Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Only five HGs remain so everyone was playing for the power and this was a big, BIG battle with both nominees’ games on the line and one of them a giant target. Ready to find out who won? Read on…

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Competition Results:

  • Cody won the Power of Veto!


WOW WOW WOW. This was so tense. So tense. Feeds came back and things were quiet. Then we got word that yes, Cody won the Veto. Derrick went to Victoria and congratulated her on safety even though she looked very worried. Derrick promised her that Frankie is leaving but Frankie thinks he is safe.

Frankie lost to Cody, Derrick, and Victoria. Cody’s winning time was 2m 21s.

Cody will not use the Veto as that would mean Derrick goes up. Not going to happen. Frankie will be on the block against Victoria come special eviction tonight. Yes, that also means we won’t get to watch it live and there will be no live public audience.

Preview of the last few days of Big Brother 16: Frankie gets evicted this week. Caleb cannot compete in the next HoH comp. Unless he wins his second Veto comp of the season then he’ll go next. The Final 3 will be Derrick, Cody, and Victoria.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What do you hope happens at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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      • I don’t think you’re wrong to worry. We don’t trust Production, and that’s the sad but honest truth. I don’t remember thinking this way in prior years. It seemed like the HG’s came into the house, played their game, and were pretty much clueless about any potential twists going on. This year, the HG’s sometimes seem to know things they shouldn’t know.

      • “they seem to know things they shouldn’t”… just like the coaches knew they were entering the game before the game started : FACT

      • Yes you are right! How many times this year on the feeds have we heard they said, they told, Chris said, and then they hurry and go to the fish

    • I am not sure Cody will be thinking that in a week or so when Derrick chooses Victoria to go to the final 2.

      Its time for Cody to make a big move for his own game instead of standing on the sidelines helping Derrick take Victoria to the final 2. Cody mentioned once already he had to man up when it came to Christine. Why doesn’t he see what Derrick is doing now?

  1. Yup, all the Frankie haters be like, “Frankie is leaving this week!!” I didn’t think Frankie had it this week anyway. I was rooting for him, but now he will step out the door on Tuesday.

  2. Woo hoo, should be a great BBAD, watch Frankie squirm and get all butthurt again. Please send his trash talking, camera hogging, sister shadowing ace home!

  3. Cody deserves to be in F2..deserves the win just as much as Derrick does. He played an awesome social game and has more comp wins than Derrick. I am just afraid that Derrick is going to turn on him. He would do it in a second if he could whereas I don’t think Cody would turn on Derrick.

      • I’ve been thinking about it and I do think Derrick would take Cody over Vic to the end. He just wants to keep her until F3 to make sure he has a better shot at making the decision himself.

        If Derrick takes Vic he’ll look weak and it’ll piss off the guys and could lose their votes. Derrick has it with Cody beside him.

      • Don’t think Derrick will chance it as Victoria is more of a sure thing. Besides, there is no 2nd prize of $50,000 so, Victoria getting 2nd is only for bragging rights. If Victoria were to get $50,000 for 2nd then, the other jurors might take offense at that! Big Brother got rid of that problem by giving the $50,000 only to the winner as a bonus.

      • Matt didn’t say that earlier. He said they would get an extra 50 did not say 2nd place wouldn’t be paid. Unless I missed a post.

      • What I understood from the post is for them to win $550,000, one of them (not both of them as originally thought by Frankie) has to make Final 2.
        It did not say that 2nd place will still get $50,000 so, by implication, that means the $50,000 will also go to the winner. That is how I understood the blog post.

      • it was if a member of TA gets to the finals and wins they would get a $50,000 bonus,nd place still gets $50,000 regardless

      • I agree Brenda, no one said the 50G was taken from the 2nd place, just said 1st would get a bonus of 50G

      • Here is the portion from the blog itself regarding the 2nd prize monies. I think it is pretty clear.

        “He points out there is no $50K prize for second. There is no incentive for TA to get to the end together.”

      • I think he meant that only one of them would get the extra 50 and that would be the one who won the game, but if the other one got F2 there would not be an extra 50 for him. Just because they are giving it to one of the TA guys if they win they are not going to take away the original 50 from F2 especially if it is Cody, Caleb or Vic

      • If you go read the transcript of the conversation between Derrick and Frankie discussing the extra $50K, they both clearly know that 2nd place still wins $50K. Frankie even bribed Derrick, by telling him that if they are F2 and Frankie wins, he’ll give Derrick the extra so Derrick gets $100K and he’ll walk away with $500K.

        $50K for 2nd place is actually listed in the BB application. So, it’s safe to assume that it is the contract. Legally, BB is obligated to pay that minimum to 2nd place, no matter who it is.

      • Sounds like an eventful night. I was medicated for my shoulder last night and it put me out early.I’ve got some catching up to do! Sounds like there is still confusion about this whole thing, wow!

      • GM, Karen!! No confusion, it’s just Richie misreading Matt’s article. He thinks 2nd place gets $0 now. They still get $50K.

        ETA: I hope your shoulder feels better soon! I fell asleep while waiting for the comp, too.

      • Read it on the blog. Suggest you read it for yourself.
        Think it is pretty clear based on what is posted. Got that from the blog posted by Matthew Boyer.

        “He points out there is no $50K prize for second. There is no incentive for TA to get to the end together.”

      • That was a quote from the HGs! And there are times that there are typos in the blogs (nobody is perfect.) The typo was in leaving out the word EXTRA in the first sentence.

        IF you go read other sites, you will see that the 2nd place prize of $50K is still in tact. It’s in the contract.

        The whole point of the article was that they don’t have to be together in F2 for the winner to get the extra $50K. It’s additional, not being taken away from 2nd place.

        The second point is that 2nd place doesn’t get an extra $50K. It’s only the winner. The key word is EXTRA.

        You’ve typed your interpretation of the article multiple times now. Despite being wrong, you continue to reiterate it this morning. Please go verify the facts for yourself, since you don’t believe everyone else here.

      • If Victoria did manage 2nd, she’s just blow the cash on cheap clothes, jewelry and fake designer bags.

      • I’m pretty sure she is a photographer who supposedly owns her own business. She seems pretty immature but maybe it’s a family biz.

      • Per her pre game interviews she would travel to Greece . She travels to Israel often it seems. She has a nice photography business so she might spend some of any money she makes/wins on BB on equipment. I think there is more to Victoria than the ditzy girl she has shown us on the show.

      • I’m thinking the same thing too and I’m quite sure Victoria will understand and not make a fuss! :-)

      • Derrick could throw her to the ground, cover her with potting soil, plant marigolds on her, and she would still “understand”.

      • Yep! She’s so gullible that I worry about her marrying a control freak or worse, an abuser. She would just sit back and take it. :( I sincerely hopes that if she marries, it is someone that is good to her.

      • I’m with you. She does seem to have a little spunk once in a while though, so fingers crossed for her.

      • Sad but funny too! She’s so easy to manipulate! Glad they’re finally realizing there will be a double eviction and they’re addressing it!

      • Since when has being on the block constituted that you deserve to win over someone who hasn’t? That makes no sense. On top of that, since when has winning comps been more impressive than literally controlling every action in the game?

      • The great Dr. Will did not win a single HOH if I recall it correctly yet, managed to win Big Brother. He also told people he will lie to them also!

      • Dan Gheesling who is one of the best players tried the hardest not to be on the block. Once, you are on the block—-anything can happen including, you getting evicted! Derrick exactly does the same thing. In terms of game play, Derrick is still tops. Now, if Cody or Caleb wants to win that $500,000,
        it would stand to reason that they would evict Derrick! Of course, if they do not make a move to evict Derrick—-Derrick will evict them because someone has to go to the jury pool. No ifs or buts about it! At the very least, you do not take Derrick to Final 2. Take Victoria instead!

    • You don’t understand this game if you think Cody’s game has been anywhere near as good as Derrick’s.

      • Derricks never been on the block; he’s never been under any pressure. He’s never had to fight for his life. He would crumble if so.

      • Especially considering FOUR people got nominated every week for over half the season. That’s impressive.

      • Winning only three comps and also not being on the block is a sign of great game play. Derrick has been able to keep his butt off the block despite this.

        He has been at least four steps ahead of every twist and turn in this game and has been able to manipulate all the other HGs into doing what he wanted while making them think they came up with the move. All while keeping the blood off of his hands and his butt off the block.

      • But there is another way to look at it. Derrick as never had to save himself and was never considered a threat which is why he never went on the block.

      • If Cody, Caleb and Frankie all think that Derrick is not a threat this “very late stage” in the game then,
        none of them deserve to win that $500,000! Seriously, there is $500,000 at stake and you still do not know who you should evict at this stage of the game? If so, you deserve the jury house no less!

      • But one think the jury now knows his game and don’t seem to like him because they know he manipulated the moves that sent them out of the house. (so he does have blood on his hands) If he is in F2 with Cody or Caleb, Caleb specially not sure if he will win. As a BB fan you have to respect his game and I think in the end the jury will too. I think he deserves to win.

      • Actually, Derrick is well liked even by Nicole and Donny because at least, he treated people nice in front of their faces. Not so nice when their backs where turned! In contrast, Frankie, Cody and Caleb all treated Donny and Nicole poorly when they were in the Big Brother House. They also used some choice expletives to boot! If it was me voting in the jury—-who will I vote for? Someone who treated me like a decent human being or someone who was outright mean and disgusting towards me? Wow, such a hard choice.

      • Peg,
        If you listened to the jury during the last live show they talked about how Derrick was the reason they were all there but that he has played the BEST GAME of all HG’s.

        Derrick is respected by this jury for his game play.

      • You’re absolutely insane if you think Derrick would crumble being on the block. You realize the reason he hasn’t been in trouble is because he is so good at the game, right? It’s not coincidence. He is worlds smarter than everyone else in the house and his game has been leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else’s.

      • I don’t know if he is world’s smarter, I think maybe he is used to lying & being manipulative due to his occupation. An undercover cop is used to lying every single day & conning people.

      • Derrick was an undercover officer at the age of twenty, ten years ago, and only for a short time. I wouldn’t say he is used to lying, manipulating, or conning people every single day.

      • It’s rather presumptuous to say that. I’ve watched the feeds extensively, has Derrick lost his cool on rare occasion? Yes, but he quickly puts it back together and formulates a plan. (Ex: When Donny tried to turn everyone against him, When Zach told Victoria about the Detonators, When Caleb told Frankie about the plan just the other night.)

        Derrick has done nothing to show me that he wouldn’t do well under pressure, and regardless, I don’t see why it should matter anyway. He has worked everyone in the house into thinking that he is their best friend and he should be commended for that.

      • Omg! Derrick would Not Crumble, geeesh! Derrick is the only calm one in that house! Hope you were joking!

      • That’s called playing the game well. And actually KNOWING how to play this game. Its call manipulation! Low profile and social game and winning when you need to. He will be playing hardcore to win the next POV and will probably win. I also think he will not chance taking Cody or Caleb. Remember the HOH isn’t the big win this coming up week it is Veto, You determine who goes home on the block.

      • Derrick was never on the block because his social game never made him a target by anyone, nor was he ever seen as playing in a duo with someone that would subject him to getting put up as a pawn. Hands down, Derrick has likely played the best game ever played on Big Brother.

      • I never said that Cody’s game has been of the same caliber as has not. I was merely stating that Cody has played a good enough game to earn the win. Gheesh!! Stop saying I don’t understand the damn game. I do.

    • He has won as many as Derrick and Derrick purposely throws them. He has not made any real moves all game except what Derrick has convinced him to do……

      • I’m with you philly cat. Derrick is a great strategist, but I don’t think he’s thrown anything. He has his strengths and weaknesses when it comes to comps.

      • He has admitted throwing the comps all season. Smiles and winks and the cameras before he goes out, says in DR he is throwing them so he can prove he is not a strong competitor. Builds up the other players ego by saying he is so weak at comps and they are better then him. Wins almost every comp he needs too. Yes, you are completely right, at being wrong.

      • I know of at least, two where he threw one when Frankie’s grandfather died. The other one was when they had the POV on bombs. He was competing with Nicole and Christine but, he did not want to win POV so that, Christine ended up winning it! He picked the wrong wired to cut deliberately! Derrick threw a couple of them that is for sure! He knew everyone trusted them including Frankie, Caleb and Cody. Those 3 are ready to take each other’s head off upon Derrick’s direction!

      • Huh? You talkin’ to me? Mr Bojangles, I never said I was ‘right’…only offering my OPINION. And my opinion is that I (me, myself) don’t think he’s thrown any comps. He gave the comp to Frankie when his Grandpa died. He didn’t throw it. He GAVE it to him.

      • You haven’t seen Derrick throw a comp? I think he’s thrown 2 or 3. He actually gave one to Frankie. He again quit and Christine won. He throws comps.

      • When Frankie’s Grandfather passed. Derrick quit. That’s throwing it. When it was Nicole, him and Christine on that blow up in your face thing, watch Derrick guess purposely wrong. He knew he was getting smashed in the face.

      • Go watch the replay. It’s plain as day. If you guess thinking you’re right, you are surprised. If you pick knowing the right answer, you wait for it, which he did. As Hoosier just said “He braced himself for it” :)

        So for sure 2 comps, maybe not 3.

      • Come on Philly. He serisouly picked the wrong answer and in the most convincing way quit. If I could post videos I would. Look at every other question he got right. Look at every question people thought were right but wrong. Maybe he’s so good he’s got me convinced too I guess.

      • It’s called game play. There are times when winning the veto is the worst thing you could do. It puts everything on you to decide either to keep of change the noms.

      • Aw don’t worry, I can sell You some anti -misting agent. Real cheap just $29.95 with free shipping

      • The second after he cut the wire, he knew he was wrong..he then clasped his hands together and stood very still and stiff. He knew what was coming, That was an obvious throw.

      • It is so obvious that Derrick has thrown comps., guess you don’t pay attention to the show and live feeds too much! Lol! Derrick is a damn great player!

      • During the TNT challenge you can clearly see Derrick holding the correct wire to be cut (He has a photographic memory) and then decides that it was time to throw the comp so he picked a different wire to cut.

      • that one was obvious, he said he has a photographic memory and knew the right one, purposely chose the wrong one

      • There was no guarantee Derrick would have won the one he gave to Frankie. I’m not sure about Christine.

      • No, there isn’t but on purpose he didn’t play. Same thing, isn’t it? He didn’t play so Frankie could see pictures. To me that’s throwing a comp.

      • I’ve watched the one where he gave it to Frankie several times, after someone else questioned it. He whispered the correct answer to Frankie, before Frankie pushed the button.

      • Oh yeah. I know of 3 he has thrown starting with the very 1st comp that Caleb won. He said so. He wanted to hang on long enough to look good but not too strong, and don’t forget the one he gave Frankie and there was another, gotta think.

      • I guess besides the fact that on the one where the paint blew up he said in the DR he was throwing it and completely covered up knowing it was wrong and was about to get blasted and all the competition he winks and smiles at the camera right before he goes out and then openly admits he throws it in the DR. Even saying the right answer…. yes, you’re completely right, not throwing it at all….

      • he has thrown all but 2 last week and this week he gave 1 to frankie when frankies grandpa died,as long as 1 of the detonators was going to win he would throw it and convince them to put on the block therpeople he wanted gone, he,s done it all season

      • Philly cat, you and I agree most of the time, but not this time. I don’t respect Derrick for the way he’s treated some HGs, but he is throwing comps. Three in particular stick out…

        1. In the first comp, he wasn’t even struggling when he jumped.
        2. In the music, hit the button first comp, he said to Frankie before the last round, “You want to see your grandfather, right?” twice. He then stood back and put his hands in his pockets. When he saw that Frankie was struggling, Derrick said “You got this.” (I think he said it’s HOH to Frankie, too.) Everyone talked about how nice it was of Derrick to give that Frankie. Even Frankie thanked him.
        3. In the bomb comp, he picked up the right wire and looked at it a while, slumped his shoulders, then picked up another wire randomly to cut. He then stood back as far as he could for the explosion. He said he thought that Nicole had it.

        You only see him really trying for a comp when it’s obvious that his alliance needs and he thinks his team doesn’t have it, which was rare. I kept getting frustrated at all the comps he threw. I thought early on that a big part of his game plan was to NOT win comps.

        BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I love your name! I’m not far from Philly and love cats. :)

      • He has made moves…..thru other people in the house. He is the only one that has played this game from the beginning.

    • He only deserves it if he evicts Derrick. Then, he can say he made a big move—-the biggest move of the season by taking out the biggest threat in the game. In that case, he should win easily! If not, he is playing for 2nd and they took away the 2nd place prize of
      $50,000. Now, the winner gets $550,000! Just about the only right move of Big Brother this season. Floaters should not be rewarded for getting to the Finals!

      • One question…does Derrick tell Cody everything he tells Victoria? He is not thinking about taking her, is he?

      • Whatever Derrick tells Cody and Victoria is irrelevant. Cody needs to use his head this late in the game and he wants Derrick to tell him what to do? At this point in the game, Derrick would be stupid not to take Victoria to Final 2. There is no prize for 2nd so, the jury will not take offense if Victoria winds up 2nd. Also, taking Victoria to Final 2 makes it a slam dunk win for Derrick. Why even chance taking Cody to Final 2?

      • Not anymore according to the latest twist on Team America that Frankie and Derrick discussed. Now, the winner gets $550,000. 2nd place gets nothing but, bragging rights!

      • We will see soon enough unless Derrick gets evicted and does not make Final 2. The way I understood the post on the blog is the winner gets $550,000 and it is implied that the 2nd place finisher does not get anything.

      • The 50k extra was a TA bonus. It has nothing to do with 2nd place just like TA has gotten 5k for every mission they completed.

      • the extra was for if 1 member of TA won they would get an extra $50,000 but not both of them only 1 TA member will get the extra $50,000 2nd place still gets $50,000

      • The 2nd place finisher has gotten 50K for a very long time..not sure all 16 seasons..but, 2nd place gets money.

      • You look and sound so stupid! You are so wrong! I can’t believe you don’t understand what is going on! You are a waste, you will see how dumb you sound! Stop embarrassing yourself!

      • If they told the houseguest before entering that there was a second prize…..even with all the contracts and BB can do anything …..this would not be fair. I don’t think the winner should get more. Floater or not there should be a second place prize.

      • Every convo I see with Cody, it seems he’s the most honest with. Not 100 percent, but he tells Cody the most, does this necessarily mean he’ll take him to the end? No, but I think he will regardless. If he screws Victoria, I’m pretty sure she’ll vote for him anyway, Cody probably won’t have the same reaction.

      • What the hell are you talking about? The 2nd place person still gets $50,000! Read up about facts before posting false crap please!

    • wrong adjective on social game Hoosier 1158, make that obnoxious social game, but agree with the rest of the statement^^^^^^^^^^^well said

    • Whoaa there, let’s pump the brakes on saying Cody deserves the win just as much as Derrick.

      Considering Cody has done just about everything Derrick says, and the fact that a portion of the jury (Hayden and Nicole) want him evicted dictate that he hasn’t played nearly as good of a game as Derrick. Not to mention during the segment of the jury house, everyone spoke very highly of Derrick’s game, no one had anything bad to say about him. Even CHRISTINE tipped her hat to him and she never says anything positive.

      Also, Derrick has controlled almost everything that’s happened since week 2, Cody has just been there for him to bounce stuff off of.

      I would give the win to Cody over Victoria and possibly Caleb, but to say he deserves as much or more than Derrick is simply ludicrous. You don’t have to like Derrick as a person or an entertainer, but as a gameplayer he has been virtually flawless.

      • The jury house does know Derricks game and excuse me they DID NOT like it. They may respect it but they were not happy with Derrick because they know that is why they are in the jury house because of him. I am not sure if he would win over Cody or Caleb, his for sure way would be to take Victoria. HE DOES DESERVE TO WIN though.

      • Did you see the segment where the jurors were discussing Derrick’s game??? They all said that they got duped by Derrick (so they know it’s him and not the HOH) and all agreed that they have to hand it to him for his game play. As of that edit, every juror, including Donny and Hayden, sound like they’d vote for Derrick, hands down.

      • I never said that Derrick does not deserve to win..he does. But, I think if Cody won, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t think the jurors would give it to Cody. When you say “simply ludicrous,” you make me sound like a crazy person! I was just stating my opinion.

    • When it comes to money there are no friends, lovers, family, loyalty Nada. People say blood is thicker than water, bull. Especially when it comes to a half million dollars. I’ve seen families destroy each other over 20 grand. It’s sad but that has become the way it is. When they say that money is the root of all evil, it is so true. That’s why I laugh listening to Caleb talk about loyalty. He’s still young I guess. Peace.

  4. Congratulations to Cody for edging out both Derrick and Frankie, the obvious favourites. Well, you had a good run, Frankie. The guy was an absolute monster at competitions, so I can respect that much.

    As for him as a PERSON, let’s not get into that.

    • Yup, cause Frankie is a total Big-Baby-A$$-hole! I want him Gone. …..Now!! I am sooooo sick of Skankie Frankie!

  5. The only bad thing about Franke leaving this week is that it is not a live eviction show. I wonder if it will be CBS staffers in the audience so they won’t be allowed to boo.

    • Are you kidding? That is the one thing I was looking forward to…to see the reaction when he walked out. That is very disappointing.

      • But I wanna hear Frankie ‘ s much deserved boo’s! Now, cause it isn’t live CBS will protect Frankie again and make it look good for him! CBS is making a lot of people mad because of all the favoritism they give Skankie Frankie! I am sick of it, I mean who’s c♡♧k is Frankie s♡ck♤ng!? I mean really? LMAO ! ;)

    • They won’t bring a live audience. It will be studio employees and friends. THey wouldn’t do that to the golden boy. I would be surprised if they aren’t scrambling to put together a twist to keep him in.

      • Well Frankie laughed and joked about raping a HG (in all her holes, Frankie’s words) and other horrible things……so I would say what Frankie said And did was and is way worse! Frankie also said he likes and laughs at rape scenes in movies…..I could go on but I feel so disgusted by Frankie. ….so yes Frankie has said and done worse than any other season!

      • Not so sure she was racist, I think she was just young and stupid! Frankie is 31 yrs. old! Frankie knows better! Maybe we should say Frankie doesn’t know better cause he has that ” I grew up Rich and I still am Rich disease”! LMAO! Frankie is worse!

    • Hopefully, we’ll hear Frankie booed at the finale! They can’t stock that with just CBS staffers.

      The one thing I’m worried about is them taking away AFP this year. A couple of posters mentioned yesterday that they don’t have AFP when there is a player(s) voted on by America during the season. I honestly don’t remember if this happened before or not. I think they may not do AFP this year just so that Frankie doesn’t have to suffer the shock when Donny wins AFP. I hope not, because it is the ONLY part of the finale that I’m looking forward to.

  6. Hallelujah! Goodbye Frankie. I hope they bring a live audience to his Tuesday eviction so that he can hear how much America hates him.

    • Yes he did. I thought it would be one extreme or the other – that he would either ace it out of sheet anger or would totally psych himself out. Do we know who was 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th?

  7. Cody won?!! I’m in shock. I expected him to be in 4th place. Congratulations, Cody, here’s your chance to step up and show us you have what it takes. Very disappointed that there won’t be a live audience if Frankie goes. The one eviction all season that we all want to be live! Bummer………

  8. What would be a real kick in the pants (or I guess in Frankie’s case. shorty shorts) is that Derrick ask Cody to use the veto on Victoria, and then they (Vic and Cody) vote out Frankie as he sits next to the 3rd best puppet-master in the game!

  9. I don’t think Frankie is going this week
    I would love to see it but a little voice inside my head is saying he is staying
    I will believe it when I see it BUT. I really do hope he goes I really can’t stand him !!!!

    • If CBS Production has anything to do with it ( which it has been a lot this season in favor of Skankie Frankie, then it unfortunately will and in that case I and many others are Done watching CBS), hopefully CBS will finally see and get all of our emails that we are sick of them helping and saving Frankie and we want him Gone! Many also do not believe Frankie actually won one of the 3 team America people at all! That was all CBS bs!

  10. Things this means:

    Frankie is gone (woohoo)

    Derrick is gonna win $575000 bucks this summer as all three people left want to go with him to the end and clearly the jury respects his game over anyone else.

    Caleb is target #1 now

    • you lost me on 575. 500,000 forthe win, 50,000 bonus cause he was a TA, oh, are including his TA completed money?

      • Add in another $50K from CBS telling Derrick/Frankie that if either of them are the winner, then there is another $50K TA bonus for the winner.

        $500K (winner) + $50K (TA bonus) + $20K (TA missions) + $5K (snowman comp) = $575K

  11. This means Derrick will stay perfect for not being nominated. If he wins this next HOH, he will have gone an entire season without being nominated. Absolutely incredible.

  12. I’m so excited! I too did a Happy Dance with a few fist pumps in the air! I can’t wait for Frankie’s eviction. I wish I was a fly on the wall at the Jury House! Can you just imagine the looks on the faces of the jury members. A few of them will be doing a happy dance too! I think Derrick pretty much has most of the jury votes! And he deserves to win!

  13. I wonder, if the POV ceremony happens on either Sunday or Monday, any chance it will go back to back with an eviction and HOH comp slated for Tuesday’s show?

      • CBS kisses Frankie’s A$$hole so Skankie Frankie will get No Real Boo’s that Frankie Deserves…..instead Frankie will get nothing or fake cheers and then we will know to Never watch CBS ever again! Amanda, like Frankie, deserves Real Boo’s…..cause both Boo’s are well deserved. ….Frankie’s are more so deserved than horrible Nasty Amanda. ….yup Frankie is worse…..Shocking, but so true!

  14. Worries me that production now knows Derrick and Cody are voting Frankie out and not chancing Caleb with the tie breaker (it’s Caleb!!!)….will we see the season’s Diamond Power of Veto????

      • If they introduce the Diamond Power of Veto with Frankie up on the block, we’ll know for sure the game is fixed.

    • Too late in the season for production to pull that one off.

      For that to happen, either have clues scattered in the house to lead one into a secret room that houses a hidden veto (i.e. BBCAN2) or have Pandora’s Box put into effect. That means closing off the 2nd HOH room for a complete redo within one day tops.

      Either way, it’s no longer logical to have that happening at this point in the game when we’re only more than a week away from the finale.

    • good point Shelley, production has been kissing Fakies butt all season, bet they try to save him. If they do, my last year for sure

  15. I’m sorry but this is the kind of action we have been wanting ALL season. They are lying through their teeth to Frankie that he is safe knowing they are voting him out.

  16. hey Frankie, don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out – oh, never mind, you would probably like it! lol

    • Please don’t make the “I hate Frankie” bandwagon about him being gay. There’s plenty of vile thing about his personality that we can hate on and being gay shouldn’t be one of them.

  17. Wow. Some excitement. Whoppee!!! This is a long time coming like waiting for paint to dry. Now, we are stuck to waiting for who wins 2/3 for the Finals. Caleb is sunk absent a win on POV.

  18. Alright ! BB 16 officially started tonight. I’m excited !They could have done the show with five players. lol

  19. While I can’t say I’m sad to see Frankie go I would have much rather seen him get evicted the real way instead of a weird coup d’etat type production twist. I love seeing all of these comments about how happy people on this site are that production interfered with the game to get Frankie out and I smile thinking how the same people would be absolutely foaming at the mouth if production had taken Donny’s HoH and PoV away instead of it happening to Frankie.

    Frankie was an incredible competitor and had a great social game that kept him, a flamboyantly gay ballet dancing, pink-haired broadway singer safe despite being a part of such a macho male-dominated season where women were getting picked off like flies.

    Nonetheless, he was extremely annoying in the house and his attitude made him instantly hatable to even the most casual of viewers. I think he’s self-centered and delusional. That’s not to say he deserved the overwhelmingly negative reaction some of the commenters on this site worked themselves up into during this season. My goodness, out of 200 posts on this site 199 of them would be about how awful Frankie is. You’d think they would be talking about some guy who sat around in the house and said nothing, winning no comps, and never spoke out of turn- someone like Victoria. But alas, no. Apparently you deserve more hate on this site for playing the game than not playing the game. I’m sincerely fearful for the new batch of houseguests we’ll get next season who try to play like Donny and rather than play the game they decide to play for America’s Player instead. Oh well. Big Brother will give the people what they want.

    Even though your attitude in the house was almost unbearable, Frankie, you truly left your mark on this season and no one can deny that you played the game. Hard. I can’t wait to see what houseguest the angry mob with pitchforks and torches decides to obsess over next year.

    • Agreed, I don’t like him, but some of the comments about him are way over the top. And yes, I know his comments were vile, but do you want to stoop to his level?

      • Right? My favorites were the people who led the hate train against Christine and Frankie because they were saying negative things about the other houseguests and the commenters were calling her Chicken-face, ugly, adulteress, and every other name in the book. The hypocrisy is unreal.

      • (laughs) Careful now. As in real life, there are some people who understand the irony of saying hateful things about a hateful person (and what that says about us)…and there are those who don’t. Some people feel the right to be judge, jury & executioner based on what they see from a reality show, and there are others who take a break from the computer and tv, take a big breath, and come back to laugh at how we all get worked up. ;)

    • He played like a dummy that is why he deserves to be evicted. How many chances does he need to evict someone? Frankie and Cody played like Big Babies, not wanting to make any big moves!
      Had he evicted Cody when he had the chance, Frankie probably would have won the POV! It took Caleb to go after Frankie with Cody and Derrick hiding behind Caleb’s back. Now, it is too late for Frankie assuming Derrick and Cody do vote to evict him!

      • Wait- I thought all the Frankie hate was BECAUSE he made too many big moves, like backstabbing his friends, and now you’re saying he made none? You people need to make up your minds and stick with one angle.

      • Most people don’t like his vile “I’m better than you attitude”. Like last week he said he had only slept with the regular people for 18 days out of 70 something. All the rest he was in the HOH room.

      • That’s the fault of all the HOH’s who didn’t tell him to get out and quit creeping around. Frankie, it’s a wonder you haven’t had to register as an opportunistic sex offender. I know, I know, you need that pesky trial, irritating guilty plea, unfair sentence, and all those trivial things first. Well, I can dream.

      • Exactly that regular people thing really got me like he thinks he is so much better than everybody else because of both his sister and because he was on Broadway. Oh I forgot also because he is a ” social media mogul” according to him.

      • He did not make the big move that he had to which is evicting Cody and Derrick. If he did, who knows what may have happened. My opinion really refers only to Frankie’s game play. If it was Derrick or Cody who got evicted first, I would not care at all! I watch Big Brother for the game play which is seriously lacking this season. You make the assumption that I hate Frankie because he made all these very good moves? He did not! How many chances did he have to evict Cody? For that stupidity, he deserves to be evicted! I would have said the same exact thing to Cody or Derrick if they were the first one’s evicted.

      • Interesting. I feel like if Frankie turned on Derrick or Cody they would be outraged and call him backstabber, a liar, a rat, and every other name in the book. I respect you for wanting good gameplay!

      • Joe, you know better than that. The HOH and POV wins, his fierce determination and the schmoozing were things we respected. The disgusting rest of it is where we are united in our dislike of him.

      • The disgust for Frankie has nothing to do with his game playing at all! It has to do with the vile, vulgar things he’s said and done and with his self-entitlement attitude, words and actions.

      • Even if he had evicted Cody sooner from the way I understood the article either Derrick or Victoria would still have beat him

      • Um, Frankie came in either last or next to last in the comp last night. He would not have won, if Cody was gone and it was someone else. Even Victoria beat Frankie’s time.

    • It will take someone really over the top to even come near the egotism and inappropriateness that Frankie graced us with. I’m sure there’s someone incubating out there though.

    • Have no respect for the game he played,back stabbed his best friend in the house(Zach) for no other reason but pure spite,made no sense on a personal level or game wise but it did show his true colors for the first time.

      • Frankie didn’t vote Zach out that week. Zach’s other allies did. Zach was a bad alliance member. He threatened multiple times to quit the game because he couldn’t handle it, and every other day he would have one of his mood swings and out the alliance to an outside member and then the next day he’s so apologetic about it and promises to never do it again. I know it’s beginning to sound like a cliche, but he’s the definition of a loose cannon, and he was just too much of a liability to keep around. The one time he was HoH he put up an alliance member just for personal reasons.

        Look, I get it. The guy is great tv, but he was not a good alliance member. And I’m sure he’d be the first to admit it.

    • While I respect your opinion joe I disagree personally. Most of what you said if it is right (the reason people are hating Frankie) then I agree. Where I disagree is when speaking for myself I don’t have a problem with his gameplay my problem with him is his vileness due to the things coming out of his mouth. Because of the things coming out of his mouth and they way he treated people by basicly shunning them and talking cr@p about them behind their backs. He could have played the same game without the nastiness and bragging and thinking he is better than everybody else and I would have a different opinion of him. Backstabbing zach good game move on his part. Also while a lot of people think production did this twist to target him specifically I disagree the twist was introduced before he even was hoh before the rewind this twist could have affected any of the F5

  20. Yes, yes, yes, yes!! Soooo glad Cody pulled it off so they can send Frankie packing! Sooo frickin happy right now! (doing happy dance)!

  21. I am so glad that Frankie is going he don’t need the money and I liked him in the beginning but not now. I hope Derrick wins this.

  22. feeds update…..bad mouth move on Calebs part…just told Victoria that if he and Cody were final 2 that he would win…..Derrick is not gonna be happy to hear that when Victoria whispers in his ear..

  23. Frankie – “your losing Veto comp made for some GREAT T.V.! It’s just sad that you’re not happy about that! How’s come?” :-)

  24. Caleb has those loose lips going again…he just told Derrick that it should be them in F2 right after he just told Cody the same thing. Hey Caleb…those two talk!!

  25. I think Derrick has every intention of taking Victoria to the final 2. I think that Derrick views dragging Victoria to the end as another one of his brilliant strategic moves. This story about everyone voting against whoever takes Victoria to the end is just another one of his ploys.

    In any case, if I was Cody, I wouldn’t take that chance. I would vote out Victoria this week forcing Caleb to make the final eviction vote ensuring Victoria does not go to the end with Derrick.

    Its ironic that Derrick came up with this story to Caleb that the first one to turn on them would be Frankie when in fact it is Derrick who is the first to turn on his alliance.

    • Shhhhhh. Don’t say that too loudly they might hear and try doing that. If that happens Frankie will be in F2 unless a miracle happens. IMO he doesn’t deserve to go any further in the game I don’t want Derrick to win either but I would rather see Frankie go now and if it means Derrick wins then it is the lesser of two evils

  26. Lol wow. 2 weeks ago everyone was pissed off cause they thought the button would save frankie. Now the button is sending him home. Don’t judge before you see the end result

    • EXACTLY!!,THIS IS THE BEST NEWS POSSIBLE,the reign of Frankie is over,washed my hands of him the minute he stabbed Zach in the back,remember his performance that evening loud and clear!

  27. I am ecstatic that Cody won pov, however bummed that it’s not a live eviction. Would love to hear the boos Frankie gets as like Christine.

    • That was a typo in Matt’s post. I questioned that too. It was meant to read, “Special Eviction NIGHT” not “tonight.” Either way, it will be taped with (probably) CBS employees in the seats.

  28. Did I read that right Frankie lost to Cody, Derrick, & VICTORIA. That is sweet. Cody and Derrick right on but the fact that Victoria had a faster time than him has to be just eating him alive from the inside out. The only part that sucks is there won’t be anybody there to boo Frankie. The booing while not nice for anybody to hear it would have been priceless to see the look on his face.

  29. “I hate Derrick for playing such an amazing BB game. He is a cop playing for life changing money and should just not play the game and be truthful and lose. I fucking wish a floater would win or an underdog with no game that only did what the real game players wanted them too. I hate big brother!!!!” — Typical dumbass big brother fan.

  30. Wait so no live audience when frankie leaves? oh so they are “catering to frankie” so he does not hear the boos that are coming to him?

    • It’s planned way in advance because special eviction episodes prior to the final week are always prerecorded. Whether or not Frankie goes this week, the show will not air live.

      The eviction show will be recorded either on the same day as the POV ceremony or after, back to back with the HOH competition.

      All of these will all air on Tuesday leading into Wednesday’s live show for the second eviction of the week.

      • Damn i wanted him to have to call a psychiatrist (as he said after christine got booed so bad) would serve him right to think he is all that and more.

      • He’ll probably get one on queue after Julie kicks him off her stage after the interview. lol

        Let’s just hope he does get evicted. I’m actually hoping it’s an empty studio greeting him as he walks out.

  31. I am So very Happy!! Bye Bye Bye Skankie Frankie! The only thing that sucks is that there will not be a live audience so Frankie won’t get to hear his much needed and deserved boo’s! CBS better Not use a fake clapping track! I can’t wait til Frankie gets out of the jury house and enters the Real world and see ‘ s how much he is Hated by America! Bwhaaaaaaaa!

  32. Special Eviction tonight???? No live audience???? Was really looking forward to the boos Frankie was gonna get. Oh well. ~pops the cork on the champagne, anyway~ Too bad, so sad, bye bye.

    • I have a feeling even if it would have been live, CBS would have filled the audience with employees. They would never let their precious Frankie get booed.

    • I read that too “Special Eviction TOnight.” I questioned it and somebody (Red Roses) replied, “It was a TYPO and it should have read “Special Eviction NIGHT” which will be Tuesday. Just the same, it will be taped, and not live. (And probably CBS employee’s filling the seats as the audience, as they did last year.)

  33. I told ya that The Warrior Princess was gonna win, err at least beat Frankie … Ha !!

    just watching BBAD now and, Caleb just suggested to Cody that they should split the votes, Cody votes to evicts Frankie, and Derrick votes to evict Victoria then Caleb would do a speech and said that he would then evict Frankie .. for some reason, Cody said No and wanted nothing to do with this consideration …. wonder why? No way would Caleb be considering flipping to save Frankie ?? Ha!!

  34. Frankie is going to jury Derrick better come up with something good to tell everyone about how he deceived everyone lol

    • Just hope he gets the same welcome in the jury house that Christine got. While I have no doubt he would blame booing on the editing, if everyone ignores him walking into the jury house, that would really get to his ego.

      • I hope he gets the booing during the finale! And a shock when Donny wins AFP! (Although, I’m worried about them cancelling AFP for that very reason.)

      • Do you really think they would cancel it? I think Caleb is the one who’s going to be shocked when they announce AFP! He seems to think he’s got it in the bag.

      • I hope not, but according to some posters yesterday they said that when there is an American voted player during the season, then there isn’t an AFP at the end. I honestly don’t remember.

        ETA: I just looked up Elissa’s season. She was voted on by America throughout the season AND she won AFP.

        I hope it’s a split camera when AFP is announced. Camera 1 on Donny, camera 2 on Frankie and camera 3 on Caleb!!!

      • A) there was no TA last year B) Elissa’s sister Rachel helped her win AFP by tweeting to all her fans, and Frankie’s sister may help Frankie as well. Although I do think Elissa deserved it. C) CBS may not have AFP this year because they have already shelled out $55,000 for TA missions and now Derrick will win an additional $50,000 if he wins it all. CBS May not be willing to dole out another $25,000 for AFP. I hope they do and Donny wins.

      • Andy played an incredible game last season. He won competitions when he needed to, and he got people to trust him which he ultimately used against them. The way he got Elissa evicted during the double eviction was genius. I’m not a fan of “rats” in Big Brother, but Andy played a great game.

        Jordan from Season 11 is someone who went so far without doing anything at all…

  35. I don’t know why your so sure of that. The only power in the end is the veto holder. They get the only vote in this final four. It doesn’t matter who hoh is and who nominees are. The holder of the veto is the only one that votes.

    • He’s going to be beyond flabbergasted when he finds out what people think of him. Maybe it will be good for him. Perhaps he’ll take a long, hard look at himself and make a few changes for the better. Then again, maybe not.

      • He’s already advised Caleb to ignore the “haters.” So, it’s doubtful that anything negative about him will sink into his over-egotistical mind. In his mind, he is perfect and no one can convince him otherwise. The only people he may listen to are his mom and sister.

      • I wish it would result in good for him, but I think he is too far gone for any real insight. Maybe even the insight gene is missing.

  36. I am possibly the only one to think this way, but Psycho Cowboy scares the piddle out of me. When he’s talking into the camera, well more specifically the blank stares in between when he’s “thinking”, you can almost see the sick gears turning and turning. He’s gotta be one of the more ADHD people ever to be in the house. His mind goes from weird to weirder faster than I can handle and, throughout all of it, he has that constant and overwhelming need to glorify himself. His eyes are like black holes, not a drop of humanity in them when he’s playing to an audience. BTW: Is it true that a negative psychological evaluation got him out of the Army after 11 months? Be very interesting to read that one.

  37. I would rather see Victoria go over Frankie! She does not deserve final 4 or 3! Sorry but that is my opinion!

    • You’re right she doesn’t deserve it, but Frankie’s behavior is overriding his achievements in the house so far as a lot of people are concerned.

      • I’m not sure she doesn’t deserve it. The boys have used her and made a fool of her all summer. She’s very young, naive and sheltered. They took advantage of her vulnerability and got rid of all the strong girls. I think she deserves it for all these reasons. I honestly hopes she wins.

      • I see GMaG’s point, especially about Frankie, and I agree with you. Even tho I feel she is where she is because she latched on to the right person at the right time, of course with a little help from Derrick, on her own merits, I wouldn’t say she deserves to win. But for the exact reasons that you posted, I would be ok with her winning.

      • I do not think that Victoria could be where she is without Derrick, however, there were numerous ways she could have screwed up even that … I do give her two big credits … 1 – she is discreet and has resisted blabbing everything she knows, she seems to have discerned what is OK to say and what is not … that’s playing smart. 2 – she is a pretty good little actress .. that is not easy to do pretty much 24/7 and even tho every princess worth their salt can cry on demand, not laughing while Frankie is fake crying back is nothing less than phenomenal.

    • GEEESH! Thank God Victoria Never talked about raping Frankie or anyone else in every hole like Frankie did and Said that about Victoria! You are sick, Frankie needs to go, have you Not seen the Live Feeds of Frankie, Frankie is a Nasty Human Being! I know, you don’t watch or care….right?! Sicking!

      • Let’s not forget that Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Christine were ALL part of that conversation, but foe some reason Frankie is the only one taking the heat for it. Be fair, they are all vile and disgusting.

    • Frankie has no one to blame but himself. He wanted to push the button more than anyone. Welp, looks like the button is sending him home. Sucks to suck.

  38. 2 minutes 21 seconds??? So, why is nobody crying rigged now?! Oh, that’s right, the comps were only rigged when Frankie would win. Gotcha.

      • Does conspiracy in your mind resemble manipulation? Or would conspiring to keep Frankie and manipulating the game to favor him not be in your realm of thinking? Aliens aren’t in my realm either. (o/o)

      • Gee thanks. First Karen has Rick James singing Super Freak in my head yesterday and now you’ve got Genesis singing Illegal Alien! (I’m old to remember both of those songs! LOL)

      • Morning Red, What’s up with that thread last night? You guys were all speaking in tongue. Gave me a headache. lol

      • GM, Cyril! I was just as confused. I think I started it, but wasn’t sure. Anyway, apologizing multiple times seemed to finally get it to end. I went to bed right afterwards. LOL

        <—— Here's 2 aspirin from the bottle I opened last night. :)

      • Hey, you two clowns(lol), I’m taking my 15 year old granddaughter to eat Mexican(her favorite, not mine) this afternoon and then my grandsons have two ballgames. Late night. Same tomorrow afternoon except for no lunch date before. I’m going to be so far behind because my TN Vols play at 8PM and Nascar, and other football……Counting on you guys posting. Love ya’ll.

      • Nope already stated the obvious. Of course CBS wants players who generate ratings (those who are loved & those who are hated) to stick around as long as possible (this isn’t a hidden agenda). And yes they will accommodate that as much as possible short of actually coercion and/or forced outcomes. But the OUTCOME is completely dependent on the contestants themselves.

      • It’s the last week, so ratings don’t factor for much anymore. They got everything they wanted out of Frankie, I’m sure.

  39. I think we should have been able to hear the boos just like Christine he gets out of everything,he’ll go out thinking everyone loves him.

  40. Of course it would not be a live audience that Frankie would have to walk out to. CBS is probably afraid of what people might say and do on the live show when he came out. I was looking forward to seeing his jaw drop when they booed him. I’ll give CBS the benefit of the doubt and say that they are waiting for the final show and announce Donny as AFP. Just let him keep thinking America loves him. I think the fans he did have dropped him now that his true colors have came out.

    • CBS has had this “no audience Tuesday” set up for weeks. They had no way of knowing if Frankie would win or lose the POV or even be on the block.

      That conspiracy theory doesn’t make sense.

    • Good point about Frankie being “backdoored” at the final show by not getting a clue walking out to boos after he is evicted. His ego deserves the biggest deflation possible.

  41. “we won’t get to watch it live and there will be no live public audience.”

    So we are not going to hear he being booed? :'(

    • Not sure he’ll read anything but what good may be there. He has already said he had “people” who get rid of any negative posts/blogs from haters. Not man enough to take the truth.

      • We love IU basketball…looking forward to a new season..hopefully, better than last year. We are anxious to see how James Blackmon and Robert Johnson do. We have some good ones coming in. How long have you been a BB fan?

      • I was born and raised in Bloomington and lived there most of my life. I’m in South Carolina now, but hope to move back soon. I’ve been a fan since I was able to walk! I’m 36, so the 1981 championship is hazy, but I fully remember 1987 and the great success of the early 90s. I think we will surprise some people this year. I am excited. Blackmon looks like he could be an Oladipo-type of star and Johnson is solid. Can’t wait to see how they mesh with Yogi in the backcourt.

      • We have been lifetime fans. Basketball season is crazy around my house! My daughter is a graduate of Indiana University. Last season was a little bit of a let down so let’s hope this season is better! Time for Big Brother to come on..I have watched this show since the first season..I am obsessed with it!

      • I’ve watched since BB8 but after that finale I went back and watched all the previous seasons. and I’ve watched all of them since. Love it!

  42. Now that we know Frankie is going, What I want to see happened is Derrick picking Victoria for F2 and send those two guys packing. They’ll be scratching their head and say “What the f**k happened?..We should have sent him home long time ago” “That son of a b**ch !!” haha…lesson learned

  43. Since Matt’s post above was dated, “Sept. 12th @ 11:58 pm EST” and within the post he writes, “Frankie will be on the block against Victoria COME SPECIAL EVICTION TONIGHT” . Does that mean Frankie is already out of the house today??? If so, then won’t we be watching taped “Live feeds” from now until Tuesday? Somebody UNconfuse me, please!!

    • That’s Matt’s prediction. And, as it’s been noted before, there are occasionally typos in the articles. In this case it should be the word “night”, rather than “tonight.” There is no show tonight.

    • Oh, now I get it! I know there is no show tonight! Never thought it was a typo though! Thanks Red Roses! Perhaps you could be Matt’s editor in the future!! :)

  44. Cody is dumb to think that he can win the $500K against Derrick unless he is fine with 2nd place. At least with Caleb, he has a 50 – 50 chance. Caleb should have thrown the last comp to either to Frankie or Cody.

  45. Nobody can win against derrick, It would make big brother history that if the final three were derreck vic, and cody and vic could win one of the comps and then the final comp she would make history being the biggest non gamer to make it to final 2 and could win just for that fact, who on earth could imagine someone to make it this far and not one comp win and has just started to play in the final weeks , derrick truly is using his head,
    Poor frankie , if he stays then something really is not right, the only person who wants him is caleb and calebs hands are tied, that is why he told them to split the vote and let him decide,
    So the final four will be a good one, the winner will decide the true outcome, and it will be either vic, or caleb gone, But derrick if he does not win hoh may not be safe since he would be the replacement nom. if caleb or vic win,pov and with only one vote to evict he could become a poopy paints fast.

    This hoh as always in big brother is the biggest one of the year , you are going to be in the final three no matter what,

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