Big Brother 16 Twists Update As We Prepare For Premiere Part 2

Last night on the Big Brother 16 premiere part one the first set of Houseguests entered the game, and while they faced twists right away we still have a lot to learn about how they will work this summer. Here’s what we know so far and what we can expect to happen next.

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16
Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The first 8 HGs moved in ahead of the latter half which gave them the chance to privately align, pick beds, and even hold the first HoH comp all before the “Others” arrived. I think it’s a big advantage for the first group, but we’ll see.

So what happened with all of this season’s twists? Well not much and Julie Chen didn’t exactly tell us much of anything we didn’t already know. That was disappointing, but it just means we’ll learn a LOT on tonight’s show and even more when the Feeds launch after that.

That first HoH competition went to Frankie Grande who becomes part of one of this season’s twists: two HoHs. Tonight we’ll find out who joins him in that twist following the results of the second HoH endurance competition. You can see the preview sneak peek for that comp here.

From there the next twist will unravel with the “Battle of the Block.” Little is known about this competition other than both HoH’s will have a lot to lose, maybe even their own HoH room that each HoH will have. The winner will remain HoH while the loser goes back in to the mix of potential evictees. This competition will be shown on Sunday episodes so I’d expect it to be held on Friday or maybe even early Saturday. Not sure.

While those are the main Houseguest-facing twists, another one will be building in the background. Team America will be a secret group of three Houseguests voted in by America and set to perform, well we don’t know that either. What we do know is the first member of the trio was determined last week by America’s vote and will be revealed tonight. Then over the next two weeks another member will be added each round until all three are revealed.

My guess is that we’ll see Frankie announced as the first member of Team America. I’ll tell you what though, that might not be such a good thing to have happen to your game. At least with BB8 and America’s Player only Eric knew the deal, but now all three players have to rely on two other players to not screw this up and ruin their game. If I had a choice then I think I’d pass on being one of these Musketeers! Either way, I just hope they pull off some entertaining pranks.

Got any ideas or suggestions for how some of these twists might turn out? Share your thoughts!



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  1. One thing is that we still don’t know is if all 3 in Team America will know about the other 2 OR if they know they are 3, maybe won’t be told who the other 2 are. Twisted.

    • That’s very true. It could be all separate actors to the role. For their sake I hope it is. Then that’d be fun to see two of them tasked with opposing challenges while not knowing the other was intentionally going against it.

      Well, I guess production has one more week to decide before the second person is determined.

      • But didn’t Julie say they will form a 3 person alliance that we control? Or did i hear that wrong? Technically you couldn’t be in an alliance unless you know who you’re in an alliance WITH! Although they might be told that Team America is their alliance member without revealing that there are 2 other alliance members with us. But then she would have said that Team America will have 3 alliances this summer…..not a 3 member alliance.

  2. Hi all:
    Sooo glad BB is back!!
    My take on last night’s premier IMHO
    of course….
    1) Like most of the HG this far, well for
    group 1 for that matter, with the exception
    of “pow pow”, ugh! A tad bit arrogant for
    2) My most fav so far: Donny, Nicole, and
    Frankie(as long as he goes far because of
    who HE is and not related too…
    Some more maybe added… still observing
    3) OMG! I was so glad to see on other blogs
    that I wasn’t the only one who felt awkward
    watching Cody’s dad slob him down like
    a woman… Ewwww, weird
    4) Love splitting the group in half. So us
    as viewers are not overwhelm trying to
    get to know all those personalities at
    once. Thank you BB!!
    5) Like Team America, I think

  3. There’s always someone every season that I can’t stand and it usually takes a couple of weeks to form my opinion. I already know that it’s going to be Zach. I already can’t stand him!

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