Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations

The results are in for the Nomination Ceremony this week on Big Brother 16 and we have the latest spoilers on which Houseguests are now on the block.

Big Brother 16 Nominations
Big Brother 16 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

It didn’t take long after last night’s show for the new HoH’s, Derrick and Frankie, to start working on their plan to get Donny out the door and off to Jury. Of course I don’t think many of us saw the decisions coming down to drawing Skittles out of a hat, but that’s what they did last night.

Read on for the latest nomination spoilers:

Big Brother 16 Week 8 Nominations:

Big Brother 16  Week 8 nominations

  • Derrick nominated: Christine & Donny
  • Frankie nominated: Caleb & Cody

The plan was always to nominate Donny, but the Detonators + Caleb had to decide who would be tasked with joining Donny’s side and throwing the competition. Christine drew that honor and later Derrick would lie to Donny that Donny’s Skittle was drawn along with hers. Nope, that did not happen.

So now Zach has dodged the block, for now, while Cody has made his first trip to visit atop it. Only Derrick remains unscathed by the chopping block this season. Can he keep that streak alive much longer?

What do you think of the nomination picks for Big Brother 16 this week? We expect the Battle of the Block later today so keep an eye out and share the results soon!



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  1. Hoping for a Donny Veto win, and either Christine or Frankie being sent packing.

    • Please win the veto Donny – but if Frankie goes I would hate to see him become the returning HG.

      • Frankie’s the reigning HOH now. So, he is safe this week. It’d be great if Frankie would use this chance to backdoor Derrick. It’s the only way for anyone else, to win the game.

      • I was hoping so much that would happen too Peggy, back dooring Derrick would be the smartest move anyone could make. But I would hate to see Derrick return instead of Hayden or Christine next week on BB. I’m afraid Derrick is the cockroach of the BB house, it’s going to be next to impossible to get rid of him.

    • Please win the veto Donny – but if Frankie goes I would hate to see him become the returning HG.

    • ditto … I dislike both Christine and Frankie.

      Trust everyone online today saw Ariana Grande as one of the celebrities that comes from a VERY wealthy family. Noticed how Frankie carefully left that tidbit out of his brag fest.

      Just google search … celebrities whose families are wealthy

      • Ugh, and sadly I actually enjoyed her as a child actor in Nick Jr. shows… It really is hard to cheer for those from a privileged background that don’t understand humility and social awareness…

      • Just because she’s born wealthy, not of unlimited means, though, doesn’t mean she’s not humble or has no humility. Quite the opposite. Ariana and Frankie both have built one school in Africa. They are both humanitarians. Especially, Ariana, because she can afford to be. Frankie is not rich. He is struggling. He’s paid by youtube for christsake. lol. He might be a lot of talk, but that is clearly out of insecurity. Not that he thinks anyone is beneath him.

      • Sorry Peggy, no offense was intended towards you or your friend – you are correct to say that I should not question the integrity or humility of a person unless I know them personally… Again my apologies.

        …If I might ask, how do you know that Frankie & Ariana built the school instead of using a 3rd party agent to represent them for the benefit of promotion and tax exemption status? (Knowing a couple millionaires and having had clients over the years I am aware that most of them would confess privately this is the real motivation behind their charitable donations, but you are saying this is not the case with the Grande family which tells me you have some inside knowledge)…

      • Zach is too. But, I like Zach more, because he’s more down to earth, and likable than Frankie.

    • Frankie is disgusting to me. Does anyone know if he is actually playing for a charity or if that was a giant lie too?! I’m guessing the latter…. He is so living in his own world – he is the only one who thinks that he is so important! You know… b/c he is a ‘social media mogul’ … LOL … I can’t even believe those words came out of his mouth!! He’s only there to act for the camera.

      • Of course he is playing for charity, him! He is the charity.

        Has any charity confirmed he is playing for them? I think it he were, then maybe the charity would speak up and he may garner some (more) fans (even win fan favorite).

      • He really has done some charity work in South Africa, but I’ll assume it’s a lie. He would have mentioned it earlier if it wasn’t; and if he really wanted to he could get his sister to donate to Africa.

        And yeah, he’s an idiot. “Social media mogul” is not a job, it’s just a sign you have too much free time and crave attention.

      • He and Ariana have not only done charity work in Africa, they funded for a school to be built there. It’s a life-long thing they both will do, since it had such an impact on them. Also, for your info: Frankie has been there not just once, not twice, but more than a dozen times. It’s not a one time deal. Give credit where credit is due. Even if you don’t like his game, k?

      • If he were than I would assume he would of said it in his Big Brother introduction & on the interviews they get to do beforehand, but he didn’t because it’s a lie.

      • Don’t assume. Speculation is not truth. You might as well throw darts at a dart board w/ a blindfold on. You are jumping to conclusions, because it’s easier to just believe everything you hear. It’s lazy. Look up stuff you don’t know about.. fact-checking is the only way to know..not assumptions.

      • Agreed! The first and only time he mentioned Charity was when his back was against the wall and he needed to put on a huge show to deflect his lies and backstabbing. You know, if it was REALLY important to him – he would have been mentioning it 24/7 … you know like he has been doing talking about his sister the whole time..

      • Thank god, even though I can’t stand Christine…I’m glad Donny is safe. Now they need to get rid of Calob…he’s such an idiot. First he’s from Tennessee then Kentucky and now he’s from Texas…omg find a state and stick to it….he is hands down the dumbest player ever on BB…

      • Yeah I’m glad Donny is safe & I can’t stand Christine either. I actually think Caleb isn’t as bad now that Amber left. He is definitely playing the game more than Cody is & he is the one who made everyone keep Zach in the game. I also feel like getting Cody out will weaken Christine & Derricks game & there is a better chance of Caleb going after the guys than there is of Cody.

      • Agreed they need to get Cody out, he is such a floater. But I stick to my observation of Calob…seriously, the dumbest player in big brother history…on top of that he tells some big ass lies about his real life….he thinks he’s going to be so famous …..NOT!!!!!!!
        And Frankie ugh!!!!. If I were his sister I would be disgusted.

    • I just hope he doesn’t lose heart. I want him to stay and fight which I believe is his nature. But how much can a man take when Derrick says you’ve been the #1 target since Devin did it to you Week 1? Bless his heart.

  2. Donny is a nice guy, but he doesn’t socialize. He has made no deals, he has talked no game except when he has to because he is on the block. He has made no alliance except the one America forced him into. He is a great guy and a big fan but he’s not really playing.

    • Be careful with what you say about Donny in here. If you mention his name with anything but sunshine and rainbows you’ll be swarmed with angry cat ladies.

      • lol. Donny is a nice guy and I want him or Hayden when he comes back to win. I do need someone to stay that is against the stupid alliance the detonators. Victoria won’t do anything but follow anyone.

      • That’s it! Where’s my hatchet?!! Ok ok seriously yes, most of us (including myself) are big fans of Donny and his character. But allow me to be the first of the fan club to say that he is pretty weak at the game in some aspects. I think he was banking on being ”approachable” to everyone which in fact worked really well in the first few weeks of the show (people even saw him as a ”threat” because his strategy was working so well). But now? He is merely an obstacle to the others. Donny has no allies, no plans, and is showing the weight of this show on his mind, body & spirit. Much as I love the guy, I’m hoping he gets booted this week and takes 2 weeks in the jury house then comes back in refreshed and ready to play! :)

      • Maybe Donny has kind of ‘thrown in the towel’ a little. he may feel a little ostracized by who is left in the house :( all of his ‘friends’ are gone. I agree w/ what you say though.

      • No no you’re quite right, I think there’s an emotional side that has been broken and it is showing.. thankfully he pulled it together for this week’s BotB challenge! :)

      • Well he just won Battle Of The Block! He does try to talk game, in my opinion, it’s just that all these guys are in love with each other & are scared to go after one another, plus Donny is the ‘BIGGEST THREAT’ in the game. They (Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Caleb & Christine) all believe they are all just going to hold hands & skip their way to the end, oh & then split the money evenly into 6 parts. Well Donny is safe this week (unfortunately so is Christine) & Cody & Caleb remain on the block!

      • The detonators are just giving king Derrick a ride to the finale and the bank afterward.

      • Not sure if your observations are in line with what is happening Stephanie. There has been quite a bit of end game strategy ripping the detonators apart for the past 2-weeks now. They tried to get rid of Frankie but it didn’t work, they almost ditched Zach until they changed their minds last minute, and Derrick is already setting up Victoria to take Cody’s place with him in the final 2… Not sure how you see that as them being unified.

      • You’re right & I don’t see them as being united, I just believe they are to scared to start going after one another so they are trying to stick together as long as possible. All of these guys have thrown each others names around and rolled them in the mud & then spat on them but for some reason they still ‘work’ together. If Derrick is trying to take Victoria to the final 2 then hopefully nominations stay the same after the Veto & either Caleb or Cody go home. The only way I’d like to see the Veto used is if Derrick would be the replacement nominee. Cody going home is what I think is better, it weakens both Derrick & Christine, plus I think we have a better chance of Caleb going after the Detonators than Cody.

      • Just wanted to clarify that I, too, am a fan of Donny. I just think some of his fans on here are completely insane in the way they defend him and defy all logic in the process.

      • Well he has won the most competitions out of everyone in that house! He just won the BOB & is safe this week, leaving Cody & Caleb on the block.
        & everyone in that house is just scared to make a big move & start going after one another.

      • Right? Derrick would be ideal to backdoor. But, I’d be happy if Cody went out first then Caleb. lol

      • Agree. I don’t want to see the Veto be used unless the replacement nominee is going to be Derrick. I just feel like they will use it & Victoria will go up & it will be another boring week. Hopefully she’s the one to win it & whether she uses it or not one of the guys will have to go out since her & Donny are safe (along with Christine). Again I agree on Cody going first, him leaving will weaken Derrick & Christine. Plus I think we have a better chance of seeing Caleb go after the guys than Cody.

    • I’ve said similar things about Donny and haven’t been attacked (that I’ve noticed). I think as long as you voice your thoughts in a reasonably polite manner, the Donny fans won’t get pissed off. I agree with you that he doesn’t have a lot of strategy. He’s done well to win some competitions (especially on double eviction night), but he’s failed to bond with the power players–even though he pretty much knew who they were weeks ago. Instead of sleeping while the others hang out, he should have been socializing big-time. His likeability is a great asset, and he hasn’t fully utilized it.

      • I agree w/ all except the part about him being weak on strategy. He’s done soo much to talk with others to turn them against the powers that be, because he foresaw that they’d be picking everyone else out. He has cried at night because he’s so lonely, they make him the outsider..literally. Just because he wasn’t “chosen” to be in their alliances. He’s SOL in their eyes. He is talking game whenever he can, or sees an opening. They close that idea in his face. He’s smarter than anyone in that house, including Nicole.


    • That’s not true. Donny has been very smart by watching people. He got a feel for them early on. He’s quiet, but that is a good thing…means he’s focused. And, he is very funny, likable, and totally honest, so he has a great social game. He has been trying to talk to people since the first day, everyone has turned their back on him. But, everyone that has been evicted adores him, and his gentle, honest and caring side. They consider him a friend for life. He’s already a winner.

      • Also, he has pointed out things that other HGs have not noticed because they are too busy going after each other. They can’t see the forest through the trees. He awhile back that Derrick was the mastermind, w/ Cody as his lap dog. Zach sees that, Nicole and Hayden saw it, too. So, they are coming for him and Cody. With Derrick or Cody (or both) gone, everyone in the house can think for themselves, and form their own little alliances and take each other out. If they don’t get ride of Derrick before Donny or Victoria leave, they might as well just sign the check and admit defeat to Derrick.

  3. It’s likely not going to happen but I would love to see what would happen if Christine and Donny won the BoB then Zach played in the veto and won it.

    • If that all happened I’d want Zach to save Caleb. This would mean either Derrick or Victoria gets the renom. So no matter who goes from the Derrick, Victoria, or Cody you’d weaken Derrick somewhat which is good for Zach and Donny’s game.

    • It would still be predictable what the outcome would be. Victoria would be evicted, hands down.

    • I feel like I’m commenting on everyone’s posts but I can’t help it. Donny just saved himself, he won BOB!

  4. I really hope Donny wins BoB somehow like Frankie did. My 2 reasons for this would be Donny is safe and I feel Franky is less likely to renom a pov winner with Zach. As long as those 2 people survive this week I’ll roll with whatever happens. So glad this will be final dual HOH. It was a neat twist and all but with the bomb squad being as massive as it was it really never panned out the way CBS planned I think. All its really served is to make it nearly impossible for the non alliance members to switch up the power.

      • I want Zach and Donny safe. The unfortunate side effect this week would be that means Frankie is safe too, but there are plenty of others that can go that would be okay.

      • OK. I thought so. I remember you and I have the same views. lol. What if… Donny and Christine lose and Zach wins POV, pulls off Donny, and Derick renoms Frankie. That would be ideal, however, I don’t see it happening.

      • Well with Zach anything is possible, but I tend to agree he’d leave the noms the same because Frankie would be worried and talk him into leaving the same. Although in a perfect world I’d like to see Victoria renomed and evicted this week. Remember whoever gets evicted this week immediately comes back into the challenge to return to the game. Victoria has really just been on summer vacation this season so I’d hate to see her float much further. Also she’s weak in challenges which would increase the juror returning being either Nicole or Hayden.

      • If Donny & Christine win BotB and Zach wins veto, Derrick will coerce him into using it to save Cody and they’ll evict Victoria

      • Yes, but as Fayt mentioned Victoria leaving really takes out any form of ”safety net” for Derrick which would make the game more interesting…


  5. I’m going to say this before the BotB starts. I hope production fixes it for Donny to win like they have been fixing it for Frankie to win everything he has won. Of course that wont come true.

    • Why do you say production is fixing the game for Frankie? I have not noticed that at all.

      • I know, but why would they fix it for Frankie. It usually is for the nicer people, such as Donnie or Nicole.

      • The competition where Caleb sat out & Frankie played by himself was actually a one person game, it’s been a game used before in BB & only one person played it, it was designated to be where one person playing was very capable to win there wasn’t a need for 2 people, Caleb sitting out didn’t hurt Frankie’s chance since he could of played by himself, which he did & won.

      • DId the producers tell Caleb to sit out? It is possible, since people are saying that the whole game is fixed.

      • No. Caleb decided to throw the competition so he sat out. He wanted to throw it so Frankie could have stayed on the block since everyone wanted him out but it’s just our luck that Frankie won.

    • Oh no Eric, are you one of those conspiracy theorists who believe the game is fixed for somebody specific to win? Cyril & I have tried really hard to get the point across to everyone that yes some games are obviously designed for some people to have a natural advantage over others, and certain ”twists” in the game are also designed for this purpose, but I’m fairly confident it stops at that level. With it being considered a ”game show” (with all the governing laws of such) I don’t think they can fix an outcome for somebody – they can only make it easier/harder and bank of certain probable outcomes.

      • I mean that is true. But production has favorites. It is not entirely fixed. But look at BB13 and BB14. Rachel or Jeff were the favorites to win BB13 and when Jeff left, production did some things that favored Rachel. BB14, Frank was production’s new favorite, so they have games that were in his favor. But honestly, production is really hoping Frankie wins this but I don’t think he is going to.

      • IMO, I actually think production was favoring Jordan on BB13 thats why they kind of teamed up Jordan and Rachel for that one veto comp, because they knew Rachel would kick ass in that comp and save them both. Then after Jordan got booted Rachel was underdog fav.


      • Still confused why people would say Frankie is productions favourite. Is he ONE of the faves? Sure, he is popular – as a producer I’d want him to stick around also! But please take a step back and honestly ask yourself why production wouldn’t want Donny to win?

      • Are you serious? He has followers on Twitter and Instagram, he has many subscribers on his YouTube account, his sister is Ariana Grande, who has millions of followers, many who are mindless. He is the favorite of the producers. Duh! They want him to win so badly.

      • They can sure edit the show to someone’s favor. Especially when we get to vote ‘fan favorite’. I am sick of them shoving Frankie and his antics down our throat. Also, if Frankie already has ‘so many’ followers…don’t you think that gives him an advantage when it comes to voting FF? Didn’t Frankie get caught CHEATING (writing down items w/ the most recent challenge?) They didn’t mention or broadcast anything relating to such. However, when Frankie was playing solo and Caleb sat down, Caleb wanted to play but production said ‘no’. Seems like some people get a special set of rules. Frankie is obviously getting a favorable edit. It’s almost sickening the amount of times BB has aired him talking about his sister… they could have chosen to make that not such a big element…but that’s not what they did. We hear it 20x an episode!! I’m not dogging on you… I guess I just don’t like Frankie! LOL!

      • Oh we’re agreed – I’m not a fan of his either. But what I don’t get is how people are missing a super obvious point here. Frankie might be a favourable contestant for editing and competitions, but if anyone thinks that he is more popular than Donny they must be on some potent hallucinogen! Production tried their best to set up ”what if” scenarios for Donny to get back into the game at a time where it might matter. Thankfully Donny has taken matters into his own hands and is safe this week!

      • lol. I totally hear where you’re coming from on the whole not liking Frankie thing. I would stop short in saying it’s fixed though. Is he favoured in edits? Yeah of course (all the ”fan faves” get a good edit, even Elyssa last season who in my opinion isn’t the nicest of people got a good edit because she was a fan favourite)..

  6. Donny seems like a lovely person, but is not very good at this game. He should probably go home over anyone else up there. Except maybe Cody. At least Caleb and Christine have won a few things and made some moves. Cody hasn’t done much except suck up to Derrick and fondle every woman in sight. But then again, no one woulld vote for him to get the money over Derrick would they. Derrick has two people to take to the end that can’t beat him, Cody and Victoria. So looks time will be up for Donny unless he wins something quick.

    • What exactly has Christine done, besides being forced to backdoor Nicole? Again, she fell into the alliance and the only way she has contributed is by being a rat. Donny is a beast at veto comps, and he has won one HOH as well. He has won the veto when it matters the most, AND managed to stayed in the house week after week, even when he’s an outsider and public enemy number one. I agree with you, Cody has done nothing expect follow Derrick around like a little puppy dog. He cannot think for himself, which is exactly why he didn’t end up backdooring Caleb when he had the chance.


  7. I wonder if Christine would seriously throw the competition? This is the time for her to play HER game, she is not too far behind Donny as the next target out.

    • If she were smart she would play her a** off! But like others have said, she’s a follower. No one in this house thinks for themselves!

  8. I really want Christine gone, but it would be great to see Caleb/Cody lose the BOB and watch the panic that follows.

  9. The women this season have been exceedingly weak .Paola, Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria practically total zeroes. Christine being led around by the nose by the guys and being a willing pawn to do whatever she is told. Too dumb to realize she’s gone the second her usefulness runs out. Nicole was okay, but not enough allies to get it done. Caleb not participating in BoTB last week, rather than playing and screwing up really cost her.

    • Nicole was a follower also, thats what got her put out the game, listening to derrick and exposing herself so he could use what she said against her

  10. I hope Caleb and Cody lose. If Christine throws the game, it will be her dumbest move ever. I want her to leave anyway. I hope Cody goes home, or Zack if he is put up if any of those two win the Veto.

  11. They’re going to most likely back door Zach. Zach is my favorite and ill be heartbroken if he leaves. They should send Cody packing but that’s probably not going to happen..


  12. If I were Donny I would’ve asked why he wasn’t in on the ‘drawing of the skittles’. I know Derrick lied to him but he should’ve called his ass out on it.

    • I think Donny has been feeling pretty isolated and defeated for a while… He’s been hoping for individual wins to keep him afloat but this upcoming POV is his last shot….

      • Good Point! I know poor Donny. He’d be better off in the jury with all of his friends. I felt so bad watching that clip last night when he was opening up to Zach.

      • Yeah Donny has been super classy and good throughout this process. I was most touched with his reaching out to the ”brat” Paolo – to make a selfish, self-centred person admit that their life is hollow on the inside and that they compensate with lots of external power & attention is no small task. But Donny was a gentle friend to her and he won her over even if only for a little while… I can only hope that Donny’s life as a mere groundskeeper is over and that he goes onto motivational speaking and mentoring young people in their teens & 20’s like he did with Paolo…

      • There’s another TA mission, but I don’t think Derrick deep inside is ready to take Donny out. Donny was voted by America, and I think he’s still mindful about that, and so as Frankie. The rest of the the house wants him out though.

      • …and I think eliminating some of his allies is already in his mind. He can’t delay it for too long, or he might regret it.

      • Derrick is a smart boy, he knows Donny is a one man threat vs other ”teams” of people that could rise up against him (Frankie/Christine or Cody/Christine or Zach/Frankie or…etc)

  13. I too like Donny and want him to win but I have to agree he’s not very good in this game. The cards were stacked against him from the start as he was the oldest and most unique personality. Plus Devin made other players doubt him. But he had two powerful players he was teamed with in Team America. He should have tried to make a deal with them or something. He’s done nothing. He’s a sweet guy but he’s not even trying. Like them or not, Derrick or Frankie hands down deserve to win as of right now. They’ve played everyone.

    The girls really blew it by throwing Joey under the bus first week for wanting a girls alliance. It could have made the season a bit more interesting.

    • Even if he did try, they would’ve lied to him and stabbed him in the back. Derrick deserves to win more than Frankie though. Donny made the mistake of trusting the wrong people and being sucked into their decisions. He discovered the alliance too late as did Nicole. They never lied to anyone, they just told the truth to the wrong people. Hopefully, he wins veto and Nicole comes back in the game to kick some a*s

      • You still have to try… he has made no effort at all at building alliances…… Big Brother is a cheating lying game, you must convince people that you are worthy of allianing with you

  14. I believe that production has already fixed a game for Donny. Go back to the double eviction live veto competition. Donny was moving SO slow, but still won one of the most classic athletic competitions on Big Brother. He barely spent any time in the pit searching for the ducks! I really like Donny, but he is very similar to Chicken George (don’t forget the Chicken man won a veto and an HOH), a floater that is nice but really does not fit with the rest of the house. Go Donny, but your time is almost up.

    • Too bad no one ‘realizes’ he is the puppet master. They just all follow along…!

      • They can’t see what we see.
        Derricks alliance are the only ones that could actually figure this out, but they are too dumb.

  15. It seems to me that at this point in the game it’s time to look out for your self. I wouldn’t throw a comp. at this time because no one can be trusted. Caleb looked so embarrassed , and foolish after throwing the botb comp. that Frankie won all by himself, that I I would be surprised that anyone would consider throwing a comp.

  16. Christine would be an idiot to throw this comp. She has to know that she’s low man on the totem pole….. Sadly she has already made some really bad moves, getting rid of allies way too early….. Worst of all, this would take Derrick out of HOH, insuring Frankies safety…… NOT SMART!

  17. Hey Matt! When does HN end for Donny and Zach? I thought HN ended on Weds or Thurs but they are still in the room and eating slop.

  18. I hope Donny and Christine win BOTB. Hope it’s a comp that can’t be thrown. Then I hope Donny gets to play POV and wins it and keeps nominations the same. Bye bye Cody or Caleb. I would love it!

    • Caleb will leave. Derrick controls the house and he would convince the idiots to keep Cody. I rather Cody stay than Caleb.

    • Caleb will leave. Derrick controls the house and he would convince the idiots to keep Cody. I rather Cody stay than Caleb.

  19. I love Donny too. But from a game standpoint the only way anyone else has a chance of winning Donny has to go. I think if he makes it to the end he’ll definitely win.

  20. If Donny wins POV, I can see Derrick making a big move and nominating Zach as the replacement; that would shake up the house

  21. If Nicole or Hayden do not come back, I don’t think I will want to watch this. I don’t want Derrick, or obnoxious Frankie to win. I will keep typing that.
    I hope Donnie and Christine win. if Caleb leaves he may not come back, he is not as good as he says he is.

  22. If Nicole or Hayden do not come back, I don’t think I will want to watch this. I don’t want Derrick, or obnoxious Frankie to win. I will keep typing that.
    I hope Donnie and Christine win. if Caleb leaves he may not come back, he is not as good as he says he is.

  23. I’m glad that Donnie won. Victoria is an idiot, she needs to get with Donny and find someone else to vote together.

  24. Christine needs to go now, her game play suck, oh wait she has no game play, she does what the puppet master tells her to do, and rubbing all over Cody is just disgusting, she may find herself divorced in the end, I love Donny but I think Derrick has played the best game, and Frankie makes me wanna puke and Zach is a immature unemployed idiot.

  25. What’s with the donny love? I get that he’s a lovable person but he adds next to nothing to the game or drama. HES USELESS…and if he doesnt go this week, he’ll go out the next

    • he’s not useless, he’s the only one who can keep stiring the pot by having detenators up together – but don’t think he knows how important that is.

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