Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 4 Battle Of The Block Results

We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Battle of the Block competition where the four new nominees faced off for a chance to escape eviction.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

As a nice change of pace no one seemed determined to throw this competition despite one nominee believing that to be the case this week.

Earlier we learned of the official nominations and the stage is set for another feisty week, but will everything go to plan?

I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 4 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

  • Amber & Jocasta won the Battle of the Block!
  • Brittany & Victoria remain on the block, as planned.
  • Cody is still the HoH

Frankie has been dethroned and Brittany likely remains the target with Victoria as the backup plan.

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!

Want to watch the Live Feeds yourself? Grab the Free Trial right now and see what’s going on inside the BB16 house through the HD cameras and uncensored views of all the action. There’s already been plenty of conflict and drama brewing so you don’t want to miss this fun.



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  1. This season sucks! Brittany is now going home and they should just hand the money to Christine or Derrick right now

    • I think this season is good so far. Just because the players are not playing the crazy game you want to see doesn’t mean its horrible. The game just started a few weeks ago its best to lay low. Why would they ruin their game by playing too hard.

    • I sure wanted to see Amber go. Having two chances to save yourself is what this twist is all about. And, it assures the weak go home (unless someone is backdoored). Amber may have to be backdoored to clear Caleb’s head.

    • This season is being hailed as one of the best seasons of the show ever by most of the audience, certainly the best within the past few seasons.

      • Julie Chen has said she is not a fan of it and I’m just annoyed how the douchbags in the house are getting what they want and no one is playing their own game

      • I agree, but I think it’s mostly because Hurricane Devin was terrorizing the House and everyone was frantically plotting to eliminate him before it was too late. He was a catalyst for strong, fast gameplay and intense drama from several other players. With him gone, I expect things to slow down until there’s a serious HOH power shift.

      • That could be, but I think there are plenty of other dynamics to watch for in the house. I think Donny will be interesting to get out and whether or not Derrick and Cody can continue to control things without getting called out. I also think the guys will start going after each other instead of getting the girls out which should be interesting.

        Or it could be boring and Jocasta, Victoria, and Brittney will all leave in succession and it will be boring for a few weeks. We’ll have to see.

    • Christine has no chance. How is she going to break the Zach/Derrick/Cody/Frankie etc alliance? Maybe if she made a strong move like saving Pao and Devin, and “using” them to have the numbers to oust either Derrick, Cody, or Zach — but she didn’t. She was too worried powerless/hated Devin was a “bully.” Especially early in the game, you can use discards like Pao and Devin to get numbers to do moves. She is just being lined up to be ousted a bit later.

      • It would be nice to see Christine and the odd squad team up with Donny & Jocasta just to add some firepower to their dwindling chances… you never know. This cast (like most reality tv casts nowadays) know the patterns of how people ”play” the game and they adjust accordingly. The problem with that is that you either get ”group think” (which we see some of), or you get people ”outplaying” themselves because they’re way too far ahead in their own minds. ;)

      • Christine still has her alliance with Nicole and Hayden. What they need to do if they were smart is to subvert the Detonators! For that to happen, Christine has to be loyal only to her alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Bring Donnie in but, my concern with him is he is a blabber mouth for his own good! He needs to just listen and form small alliances without attracting attention! Keep quiet, Donny!

  2. hm really dislike how close together everything is. Seems like they just had nominations. Imo have BOTB Saturday. Veto Monday. Veto ceremony tuesday

    • how could she flip the house?? Everybody Knew about Bomb Squad, such as Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Victoria….

      the thing is nobody did anything about it..not only her

  3. Woohoo! I’m not a fan of Brittany because she had a prime opportunity to flip the house but she didn’t even consider it and Victoria is just awful at this game. So, I’m fine with either one!

    • I am trying to think when Brittany had the chance to flip the house. When was that?

      • Apparently people seem to think that Brittany was somehow able to convince everyone to keep Devin this week and chose not to. I have no idea why people think this since Devin clearly had zero chance of staying.

      • I believe that she could have rallied Donny and Jocasta plus her vote, she would’ve had Devon on her side, loyal, which would’ve gotten to Amber and then Cody might have changed his vote since he dislikes Caleb. It could’ve happened but she would’ve had to be the driving force, in my opinion.

      • I don’t know, it could have worked but it also could have messed up greatly but at least she would’ve been playing the game.

      • Yeah I’m leaning towards it probably creating more problems although I agree everyone SHOULD have clued into them being in need of a counter alliance

    • Yeah I had hoped she, Nicotine and Amber would at least have some connection but it just seems they don’t have the guts (and it’d take guts for sure, no doubt). Nicotine had the game smarts to do it but are safely tucked in the middle so don’t look for them to stretch out their necks until they have to. Amber seems to have been in self preservation mode the whole time seeking shelter from the guys alliance. Brittany hasn’t committed to the guys but wanted to be in the Bomb Squad. But I think if she had studied the game, being a recruit, she’d have been fierce. She’s learning but too little, too late. Unfortunately, if she gets evicted this week, she’ll probably be sassy and tell JC it was because she didn’t flirt with Cody “like all the other girls”. I hope she gets it by then but if she says that, she didn’t get it. No one voted you out for that. Derrick got you.

      • I agree with everything! Plus, Brittany’s already been going around saying that Cody put her up because she wasn’t “shaking her titties” (her exact words). Which is totally, untrue. She’s a threat and she never talked to Cody about being allies. She was hoping her good looks would suffice. They haven’t.

      • If women were to engage in showmances in order to get further in the game, they need to be using their heads as well! Those who do not use their heads, lose! Examples are
        Rachel and Brendon (first time out) while, their showman was real, it ruined their game!, Danielle and Dominick (Danielle went after her alliance because they evicted her boy toy! LOL). Most times, the guys wins because the women are gaga over the guys! Look at Amber, she dislikes
        Caleb which is fine but, she is gaga over Cody! Cody is playing her like a fiddle! LOL

      • Do you really think ‘Nicotine’ would have ever really been willing to work with Amber? They seem hell bent on the dogging & bashing of any attractive female HG, past & present, in particular Amber due to her ‘connection’ with Cody. They practically spit daggers whenever he’d rub her hair, hold or give her any sort of affection/attention. When they sit around & comment on Britt & Ambers looks & how they don’t understand the attention those two get from some of the guys because they “Wouldn’t want to be them (Brit/Am)!” Jocasta says her fave was Rachel & Nicole’s like, “Reallly?…. Well that’s interestiiiiing” (smug broad)…. the trash talking of Janelle & Rachels looks, Nicole saying that Britney Haynes ‘mean girl’ comments should have been seen on par w/Aaryn Gries, but that “They pick & choose” who they want to go after (not verbatim but same meaning)…. the list goes on & on. I don’t believe they ever genuinely wanted a connection with Amber & as I stated on another post, I’m not the type of woman to cry ‘jealousy’ whenever a woman dislikes another woman, but in this case, I think it is very clear… and it is unfortunate. I don’t think Amber really ever stood a chance with these chicks…

  4. Im sure Production has something to with this. Seams like they did not had to work together and Amber won by herself

    CBS really needs a showmance and they only have this trimance, Caleb, Cody and Amber

    • What a stupid thing to say. Don’t you think if production was willing to interfere with the game to keep their favorites they would have kept Devin in the house? Not only did they not interfere, they gave him a PoV competition that was easily stacked against him, with the rules making it so Devin had to challenge and beat every single one of his competitors instead of Devin being able to choose which two competitors would face each other next, like the Q&A buzzer HoH competitions usually are.

      You conspiracy theorist will never be satisfied.

    • cody doesn’t even like amber. what you see on tv is just clever edits. cody is girl flirting his way through the game.

      • If you’ve been watching the live feeds you’d see that he actually did like Amber… perhaps not on the level on which she liked him… but he seemed somewhat interested though he’d sometimes try to downplay it. When Caleb asked him if they had something going on, Cody never told him that he didn’t like Amber, he merely said that he wouldn’t do that to Caleb knowing his feelings towards her. He did, however, tell the guys on a few separate occasions that Nicole wasn’t really his type though he felt that she was so ‘adorable’, nice & smart. On another occasion, the guys & Christine were having a discussion on who they thought was prettiest between Amber & Britt (Christine sparked the question, of course), Derrick immediately said that Amber was way hotter & naturally pretty & Cody admitted that though Britt was ‘gorgeous’, Amber was ‘Smoking hot’…. like “Hot!” So even if he wasn’t looking for anything serious w/Amber doesn’t mean he didn’t ‘like’ her…. probably a different story, at this point, since Nicole & Christine decided to rat out Ambers plan to take out boys. lol

  5. What is Cody’s problem with Brittany all of the sudden? I am a little disappointed with Cody for putting her up. At least let her make it to jury. Victoria should go home before Brittany..did Victoria throw the BotB comp?

      • I thought Cody was wanting Caleb out. He is no where in the picture..they have backdoor plan for Donny. I don’t get why Cody went to the trouble to save Brittany last week and now he wants her gone.

      • I cant figure out that one either. Maybe Caleb has come to his senses enough to just drop the Amber thing? The Queen is Victoria, but he keeps saying its Amber. Ugh.

      • Yeah I’m a bit sad we aren’t seeing more of the Cody vs. Caleb (over the Amber issue) come up more… But it will only take one or two more flirting sessions between Cody & Amber for this to spark up again. Caleb simply isn’t in the right frame of mind to be stable in this game…

      • Not sure if I believe he’s desperate for women – I do believe however that he’s used to women just accepting his advances which is why he’s so persistent with Amber. Guys in general don’t cope with rejection well, but when you get a guy who’s used to getting what he wants? Ugh – that can get scary.

      • what you saw about the cody/caleb/amber beef is nothing but CBS trying to make something out of nothing.

    • I think they want B gone BEFORE Jury because they’re prematurely counting Jury Votes and by they I mean Derrick.
      Cody feels he can reel in Amber the rest of the way and use her for a vote for as long as she lasts. Just a theory.

      • And since (I think) Derrick will keep Donny til TA is done, he wants to also get out Brittany because she talks with Donny. I think that’s also why they targeted Jo, knowing Donny saved her before. Think he wants to isolate Donny to a degree, mental beat down, if you will…neutralize him til it’s time to take him out.

  6. I hope Donny doesnt go. . or Brittany. I hope its Victoria… Better yet..Caleb

    • I just think Derrick will maybe save Donny til TA is finished. He lika that money and challenge. I think Derrick may have them back door Caleb if Brittany saves herself.

  7. From the talk on the feeds Victoria is not the backup plan. If Brittany wins POV they were talking about back dooring Donny and sending him home.

    • I’d just wait on that one. Derrick is loyal to Team America (according to his cam talking) and I’d be surprised if he’d risk letting his meal ticket walk out the door just yet. He might get renom’d, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the target shifts off him by a smooth talker.

      • So true. Anything can happen before Thursday. All I know is Brittany needs to win POV or she’s gone.

      • Agree. Until TA is over, Derrick will protect Donny/extra coin but in meantime will target Brit/Jo b/c they’re closest to Donny. Take away Donny’s potential allies, deflate him until it’s time to take him out. Since Jo is safe this week and if Brit saves herself, wouldn’t be surprised to see Caleb get BDd. Derrick can easily make that campaign work and everyone will kiss his ring for doing it and call him Savior.

    • I think Cody might be thinking that, but I’m really hoping that Frankie & Derrick won’t let that go through. They’ll just sit back and let Donny be a target, but not a victim… smart playing by Frankie & Derrick if that’s the case.

  8. Well, I Like Caleb.. & having him in the game makes it interesting 2 watch.. Hopefully he’ll get his head back in the game…I read that he might return 2 Iraq & continue his service, he really Love this country… Thank You Solider!!

    • Iraq is over….for the time being. But, since we left a vacuum there, youre probably correct — we will probably end up back there again, and, who knows, maybe Caleb, too!

      • I wonder if his minor celebrity status would keep him from being involved in certain duties… there are some things he simply might not be best qualified for after Hollywood gets done with him.

  9. Do these girls not see that if they don’t start working together, the guys are going to wipe them out one by one? They should have listened to Joey to begin with when she tried to create a girls alliance. It probably wouldn’t have lasted long like the bomb squad but a least some girls would stay united.

  10. I agree with with a little of what has been posted so far. I think Devin truly thought he was king of the hill. Guess not, huh? I’m disappointed so far in Christine, I think she had a shot but so far hasn’t done much. Frankie is entertaining but after a while I find myself saying “shut up why don’t cha”. I was a Cody fan but am no longer. If they were smart they’d get rid of Zach. He seems to be doing just fine, winning nothing. I agree that last year was a total bummer. Watched Jeff’s interview with the winner last year and he thought he was up there with the best. Gosh I hate to tell him he’s not. There were so many players last year that were easy to dislike, that he just fell into the win (my opinion). I use to like Donnie but now think a little of him goes a long way. I think Derrick is probably playing the best game. If he keeps it up he may be the winner. I do hope BB get’s a better cast of characters next year, this year they are all easy to get tired of.

  11. Perfect case scenario: Donny wins POV, saves Brittany, Caleb gets backdoored and the girls band together and start playing the god damn game.

    • Exactly what I was thinking..but,. if Christine gets wind of it, it’s over for the girls..she is this season’s snitch.

      • Wow! you really think Christine is this years snitch, all the while, I have always thought Frankie is, I will start watching Christine closely, I hope the girls in the house can work together and fight back against the men just as LittleDreamer said above.

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