Big Brother 17: Schedule In Final Weeks Of The Season – Update: Impact On Feeds Schedule

Big Brother 17 schedule has been set for the final few weeks of the season as CBS will have to shift things just a little for the NFL season with Thursday night football.

Update: Since this discussion has risen back to the top today I thought I’d get this revived with the impact this adjusted schedule will have on the Live Feeds.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Special Eviction - Source: CBS
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Special Eviction – Source: CBS

We are just over three weeks from the Big Brother season finale on Wednesday, September 23rd when we’ll find out who will win Big Brother 17. That leaves just a few more rounds of evictions and episodes. Here’s when they’ll be happening.

Tonight we’ll get our F5 HGs and then on Monday the Feeds will cut so they can film the next eviction to air on Tuesday night for a special broadcast. The Feeds are likely to stay out until after Tuesday’s show which won’t be live, but they may act like it. From there the Feeds should keep rolling until early the following week when they’ll go down for the season.

Big Brother 17 – Schedule of Final Weeks:

  • 9/2 – Wednesday 8/7c
  • 9/3 – Thursday 9/8c – Double Eviction
  • 9/6 – Sunday 8/7c
  • 9/9 – Wednesday 8/7c
  • 9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live F6 Eviction
  • 9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
  • 9/14 – Monday TBD – Feeds go down to tape eviction
  • 9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c – F5 Eviction episode
  • 9/15 – Tuesday TBD – Feeds return
  • 9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live F4 Eviction
  • 9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
  • 9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
  • 9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes

There’s really only one week of schedule juggling there in the week before finale when we lose a Thursday show and gain an episode on Tuesday. That Tuesday will be typical Wednesday content plus the special eviction to keep us on track while Thursday’s eviction shifts to Wednesday, Sept. 16th.

Eight HGs remain at the moment but two more will be sent home during Thursday night’s Double Eviction. From there it’ll be a quick run to the big finale show where one of these Houseguests will collect the $500,000 check. Who is it going to be?

Source: @BBGossip


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      • Agreed. Liz’s action also reinforce the negative stereotype some hold of women using their “femanine wiles” (I.e. “Hotnes”) to get a man to do her bidding.

        And Vanessa’s emotional victim / bully tactics reinforce the negative stereotype that some have of lesbians (which I only bring up because she herself keeps “playing those cards” (pun intended) over and over.

        Hey ladies, how about playing as strong, independent thinking women that most WOMEN are…

      • Yeah-uh. It is Harsh-uh. So is my opinion that Austin will win America’s Favorite Sleazeball-uh.

      • I hope you’re right. Tough to see how we get there, though. James is totally on his own and JMac has half the house dead set on sending him out the door first chance they get.

      • James will win it..give $100K to Meg unless she is in F2 with him..they will start dating on the outside and get married in a year. Then she will go from Grandma Meg to StepMom Meg. lol

      • At this point idk who I want to win. Vanessa and Austin are the only two doing any real type of game play. The rest only do any when one of those two bring something to them. I don’t want Austin or Vanessa to win, but I doubt Steve, JMac or James have the ability to make it to the end.

      • Austin real game play? Uh no! It’s big brother not how much sex I can get from Liz!! Vanessa and James yes, Vanessa and Austin NO!

      • Liz is playing a much better game than Austwit in that she has won multiple comps. Liz leaving would destroy the AusTwits. Austin going would strengthen them.

      • I agree! It all started with Shelli falling off and giving power to James. Secondly, not voting Vanessa, the puppeteer, when Becky was HOH. I think we would have had a much better game if those 2 things hadn’t happened. I also don’t agree with BB putting ppl in the house that haven’t even heard of BB especially when there have been ppl trying to be in the show for years!

      • Nobody deserves anything…anybody can win, but do they deserve it, no. However, I have been wondering…since Vanessa probably has a lot of money already, why does she want more of it? She will most likely blow it on her poker games anyway, wouldn’t you think? Has she even said that she would help her family with it, or anything?

      • I think it’s her ego(for lack of a better term atm). She’s pretty delusional in the game and wants to win. She thinks she’s very smart and probably see’s it a new real, life chess game or poker game that she wants to win. She’s very self-centered(at least in the house) so I’m not surprised she hasn’t mentioned doing anything with the money, but that’s her prerogative, can’t hold that against her.

      • I doubt it is just in the house, but you never know…she might actually be a decent person outside of the house, who knows. I never really saw her winning the game though. I thought that the houseguests earlier on should have gotten rid of Vanessa, Austin and especially Liz (Julia wouldn’t have been able to come in had they done that) Vanessa was the main one that wanted to keep Liz in the game because of that extra vote. Actually it might have been Clay, who is no longer in the house though so that was a bust. My question is why are the houseguests letting Vanessa bully them around? Austin, I think, is even a little scared of Vanessa

      • I thought it was Shelli who really wanted them both in. I didn’t necessarily see it as a bad move at the time, when the numbers are still big having one more person couldn’t hurt, but they’ve left them in the game way too long.

        As for them being scared of Vanessa, they saw what happened to Becky when she missed and they don’t wanna be the next one out. Vanessa has so much info on all of them they are scared to cross her. it’s sad really.

      • Maybe, I thought Clay came up with the idea…either way, it was a bust for them both, because they are both gone (Clay and Shelli)

        They were scared of Vanessa even before Becky, and the only reason Becky even “missed” is because they were all scared to vote Vanessa out.

      • Nope. It was Vanessa who wanted the twins in the game. Then Austin got on board because he wanted a bromance with Liz (or Julia, or Jackie, or any female). They talked to Shelli and then to Clay to get them on board with the idea.

      • Except for James. If he wins HOH for the DE, 100 pct Van goes up. If he can get Liz next to her after veto, Van is toast. Any of the Austwins on the block might do it too, but Liz is 100 pct.

      • They are all scared of Vanessa. They are all suffering from the abused spouse syndrome and, until they get out from under her, that won’t change. Only the HGs in the Jury House looking from the outside in have begun to see Vanessa for the player/person she really is.

      • No, that’s not really true…the HGs still in the BB house have seen Vanessa for the player she really is, they just won’t do anything about it. Take Austin for example, he knows, probably better than anyone still left in the game how she is, had a chance to take her out last week…and he chickened out, he even said she should have went on the block

      • According to her wiki page she is a millionaire – part of it from poker, part of it from her ex-husband when he passed away.

      • Hey it’s bragging rights…” I won BB”…she’ll get some publicity from it…and you can imagine her take on explaining what she did…that be a docu drama in itself.

      • Yea, she has to get past Austin and the twins though before that happens. She might be gone Thurs. though. I hope it happens, I don’t see it going that way though

      • Everyone in the house deserve to win this game except Meg. Meg hasn’t done anything in this game at least everyone has made a move or won something. Julia had to switch in and out for the first five weeks and indirectly made moves to get further.

      • No she didn’t, it didn’t take the house that long to know they were switching. It’s just nobody wanted to vote Liz out, and it was in part because of Vanessa along with Austin, Clay and Shelli

      • Its too early t say. I think when all is said and done Steve and JMac will deserve the win more than Vanessa. After all Vanessa would be long gone if not for her alliance. Steve and JMac,especially JMac have survived without the same protection.

      • Vanessa doesn’t deserve anything but to be booted out of the game for breaking rule after rule after rule. If she should happen to even make F2, all that will prove is bullying, screaming, whining, crying and unfair manipulation tactics pay, and that’s not an appropriate lesson to learn for anyone.

      • Bribing house guests (the 10k to julia is well known, but she has attempted to have houseguests split money as well) she has also tried to cheat/cheated in comps, but has generally been stopped before she is able to (during the transporting liquid from the barrel to the bowl challenge she tried to put some substance on her hands directly before the comp and production stopped her for example). Production keeps it quiet, but she has broken many rules.

      • OK so i don’t like that she has bullied, but wth did evil dick do? same thing and ppl say he’s one of the best.

      • There have been so many twists anyway…why not let Cody come back in Thursday and win top prize this time for 3 weeks of work lol. Because of Derrick he didn’t do more than that last year and still won $50K.

      • You’re assuming the jury will be bitter. You can not honestly tell me that anyone in the house is playing a better game than her. Sorry. noone even comes close.

      • I assume you’ve been paying attention–so I can guarantee you they will be bitter if she’s in F2. To be honest, I don’t see how she makes it that far. She’s on the bottom of the Austwins, and this side alliance with JMac and Steve is worth as much as a $3 bill. If James wins HOH for the DE–and frankly, he’s due for another one–100 pct she goes up, probably with Steve. If he really wants to guarantee she walks out the door, get Liz next to her after the veto comp, and he’s the tiebreaker. Bold move, but he’s the only one in the house with the cojones to do it

      • 100 pct guarantee the jury is bitter–you’ve been watching, I assume. Don’t see how Van even gets to F2–she’s on the bottom of the Austwins, and this side alliance with Steve and JMac is worth as much as a $3 bill. They should see this(and they probably do, because Van lies every time her lips move and they both know it) but there really aren’t any other options.

      • I HATE a bitter jury. The best player should win. Some of these houseguests haven’t even been playing until recent weeks. Simply by default bc the numbers are getting so low.
        You honestly think if Vanessa is sitting next to say Julia that the houseguests would give the win to Julia? I can’t see that happening. I will be very disappointed if it does.

      • Van would easily beat Julia–she’s the new Meg. Her chances against Liz might not be so bad–she has the one HOH win but has basically been told what to do from the jump with no individual thought. Everyone else beats her for sure

      • Considering this bunch of players, I don’t see how the jury won’t be bitter. She’s also fortunate that most of the remaining HG’s follow her blindly as she leads them to the edge of the cliff for some reason. The only ones that don’t have misread the house so badly it’s laughable(James and Meg). Of course, they have only themselves to blame–they should have sent Van packing instead of Shelli a month ago, and it’s absolutely blown up in their face. Which was entirely predictable.
        Yes, she’s played better than the rest of the house–but frankly, that isn’t saying much.

      • This happened last season w/ Derick. He was in a house full of “stupid” players. Just makes me wonder… Are the other players that stupid or are these “fortunate” players that good? Either way, Vanessa is the best player of the season… regardless of who she is in that house with. Lucky for her, they are “stupid”

      • True. One thing that was brilliant about Derick is the relationship he built w/ the houseguests right before sending them to jury. Vanessa should have thought about that more.

    • That’s highly debatable. They’ve just kinda sat there while everyone else does stupid things around them–and none of the Austwins are rocket scientists when it comes to strategy either. I didn’t see last season, but I’ve seen most of the others–and this is by far the worst I’ve seen. Ridiculously bad misreads of the house by James and company, bad strategy by almost everybody, almost no likable players left…

    • Wow, they told me there were Austin fans out there, but I didn’t believe it. I don’t know what to believe now. Did man walk on the moon? is bigfoot real? I’m so confused

  1. Man would be awesome for Steve, JMac and James to vote out Julia, then during the DE when Vanessa can’t play for HoH one of them needs to win HoH(use there heads and work together for once and stick to a plan) and get out Austin/Vanessa and then finally have the majority vs the reaming Vanessa/Austin and Liz.

    But it’s more likely Meg will go home, and then Steve, James or JMac go home next week. Those three will probably target each other and leave Vanessa and the Austwins sitting pretty.

    As for something on topic about this post about the remaining schedule… That Thursday Night Football game should be pretty good, Denver at Kansas City lol.

    • If only my big brother dreams would come true… But since they are all blindly following Vanessa’s game like sheep to the slaughter they should have to carry a giant check out to her and whichever Austwin is sitting next to her lol

      • hahahaha I would love that. They should also have to read/write an apology(along with production(during the finale)) to the fans for how dumb this season has been. That’s why I just read on here and only watch Thursday episodes lol.

        But ya, James, Meg and the twins are just following Austin, and Austin the twins, JMac and Steve are all following Vanessa. No big moves, just predictable nonsense to be nice to the jurors and have a ‘reason’ for ever move to ‘not get blood on there hands’…

      • Soooo love this comment. I do the same thing. Yeah they should apologize for this season.

      • I don’t think JMac or Steve deserve F2. Neither one has played a good game – far too many weird and lame reactions. They don’t belong in the BB Winners’ Hall of Fame (if there is one), but I hate all the other HG’s, so I guess that has to do. It’s exciting now because of the Vanessa/Austwins situation, but overall it’s been a yuck season – most boring BBAD ever!

      • I often wonder how far Jason could have gotten if he had stayed in the game. Hell, I can’t even remember the reason they voted him out in the first place.

      • I was really rooting for him to win. Who knows why they got rid of him. Probably laughed to loud when Vanessa was sleeping. He was well liked and i think he would have won. :(

      • I think James has a possible way out. See my post on Matthew’s new blog entry about tonight’s show. It’s very aggressive and he needs to get lucky(winning the HOH for the DE is only part of it), but it would solve all his current problems

    • The only way this happens is if James wins the HOH for the DE, and can get Vanessa on the block next to Liz after the veto. He gets Julia and Austin to save Liz, and he’ll be the tiebreaker to send Van out the door

  2. This is leaving 4 HG on finale night. surely they will have the half week eviction like they’ve been having that is pre recorded w/ cbs employees in the audience.

    • probably something like that then the final 2 either on Finale night or the episode before, I can’t recall when they show on TV who the F2 will be.

      • I am probably wrong but I think the final 3 are on finale night and during that time frame the person who wins the comp gets to choose which one they want to take to the end…at which point the one who isn’t chosen goes over and sits with the other jury members. I’ll wait until somebody corrects me!

    • Tuesday’s episode will probably be an eviction episode, but not live. That’s what happened last year when Frankie got evicted last year. Yes I brought his name up because I’m a Frankie fan and I remember what happened. So you haters back off. (The Frankie comment wasn’t really meant to be toward you jessalli, I’m addressing it to all the Frankie haters)

      • Well since I’m prob the # 1 Frankie “hater” & I’ll take whatever you have to say happily. I was so mad about his eviction bc I was hoping for audience BOOOS. The boy needed an awakening. best quote from last season comes from Cody. “You’re not Jesus in this game!”

  3. Steve will never go against Vanessa so it will be j/mac or james going next. You would think Steve would realize he’s being Christine this year and he’s going to be discarded when it’s convenient. You would think that.

    • You would, if everyone in the house wasn’t so dumb and just did what Vanessa wants lol. I see James, Steve and JMac all targeting each other next week. James said he’d go after the Austwins, but I doubt any of them go home.

  4. I hope see John & Steve in the F2. This week I hope see Julia & Vanessa/Liz going home.
    Oh and I don’t know if this count as spoiler, but some rumors say that Caleb of BB16 gonna be part of the cast of the season 32 of Survivor.

  5. The real question is not who will win but will liz be arrested for prostitution? The definition of prostitution is “the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit.” That is what she has been doing and it is illegal. She is having sexual relations with Austin to further her game and make more money. There is no way she is having sex with him for enjoyment, so it must be prostitution.

    • Oh wow, ouch. lol Liz prostituting and Vanessa bribing everyone. yeah this season is pretty shady, and don’t get me started on Steve, dude acts as if he can go postal any moment, in fact I’m kind of secretly hoping he does.

      • a lot of questionable things this year. Hopefully the police are ready on finale night and take away some players in handcuffs. Ratings through the roof.

      • Exactly. IF one imagines that Vanessa has a secret deal with the Austwits to split the 500k if they help her win then pretty much every single move made in the game from week one now makes sense.

        If they can throw comps so readily and easily then why is it a stretch to think that they wouldn’t be willing to throw the whole game for a 100% chance at 150k rather than a very slim chance at 50k or 500k? And I would imagine that the three “losers” can also split the 50k 2nd place money three ways (16,666.66 each, coincidence? ;) in exchange for letting Vanessa win.

      • This has come up that Vanessa was going to tell house guests to split the winnings and she would gamble in Vegas and make them more money. Production told her it is against the rules and stopped her from doing so. However, it is not unthinkable that she may have a deal that production doesn’t know about to split the money. Similar to will and boogie in season 7. Vanessa Austin and the twins are just secretive about it.

      • Yes. It truly is possible and that is frightening to me. A scandal like that would end the show for good probably.

      • I remember someone asking Vanessa if she ever “counted cards” in Las Vegas. She admitted she did. I am hoping more than one casino owner is watching Big Brother. She could actually get banned from casinos because of her answer.

    • The “…..some other benefit” part, makes us all prostitutes of a fashion. That is applying those words as liberally as anyone stating Liz is a prostitute.

      • I think it is referring to gifts and stuff like that. Not money, but anything with value. I agree that it is not as clear as it should be.

  6. To those of you calling people names and throwing around accusations: You know you can enjoy this show and the feeds without taking personal shots at someone’s character, appearance, etc., right? I’m not saying that you can’t mention something about Liz being a mean girl with some of her comments or thinking Vanessa is erratic, but throwing around comments calling someone a prostitute, a drug addict, or a psychopath is WAYYYY over the line. Just because you watch a show doesn’t give you the right to trash people online. Use some common sense and human decency.

    • I would not consider liz a prostitute, but would say that by definition she is committing prostitution.

      • By your definition, Will Kirby committed prostitution, Allison on BB4 committed prostitution, Mike Boogie committed prostitution, Erika committed prostiution, Janelle committed prostituion… I guess the BB house in All Stars was just a front for a brothel, eh?

      • I will start with I don’t have a problem with prostitution and believe that it should be legal. But, the definition is the definition. The difference between past players and liz is that past players can claim it was due to enjoyment and not for payment or some other benefit. Ollie and April for example would be for enjoyment. Dr. Will with Shannon or Janelle would be for enjoyment. Allison on BB4 is probably prostitution. It could be for enjoyment, but is a hard case to make. Liz is prostitution she is not and can not be attracted to Austin and having sex with him is not for enjoyment it is simply to improve her place in the game to make more money. She is engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit. I personally don’t have a problem with it, but the law is the law.

      • The problem is, you’re applying this definition with the assumption that you can read Liz’s mind. I’m not saying she’s head over heels in love with him, but to suggest that she is doing it purely for money is a bit of a leap and even if she isn’t 100% into him, I suspect that she really enjoys the attention and comfort of having a ‘boyfriend type’ in the house or else she would place enough distance between her and Austin that she could still control him without having to caress him all day long. I think it’s also a bit of a leap to assume they’ve had sex, but I won’t start debating feed timestamps for the sake of my sanity.

      • They have had sex they told the house guests they have and it can be found easily online although I would not recommend watching. The reason I know that she is not into him at all and is just using him for game play is that he is Austin.

      • I believe both prostitution and weed should be legal. I think Liz, Julia and Vanessa should all be illegal for anything! Lol!

      • I have no idea who you are, but how the hell would you know if Liz could not or would not be attracted to Austin? That is a claim you simply cannot make. I will not even touch the rest of your argument, because I just don’t have the time or inclination.

    • It does not give us the right “because we watch the show” that right was given to us in The Constitution and is called The First Amendment.

      • Well, the First Amendment also gives me the right to mention that you’re a total douchebag, but that doesn’t mean I should point out you’re a disgusting human being all the time. However, you forced my hand… so let me finish by saying, I really hope that I have the opportunity to judge your loved ones at a later date based on my morality and impression of them in the context of a game show.

      • I’m not American, but I’m pretty sure the First Amendment was intended for a much great purpose than the right to trash someone’s looks.

    • I always think that harassing the houseguest is just uncalled for. No matter how much people might not these houseguests, they are all probably great people outside. People need to understand that in the Big Brother house emotions run high. They may not act like that outside of the BB house.

    • Some Big Brother fans are the worst. They think they know a person because they watch them for 90+ days. I don’t understand why they think it’s cool to harass people they don’t even know. I may not be an Austwins fans, but outside of BB they are probably great people. But I don’t think it’s right to take personal shots at someone just because you may not like them on Big Brother.

  7. how did so many annoying people make it to the end? Steve is an annoying weasel who folds under pressure. they keep saying he’s smart, but I haven’t seen/heard proof. Maybe they’re just that dumb? Austin is a big stupid tool just like Clay (this show gets too many meat heads). The twins are worthless human beings. Vanessa doesn’t know how to shut up. She thinks she is smart, I guess I can’t blame her with how weak minded these other people are. She’s pretty much controlled the Austwins the whole game. It’s actually a good psychological experiment to watch how easy people can be manipulated. Like then people call her out and she starts crying, the conversation turns to comforting her and doing her bidding some more. I hate all these house guests but everyone else couldn’t win a stupid game. I prefer meg to stay over Julia but COME ON. Freakin grandma, man, can’t win anything to save her life. Why did it take so long for James and John to pick up on who was working together and why haven’t they been working together already?

    • You mean the James who thinks he can quicker get Austin to flip on the twins than STEVE? Yeah, he’s really caught up lol

  8. How is vanessa playing a numbers game?;if shes trying to win she wouldve flipped it by now. Her “big” moves are weak.

    • I do not see how Vanessa is still in this game. She continues to play all sides. She is coaching Austin and talking game with him about the twins and telling him things about Steve. Then she is talking to Steve and F2 and if he has any dirt on Austin.

      Are these people stupid? Why are they not comparing notes on what she talks about. If Austin wins HoH and he goes after Steve and JMac, aren’t they going to do the same thing they did the last time Austin was HoH? The same is true if Liz wins. And what if Steve wins? Will he think about his noms and get info from Austin or will he just listen to Vanessa?

      These HGs are really bad at this game. They have no noticed that not a thing they say to anyone doesn’t get to Vanessa, yet they never check what Vanessa is saying to everyone.

      • O.o I think you hit the nail on the head with what is wrong with this season. For some reason it is taboo to compare notes this season with other HGs that are not in your alliance (i.e. Austin and Jmac for instance). If Austin and Steve had a conversation and compared notes, then Vanessa would have a hard time covering her tracks. When you do compare notes the entire house tells on you to everyone else.

      • For some reason everyone talks about vanessa but seem to be afraid of her. Maybe because shes so exhausting or perhaps its because the house is full of dumb people. Never seen a worse cast.

  9. Have to say this has been the worse cast ever! I dont know the game play especially being they claim to have watched previous seasons.

  10. I’m rooting for either James or John cause i just love there personalities! If one of Austin’s Angels wins,i give up on Big Brother ! Bleh!

    • I hear you. I don’t think I will give up but unless they make some changes to ensure we get a better game going forward I don’t know for sure if I will tune it next season. Once I start, I can’t escape though.

      Its the weirdest game this year. There has been one real alliance all year and the rest of the house. The alliance has pulled in almost everyone at one time or another but the others never tried to form an alliance for defense. I love James and Meg as people in the house but I think their game play has ruined this game. Their unwillingness to work with anyone else in the house has allowed the alliance to stay intact far too long.

      They let the game get away from them when they did not make a deal to work with Shelli and Becky then evict Vanessa. Had they done that, I believe Jackie and Becky might still be in the house. They had a chance to isolate the Austwins and create a much larger group to break them up. As a result of that mistake, we have what we are seeing now.

      • That might have been true if they had won another HOH since. However, they’ve lost the last four in a row. Not much you can do when you are being dictated to as opposed to doing the dictating yourself for the last month or so

    • Me too. James and JMac are the only likable people left in the house.

      Question for you–according to the schedule, there will be four people left going into the last week. We’ll have the regular Sunday show to see who wins HOH, obviously. I’m guessing there will be another eviction before the season finale, right? How does that work?

      • There will be 4 yes the week before,but they will be moving up one of the evictions and have only 3 left the last week,the last HOH comp will be held for the Final 3 which the last HOH will decide who there taking with them to the final 2 which i think is held on the last show along with the jury making there final decision. Hope this helps !

    • Is not entertaing watching the autwits shanagans. Austin is in for a rude awakening. WWE HERE HE COMES.
      Too bad they didn’t get really identical twins or triplets. They could then switch out on STUPID ..and it would at least be fun.

  11. This is the worst, I will give a top five of what should have happened this week
    5. The austwins should work together to get Vanevil out
    4. Meg and James, it is either u are blind or made a mistake Austwins will vote for you TO GET OUT
    3. James if meg leaves then your only option is to work with John Steve and I am afraid Vanevil
    2. Vanhipocrit, get twin #2 out, (reference to what Jason said in DR aka Julia) even if you think twin #1 aka Liz is a bigger threat because now you have the option to get an Ausbrat out.
    and number one drumroll plz.
    1. If you admitted Vanhipocrit that getting Meg out is a wasted HOH then why then heck did you put Meg up or even so get Steve and John to vote Julia out.

  12. I am trying to figure out how they will be down to 3 by the finale night. 8 now in the house, after Thursday there will be 6. the following week they are down to 5 the week after 4, that is the finale week .
    what gives? Did I or all of us miss something there? I am sure someone already told us but I don’t see it anywhere.

    • I’m confused by everything but I don’t watch shows, no feed watching cause I hate porn, and stupidity. I read what goes on and Everytime I take a moment to try the feeds….guess whose on? Yep controlling, ugly sasquatch….
      I did catch him telling liz she has no attention span..
      Ahhhhhhhhh, no kidding “dick” Tracey. ..

  13. 9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live Eviction
    9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
    9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c
    9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live Eviction
    9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
    9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
    9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes
    There’s really only one week of schedule juggling there in the week before finale when we lose a Thursday show and gain an episode on Tuesday. That Tuesday will be typical Wednesday content while Thursday’s eviction shifts to Wednesday, Sept. 16th.

  14. “We are just over three weeks from the Big Brother season finale on Wednesday, September 23rd “
    Matthew, today is the 10th, so only 13th day left.

  15. Okay gang, Just reading over the comments so far, and it looks like it’s going to be one of those nights in the threads. Sigh.

  16. Oh well I guess if I start rooting for Van to win, maybe then she’ll loose. DAM, she won again….

  17. First 30 minutes of pop after dark tell you which couple Vanessa will break up. 50% chance to final 3 with Liztin, 33% with Rockstars. And she’d be right. She can trust Austin and Liz more than Steve and Jmac. Longer aliance, more trusting moments, more times they had each others back. And on and on. Steve and John have fragmented an aliance with Vanessa. They have to be targeted.

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