Big Brother 16: Cody’s Renom That Almost Was

The week that almost was on Big Brother 16. Yesterday Cody had an important to decision to make when it came to the Power of Veto Ceremony as he was torn between what he thought he should do and what he wanted to do. The choice would have a major impact on the game.

Cody Calafiore
Cody Calafiore on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Following Saturday’s competition we knew things would change, but the choice seemed predetermined and unwavering. When the Veto holder put it in to play Cody would name his renom and the week would carry on. Shortly before the meeting on Monday that all hung in the balance after a private plea.

Flashback to Monday 7/21 at 11:45 AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Donny talking with Cody. Cody was dreading this conversation as he said he didn’t know what to say to Donny. Cody’s plan was to put Donny up on the block against Brittany to insure her departure and Donny suspected as much.

Talking with Cody, Donny reminded him that while he wouldn’t think any less of Cody if he were renom’d, he didn’t want it to happen and encouraged Cody to look at another option. At 11:00 AM BBT Cody says he’s made his decision and he will not be putting Donny on the block. They hug and Donny leaves.

Cody goes downstairs and tells HGs that he’s putting Caleb on the block even though he still wants Brittany to go home. Cody blames Caleb for winning the Veto competition and then choosing cash over the medallion thus leaving it in Victoria’s hands and causing this problem for Cody. He feels it’s unfair for Donny to pay the price for Caleb’s ego. Cody says

Frankie jumps up, runs to find Derrick, wakes him up, and sends the Cleaner to go reset Cody’s plans. Derrick goes to Cody, who knows Frankie ratted his plans to him (Cody calls Frankie a “f**king weasel). Derrick says that he’s not going to talk him out of it, but thinks it’s a bad idea.

Feeds cut and the Veto Ceremony is underway. When it’s over we find Donny sitting in the hot seat and Cody pacing in the HoH room. He’s upset and decided against his plan. Cody is very upset with how things went down and says a lot of negative things about his decision. Later we hear that Frankie got in his ear while the HGs were on outside lockdown as Victoria pondered whether or not to use the Veto on herself.

Had Caleb gone up on the block he most likely would have been voted out. I do not doubt that at all. Cody didn’t think that would happen, but the house would have jumped at the chance. Here’s the kicker. Caleb had volunteered repeatedly the night before to be used as a pawn saying he didn’t care and thought he’d be safe. Had Cody put him on the block and said it was as a pawn, Caleb would not have been upset and he likely would have been completely blindsided on Thursday night.

Instead we have a practically locked vote and a predictable week ahead of us until Brittany is sent home in what I expect to be a unanimous vote on Thursday’s live eviction show.

Here’s why I don’t think it was the terrible and risky choice some fans say it would have been for Cody to renom Caleb.

Caleb said to do it. He literally said “put me up, I don’t care.” Caleb is already more or less an ally. Caleb has already suggested he considers Cody his number one male target for nomination, whether that was in passing anger/jealous is another discussion. If Caleb stayed then it’s simply, “our plan worked! Thanks, Caleb.” If Caleb was evicted then he’d go home and not to Jury.

Donny asked not to be the renom pawn. Donny is largely unaffiliated and is looking for allies. Promising Donny safety and delivering on it would have been a big trust builder and if any HG in there is going to gamble with his own game later to make good on a promise, it’d be Donny. And so far, Donny has the most wins in the season.

Brittany was looking for salvation. Putting Donny up against her secures her departure. Putting Caleb up against her keeps in the game and makes a grateful, though admittedly uncertain, potential ally.

The whole game is a gamble and we see both sides of the coin that the HGs can not thanks to the Live Feeds. Hard to tell with any certainty which was the “smarter” choice for Cody, but I think it’s safe to say this was the much less exciting option for us this week. Time to pack up Week 4 and await a new hope in Week 5 of Big Brother 16.

What do you think of Cody’s decision on Monday? Which choice would you have made if you were the Head of Household?


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  1. i have no problem with donny nom except cody explicitly told Donny he wouldn’t do it. Sure people lie all the time, that was an unnecessary lie and huge middle finger to donny.

      • Agreed. In fact I suspect it might come back to hurt his believability in the game from here on out…

      • I honestly think Cody would’ve kept his promise to Donny, had Derrick and Frankie not gotten in his ear. Meanwhile, I’ve been liking Frankie a lot- he is by far the most entertaining thing about After Dark – but I do not like that he seems to be following in BB15 Andy’s footsteps.

    • Let’s not forget though that Brittany made the first “bad choice” when she could have chosen a possible ally to play the veto with instead of Caleb. Not that it would have necessarily made a difference.

      • That was a good idea. Because Caleb choose not to win the veto. And Cody got really mad. That is one of the reasons Cody was considering putting Caleb up.

        If Cody was this stupid chicken baby. Brittany plans would have worked and Caleb would go home this week.

  2. I believe he just made a 500k mistake. They haven’t had an endurance for awhile so they are due. We all know Caleb has the edge on endurance comps. Caleb will put him up or talk the other HOH into doing it if it’s a girl or he will try to BD him. I really think Cody has the votes to stay. Derrick,Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Victoria or Jocasta. It depends on whose up against him on the block. Frankie will vote whatever everybody else does. If it’s Donny he’s up against I only see Donny getting 3 or 4 votes. Next week should be interesting for sure.

    • Alot of times the guys with the big muscles don’t do so well in some endurance comps. I think Caleb is one of the most arrogant HG’s I have ever seen and I have been watching since season one. He even has Dr. Will beat. I think Cody made a big mistake yesterday. Frankie is so untrustworthy. Caleb said he would go up, Cody should have honored his wishes..may come back to bite him later.

      • I think it will definitely come back and bite him, maybe this week. I am hoping Donny wins 1 of the HOH’s and puts up Frankie and Christine. Split the vote, lol that would be fun for us to watch cause both would freak out.

      • If Donny is HoH along with a Detonator, the deck is stacked. Detonators might even put up their own to ensure the BoB is thrown – dethrone Donny, then backdoor him. (Or Caleb if POV saves Donny)
        If Donny & Jocasta win some dumb luck HoH, then they could put up 4 of them. THAT would freak them out and they might not throw that one because of it (Cody-Frankie-Christine-Zach) with Derrick as the renom/target (since Donny knows he’s the ringleader and maybe he won’t get to play for POV). That way, their votes are tied up mostly and they will have to cannibalize one of their own and, better yet, campaign against each other, draw blood, secrets fly out, etc.
        Of course, Donny is gone the following week unless he wins POV but at least he’d go out with respect.

      • And I love that Donny told Jocasta if he wins HoH, he’d tell them not to come to the HoH and let him think and if they do – the first 4 up there are going up. Lol. Nice!

      • Love to see Derrick scramble to tell POV winner NOT to use the POV (in that scenario), that he/she is “100% safe”, blah, blah (to save his behind from going up). Only Switchblade Donny pulls the “unexpected” and blatantly lies that his renom is CALEB, so they use the POV and BAM!!! Up goes Derrick! Dr Will would write Donny a fan letter for that move.

      • Think of the scenarios. Would it take a jedi mind trick to cause Frankie to consider cutting Derrick while he’s prime??? If not now, when?? Would Christine consider cutting Derrick so she moves up to F4 status minimum??? Would Zach??? Cody – of course not. So maybe Cody is up against Derrick. They might not campaign openly hard against each other but the Frankies, the Christines, the Zachs of the house might find Cody more malleable as they step into the Ringleaders shoes at that point.

      • I would have loved it if Cody put Derrick up as the renom and said it was because he was trying to run the house! If Derrick was sitting next to Brittney all HGs would have the chance to get the stronger player out!

      • If the floaters hope to have a chance, winning the HOH is their only hope. Put up Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Cody! You need to put all 4 on the block. Two will get off but, the other two will remain at least, until the POV. Best scenario probably is a Donny/Jocasta HOH or maybe, a Donny/Victoria HOH. Donny needs to nominate Zach and Derrick if possible.

      • I think Donny said if he wins he’ll put up Derprick and Ratine. Now that would be fun to watch. Hayden and KnowNothing Nic vote Ratine out? Frankie and Zach pass up the opportunity to get Derprick out now? Caleb supports Derprick but would Amber support Ratine to make the guys take a hit? If only…

      • lol. a bit overstated, but yes Caleb seems to not really care much as to what happens (I however feel it’s moreso because he feels emotionally defeated by Amber and he’s just taking a ”passive aggressive” stance).

    • I don’t necessarily agree. Derrick will keep Cody safe until Caleb is gone. Cody’s $500K mistake will be taking Derrick to F2/3 (if he lasts that long).

  3. Why on earth would Derrick/Cody want Britt out They both have her wrapped around their fingers, that they could persuade her to do anything

    • They don`t have Brittany wrapped around their fingers, that is the reason they want them gone. Brittany, Donny and Jocasta are the only ones not doing what Derrick wants.

      • Listening to her and Derrick and Cody talking and how she trusts them. I know they are leading her on which is sad. So she really has no alliance.

  4. I think the two HoH’s should put up Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Christine. The 4 who have never been on the block!

    • I completely understand that to win BB, you would have to be manipulative, lie, backstab, betray…what would BB be without it. I want Brittany to go home over Donny. I think the HGs who are giving her false hope just for the enjoyment of watching her needlessly campaign are being extra cruel. Just tell her the truth and if she has a melt-down, at least she will be better prepared to go out and face the real world.

      • I agree. And I also know they have to do whatever to get to the end but I don’t like players like Frankie the snake that goes from room to room and tells everybody everything. I also don’t like Derricks game either. He makes final two with everyone and tries to control everyone. Don’t like these kind of players.

      • I don’t enjoy them, but I get that they are playing the game the way they think is best. I’d rather watch them than Victoria who has to be the stupidest player ever!!

      • Or when they are in the HOH room watching Devin last week laughing at him. I wish they would take the spy am out. Maybe we wouldn’t have to watch people all the time lying around in HOH room

      • I didn’t care much for Devin’s game, but, yes, I felt bad for him because of some of the HGs actions. It’s expected that people play the game with all the deception. But to me, the ones who enjoy seeing others hurt are showing a side of their character that most likely exists outside of the BB house. Because that definitely is not necessary to win.

      • I agree. When Britt, who i like, walks out thursday to a 10-0 vote, is going to be so floored. Her experience in BB house has been the pitts. 3 out of 4 weeks on the block. Two weeks straight on slop. For what? I feel really bad for her. I wish she and donny stay and team up.

      • Which sadly my friend is a lot of the contestants they get on the show. Take for example Zach & Frankie whom everyone thought ”Oh these guys are fun and entertaining” (check out the original comments at the beginning of the season to verify) – but – they took great pride in pre-announcing their ability to lie, cheat, and manipulate their way to the money. They want to be perceived as masters of manipulating people’s feelings. I wish there were more Donny’s on the show, but sadly Big Brother has gone the way of The Real World.

  5. Anybody that thinks they’ll win sitting beside Derrick in the F2 is out of their mind. Like what I said, I’m not rooting for Derrick, but I’ll vote for him If I was in the Jury. The guy is playing awesome game right now…I mean as of now…Of course, that can change.

  6. Well, I am fairly new to watching BB. I just stared watching last year. All I can say is I’m rooting for Derrick. It would be nice to see a winner I could respect.

    • Funny you say that, because Derrick and Frankie are playing a game similar to what Andy played. Soak up all the information, relay to the right people, and most importantly, convince others to make moves that would supposedly benefit their game but really damages it. Caleb staying only benefits Frankie and Derrick, just like how Andy convinced Helen to keep Amanda in as long as possible because having both in the house allowed him to hide amidst the fighting.

      • The difference with Andy and Derrick is Andy aligned himself with 2 teams. Derrick hasn’t pledge alliances with others than who he started with.

      • I suppose I should have said that D&F combine elements of Andy’s strategy between them. Frankie has Andy’s observation skills, and Derrick has his game talk and his ability to get others to do his bidding.

      • I know there is some dishonesty in this game. I just didn’t appreciate the way Andy played. I have more respect for Derrick. Maybe it was the way he was smirking about it or some of his crud comments off camera.

      • Oh I disagree. I don’t thin Derrick & Frankie are similar to Andy. Andy was incredibly observant and made sure he was involved in every conversation that could possibly turn against him. Derrick & Frankie are doing it the traditional way of simply being in the dominant alliance and letting other people get more blood on their hands. I’d say Christine is similar to Andy, but Christine has no ”final 3 deals” with different groups of people final 4 or even final 6, but she’s not in the ”centre” of all those deals and will therefore be cut loose when the time suits… She’s more like Helen from last season.

      • Agreed that Helen is more cunning than Christine. I wouldn’t say Derrick is playing the same. Again, he’s the centre of the strongest alliance in the house – if anything he’ll be ”Amanda” of this season (calling the shots with Frankie playing along)…

      • I respectfully disagree. Helen was calling the shots for awhile..Amanda was a emotional tornado. .not any good strategy. .just working off paranoia like Devin.

  7. Cody could have at least told Donny that he still wasn’t sure yet or told him that he was going to go on the block instead of promising Donny that no matter what said to him that he wouldn’t put Donny on the block. Cody damaged the trust that he could’ve had with Donny and that trust could’ve helped Cody along in the game. With Caleb being so confident in the POV competition, Cody should’ve put him on the block for a reality check, if nothing else.

    • Agreed. The only drawback however is that Derrick & Frankie would’ve lost a bit of trust in Cody had he done it that way (which is great for us as fans watching, but bad for Cody’s game)… Sadly Donny is on the outside looking in and the alliance is making sure it stays that way.

      • I don’t think Derrick would’ve lost trust in Cody though. I think Cody is Derrick’s one person to trust to the end. Cody could easily explain it away with the facts that Caleb offered to go up twice and Caleb’s over confidence in the POV competition. As for Frankie, Cody already knows that Frankie can’t be trusted and I think if Frankie were to put Cody on the block, Derrick would be able to pull some magic to keep Cody in the game. I don’t expect Donny to win the game, but at this point, Donny’s trust is worth more than Frankie’s trust.

      • Oh I don’t know about that… Based on what the live feeders have been sharing it sounds very much like you’d better have Derrick & Frankie on your side otherwise you’re in some serious jeopardy.

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