Tonight On Big Brother 17: Double Eviction Live Show

Get ready for an entire week of Big Brother 17 crammed in to one hour tonight on CBS at 9/8c when the Houseguests are faced with some tough decisions and very little time to make them.

Double Eviction tonight on CBS Big Brother
Double Eviction tonight on Big Brother – Source: CBS

We’re about to watch not one, but two evictions play out live as the Houseguests scramble to make sure they’re not the ones on the chopping Block and their flimsy deals hold together.

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These are always fantastically exciting episodes, but I warn you, they don’t tend to go well for fan favorites for whatever reason. As for who should be worried about tonight, there’s no mystery inside the House. The targets know they’re in a bad spot.

Johnny Mac and Becky are the top targets for the five HG alliance lead by Vanessa. The other four remaining Houseguests say they’d want to go after Vanessa. However, the Goblins have been discouraged by Austin from targeting Vanessa and they’ve agreed that JMac should go though they won’t be upset if it’s Becky. We’ll have to see if the Goblins stick to nominating Vanessa should one of them win HoH.

Here’s how tonight’s order of events should go:

  • Julie will announce & confirm to HGs it’s a Double Eviction
  • Quick vote will send home either Vanessa or Shelli (It’ll be Shelli)
  • HGs will compete for HOH, possibly with questions about videos they watched
  • Scramble, scramble as the HoH will pick 2 noms
  • 6 players will race in the backyard to win the Power of Veto
  • Veto Ceremony will set the final noms of the DE
  • Another vote will send home a second HG with 4 votes deciding
  • Episode ends without a new HoH

The next Head of Household will be decided later in the night well after the show is over. Production has to break down the backyard’s HoH & Veto comps to make room for the next HoH comp. We’ll get spoilers from the Live Feeds, but don’t expect to be able to watch that particular competition. In the past it’s been cut off like a PoV comp. We’ll wait and share the results as soon as they’re revealed.

Once the new HoH is decided overnight we’ll be back on track for the regular routine of events with more nominations on Friday and Veto on Saturday.

What do you think will happen tonight on the Double Eviction? Will it be a good or bad night?


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  1. i wonder if they knew it was DE week if that would wake the goblins the hell up? it seems these people get a good idea in their collective heads and it is then immediately replaced by an idea of Vanessa’s choosing…

    • Wake up from what? They’re getting out their biggest threat, Shelli. They’ve made a new alliance with Austwins w/ Austin pushing for it to stick. They’ve got a grateful Van for right now. No one is targeting them for the next vote. No one is even looking at them as pawns for the next vote.

      • She won’t risk losing Steve against Becky. Since only four votes are needed. If she nominates Becky and Johnny, and Johnny wins veto, she won’t renom Steve. Because that would give Becky enough votes to stay. I believe she would renom Jackie.

      • Except that Van believes that she has the Austwins support. She’s also egotistical enough to believe that she has convinced J/J/M to go against Becky.

      • I still don’t believe that she would leave the vote in the hands of the Goblins, when she can easily control what happens with Steve and the Austwins voting.

      • I hope Van wins HoH and nominates Steve and JMac. But I hope Becky wins the Veto, uses it on JMac, forcing Van to break her word once again.

      • That is still a better scenario for James than Shelli winning and putting him and Jackie up.

    • I hope this bites them. I would love to see James or Jackie walk out the door right behind Shelli. And it would be so funny if Vanessa was the one to do it.

    • Fingers crossed he wins either HOH, the Veto, or both. He’s got a chance to win the DE HOH. Seems to me he has a pretty good memory.

    • He just waited to long to pick a side. He thought he was safe with Clay and Shelli, but didn’t do anything last week to solidify an alliance with the Goblins.

      • I was really hoping with the herd thinned and 6S hobbling and worrying about themselves over the past two weeks, that James and Jackie would really work on nurturing a solid relationship with Steve and Jmac.

      • I was hoping last week and this week, Johnny and Becky would realize they need to get in tight with the Goblins. But they seem to be too preoccupied about keeping their twosome a secret than using it to their advantage.

      • Johnny and Becky seem to think that by keeping their alliance secret they will be able to save each other if they end up on the block. But it doesn’t really seem like either has enough pull or numbers to do that.

      • Yes, James could’ve been running the house if he had worked on building an alliance with Becky and JMac to go against the 6S – instead he chose to make them enemies. That way he could’ve survived Shelli potentially putting him on the block.

  2. Rooting for Johnny Mac to win HOH. I will always root for the underdog. It will make it more exciting game play wise if the powers that be, fail and fail miserably. If he wins HOH, he should put up Vanessa and Austin to get rid of that side of the house of power. If anyone gets off, put one of the twins in the hot seat!

      • I think he might be too many people’s back up target. Goblins want to evict Vanessa, but would be okay with Steve or Johnny. Austwins and Vanessa want to evict Becky but would be okay with Johnny as a back up. And Steve is planning on throwing yet another comp. To quote Coach Kilmer, Steve is “the dumbest smart kid I know.”

      • It would be very hard to look “smart” all the time in this game. Even with all of the information I have, it’s hard for me to know what these people will do. I can’t imagine how confused they would be. And yes, JMac is in need of an HOH comp win or he may be in big trouble.

      • I was just referring to the fact that Steve only has alliances with Vanessa, Shelli and Johnny. One of those is going home and two of them are after each other. So for him to think he is safe by throwing a comp, is pretty dumb. Not to mention he isn’t playing puppet master like Dr. Will, Dan or Derrick, so what exactly does he think is on his resume to win this game. This is the time you have to start accumulating wins or big game moves.

  3. Tell me this is not “the play” (for the “other side”) – Tell me they are going to evict Vanessa in the second eviction if they get the chance…PLEASE!!!
    “The other four remaining Houseguests say they’d want to go after
    Vanessa. However, the Goblins have been discouraged by Austin from
    targeting Vanessa and they’ve agreed that JMac should go though they
    won’t be upset if it’s Becky. We’ll have to see if the Goblins stick to
    nominating Vanessa should one of them win HoH.”

    • bbadboy, I’ll tell you it’s not the play, since I disagree with Matt’s assumptions right now! LOL

    • I think the Goblins might try to BD Vanessa, which might not happen. I don’t think that the Austwins would use veto if they won it and Vanessa wasn’t on the block.

      • He is so scared of going against Vanessa. I don’t think he would use it. I definitely don’t think the twins would use it. He might also be nervous that Liz would be nominated if he used veto, and I’m sure Vanessa would help him come to that conclusion in less than 5 minutes.

      • I guess it depends on who is HoH. I could see that more if it is Becky or JMac trying to BD her. If James has 2 seconds to whisper to Austin, that Van is the target and not them, I think Austin will listen.

      • If Austin wins veto, I expect Vanessa to threaten him non stop until its time for the ceremony. He talks big, but he is a neutered puppy when it comes to Vanessa.

      • Depends on who gets in his ear in that 5 minute commercial time. LOL @ neutered puppy … I agree with that completely!

      • What I don’t agree with is that Van is his master. Liz has way more control over Austin than anyone else ever will in the game.

    • That’s why Vanessa needs to go first. They change their minds like they change their underwear. Vanessa is going to win this game if they don’t get her out now.

  4. What I hope happens at the double eviction

    Hoh- Vanessa
    Noms- John and Becky
    Veto winner- Steve
    Vetoed- John
    Renom- James
    Evicted- Becky 6-1

    2nd best scenario
    Hoh- An Austwin
    Noms John and Steve
    Veto winner- Steve
    Renom Becky
    Evicted- John 4-3

  5. The goblins will go down as the dumbest small alliance in history when after the DE Vanessa stays and get back the Austwins since they said they only want to work with them to survive the double eviction. Mark my words the goblins are toast (After the floaters).

      • The biggest difference between Derrick’s manipulation and Van’s, other than Van’s paranoia and emotions, is that Derrick never lost his support team. No one ever questioned him and if they did, they were gone. Van’s manipulation techniques are blown and her support team is being evicted and the rest are looking elsewhere.

      • Yeah that’s true derrick also set up his alliance like a democracy and nor a dictatorship. Im not sure it would have worked with this group since they are way more devided.

  6. ‘The other four remaining Houseguests say they’d want to go after Vanessa. However, the Goblins have been discouraged by Austin from targeting Vanessa and they’ve agreed that JMac should go though they won’t be upset if it’s Becky.’

    Your new allie doesn’t want you to target your biggerst threat in the house, ya let’s definitely trust him lol. So dumb that Jackie is 100% sure Venessa and the Austwins aren’t working together at all, and they can’t for a second even fathom that they are and are basing all there game plans on this.

    • If anything Austin should want Vanessa to go in a double eviction. They will have to get rid of her eventually and a DE is the perfect chance to dump her without her trying to spill all your secrets. They would be smart to try and throw the comp to a Goblin, if it comes down to the six of them, and let them evict Vanessa, of course convincing Vanessa the whole time that she is safe. She walks out the door with little damage to their games.

      • I really think Austin will. He seems scared to make a big move and at this point in the game, the only moves are going to be big.

      • Ya, Austin is way to scared to go against Vanessa, before his recent 6 person allianbce with the Goblins he didn’t really do much in terms of game play, just riding Venessa. This 6 person alliance is just to get past the DE then he’s right back to Venessa 100%.

      • Yep. Vanessa has control over all 3 of them with Steve in her back pocket. If Vanessa doesn’t go first she is sitting pretty with a strong 5 person alliance.

    • I think that while Austwins are no longer supporting Van, they aren’t against her, either. It’s still better for their game if she remains. J/J/M are still targeting her after Shelli.

      • They were ready to vote out Van, until James came to them. None went to comfort her and they ignored her when she came into the kitchen.

        Austin has said that they need to back whatever J/J/M wants. He may not be against Van, but he is not supporting her. If James or Jackie win HoH and they target Van, she will be gone.

      • Which is exactly what Austin strongly suggested they not do to keep their alliance intact. Are they really dumb enough to believe what they keep hearing? If they are, then they deserve to go out the door

      • It’s real until Vanessa tells him to chuck it in the trash. Which could very easily be right after Shelli leaves tonight. They will always do what Van tells them to do until she’s gone. If that happens

      • So I guess Austwins are putting on a show for the feeders when they are alone but are voicing their support for JJM and not for Vanessa. Good show, very convincing.

      • Austin always seems to be leading those conversations. I think the twins would be willing to dump Austin before they dump Vanessa, if given the choice.

      • I use to think that, but not after Liz admitted that she does have real feelings for Austin. Julia still doesn’t care for him, but when it comes down to it, Julia will stick by her sister.

      • I watch the feeds and Austin is playing both sides until after the DE. He even said to Liz lets just keep it cool with them until after the DE. He was only going to vote Vanessa out because he didn’t have the numbers until James flipped. He was thrilled to be saving Vanessa. It speaks volumes when Austin is already campaigning for Vanessa not to be put up during the DE. It’s obvious they’re still with Vanessa.

      • Besides, Austwins need J/J/M to take out Van for them. They don’t want to do it themselves. The question is when.

      • I agree. They’ve been together since day one and Austin is just riding the middle until after the DE. He knows he’s at the bottom with J/J/M. He’s sticking with Vanessa and the twins.

  7. Some of you here are thinking JAMEG is an idiotic, illogical and “absolutely clueless” group because it chose to send home Shelli first rather than Vanessa in a double eviction. I know you have your various reasons for thinking so; some on a game standpoint, others because their favorite may be in trouble. Now look at it from JAMEG perspective, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand its decision in not keeping Shelli, (if it decides to do so) may it be wrong or right…..or “will live to regret it.” Here goes……

    1. Shelli is out for revenge. (that was made known by the stunt she pulled with James) which is a stupid thing to do whilst on the block!!

    2. Becky’s ultimate betrayal with

    3. New power group will be formed
    including Shelli, Becky, John and Steve

    4. Shelli is good at challenges

    5. Only JAMEG will be going after
    Shelli. JAMEG, Becky and John will be
    seeking Vanessa’s eviction.

    6. Vanessa brought important info….Shelli

    7. Vanessa campaigned and offer
    safety… could be the truth or all lies, what’s important is she offered.

    8. Shelli sat on her ass and didn’t speak to JAMEG about game or asked for their votes. When she started to, it was a day late and a
    dollar short.

    These are just a few of the issues JAMEG is having with Shelli.

    • I totally agree about Shelli waiting too long. Especially after what happened last week. She knew she was James’s, HOH, target, but the house got to decide who to evict. Even though Becky promised she was safe, she should have realized that Becky holds little decision in the matter this week. She should have been getting in good with the Goblins and not making a bigger target by going through James’s stuff for a silly shirt. Now she gets to snuggle up in the shirt all through jury.

    • And they will piss Becky off, someone they could work with, and leave Venessa with the support of the Austwins, Steve and possibly JMac is he decides to go back with Venessa after all this. Getting Venessa out who is manipulating everyone out still seems like a much more logical choice. Plus with her out it’d leave the Austwins more likely to stick with them since Venessa wouldn’t be around. Believing Jackie’s flawed assumtion that the Austwins and Venessa aren’t working together at all is there dumbest flawed logic. It’d be one thing if they just wanted Sheill out for those reasons, but then they are going to trust Venessa, makes it just so stupid.

    • Shelli is alone in the game whether she thinks otherwise or not. JMac will be loyal to Becky and if the goblins do what Becky wants she will be loyal to them. If Shelli goes after James she will be gone the next week. That’s why I think she would be happy to make a deal and stick to it.

      Vanessa has an alliance why she has protected since day one. Even last week she kept Shelli over Clay because Shelli is the better player. The Goblins should know they cannot trust Vanessa and the Austwins. They are making the same mistake the 6th Sence made thinking they are controlling the house. No one controls the house except the current HoH and they have to worry aboutwho wins it. To me the questions are, what is shelli wins? and what if Vanessa, Austin, Liz or Julia win? Shelli is but one. Vanessa is 4.

      Also, notice how they are talking about Vanessa winning this because its memory? or Steve? No one is thinking Shelli will win.

      Vanessa hates that the goblins are controlling the vote this week and if she or the twins win she will do something about it.

    • I agree, The major monkey wrench is definitely Shelli. She should have gone LAST week.
      James, Meg, Jackie, Steve, John and Becky could have worked together to take out the twins after Vanessa left. But that won’t happen if Shelli stays past DE. If she wins HOH she will put them up straight away.

      Shelli has too many people in her back pocket. Becky has been desperate to be BFF’s with her so she won’t push for her to be evicted.
      John has some weird loyalty to her, so he wont put her on the block.
      Steve will be in need of a new mother figure, so he won’t put her up.
      The twins go back and fourth with her so they won’t put her up either.

  8. This HOH is Vanessa’s to win because of memory. If she win and say Austwins win veto all Vanessa would have to do is pull who ever won aside and say if the veto is used then Austin, Liz will go up or Liz, Austin will go up or Julia, Liz will go up and they will not use it to save becky

  9. I’m calling it….John for the win…HOH. I can’t rely on Steve or it would be him. When push come to shove, he will pull out a win. I hope he doesn’t disappoint. (fingers crossed).

    • I heard JM and Steve are throwing because they don’t want to be forced to make a split second decision

      • I heard Steve was throwing, but didn’t hear about Johnny. I’m thinking he will throw it if Vanessa is already out, but play to win if its down to him or Vanessa.

      • He might not want to because he knows how screwed Becky’s game got when she failed to get rid of Vanessa and Vanessa could win pov and then he is her new number 1 target

      • I’d be afraid (this is if Shelli leaves tonight) that if I didn’t win/control HoH (because Becky can’t), that either he/she/Steve would be a target. He may feel his back against the wall regardless???

      • My JMac support is on off right now, but he can make me use my dimmer switch and open the connection a little if he wins HOH and manages to get Vanessa evicted. He needs to do something to prove he deserves my support. His entertaining DRs just don’t do it for me any longer.

      • You gotta be shitting me!! pardon my language…. John knows his ass is grass if he doesn’t win. How did I miss this.

      • He does not like being seen as a comp beast and does not want blood on his hands. His crush just got screwed when she went after Vanessa

      • Julia already believes he is of no consequence….to put it in her words….”he is of no relevance in the game” imagine that, Julia…win John and let her bite her tongue by putting her up next to Vanessa.

      • She only got “screwed” because shelli was still there which was a bigger target for Goblins.

        Goblins need to talk to Jmac and at least get him in on taking out van. If Jmac wins (& he truly can, unlike austwins), put up an austwin and van. If somehow van wins to get off block, other austwin up. Otherwise, she’s gone. The votes are there. It would be gusty, but Jmac knows they are coming for him.

      • Jmac has to put her up against an Austwin to make it work for sure though. Steve is sketchy when it comes to Vanessa; I think he’d vote with Jmac but why leave it to chance? If Jmac puts her up against an Austwin, you know Jackie, James, Meg & Becky will all cast the necessary 4 votes to evict Vanessa. Plus with an Austwin up against her, the other 2 will also evict Vanessa. Only sure fire way, I think.

      • We were talking about Jmac getting out Vanessa so he’d be HoH so he and Becky are both safe, as well as Steve. If he puts Vanessa up against an Austwin (who were also his targets anyway), and if Vanessa saves herself, then put up another Austwin. At least he breaks up the band, so to speak. He gets out one of them.
        If he’s not aligned with JJM or the Austwins, he’s a target anyway. Why not go all James on them and take one of them out on his way? He gets to live to fight another day because Becky could win the next HoH and keep him safe and they get another swing at Vanessa. He won’t be out of the game. Live to fight another day as long as he has Becky. :)

      • You live with it – put up another austwin and one of them goes. Reduces van’s numbers and you move forward.

        The Austwins are WORTHLESS in comps, so they (the non Van-austwins) need to keep beating van in comps. The numbers are there to do it, but she isn’t going to roll over like steve, afraid of getting hands dirty.

        This isn’t going to be easy. Van is tough. But If they keep at it and stay focused they (meaning the non Van-Austwins), they have a chance.

      • He better now win HOH to protect his crush and himself. or one of them will be following Shelli out the door if Vanessa is safe.

    • I think she is a bit jealous, but I also think she feels it’s forced. Another typical showmance – possibly not real and not going to last.

    • I can’t tell if she is jealous or annoyed or worried. She might be annoyed because it has taken her sisters head out of the game. She might be worried, because Liz has someone who will campaign for her.

  10. I really really like Johnny Mac and thus by association, Basic Becky. But from the looks of things now the odds of them both surviving this DE is very small :(

      • Me too but I don;t think its going to happen.

        I’d like to see the goblins blown up and Jackie working with Becky. Becky is much sharper than Meg and will make a better alliance than James and Meg. James is too easy to influence and Meg sleeps to much and is just clueless. Becky seems to have everyone pegged.

    • Shelli is first and either Becky or one of the Goblins is second I think. My guess is Jackie or Meg goes. Honestly, seeing Meg’s stupidity blow up in her face would be worth watching. She can sleep for 8 weeks in the jury house. Or to have James second at the hands of Vanessa or one of the twins would also be priceless.

  11. Does anyone know about the plan John has to try and flip the votes back in Shelli’s favor tonight? Does he have some crucial info?

      • I believe so too, but I’m wondering what he thinks he has on Vanessa to change the votes. Again, this is another one who is acting to late to change anything.

    • I think there is only one possible way to sway the votes and that is for James to find out it was Julia who stole the shirt from him. Even then I think they will vote out Shelli, but perhaps if James finds this out he will question the twins relationship with Vanessa a bit.

      James is really out of control and he is blowing up his game and that of Meg and Jackie too. He is talking about getting rid of Becky now – all based only on what Vanessa told him which was largely lies.

      I would love to know why they do not ask Becky about those stories because Becky did not say or do those things. Becky did not call James sexist. In fact, she said she would not call him names like that because she was accused of being racist by Audrey and she knows how damaging those kinds of accusations can be.

      • Vanessa is just that good. She can get people to believe something pulled from thin air. Although the Generals was true

      • Seeing her in action last night – I’m impressed. She seemed too enthusiastic and happy to share. It wasn’t like a knife to Becky’s throat. She was almost giddy to share it and that’s where I thought she was over-acting. I would have expected her to go all “undercover” cold blooded killer with the info instead. But yeah, that stuff rolls off her tongue like water.

      • She is not that good. Everyone is on to her lies. Meg and Jackie do no believe her. That’s why they are thinking Shelli goes first and Vanessa 2nd.

        The point is not about Shelli or Vanessa. Its about Becky adn the goblins. Yes, there was Becky’s stupid period when she thought she could trust Shelli and Clay. That’s not different that when Meg and James thought they could trust them too.

        My point is why are the goblins not asking Becky to explain those things they were told. It seems to me they can use Becky for a while — and JMac who seems to trust Becky.

        And then there is this question, why is Becky the enemy when she came to them when she won HoH? Why believe the twins and Austin who have done nothing but go against the goblins for weeks. It was just last week when the flipped the vote to get out Shelli.

        James seems to have some kind of weird man-love for Austin.

      • Shelli told Becky Vanessa ratted out on her. What she should do is call a group meeting or visit their “office” and have a discussion about what Vanessa told them. 75% which is the truth.

  12. I was cracking up of Steve’s edit last night. They made him look like a ‘disgruntled employee” Wait for Steve to become HoH and possibly a …”Every Becky in the world is gonna pay for it” ‘I’ll show her how mad I am for ignoring me” ha.

  13. I am really interested in Steve winning. I know the Goblins could be a target with him but I would love to see what Steve does.
    But as a Goblins fan, I hope Meg wins (LOL) so Jackie and James are still able to fight for HOH in the next round. Meg can nominate Van and Steve, and hopefully evict Van once and for all.

    • I was rooting for the goblins but this week turned me off to them. I really don;t know who I will root for but I like what Becky has done this week. Yes, she made some dumb mistakes earlier by trying to align with Clay and Shelli, but who in this house has not tried the same thing? Didn’t Jason try that at one point? Didn’t Jackie? Didn’t James take Clay to the steak dinner?

      Becky is learning fast and plays a cool calm game. She has everyone pegged for who they really are. She listens to everyone and pieces together things better than anyone left in the house. For example, the way she figured out DaVonne had the Last Laugh was pretty brilliant compared to Vanessa’s silly overanalysis and paranoia.

      I am not there fully with Becky yet, but she has been impressive this last week.

      On the other hand, Meg is on my bottom 3 list, right after Shelli and Vanessa. Meg is moving into Vanessa territory with her incorrect assessments of people and alliances. She is clueless.

      And, she sleeps too much. When James was HoH he had to tell her and Jackie to get out of bed and get out in the house. Becky had to do the same thing multiple times. For Meg, its like sitting on her couch at home and playing the game from there.

  14. I can’t get over with the last night’s episode. The Veto Comp: Austin– “I don’t understand why my character is “Smelly” lol The other comics are sort of direct reflection of themselves. “I’m a Puma”..I’m from Big Apple” …Austin…Dude! You smell! …nothing to interpret there. ha

  15. To tell you the truth, I much prefer the grouping of JAMEG, Becky, John and Steve than JAMEG + Austwins. But with Steve and John throwing comps, who the heck would want to partner with them. Their little shenanigans are causing people to think they bring nothing to the game and easily disposable. You can only play it safe so far. Oh boy…look where it got them this week.

    • I agree, I don’t like JAMEG with the Austwins at all. But Becky is too flip floppy and Steve + John are the Ultimate floaters. Both Shelli and Vanessa have to go home tonight in order for JAMEG to be in a good position. They could play the middle between twins and Steve/Jmac.

      • I get what the Goblins are saying. When it comes down to F6, they can beat the Austwins. I agree. At this point it looks like Austwins will not win anything. But they have to remember that once all the top players are out of the game, the average players will be able to win comps. Its the reason why people take out the biggest threats in the game.

        It boils down o trust and I think JMac and Becky are more trustworthy than the Austwins. Meg needs to remember, they have to get to F6 first and that is easier said than done.

    • At this point in the game, John cannot afford to throw comps (even though much of the time, he didn’t really made the effort to do so because someone did the throwing for him). I can see him going all out from this point forward in order to stay alive.

  16. Becky is trying to hold onto both Shelli and “the goblins.” Did she really think that was going to work out well? It looks sketchy as hell on her part. She should have never put Vanessa and Shelli on the block together.

    She nominated The Riddler and Poison Ivy, now she wonders how people could possibly be conflicted on which way to vote lol

  17. People are underestimating Vampire Dentist, just because he threw 2 BoB. But he did win 2 PoV. And on other comps, he’s never the worst. In squirrel PoV that Clay won, he came second. In hanging HoH that James won and Shelli let go, he came third. I couldn’t really recall other comps but he’s never the very worst. I think he’s capable of winning any comp. We haven’t seen the real Vampire Dentist yet.

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