Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

Another back and forth week on Big Brother 17 has kept the question of who is going home tonight an exciting question and at this moment we still can’t be sure.

Nominees Steve Moses and John McGuire on Big Brother
Nominees Steve Moses and John McGuire on Big Brother – Source: CBS

John has refused to give up and that’s made the twins furious with his audacity to play the game while they’d prefer to empty bags of chips. Steve has been no slouch this week either though, but will his promise of security come undone in the eleventh hour?

Vanessa campaigned consistently on John’s behalf, or at least appeared to do so as it’s hard to tell what is going on in that head, but things continued to come up dry for her. Shifting gears John decided to take his plan to the Goblins as he originally intended and this morning he made some impressive traction.

After talking with James and Meg they went to Vanessa and we could have ourselves a ball game here, folks. Of course it all depends on Vanessa as the Goblins won’t leap without her agreeing to join them and if they do it’ll be a big one.

Now I do still consider this a long shot, but I love me some Big Brother drama and action so I want to see an upset happen but we can’t rely on the Goblins. Meg ruins everything and oh, yep, there she goes right now talking to Austin after all the earlier talk this morning.

Yep, Goblins are on board with voting out JMac so that’s done and done.

What’s your expectation for tonight? And yeah, we’ll keep watching the Feeds and update as necessary.

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Eviction Predictions – Steve Moses or John McGuire?:

John McGuire
Big Brother Access John McGuire
Big Brother Junkies John McGuire
Steve Moses

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. As much as I want JMac to stay, I’m not holding my breath for Vanessa to vote to keep him even if she convinses the Dumblins to do it…
    I think most see it as the smarter move for Vanessa to keep JMac at this point, but most HGs seem to be wanting to wait till after someone returns to make a big move, but time is running out…

  2. Looks like the decision of this night going to fall in the Vanessa’s arms; the votes could be: For Steve (Meg & James), For John (Liz & Julia).

  3. So just read the acticle after making my first post, Jesus Christ the Dumblins are, well dumb lol. Meg spills everything she gets back to Austin, and the other day she didn’t even relay everything cuz she wasn’t smart enough to remember it all. And James and Meg are just too dumb to think further than an hour or two ahead. Pretty much anyone besides James or a returning Jackie winning HoH this week, James or Meg will likEly be going home next week… They are just so clueless.

    • Two imbeciles (James/Meg), Two self-absorbed airheads (twins), a love struck weenie (Austin), a spoiled brat (Vanessa), and two players I like (so no insult for Steve and JMac). Seems to me 5 of the 8 remaining players are clueless

  4. How many times does Meg have to get burned until she realizes that not everyone is working with them? The part that annoys me the most is that it’s not even her that’s going to pay for it, it’s James. Meg is so useless that she’ll probably make it to the F3, but her stupidity is screwing another one of her allies, if I’m James, I’m cutting my losses the first chance I get and picking the returning juror as my F2.

    • The Goblins aren’t the best strategist. All they do is blab their mouths and not hold valuable information that can be useful in the game. They are too gullible to think that they can work with everyone.

      • The problem is that for ONCE, James is seeing the logic. But Meg just has screw everything up again. She just needs to do what she does best and go back to sleep where she can’t ruin everything.

  5. I’m so sick of those entitled witches acting as if no one has the right to try to win the game. I can’t wait for them to leave the house and see that they were the least popular people in the entire house. They’re due for a wake up call!

  6. So frustrating reading the updates today. J/M are really just so stupid. Oh – let’s not piss off the monster (Austwins) in the room. Let’s hope it doesn’t come after us for at least another week!


    When Shelli comes back from jury, and James and Meg are sitting up next to each other on the block, I will just be laughing, especially at Meg when she whines about her predicament.

    Fool me once (jason),,, Shame on you
    Fool me twice (jackie)… Should be shame on me.
    But to trust them (steve & austwins) again. And then get put up, fool me three times… You (Meg) deserve it. You can’t fix stupid.

    • The problem with that is that Meg will be fine, it’s James that is going to pay for her ineptitude.

  7. I can’s stand Meg anymore. She’s ruined everything by simply been there and fooling any plans that could potentially gain her more than 1 week which is the ONLY thing she’s been 100% guaranteed with the sides she’s been taking. And same goes to James. What’s wrong with them?

    I’m team Vanessa now. She’s the only one who’s playing the Austwins and i loath that 3some so, never thought I’d say this but.. Go Vanesa! I hope whoever comes back realizes Vanessa is the only to leach onto if you want to stop the Austwins. I don’t care if Meg/James want to keep kissing the Austwins butt, as long as Vanessa and returning Jury survive, I’m all for it!

    • Vanessa is the one kissing their butts right now!! She wants to get back in with the popular kids!!

      • Actually, I think she’s been smart by keeping her options open. She knows she’s got Steve on her back pocket, John is now on her side, the Austwins can actually win competitions. She needs James out because he’s the only one who’d put her up as everyonelse is too scared to even think about it. She’s not kissing her butt, she is just ensuring her survival longterm. As opposed to Meg who’s as good of a BB player as my dog back home is.

    • Vanessa might draw in Becky or Shelli if they come back and with Steve, they can form a strong 3 person alliance and go after Austin, Liz, Julia after they evict James.

  8. Well ok then… I guess Vanessa is putting all her trust in her ability to manipulate and bully Steve all the way to F2. That is the only theory I can come up with at this point after she turned down the flip. Hmmm…..

    • But does that even make sense for her to think she can win over Steve in F2? If so she is really more delusional with all her “integrity” talk thank we all think…

      • Austin, Liz and Julia hang out Steve and Johnny Mac out to dry. They know it and also, that James and Meg up in Austin’s butt. Steve will stick with Vanessa and if he wins HOH will put up James and Meg on the block. After that, Vanessa and her allies, possibly, Becky or Shelli and Steve will go after Liz, Julia and Austin!

  9. Apologies for the re-post but based off of the new update about the flip being dashed has there been even one discussion btwn James/Meg re: the Austwins and it being impossible to beat a three vote block if they somehow manage to make it to Final 5? Has this been discussed at all? Ever?

  10. Was so anti-Vanessa before, but I too would rather she won than the Austwins. I wonder why the twins feel so entitled? I don’t remember hearing about them coming from privilege.

  11. Meg is a complete idiot!!! What is the advantage of keeping Steve over JMac for your game?!? Think you moron, think!!! There is no reason, idiot! Austwins want to just make sure JMac leaves for ruining their game and to use and abuse Steve even more. What is that b.tch gonna do at final 5 when its James and Meg vs Austwins? The only way to save both of them is to win HOH at that point, which Meg is excellent at! lol Complete morons, I tell you!

  12. Vanessa is not helping John. She’s using him. She’s reporting everything to Steve and Austwins about what John and Jameg said.

    • She’s a classless bitch just trying to win over Austwins after she learned they effing targeted her. She wants to make sure Austwins pick her over James and Meg. I’ve never hated so many houseguests in a BB season… This season is complete garbage and full of morons.

    • He only told her everything because he needed her since she’s the swing vote. Otherwise, he’d have kept it all to himself with no one else the wiser.

      • I was talking about a few hours ago. He was talking too much, she’ll use it against him if he re-enters the house. You know what…what the hell, go for broke. He and Jameg are doomed anyway, if he comes back. He and James would have to win every HOH from now on out to reach final 4.

  13. If Austwins make it to Final 3, we should all just boycott the last show and have the worst season finale ratings ever. I doubt anyone actually cares who among Austwins wins… I know I wouldn’t give a rat’s azz.

  14. Why people are mad at Meg!! She hasn’t done anything wrong. What she has told Austin….he already knows. Vanessa already leaked the info!!

    • Meg is deciding not to vote to keep John, that in and of itself is incredibly stupid. If Van had the Goblins support, which she had James, Steve would be going. Meg screwed it up by backtracking.

      • Are you watching the feeds??? Vanessa has NO INTENTION OF KEEPING JOHN!! She only gathering info to use against people!!

      • YES I AM (see? I can press all caps too :D ), I am watching the feeds, and I know that Vanessa isn’t stupid. She knows very well that she needs to take out the Austwins because she’s expendable to them and they’re getting to large for the house.

        If you honestly think that Meg did nothing wrong, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re certainly in the minority.

    • Because she’s a clueless idiot who has no concept of what’s really happening and what she needs to do give herself a non-zero chance of winning

  15. I hope that if John goes out tonight and doesn’t win his way back in, that on his way he tells everyone “My vote goes to whoever gets out Vanessa, and if she’s still in at the end, I vote for her and will spend the next three weeks convincing everyone else to vote for her, too, you stupid cowards.” It was so dumb of him to promise Vanessa his jury vote — why would she keep him if he’s more valuable to her on the jury?

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