‘Big Brother 16’ Backdoor Plans Solidify In Week 5

With the Power of Veto competition out of the way the final pieces of a Backdoor plan are coming together this week on Big Brother 16. Overnight Zach worked with Frankie to execute the setup and things went as well as they could have possibly hoped.

Zach talks with Amber on Big Brother 16
Zach talks with Amber on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Big Brother Houseguests love to make plans while they wait for the Veto to happen, but now with the results known things can really come together. Here’s what they’re up to now.

As soon as the Feeds returned yesterday we found Hayden celebrating his PoV win with Frankie and plotting their next move. Frankie is all about getting Amber out of the house and Hayden has no issue with creating an opening there on the block for Frankie to make that happen.

They know they’ve got a potential roadblock though with Caleb who obviously has his heart set on keeping Amber around especially at least until Jury. So to get around this obstacle they need to get Caleb on board. If they can’t, Frankie says his alternative is to put up Caleb and send him home.

Frankie’s initial plan was to wait until Sunday to get HGs up to his HoH room for individual discussions but why wait?

Flashback to 9:40 PM BBT last night Cams 3/4. Derrick has been talking with Caleb and getting him to think about all the issues going on between Caleb and Amber. Caleb says they need to “backdoor her” but what he really means is to make her think she could get evicted. He wants Jocasta to come down and Amber to go up against Victoria “and scare the living daylights out of her.”

From right there Caleb suggests he’d be okay with Amber going up on the block, but he doesn’t say he wants her to go. So they’re close to their goal and close enough to let it happen without resistance from Caleb, but they’ll need him fully on board to make sure he doesn’t flip out on Thursday night.

Caleb continues to talk with Derrick and says he needs to do what’s best for his game. He says that sending her home isn’t good for his game, but scaring her is. Caleb says he could give her a speech that they’ll keep her, but he’s doing it to scare her and for her to remember “I am Beast Mode Cowboy” and he put her on the block and he can take her off. Actually Caleb can do neither as he has no power, but his misconception of the power he actually wields in the game is a persistent theme.

Jump over to 10:40PM BBT Cams 1/2 for Caleb’s talk with Frankie. “I think it’s a good opportunity to scare Amber back to her place, because I think she’s forgetting it.” Caleb says they’ll just need to convince Hayden to use the Veto. Frankie says he thinks he will. (Frankie already has this planned with Hayden.)

Frankie says it’s extremely important that no one talk to Amber about this. Caleb swears it will be a surprise and it will shock “the world.” He thinks everyone will say, “I can’t believe the romantic cowboy puts the girl up.”

Zach and Amber have a very long talk later on in the Hive which eventually works its way to Caleb around 1:40AM BBT Cams 3/4. Zach tells Amber that Caleb wants her to basically get down on her knee and beg forgiveness for whatever has upset him. She’s not going to do that and Zach suggests she just wait it out.

By telling her to avoid Caleb for now this will help their plans to drive a wedge between her and Caleb. Caleb’s issue is that she hasn’t yet come to him so extending that silence will only help their mission to garner his support for her eviction.

Zach takes that conversation back to Caleb. They’re out playing pool at 3:05AM BBT Cams 3/4. Zach is blowing a lot of smoke at Caleb with what she said and he knows what buttons to push with Caleb. It seems to have worked too.

Caleb mentions her going up in the hot seat. Zach says “make her sweat a little.” Caleb responds, “send her home. Pfft. Won’t bother me.” And there we go. Full circle on the plan.

Zach and Frankie celebrate their very successful night of Caleb manipulation at 3:28AM BBT Cams 3/4. Frankie asks “how is that possible?? How did this happen?” Zach: “I created this! I made this happen myself!.”

The Veto Ceremony is coming up mid-day on Monday. Watch for Hayden to use the Veto on Victoria and Amber to go up as the renom. Whether or not Caleb gets cold feet on Amber’s eviction will be inconsequential. The plan is in motion and if it gets to the point that she’s on the block then it’s likely too late for Caleb to do anything to stop it.

What do you think of all this craziness? Should the guys have gone for Caleb this week or was Amber the right move?


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