Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 4 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was an intense day in the Big Brother 16 house as Donny almost had Cody convinced to make a bold game move. But after the nomination ceremony, we quickly learned Frankie and Derrick got to Cody before he could muster up the strength to make the move. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds so far today in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 21, 2014:

8:35 AM BBT – Feeds cut for wakeup music.

8:53 AM BBT – Feeds return. Houseguests are up moving about. Donny is in the hot tub with Hayden. Donny says he doesn’t have a good feeling about today.

9:25 AM BBT – Donny says if he wins HOH he will nominate Frankie and Derrick with Amber as a replacement.

9:56 AM BBT – Brittany tells Cody he should put up Nicole today. Brittany says if she stays, she’s put up Zach and Victoria, not Cody. They also both talk about not trusting Frankie. Cody says Frankie has left all the blood on his hands this week.

10:45 AM BBT – Donny and Cody are talking in the HOH room. Donny is really working Cody hard. Donny has him ready to nominate Caleb. He thinks his dad and family would think he’s a p***y for not nominating Caleb. Cody closes the conversation by telling Donny he’s not putting him on the block. Cody goes and tells everyone he’s putting up Caleb.

11:06 AM BBT – Frankie rushes to wake Derrick and tell him Cody is putting up Caleb.

11:10 AM BBT – Derrick goes to talk to Cody. He tells Cody Frankie told him about Caleb. Cody calls Frankie a weasel. Cody tells Derrick he is not putting up Donny. Derrick acts supportive, while giving Cody doubt (which is what Frankie wanted).

11:15 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Time for Veto Ceremony.

12:13 PM BBT – Feeds return. Everyone is hugging Donny. Cody didn’t go through with the Caleb nomination. In the HOH room, Cody is visibly upset. He is not happy with his decision. He tells Zach he feels like such a little bitch. He says he knows his family will be ashamed of him.

12:17 PM BBT – Donny is telling people Cody just told him he wasn’t going up.

12:33 PM BBT – Cody joins the backyard group and is so upset. Frankie tells him it was a great move and that he made the right decision. Cody tells him if he goes up next week, he’s kicking Frankie’s ass.

12:50 PM BBT – Derrick says they’d be morons to vote out Donny.

12:58 PM BBT – Brittany and Cody were a little snippy with each other but then Brittany tells Cody she’s not mad at him and doesn’t think he really wants her to go home. She also thinks she has a chance of staying over Donny.

1:30 PM BBT – Nicole thanks cody for not putting her up.

2:16 PM BBT – Amber is talking about her current favorite topic: Zach. Cody tells her he’s starting to pull away from Zach because of his actions.

2:30 PM BBT – Amber tells Cody he’s the biggest flirt in the house.

So I think this might be the most uncertain week we’ve seen yet as far as who will be going home. Donny has been on a lot of radars, but will Team America work to keep him safe and send Brittany packing? It should be an exciting week, so don’t go anywhere!

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  1. King Der-prick strikes again. If Cody thinks Der-prick is going to take him to the finals he’s such a fool. Der-prick will take someone like Zach who he knows no one will vote for. Cody you just through away a chance to make a big move and shake up the house. I thought you were growing up but your still just a worthless fratbrat.

    • What is this ? Derrick is the best player we’ve seen since Dan. It should be celebrated.

      • I agree. You can’t blame him for others doing what he wants them to do, you can only blame everyone else for letting him do it. If he says ‘jump’ and they all jump, then they deserve what they get.

      • You’re exactly right Captain. First, to call Derrick a prick is a bit ridiculous. He’s been a very nice guy so far (from what I’ve seen) and hasn’t been rude or intimidating to anyone.

        Second, JacinJax is a hypocrite. You can’t hate both floaters and players who play the game. We complain all the time that so and so just sits back and does nothing all game, yet when we get a player who’s actually making some moves, we criticize them too? You can’t have it both ways.

        Derrick is playing great so far. Most people trust him, and he clearly has tons of influence. If everyone else is weak enough to follow his every word, they deserve exactly what’s coming to em.

      • What I don’t understand is why Cody didn’t nominate Caleb when he felt the previous week that Caleb would be a huge threat to him if Caleb won HOH.

      • I wish America/Canada could nominate the next HOHs like they did in Canada. That would be awesome!

      • Capt, Derprick is a government trained narc. He was trained to make friends, set them up and send them to jail. So how is this any different? BB had to know the outcome before the game even started. And he’s so arrogant about it.

      • So what ? Another cop won the last Survivor season. Can’t hold their training against them. What you call arrogance, I call confidence.

      • If that’s true, I hope they are paying him well because he DESERVES it. He is great at this game. As of now, if he is the one who is the best at it this season. Not saying that I want him to win just yet, but he is impressive.

      • This is hard for me to understand because the edited tv version of him comes across as intelligent and well spoken (not arrogant and forceful as you say). What has been happening to make you feel he is outwardly arrogant?

      • I think his recent edit, at least whenever he’s appeared on Sunday’s episode so far, I can see slowly and surely the Derrick we see in the feeds, at least from I’ve seen so far.

        There’s no one to counter his influence at the moment but I’m certain it won’t take long for the PT episodes to show more of Derrick’s manipulative side.

      • captain my captain. watch out for my jewish princess victoria who is playing the best game.

      • You know, the girl that was in the first show with the clip about her need to shop. The girl who said she was the best looking one in the house. I haven’t seen her on the show yet – but I’m told she had a great story about her being picked up and carried away by a crow (or maybe it was a scarecrow?) when she was a child… Totally true story according to her and her very rational mother.

      • I liked him in the beginning but not so much now. He acts like a dictator and Dan did not play that way. Dan did not have a deal with everyone in the house. Dan stayed true to Memphis. I don’t think Derrick will stay loyal to anyone. JMO. I also don’t like how he uses the word retard.

      • Very much agree that when using the word retard in a derogatory manner toward any person is inappropriate.

      • Oh yeah, not the pc word to use nowadays – but has Derrick done something more than this to earn the dictator label he’s been getting from a few people?

      • I agree but my problem with Derrick is the way he seems to be treating Donny. Dan always made sure to treat all of them as people. One of his votes was given by the older guy(sorry name is escaping me at the moment) who said even when no one would talk to him Dan would.Excluding Donny when he on team america with him is a bad move. Even if you don’t want to go to the end with him he could still talk game play. I think it a foolish move. Donny has shown to be loyal and Derrick could use that to his advantage.

  2. I don’t understand why everyone is so scary this season. Say what you want about Devin he was unpredictable and that made for good TV!

  3. Everyone is a scared cat. Nobody is able to think for themselves! Derrick is in the cat bird seat with Frankie right beside him! Floaters still going along to get along! Works only so far! Jocasta, Brittney, Victoria, Donny, Nicole and Hayden should know that they will be the ones targeted! Poor Donny is likable but, has not worked on alliances! Team America might take him only so far! The fact that he is on the block shows there is a target on his back if he has not figured it out yet! Also, you need votes to get people out of the house. Even if you nominate people without the votes to evict them,
    you will end up getting rid of people just for the heck of it—-even those friendly towards you! Build alliances and keep your trap shut! Silence is golden! The more you talk—-the more you risk pissing off someone! Be a good listener instead!

    • Donny tried to make an alliance early in the game but remember the BS Squad of fratbrats was formed on day 2 and Devin brought in Amber and Ratine on day 4. By that time Joey was on to them and the BS Squad made it known that anyone trying to form an alliance was the target.

      • You got to start early and you have to establish trust. While, Donny is a nice guy, he cannot control himself from blabbing about things he knows! That is what did in Joey because had she developed trust and allied herself with people she could trust at the very start, she probably would still be in the house! I do not think Donny trying to convince Cody to put up Caleb was a smart move. He should listen, pick up information but, keep it to yourself! Nicole when she was HOH took Donny to the side and told him about the plan to up Caleb and Amber on the block and what does he do? He blabs it out

  4. So Cody tried to stand up to Derrick and failed, that’s better than not trying. Atleast unlike last year Derrick isn’t a giant jerk to everyone like Amanda.

  5. I really liked Frankie and Derrick in the beginning, but I can’t stand them now. Only so much blame for my disgust can fall on them though, it’s the rest of the followers who allow themselves to be manipulated so easily that earn the other half of my dislike.

    • What’s worse these same two,who I also dislike,have made a additional $10,000. They didn’t consult with Donny on last mission. Power has definitely gone to their heads.

      • You don’t think normal people actually voted for Frankie for Team America, do you? It’s very obvious honestly, that those who voted for Frankie were led to by Ariana Grander’s mob of teenage girls on twitter. No adult except his family would be a fan of Frankie.

      • actually they did talk to Donny…..Frankie approached him maybe you should watch the show more closely? and if you don’t like who is on team America next season maybe you should vote? better yet how about about you try to get on the show yourself then all the internet tough guys and monday morning quarterbacks can talk sh*t about how much they don’t like you and how you play

      • Wow! First of all I do watch the show and have live feeds. I did vote but I didn’t vote for these two. Lastly, I am entitled to my opinion without being belittled. Have a nice day

  6. Just something I’ve been wondering about. Why does Frankie think he has to keep it a secret about his famous sister? It’s not like it gives him an edge on the game… what does he think, people are going to be, like, “We need to get rid of Frankie ’cause his sister’s famous, and that means he’ll win more competitions!” I don’t get the big deal.

    • One reason is probably because he might feel that the others might decide to target him either thru envy or thinking he does not need the monies being related to a famous sister singer!

      • I don’t think Frankie even get dibs on his sister’s hard-earned moolah. Him being a dance teacher and Broadway actor probably makes enough for him to make ends meet.

      • Not really saying Frankie has no monies of his own just that other house guests might think he gets monies from his sister so, does not really need that extra $500,000 prize for Big Brother. And the envy could be also, a reason to target him! Remember Elisa was targeted just for being Rachel’s sister!

      • BB as a social experiments requires everyone from all walks of life, rich or poor, to take part. In the end, getting the half-million will fall to who played it best over anything else.

    • I was thinking the same the thing. Also would the guys do or say if Derrick told them he was a cop? Would they care less or would it be a reason to get rid of him. It bugs me that these two are making more money by being TM.

      • If he told them he’s a cop NOW, they wouldn’t trust him because he lied about his profession before this. If he ever wanted to tell the truth, he should have done it from the start. As for why he didn’t say he was a cop in the beginning, maybe he thought the other houseguests would see his police skills as a threat–that he’s had physical and mental training they haven’t had and is therefore likely to be better than them in competitions.

      • I was thinking the same thing actually. But I have never heard what he did say his profession is. Did you.

      • Sorry Cyril, hadn’t had my first cup of coffee. What I meant to say what did he tell the other HG? Was it something about working with kids?

      • He told HGs he was working for Park & Recreation in his city because he did that job earlier before he became a cop. That way he would sound credible since he actually did that job.

    • She is just a new artist, not even many people knows her etc

      Im sure Donny and Jocasta does not know her.
      Even like Brittany, Caleb, Nicole probably have never heard about her

      • not that new – she’s been around for several years on various nick jr shows.. she’s a new solo artist true.

    • I personally think it would be funny if he said who his sister is and everyone was just like, “who the hell is that?” Really the only person in that house that I feel MIGHT know who is sister is would be Brittany, since she has kids that may be old enough to have watched the Nickelodeon show she was on.

      • There is actually a good chance they would say ”who”? Which would be hilarious to see Frankie’s face. ;)

      • She has appeared in various shows so, they might know Ariana Grande. Dancing with the Stars featured her multiple times as their guest singer so, she has got a lot of exposure
        if some people don’t know her yet!

  7. Brittney is laying it on a little thick right now….being overly nice to Cody..sleeping with him and Derrick in the HOH bed..she is way too obvious. Too little, too late, Britt.

    • He is really over doing it now. It was funny at first, but now he’s just trying too hard to be America’s favorite. He’s gotten so annoying.

  8. Remember when Rachel was evicted and she came back for 24 hours.
    They should probably bring Devin for 24 hours.

  9. Seems like Robyn Kass is catching some flack on the net. She just tweeted this:
    Robyn Kass ‏@Kassting: @jj_wild91 @MikeG122194 From #BB15 & #BB16 there have been 9 recruits out of 32 HGs, the remaining 23 applied on line or went 2 an open call.

      • Not to mention that just because they applied doesn’t mean they weren’t preselected by casting insiders at casting parties… The process is less than honourable and reeks of ”fake” reality television.

  10. Wow just googled Caleb on the voice and he did a good job. But it doesn’t even look like him.

    • I think you have the wrong Caleb. BB Caleb never made it to The Voice auditions with the judges, just the local one in Nashville.

      • No he made it to the voice. Adam turned his chair for him. If you google it there’s a utube video.

  11. I was watching the feeds and I got to thinking..isn’t Derrick’s cover blown now?

  12. Im just waiting for donny to win hoh hes the only one that I think would actually stir up the house a bit and put big players up

  13. If Caleb wins HOH this week and put’s up Cody then Cody has no one to blame but himself. He had the chance to make a big move and wussed out. I hope Donny can win HOH and put up Frankie!! Little weasel that he is.

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