Big Brother 16 Week 5 – Backdoor Options Ahead Of Veto Comp – Update: Veto Players Picked

Christine Brecht surprised on Big Brother
Christine Brecht surprised on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Heading in to this week’s Power of Veto on Big Brother 16 the Houseguests have an interesting opportunity ahead of them as they contemplate some bigger targets.

We have our pair of nominees and the Head of Household so far for today’s Veto comp. They’ll soon be joined by another three players as drawn from the bag of chips. Once we have our full list of players the HGs in charge will have the chance to start planning for a potential backdoor.

There have been a few names floated around for a backdoor eviction this week. Caleb and Amber are the most frequently mentioned names, but Frankie has repeatedly suggested Zach as an option.

I’m not entirely sure why Frankie likes this idea which makes me think it’s mostly for show as much of the house is annoyed with Zach’s antics. Zach completely has Frankie’s back and isn’t close to causing direct trouble for him. Plus, as long as Zach is around folks will look at him instead of HGs like Frankie and Derrick who are pulling a lot of strings.

So I think we can take Zach off the list of potential renoms. That leaves Caleb and Amber.

If Amber were knocked out of the game it’d definitely give Caleb a chance to get his head back in it. It could also leave one very pissed off “beast mode cowboy.”

Should Caleb go then Cody would have better access to controlling Amber for his game and, by extension, Derrick’s game too. It’d be a loss of a very loyal, albeit seemingly clueless player on their side of the numbers, so maybe not the best choice just yet.

Should neither Amber or Caleb be selected to play today then Frankie’s choices will remain wide open. There was discussion earlier that they hope Donny is picked to play as they think he’d again use it on Jocasta and create that Block vacancy they need to get someone up there without raising any attention. Not a bad plan.

Who do you hope wins the Power of Veto later today? I’ll keep an eye out on the players picked and the spoilers once the results are in. Keep checking back in here on the site for both!

Update: We have the PoV players for today! Christine, Donny, and Hayden were selected to play along with noms Jocasta & Victoria plus HoH Frankie. That means Caleb & Amber are vulnerable to be renoms. Of course that also leaves Zach exposed to the same danger. Amber will be the host.


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  1. I hope Amber gets picked and wins becuz the house hates her and I want to see Nicole and Ratine complain that their best friend is safe and a Caleb backdoor would be more exciting.

    • That is entertaining to watch, plus the HGS perplexed looks when she does that, is priceless.

      • I for one died when Jocasta spoke in tongues. She might just be the Renny of this season.

      • I hope the network doesn’t tell her to stop doing that, best of season so far. Maybe she can’t control speaking in toungs, cause you know she’s a preacher. Hahahahahh!

      • She was not speaking in tongues but, uttering gibberish! Useless in the game so far. Hate the alliance controlling everything but, no one from the floaters seem to be capable of winning and putting alliance members on the block as should be.

  2. I don’t really care at this point – it’s too early for speculation and, at this point, I really don’t outright hate any of the HGs.

  3. Frankie needs to go next, he says “I love you”, kisses them then stabs them in the back. Seems to me he auditions every time the cameras are on. Getting old. Then Calab should be next. Leave the floaters.

  4. Victoria needs to be released from the house in order to go to the nearest police station and report her eyebrows stolen.

      • lol… you can use the edit below your comment…so you don’t have to do typo :) trust me I use the edit feature a lot…

      • We who post as guests are unable to edit. I found that out the hard way after doing my 1st post in ALL CAPS and then finding out that was a no-no.

      • You will get the hang of it….this nice group of people to chat with. When you post in all caps means someone is shouting, that is why it is frowned upon. Matt who runs the BB network is awesome. He keeps u in the loop especially if you don’t watch the live feeds or TVGN,

      • I depend on Matt and Branden. I have live feeds and watch TVGN, but you can’t do it 24/7. They let me know what I need to go back and see.

      • Thanks, Emma, that was nice. I had no idea I was shouting! I never shout. (OMG – embarassing)I am such a poor typist that it is easier and faster for me. I really wasn’t trying to stand out in any way. I don’t have the live feeds but keep up the best I can reading the comments and watching TVGN and of course the shows. Thanks again.

      • Omg, you’re going way way back for that one lol. Too me Vicky looks old in the face for a Twenty something girl. And yes, I typed Vicky.

      • im hoping , post big brother she will) get them trimmed, Endorra thats hilarious

  5. I think the kindest thing would be to back door Caleb. This way he’s not sitting in the jury house driving production crazy. The next evicted HG won’t be trapped the the jury house with him. Amber would be very thankful. And it would give Caleb time to watch what the rest of us saw and maybe make some changes.

    • Plus it would give him the chance to go work on all those other TV shows that he has lined up.

    • The sooner he’s out of the house, off the TV, and out of the minds of everyone, including me… the better

    • I think it would be funny for Amber and Caleb to be the first two in the jury. Haha trapped together.

      • Why do you hate production so much? Remember the jury can hang with production and you know Amber would flirt with any guys at the jury house. So Caleb’s dreams of being alone with her would be dashed and he would go crazy watching her flirt with a hole new group of guys.

      • Oh really? I didn’t know they get to hang with production. Feel sorry for production in that case. But it looks like Amber won’t make it to jury.

    • I would love to see Caleb and Amber in the jury house together. Send him the first week and her the second. She would be happy that he was gone and he would be stewing that Amber and Cody were in the house together and he won’t be there to spy on them. Send her the following week and watch her stew about being alone in the jury house with Caleb. He then, in turn would be thrilled to have her all to himself. A little bit of Heaven and Hell for both of them.

  6. As entertaining as seeing someone get backdoored would be, I would rather see either Jocosta or Victoria get booted because neither of them bring anything to the game.

  7. Woot woot for Donny getting chosen for POV. I don’t want anyone flipping the script and back dooring Donny. As for Frankie, he doesn’t have the balls to make a move or does he? He is proven to be all talk and theater. Hayden will do whatever Nichole dictates, (he is not thinking with his head on his shoulders) Christine meh, she will just prove her hate for Victoria and Jocasta and be smuggy.

    • Because she feels the for my children has been played out. She can not use it to campaign because of Brittney and Devin using it to much. She is frustrated that no one will listen because she is there for her kids too.

      • Did you see her telling people that Brittany stole her sob story? She said early on she and Brittany talked about themselves, bonding with each other, I guess. Brittany talked about her house and fire pit, her BMW, etc. Jocasta told Brittany about her financial struggles….being so broke she had to take money from the kids piggy banks, living in one bedroom apartment, etc. then when Brittany campaigned to stay, she told people SHE had to use the money in her kids piggy banks, SHE lived in a one bedroom apartment, etc. I don’t think Jocasta was complaining just to complain, given who she was telling. I think JoJo getting her game on now. Thing is, Cody said yeah, Brittany wasn’t poor; she told him about her BMW 5 series and Derrick about her big house, etc. they, apparently, were nonplussed about. I think Jocasta’s point was that SHE – Jocasta – needs to stay and make money for her kids. From what I read, doesn’t sound like anyone cared.

      • It is nice to see and hear both Jocosta and Victoria campaigning for a change and being present in the game. I always thought those two were on beer runs. lol Strange this season how rare it is the HGS are making the usual deals if you keep me safe this week, I will do the same.

  8. Jocasta us pregnant.I know pregnant when I see it..she was when she entered the house.

  9. Out of compassion I would hope Caleb is evicted before Jury.
    For pure game, I’d like to see Vic and Jo leave. The sooner they’re gone, the sooner the alliance will have to cannibalize itself and fight to stay.

  10. I’m hoping Donny wins so he will be safe. Frankie mentions his name entirely too much for me. Sympathies to Derrick’s family too. I don’t understand these people, not judging them as everyone grieves differently. Me, I would have been on the first plane out. Pack only what I had to have leave the rest for the other HG. Nothing more important to me than my family.

    • Brenda, I am with you. On the other thread I was skewered for having your same thoughts. I was called “heartless.” So, be careful cause you won’t be one of the cool kids that chooses money over family. I got your back, girl.

      • I would choose my cats or fish…but I’m not cool and just don’t understand it is a game. I also pointed out that both Frankie and Derrick knew their loved ones were in peril before entering the house. Neither are naïve to life events happening.

      • It’s the choice they made, so game on. I don’t really want to see them go home because of the funeral. What I want to see is both of them sitting on the orange chair and get evicted.

      • Me too. I want them both to know what it is like on the block….that is the game. Both evicted would be nice. Frankie is just a back stabbing theater character…Derrick the have not…proves he a sloth.

      • I understand your dislike for Frankie but I don’t get why you have a dislike towards someone who’s playing the game like their supposed to? Derrick is the only one playing the game like its supposed to be played, either love it or hate it but have a justified reason for it other then you not liking the fact that he’s controlling the game like your supposed, you sound like he stole your lunch money or something? lol Just my opinion…

      • lol. lunch money, cute. I do not have as much issue with Derricks game play, I just want him on the block, and really see him work. I am annoyed at throwing the HOH to Frankie, who in fact had a letter and TVGN to himself to talk to his family, and been HOH 2x’s. I do not find that exciting and riveting game play or move for Derrick.
        Anyway, I think the see the towns people with their pitch forks and torches ready to skewer me.

      • Not “exciting or riveting”—it is called compassion. I know, his own self interest etc.

      • Donny winning the veto and giving it Jocasta because she was sick and could not play in the veto. That is true compassion, because they are just friends and not in an alliance together. Unlike Derrick and Frankie is alliance not friends based. Plus, BB is not a game of compassion, talking smack and getting houseguest voted out is far from it. Do you not hear the conversation to back door Zack? Frankie has been pitching that…and if king pin Derrick says pull trigger then they just cannibalized.

      • Being friends and in an alliance are not mutually exclusive. How do you know if they are friends or not? So what I am getting from your comment is that Donny’s kindness is good but Derrick’s is bad game play—if there is no room for compassion in BB then it should apply in both cases. I think that you just don’t like Derrick.

      • I did not say I do not like Derrick.? Anyway, I agree too disagree. it is mode point.
        How do you like your armadillo cooked rare, medium rare, or well done? I am tired of being roasted, next subject please.

      • Sorry if I offended you—-I was just trying to understand your point of view. I have never had armadillo—-any recommendations?

      • Thank you for the I’m sorry. I am as well, if I offended you too. I seemed to have touched a nerve.
        No worries, I was just trying to change the subject. No, I have never eaten an armadillo, but people do.

      • I think Derrick is a nice guy but I don’t like his game play. He is turning into a dictator and the minute word gets out that someone doesn’t trust him that’s who has to go. Cody was all set to put Caleb up but Derrick guilt tripped him and he put Donny up and it really bothered him. But Cody is a team player and did it for his alliance. Derrick is not for his alliance he’s for himself.

      • I do agree :) and Frankie was in on it too. Cody made me so mad shaking Donny’s hand and bam he is on the block. what disrespect. I still like Donny’s comment about “bless his heart” about Cody. Derrick is all paranoid about Donny, he knows and has commented that he does not like Donny saying there is a them and others.

      • Thank you Lavendargial, very well said. I wished Cody would have followed his heart and put Caleb up back then. Then and only then that would have shown the other side of Derrick to several people because “Cody didn’t do what Derrick said, or suggested”. Derrick is looking out for Derrick, not the alliance. I personally think Derrick does not care who goes to the final 2, as long as he’s one of the final 2.

      • The only reason Derrick gave HOH to Frankie is because. He knew he was safe,he was on National tv equals Americas player. He is not fooling me

      • I would love having Derrick and Frankie sitting next to each other. Watch how they scramble and fight for votes. That would make exciting feeds. I want more drama!

      • How dare you say that, you will be accused of no compassion. lol Me I have shots fired at me if I say that… the natives are restless with pitch forks and torches ready to roast and skewer this armadillo.

      • I saw some of those comments. That’s ok Emma lots of people here have your back. ☺️

  11. I don’t hate anyone on this show, but I am tired of the same people controlling the game and determining who stays and goes home. What is the point of these alliances if three or four people control everyone’s destiny?

    I don’t think Jocasta or Victoria deserve to win yet but they seriously need to start making strategic moves to keep themselves from getting on the block every week. I mean seriously. Or form a separate alliance. Or do something.

    Someone just needs to make moves and stop this fake posturing over non threats like Brittany and Paola.

  12. Amber’s eviction benefits the most people. I’m expecting her to get backdoored in another straightforward week.

  13. POV been going on for over an hour now. I hope either Donny wins and uses it or Victoria wins. I think if Hayden or Christine win they won’t use it. But maybe they’ll throw it because they know they’re safe and that way the back door plan can still happen and they won’t get blood on their hands.

  14. I would think that the producers and CBS would do anything to keep Zach and Frankie as long as they can. Maybe even being the final two (i hope anyway). Surely they know what a gold mine they have with these two. And they also might lose alot of viewers if they split them up.

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