Big Brother 16 Week 6 – Power of Veto Could Open Another Backdoor – Update: Players Picked

The Power of Veto has been used every week on Big Brother 16 and that’s rather uncommon. Most seasons we see it dropped in to the block and the lid slammed shut without the opportunity for drama to follow. That has not been a problem this season and I love it. Now we’re looking at another potential run at some PoV fun.

Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The Veto competition will be held later today and we already know who the first three players will be. Before too long the HGs will get their wake-up call and three more players will be added to the mix, but will any of them really want the responsibility that comes with the win?

Nicole is the surviving HoH so she’ll play along with her nominees Zach and Jocasta. Zach feels safe on the block, but he really should not. We’ll have wait and see if he gets the fire under his feet to compete today or not. Maybe DR will give him a nudge in that direction.

Last night on the Live Feeds, Flashback to 9:50PM BBT 8/1 Cams 3/4 (Free Trial), Derrick, Cody, and Nicole ran through some alternatives to Zach’s eviction. Most notably, Frankie getting backdoor’d this week.

Nicole says she’s interested in the idea of sending Frankie out the door and everyone there agrees with it too. Her concern though is that it’d need to be Jocasta coming down off the block so they could have Zach and Frankie on the block together. For one, they worry Zach would campaign to save Frankie, and another concern for Nicole is that if Zach comes down and Frankie survives eviction then she’s got two capable enemies coming after her.

Their dream scenario for the Frankie backdoor plan would be Donny being selected to play, win the Veto, and then save Jocasta. This would give Nicole the least obvious involvement in the BD Frankie plan and is a sign that these players would love to see Frankie go but don’t want to be too apparently involved in the process.

We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out today on the Live Feeds. Veto players soon with competition results later in the afternoon. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Email updates to get all the news sent to you when it’s revealed.

Update: The Veto players have been picked. Caleb, Christine, and Victoria will join Nicole, Jocasta, and Zach in the competition. Frankie will host the comp.

This line-up leaves open the chance to Backdoor Frankie if Nicole goes that route.


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  1. I would LOVE Frankie going….he’s everywhere, acting safe as can be, always in the HOH bed no matter who’s in power, and I just hate that kinda gameplay. As a Zach fan, I’m not sure what he’d do next though in the game with his boy gone. His days are numbered.

    • Team America will do just fine without Frankie and If Zach goes they can have a week together in the Jury by themselves.

      • Really ! First time this is confirmed. Coming from Julie, it must be real thing. Make sense, because of the TA twist, they need to save money on jury to pay for the TA mission.

      • They have a budget, like any other show. Look how long it took for them to go HD just because of cost.

      • Of course they have a budget. But considering the show makes probably somewhere around $200k/minute of advertising time and there’s roughly 15-20 minutes of advertising per episode, 3x/week, I hardly think $15k is a big deal to them. Just sayin.

      • I tape the talk everyday and don’t recall hearing that. Would like to know when it was. I did miss a week when out of town.

  2. I am just happy for once the power has shifted. It will be a guy leaving and she is willing to try and make a move. It is about darn time.

  3. Just as predicted from day one, this double HOH twists is all about the floaters put on the block and then the backdoor option is used.

    • If last season was the “Year of the Floaters,” this season is the “Year of the Backdoor.”

      I really hope Nakomis is watching this season.

  4. I’m hoping for Jacosta or Donny to win POV and have Zach and Frankie together on the block. That would be a dream and to see a huge power move made by Nicole would make me pull for her even more!

    • And Frankie is hosting, giving us the nightmare scenario of Zach winning the veto and Frankie preening for the camera as he celebrates with him.

  5. Caleb, Christine and Victoria picked for veto. Not who I wanted to see play. I don’t think any of them will use it except maybe Caleb would use it on Zach. Nobody will use it on Jocasta and that’s who I want to win it so Frankie and Zach can be up against each other.

      • I don’t know. Maybe Hayden and Nicole could talk her into using it on Jocasta.

      • If Zack wins, it’ll be stupid of him not to take himself off right…so that’s another chance to BD Frankie.

      • If Frankie is against JoCasta, I wouldn’t bet against him. Nicole want him out, but he has a big mouth and a few chip he could cash in.Maybe, but I wouldn’t jump on that conclusion too quickly.

      • Yep. But wouldn’t it be great to see Frankie and Zach on the block together? You know what I like…DRAMA

      • If Zach and Frankie are on the block together, It will be an interresting 3 days.

      • I think Nicole would prefer Frankie to be evicted but in the end I think either would be fine with her..

      • We know what will happen, it won’t be a bus it will be 10 loaded 18 wheelers running over Zach. LOL

  6. These are not the players I wanted to see in POV today. Would have liked to have Cody and/or Derrick in the mix. Darn…Christine won’t use it because Frankie is her ally, Caleb won’t use it, Jacosta won’t have to worry about using it, The only scenario I see for a BD w/Frankie is if Nicole wins or maybe Victoria..did I just say Victoria? Really wanted to see Donny picked!

    • Christine will probably throw it. She wants everyone else to do the dirty work.

  7. Is this the first time that 2 HGs who were tied together as a punishment were picked to play in the Veto comp? I don’t remember it happening before.

  8. I just don’t think Derrick and Cody are really on board with BD Frankie. I think they are playing Nicole.

    • That is my concern. I think Derrick and Cody struck that alliance with Nicole and Hayden only to increase their own personal protection in the game. Jocasta has to get off to get that precious vote. The nominations were less than ideal. Had it been Cody/Zach vs Derrick/Frankie outright—-they would have had 4 sure votes if those on the block do not get off! They would have had Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Hayden. Since, it is 8 votes this week, Nicole will break the tie assuming it is a tie! Would have liked Derrick and Cody to squirm a bit and not be too cozy. We will see how they vote. If Jocasta stays on the block with Zach, Jocasta could be the one going home!

  9. OMG ! Just got home and read about Derrick advocating on keeping Frankie?….I feel sick to my stomach….why? why?

    • why the hell would u want frankie to leave – if he leaves or if zach leaves
      there will be no show just bunch of floaters and derrick sitting around eating and sleeping

      christine is faker than frankie and more dangerous for nicoles game

      also derrick will slowly pick everyone off and win if frankie and zach arent there to get rid of them. frankie is the only one capable in the house of possibly evicting derrick – if not this seasons latter half will be the most predictable thing ever.

      christine needs to go

    • Derrick had been pushing for Frankie to be BD. Then he gets called to DR. Suddenly he’s against the plan and trying to change Cody’s mind.

      • I’ve seen that happened so many times in past seasons. We’ll never know what goes on in those DR sessions.

  10. Starting POV now. Christine was running her mouth to Nicole and just a little while ago Nicole was telling Hayden that she’s not stupid and Christine is a crappy friend. She was trying to turn Nicole against Hayden. Nicole said shed like to put her up. I’m so glad Christine got found out!

  11. Nicole asked Christine who she should put up as a replacement if Zach or Jocasta come off, Christine told her Cody or Derrick..I heard it myself! No lies from Nicole. Nicole catches Cody in the bathroom and tells him. Derrick thinks him and Cody are getting played by Hayden and Nicole..I don’t think so..I believe they are getting played by Frankie and Christine. Like Nicole told Cody..why didn’t Christine mention Frankie as a replacement? Feeds should be very interesting tonight! Detective Derrick may be wrong on this one!!

    • He’s very wrong. He has his own agenda. He’s good though on pulling the strings of Cody

      • Derrick for sure tries to pull Cody into his way of thinking. I would like to see a Cody/Nicole/Hayden F3.




    • I think Derrick may be doing a little double dealing himself. I don’t think he is being truthful with Cody about Nicole telling lies.

      • I don’t either. When Cody walked in the fire room and Derrick immediately started in on Nicole..I was thinking..this just doesn’t sound right..said he caught her in three lies already. I think right now Cody is getting played a little by Derrick.

      • Derrick thinks ahead of the game and he has his motive for trying to make Cody not trust Nicole.

      • Yeah its the motive of Production all from one trip to the DR. Damn man they know Derrick can kill Frankie right now but they give him a task to convince Cody to leave Frankie alone and watch how that backfires back on them especially Derrick. You would think he would be playing for his wife and kid and no one else but instead Production probably gave him an incentive that if he plays their game that he’ll be compensated outside the BB house somehow. Would you trade that for opportunity to win $500,000? Just shows you how Big Brother always has an agenda.

      • They probably figure that Derrick is someone who truly knows how the game works, since half of this bunch don’t have a clue.. and they don’t want him leaving anytime soon. I don’t like when production butts in.

      • You and me both bro, its sad really because they’re the ones that casted the HG’s and when they see things not going their way they have bring out their whips and chains to put things back to how they like it. Makes me think that after last year they wanted all that chaos to happen to see how far they can push their limit, just a thought.

      • I’m still not rooting for Derrick, but I’m impressed by the way he’s playing this game. The guy is very persuasive. He will let you talk and agree with you first, not saying much. He will let it rest for a day or two, then when he’s ready, he’ll aggressively sell you what’s the best move (that is beneficial for his game) Is he ever gonna get busted?

      • He is good at his game. He has a lot of “stuff” that will all come back around sooner or later and with him playing this latest little game with Nicole and Cody, he is taking a lot more risk but quite frankly, I’m not seeing the benefit . I’m not going to say it is production because I don’t know that, but it does seem a little out of character from the way he has been playing. Something has changed.

      • All of the sudden he is anti-Nicole..that seemed to happen in about 1.5 seconds today.

      • Actually the first time he said Nicole lied, which I didn’t think that was true but I could be wrong, was either yesterday or day before. I would have to go back and look to be certain. I was puzzled by it. Still am but now he says she lied 3 times. I’m missing something.

      • I heard him tell Cody today that one of her lies was after nomination ceremony..whatever she did or did not tell Amber and whatever Frankie said about Nicole….telling Cody and Derrick that Frankie wanted to start slitting some throats and playing dirty…basically saying that Hayden and Nicole are lying about things they heard from Christine and Frankie. Ratina and Frankie are for sure working together.

      • So is Derrick speculating or being paranoid when he is saying Nicole is lying and he really believes what he is saying or is he purposefully trying to put a little distrust for Nicole in Cody’s head?

      • Oh, and Christine, I have a edit button on my remote for her. It’s called mute and even sometimes change channel.

      • I agree with you. My opinion is it is all designed to keep Cody’s allegiance to only one alliance and that is”The Hitmen”.

  12. God, this is TORTURE!!! Why aren’t the feeds back yet??? What could they possibly be doing, the memory wall mash-up comp?

  13. I like Frankie too! He’s very entertaining but he’s another Andy and playing everyone! He’s got too many alliances! He needs to go, unfortunately.

    • Frankie is immoral. That isn’t a judgement. It is a fact and my basis of the facts is not because he is gay. It’s his character he has shown on BB. So if you like immoral people, he’s a good one.

  14. Evidently, it is a veto comp where whoever has best time wins. Guess we can forget about Jocasta or Victoria winning this one!

    • I did not want her to win..she won’t use it so Zach will probably be going home this week. I know Nicole wanted it so she could put Frankie and Zach on the block together. Why is it always the person you don’t want to win usually does?

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