Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

Another Big Brother eviction arrives tonight on CBS so it’s time to take a final look at which Houseguest will be sent packing when the votes settle and who will be left to fight another week.

Big Brother nominees Becky & John face possible eviction
Big Brother nominees Becky & John face possible eviction – Source: CBS

Becky Burgess and John McGuire, two of the more free agent players left in the game, are now facing off for the six votes in play and that doesn’t leave much room for error. They can both take solace knowing that just because they may be voted out tonight doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line.

Votes are stacked against Becky and even if the Goblins wanted to keep her they’re powerless thanks to their poor decision to flip on Becky last week and keep Vanessa and her controlling majority together. Brilliant move, Goblins.

John will stay and have a shot at winning HoH which he better do or I think we could see him end up the next target despite all the talk of sending Vanessa out the door. He’ll need to work with whoever will take him, but that’ll be easier said than done with the alliances entrenched this close to the end.

Before we say goodbye to Becky, even if it is temporary, I’ve gotta take my hat off to her. Preseason I expected Becky to be the first player evicted with her gung-ho attitude and extremely limited knowledge of the game. Becky hadn’t seen Big Brother before April when she was recruited via the dating app Tinder. Go figure. But even as such, Becky played the game fiercely though a bit foolishly at times and that gave us an exciting round last week. I’m hoping we’ll see either her or Jackie again next week with more of the same game play attitude.

Big Brother 17 Week 8 Eviction Predictions – Becky Burgess or John McGuire?:

Becky Burgess on Big Brother 17
Zap2It Becky Burgess on Big Brother 17
Big Brother Junkies Becky Burgess on Big Brother 17
Becky Burgess on Big Brother 17
Big Brother Access Becky Burgess on Big Brother 17

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. Sucks for Becky, she tried to make a move, everyone backed out and left her taking most of the backlash. Goblins got what they deserved, and hopefully if Vanessa doesn’t leave next week, its an Austwin and they get what they derserve for not taking out Vanessa. Even if they did they’d still be a big target, so it’s kind of a smarter move for them, they should buy at least 1 more week of not being the target, but they could be the backup for JMac/James if Vanessa were to win the PoV or not make it up on the block. Just hope they aren’t stupid enough enough to put eachother next to say Steve or Meg, then the PoV doesn’t get used and they waste there HoH, whish is an all to real possibility…

    • Put the twins up and if on wins veto, put Austin up….but first get rid of that whiner Vanessa! This season stinks so far. I wouldn’t want any of the “Goblins” to win so I’m hoping someone grows a pair and changes things up!

      • Yup, rooting for JMac, wouldn’t mind Shelli or Becky winning persoanlly, Steve wouldn’t be bad, I actually wouldn’t mind James, he at least used his HoH wisely, but don’t care for any of the rest of the Dumblins.
        But ya, gotta get rid of Vanessa and split up the Austwins.

  2. I think you’ll get an overwhelming vote to evict Becky because we all want to see John go after Vanessa.

    • Ya the vote from the poll will be heavy Becky and I agree she will likely go home.

      however what we want and the players want/do are two different things, most of us wanted Vanessa gone 2 weeks ago, and last week, and this week lol. But ya need JMac to target Vanessa and the Austwins not to f*ck it up by claming they want to wait till after the juror returns or the dumblins to mess it up by being manipulated by Vanessa, still a lot to go wrong with Vanessa in the game.

      • I wanted Vanessa to go week one when she was already acting unstable inside the house. If only we could have had a quick self-eviction.

      • More unstable then Audrey? But soon after would have been nice, I just got a feeling she’s going to provide some entertainment yet for us… more so in the form of her saying or doing something that blows back on her.

        It’s funny but I’m starting to be immune to her crying & whining like some of the HGs are saying but her paranoia still drives me up the wall… and I’m not saying a little paranoia might not be good in this game but not extreme, she’s 24/7 paranoid whether she’s safe or not. I’m guessing she doesn’t get any sleep until she’s so tried she can’t stay awake.

      • In general, no… not more unstable than Audrey, but she was that very first week. I really thought she might self evict.

      • V breakdown could just take longer as she’s probably stronger mentally than Audrey but I’m not a shrink so I don’t really know… she looks to me in bad need of a vacation away for this game and it’s stress on her.

      • Not to be mean but Week 1 my local friends & I pick who we think will win every season (right after they air the episode where they enter the house). Everyone gets someone different. I picked Vanessa (mainly because she was a poker champ and I expected her to be kind of like Derrick – smooth as silk, below the radar, etc). Then when she had that breakdown, crying and what have you, I thought: Oh no….I’ve got a cryer! Lol. Evidently, that’s her MO and yes, I was wrong about her being a ninja, too. Been wrong before but I didn’t see **THIS** coming this year. Ha ha

      • I had the same initial feelings about her. I felt like she would be strong… and I guess she is now. But I was kind of rooting for her then and now I can’t wait to see her go.

  3. Minority opinion here, but I thought that getting rid of Shelli was a good move for the Goblins. Mind you taking out Vanessa or Shelli was a good move regardless but Shelli was after them 100%. The reason they are in this position isn’t because they failed to get rid of Vanessa, it’s because they didn’t win HOH to keep their numbers. Their game started going south during the DE when Steve and Liz both won HOH.

    • Yes, and James might be gone instead of Jackie, who knows, but long run having Vanessa in the game isn’t good for them. Who knows what would have happened, but they could have kept there group with Becky tight, realistically Steve might not have even got a Goblin out if Vanessa still wasn’t in the game. Now Shelli is gone, and so is Jackie and Becky. If you include Becky on there side they will be out 1-2 after this week, it’s not like they are cheering that they at least didnt go 0-3, it’s not like they would be any worse off if Vanessa left, and you wouldn’t have a huge snake int he game. I see the point, but I don’t see it as a long term solution, they saw it as Shelli is after us(James) next week, but lets throw away the rest of the game, and they still weren’t safe the next week, it saved James, but at the cost of there over all game IMO

      • Having Vanessa in the game has helped the twins and Austin. You always want a bigger target in the house because after that big target goes, you become the big target in the house.

      • The goblins aren’t really thinking strategic but I do think that Shelli was the better option to evict because Vanessa wasn’t really going after them. But strangely enough I think at the very moment keeping Vanessa is good for JAMES. Once Vanessa goes, James is the next target. I don’t see the Austwins going after Steve or Meg. John could potentially be a target but if John wins POV than James is the backup option.

      • I can see that for james, but if the Austwins want John to go after Vanessa, and they were to win HoH, then who do they go after? If they wont go after eachother, Vanessa, JMac, Meg, Steve, so James is the only logical choice for them to go after. Or if it were Vanessa who wouldn’t go after them, Steve or Meg that leaves James and JMac, so James isn’t safe either way. Steve or JMac could be casualty if they(Vanessa/Julia/Austin) were to get HoH and James were to get the PoV. Culd always BD Vanessa, but I’ll beleive it when I see it… I see how it could be in Jame’s best interest if they were to get out an Austwin and save Vanessa, but I don’t see him safe.

    • And because Shelli didn’t go when she was up against Clay. Had she, then Becky could have successfully gotten rid of Vanessa.
      James could have replaced Clay with Vanessa to get rid of Shelli the first week, then he’d had no problem getting rid of Vanessa during Becky’s reign.
      Steve mucked it up for everybody (except himself), I agree.

  4. John forgetfully ate a bite of a cookie or something as a HN. I know he immediately went to DR about it. Not that it would change the outcome, but was it decided that he would not receive a penalty?

      • I laughed when I read that on Jokers after it happened I couldn’t remember BB procedure on that, if he would be told immediately whether he would get a penalty or if that announcement was reserved for eviction time.

      • Ya for Audrey she ate multiple meals and wasn’t sleeping in the dentist chairs, it was little more serious than eating a cookie lol.

      • F*cking JMac, a true champ, I’ll throw up my one accidental cookie to not have an extra vote against me lol

  5. Gosh, did not know the info about Becky that Matt gave us (above – Thanks, Matthew), she’s a newbie more or less, guess that’s why I saw her as a fast learner… that being the case, it might be best for her to go to the Jury House & bone up on BB, if Shelli & Jackie would do that for her… if only one of them is returning there would be no disadvantage in doing that. If she does get Evicted tonight she is the one I’d pick to come back unless the 4th Juror were to be JMac and by then I might still pick Becky.

  6. I haven’t complained about the season, so far, but if Julia wins HoH tonight, or Judas?..idk, maybe I’ll start whining about this season.

    • I like them both, JMac could be better but can not agree he’s ‘horrible’. His one big asset is social b/c he’s funny; secondly he appears caring and he’s good in comps but he’s had lots of practice. There definitely are a few things he could have done differently or better that would have improved his status in the game, he may just not be ruthless enough or have a killer instinct.

    • Well, I do have to admit JMac’s play was not stellar this week… maybe if still in the House after tonight we’ll see if he wants to continue playing or join Becky in the Jury House. Not going to make excuses for him, just hope he snaps out of his funk. He could redeem himself if he were to win HoH and put up Austin/Vanessa and then if Veto used Re-nom Liz to BD her.

  7. I partially agree with who you want to see come back, Matthew.

    Becky is my number one choice as well. Followed by Shelli. Then Jackie. Honestly though, I’d be happy with any of them.

  8. Anyone who gets recurtied too play big brother does not deserve a 2 chance atleast shelli applyed too be on big brother so you have clay, becky, austin,both twins that 5 of 17 being recurtied to play big brother

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