allies left. That is the follly of thinking you can win without numbers. When James, Jackie and Meg turned on Becky and John, they gave up the chance to control the game for short term safety. Now, that they need the numbers, where are they going to get it from? Their slim chance is winning HOH tonight, if not James and the returning house guest is going to the chopping block next! And if Steve wins wins HOH next, who do you think he will target?

  33. Becky wins her way back in the house. First thing she does is smack Meg, then James. Then she asks “WTF is wrong with the two of you”?

    • That is what she should do. The Goblins blew up her game and now, she is left with no good options. If she goes after Vanessa and her alliance, she is gone the following week. Go after the Goblins for revenge, she would also, get evicted the following week. In any case, Vanessa’s alliance will control the majority and one of them will win that $500,000.

    • Or she comes back …smacks them and says what is wrong with you, I was in an alliance with you…you better listen to me if you wanna stay…in jury, Jackie told me….. and Shelli told me……….and then it begins….basically try to do what Sunday did in big brother canada. ..

  34. “Austin promises that he’ll fight to protect them if Steve wins HoH tonight.”

    If Meg/James think Steve is coming after them then why not vote him out, than there would be no need for the “promised protection” of Austin. I agree, what a doofus.

    • They can vote to evict Steve but, Vanessa has the deciding vote. She is going to keep Steve who is loyal to her and is in her back pocket. He also, can win HOH and POV and she will need him to go after Austin, Liz and Julia.

      • John would work with them …Steve won’t. ..but I don’t think they think Vanessa will do it, so they won’t do it either. ..

      • Steve already knows that Austin and the twins hung him up to dry. He is going to to stick to Vanessa, you just watch.

    • Not to mention who the heck does she think Austin will put up Steve who they just saved or van or the its you meg and James duhhh

    • Meg is freaking AWFUL!!! This is her chance to finally make a move because Lord knows she’s never going to win an HOH. Man she’s terrible.

      • I think she is doing great if her goal is just to be the final 2 goat because she knows she ain’t gonna win…

      • Kenneth chow just say shelli comes back on and gets too the final 2 with meg who wins

      • Shelly hands down..I am so disappointed in meg right now hopefully James can save the day if not too late let’s hope meg tells James she went to Austin and James can explain to meg that they r the only ones left for the other side to target and they have to keep jmac gawdddahh what a mess jamesssaah helppaahh

  35. Has there been even one discussion btwn James/Meg re: the Austwins? Have they spoken at all about it being impossible to beat a three vote block if they somehow make it to Final 5?

  36. I know the competitions are (supposedly) planned out before the season starts. As all the HoH comps have been endurance or skill. Maybe it’s time for a “pure luck/random type comp, like pick a duck out of the jacuzzi and whoever has the highest number on the bottom wins. Then Meg might stand a chance. Not sure if they do comps similar to that though. Here’s hoping.

    • Wow. That’s a fantastic idea! But Vanessa would still probably win and people would still claim it’s a conspiracy.

      • It wasn’t completely chance since there could be some skill involved, but it was kinda a crapshoot

      • Hey now, I was a pretty skilled college pong player myself but it didn’t make it onto my resume skills list lol…

  37. I’m actually starting to think that Meg is actually worse than Victoria. Because at least Victoria was just useless, she didn’t do any harm, she just played the game as a dead fish.

    Meg’s gameplay is actually negative, every time she tries to strategize or play the game, she ruins everything. Not only does she put herself in a bad situation, she puts her allies in even worse situations. The worst part about it is that she won’t even face the repercussions of her terrible gameplay, James will.

  38. I just read Matt’s update. JMac’s plan to have James, Meg & Van team up to save him just went down the drain. It was fun thinking about it, while it lasted. :(

    • I guess the only entertainment left for this season is James scaring people, which I greatly enjoy. I laugh every time I read about it. Sure, it is childish behavior, but gee whiz, get a sense of humor. The HGs seem to not mind and hey, we all know they love their fun. I love James.

      • I’d much rather watch a loop of James hiding in closets or under tables and scaring the crap out of Julia than stupid pot ball!

      • I totally agree with you. I do wish James can win HOH because like many have said here, I think he will make a move. James has a great sense of humor and his pranks are more enjoyable to watch than Austin and Liz in bed.

      • I do, too! I’ve been rooting for James for weeks now. He’s made a couple of big moves, getting out the loud mouth (Jace) and breaking up a showmance. He’s remained in the house, even though his friends were dropping like flies and he wasn’t with the power most weeks. He’s remained loyal to his friends. He made a choice & flipped the house when it was 2 enemies & one was set on coming after him, even though it upset Becky, who was brand new to his alliance. Most of all, he’s been the best entertainment during the down time all season!

      • For a while, I was all for voting for JMac for AFP, but not anymore. He isn’t my favorite person this season. James is. But I’d still rather JMac win than most of the others.

      • Once again we are in complete agreement. If James goes to jury, I’m going to be campaigning for him to get AFP. If he makes it to F2, I’m hoping he wins. JMac is my second choice out of who is left, just because I’m so disappointed in everyone else, including Meg.

        Did you see that yesterday, before the show, JMac told Meg that he’d targt James and Meg got excited? She lost my support.

      • Wow, really? No, I didn’t read that. That is very disappointing. I wonder why would she be excited? I read last night where they had each others backs about who would go up as a pawn. That is very contradictory. Do you think she was pretending to JMac or did it seem like she was genuinely “happy” excited about it? Hmmm.

      • The pic posted with the comment looked like it was genuine to me. Scroll back through yesterday’s BBN twitter, because I think that’s where I saw it.

  39. Was Meg a super fan coming into the house this season or one of the recruits? Because she can’t seem to keep anything to herself, which is half the game.

    • She’s best friends with someone who was on Survivor two different Seasons so I assume she was a recruited recommendation.

      • Well. ..she said she was a superfan, but…that doesn’t always translate to game play…but she is best friends with Andrea Boelke…

      • I suspect (based on her complete lack of game play knowledge or strategy) that she defines “superfan” as someone who watched last Season while preparing to be on this one.

    • But to me that is what the whole season has been about, people who run with it the second they hear something.

    • Casual fan at best. Applicants tend to be either casuals, superfans or just plain walk-in noobs to the show coming into a casting call.

      As far as I know, recruits tend to just skip the casting call but would still undergo the rest of the audition process all the way to initial sequestration.

  40. Apologies for the re-post but based off of the new update about Meg having dashed the flip I’m interested to know: Has there been even one discussion btwn James/Meg re: the Austwins and it being impossible to beat a three vote block if they somehow manage to make it to Final 5? Has this been discussed at all?

  41. Hey I agree with Dan. Let’s go Johnny MAC. Please get that punk Steve out. Doesn’t Meg remember in Double Eviction he put her on the block. Or is this a Blondie & Dogwood comedy.

      • Hi Ken.
        I agree, but if only there were a new leader.
        Get that long haired freak with those things in his beard on the trail out of town. Hope Vanessa cuts the nuts off him, if he has any that slimeball.

  42. This is one of the rare times I’m actually happy that someone’s loose lips may have helped save my favorite player from eviction while at the same time, it’s bittersweet that I’ll lose another bet who’s sitting besides him as a result.

    Hopefully though John can manage to pull a win in today’s return-comp.

  43. Vanessa is acting like Audrey and Jeff this week. She is talking to everyone. If any of them had any brains this would figure it out and Vanessa would be in trouble again.

    In the meantime, JMac leaving out that he had been talking to Vanessa already was just another idiot move like when Meg left Vanessa out of the solid fortress remarks from Steve. Do any of these people have a clue what they are doing? They run around spilling everything on everyone withholding some things for no apparent reason!

    I have news for James and Meg, unless they win HoH, they are the targets this week, next week and the week after. If they can’t be evicted then the returnee and Steve will be the targets.

    Vanessa could be playing a great game. But he is so sloppy her game is really mediocre. She says James and Meg are too afraid of her to work with her then she runs upstairs to tell Austin everything they told her just a few second earlier.

    And I can;t absolve Austin either. Vanessa is attempting to build a coalition to get him out and he is as oblivious to it as Meg is to the entire game!

    At this point, I am hoping for a sextuple eviction tonight so we can just get to the end. I can’t turn this game off but I cannot stand watching anymore!

  44. OMG. SMH. What is Meg thinking??? I’m about done with this season. It’s so freaking predictable. “Let’s all vote with the house so we’re not targeted next week.” It’s BS. There is NOT that much time left and Meg seems oblivious to that fact. The twits…well..other than calling them twits, there’s not much I can say for them. Steve is gullible and falls for anything Austin and the twits and Vanessa tell him. JMac hasn’t really played much of a game either. Except to throw comps for whomever is in power. Austin is just nasty. Vanessa has played the game well. Can’t stand her, but she’s played all of them from Day 1. And James, if he doesn’t get his mind off of Meg and on the game, he’s gonna be history. He’ll make the big moves, but he needs win HOH to do it. But, I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m still hoping, but not sure it will. If JMac gets evicted, I hope he’s the one who comes back. If it’s Steve, I hope it’s Becky who comes back. Shelli will just fall for the BS that comes out of Vanessa’s mouth. And Jackie, I think, won’t go after the Austwits. She’ll go after Vanessa. Not a bad plan, but they need to break up that alliance of 3 too.

    • Best case scenario to break up Austin’s 3 some plus Steve would be to vote out Steve and then hope either the returning juror or James or Vanessa would shake up the house by winning hoh and putting up two of the three some next week. Love or hate her Vanessa is the only one smart enough to know this IMO. Meg doesn’t seem to want to win anything or do anything to help herself or anybody else. Shes trying real hard to kiss up to Austin but seems to forget hes hooked into the twins first and nobody else second. If she screws up JMac’s chances of surviving I hope she gets tossed next week

  45. Wouldn’t it be great that whoever came back in the game was automatically the HoH??? Now that would be a twist and they would be guaranteed one week of safety!!

  46. I think that was a better idea invite Andrea Boehlke to play Big Brother and not Meg, probably she has a better game 7_7′

  47. So stupid Vanessa. You’d go a lot further with Meg, James and JMac then you will with the Austwins. But what do you do run up to the HOH and tell them everything. I thought you were smarter. Maybe you can reflect on that why your sitting on the block this week. Someone please put the twins up.

  48. This season is horrible. Whose bright idea was it to allow TWINS? Thank goodness that Julia does not have a boy toy, then 4 votes would go the same way. They still mange to play terribly the 3 Musty-Tears.

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