Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 10 [POLL]

Once again this week we’ve got five votes up for grabs in the Big Brother 17 house thanks to the returning Juror Johnny Mac, but now that’s over and from here on out the evictees will stay gone. So who will it be this week?

Vanessa Rousso counting the votes on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso counting the votes on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa made her final noms of the week official at Monday’s Veto Ceremony and now she’ll have to keep her hands on the wheel to make sure the player she wants out will go, but is there really any doubt?

Julia is up on the Block now next to Meg after James used his Power of Veto from Saturday’s win. These ladies are the final noms of the week and one of them will be evicted and sent to Jury house by a majority of five votes. Three is the magic number to say goodbye this round.

This week’s votes will come from Austin, James, John, Liz, and Steve. Considering four of them are interconnected by alliances of sorts threaded through the hub of Vanessa there’s little reason to go beyond that roster, but it’s Tuesday so let’s do it.

Austin and Liz will stick by Julia. I know there’s fan chatter and hope that Austin will wake up to the threat of the twins, but he already has and yet still won’t directly flip on them. He’s said he knows they need to be split up, but he can’t do it himself. Then for Liz, they are each other’s F2 so obviously there’s no debate.

John and Steve are working together and also both working with Vanessa. Since everyone is trying to make Vanessa happy that means they’ll be voting out Meg, Vanessa’s target. Should they be more worried about keeping twins and the “strong fortress” intact? Of course. Will they do anything about it? Nope.

James will stick by his girl Meg. I’d expect him to be the sole vote and won’t bother “voting with the house” this week. He’ll show his support to the very end. But even until then we can expect James to help work with Meg to craft a plan to keep her. I just don’t expect anything to come of it.


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  1. This is so frustrating to me. Liz should be going this week. They def have missed their chance.

    • From a viewers point of view, probably… Because we all hate Liztin and the catty twins. But then again, Vanessa has a much better chance of getting to the end with the Austwins than with Meg and James. If she’s with the Austwins, she might go out at f4. But if she leaves James and Meg (who have said multiple times that they want her out) and two pissed Austwins members in the game, she might not even get to f4

      • No, that’s not just from an anti-Austwins point of view.

        Vanessa going to F4 w/ Austwins is a bad situation for her, as I’ve explained thoroughly before. Vanessa has stated F4 or even F5 w/ Austwins + Steve is bad and she doesn’t want that. So “might go out at f4” is a pointless debate point for not getting rid of Liz. Getting to F4 is not the same as “getting to the end” and Vanessa knows it.

        As for James and Meg being pissed at her, they weren’t pissed at her and wanting her out Thurs AM. James was contemplating working w/ her enough to flip the vote. Of course now they’re not too happy, but so what if Meg is pissed at her? Meg has lost 18 individual comps so far. James was staying this week either way by the time the renom choice came up, so there was an added potential bonus of him being less pissed when Meg stayed.

        Then for “two pissed Austwins” the whole point of timing the VTE Liz move now is they wouldn’t be completely pissed at her. Or at least they wouldn’t completely blame her. Vanessa is a master of being at the center of issues but not getting the blame. If she put Liz up under guise of a pawn just like she did with Julia, then it’d be up to the voters, not her, to evict Liz. Vanessa would rant & rave that she was betrayed, the other side is all against their remaining 3. Austin and Julia would blame the 3 votes.

        So now Vanessa presses on still wanting the Austwins split up and hopes it’ll be Liz who goes. She hopes that, but she can’t control it like she could have this week. If Austin and Liz go up then she risks losing Austin, her closest ally of the 3 Austwins. Liz and Julia staying would be worse for her than Austin & Liz staying since Austin has a deep rooted alliance with Vanessa that she may be able to sway while Liz and Julia would never betray the other for her.

        Every move in this game is a calculated risk. Nothing comes out clean. But you have to go with your best chances from each choice.

      • -Then for “two pissed Austwins” the whole point of timing the VTE Liz move now is they wouldn’t be completely pissed at her. Or at least they wouldn’t completely blame her. Vanessa is a master of being at the center of issues but not getting the blame. If she put Liz up under guise of a pawn just like she did with Julia, then it’d be up to the voters, not her, to evict Liz. Vanessa would rant & rave that she was betrayed, the other side is all against their remaining 3. Austin and Julia would blame the 3 votes.-

        You are flat out wrong here Matthew!

        Vanessa and Austin both agreed that it would be too dangerous to put up Austin or Liz. Vanessa would take MOST if not ALL of the heat if Liz was evicted.

        This plan also completely exposes Steve’s game. Something that I’m sure he is not willing to do at this point.

        From a viewers perspective your plan is all sunshine and rainbows, from a players perspective, not so much.

    • You’re right… I’m almost to the point where I’m going to root for the twins to go F2, ONLY b/c the other HGs are so stupid not to see them + Austin as the priority to bust up. Plus the fact that the ID-10-Ts let Julia in to begin with, that was just stupid. And I don’t even-ah like them-uhhh.

      Think about it if the twins weren’t in the game, pick 2 Jurors or even Evictees that went home, they could still be in the game. I think MOST of us wouldn’t mind the twins being gonahhh.

      • Well, I’m hoping the IDIOTS don’t make me!!! My favorite to win has change more time this season then in any other, just saying.

        It’s been Jace, then… just kidding, I did not like Jace and his eviction being the 1st one wasn’t quick enough for me. He’s more of a showoff than Austin. It always take me awhile so didn’t like JMac at all at 1st then I wanted him to win, then it was Becky and now I’d have to say James.

      • Neither would I. I’m sick of watching them shovel food into their mouths, and also putting an A at the end of every word. Jamesa,stevea.

    • Liz’s time is coming, soon.

      Austin already gave James the green light last night. Austin said he won’t be like Clay and fall on his sword for Liz.

      Here’s a recap:

      2:10am Bathroom – James and Austin are talking. James says I pretty much came to terms with Meg going home. I knew once Julia went up it sealed her fate. Austin says it opens you up now. Austin says I’m in a tough spot right now. Its at the point where I can’t make deal or protect 3 any more. James says yeah Vanessa said that. Austin says I need to protect myself right now. Hopefully it doesn’t come to a point where I have to choose between them or I’m f**ked. Or like she has to choose between me and her sister. James says at one point in time or another you’re going to have to. Austin says I am hoping someone does it for me and its out of my control. I don’t want to scumbag them. Or they can just keep winning HOHs. I hope you and I can be good going forward. James says oh yeah.

      James, JMac and Steve are all gunning for the Austwins (specifically Liz). If Liz is up and does not win veto she will be evicted Thursday.

      We will never know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin gives a less than full effort during the first HOH.

      • I hope this gave James ideas. The last I saw, James was saying he was targeting Van and Steve… Seriously James? Steve? He reminds me so much of Nicole last year(sigh,I had such hopes for Nicole) He almost gets how to play.

      • James rally needs to work out a deal with Austin and Johnny Mac. Austin wouldn’t mind Julia going home and Johnny Mac really want’s to break up the trio ut more importantly, he want’s Liz out.

  2. The “puppet master” Vanessa is going to steamroll to F2……..why? No one else, except James, is willing to get “blood on their hands”. And, the rest of the HGs don’t have spines or bAlls. Why would anyone, with a lick of common sense, think a two person alliance where one person hasn’t won anything is more “dangerous” than the three headed snake? And, that three headed snake has been winning comps. (The producers also don’t have spines or bAlls, they should have evicted Vanessa. Any attorney, even a newbie, can read that Vanessa breached the contract.)

      • Or meg if she were not going. I think this us the real reason they are up and meg going. Van knows everyone would take meg to f2..if tthey were smart that is..her whole “power couple” thing was just her bs’ing some more..the real reason is van is thinking about f2 now

      • The funny thing is that everybody–except for James and JMac–now think they have alliances all over the house. Those phony alliances will disintegrate as soon as certain people become HOH.

      • She might be able to talk herself into a win if she takes Austin. I can only imagine how awful his jury speech would be. I am hoping and praying it doesn’t come to that.

      • The jury doesn’t hate her game play she would win for sure Mike is this your first season you watched?

      • I’ve watched multiple seasons, though not last year. I feel this will be a very bitter jury–and the way Van sent most people out the door won’t go over well.

  3. Just a thought but maybe Judas will appear for the vote and vote to evict Julia. Then blame the hinky vote on his sworn enemy Jmac. Still won’t evict Julia but will cause drama for Jmac.

  4. Debi Stein….please explain how Vanessa breached the contract. I can’t stand her and I am very curious.

    • Because she told Julia if this week went wrong she would give her 10 grand. And she has talked of splitting winnings also..however I forget who maybe James said they would pay megs rent for a year…it is in the contract they cannot bribe with money

      • I thought she was going to use her own money?
        Rather, than splitting it, as part of her BB stiphen ?
        So, would Vanessa ONLY have given her/them the $$ if she won BB and/or regardless, on where she finishes, I wonder ??

      • I’m not totally sure I think she spoke of both the winnings and her own money but I think both are against the rules even though after the prize money is given I don’t think there is anything they can do. But they are not going to allow deals to be made which would influence the outcome during the game. However who is to say she couldn’t whisper to someone and production not know

      • If I’m not mistaken most of the convos were if she wins. So basically buying jury votes..and I think the Julia deal was regardless if she wins I think she just said if it goes wrong she would give her 10k. IMO that right there should have gotten her tossed because if Julia did go this week she would be a jury member and that would be all kinds of wrong

      • I could just imagine Julia’s Jury Question to Vanessa ….
        “So, Vanessa, will I / we all still get the $10K+ from you whether or not we vote for you to win BB or not this season ???”

        Ha !! :)

      • Yes James did say that and on BBAD James said – kidding or not- he would sell his veto for five thousand.

    • Steph, last Thursday night Vanessa was talking with Austin, she told him that $25,000 isn’t that much money and she was thinking they could work out a deal to comp the twins that much to each of them if one agreed to drop out at F4 for her. That was on Thursday, 8/27. Then on Sunday, 8/30, Vanessa told Austin and Liz that she’s confident in using Julia as a pawn but should something go wrong she’ll pay her $10,000 out of her own pocket. Later that day she made the same offer/promise to Julia. It was AFTER she made the direct pay-off BRIBE to Julia that she was called to the DR. According to the contract they all sign, available to read on-line, section 43 was blatantly violated by Vanessa, twice………she should have been kicked out!!! The clause does say they have “the right” to remove the HG, which they should have done IF they had backbone and enforced the contract. And, Austin was obligated to report the pay-off scheme to the producers when Vanessa discussed it with him. So, BOTH of them violated the contracts.

  5. I’m not giving up hope, though the chance is slim but if Vanessa was going to BD Julia wouldn’t she try to look like 100% targeting Meg??? Then in her twisted paranoid disorder way at the last minute make a James deal (what the hell’s the diff if he goes back on it later) & set her junk-yard dogs (JMac & Steve) to vote out Julia, done behind Austwins back. “It was out of my hands”. Yeah, I know wishful thinking.

    • Vanessa will not vote to evict Julia, it would be a $10,000 vote. In order to get Julia evicted, without Van paying her, she would need to manipulate the other HGs to do her dirty work, again!!!

  6. I think if steve or JM win the DE hoh they will nominate Austin and Liz putting up Julia as a replacement

  7. Maybe they could still salvage this week if they are intelligent about it. If I am James, I would try to convince Austin to vote against Julia to make it look like either Jmac or Steve flipped at the last second. Kind of like he did earlier in the season to stir up some trouble in the house. Then secretly bringing Jmac and Steve in the background and get them to agree to keep Meg. Austin would think that they still had the vote 3-2 and could use this to attack either Jmac or Steve next week. This would evict Julia 4-1 and knowing that Austin turned on her sister, it would then drive a spike in between Liz and Austin. An extreme longshot….but what’s the fun of big brother without trying to replicate a Dan Gheeslingesque move.

  8. Have to admit that it has been an interesting couple of weeks in the BB House …
    First, last week, Austin protected the Goblins and targeted Steve/John as HOH ..
    And, this week, Vanessa protects Steve/John and targets the Goblins ..
    Go Figure …
    If Vanessa is trying to appear to distance herself, as playing alone, this week, with no real allies in the House, to appease John/Steve and/or indirectly James/Meg by putting up Julia as a Re-Nom ?? It might have worked better if she did not so quickly “null” the option of actually allowing the House to evict Julia ….
    On another note, if Austin dares throw a hinky vote towards Julia, for whatever reason on Thursday … He can pretty well k*ss goodbye to Liz in any possible shot of an actual long term relationship with her outside of the House … Ha !!!

    • Hopefully JMac, Steve, and James vote out Julia and Austin thinking everyone is voting out Meg throws in a hinky vote to blame on Steve or JMac. That will really get the Liz fireworks going.

    • I’d love to see that happen but, don’t forget, she pledged to pay Julia $10,000 if something went wrong and Julia was voted out. So, that vote would cost Vanessa $10,000.

      • For her to guarantee Julia safety was stupid as well..but Van was in a tough spot since Julia wouldn’t volunteer to go up on the block. This was the only card left for Van to play, which is against BB rules!

      • Didn’t I read where Vanessa was called into DR right after she made that offer to Julia, and when she came out, she had to renege?

      • KSJB, Yes, she was called to the DR, that is when they should have shown her out….but I did not see or read where she reneged on any offer. Since the producers did not care enough about the integrity of their production, they sure won’t care if there is a pay-off. I’d love for the other HGs to learn of the “bribe” then maybe they would really target Julia this week and Vanessa next week.

      • Exactly! Production seems to have tossed the rule book this year. IF one imagines that Vanessa has a secret deal with the Austwits to split the 500k if they help her win then pretty much every single move made in the game from week one now makes sense.

        If they can throw comps so readily and easily then why is it a stretch to think that they wouldn’t be willing to throw the whole game for a 100% chance at 150k rather than a very slim chance at 50k or 500k? And I would imagine that the three “losers” can also split the 50k 2nd place money three ways (16,666.66 each, coincidence? ;) in exchange for letting Vanessa win.

      • Exactly why the show has lost credibility. They are idiots to have let Vanessa’s “offer” slide.

      • Sun. 1:47 PM BBT a post on Jokers is where I read that. At least, I think that is what the post means.

      • I agree. This “bribe” and the failure of the show to oust Vanessa for such a flagrant violation of the rules is the main reason I have such a sour taste in my mouth this season. I only watch now for the slim hope of seeing James or Johnny Mac win. Even Steve.

      • Vanessa has millions. Paying $10k is nothing to her. Hoping Jmac, James and Steve vote their best strategic vote: keep Meg, vote out Julia…. And hope Liz follows thru on her threat to self evict if Julia is voted out !

      • Getting rid of Julia is good for everyone’s game: Liz has her vote and can persuade other jurors to vote for Liz. If the twins are part of F3, the other will be voted out if possible. This leaves James/Meg, Jmac/Steve, Vanessa/Austin, Austin/Liz to a little more evenly battle for THE WIN. Vanessa’s contract denies her using cash bribes for votes. If she wins this season, I believe the runner up will get the money as she will have to admit her breach of contract and Producers cannot allow her bribes to allow her to end up with the BIG WIN. So it’s Austin/Liz, Johnny Mac/Steve, and Meg/Jes that should be the Final Six: the game would be fair going forward….

      • Isn’t that illegal? I KNOW it’s against BB rules and after they “spanked” her, she said she was just illustrating that Julie was safe. But frankly, with as much money as Vanessa has outside of the show, 10,000 is just a drop in the bucket for her anyway.

  9. Never in a billion years did I expect Scary V, Pig Pen (Austin) or the Terrible Two(s) to have gotten this far in the game. JMac–yes. Steve–most definitely. James and his kitty cat hat—yes. My darling Meg—well, no, but I do love her and was hoping she’d still be around. But NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever did I think V, PP,and the TT’s would be in the house at this point.

  10. Just thinking out loud here. Should James win the first HOH and puts up let’s say Vanessa and Liz. James then wins the VETO and noms stays the same, who do you think would go out the door?

      • Vanessa seems to be the logical choice here but breaking up the trio would prove to be the game winning move. Should James go to the end with Vanessa, he will not get Julia, Austin, Liz or Shelli’s vote. He would get Johnny Mac, Steve, Becky, Jackie and Meg’s votes. Now there is a good chance he could get Julia and Austins votes as well because he would have done what the rest was afraid to do and that was make big moves. That is just my opinion and I realize some will not agree with me and that is OK, those people have their favorite player’s too and they want them to win as much as I want James to win.

    • Liz.

      Votes to keep Liz – Austin, Julia
      Votes to keep Vanessa – JMac, Steve

      Tie breaker – James – votes out Liz (he got Austin’s blessing last night)

      I think you will see conversations with James and Vanessa / James and JMac over the next two days about who to target. Everyone in the house (with the exception of Austin and Julia) will be targeting Liz.

      Liz needs to win HOH or veto or she’s in trouble. I have a suspicion that Austin may not be at his competition best on Thursday night. Julia to this point in the game has proved to be useless in competitions (of course that could just mean she’s due!).

      • Johnny Mac is only playing nice with Vanessa right now, he would love to see Vanessa go and he would love to be part of the ones to break up a power trio. This would of course send Vanessa into a spiral of onslaught berating we haven’t seen yet. That is why she needs to go out in the DE before the second HOH comp. Other than that I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment wtpvideo.

  11. When the twins were found out & they knew the other couldn’t join until 5 evictions, they should’ve never let Julia come on board. They should’ve gotten Liz out… Then they should’ve gotten Vanessa out… They’ve played this all wrong.. Shellie & Clay were so adamant about “helping” the twins.. Where are they now.??. It’s predictable.. The three remaining will more than likely be King Austin, Queen Liz & Princess Julia… & the Court Jester, Vanessa out in the moat…lol

    • It is ridiculous that the rationale was “and then we’ll have one more in our alliance” as opposed to “and then we’ll have one more we’ll have to get out of our way.” And yet it seems to be working great for Austin. Darn it.

  12. Liz parents most likely are being treated for shock caused by their daughter taking up with someone who looks like he was thrown off a castle wall on the 1st season of Games of Thrones,what can she be thinking?..this guy is a failed wrestler with no prospects except maybe working as a bouncer in a strip club and Liz doesn’t strike me as the person who would work at Burger King or be happy living at Motel 6 but that is the future awaits her after BB if she pursues this insanity. If Julia had any guts she would beat her sister around the head with a frying fan until she came to her senses.

  13. What is wrong with these people, they are not looking at the BIG picture. Meg is no threat at all. She’s done nothing since being in the house. Why waste your hoh on getting her out. DUMB!. It should have been liz. This is so frustrating to watch!!!!.

  14. If Meg leaves, I hope Austin, Liz, or Julia wins HOH and take out John or Steve for not making a move when they had the opportunity.

    • On Thursday, I hope Julia is evicted. I hope Jmac wins HOH and nominates Liz and Austin. I hope James wins POV. And good bye Liz …. Nasty those twins are ….

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