Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have some surprising results! The Feeds returned and HGs were immediately scrambling to figure out what could happen with Thursday’s eviction and the impact on their plans.

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Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results:

  • Victoria won the Power of Veto!
  • Zach won a trip to Germany
  • Nicole got a unitard punishment
  • Caleb won $5K
  • Brittany has to kick a ball in a goal 2400 times in 24 hours
  • Cody has to kick himself in the butt 10x when a whistle blows

We’ve learned that Caleb may have won the competition, but opt’d to take the cash prize and left Victoria with the Veto. So she won the power, but not the comp. That choice has upset the other guys.

When the Feeds returned Zach was worked up in the HoH room. He is convinced this will change everything. Frankie was already telling him that he doesn’t want to see Caleb renom’d and voted out or it’ll be them next. I’m not sure why Frankie is protecting Caleb. I think it’d be a very smart move for Cody to do that.

Playing in the comp today was Cody as HoH and Brittany and Victoria as the nominees. They were joined by Nicole, Zach, and Caleb. Caleb was there because Brittany picked him. She didn’t pick Amber like the two of them planned all morning but rather the HG who told her he wouldn’t save her if he won it. Makes my head hurt.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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    • one time only? Goodness I really wouldn’t want to see her win anything at all… just sit around and prove to the producers that when you cast a princess who thinks she’s the best looking woman in the house… a clueless princess you shall receive.

      • Sorry I should reworded. I want to make it clear I do not like Victoria at all. I was rooting for her and Britt during first BOTB. And they won. I don’t recall her being in any other comps besides HOH comp. I would have wanted her to win if she was up against any of these arrogant jerks that are running the house. I definitely did not want her to win today. Would have loved to see her kick soccer ball 2400 times in 24 hrs.

      • I really don’t think Caleb is seriously in the eyesight of anybody right now.

      • Just catching up, but from what I understand, Cody want Amber out before Caleb.

      • Oh well, I used to like Brittany but she went rogue when she did not at least vote for Devin as reciprocity to Devin for having saved her when she Brittany would have been the one evicted instead of Paupau, if she is put on the block she is sure going home, I hope not but with these HGs you just never know once Detective Derrick pass down his orders as to who should be evicted.

  1. Nicole is going up.

    Cody is just chicken to put Caleb up, of course he is won`t do it.

    Too bad.. I don`t wanna Brittany to go

    • He’s not putting Nicole up. The talk has been Caleb but Derrick is barking his orders to put Donny up.

      • Hope after Brittney kicks all 2400 goals, which would be hard for anyone to do, BB give her the Golden Power of Veto or something. At least Brittney does not sleep the entire day away like most of these housesguests do namely Zach and Frankie. Would love Brittney to stay and team up with Donnie and Cody and maybe Hayden and get others out. I used to like Nicole but hanging around with Christine she is becoming a real pain in the a**. Come on Cody get some balls and do think with your own head and not just blindly follow Derrick’s orders or you are going to be booted soon also.

  2. I’m afraid this is it for Donny unless he can pull something out of his beard.

    • Derrick is already shooting it down without making it too obvious. He will protect him as much as he could because of TA. Actually they’re talking about Caleb. lol

    • Remember what they say in BB expect the unexpected, good for her even if the POV was handed to her in default, Caleb took the money and she was lucky to be the winner, do I think she is going to win another game, I doubt it, but she is saved for next week, she better start stowing away those fancy shoes and start using her intellect to either outsmart some of these people or form a good squad around her who can protect her.

  3. Seeing that Derrick is pretty much in total control of the house he, Cody and Zach would be stupid to pass up on the chance to get Caleb out.

  4. Someone needs to tell TA that they didn’t do their job because Amber really isn’t a physical threat so they can backdoor Caleb and keep Brit or they dont get payed.

    • She didn’t earn the win though. It was just handed over to her. She’s no comp beast.

  5. Pathetic that Derrick is going to be the one to ultimately make the decision on who goes up. This season has had two boring and predictable weeks in a row. Hoping something changes the course of this week but I don;t have high hopes.

    • I hate when one person is dictating what happens in the house. This season isn’t going to get at least a little interesting until that big alliance has to start turning on each other.

      • It might happen but it also happened last year and the season was still horrible.

      • oh the alliance didn’t turn on itself last year that’s why it wasn’t all that interesting. Members of the alliance were picked off one by one because they thought THEY were the core of the alliance and simply couldn’t see that it was Andy & McCranda calling the shots…

  6. Matthew, question.
    What happens if Brittany cannot kick the ball 2,400 times in the time limit. Does she get a penalty nomination?

  7. Yeah, this is stating 2 get boring… It started off so good… Personal I feel they let Joey go 2 soon… The women R not as forceful in past BBH.. TA is well(what the ….R they thinking)…There’s no showmance which would kind of be interesting…Because we all love love, we do…8 more wks well see what happens

  8. If anyone else is having trouble with “black screen” and “loading” while trying to watch the feeds, like I am, technicians are working on the problem. My feeds have been messing up for days.

  9. Is there no way to stop Der-prick? When he told Nicole they were putting up Donny she said fine as long as it wasn’t her. And she told Hayden that America is probably loving this. No Nicole you spineless wimp superfan wanna be we are not loving watching all of you kiss King Der-prick’s a@@!!

    • not so sure there is a lot of honesty in saying they’re putting up Donny. My guess is that the appearance of not protecting Donny is important. But for the most part, I think they’ll keep Donny until the TA quests are done – then hopefully Donny would have built some alliance power. ;)

      • That’s exactly what King Derrick is doing Matt, and he’s doing a good job. Donny maybe the re-nom, but he’s safe. Britt is going home.

      • Yup let’s hope so. I’m hoping it buys Donny some time to smarten up and build some alliances (the odd squad would be the best bet for quick numbers if they could do the same)! :)

      • I wish that would happen. The only problem is everyone from the old BS alliance keeps winning HOH. We need someone else to win it Thursday.

      • ….even if they did, what do you think would happen at this current moment? The new BombSquad would come to the person and say ”If you want to be safe with us then you should do this….” (and without an alliance to back up the HoH what would any sane person do in that case?)

      • I agree…Derrick is controlling the entire house. Hope he gets put up real soon!

      • Donny should be using his head and building alliances on the down low. He tends to shoot his mouth off way too often! He should be getting the stragglers like Jocasta, Brittney, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole in an alliance. First time Nicole took Donny to the side, she tells him about putting up Caleb and Amber and what does he do? He tells Jocasta and others in the living room in plain view of others! How can one be so dumb? That is why Nicole put him up on the block! He knows about the Bomb Squad alliance and you do not need to be a genius to figure out that only Devin has been booted out? Shut up and work quietly on forming alliances. Small alliances of people you can trust even just a 3 person alliance can go a long way!

  10. Perfect opportunity to put up Caleb, at least he won’t leave empty handed. It would get rid of the awkwardness between him and Cody.

    • Plus I think a point for Derrick is not looking at is he will be more loyal to Amber than him while Brit wouldn’t put him up.

    • please let that happen and he goes out the door…He is such a know it all and perfect game player…in his mind but nobody elses…

    • I agree! Please send Caleb home! A kind person would not beat a hog to death! Pray he is backdoored, but odds are it will be Brit going home!

    • It will probably at least, give Brittney another chance at getting back at Zach! We need the stragglers to win HOH next week and use their heads and put up Zach, Derrick, Cody, Frankie. If they can do that, they can hopefully, send one of them home! That also guarantees that the Detonators has only 3 guaranteed votes to save themselves if two of them remain on the block! That is also, a big move to shake the house! Will the Detonators target them?
      Of course, but, they are targets just the same! Why not use it to take the strong players out as it should be! In Survivor, the strong players get booted out first most times at least!

  11. I just added Zack to my s**t list. While Britt is doing her 2400X kick the ball in the goal in 24hrs, Zack is treating her like crap. Poor Britt, She will probably finish the penalty at 4AM….Zack is becoming like his pre-interview…a douche!

    • To be fair, she’s been saying non stop since she was nominated how Zach doesn’t deserve to be there. I don’t know what he’s been doing to her because I haven’t seen the feeds since the morning. But she’s been acting extremely whiny the last few days.

      • Well Zack is really being a d**k to her. It’s unnecessary since she’s going home anyway. Even Cody called him out on the way he’s treating her.

      • Zach is just an idiot.Don’t know how any of them can stand him.Why isn’t TA doing more to make sure a threat goes out isn’t that their assignment?Why don’t they like Donny?

    • Agree! Zach is quickly becoming my least favorite and he is a jerk. What happens if Britt does not finish the 2400?

      • I don’t know, but she’ll finish it. She said she’ll rest when she gets to1000.

    • Zach IS a douche, but he was honest about himself in his pre-show interview and made it clear that he was only in it for himself and would have no real allegiance with anyone.

  12. Wonder how long it will be before Ratina kicks Nicole to the curb, since she was never in Bomb Squad.

    • I’ll bet she doesn’t. Not that that would change your opinion of her or not.

    • Doesn’t she have an alliance with Nicole and Hayden? Actually, she should be using her head. She is only number 5 in the Detonators alliance and should be moving to take them down! I hope Jocasta and Victoria win HOH next and put up Zach, Derrick,
      Cody and Frankie! The only problem, Victoria will probably object to putting up Cody because he is a cuddle mate of hers!

      • I don’t know..the way Christine is gaga over Cody, even though she is a married woman, scratches and rubs his arms and back, runs her fingers through his hair…she has to know that she is last on that totem pole. Don’t really care for Christine.

  13. What is this fight that occurred between Brittany and Nicole regarding a bed? And why was Christine and Zach hugged up?

  14. With Pao and Devin gone, and numbers therefore dwindling to get an alliance to challenge Derrick’s Army, it is too late for the non-Derrick-aligned players to do anything. They sealed their fate by keeping Zach and then not kicking out Caleb last week.

    • Yes, they were/are fools. There isnt a head in the game among them. Now we get to watch them bleed out. Buh Bye!

  15. Is it true there was a video of Caleb beating a hog to death? If so the thought makes me sad, and so want him to go home!!!!

    • I did see a picture somewhere that showed him with a bloody hog carrying it over his shoulder. I can’t stand him. He thinks he is Derricks right hand man now. Wherever Derrick is Caleb.

      • I want Caleb to be backdoored! I know Brit is the target, but not only do I dislike what I heard about the video pertaining to Caleb – it would be a smart move to get him out!

    • He allegedly killed a boar, not a hog. Wild boars are an epidemic in many parts of the country. Killing them is the only right thing to do.

  16. Brittany deserves to go after not voting with Devin AFTER he saved her, and for not voting to keep Devin last week. Jerk and all, Devin deserved some loyalty for getting her off the block after she begged him.

    • Devin deserved exactly what he got. Brittany didn’t owe him anything. He put her up, after all, because he didn’t like her.

  17. I get the feeling that Cody is maybe having second thoughts about putting Brittany up and sending her home..well, let me correct that..Derrick sending her home..watching the feeds tonight he seems a little upset about something. I know he is not happy about getting kicked in the rear every hour, but something else is bothering him. I think he wishes it were Amber going this week instead.

    • Earlier Caleb was talking about how Brittany was mad at Cody and told Cody “so what do you think my dad thinks of you now?” Apparently he is bothered by that comment.

    • I know he’s angry with Frankie stirring up some s**t to cover his bases. A big problem too is every time a player start scheming, it’s reported to King Derrick and it gets squash right away if he doesn’t like it. The girls talking to Christine, spilling their game play is so frustrating to watch…Christine is the Andy of this season.

      • Maybe, a good time to spread disinformation. In Survivor, it is very common to plant seeds in players minds by saying they said this about you! Or this guy is trying to get you out!
        If the stragglers were smart, they would scheme to break apart Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody. Spread lies and put it on thick. Also, if more than one person is saying it then, they will think it is true!

      • Derrick is doing it. This is his area, (planting evidence)..I mean…

      • I know..drives me soon as someone not in with Christine opens their mouth..I am yelling at the TV..NO!!

  18. Interesting how the producers worked World Cup into this comp. Germany, soccer, kick in the butt! Very clever!

  19. Hmmm…Is Derrick really pushing Cody to put up Donny as a pawn? He better make sure Donny doesn’t get evicted because he won’t be getting 5-grand this week either way, nor will Frankie (who I’m hoping didn’t get 5k from the first task for doing absolutely nothing).

  20. Hasn’t anyone learned to just say yes, I am with you each time another house guest approaches you with something? That silence is golden? The reason that nothing good ever happens is everyone is blabbing their mouths assuming that everyone is kosher! Even the Bomb Squad being
    exposed has not made the others even concerned that they could be the next ones out? They should be forming alliances amongst themselves quietly! And don’t they know that Christine and Amber were part of the Bomb Squad so, should be suspect at a minimum? The women are more
    concerned about the showmances than focusing on the game! Amber is gaga over Cody, Victoria just wants to spoon and cuddle with the guys and feel them up! They should have been on Bachelor Pad instead, of Big Brother! LOL

    • Don’t blame the house guests, blame the producers of Big Brother who pick these types of players. Big Brother over the past few seasons has turned into a glorified Real World.

      Why do you think most the dudes are jacked out of their minds? Or why most the girls are young, somewhat attractive, and single? The middle aged, average looking male/female rarely gets on this show anymore. Big Brother would rather have drama and showmances than actual gameplay.

      I would venture to say that most players who get on Big Brother aren’t students of the game. They have no idea what solid gameplay is. Why do you think Dan mopped the floor with the other house guests during Season 14? Because they had no idea what they were doing and Dan clearly saw that.

      Until Big Brother stops caring about big muscles and good head of hair, we’ll continue to see this style of Big Brother.

      Sorry for the rant…

  21. I would love it if Caleb got renominated (after giving away the veto for the cash…if that’s the case) then goes home. BWAHHAHAH

  22. Has anyone else noticed that they haven’t given the houseguests alcohol this season? It took me a few episodes, esp. on “Big Brother After Dark” to realize that. Just curious as to why I wonder. Possibly because of the debacle that was last summer’s season when everybody was making racial slurs, gay slurs, too much booze going around. I don’t know. I kind of miss them going to the storage room to see if they had left them any beer and wine. LOL.

    • They did get some, but not much so far. When Caleb was HOH, he got a few beers in his HOH fridge.

  23. It would be interesting to know if they have told Victoria of all the events going on in Israel right now.

  24. Either u gotta love him or hate him, but Frankie is soooo funny. i love him. Yes, he does seem to be the life of the party all time. But come on if he wasn’t there that house would be so boring. Yes some of the other houseguests are entertaining but Frankie is so crazy funny. He just steals the show, esp. when he goes into his “one man show” mode, with his different voices is just pure genius. He really needs to get his own sitcom out of this. I’m dreading the week that he leaves. Granted it may be awhile yet. I just don’t think he will be the final two. But I’m pretty sure that he has a good chance at the $10,000 prize that the viewers vote on. It will be close between Frankie and probably Donny.

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