‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest spoilers on Big Brother 16 are in with this week’s Veto Ceremony where the final nominations were set for Week 4. The house was scrambling to be ready for today’s decision with HGs in Cody’s ear until the last minute.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After a surprising Veto competition where the winner didn’t walk away with the Veto it almost seemed fitting for an equally surprising PoV Meeting, but would that happen?

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

This week’s Veto winner, Victoria, used the PoV on herself. Cody named Donny as the renom.

Just before the meeting Donny convinced Cody to put up Caleb instead. Cody promised to Donny that he would not put him up. After wards Cody says he was worried Caleb would have exploded. Cody is really regretting not having put up Caleb immediately after the meeting.

Right now the target remains on Brittany even with Donny going up. Cody felt most comfortable with his chances of evicting Brittany if she were up against a popular HG like Donny.

The final nominations for Week 4 on Big Brother 16 are Brittany Martinez and Donny Thompson.

Do you think Cody made the right choice for the Veto renom? Which of these nominees would you like to see evicted? Brittany or Donny?

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  1. Donny WILL win an HOH and he WILL put Cody up. Brittney may or may not win an HOH. I think they are all going to regret not putting Caleb up when they have the chances.

  2. Cody is playing Derrick’s game for him right now. Derrick and Caleb have been doing alot of talking lately. Cody better wake up soon because if Caleb wins HOH this week, Cody is going up.

    • I don’t think so, because now Derrick can work on Caleb by telling him, that Cody save his neck.

      • It would be great to see Donny get an HOH win this week..since it is an uneven number playing..maybe it will be questions. Hopefully, Donny can reel it in!!

      • I would love to see that happen and see what he really understand of what is going. I think he does know.

      • Oh he does understand what’s going on. He already said if he wins HOH, he’ll put Derrick and Frankie on the block..so he clearly sees even what we see.

      • He said if he won he would nominate Caleb and Derrick and if one came down he would put Frankie up. He’s not stupid and knows exactly what’s going on.

    • Derrick=Andy. Andy had all sides doing what he wanted. No one suspected him. They all flock to safe Derrick. They better open their eyes soon. Derrick is ratderrick.


      • Thanks for the reply about the CAPS, CAPT. Embarassing to say, but I don’t know how to edit it. I am not very technologically proficient so I probably should have never posted. I’m sure most of the people posting here are at least 30 years younger. Probably should be an age limit!

      • I’m sure many are 30 years younger than me too. Look at the bottom of your post, there a line with an up arrow, a down arrow (that’s thumb up and thumb down) next to that you have ” Edit – Reply – Share”. Click on edit. Retype than click on “Save edit”

      • Yep, I think there are more older folks on here than you realize ksjb… and yeah simply click where it says ”edit” at the bottom of your comment.

      • Matt, for some reason, I have no Edit option showing below my comment. I have up and down arrows and Reply and Share. I can use the up arrow but not the down(says I have to sign-in to down-vote the post). Maybe it has something to do with being a guest? Thanks for trying to help.

      • Right on. Didn’t know you were just a guest. Indeed you have to go to Disqus website and sign-up. That way you can put a nice avatar next to your name.

      • Thanks for the info. When there were two people telling me to click the edit button and I couldn’t find one, I thought maybe they’d already kicked me out!

      • Before anyone gets upset, I was joking about the age limit. Just because I am “older” than dirt and haven’t gotten involved with all the new technology, I know there are many that do and good for them for keeping up.

      • I’m with you. I have forgotten more than most will ever learn. I used to program when they used punch cards. I know nothing now..

    • Right now I would say that it was too early for him to make a move. Time will tell ;)

      • The problem with that logic is… by the time the sheep understand it wasn’t too early, they get eaten by the wolves(Derrick or Frankie).

      • I might add: an ugly rat who bore an uncanny resemblance to Howdy Doody…easily the most vile winner of BB ever.

      • Nope. Not by a long shot. BB15 was possibly the worst season in BB history (BB9 would be a close second) but Andy was pretty tame compared to the rest. The most vile winner of BB would be Adam from season 9 (he was crude on the show and ended up spending his winnings on oxycodone and got arrested), and possibly Dick from BB8, or Maggie from BB6. Come to think of it, Boogie from BB7 was pretty scummy too. There have been much worse winners than Andy

    • I still like Cody. Who cares who he puts up as a replacement pawn? It’s still Brittany going home. All the viewers love Donny waay too much. I mean, the guy’s pretty awesome but you don’t have to hate everyone who opposes him

  4. Ugh… I wish Caleb went up. This was a good opportunity to get rid of the true physical threat :/

    • Why getting rid of physical threat ? Physical are good entertainment for us the viewers.

      • or do you mean he will be a BEASTMODE COWBOY YA’LL! he’s such a d-bag. i know a hundred guys just like him that are all talk. for somebody who brags about himself so much he sure seems to have low self esteem.

      • Didn’t he serve two deployments? Shut up he has already proved himself to be a bigger man then you will ever be.

    • Double ugh!!! I was hoping Cody would go with his gut and HIS game and put Caleb up and out BB door! I so want Caleb to go home! Aside from beating a hog to death, he is a big threat to Cody due to Amber…

    • Caleb’s not a physical threat in any way. He can call himself “beast mode cowboy” all he wants but the fact still remains that Victoria has won more competitions than him. When are people going to learn, the physical threats in big brother are the really scrawny guys like Ian from BB14 because they can win all the endurance challenges with their low body mass

    • Well, if had put Caleb up, Derrick was coming after him next week, for sure.

      • I wanna see WAR inside the house Capt. lol..you know what I’m saying? One man rule is just no fun to watch.

      • Derrick and Cody have a F2 deal (that is actually for real).

        Even if he did put up Caleb, Derrick wouldn’t have gone after him. Derrick would understand Cody’s position and he would’ve backed him up.

        Both decisions Cody could have made were understandable and Derrick realizes that.

      • I know..btw Derrick has F2 with a lot of them. (unofficially/without shaking hands) not that it would make any difference. But the guy is playing hardcore, covering all his bases

      • Right ! A lot of things can happen.. Who knows Big Bird will come out as BB winner…i meant Christine

      • I don’t think Derrick would’ve gone to that extreme, but I am really disappointed in Cody. He may also have blown his chances to get closer to Amber without any emotional interference, so he only has himself to blame if that doesn’t work out… (A further punishment would be if Amber went home soon and told him ”I would’ve liked to been closer to you but with Caleb around it simply couldn’t happen.”) ;)

      • Actually I caught a convo on the feeds a few days ago and Cody, from what he was saying, is not into Amber at all. He is using her for gameplay only. In fact he did say he would put her up with no problem. Don’t know if he meant it.

      • Oh yeah because EVERY guy doesn’t want the attention of a hot model who needs rescuing from another guy. ;) I have a feeling that was just macho talk in front of the other guests…

  5. My two favs up for eviction. Even if Brit stays, that means Donnie is going. And vice versa. Now there won’t be anywhere to ff to

      • By keeping him every week thinking that the next week he would be the likely target.

    • Dick won BB8 simply because America cheated for him. Otherwise, Eric would have booted his a** out like week 4 but since he was america’s player he did what america told him to do and kept him then AND pretty much protected him the whole game. This is why Evel Dick is so outrageously overrated.

  6. UGH! Why are they so afraid! ARGGGG! Play the game for YOURSELF, not the house (or for Derrick)! Great opportunity to get some peace from Caleb and his death stares (he is probably making voodoo dolls to prick Cody with).

    • Don’t judge people on look. It’s what is in the soul that’s important. I really don’t think Caleb is a mean person.

      • Huh? Never said he was mean, love makes one do crazy things. Cody being close to Amber irritates Caleb. You see the way he looks at Cody (death stares), that alone makes Cody uncomfortable. And the fact that Amber is not returning his love, can make Caleb lose it even more.

      • Most stalkers are probably perfectly normal nice people to the people they don’t stalk. Doesn’t mean I have to like them.

  7. None of these HOHs have a backbone. Derrick is calling all the shots and these whimps are letting him.

      • Wouldn’t do that yet. Doesn’t take much at f5 or f4 to kick a strong player out. Ask Amanda.

      • Its a very risky move on their part either way not seeing that hes pretty much running the house. Derrick is a good talker and that makes him dangerous.

      • Oh don’t worry they see he’s running the house. A lot of people have mentioned Derrick and Frankie’s name.

      • Chris, that’s exactly what I have been saying, Detective Derrick is running the house and eating the other HGs cake, this season is almost identical to last season except Amanda Zuckermann has more brass than all the girls in the house this season, she went after the guys and the girls when the opportunity presents itself, good or bad.

      • I agree. Atleast, Amanda during last season made some moves! This group doesn’t look like they have it in them! Reminds me of Helen and Judd from last season! All bark and no bite! Now, is not the good week to go after Amanda says Helen and Judd. We
        all know what happened! They got evicted for it! Judd never learned his lesson and given a 2nd chance still blew it again! Trusting the same people who evicted him! LOL

  8. Donny winning HOH would be great. He sits and observes, and he knows what is going on. His HOH will better his game regardless of who goes home.

    • Donny should use his head meaning, he should be striking alliances with the floaters. That is his only chance of surviving in the Big Brother House! He already has a target on his back. Only thing probably saving him is the Team America twist. Also, learn to shut your trap and not tell all the house guests everything you know! Silence is golden! Reserve what you know only for people you absolutely trust! Like a trusted alliance member.

  9. Cody Chicken Out. Caleb should have been up. I am Shocked all that talk today and NOTHING, I was liking Cody but after today throw that out the window. He has a target on his back now.

  10. They have wasted, not one, but two opportunities to get rid of a very strong physical player. Last week I understand: they had to get rid of Devin. But this week? Na-ah. They could’ve had Brittany on the block anytime. She’s been there 3 out of 4 times. Caleb however is tough to put up and to get rid of unless it’s by backdoring him, which the chances of pulling that off continue to disintegrate. How could Cody not realize that if Caleb freaks out, it will up his chances on leaving? Considering what happened to Devin. Also, that would’ve been a great chance to shake up the house a little. Ugh, so dissapointed.

  11. Not happy with the results. If these girls would stop and think, they need to get Donny out. I love him but come on, they are handing it to those boys. Little puppets without a brain, ALL OF THEM. Perhaps Cody’s mistake will be not renoming a girl.

  12. I think he made the WRONG choice. Donny needs HOH, put up Frankie and Derrick. If POV is played, Christine goes up

    • Frankie & Derrick could be a good force to win the BoB. Does not mean either would go.

      • I think the double HOH is bout done. Since they are starting a new twist with the activity monitors.

      • Activity thing is for one week, it will decide who is a have and have-not for next week.
        Double HoH is good for at least another 2 weeks.

  13. NO! Cody did not put up the correct people. A good person with a mind of their own is going home

  14. I don’t even care that Cody didn’t stick to his guns. I’m glad Brittany is leaving because she is awful at this game and needs to go. If Caleb was up he’d probably end up evicted. I’m not a Caleb fan at all, but seeing Brittany in the house is awful when she’s so rude to the other houseguests and doesn’t even play the game.

      • Nope me too. She thinks she’s the only one that deserves to be in the house because she has kids. I’m sick of her constant complaining.

      • I’m not a Caleb fan or a Brittany fan, and was ready for Brittany to leave. But I do wish Cody had put Caleb up for the simple reason that he didn’t tell Donny before the ceremony that he had changed his mind. Being wishy-washy, in my opinion, will not help him, especially if he changed his mind out of fear of others opinions.

  15. It’s not about Cody is being chicken or coward,
    He does this decision because it’s the sufficient move for him at this stage of the competition.
    Shall this decision have its repercussion, well, anything has its repercussion in this game.
    Cody has stated from the beginning of his reign that Brittany is his target, and by putting Caleb as the renom, it will be a slight way for Brittany to stay, which he does not want.
    Go Cody!
    Though eventually, I would like for him to put an end to Derrick’s influence over the house, hope that day come soon.

  16. One more twist..Let America nominate, or from the nominees, let us evict one. lol

    • What I want is for the viewers to actually have a diamond veto to evict anyone at any point of the game! It should be via the most number of votes cast for that house guest! That will increase the paranoia and keep the HOH guessing on what is happening next!
      If they allow that, then, the house guests have to make a move! Floating along to get along can get you evicted by the viewers!
      That would be good!

      • Might happen. After the double HoH is over, the second HoH room will become the pandora’s box again.

  17. Hey Brittany, there is no Devin to save you, Oh, you voted him out too after he saved you, how ironic you are on the block again. It’s time to go home to your lovely three children, sorry you have no game and no alliance/s to fight for you.

    • Think that we will be able to talk to her on twitter. BTW Devin just showed up on twitter today -> @DevinShepBB16

  18. I was watching all morning. Watched Cody look Donny in the eye say I won’t put you up and shake on it. Then Cody goes outside and says I’m putting Caleb up. He get called to DR and Frankie runs to wake up Derrick. Right before the fish Derrick says I’ll back up whatever you decide. They didn’t show Derrick changing his mind but he obviously did. Very disappointed. Derrick and Frankie are going to fool around and get Donny evicted. Get HOH Donny!!!!

  19. I like how Cody is complaining about Caleb on the feeds… Cody you had your chance to put him up. Instead you let other people run your HOH. I don’t really know if Brittany would have nominated Cody but Caleb sure as hell would. If Caleb wins HOH next week I want karma to come around super quick so that Cody goes up and he can regret his decision.

    • Never going to happen. Caleb would not put Cody up for the simple fact he doesn’t want his alliance to turn on him and they would. That’s the difference between Cody and Caleb. Everyone in the so called alliance likes Cody and they all could care less about Caleb. They are just using him for now.

  20. Sooner or later Caleb will go up and there will be fallout so why wait????

  21. So is it 7 or 9 jury members? There are 13 left now, so if it’s 7 they have 3 more weeks because 1 will be a double eviction. That would be 9 players. F2 and 7 jury members.

  22. I’m glad Donny is up again. Hopefully this lights a fire under him to get the outcasts to really start to work against the Detonators.

  23. After this bitch move by Cody, I’m hoping Caleb wins HOH next week and sends Cody packing…

  24. I’m new to BB, only started watching last year. I hope Derrick wins. I have respect for him and thinks he’s a good guy.

  25. I AM PISSED off that frankie and Derrick keep talking about getting Donny evicted. What kind of TEAM AMERICA spirit is that? They are supposed to be working for us, Not going off half cocked to sabotage a team America member. CBS better give him a superpower because DONNY is the GREATEST!!! He better not go anywhere!!!!

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