One of the bigger twists on Big Brother season 16 is the introduction of two Heads of Household. Not just two of them, but opposing HoHs, a first for the series. But this change introduces a new question: where’s that second HoH going to sleep?

First HoH is Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande celebrates on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

As suspected the two Heads of Household this season will each have their own room and will not share a bed as some suggested. The space was available and now it’s been filled.

The second HoH room will take place in the old Pandora’s Box room and Coach’s room (BB14) and provide both HoH’s with their own space. It won’t be easy though as to get to the second HoH room you’ll have to pass through the first. That also means they’ll be sharing the bathroom. Minor details really, but still worth noting.

We’ve seen the “Love Nest” in the main HoH room already, but here is our first look at the second, dueling Head of Household digs. Nice. Click the thumbnails to see both in full-size.

Which room would you rather have if you were HoH? I’d want the main door in my room, but I would not want that bird nest design to rest against. Looks rough. What about you?


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