Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Will the house be able to go after their backdoor options this week? Time to find out.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:


  • Hayden won the Power of Veto!

Players today were Jocasta & Victoria as the noms, Frankie as HoH, and then Christine, Donny, and Hayden as the extra players.

When Feeds returned, Jocasta was in bed getting fanned by Donny. Upstairs Hayden was talking with Frankie. Frankie says he is okay with backdooring Amber, but not Caleb. They want to bring Caleb in and convince him that Amber is against him. They expect a little pushback, but think they can overcome Caleb’s concerns with possibly wanting to keep Amber.

Hayden will use the Veto on Victoria and Amber is the planned renom, according to Frankie. Meanwhile it was pointed out to me that Cody and Derrick are not on board w/ this plan which makes sense since they can better control Amber. This should be fun to watch since neither Derrick or Cody have any actual power and will have to convince others.

Frankie’s contingency plan is if Caleb freaks out over an Amber BD then the target shifts to him and Caleb will go up and be evicted this week.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Hayden will keep the votes the same cause I don’t think he could get the votes to back door Amber.

    • You sure are giving a lot of undeserved credit to Hayden (and I guess by association, Christine). Neither of which have done zip in this game. I predict Hayden will do exactly what Derrick and company convince him to do either via Frankie or Christine. But we’ll see…anything can happen in a week.

    • Hayden is using the POV on Victoria. And Hayden just won POV so he has done something. He’s only played in two POV’s and won both. That’s more then beastmode cowboy has done. And this comment was meant for texasfan.

      • Well nothing is for sure until it actually happens. But he told Victoria he was using it on her and he also told Nicole. And he’s friends with both of them. If he was just BSing he would of told Nicole he’s really not using it. So I’m 90% sure he will save Victoria.

  2. Hayden won veto and will use it n Victoria…okay. Good choice Victoria made to choose him to play veto.

  3. I guess we’ll have to listen careful on the feed to find out what Hayden will do. I have no idea at this point.

    • He said he would use it on Victoria. Victoria also chose him to play in the veto. So, I am curious too see how the back door plan unfolds?

      • My guess if Nichole is in his ear he won’t. If he choses on his own and sticks to his word he will.

      • Right Hayden is in the HOH and saying 100% he is using the veto, but not saying on who.

      • Nope. From the conversation in the HOH room, Amber is the most likely to go up on the block.

      • Okay. that was the original plan, to put up Amber. we shall see…notice how she will be about the HOH room. Zack really does want her gone. Frankie is a flip flopper, and then there is the Derrick veritable. I think Amber on the block I am okay with. The boys are nervous she will blow up their game.
        It would be nice to see Caleb back in the game and paying. But, something tells me he may blow and say no no as she is being nominated, and beg to take her place. I could see that drama.

      • But Zach is in this conversation and Frankie said Zach was a possibility as a renom. When he goes out of the room, the convo might change.

      • Yes, that is what Frankie wants…Derrick and Cody are liking it more and more. They don’t like unpredictable Zack. So, if Amber goes back into zombie mode for the boys she may not be nominated.

      • Caleb hasn’t been in the game since he first saw Amber. Now he’s telling Cody you have to tell Amber to act like a grown Woman and talk to me. Then 5 minutes later he’s telling Zack you have to tell Amber he’s beastmode cowboy and if you don’t talk to him you’re going home. Kids in high school act older than him.

      • I agree, it is so childless. What Derrick and Cody don’t realize is for their game Amber is the better choice to go. They should remember Amber has been talking another alliance while Caleb has said stay together till jury. It’s tough being in there. Unfortunately they put Christine on the block and she saved herself, now they will see too late she’s going to bring them down.

      • Amber and Caleb both have not formed any new alliances thinking they are still good with the Bomb Squad members. Amber for one has been put on the block repeatedly so, should be thinking correctly, that she is expendable! It amazes me that none of the floaters and I would include Amber and Caleb in the group still have not figured out who is in control of the game. Those guys are the biggest threats and nobody still has any clue? Why are they still not forming alliances to save themselves?

      • She’s in bed?!!! Hey guess what?.. I converted her “speaking in tongue” to MP3 and made it into a ringtone. hahaha….isn’t that cool !

      • YES !!!.. I want her to do it again….I ‘ll sell 99cents per download..LOL (just kidding) no just for myself

      • Haha. You crack me up. Now every time your phone rings you can think of lovely Jocasta.

      • It’s really easy to make ringtones, but her’s is hillarious OMG ! and the pause/breathing’s funny..i’m crazy right? lol

      • Caleb acts as though Amber should bow down and kiss his feet. He really annoys me. I believe he will be surprised when he gets back in the real world and sees what most of us thought about him. He really thinks he is going to be a major star after this. Poor guy is delusional!

      • I was thinking the same thing last night when I was watching him on the feeds talking about himself again. I thought wow wait until you get out of the house. You’re really going to get a slap in the face.

      • Hayden is not going to use the POV, He wants to take down the Detanator, once the bomb squad. Hayden doesn’t want to get blood on his hands, I don’t believe what people say in the HoH room.

      • He will use the POV. And Hayden was brought in as part of the alliance. He’s working with them to backdoor either Amber or Caleb.

      • Yeah right! Just like when Cody was HoH he said he was putting up Caleb as a renomiinee. Cody told Donny he would not put him up. What happen? Cody put Donny up as a renominee. People this is a game and everybody lies. They are trying to win 500K. They will say anything.

        I don’t think Hayden will use the POV on Victoria. I could be wrong, but my gut says no.

      • That’s what everyone wants except Derrick and Cody because they control Amber. Watch Derrick run his mouth and control this eviction yet once again.

      • I am guessing it may be because of Christine not being able to eat the slop because of her gluten issues,,Christine may have been removed as a have-not and Jacosta must have been the next one in line.

      • You just pushed a button for me. I feel my BP rising. It’s only around 120/90 now but if you are right about Jacosta being on slop, especially if the reason is because of Christine, it will increase dramatically and I will have to self -medicate to sleep tonight. Yes, I am being overly dramatic and joking(a little), but it is a sore spot with me that others, no matter who they are, have to be have-some-slop because of excuses such as gluten-free, etc. Make them eat it or starve or leave…that should be their only choice. OOPs, gotta go, my blood is boiling over!

      • Oops..sorry! That is just my guess. I turned on the feeds and saw Jacosta lying on one of the have-not beds. I could be wrong. I totally agree with you, though. Christine irritates the heck out of me!! I heard her say today that she can’t eat the “oatmeal,” i.e.slop…and that she has been very nauseated. Poor baby! She’s a wuss!

      • Hoosier1158!!! I just had a heaping bowl of vanilla ice cream yogurt. It’s called emotional eating and it’s your fault. But since you were speculating, I’ll put my stroke off until we have more info. Seriously, thanks for the reply.

      • can calm down a little…Jacosta got a punishment from the veto comp. Christine is still on slop..they did get sardine pizza, yuck, with gluten free crust for poor little Christine! Hold off on that stroke!

      • I’m good. Just calculating how many extra minutes I’m going to need for my workout in the AM to get rid of the frozen yogurt calories.

      • It was part of the veto. Some punishment. Christine is still on slop. That’s why the pizza crust they got for have nots is gluten free.

      • I was having a moment. My hair isn’t as red as it use to be but I still have a little fire in me and it was getting hot in here. I don’t have the feeds so I was hoping someone would fill me in on what was happening. Thanks. Jacosta is not one of my favorite people in the house, and it doesn’t bother me a bit if she is on slop as long as it isn’t because of Christine.

  4. Zach on the live feeds after the veto…. It’s unreal how bad at this game he is. First he literally quotes Dr. Will with the “I hate you all” speech and then he calls out Christine and Nicole at nominations and now he can’t take the heat when people are actually pissed at him. He’s completely unwilling to hear Christine out and immediately says, “One of us has to go, Christine.” This guy made a lucky choice of allies, which is the smartest thing he has done in the game. The funny thing is is his allies are just stringing him along for his vote, nothing more, while he thinks in his own little world that he’s the new Dr. Will.

    • If Zach pulls this off and makes it to the end than we can put him in the Dr Will category but as of right now.. Zach is a moron and within the next few weeks we will witness his eviction.

      • I disagree. When Dr. Will insulted people he didn’t turn around 10 minutes later ask people why they were pissed at him and insist he was just doing it for air time. Dr. Will had the balls and the wit to back up the attitude. Zach has neither of those. Also, Zach’s game is completely 100% dependent on his much smarter alliance. Dr. Will was on his own and got to the end by himself.

      • I said we could put him in the same category as him.. not that he is the next Dr Will.

  5. Well I certainly hope Caleb freaks out over an Amber backdoor, because watching his freak out about being backdoored would be even more fun!

  6. This is my thing with BB or any other Challenge Show that has money for that ONE individual, THINK 4 UR SELVES!!! Because U get the money, Unless Ur gonna share It with Ur so called Alliance! So Play the Game 4 U 2 Win The Game!! So Dumb!!

  7. Thanks Keith M ,that what I thought Y would Hayden use the Pov , 4 Victor..

    • Because 1. He likes her. And 2. There’s a plan to backdoor Caleb or Amber. That’s why he’ll use it.

  8. If Frankie actually does what he wants backdooring amber or caleb and doesn’t allow Derrick to bully him in to doing what Derrick wants then I will finally have some respect for Frankie as a player

  9. I really can’t stand Jocasta. Blubbering twice over being saved and taking it way too far. Pulling this “I’m dying” routine a second time now. I wish Donny wasn’t so overly nice and have saved her last time, and would probably do it again this time if he had won the POV instead of Hayden. Jocasta and Victoria are really the only two that I particularly dislike, and I knew it was too good to be true that both were on the block. I had small hope, yet hope nonetheless, they would both stay on the block and guarantee one leaves, but I figured they wouldn’t let the final nominations stand with two weak players. It annoys me to think about Hayden using it on an undeserving Victoria.

    • The more I watch Victoria on the feeds I am starting to like her. I don’t see why everyone hates her. Maybe someone can give me a reason. When I listen to her conversations she is always nice. She never blows up at anyone. She tells a lot of crazy stories but so what. Sometimes she has a hard time getting her point across but that’s because of the language barrier. She even said her Hebrew is much better than her English.

      • I don’t have/watch the feeds so I admit I take things from the episodes, which I know are edited and can put a player in a different light, for the better or for the worst. That being said, from what I’ve seen, she annoys me. She’d done nothing in this game (I don’t credit her much for that BoB win with Brittany / She was handed the Veto by a selfish Caleb / Hayden now apparently going to save her so again she didn’t earn her safety) and strikes me completely as a floater, which I’ve never been a fan of in this game. Crying everytime she’s put on the block is also tiresome. Must be upset that somebody wants to ruin her do-nothing Summer vacation, right? A lot of her comments have also annoyed me, like those from the DR, as well as saying “it’s pathetic” when Frankie very accurately told her “it’s Big Brother” as a reason as to why things were happening a certain way. Does Victoria even know what game she signed up for? If you thought that kind of thing was pathetic, then don’t sign up. For what it’s worth, I dislike Jocasta more, even if not by much.

      • I’m pretty sure Victoria was a recruit. She probably never watched an episode of Big Brother before she went into the house.

      • I think she was a recruit. Watching all of Matts interviews with them before they went in the house there were so many recruits I forget some of them.

      • The number of recruits in the house this year kill me. I was watching BB After Dark one night, Hayden and Donny were talking about some of the past players and a couple of the girls were asking who those people were because they had never heard of them. How are you in the BB house and you have never heard of some of the best players to ever play the game.

      • No, I believe she was actually a BB fan of BB Israel maybe??? Someone was initially excited hearing that thinking she would have a different approach to the US version. Uh, guess so.

      • I agree she can be a little annoying but I think it’s because of her culture. She has gotten a little better. And I don’t blame her for crying. She’s on the block every week. I don’t think of her as a floater because she doesn’t suck up to the power. She’s close to Derrick and Hayden and she likes Nicole. She hates Amber and doesn’t pretend to be her friend like floaters do. And no matter how she’s won she has gotten herself off the block. Look at Christine she throws a temper tantrum when it was her first time nominated and she was told she was safe and needed to finally do something for the alliance. She’s worse than Victoria. JMO

      • That part I agree with, with what you said about Christine. Victoria may be spared of some characteristics of a floater, but I still think she generally is one, because I think she’d be fine to have no involvement in the game until the very end when she’s basically forced to play. Remember that episode where Hayden, Cody and I think Devin were jokingly cat-calling Victoria, saying “What your name is girl” and then they cut to Hayden in the DR saying “No really, what is your name?” I was thinking “exactly” because who would even know she was in the house. I also agreed with Brittany when she was frustrated being compared to Victoria.

        But as mentioned, Christine isn’t great either and I don’t like her much, she’s in that “bottom” group for me. I can definitely see why you think she’s worse than Victoria.

      • Victoria sooooo sucks up to Derrick, Cody, Zach and Hayden. Everyone but Caleb (bc she knows he loves Amber and Donny bc he has no interest in how “pretty” she is and she doesn’t think he has enough house control) I think she has figured out that if the boys think she will vote their way she will stay? She loves the attention from the guys even Derrick who is married. And the dead stare for minutes at a time, where did you go girl? I don’t like her but I think she has the game figured out now and if she stays this week she will go far. But Christine thinks she is better than everyone else. Can’t wait to see her leave. Jocasta, well dead weight and not much of a threat. And LG, that is JMO!!:)

      • I agree I think she will go farther than people expect. Hayden is using the POV on her so she’s staying this week. I don’t her winning HOH though because she’ll do whatever the guys want.

  10. Everyone is in pain from the comp. But guess who is in bed with Donny taking care of her?

  11. Cody might be my favourite player, but in calling a spade a spade, his HoH was a waste. Brittany was an unnecessary target. I felt bad for Brittany, the kind of player where if I’m in the house, seeing she’s alone in the game, and was actually fighting and showing she wanted to stay, I’d probably try to make her a ‘secret’ ally. Doesn’t hurt that I’m also an event co-ordinator just like her…

    One question though. I didn’t hear it stated anywhere that players weren’t allowed to help Brittany with that 2,400 goal challenge. By help, all I mean is couldn’t somebody have been at/near the net to send the ball back to her after each goal or miss of the net, so she wouldn’t have to keep walking back and forth? Does anybody know if they weren’t allowed to do that for her? I absolutely would’ve offered that up if I were a houseguest.

    • I know that they started out helping her but then they stopped pretty quickly, I know I walked away from the feeds for a a minute and when I came back she was doing the kicks all by herself. I am guessing production told the HG’s they couldn’t help her. I think Cody made a dumb move in getting her out.

      • I agree with you about it being a dumb move for Cody. I even think he possibly could’ve worked with Brittany. I hope you’re right that the HG’s were eventually told to stop helping her, because if they stopped on their own merit, or just decided “eh not going to help her”, then that’s cause for some head shaking.

      • During one of her kicks I forgot if it was Donny or Derrick but someone went to get the ball for her and over the speaker production said “stop that”. So I’m guessing they couldn’t help. Which I think was a little cruel. It was a hard punishment.

      • Wow. That’s definitely cruel and I’m a bit surprised they would care enough to stop her. It was one of the tougher punishments I’ve ever seen on the show. Thanks for letting me know though, that clears it up that production actually stopped them from helping her. If I were in the house I probably still would’ve asked in the DR lol, just to make sure, even if they got mad at me for asking…

    • Me neither. I know he’s a polarizing character this season, but I don’t mind Zach at all, at least not yet. Then again maybe I’m biased, as I like Cody and I know Zach would never go after him, so maybe it’s an association thing. I don’t agree with some of Zach’s actions/comments, but I shrug it off for the most part. Frankie would be dumb to backdoor him this week.

      • I don’t know what kind of strategy he’s playing but he’s a character. Some episodes are boring but this could be an entertaining one…..and yes, I don’t see the rational of Frankie backdooring him

      • He’s definitely a character. I have hopes of being entertained watching Sunday’s episode…on Monday, on PVR, but still.

        I’ve lucked out a bit though with this season’s cast, in the sense that only 2 out of 12 left are ones I really don’t like. A handful of “They’re alright” and then the rest I like. That being said, with my luck, 1 of those 2 will make the Final 4 or 3, and my favourites won’t be there. Probably picked off on double eviction nights.

      • lol..That’s good ! I have no problem with the casts this season. I think it’s good. It’s really not as predictable as what other people say. Soon what you have left in the house are strong players and that’s gonna be a very interesting battle. Who knows our pick would still be there

  12. Amber is so hot!
    I hope she stays so I can still watch her.
    Awesome 4 some between Britney, Nicole, Amber and myself :)

    • I think Hayden is tired of Nicole not liking him back enough? But I only watch the show and BBAD, no live feeds so i may have missed something.

    • Hayden wanted a kiss… and something more. Nicole gave him the kiss but stopped there.
      So Hayden is roving around and started to get a crush on Amber.

  13. You know there is one thing in the house that we can all root for together…….that Caleb lasts long enough for the Zingbot to show up. It is gonna be epic…………….

  14. If I didn’t see it for myself….Derrick can’t even go to the bathroom in the HOH room without Caleb barging in to talk about who else, Amber? When I say barge in, I mean he went into the bathroom/shower..stood by the mirror looking at himself and just starts talking about her. Why can’t he go first?

  15. Caleb is so miserable in the house. All he talks about to anybody is Amber. This guy needs help…..anybody watching feeds right now?

    • Yep..that’s why I commented on him barging in on Derrick in the HOH bathroom when Derrick was going to the bathroom..and I don’t mean #1….unbelievable. What in the heck is he going to do when she’s gone? I hope he goes right after her.

      • I actually want him to go first, but you know the routine in the house. He already escaped, what twice?.There are some players that are still protecting him…..we’ll see.

      • I don’t see Caleb or Amber going home. Keeping them in the game helps Derrick, Frankie and Zach’s game.

    • Celeb should go after Jacumsta he might have a chance, or maybe Christine has a sister.

  16. Lets see amberf and cody amber and caleb , she is stiring the pot , she knows both have power and can give advice, so she already has caleb transformed into a fantasy now it is codys turn, IF she goes it will make the game more interesting. SHe is trouble, they should back door her ,
    IF caleb goes , so does the game for the rest, He is a person who is always a target not amber, Amber is a logical joice,
    Jacasto should just hang it up and say let me go. I do not see her going much further, You can only play the sick and depressed card so often before it becomes a bore and a handicap.
    They need amber out , those women are going to start to win and those boys are in trouble, amber is the threat same a brit, to keep amber is dumb. THose women are not going after donny or hayden they will go after derrick frankie cody zach and caleb, And caleb really is not that big of threat to them since he is not the one who puts them on the block,
    THen when the women win and start to get them out they will have more of an interest in the game , and give them insentive, to win even more

  17. It’d be downright moronic to go for Amber first. Caleb will lose his mind if she gets backdoored, while Amber wouldn’t give a damn if Caleb is.

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