Tonight On Big Brother 17: Live Eviction & HoH Competition – Update: Endurance Battle

Houseguests are preparing for tonight’s Big Brother 17 live eviction and HoH competition as they debate the right target and try to decide who will truly be competiting to win.

Update: CBS has confirmed this will be an endurance HoH comp & you can watch it on the Live Feeds.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

Eviction plans were set as far back as Saturday which gave us a quiet week compared to the past month but let’s hope that changes tonight when power is back up for grabs.

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John is currently the preferred option to stay behind as the Houseguests have discussed, but Becky’s recent foot injury during the Veto comp has made her a tempting alternative. Don’t let that distract you though as she’s still the top pick to go to Jury tonight.

As for who really wants to win HoH, Austin has been working to dissuade Vanessa from really trying hard tonight in hopes of keeping her vulnerable or at least not in control. The Austwins have toyed with making Vanessa the target, but they’ve more recently justified keeping her as well. Vanessa as a possible target may be the most interesting story line of next week, so I’ll hope for general entertainment factor that she doesn’t win HoH.

Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS at 9/8c and we’ll be here live recapping the show as it happens. Houseguests have been on a long lockdown inside so there’s always some potential for a big competition tonight and that would be awesome. Extra endurance comps are like an early Christmas so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

What do you hope to see happen tonight on the live show?



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  1. If you watch the feeds or Jokers, you know Becky talks..talks..talks..talks.
    She always has a story to tell to anyone who listens, and the story is always yours”She might have experienced a lot in her life, but “shut up” Becky. It’s annoying. She has Paul Bunyan syndrome. I like her well enough, but geeesh!

    • It’s still short sighted of the Goblins to want her gone for that reason. She might be annoying but she is still a solid ally.

  2. Will be so glad to see Liz (and Austin’s) HoH reign come to an end. They’re grossing me out just knowing what they’ve been up to. Really want a power switch to occur, hopefully back to James and or 1st timer JMac!

    • Yup and hopefully they don’t waste it like Steve did or get screwed over like Becky did, they need support, and to have 2 big targets ont he block so either way they get someone they want out. No Meg vs Vanessa or Steve vs and Austwin where they can be flipped and still not get out a real target.

      • It needs to be Liz and Vanessa…two team members since they have more members and less voters come eviction night. It’s only fair since they put up two rivals at the same time!

      • I’d much rather see Liz and Vanessa on the block together…that will provide enough drama to last awhile! Austin won’t mind being on the block with his sweetie, but her getting evicted, oh yeh! Now that will fire him up enough that we may see more action from him in comps than in the sack with her!

  3. I’m with you Matthew I’m also wanting an endurance comp. I thin they are more fun for fans.

  4. My pick for the next HoH will be Jmac/James for entertainment purposes.
    #JMac the evil leprechaun

    • Agreed, it’s probably between Austin, Vanessa, James and JMac as Steve likely wont want to win, Meg can’t win unless its a random/luck comp and Julia kinda in the same boat as Meg, but could try to just tank since Austin has told her it’d be good for James to win I guess. Rootng for James/JMac to stir things up and not just get another one of them out…

  5. What are the odds that JMac wins and eliminates a goblin? High, low or medium?
    I am going with JMac wastes his HOH on eliminating a Goblin.
    Same for Steve, though for him it’s not a waste. He is aligned with pretty much everyone else.

    • Yup yup yup. I wouldn’t be surprised if James put up JMac and say Julia, or JMac put up James and Meg, both with the ‘intentions’ of backdooring Vanessa, then Vanessa getting in there head and just getting out eachother. For Steve he’s gotten close to pretty much everyone besides Meg and the Twins a little but they likely wouldn’t be his target, I’d just expect him to tank the HoH comp and not cause any waves for himself.

      • And? He is, what is your point or question here?

        If you are refering to Steve being apart of the Scamper Squad, and me saying he isn’t super close to the Twins, both can be true, I don’t think they are super close, they are just in an alliance together.

        He seems to be ‘smart'(I guess) so even if he is in an alliance with the Twins he could see them as a potential threat, and getting rid of Liz as a way to make the alliance fall apart and lose power.

        Does that answer your qaution?

    • So JMac is just yanking the Austwins chain, saying he’s going after Vanessa? That might piss them off, I doubt he does that, makes no sense, he’s not stupid.

  6. If they don’t start going after the twins and Austin, they will all lose. A block of 3 > one.

    You want to be at the end standing next to Vanessa as much as they should get rid of her, it makes sense to keep her until the final 3 or 2.

    Vanessa wins no comps.

    • Yes getting an Austwin out in the next 2 weeks should be a big concern for the rest of the house. Vaness probably wants Liz gone so she can control Austin and Julia and say they need to stick together for numbers.

      IDK if you’d wanna be next to Vanessa, players usually vote for the best player despite personal feelings, and if she were there vs Meg or Julia or a weak player she could easily win.

    • Vanessa wins no comps? Huh, she has won HOH before, more than once. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but give her credit where credit is due…and last time I checked, HOH’s were comps.

      • Vannessas super nice. Whats wrong with people. She playing the game. I would do exactly what shes doing to get far. Thats what u gota do. Not be lazy like everyone else. I love steve and vannessa. So glad jackys gone. She never wins anything so it wont be jacky coming back. Im sure it will be shelli. Because becky is also week. She only won the other comp because shes a ice skater.

      • Wait… super nice… Vanessa? You would do exactly the same… cry, whine, argue illogically, say “I didn’t say that” when you definitely did & the other person you’re arguing with knows you’re lying… GOSH, I’m so sorry for you… most of us would have to dislike you, too. Of course there were Rachel Reilly fans too… let me guess, no don’t tell me, let me guess.

      • Or on different worlds… Vanessa’s World or Rachel’s World… it’s a big Universe. Or Amy’s World where Amy says “Whats wrong with people. (sic)”

      • Yeah, I said the same but give him a break, they were both the Dual HoH thing and she doesn’t act any different being HoH or not… she’s still paranoid * 10.

    • Agree on targeting the austwins ASAP. If they make F4 intact with anyone – they win for sure, unless they are completely stupid and turn on each other then after making it that far together.

      Any HG who wants to win needs at least 1 (preferable Liz) Austwin gone before F4/F5.

    • Yeah, except for those 2 HoH deals. She has said “It’s harder being HoH than being OTB”… ok, V step right up on the block. LOL!!! Why are you crying? There is NO PLEASING this girl.

      • She’s playing the game 100% of they time. What’s her reasoning for saying the HoH is harder than being OTB, they will throw it to her cuz it’s harder for her than being OTB? And people will want her to have a hard weak? Then she can cry and say how hard it is? She’s so delousonal.
        I know they are pretty much all onto her, but you still gotta take her out. You can have insider knowledge on the stock market, but if you don’t actually make the investment what good does the knowledge do you? If they never get her out what good does any informetion do them? lol

      • I think they want Vanessa out but are afraid to become the next big target. Vanessa is like camouflage to them right now.

      • Is playing the game 100% of the time, really a good idea? I don’t think so and I would not consider a HG a great or even good player. It’s not smart… I think making friends, being open (not totally), cultivating trust and winning comps and then making ‘deals’ when you have power but staying alert b/c people will promise & break promises… look at James with Shelli/Clay. And looky what happened to them… first off James shouldn’t have made a deal (only b/c it could have an effect on future deals), Shelli was ready to drop and it turned out she didn’t want the win anyway… but that’s all old news.

      • She needs to be sent to the dungeon not pass go, do not collect $200. Off with her!

      • I saw that – WTH girl? You are telling someone OTB and thisclose to missing out on half a million dollars, that the person who put you in danger has it “harder”?!?!?! I KNOW she doesn’t believe that. I just can’t believe she thinks that’s ok to say to someone whom you already know isn’t your fan. Passive aggressive?
        I HOPE he gets the chance to spit that right back in her face. (Or Austin, since he’s the spitter)

      • From a WIN IT ALL perspective I think she feels ‘blood on your hands’ are losing votes which happens putting noms & re-noms as HoH, that process seems to REALLY STRESS her out at least observing her appearance while she does it.

  7. Becky is sure milking this toe injury. I’m sure she’s thinking they’ll keep her because she’ll be easy to beat.

    • Better excuse than Vanessa just crying and saying she has no one in the game. Only thing is Vanessa is better at the manipulation lol.

      • You got that right… then if it keeps her in & she wins HoH, she says “SUCKERS, this is the biatch that HIT BY A TRAIN!!!”

        But Becky is learning, unfortunately by her own mistakes.

      • Ya, she shouldn’t have been as cocky when putting Vanessa up, and told her she’s pawn like everyone every week. Just told her the plan was Shelli and she needed someone strong to go out. But the Dumblins screwed her and here we are lol. Ya gotta lie in this game, can’t show your emotion, although crying and making ppl feel bad for her and bullying people, the emotional game is working for Vanessa.

      • She didn’t know better… according to Matt she hadn’t watch BigBro until April. But even at the time I think she was excited b/c she was going to make a BIG MOVE. She turned around & told Shelli right after telling everyone else (Goblins?) not to say or tell anyone… I was like “What are you doing”, I said it right at the t.v. the minute she was talking to Shelli.

        Btw, I like the ‘Dumblins’ name, more fitting then ‘Goblins’ which I never understood to begin with… I though it was derogatory.

    • Hate toe infections, especially when you’re needing both feet in the game to compete, if that does occur. Becky will be able to rest easier in the jury house as the numbers just won’t help the deciding factor at this late stage nor will it possibly change by those wanting her gone.

  8. If they really and truly want Vanessa out (and not considering who the next big target might be), they need to put Vanessa on the block next to Liz. Then there’d be absolutely no chance of Vanessa staying.

    • Amen to that. That’s what I’d like to see…Liz will have her sister and Austin to whine to and Van…well, let’s see how the Austwins deal with that. Lots of drama to come if these two are placed there!

  9. Hurry up and get here 9:00 p.m. ET…I want some excitement…unlike this past week provided me!

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