Big Brother 16 – Week 8 Nomination Anticipation: Taste The Rainbow

The Big Brother 16 power alliances retained control of the game again last night when both HoH seats went to a Detonator. Now they’ll have to make some tough decisions that will force them to nominate their own players to make their next move.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

With Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande holding on to power in last night’s “Dead of Household” competition the target was quickly set on Donny Thompson. The group agreed that Victoria Rafaeli would stand as the renom backup plan should Donny save himself with the Veto, but I think we all know Derrick will fight that before it happens.

In their first discussion the guys agreed that Victoria would not go up on the block and they would instead use three of their own from The Detonators + Caleb to control the situation. One player would be paired with Donny to throw the competition while the other two would fight to win and leave Donny in the danger zone. Zach Rance was the initial volunteer to go up with Donny, but that didn’t last long.

After seeing there’d be resistance to getting volunteers we found Derrick camera talking that there’d be fireworks that night in the HoH rooms. It didn’t quite come to fireworks, but there was some drama of the candy coated kind.

Flashback to 12:05AM BBT 8/15 as the Detonators and Caleb start to gather in the second HoH room. The decision needs to be made who will go up on the block and no one wants to volunteer, not even Zach who was previously on board. Zach reminds his fellow alliance members that they had just been aiming to get him evicted. Caleb gives a talk on trust, but that doesn’t move the needle.

Finally it comes down to drawing Skittles from a hat. Jump to 12:54AM BBT as the plan is explained. There are four available HGs to choose from: Caleb, Christine, Cody, and Zach. Each are assigned a colored candy. The first color drawn will decide which HG goes up with Donny. The following two draws will decide the other team of nominees.

Christine is drawn to be paired with Donny. She’ll have to throw the competition to play along with their plan. On the other side is Caleb and Cody. This will be Cody’s very first nomination of the season. Zach avoided being part of the first round of the plan. Derrick is now the only HG to never be nominated on Big Brother 16.

Later Derrick and Cody discussed scenarios handling Donny escaping the block. This is covering Derrick’s need to protect Victoria as he doesn’t want his perma-pawn getting voted out. Derrick tried to lead Cody to an evict-Zach idea but instead got a BD-Frankie suggestion. I’d be surprised to see that happen, but the wheels are turning as Derrick pushes Victoria away from consideration as a “waste” of his HoH (and his overall plan, but shhh on that part).

When the nominations are revealed Derrick will have nominated Donny and Christine while Frankie will put up Caleb and Cody. The Ceremony will be held late morning or early afternoon with the Battle of the Block one last time later in the afternoon.

What do you think of their plan? Will Christine agree to throw the comp and do a better job of it than Caleb last week? Considering she was a near-target last week I can’t help but expect a little hesitation and concern on her part. We shall see!


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  1. Anybody who throws a competition so that he or she can stay nominated at this point in the game DESERVES (I hate that word) to be evicted.

  2. AGREED, but of scared chickens to just let chips fall as they may, and please tell me why these peeps are so afraid of Donny. Has no one figured out that taking Frankie to end gurantees them a win. The jury will not award the prize money to Frankie

    • I hate Frankie. Hope he gets back doored. I have not despised a player this much in a long time.

      • Frankie can’t go home this week.that means he’ll have the chance to come back in.ugh! That would suck!

      • If his nominations win battle of the block, he can definitely go home this week. Did you watch Thursday’s episode? LOL! It just happened to Nicole.

      • Yes he would be eligible to be nominated, but if he goes this week he will be allowed to play for a chance to come back. They need to hold off one more week.

      • How amazing would it be if Derrick could talk Frankie into volunteering to be a renom since he’d be coming back in. lol. I want to see someone get Lawon’d

      • Even if he has the chance to come back in I don’t think he’ll beat out Hayden or Nicole in a return comp

      • If Productions tries to pull a stunt at that comp do you not think Nicole and Hayden will expose it, they don’t want their chance of going back in the house taken from them by the likes of Frankie regardless of who he thinks he is.

      • Maybe they will make it all Ariana Grande trivia questions….LOL ;)
        Last year all 4 actually came back to the house and it was an endurance comp. So Production can potentially make it a Frankie friendly type comp to up his chances.

      • If that’s the case Production failed in their mission to make Frankie #1 HG and his use of his sisters fame has not changed the fact viewers dislike of him. If anything made him more unlikeable.
        He is a blow mouth and a braggart and wants the show to revolve around him which it does not. His being gay is not a problem in itself but when he makes sexual remarks and gets touchy feely with the male HGs its a turn off for a lot of viewers myself included. I am a major fan of BB but have watched only a few televised episodes this season and my feeds were a waste of money because I have no reason to watch Frankie get naked or listen to him beg somebody to have sex with him. Last year was the season of the racist and this one is the season of the gay guy. Sad that BB has taken such a low turn.

      • The way he acts towards the other guys, just gives homophobic people ammunition. A lot of guys I know that don’t have any gay friends think gay men are predatory like Frankie. That they will touch them to make them feel uncomfortable. Yet no gay men I’m friends with act like that. They know personal boundries, Frankie does not.

      • People make their own personal boundries. I don’t think Frankie is a predator. He is equally touchy feely with the women in the house. A lot of what he does is probably because he genuinly likes people, including those who are not gay. Homophobic people can have all the problems and ideas they want, as long as they are not going out and hurting anyone. They will think what they will, regardless of Frankie’s personality. Some homephobic people think being gay makes you a rapist, child molester, etc.

      • If viewers hate him so much why is he in the top 4 of fan favorite? Why would anyone hate him for lying in a game about lying? Why is he team America? Oh bashers do. Seeing a lying Derrick last night try to convince Donny to go on the block, when the lovely man Donny wants his dignity back makes many want to puke. Good ole boy Derrick has no problem, that is what is production should do something about.

      • oh you probably have. it’s easy to forget players from past seasons. I could name several I’d dislike more.

  3. There’s nothing fun and suspenseful with Battle of the Block anymore. Yeah, Frankie winning it solo, yippee… This should have ended after Double Eviction week. Honestly, I was expecting more twists this season being the most twisted summer ever, but the jury returnee is no different than last year. Maybe surprise us with Pandora’s Box or a mystery power instead to actually shift the power!

    • Pandora’s Box or a Diamond Power of Veto is production’s way of saying “we don’t like how the game is going and who’s in power so we’re going to totally screw over their game.” It’s totally unfair.

      Just ask Jessie from Season 11. His alliance was DOMINATING that season fair and square but since America liked Jeff, he got some ridiculous power to completely blow up that alliance. He didn’t earn it. He didn’t deserve it. He was popular so he got a huge advantage that nobody else got. Jessie got shafted that season. I’d hate to see that happen again to someone like Derrick who’s been dominating this season.

      • You’re right. However, I can’t stand Frankie and would love to see him screwed over by Zach winning something based on America’s support. Frankie is so smug. I don’t know if anyone can tell yet, but I really despise this guy.

      • Derrick is the smug one. He wants to screw allover. So don’t try and base your fear of the gay guy to blame everything on Frankie. Zach was mad at Derrick last night because again Derrick wanted Zach to get on the block with Donny and throw the game. Why. so Derrick can save Vic. Frankie didn’t destroy Zach, Derrick has. Put Blame where it belongs. Duh!! Gay bashing is still hiding

      • I think the gay bashing is being done in a very veiled way, so it is very hard to address. I don’t think there is a lot though. However, a gay person was bashing Frankie on one board, because he though he was being steryotipical. WHAT!! Who sets the standards on sterotypes? I like Frankie and Derrick, and a lot of people still there. I only want them to be who they can, as much as possible, and play the game. Frankie being disliked because of who his sister is seem irrelivent to me.

  4. The gameplay this season has just been horrible. There is no drama at all. There has not been two sides of the house. There has not been any fighting or plotting on how to get floaters to join your side. There has been no house flipping.
    The people outside of the detonators/bomb squad have KNOWN that there was an alliance that they were not a part of. However, they do not seem to care. They don’t form their own alliance. They don’t try to pull bottom of the totem pole alliance members. They just simply sit there and wait for their turn to go home.
    Just a terrible season for gameplay. It is a shame too because I think the cast is actually pretty good and entertaining.

    • to be fair 90% of hohs have been bomb squad members.
      Also hard to work with the bottom members of the squad, when they have nominated you (caleb) or are nuts and a jerk like Zack or Devin

      • See – that is fine BUT Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria and Donnie all KNEW that they were on the outs. Still they did nothing to try an improve their situations. They did not band together. They did not try to pull anyone from the detonators/bomb squad. They just sat their and waited for their turn to go home.

      • Yeah I’m a little surprised Donny hasn’t done more. He seems like an intelligent dude, but hasn’t tried breaking down The Detonators. He planted seeds with Nicole. Wrong person. He needed to have planted seeds with someone like Zach, Victoria, or someone else in the Detonators.

      • That is what got Nicole in trouble. Telling Zach
        things that she knew, telling Christine what she knew, telling Cody what she knew and everything got reported back to Derrick. Zip it and keep it to yourself or only people you trust 100%. Nod your head in agreement to whatever they say. If you are HOH and they are asking who you are putting up—-I don’t know, still thinking about it! Do not give them info they can use on you!

      • He did try to do more. They were too chicken to work with him. He couldn’t be outright bold or he would have been targeted sooner. If you watch the LF you would see that he would talk to people about game, but they wouldn’t give him the time of day and the ones who weren’t in an alliance like Joc and Brit. didn’t seem to want an alliance. Donny couldn’t do it alone but he did try.

      • I think the best analogy I’ve seen in here was Josh…when someone was giving credits for the great sheep herding going on and Derrick being the sheep herder. The dogs do all the work…all you have to do is “feed the dogs”. This season the “dogs” have certainly done all the work and Derrick has been finding out what the dogs need most and shoveling it in!!

      • Nicole had an alliance with Christine and Hayden. Her mistake is trusting anyone after the details of the Detonators was outed by Derrick and the others when they planned on taking out Zach. She should not have trusted anyone. Any mistake is costly as she was facing this huge 6 house guest alliance. The deck is stacked so high on the alliance side, it isn’t funny. If it was me playing, I probably would have gotten one of them out but, I would still have gotten evicted the week after! Just because there is too many of them to fight altogether! Amber and Jocasta were fools not to strike up any alliances. And Amber was loyal to the Bomb Squad even if she was put on the block repeatedly. That should have been her clue.

      • Correct – but this is not the first season to ever have a large alliance. The people on the outside of the alliance usually recognize the alliance and start to chip away at the #6 and #5 people in the alliance and bring them over. That has not happened at all this season.

      • In last season, they at least had two groups. One by Helen and another by Amanda. Helen lost and got evicted because she evicted those on her side until they were all gone! This season, they had just one huge humongous group, 8 people counting Amber and Devin. That is way too many for a season starting with 16 house guests! This is the first time we have had an alliance this big which is why it is so boring!

      • because this alliance literally contained the strongest competitors. (Christine being the exception) and that’s why they are smart. Would anyone have been upset if the sovereign six had picked off the nerd herd in this way? Hell no. It’s a shame that the alliance didn’t have likeable ppl in it the way that one did. & the others (non BSers) deserve what they are getting. Poor Nicole tried, but Donny has been to scared to trust anyone.

      • I agree but Nicole waited until it was WAY too late. She saw the writing on the wall weeks again but did nothing about it.

      • She tried. The dang BOB messed up nominations. You couldn’t nominate 2 strong players bc then you would be dethroned. This twist really changed the game alot.

    • This a huge alliance with 6 house guests which guarantees them 6 votes right off the bat if none of them are put on the block. It is a huge mountain to climb. Nicole tried to break them up but, she is just 1 person. She and Hayden made the mistake of trusting Derrick and Cody. Had she just played her own game not relying and trusting anyone other than Donny and Hayden—-she would have been able to send one of the Detonators to the jury house and maybe, even two if Hayden was still in the Big Brother House.
      One other problem is the BOTB because it dilutes the power of the HOH which makes this big alliance even stronger!

  5. Christine can’t think for herself. She’s a bobblehead doll for the boys. “Will you throw the competition for us?” Camera pans to bobblehead, which is now bobbing up and down, kinda like her on Cody. So yes, it should work.

  6. I think Christine will try to win BOB and if she fails, she will pretend she threw it on purpose. I don’t understand why at this point of time you would throw a BOB, you will be safe for the week and by the time you get to next week, there will be another target or the alliance will have officially turned on each other. Wondering if Derrick could get Frankie to want to evict Zach again.

  7. I got a feeling that Production is gonna add some drama to the BOB and make it hard for a person to throw it…Production knows that the show has taken a “BORING & PREDICTIABLE” turn and they gonna have to get the viewers interest renewed. Christine is totally stupid if she throws the comp… Can she not get past the #s and figure that she is the lowest # on the list ….even Victoria ranks higher than her. They are not gonna protect her and she needs to count how many HGs are left…

    • I’m actually shocked that Caleb hasn’t figured out the numbers either. I though the Detonators were completely exposed, by their own doing, and Caleb still hasn’t realized that he wasn’t a part of the alliance within the alliance. And all the other people who were in the BS but not in the Detonators, Amber, Hayden, even Devin, were all voted out.

    • Yeah I don’t wanna “waste” this week on Christine either but then again, if she followed Nicole to Jury, that’d be kinda sweet. Na-na, na-naa-na.

      • I wouldn’t want to give Christine the chance to get back in the game. I doubt she would wake up and realize the guys saw her as expendable even though they voted her out.

  8. My perfect scenario would be Donny winning POV after losing BOB and Frankie being put up next to Christine. Won’t happen. They will put Zach up next to her. Caleb and Cody can’t be put up if they win BOB.

    • Even better would be Donny winning BOB and then POV. Leaves Caleb and Cody on the block next to each other. Or even use POV to save Caleb and get him to align with you and whoever comes back into the game.

    • I know Derrick wants Zach gone sooner than later because he’s a loose cannon. However, he’s playing 2 moves ahead. Maybe (?) if that situation presents itself, he would put up Frankie vs Christine knowing that Cody-Donny-Zach-Victoria would vote out Frankie. Caleb would want Christine gone first but…Derrick has to count votes to evict Frankie down the road and Zach is a vote to evict Frankie. Caleb is not.

      • If Derrick hesitates to take the shot (at Frankie) this week (IF the situation presents itself), then “next time” he may not have the votes. “Next time” Frankie may be up against Donny (likely) or Victoria (could be) or even Cody. If he evicts Zach this week, then “next time” Derrick has 1 less vote to evict Frankie or maybe even 2 if one of them is on the block against Frankie. Save Christine this week and Frankie would have Christine & Caleb (Frankie’s versions of Victoria & Cody). Derrick would have Cody & Victoria (if it was Donny back up on the block against Frankie). Who knows if Frankie could promise the world to Donny to make a bargain. And the “x” is the returning Jury member. Just saying now may be the best time to take down Frankie (if it presents itself) – for Derrick. Frankie’s good in comps but we all gotta die sometime.

  9. Not that I’m a fan of Frankie, but what I can’t understand is why he’d be A-OK with nominating people who are going to be expected to win, just so Derrick can stay HoH. Not for nothing but you just saw a former HoH get booted, so why would you take that risk?

    Kind of hoping Frankie can choose first and chooses Christine and Donny, forcing Derrick to pick the team who is supposed to win. Then maybe something interesting will happen (whether Frankie’s noms actually win or not).

  10. All these people are giving away 500,000 dollars to Derrick! No need to play the game on their own….just listen to Derrick! None of these hgs are leaders….all followers. Victoria is clearly useful to be used by Derrick (brainwashed)! Zach is a joker, unpredictable, but very entertaining! Frankie is the new Andy who probably will go far due to production needs! Christine’s mistakes will catch up to her real soon when the puppet master decides to wake up and realizes she is a threat! Cody is Derrick’s Man Friday! Caleb is a trouble maker, but gamewise, he is dumb! Last but not least Donny is a disappointment. He has done nothing for his game.

    • name of this show Derrick and his followers.Production did a poor job of casting,time to figure out if this show is worth it.Just read the feeds don’t even have to watch anymore.As foe Donnie,even if he tried to discuss things everyone went right back to Derrick and his lackey’s so why bother.

      • Yes, Holly! I think Donny should have been proactive earlier. I do like his nice personality, but it may be just too late to change the game. He is just too nice and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I was expecting him to go far, but I think his time to go has come. Why on earth are they keeping Christine? Frankie and Christine should be ousted now…..b/d Frankie! Even if Nicole returns, I can’t see her doing much. She will latch on to Christine and will face her demise.

      • I just think they are so dumb in the game that they just follow Derrick.No nerve(I am being kind here)to take a risk.He will just keep Victoria give her the 2nd place and cruise on in.Makes for an unexciting season.

    • Sorry, but just because both Andy and Frankie are gay does not make them alike. Andy was one of the more hateful HG’s I have seen, but he did it in a very sly way, except towards the end, when he came right out and said this person or that person was ….. a nasty name. He hated people in the house. Frankie probably doesn’t like everyone in the housethe same amount, but he doesn’t have the animosity that Andy had. Andy almost turned off my BB viewing. The only person in that house, right now, that I really don’t care for is Christine hands all over…

      • I didn’t mean their sexual orientation. I meant Frankie’s style of playing is the same as Andy’s. He is everywhere just like Andy, although I might add that Frankie is not as disliked as Andy IMO!

    • I hate to see Victoria go to f2. These hgs are so dumb, they can’t figure out Derrick’s plan in keeping Victoria! She is absolutely useless and when someone like her who didn’t even know what “back door” meant, ends up in f2, it becomes frustrating!

  11. Frankies agreement to let Derrick stay the HOH may not be a gesture of good faith.. The alliance is gonna have to be broken up at some point and one of them goes home… Frankie may be thinking that this may happen sooner than later and he does not want to be the one to cast out the first alliance member.. Would make sense if it was his plan we know that Frankie is a sneak and a liar…hmmm keep watching

  12. One would think by now that it would occur to everyone that Derrick is keeping Victoria safe because his plan it to try to take her to the final 2 because he knows nobody would vote for her over him.

  13. Didn’t they try to get Christine to throw a competition before and she was dead set against it? I really don’t see Christine throwing this comp for her alliance….I hope Donny wins that POV and in his place would love to see Frankie or Cody go home!

  14. This is one of the Most Stupid Big Brothers I seen. I don’t know what’s worst the last season or this one. The women’s on the show acting very stupid. So busy going against each other instead of trying to win and out beat the guys. They let Derrick control game right along with Frankie who I can not stand at all.. I think this show is set up. I look at all the people on this show. Frankie shouldn’t even allow to be on this show because of his sister. This is not a Celebrity Big Brother. Even though he’s not but his sister is. Which still make him kinda like a celebrity.. And what’s up with not mixing up the nationality on this show. You don’t see Latino, Asian, you barely see African Americans on here. But they don’t even last that long. They out before you even know it. This show need to be cancel and taken off air. It’s really stupid same type folk win the contest. I wouldn’t be surprise if Frankie, Zach or Derrick make it to the final three.. The same old stuff with same type of people winning. You need to add some culture in this house.. They will show you how the game supposed to be played..

    • i totally agree with you on the choice of cast -again. It is so predictable. A token black man, a token black woman, a token gay person (guy), and a token good ole southern guy. wanna be actors and models

  15. I have read so many negatives about Frankie, but not one person mentioned him working, and wining his comp the other night, when Caleb decided to sit out the two man comp. Yay Frankie. !!!!!

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