‘Big Brother 16’ Houseguest Caleb Reynolds Pitches New Show Ideas

If you’re like me then you’re fretting the day when Caleb Reynolds is voted off Big Brother 16 and gone from our televisions forever. Okay, maybe I’m not that worried, but in case you are, Caleb is hard at work developing new ideas for different shows based around how incredibly awesome and desirable he is to the world.

Caleb Reynolds wants to be Must-Watch TV
Caleb Reynolds wants to be Must-Watch TV – Source: CBS

There’s no doubt that Caleb might be a good bit out there when it comes to his self-confidence but at the very least it’s kept us thoroughly entertained. Last night was a new installment of “As Caleb’s World Turns.”

Turn on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get your Free Trial now to watch.) and Flashback to 8:48PM BBT 7/25 on Cams 3/4.

With a captive audience (a roomful of HGs who have no where to escape), Caleb explained how truTV purchased rights to a show about him, his brothers, and his fathers. It was to be a hunting show “like Duck Dynasty.” The story line would have been Caleb’s family working with local game wardens to combat poaching.

It’s hard to tell if this actually happened or was how it would play out in Caleb’s mind, but here’s how he explains it. His family would set up a decoy bald eagle and then hide in the weeds in all their camo. When someone would shoot at the fake eagle they’d jump out of the weeds on their four-wheelers, throw the perps on the ground, and then call the game warden.

Sadly, just a week after truTV bought it up they dropped it “for some reason.” Then Discovery Channel bought five seasons worth and immediately dropped it. Did these networks schedule the meet & greets only after purchasing?

That’s just the appetizer to this big Caleb meal. Here’s the main course. Caleb pitched another show idea to one of the producers. He wants to do something special for the “ugly” or “overweight” women of America. These “ugly” women could enter themselves in a drawing and then he’d travel around the country and show up in a limo to take them out on a date.

So what would Caleb do for all those unfortunate ladies out there? Why whatever they want to do! He’ll take them to the zoo and hang out with them. It’s at this point that both Donny and Hayden get up and walk out of the room just leaving poor Victoria and Nicole to endure this challenge.

Again sadly, the producers weren’t interested. Caleb says he’s all about “helping people and uplifting people.” Especially the ugly & overweight women, it seems. “I wanted to be their first date and open their eyes.” Okay, so he means well, but my goodness.

While his original show ideas may have failed, Caleb doesn’t plan on fading away from television anytime soon. After Big Brother he says he’ll probably “jump on [Survivor] next” since they wanted him before Big Brother did.

Caleb also came close to trying out for The Bachelor, because as he sees it, he is “that 26 year old looking for love.” So why didn’t he do it? He didn’t think he was “stable enough.” I’m guessing he didn’t mean that like the way viewers think it. There was also the issue of a lot of paperwork and background research because ABC isn’t going to put “a loop, a crazy guy” on there. Yeah, stay out of CBS’s niche, ABC!

The HGs are saved by the bell when the backyard is opened back up and everyone in the living room clears out to escape Caleb’s story time. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where this shooting star lands next!



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  1. I can’t decide if this is hilarious or just really sad. Maybe a bit of both. I hope he doesn’t make the cut for Survivor, my other favorite show.

    • He really does swing across that spectrum. It’s funny and then I think “oh my.” Survivor might have done better for him as you really don’t get to “know” castaways in the same way. Shallow exposure might have done him well.

      • LOL not Matt how long do you really think a tribe would put up with Caleb. We know he’s not a comp beast and whines like a spoiled brat when he’s not telling everyone how incredible he was.

  2. Oh..this guy! I love the way that when he is pitching himself..he is always making sure the cameras are focused on him. Sorry to burst your wanna be celebrity bubble, Caleb..but, I think when you are done with BB..you probably are done!

  3. He should have just auditioned on Bravo TV’s “LA Shrinks” with Dr. V…….as a patient.

  4. How about a show called “A Date With Amber…?” It would be 22 minutes of Caleb asking Amber out in different ways. She of course says no. Oh wait I think I’ve seen that show. Lol

  5. I wanted to see him get backdoored this week but if he is going to produce golden moments like this I hope that doesn’t happen now.

  6. I love this guy Im sorry he is not perfect like the rest of you losers out there that make your nasty comments behind your computer

  7. How about Caleb being treated by Dr. Phil. Didn’t they do that with that crazy couple on one of the season’s of Amazing Race?

  8. Tears, tears, tears. My face is wet. Donny getting up and walking off. Please show that on CBS followed by Donny in the DR.

  9. Tears, tears, tears. My face is wet. Can barely type. Hysterically funny.
    Donny walking off. Please show that on CBS followed by Donny in the DR.

  10. Holy delusions Batman. This guy is so far off the deep end he’s on the other side of the universe.

  11. I honestly feel sorry for Caleb. Most delusional person on this planet. Nobody likes you buddy…

      • You feel threatened by strong male figures dont you And you know what you just descibed your dear leader I think But to each his own :)

  12. I hope CBS doesn’t listen to this clown! He’s a psychopath obsessed with a woman who’s not romantically interested in him! Please, Jocasta or Victoria, win the POV so Caleb can be backdoored & sent packing!

  13. im starting to question if he was even in the army or not, he had a discussion one day with derrick, devin, hayden and a couple of others, they were asking what the difference was between special forces and army rangers and his answers really made no sinceand then after talking for about a good 10 minutes on it he finally says ” ya know, i really dont know the difference myself” the guy really has some tall tales and he believes everything that is comming out of his mouth, makes for good tv though, atleast he entertaining, even though hes in his own make believe world

    • I know caleb persoally and yes he served in iraq 14 months. Yes he is a bit sure of himself but is a great kid.

      • I don’t doubt that he served, I guess I mean what he did or what his MOS was, I just thought it was weird that a 11b Mos didn’t know the difference between special forces and ranger units, maybe he just had a brain fart that day, not a big deal just found it kind of odd, Caleb seems like a loyal guy, he is entertaining to say the least, if he would not worry about amber so much he would probably have girls lined up to meet him after BB, so since you know him can you say if he really did have tv show lined up about himself trying to get poachers and turning them into the game warden or him going out on dates with obese women, he told this to donny, Hayden, Nicole and christine on the live feeds and they found it very funny

      • Yes they had a show with our local game wardens that was supposed to take off and myself and brother in law were to be poachers. Dont really know what happened, it was rockin on good for a bit and stopped.

      • thanx for the reply, it sounded crazy at first, hopefully he will stop worrying if amber likes him or not and he will get to playing the game, he will have his pick of women after BB if he doesnt come off as the stalker type, like he is doing with amber

      • Trudat. Hes really being goofey on that show. He really aint that bad in the real world. Like a love struck schoolboy.

  14. Look up the word narcissist in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Caleb!

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