Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

Here are your Big Brother results for this week’s live eviction vote and next Head of Household competition. One HG will be sent home while two new players will be picked to hold the power.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The groundskeeper vs. The Single Mom. Either Donny or Brittany will be leaving the Big Brother 16 house tonight. We’ve all got a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen, but you never know.

On top of another live eviction the HGs are preparing today for a new Head of Household competition that could finally be a new endurance battle. If it is then we’ll be ready to start watching the competition play out only on the Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now and check it out!

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Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

The show started with a heavy pro-Donny campaign. Julie is reminding everyone how beloved Donny is among fans and how Cody’s decision is sure to not be popular. But we get to hear Cody’s side. He lets us know he’s very regretful for his choice.

Julie tells the houseguests that the have-nots have been decided based on the activity trackers they’ve been wearing. The four “laziest” houseguests (and have-nots) are: Nicole, Caleb, Christine and Derrick.

Big Brother 16 Week 4 Votes:

  • Jocasta votes to evict: Brittany
  • Nicole votes to evict: Brittany
  • Hayden votes to evict: Brittany
  • Amber votes to evict: Brittany
  • Derrick votes to evict: Brittany
  • Caleb votes to evict: Brittany

That’s enough votes

  • Christine votes to evict: Brittany
  • Victoria votes to evict: Brittany
  • Zach votes to evict: Brittany
  • Frankie votes to evict: Brittany

By a vote of 10-0, this week’s evicted Houseguest is Brittany

Big Brother 16 Week 5 Head of Household Comp: Country Hits (aka Big Brother knockout!)

  • Hayden vs. Christine: Hayden is out.
  • Donny vs. Jocasta: Jocasta is out.
  • Frankie vs. Caleb: Caleb is out.
  • Amber vs. Victoria: Victoria is out.
  • Donny vs. Derrick: Donny is out.
  • Zach vs. Nicole: Nicole is out.
  • Amber vs. Christine: Amber is out.
  • Frankie vs. Derrick: Derrick is out.
  • Christine vs. Zach: Christine is out.

The Two Heads of Household are Frankie and Zach!

Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday morning I’ll be talking with tonight’s evicted HG. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results and the Battle of the Block results. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!


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  1. Did ya’ll see the totals on the tracker? Because of the punishment Brittany had dbl anybody else.

    • I said earlier today that Donny and Derrick are playing the same game (making friends with everybody) it’s just Derrick is better at it and I think it’s because he was undercover for 5 yrs.

      • Difference is Derrick has a 5 person alliance and Donny has who? Jocasta? Donny should have developed stronger ties to Nicole, Hayden, Victoria, Brittney. It may be too late now. He should also, learn to keep quiet and listen instead, of talking! When you talk to much, you run the risk of saying things which can be used against you! Like in Miranda rights, ha ha ha! Pretty appropriate as Derrick is a cop. One more reason why Donny should learn to be a good listener.

  2. Did anybody see the picture of Donny with his girlfriend on CBS blog. He looks way different without that full beard.

  3. Off to a good start. Christine finally is a have-not. People have excuses for everything, but if you chose to enter the BB house, you need to take your turn, gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher, you name it. The red-head is me is coming out tonight if Donny goes home.

    • Are there no sock monkeys in Raiders territory? We have ’em everywhere in Tennessee. If you are ever in the southeast, go to Cracker Barrel to eat and pick up your very own sock monkey while you are there.

      • Thanks, I didn’t know that. I’m in the Northeast, never been to a Cracker Barrel. Know of them because I watch Nascar.

      • Well. I could talk your head off about Nascar, but that is a good way to make enemies.I guess I’d better stay on the subject of BB.

      • My very first post was ALL CAPS just the other day and you were kind enough to try to help me EDIT it. I’m just wading into the technological world. I still have a rotary dial phone that I can hear my neighbor on if I pick it up at the wrong time. Sometimes, if the winds blowing strong, I can’t get Nascar on my TV no matter how many times I go out to manually turn my antenna. I’m no where near Twitter Tweetin’. Be nice to see #88 do it this year, but #99’s my guy.

    • Derrick control him. No skin of his back. Frankie get the blood on his hands.

      • Think “end game” Frankie… End game….do you really want to sit next to Derrick in the end??? Bet Zach doesn’t. He wants to go to the end with you! Christine’s a snake and may comfort Cody but be down to stab Derrick in the back if you say please. As goes Xtine, as goes Nic and Hay. Even Donny would get on that train.
        Donny and Frankie can let TA die any time…to take out Derrick.

      • There is still Caleb. Why go after Derrick now? Also, I dont think ppl will go after Derrick cause he has sympathy votes for throwing it to Frankie.

      • My internet went out and just came back. So look who’s up in the HOH for the 3rd time. I feel bad for Frankie but it shouldn’t of been handed to him. I’m so ticked off. I hope Zach goes after Caleb!

      • Actually go back to 7:20 (or just a bit before), Cam 3 & 4, the plotting already started against Derrick.

      • Love it. But remember I don’t have flashback on my IPad. Still no laptop. Lol

      • I’m for sure going tomorrow morning after the gym. I was going to go last Saturday but family came in from out of town on Saturday and I couldn’t make it Sunday. Partied too much. Lol

      • shhhhh! Don’t tell the other house guests that! They actually think they have a say in what goes down!

      • That’s what is so deviously good about Derrick. He’s the puppet master and everybody goes along with it.

      • And he does it in such calm, cool way where the people he’s manipulating don’t realize what he’s doing. They think he has THEIR best interest in mind, when really he’s letting everyone else do his bidding.

  4. So flipping angry…really just giving HOH to Frankie! Derrick you suck. I could care less. its a game. Dam it this stupid throwing it BS! Frankie could have gone to the funeral if he wanted to “see his grandpa!”

    • If you’re Derrick, why NOT give it to Frankie? Derrick knows that he’s 100% safe this week with Frankie being HOH, but now he gets to be safe without getting blood on his hands and also getting to compete in next week’s HOH. It’s really a win-win for Derrick. And he just gained HUGE brownie points with Frankie. I like the move.

    • better for Derrick. he knows he’s safe with Frankie as HoH and now doesn’t have to get blood on his hands.

      • Still unfair. I am fine that Frankie knows…yet it is an unfair advantage. He went into the house knowing his grandpa was very sick. Evil Dick left….just saying. Plus, he is to understand he is cut off from the world going in and part of the game and experience. Pandora’s box is open.

      • That’s okay Emma because Zack hates Caleb and Amber so hopefully they get Caleb out this week. I’m sick of these same guys controlling the house. It’s boring when you know what’s going to happen every week. No drama just BORING!!!

      • I am sooo ready for a Zack attack. He better stay in control and unpredictable. Zack will?/ I hope pony up and do his own thing. Frankie needs to step aside and puss out with I don’t want blood on my hands. Zack is out for blood…and that is good. Derrick needs to mind his business too.

    • He’s safe anyway unless either Zach or Frankie flips which is not going to happy anytime soon.

    • But sometimes they make deals to slide off a slippery wiener in exchange for safety. Same diff.
      On the good side, we can hope thatthe unpredictable Zach Attack goes hungry with power. Haha.

    • It was a great play by him.
      He isn’t going anywhere, he will still dictate who goes on the block and he doesn’t get any blood on his hands.

    • I agree Emma. I feel bad for him but he could of left. I know I would have. And this is the 3 rd time he’s HOH.

      • Exactly….throwing Frankie the HOH when he has been 2x’s…really like Frankie needed another letter. He just read one last night and took up TVGN reading in the HOH room. Ugh! enough already…Derrick you want to see your grandpa. smh!

  5. Well, it looks like Donny is in jeopardy. Add to that Jocasta, Victoria, Amber. Last season was bad. Looks like this season might be even worst!
    If this keeps up, one of the Detonators will roll on to that easy $500,000 in their pocket! Derrick is probably the favorite with Frankie a close 2nd. These guys do not even play at all!

    • They have already said that they will put up Donny, Jacosta, Amber and Victoria. This season is so predictable so far.

      • Predictable? Sure. But it’s been somewhat entertaining. Wait till Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Nicole, Hayden, and Cody have to start picking off each other. THEN it’s going to get interesting and we’ll for sure see some back-stabs and fireworks.

      • I doubt Nicole, Hayden or Christine can mount anything with Christine telling everything to the others! More than likely, Nicole, Christine and Hayden will be rolled out one by one after Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, Amber and Caleb. Big Brother should have allowed the viewers to nominate one house guest like like season to create paranoia
        at least, then, maybe some of them will play the game!

      • Zack wants Caleb and Amber gone. Zack knows that Amber is after him. I see him going after one of them and just saying there a pawn.

      • Well, it looks like Amber is not in the picture this week..I think Hayden may be going up with Donny to ensure a win in BotB. I think Caleb is the target..but,.this could all change.

    • Poor Donny love him lol,they want him gone because they can’t manipulate him and he won’t miss their ass and he’s more of a competitor than some of the house guests there almost half his age! Lazy,dirty skunks some of them are…

  6. Frankie will be getting letter from his family for the 4th?

    Well, Derrick, there`s people in the house that did not get even 1.

    Ohh we all know what a rat Derick is, and that all to show American what a caring a loving person.

    Im dont with the season

      • Me too. I’m so ticked off with my cable/internet service lately. I left them a nasty message. Lol

    • Well, Zankie is back and Zach told Frankie in order for them to go Thelma and Louise to the end, they have to back door Derrick this week while they have a chance. Christine agreed she doesn’t want to sit next to Derrick at the end so she, Nic and Hay will evict Derrick. Donny said the heck with this TA monkey business, let’s get Dumbo Derrick out! Jocasta said Amen. Stealth mode Cowboy, Amber, Cody and Vic don’t know yet. They’re admiring Derrick for giving Frankie the HoH. J/K

  7. When will that cry baby Frankie get his ass kick out. Another joke is Donny, everybody loves Donny but him and the boys will get rid of every girl.

  8. We saw two outstanding examples of dignity and decency tonight. Donny’s speech was utterly selfless and kind. He is an upstanding man in every way I have seen him this season. The other was Derrick throwing the HOH competition so that Frankie could see his grandfather’s picture. I would be happy to see either of these good men win.

  9. That Vicky. Said that cuz I know she doesn’t like that, what was her
    vote to evict Britt. She just showed the world what a brat she is. And zack what was with his goodbye speech? That was horrible. There are horrible people In there.

  10. I still don’t know why most of the house hates Amber, but I now know why I hate her…she’s a terrible player! Why on earth would she help knock out Donny from that HOH comp. I hope either she or Caleb gets the boot this week.

    • I know!! I was so angry at that idiot!! Its quite clear the boys minus Donny are in an alliance! He could be a potential ally! And instead of putting Donny alongside say Jocasta or Victoria,or have Derrick against Zach,would have guaranteed one of them out of the comp! She thinks the boys will have her back?? Lol I hope she goes next!

  11. The girls better get their act together. I see one leaving every week. The Rats at the end will be Donny and Zack back stabbing everyone.

    • Huh Donny? Rat backstabbing? What show are u watching? Lol the real rats are Frankie and fugly Ratine lol

  12. The speech that Derrick did towards Brit, was that in his goodbye speech? About being friends outside of the house. Do you think he meant it?

  13. Caleb was Bit@hing that the trackers are wrong because he’s the most active person in the house. LOL been sleeping much lately?

    • C’mon Beastmode Groundskeeper!
      Maybe it’ll be a pickle eating contest, like last years FroYo contest that GinaMarie murdered.
      Really they should save that for the POV when Caleb volunteers to go up and be Ambies Knight in Shiny A’mour. He ate a pickle for her before and he’ll do it again. How high? Yee-hiiiii! #CucumberCowboy #metrosexualpickleeater

  14. So beast mode cowboy lost another one. Yep he’s tearing through all these comps!

    • Their really hasn’t been physical competitions for HoH. I think Zach will put up Caleb. Ithink Zach will put up Caleb and Jacosta, and Frankie will put up Victoria the other I don’t know,

  15. Zack just told Frankie, he would defer to him, put weak player. and Frankie strong players. So Frankie would stay HoH. Right Zach look like he will put Jocasta or Nicole and Victoria. Frankie wants to put Hayden and Donny. Frankie said he doesn’t want to put up a BS member. Zach want to backdoor Caleb if the occasion present itself.

    • Frankie is going to put up Donny!! Mr. YouTube is about to lose any sympathy he got from the loss of his grandfather.

    • I actually like those noms if they stick to it. If Donny and Hayden win then they are safe for the week.

      • I know production doesn’t control everything but they do want good TV and can manipulate some of the comps. I hope they do something about a girl going every week. Now Jacosta. I want her gone too but in a couple of weeks. This is turning into a boring and predictable season. I hope Zack goes on attack.

      • He doesnt want blood on his hands. He knows between Derick and Cody, they can control Zack

  16. Cam 2 now – Frankie is plotting with Derrick against Zach. Frankie just said he doesn’t want to stay HoH.

  17. Everybody is nervous. Waiting one on one talk with the HOH. Nominees are just nominees, The target will be backdoored.

    • Hopefully the HoH room will be busy tonight after the HNs hit the ice…plotting a bold move and laying it out carefully.

      • Zach is completely all over the place, my head is spinning, I can’t keep up with him. They have 3 plans on the table. They want Amber or Caleb out.

  18. Still shaking my head that Caleb is a HN but not Amber or Cody. He followed them everywhere. And still was less active than Victoria and Jocasta and Zach (wouldn’t matter about Zach since he’s HoH anyway)? What??
    But…. Donny will sleep with Hayden and is hopefully discreet in front of a Cody even with Derrick, Christine, Nicole, Zach and Frankie in the HN and HoH rooms.
    And Amber will probably sleep well tonight knowing Caleb is in the other room.

  19. Why would Amber choose Derrick and Donny in the HOH? She should have let Donny play as little as possible. As much as I hate them, the Detonators played this comp the right way picking 2 HGs they don’t want to be together as HOH.

    Ugh, another week of the same people running the house…

  20. After what Vic said during voting tonight to Britt, I want her out yesterday. I bet she doenst know what those words mean. Someone put it in her ear

    • Yes, that was uncalled for and the same goes for what Zack said in his good riddance to Brittany. Wicked Vicky and Quacky Zack…don’t care for either because that is not game play or funny. It is mean and immature.

      • I agree 100%. I have heard Hg saying how they didn’t like the Fr sessions cuz production tells them what to say. Earlier in the week I was watching live feeds or after dark. Zack was outside at hammock with his boys. He. Said “I hate doing dr goodbye messages. He said they kept making him redo it cuz it wasn’t mean enough. So I don’t know how much is Zack or production. But Vic no. That was all her. I thougt zack and Britt were friends

  21. Christine is so rattled right now, she’s not giggling like Sea Hag anymore. She’s so upset she’s going on the block and being ask to throw the comp….she’s not laughing but she’s snorting a lot. jeez

    • I would say her brain was working overtime during the HOH comp. She doesn’t want to swim in the piranha pond (take a chance of getting blood on her if she wins HOH), but she also doesn’t want to be a have-not. She was probably going back and forth…do I throw this or not? Poor Christine. She is one of the HGs that I feel is not really a very nice person outside of the BB house. I could be wrong. I have been once or twice before.

      • Zack cannot stand her. He said she hasn’t done s**t for the group. The kid sees what we see.

      • I can’t figure him out when it comes to how he really feels about people, although he was fairly clear and clearly cruel when he said goodbye to Brittney. He is all over the place. He scares me. Not really scares but worries me at times.

      • Oh he’s a douche. Because he’s so unpredictable. he’s going to cause chaos in the house. As a viewer, I would like to see some of that. lol

      • I’d say the time for that is coming sooner than we think. These guys getting paranoid of each other is going to be worse than if there was a bunch of women left in the house alone, especially these women. If they were left there all alone, can you even imagine the scenario. And I’m not dissing women. I am one.

  22. I forgot I had 1 question. Does it seem like they are just reusing a lot of comps from the past. Why can’t they make up some brand new ones?

    • For probably as long as BB3, they’ve had the same formats for competitions. BB actually shares the same challenge/comp-making team as The Amazing Race and America Ninja Warrior (The ATS Team).

  23. CHOMP chomp chomp Smack smack smack GARBLE garble garble
    Do any of these HG’s have manners? all they do is smack their lips and talk with their mouths full and chomp with mouths open and they are constantly eating something i think they eat in their sleep too

  24. Judy Bachman how are caleb and Hayden and derrick spoiled and are you going to call derrick a sicko for not leaving when his grandfather just died today and frankie said he had a choice and his family would stand by him either way and if your calling him a sicko for being gay that’s fucked up

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