Big Brother 17: Blow-Up Backfires On Vanessa

Did Vanessa Rousso sink her ship deeper yesterday on the Big Brother 17 Feeds when she launched a new scheme only to have her bluff called and lies exposed in a major house blow-up?

Clay Honeycutt gets in James Huling's face on Big Brother 17
Clay Honeycutt gets in James Huling’s face on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

It was easily the most exciting Thursday afternoon that came about most unexpectedly, but then again we’ve come to expect Vanessa making something out of nothing for little apparent gain.

Flashback to 2:16PM BBT 8/6 as Vanessa and Clay whisper to each other a few last minute trade offs of knowledge. Clay warns Vanessa that John thinks she’s coming after him but he wants them to work together after he’s gone. From Clay’s perspective, he likes John and thinks they’d make a good team. Days earlier we heard Vanessa painting a target on John saying she would not work with John after Steve repeated the same suggestion from Clay.

Okay, that’s the background setup. The real fun starts at 2:19 when Vanessa pulls James in to the Lounge and opens with a real zinger. “Do you have something against me personally?” Vanessa asks James. Remember that Vanessa’s frequent tactic is to play the victim just as she does here as well. James denies having any personal problems with her but that doesn’t stop her.

Feeds return and so does Vanessa who says she’s been told that John was warned by James that Vanessa was coming after JMac. James swears on his daughter that he did not say that. He suggests they go get John right now and clarify and moves for the door. Oops, Vanessa. She sputters and you can tell she did not anticipate this reaction. Vanessa back pedals quickly suggesting that they not go get John after all. Too late. She says Clay told her this information and that doesn’t make James too happy.

James leaves the Lounge and heads for the bedroom while Vanessa beelines for the far opposite side of the house. Flashback to 2:23PM BBT. Finding Clay, James tells him he doesn’t know how much time he has left in the house, but to “keep my name out of your mouth.” This earns a “shut up” from Clay to James who volleys the same back.

As the guys continue to argue Clay climbs out of bed and tells James he “better walk the f**k away from me, dude.” James asks “are you going to hit me or something?” “I will!” replies Clay who goes right over to James and gets in his face as close as you can without making contact. It’s tense. Feeds cut for just a moment as Big Brother may have thought Clay was actually going to do it.

Vanessa returns from the next room where she was asking John about what Clay had told her. Now it’s her turn to go on the offensive. She’s accusing Clay of lying to her while he insists he’s not. Vanessa is trying to get answers out of John who is now in the room, but he’s not giving them to her. She scrambles and says she has never, ever gunned for John. Ehhh.

Shelli joins and this is where things get more interesting because Vanessa has fought to keep Shelli but is now going to try and pit her against her showmance Clay. Flashback to 2:30PM BBT. James is upset that he’s hearing that he’s bullying HGs’ votes. He asks John and Vanessa if he pressured either of them on their votes. Both deny. “Uhh, Vanessa, you told me that he did!” says Shelli. Oops.



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      • Here’s a hypothetical question for you Matt:

        Let’s say Vanessa gets shown the door before the DE. I think it’s safe to assume that Sixth Sense is effectively blown up at that point–Steve is on his own, and the Austwins trust Shelli as far as they can throw her. If that happens, I see the house splitting up into triples with no big overriding alliance anymore. Make sense, or no?

      • I see still 2 sides Austwins vs. J/J/M/B. Steve & JMac still floating. Shelli scrambling to get in good with someone. But, it really depends on who goes on Thursday. 2 Hgs will be gone and we’ll be down to 9. Assuming that both the Austwins & J/J/M/B are in tact, those are the solid alliances.

      • I wonder though, if Shelli will get back in good enough graces with the twins and try to pull Becky in for a F4 alliance? No?

      • Becky said that she is choosing J/J/M as her side and I believe her. She seems to be proving it this week. We’ll know for sure after DE.

      • If B sends V home (or Shelli), Jmac should write a song for her called “Becky ROCKS and so do I!” (no royalties necessary) Ha ha

      • Really? 2 HOHs and 1 BoB never happened? Julia was second in this most recent HOH. Austin, Liz, and Julia aren’t challenge beasts but they’re not useless in challenges. Meg & Steve are the only two people that are useless in challenges still in this game.

      • I still am not convinced that Becky will hold up with J/J/M….although she would be an idiot not to, but I just don’t trust her at all!!!

      • I’ve got about an 80% trust in her sticking with J/J/M. It’s only that high, because she told JMac in confidence, before the vote, that she is tired of being a rat and has decided to choose a side, J/J/M. Since that conversation, she has been loyal to J/J/M. Yes, she told Shelli that Van was the target, but she didn’t betray a discussion with J/J/M while doing it.

      • Ok my interpretation was:
        It’s not clear whether Vampire Dentist mentioned to Clay that Vanessa was gunning for him or he mentioned to Clay that he said that to James
        Clay did mention that (Vanessa was gunning after Vampire Dentist) to Vanessa and said that Vampire Dentist heard it from James (so Clay kinda put the blame on James, hence he lied).
        That’s why Vanessa being Vanessa confronted James.
        If Clay didn’t lie about James, when Vanessa confronted him, he would deny it and call out Van, but he didn’t.
        In the talk after the fight between Vanessa, Clay and Vampire Dentist (after Van called them gay lovers (d’oh!)) … Clay did give Van the reason that she’s dying to hear, why Clay lied! Clay said that he lied because he felt the house would keep him over Shelli, so he felt he needed to do something, hence he lied about James to get reaction.

  1. James would have beaten that wimp boy Clay hands down! James has been in the military and a prison guard he’s not afraid of some “pretty” prep boy who has the cameras and his Mom Shelli to back him up.

    I have no doubt Clay is like that in real life: spoiled, entitled, a bully, weak and a smack talker. So glad he was evicted!

    Now they need to send Vanevil out the door and to jury!

    • Both were at fault. First James called Clay a coward then James baited Clay by saying you wanted to hit me or something? After the feeds were on again, the first thing we heard was James saying sorry to Clay, but it wasn’t mentioned what he’s sorry for.
      So not to defend Clay, but it’s not really fair to judge him on something that happened on the heat of the moment and it’s not entirely his fault as well.

      • I’m hiding Clay by his entire time in the house and not just this one incident. He has a tendency to start arguments with people I.e. Davonte and Audrey. It can’t be that everyone else is wrong and Clay is always right.

        And James wasn’t in the wrong. He was tired of Clay trash talking him behind his back (don’t forget he said that James was a f*** after he was nominated)

        And after James called Clay a coward and Clay cursed at him James walked away and Clay (being the punk that he is) got and got in James face and space and pointed his finger in his face.

        Maybe James said sorry to Clay because he’s a bigger person than Clay is and maybe he realized he was dealing with a crazy person.

      • I also get the feeling it was all staged so that James would have no doubt that Clay really did want to be evicted.

      • That’s my opinion too. I think that while the ultimate result was to confirm that Shelli stayed, Van went a tad too far in the midst of her paranoid maniac planning and put some unwanted attention on herself.
        But overall, I believe this was really part of “the plan” Vanessa concocted to ensure that Clay walked out the door.

      • I get the impression that Clay tends to use his size as intimidation as a tool to be respected. It happened here and with D. James is 5’3 yet Clay felt the need to walk over into James’s bubble and hint of being physical. I get it he been into sports, but how many 5’3 people did he ever see on the field? It would appear that Clay was unable to diffuse such a confrontation by use of his own intelligence.
        I have a feeling it was the Rock talking to Clay in such fashion, he wouldn’t have even moved.

      • and he called James a POS, too, in front of everyone. James knew the situation, gauged it, anticipated it, and let it go. Just words to him.

      • Ok see it however you want to see it. There are always two sides to the story. I am not defending Clay but I don’t think he deserves all these hatred, that’s all.

      • Well, might have been heat of the moment and not all his fault. But. Clay has shown us more than once in the house that he can get riled up hard and quick. If he would just argue back, fine. That’s on both of them. But getting in someone’s face, toe to toe, is an aggressive posture; that wasn’t really cool. Yeah, you’re heated and yes, he’s young. But how you handle yourself is on you. We are all judged by how we handle tough times. Don’t take the bait and don’t lose control. I’ve done it myself and regretted it. He’s young and he’ll learn in time. :)

      • He’s young as you said. Myself is much older than him, but I still lose control at times, so what that said about me?
        We’re all humans, just because he lived in a fishbowl so all his faults were exploited, I get it, but he’s not necessarily a bad guy or whatever bad things people think of him.
        He would regret of many things he had done in the house I’m sure of it.

    • Ha-ha I was honestly afraid for Clay, having known that James fought in the military made me even more afraid! Lol he might be short and small but I sure bet he could pack a mean punch/beat down! ^__^

  2. Clay is using Shelli. He himself said “Love” is a big word. He left because he did not want America to see how dumb he really is. It was Shelli making all the moves not him. Now that he is gone, it is time for Shelli to go. She “acts” so self-righteous but is no different than anyone else in the house. I am REALLY disappointed in John being such a kiss a** to Clay. Is he that insecure in life to be used as a puppet?

    • I think John is leading everyone on, including us (America). Its brilliant, why would anyone go after John? I think hes a lot smarter than everyone thinks.

    • I didn’t expect John to really “have feelings” for Clelli. But being stuck in that house for several weeks has taken a toll on him and given him a bit of SS (Stockholm Syndrome). IDK. Or maybe he’s just weary in general. Who knows?
      Jmac, I can’t quit you yet! #holdingouthope for #jmac

  3. Vanessa is telling Julia that Becky was a bi^ch to her and the conversation was hostile when she went to speak to Becky after she won HOH comp. Of course, Vanessa is playing the dramatic victim card. That card has to be worn out by now.

    • OK, nothing whatsoever to do with the game…but do you realize that you were referring to cards when talking about a poker player? If you did that on purpose, K, you are a freaking genius!

      • Haha…hope your appt with the Doc went well. I know you haven’t felt the best lately. You sure can’t tell it with your fast witty responses, though. I love it!

      • Thanks K..that means so much to me. I enjoy you so much (just don’t hate me because Cyril likes me better)! Not great news from the doc…but not the worst either. Meh. Whaddya gonna do? I AM going to go take a nap now, though. See you later, K!!

      • Karen! I hope you find this. I got the best news today, EVER! I am in Heaven! Are you ready? Oh, you’re gonna LOVE this. OK. Ready? I can’t wait for you to find out. OK. Ready? Frankie Grande has his own show on the Oxygen Network!!!!! I kid you NOT! Did you know about this? I saw a commercial today and thought I’d DIE! What a freaking trip. I’m so excited!!!

      • Sharona, that was cruel. Here I thought you were going to give me some fantastic results from your Dr. appt. and then you stab me in the gut. LOL and loved the suspense. I’m not even sure if I have Oxygen Network. Thank you for telling me because I for sure will check. If I do have it, I will remove it from my auto channel guide to make sure that I don’t have any accidental sightings of Freakie Frankie that could ruin a good day.

      • Sorry, gal! Had an awful time at the hospital yesterday and I thought telling you that news would be hysterically funny! Well, it was to me. ;) Didn’t get home until 11:00 or so. Pancreatitis and another nasty thing going on. No wonder I haven’t been myself. Complications from the RA. Not complaining. But, OMG, did I LAUGH thinking how I was going to tell you about Frankie!!! Staying in bed today and probably tomorrow. Might not see you til next week. Watch that show!

      • Silly, nothing to be sorry about. I was being sarcastic with my comment, and was not upset in the least. It WAS funny!!! But I will NOT watch that show, Miss Sharona! LOL

        I look forward to seeing you post when you feel better, and I hope it is very soon.

    • And James bullied her. I’m glad James called her out on that BS (and Shelli did, too, sounds like by saying, hey – yes, you did tell me that). Ha! I know there are “numbers” to consider but Shelli has to think for herself whether or not, and at what point, V is a liability for HER game.

  4. Wow! Vanessa says “Seriously. You’re either gay lovers or you’re f**king related. That’s the only thing that makes any damn sense.” No! Vanessa is nuts!

    Proud of James for standing his ground…. whhoooooo Clay, James is scared. Guess you didn’t hear, he spent/worked at a prison for 3 years with bigger guys…. not scared!

    • I can’t imagine Clay working in a prison and being yelled at by huge guys all the time. Young man. Has to learn some humility, I guess.

    • V trying to push the right buttons. If it wasn’t a game, it’d be offensive. But you know her M.O. Chunking lit matches into gasoline.

  5. Ugh, Clay. Glad he’s gone. It strikes me funny that Clay thought he could intimidate James.

  6. Great summation, Matt!!! I was wondering if we were going to get any details on this very talked about event and I enjoyed your humorous take on it. I have to say (knowing that BB would never let it happen) but James would have torn Clay a new one.

  7. Yesterday the feeds were intense, I’m just really glad Clay is gone. he made it easy to ignore them, now all that is left is Shelli and I’ll like this season again, Vanessa is paranoid but she is amusing to watch. I feel sorry for anybody who has to deal with her on a daily basis. now come on Becky, make a smart move girl, stop being a tinder punchline.

  8. My theory is this…….Vanessa was using what Clay told her to set up John for eviction next week. Remember, not once had Clay mentioned James out of his mouth. She took the information to James and skewed it, and implicated James. What made it worse…. She came at James on the offensive and expected him to just sit down and take it!!! She was hedging her bets that he would keep it between them. Poor, poor Vanessa….haven’t you yet learned that James is a wild card and can’t be controlled? Especially by you???. It blew up in her face!!!. I also believe the 9-0 votes, and Shelli dressed for the competition pre-eviction was Diary Room’s doing. Clay must have put his hands on James or something else he shouldn’t have done and he just had to go. So instead of kicking him off the show and have no eviction, they told everyone to evict him. That’s what I’m thinking….I maybe wrong.

    • His eviction would make sense if he indeed lay hands on him. Still it would have been funnier to see him leave with a black eye as well.

      • I doubt he laid anything on James. I think he got in his face, yelling and production got on the microphone to break it up and they cut the feed just in case.

    • If he laid hands on him – They should announce that. That is too far and he should be outed for it.
      I think/hope CBS/Julie would have announced that, if nothing else. Not show it/air it. But just announce no eviction. They had all that Hitman stuff to show anyway. And they could have quizzed HGs about thoughts on going to Jury if not winning now….What’s been the toughest/whatever to fill the time it takes for 9 votes.

    • They immediately removed Willie Hantz for doing a headbutt. Violence against another HG is grounds for immediate dismissal.

      • Maybe the finger pointing and going up into James’ face for intimidation leads to 9-0 eviction. But I believe something did happen and Production is the cause of the no votes for Shelli…and Shelli was already prepared for HOH competition.

  9. Thanks for the post. I was confused about what had happened. It all seems so pointless. I am still not even completely sure what her goal was here. Its such a risky strategy to say so much and think the person will keep it to themselves. In this case, the risk was totally not necessary.

  10. Even more proof that Vanessa has overplayed her hand. I have been saying it for awhile now and stand by it. Her time in the house is almost up. Her game is becoming as annoying as Jace’s was in week one.

    • I so hope you are right. I was never much of a fan of Vanessa, but that fight was frickin’ ridiculous. She came off looking completely unstable.

  11. When Clay threatened James and got in his face Clay was committing assault. This should be grounds for eviction in BB.

    assault is carried out by a threat of
    bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm.
    It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either
    criminal and/or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and tort law.

    • He didn’t try to carry out the threat. Plus when James said, “what are you going to do it, hit me?” Clay’s response was “maybe I will.” Then he got in his face to try to intimidate James, which failed.

  12. I really need to catch up on all the feeds that are being shared + comments! LOL
    I am so behind! So, I was a little confused about the argument!! was Vanessa wrong? Lying? Or is she just talking too much?
    Vanessa isn’t really good player, but she is way to emotional! And paranoid! It’s very different behavior from herVanessa that I know! I still think she should stay! And I still think she’s a good player! She went with her alliance anddid not put up Austin! that was not her decision, she simply supported it if that’s what “The Sixth Sense” Alliance wanted!I think it was a good move initially but only if someone in her alliance got HOH, because now she’s screwed:-( I really hope she is not back toward! I hope she gets picked for the veto and wins it!
    she just needs to chill out! It’s not like she needs the money! I’m sure she has the most money out of anyone in the house, I could be wrong!

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