Big Brother 16: Final Battle Of The Block Competition Today

The final Battle of the Block arrives today on Big Brother 16 as four Houseguests will face off one last time for a week of complete safety. Get ready to say farewell to the BB16 twist.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

During Thursday night’s live eviction show, host Julie Chen revealed that just one Battle remained as the season’s twist would come to an end with the crowning of Derrick and Frankie as the latest Heads of Household. Their pairs of nominees will battle it out on Friday afternoon and then we’ll say goodbye to this game changer. It’s almost as if production couldn’t let go until they finally saw an HoH go from the top power to a nominee and, in this case, an evictee.

I know a lot of fans have not liked the BotB twist, but I’ve actually enjoyed having it around and am glad it gave us so much to talk about. In past seasons we’ve spent Friday’s going through the boring routine of “the King (or Queen) will see you now” as HGs drone on with flimsy deals and offers before we finally get the nominations late in to the evening.

Instead this year the HGs were immediately in to plotting and planning mode, especially after an early season overnight Nomination Ceremony left HoHs on edge of being caught off-guard. HoHs collaborated which meant we got a solid idea of what was going to happen. Then with nominations made official early on Friday we could spend the day discussing that outcome and pouring over potential scenarios for the BotB later that afternoon.

We had another opportunity for fans nail-biting their way through the wait to discover if their favorites were safe. Houseguests stumbled and faltered in situations designed to give them the edge. (Zach.) Others couldn’t even lose at losing and unexpectedly sent “safe” HGs in to the danger zone. (Oh, Zach again.) For all the complaints of “predictable,” these moments were not.

In a preseason interview, executive producers Grodner and Meehan said they work each year to change things up enough to keep HGs from coming in with a set plan and knowing how to approach the game. The Battle of the Block definitely did that and it kept us entertained in the process.

Sure, it seems like this went on a little long and I’m actually surprised they didn’t send it off in to the sunset in grand fashion either on the Double Eviction night or as part of the upcoming returning Juror, but that’s okay. Once it got to the point of four of the six remaining HGs going up on the block it does seem to have worn out its welcome, but that won’t be repeated next week.

We know who is set to go up on the block this week and once again we’re expecting a HG to try and sabotage the process. Anyone willing to bet things don’t go to plan yet again? We’ll know soon!

What did you think of the Battle of the Block twist? Was it a good addition to the season or would you have never seen it involved this summer? Share your thoughts!


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  1. I just hope the next HOH would not repeat the “Skittle Draw” It’s a strategy, as a viewer, I don’t like it.

    • Because he’s in a dominant alliance? Because he’s stayed off the block? Because he hasn’t had to get blood on his hands? Seems like a pretty damn good strategy to me.

      • Because he’s boring! He hasn’t made any really good moves except staying friends with Derrick. If he had to play on his own, he wouldn’t know what to do.

      • How to win Big Brother: Make sure everyone likes you. Don’t get put on the block. Don’t get your hands bloody. Make a strong alliance.

        I mean…seriously, what do you want him to do? Piss off his entire alliance by making a “big” move? I’m sure that would get him further in the game.

      • Everyone like Nicole – that didn’t help her
        Lucking into a huge alliance the first week is not a decision of his

        How to win – DO SOMETHING in the game that proves you deserve to win it. Also I hope he goes out because he’s pretty much causing Christine to commit adultery. It’s disgusting

      • Nicole also tried to DO SOMETHING. Look how well that worked out for her.

        Cody is a flirty guy. Christine should be the one to walk away from it, not run to it.

        Also, that huge alliance the first week blew up in week 2.

      • He’s not causing her to do anything. She is doing it on her own. She is an adult and doing some childish things.

      • Uh, he’s not causing Christine to commit adultery. She’s a big girl and has done this on her own. By no means is Cody innocent as he is aware she’s married, but it’s not his fault.

      • Yep. Can you see him in the final 2 and the jury asks him why he deserves to win. Well I slept a lot, I fooled around with all the girls, I was Derricks bitch. I think I deserve the win.

      • There’s quite a bit of game left… plenty of time to make a move. But why make a move now when it would be a detriment to his game?
        Seems a lot of people don’t understand this game…

      • Hopefully Nicole comes back as she was the only one brave enough to go after the guys. Cody really hasn’t done anything in the game, I agree, but he isn’t making Christine commit adultery. Yes, they both are responsible & to blame but she is the one who has a husband out of the house. Shes the one who has someone outside not him, although he should be cautious of that. Plus she never pushes him away, & in all honesty she likes the attention he gives her, it’s clear to see on the live feeds. He is a flirt, but she can put a stop to it if that’s what she really wanted.

      • I agree. His biggest move is saying yes King Derrick anything you say. All he does is lay all over Christine, sleep and follow Derrick around. I laughed so hard last night when they showed him sleeping and he hit himself in the face and he looks around like who hit me. Stupid.

      • The only reason i think Cody should go is because all he does is talk smack and doesn’t get anything done himself. Im not in the house so I can’t even begin to speak on how he should play, but from a viewer, he’s contributed nothing to his group. When he’s in Final two, i doubt he’ll be able to plea a case. He had an opportunity to get Caleb out and he didn’t take it. Sure it would have been risky, but the game would for sure be different from that outcome.

      • Yes, it definitely would be different. Zach would’ve ended up getting kicked out (remember it was Caleb that sparked the reasoning to keep him.) You still would’ve had Hayden and Brittany. Cody and his alliance would’ve have been severely out numbered and Cody wouldn’t be making it as far as he’s making it now.

        So, the big move he didn’t make has gotten him further in the game.

      • Cody actually has had so many moves he could have made. My opinion is he really isn’t playing the game, scratch that, he is playing the game, Derricks game. Every single person Cody has decided to evict was on his side, out of everyone who is out of the house now NOBODY was coming after Cody. Hayden & Nicole trusted him 100%. He’s screwing himself because out of all the guys left in the house if he makes it to the final 2 he is the least deserving of the win, in my opinion. Yes, maybe sticking with his alliance has gotten him further, but the guy needs to do something on his own to make sure he has a chance at the money. Sooner or later they will have to go after one another, if he would of kept Hayden & Nicole they weren’t coming after him & he actually had an alliance with them, plus they were gonna go after the other guys & his hands would of been clean.

    • Soooo glad that Cody got nominated finally. Of course Derrick doesn’t have to worry about being a target with Frankie doing that. I’ve been wanting to see what Cody does when put to the test, which he’s been escaping since the get go. And I want to see how Caleb does when he isn’t throwing comps. Will the real “beast mode” show themself? hahaha

      • I agree. Cody hasn’t done anything so far in the game. Many defend him by saying he’s friends with everyone & he isn’t getting blood on his hands which is a good strategy but in all seriousness he’s playing Derricks game, which is why he’s still in the game. I don’t think he’d know what to do if Derrick wasn’t telling him what to do. Caleb, I actually want him to stay in the house, he’s more sane without Amber & I don’t mind him any longer, which is surprising.

  2. I think it could have worked, if there had been a good divide in the house. If both HOHs had wanted to stay HOH, we might have seen some epic battles. As far as the twist this season, it was blah.

  3. This cast is deciding its nominations on skittles… You think they would just automatically put up Christine as she is probably the least favorite detonator to them. And is it just me or is Victoria playing the game more than Cody now, we don’t even see his diary room sessions that much. And I enjoyed the battle of the block, it was nice to have 2 house guests be safe.

    • Victoria has no idea what is/has been going on. She was crying when she got informed about the alliance… it was like day 50 and she hadn’t heard anything about an alliance?! laughable. Cody hasn’t been really playing either (I agree) he just follows everyone (Derrick/Caleb). W/ 2 HOH’s two of them weren’t safe. As especially evident w/ the most recent eviction. Deciding based on skittles just re-affirms my belief that no one in this house has any balls! Victoria is just lucky that derrick made a final 2 w/ her as a backup or else she would probably be on her way out much sooner …

      • I don’t know what these house guests are thinking. Nobody is willing to make a big move, it’s getting down to the wire & soon they will have to go after each other. I think they believe that they (Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Caleb & Christine) will just hold hands & skip their way to the finale. Instead of a final 2 it will be 6. Hopefully either Hayden or Nicole will come back. Nicole was the only one brave enough to go against them. Sadly I think that whoever comes back only has a slim chance of staying since they all back stab one another & then go back to being in an alliance.

  4. I enjoyed dual HoHs dueling it out over BoB. It was definitely different and you make a great point in that it made them strategize Week 1. That may have also been why Devin felt the need to expand the 6-man alliance to an 8 member alliance, too. Think it would have worked better last year when there were 3 (lasting) competing factions. But I’m glad to be where it’s single HoH again so even a “little” fish can get some respect and cut some deals…Those who have lasted til now anyway. Otherwise, it’s a team sport.

    • Oh, so you mean Victoria? Assuming Donny can’t save himself and is gone this week, that’ll be the only little fish left.

  5. I think the BOB blew up in CBS’ face b/c the houseguests since the beginning have been ‘throwing’ the challenges…I would like to see it go back to 1 HOH each week. Maybe they can think of a different twist if need be…

  6. I agree this could have been a great twist, but their was too much throwing of battle of the block and allies winning hoh together making the results less important

  7. Count me as one who did NOT like the BotB. I think it could have been a great twist, but it wasn’t set up right. No one was willing to take a chance on nominating strong players who might win BotB for fear of getting “blood on their hands” (ugh!) for nothing. Instead, it was all about nominating the weakest players in the hopes of remaining HOH and swapping out a renom after veto. The Back Door strategy is a lot more fun to watch when it isn’t used as the norm.

    • I agree about the B/D strategy. I thought initially the BoB’s purpose was to get out the weakest players early so we’d have stronger “battles” every week. But the HoHs working together found a way to rig the system.

      • Exactly. I think CBS wanted to avoid a repeat of last season…and instead they created a different alliance that bulldozed the house without any real excitement.

    • I think the point was to get the houseguest to nominate weak players. Ever since Rachel’s “floaters grab a life vest” CBS has loved this idea. They promised last year a non floater season which backfired mainly bc of their love for all things Rachel Reily (Elissa)

      • I agree. And I don’t think that being a floater is bad, as long as you’re playing the game in other ways. It could be a strategy, just like laying low for the first half of the game.

      • floating is a good strategy. ppl like victoria that luck into it is what i don’t like. I know noone respects Andy from BB15, but he did not luck into the final 2. He was a strategic floater. I can respect that.

      • I think you’re absolutely right that was why CBS did it. Unfortunately, this twist also made it impossible for someone who WASN’T involved in a major alliance to shake up the house in any way.

        IMO, it’s handicapped Donny the most because even when he was HOH he couldn’t chip away at the Bomb Squad/Detonators alliance. They’ve always had a stranglehold on the power in the house…which has gotten boring.

      • I said from day 1 that the MVP twist would only keep floaters around. Gave people a chance to nominate strong players without having to get blood on their hands, and any floater that was on the block would likely have had a stronger player next to them.

    • BOB was a good idea but the execution was bad. Winners should have been taken off the block and given a chance to win veto, but they shouldn’t have been safe for the week automatically. Winning an hoh against the whole house wasn’t as safe as winning bob against only 2 other players.

    • Everyone was afraid to put up the strong guys because they had the advantage of winning the BOB so now we have a house full of guys. Can’t wait till they become paranoid and start to attack each other. Make it happen producers! Let’s see some action here.

  8. The Battle of the Block only made the huge 6 person alliance stronger because now, they get to dilute the power of the HOH! Most times, they had at least, one of the HOH and the power on who to put up! Those on the outside had to give into their picks because they only had half of the votes on who to put up! That made it worst for those not in the alliance. If
    Big Brother wanted to remedy the situation, they should have put a stop to the two HOHs and BOTB. Return it to one HOH and let it be!

  9. I love BotB! It adds strategy and gives us an additional competition to watch. I hope it returns next season.

  10. I would like to see BOB come back with a stipulation. If you throw it you cannot play in POV or be removed by POV. That would stop that.

    • I agree to this. It sounds like Caleb couldn’t play after he sat down and then saw that Frankie was doing good without him. Hopefully the same thing will happen to Christine. The only glitch to this is how do they prove that you threw the comp.

      • I agree Sharon, the players always seem to be able to out think the producers one way or another.

    • But how would you know for sure that someone was throwing it? (Unless they were foolish enough to say so.) Someone could throw it in a subtle manner–or perhaps a houseguest would be so naturally bad at a competition that it would look like throwing when it really wasn’t. No, you’d be opening up a whole new can of worms if this change got implemented. Too many flaws.

  11. I think BotB has been a big contributor to the slew of unanimous (or near unanimous) votes – which has ultimately led to a fairly stale season. I for one am looking forward to this ‘twist’ being evicted from the BB house.

  12. I am so glad that the double HOH and Battle of the Block is finally gone. It makes the game drag on and people always throw the competition. Maybe the game of Big Brother will be played when there’s only one HOH. Go Donny!!!

  13. I’m glad this BOTB is ending. How was it any fun when every week the same people controlled it and would put up people to throw it all the time. It would of been fun if whoever was put up played it to win.

  14. I really think BotB should stay only until the final 8 HGs if they’re going to start it off with 16 players instead of the original 12 as in past seasons before Season 14.

  15. I would like Cody to stop touching himself and all the girls!! He might start to play the game then

  16. I really liked the BOB because it gave more HG an opportunity to get letters from their family. But they could twist it up a bit by having the HOHs put each others nominations up. Whoever wins, nominee comes down, and the hoh stays hoh

  17. I’m over the moon that this week’s initial target isn’t walking out the door on Thursday. It throws a wrench in the alliances plan. Plus it’ll shake things up a bit!!

  18. I agree with Joe, the BoB has made things way to predictable, every week the same HG on the block. It’s like the bully on the playground, always picking on the weak. My favorite are almost all gone….Donny please win that Veto! Then let’s see a BoB with the four evicted HG and watch Nicole and Hayden walk back in, team up with Donny and Victoria and put these bullies in their place, starting with the” social media mogul”!

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