Big Brother 16 – Week 5 Nomination Anticipation

Last night on Big Brother 16 we saw Frankie Grande return to power for his third time while Zach Rance officially moved in to the HoH room for the first time. Some Big Brother fans were worried about a predictable week, but after watching the overnight events, I don’t think we have to be worried about that.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Adding on to the instability that is Zach’s game, Team America was at work with their latest mission: cause chaos. I’ll let you go ahead and guess who Frankie thought would make the perfect target on that one as he’d be in the necessary position to set up a heated argument.

Overnight the nominations bounced around a lot. Frankie was over here and Zach was there. Finally things wound down by the end of the night and the plan was set, or at least seems to be.

Frankie will be nominating Jocasta and Victoria. So does that mean Frankie is finally ready to be the sole HoH this week after navigating around that in two previous weeks? He sure hopes so.

Zach’s plans seemed to change more before he settled on Nicole and Christine. Here comes the Team America part. Derrick and Frankie were egg’ing Zach on to give a big speech while calling out Christine and Nicole on their games. The focus was to be on Christine though as Derrick and Frankie have decided their mission’s target will be her and Zach during the nomination ceremony.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 3:40AM BBT 7/25 to watch as Zach practices a crazy nomination speech where he’ll dig in to Christine as being a major floater along the lines of JennCity. In true Zach fashion, it’s pretty funny.

Backdoor ideas are definitely going around here and it’s an interesting situation. Christine and Nicole are expecting to be nominated and think they can win Battle of the Block over Jocasta and Victoria. Here’s the spin though: Frankie says if Zach comes down then he could end up being a backdoor target. Zach! We haven’t seen an HoH fall and go up on the block yet. Will it happen this week? Ehh, I think Frankie is just talking big right now and don’t think he’d do that just yet.

So who else could end up being a backdoor target? Caleb’s name was tossed around, but Frankie has another idea: Amber. Oh my. Caleb won’t do well with that, will he? Do we really think Frankie wants Caleb pissed off at him? Yikes.

We’ll be watching today for the official Big Brother 16 nomination spoilers and I’ll have those results for you then. In the meantime, what do you think of all these nominations? Are Frankie and Zach making the right choices? Will this whole Team America mission finally push Zach over the line and put him in real danger? We’ll know more soon!


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    • oh totally disagree – I think Caleb would prefer Amber to go home so that he can feel ”If I can’t have her, nobody (Cody) can!” Now what would be really funny is watching Caleb get backdoored and in that same week watch Amber get really close to Cody. ;)

      • You don’t understand the stalker mentality. He’s not thinking like that at all…I guarantee you he’d much rather have Amber trapped with him all summer while he gets rid of Cody ASAP. Cody’s the only thing standing between him and his true love after all. Get her out of the house and he risks her forgetting about him or meeting someone else…or even worse she blames him.

      • …sadly as a former counselor I actually do know what a stalker is and how their minds are constructed (not the trivialized pop psych definition thrown around on the internet)… though I cannot say for certain without knowing him, I feel pretty safe in guessing that Caleb is no threat to anyone other than himself… (and maybe Cody’s game). Creepy & socially awkward yes. But no, not a dangerous homicidal stalker.

      • Hmm I have to wonder if Caleb’s ex girlfriends or Amber would agree with your prognosis. “I feel pretty safe in guessing that Caleb is no threat to anyone other than himself” I know lots of cases where cops said something very similar right before disaster.

  1. “I’m the King of the Castle!” Says Zach. Rofl. Zach Attack = TV Gold.
    Someone said Zach is handing out block spots like Oprah: “You get a spot…You get a spot…” Lol. They said only Donny and Jocasta are sleeping well. Everyone else is freaking out about going on the block. Jocasta asked Donny,”Well, do you think well go up on the same team or against each other?” Funny. I guess the others got their nap out and are starting to open their eyes now. At least do the math.
    Hey, this may be our first BoB that doesn’t get thrown. How about that? Ha ha.
    Sweet Caleb. He is frustrated with Amber again…said Zach can put her up and she can go out. He’ll have a single tear falling down his cheek but he’ll just say: I did all I could for you.

  2. As high maint as Zach is, Frankie needs to think end game. He doesn’t need to lose his best ally while Xtine & Nic are together and Cody & Derrick are together and Caleb & Amber. Odd man out. Zach has Vic in his pocket and even Donny. Only people mad at Zach are alliance members. But Zach owns it baby!

    • Christine and Nicole are not together. Nicole trusts Christine and thinks she has her back but she doesn’t. Christine was throwing Nicole under the bus last night telling Zack to nominate Nicole. And that’s what Zack was trying to tell her last night. Nicole thought he was fishing for info but he really wanted to tell her Christine is throwing your name out to be put up. But Zack was afraid she would go back to Christine and tell her. That’s why he was asking Niciole how much do you trust Christine.

  3. Seams like Frankie got over his grandfather passing really fast.

    I mean, we will still see lot of tears for the whole season. But his mind is very much set on the game.

    • I don’t want to be the b***h …buuuut…at the end of the live episode last night where Frankie was pretending to be beyond upset was laughable. He wasn’t crying at all (no tears)…in fact his eyes weren’t even red. he just loooooves to put a show on for the camera. yack.

      • You’re not! I said last night while I know his sorrow is real (he talked about his granpa a lot before) he is smart enough to use this for several weeks. They will catch on (at least Derrick and Donny will) pretty quick. He should get 2 weeks out of it max.

      • If that was me I would of went home. It’s very sad and I feel bad for him but family is family and he won’t get that back.

      • Now he’ll (Frankie) get even less b/c of Derrick’s grandfather’s passing! (RIP). I couldn’t believe it – but at least Frankie can’t drag it out the entire game b/c he’s not the only one it happened to!

  4. I think just about every HG name came out of Zach’s mouth last night to be put on the block. He was so spazzed out it was a little uncomfortable to watch. It’s pretty obvious if he ends up the HOH for the week he’s going to do an outstanding job at crashing and burning while painting a HUGE target on his back for eviction. The alliance can’t afford to have someone like him around. He’s going to screw up their game and the quicker they realize that the better.

    • Frankie needs him (at least until Derrick or Cody are gone). Derrick & Cody have each other and will take Frankie out. Frankie and Derrick are both probably thinking how to get the “other one’s” best ally out.

  5. Zach has replaced Devin as the resident trainwreck of the house. He’s so much fun to hate, I’m actually rooting for him to survive this mess he’s created for himself. I’m also glad he’s calling out that worthless sack of geek Christine, who is the only HG to not win a competition yet. Either she’s going to prove herself to the Detonators or she will start a mutiny with Nicole and Hayden and go for a house flip. Either way, she’ll finally be doing SOMETHING after 36 days of McCrae-esque floating.

    • I agree Christine has done nothing! She freaked out when they wanted her on the block. She deserves to go up. I hope they both stick to it and don’t put up Donny. He’s been the go to guy too much. This could end up being the death of Zach but I have a feeling he might survive.

      • I agree. Even though I don’t want another girl gone I can’t stand Christine. She’s the biggest snake next to Frankie!

  6. This season is getting really boring. The Bomb Squad are always in power and as a viewer I am getting tired of seeing that. What happened to this season being the most twisted? I hope Victoria and Jocasta in BOB.

  7. I think it’s the first time I had to turn up the volume on live feeds. I mean..they’re all whispering. lol I don’t really care if Zack puts a big target on himself. He made the feeds not boring to watch, and to see Christine so discomposed for the first time, Priceless !…i say, go Tony Montana.

    • Lol – That is EXACTLY what I thought, too! With Frankie’s Flair for the Fabulous – and his competition costumes, he would fix Zach up for a real Scarface moment during nominations. Then light the fuse for the TA challenge and it’s on like Donkey Kong!

    • No kidding. I like Zack he kind of makes me laugh. First time in awhile I couldn’t turn the feeds off. Finally at 5am I had to go to bed. So glad I had nothing going on today.

  8. It looks to me like they will target the women! I think any of them really want to play? I agree with Brittany, and every body is scared to make a move. I would include Caleb too!

    • I agree. I think at this point the only women in the house who could even give the men a run for their money are Nicole and Christine. Amber, Victoria and Jocasta are just kind of there.

      • Victoria is in love with herself. Hayden just wants some tail. Jocasta is to busy speaking in tongues. I am a Christian. Caleb wants Amber so it seems they are just keeping him around, Frankie and Zak will hookup. Cody is to busy talking about a man crush,

  9. NOW IT’S INTERESTING!!! Don’t disappoint me, HouseGuest’s, Fan the flames and let America sit back and watch. I had to put the volume on high myself (BBAD) to be able to hear all the “he said-she said” and the throwing out everyone’s name. So far the twist’s haven’t worked like they thought they would BUT this new “America’s Team” might be a game changer!!!

  10. If Frankie stays HOH he will do something safe. He’s too afraid of getting his hands dirty. Him and Derrick are always BSing everyone. Frankie telling Christine I don’t know what’s wrong with Zack and throwing him under the bus. And Derrick telling Victoria I’ll talk to them so you won’t go up. Both of them try to make everyone else look bad so neither side of the house goes after them. I’ll be surprised if Frankie makes any kind of big move.

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