Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 12 Friday Highlights

Frankie Grande is worried about his game
Frankie Grande is worried about his game – Source: CBS

The Veto competition arrived a day early in the regular schedule and brought a high-stakes battle to decide who would move on to the F4 as the guys were moving against Frankie in the background.

By the end of the night we had results, F4 settled, and talks of F2 that could make things tricky for the Hitmen alliance. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 12, 2014:

11:00 AM BBT – After a series of Fish and sleeping the HGs are finally getting up.

12:50 PM BBT – Frankie emerges from an emotional DR session. He sounds shocked.

1:30 PM BBT – Derrick is back from DR and meets with Frankie to discuss new Team America mission. The challenge can only be won by one of them. If one of them wins the game they get an extra $50K bonus. (Has nothing to do with F2.)

3:00 PM BBT – HGs lounging around studying.

4:45 PM BBT – Guys relaxing and trying not to stress. General discussion.

6:42 PM BBT – Veto is finally underway.

8:58 PM BBT – Feeds return. Cody won the Veto!

9:00 PM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria that Frankie will be evicted and she needs to just keep acting sad.

9:05 PM BBT – HGs going over times and details. Frankie lost to Cody, Derrick, and Victoria.

9:30 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick discuss when to tell Frankie. Caleb wants to tell him now, but they think that’s a bad idea. Cody suggests waiting at least until the Veto Ceremony is over.

9:35 PM BBT – Guys agree they will both vote out Frankie so Caleb doesn’t have to do the tiebreaker.

10:00 PM BBT – Caleb tells Cody he thinks the strongest two players (the two of them) should be in the F2 and not Derrick.

10:20 PM BBT – Victoria got a replacement necklace from Big Brother. It was damaged during the scavenger hunt competition that netted her $5,000. She had been very upset over it. Replacement cost was $35.

10:25 PM BBT – Caleb tells Victoria all the votes he thinks he has in F2 if up against Cody. He says he thinks he’d get Derrick’s vote over him voting for Cody in a F2. (He is completely unaware.)

11:45 PM BBT – Victoria warns Derrick that Caleb is planning his F2 with Cody, not him. She tells him to get on that.

12:00 AM BBT – Guys going through how they’d invest/spend their winnings. Lots of student/car loans needing to be paid off in the room.

12:20 AM BBT – Backyard is open again. HGs head out to play some pool.

1:40 AM BBT – Frankie says to himself that he wishes he hadn’t pushed the Rewind button.

2:00 AM BBT – Derrick and Cody convene in the HoH room. Derrick is pushing that they have to take Victoria to F3 instead of Caleb. Cody is resisting say he wants to do the respectable thing and would feel bad sending him out. Cody relents saying he’d do what’s best for the Hitmen, but will feel poorly about evicting Caleb.

2:15 AM BBT – Comparing notes on F2 deals Cody tells Derrick that if Caleb is offering both the same thing then he’s okay with sending Caleb out.

2:30 AM BBT – Cody thinks Hitmen will be a legendary alliance like the Renegades are. (Cody doesn’t realize he is Memphis and hasn’t seen BB10.)

2:45 AM BBT – Derrick reminds Cody that he pushed to save Caleb in Week 4, but now he’s advising him to send him out because it’s still what’s best for their game.

4:00 AM BBT – Caleb with Derrick counting off his Jury votes in a F2 with Cody. I have no idea why Caleb thinks that’s a wise discussion. Derrick says if Caleb takes Cody then they may vote for Cody instead. Caleb is already spending that $500K in his mind.

4:10 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria speak privately about how their “fighting” is going so well and it might be time for them to act friendly again. She’ll first remind the other HGs that she’d never vote for Derrick at the end.

What a crazy, crazy night. Frankie is done and the game has moved on without him, he just doesn’t know it for certain yet. He’ll be evicted during the “special” eviction show so there will not be a live audience to greet (or boo) him when he steps out that door. Next up is the Veto Ceremony to make the noms of the week official.

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  1. What?!? No audience for Frankie??? Que sera sera sera. Its funny how he wanted all the glory and BBUS 16 isn’t giving him the luxury LOL but then again probably they are protecting him from all BOO’s that he may receive?? O.o Either way its good that he is not in the game anymore =) I personally would love to see Derick and Victoria in the F2 for they both played an interesting game however you may see it lol

    • Poor Frankie, he doesn’t even get to see Julie or tell her how much he loves her when he leaves. That is unless Julie actually shows up for the eviction.

      • After I wrote this I seen where she still does the interview. Too bad he won’t get booed, then again this could have been Christine doing this walk of shame instead of Frankie.

      • This is a coincidence, rather than convenient. As much as I agree that production’s favoring Frankie this season has been disgraceful, this eviction wasn’t catered to him. It’s been done several times in the past.

      • Bingo. It’s just how the timing worked out. He could have gone on Wed instead to a live audience. No way production could have known for certain weeks ago that this would be the exact night he left.

      • Hoping that Julie’s first question is about his rape comment. He’ll turn a shade of pale never seen before on TV.

      • That would be funny! Unfortunately, Julie praised Frankie a few days after that incident in her EW interview.

      • Good point. He wears more makeup than any woman I’ve ever known. Perhaps to hide an extended interlude with meth? He sure looks like a heavy user.

      • you know it is kinda cool he wont have the live audience to play up to…..that will knock him down too because he lives on attention

      • YEAH, I never thought of that. Also can you imagine what the other HG’s are going to be saying when there is deadly silence as Frankie walks out the door.

      • We wanted the audience to knock Frankie down a few levels, cause he is delusional! He is a nobody meany!

      • yes we did but that isn’t going to happen so we get that he gets nothing no response to his personality

      • Skankie “two-faced-entitled” Frankie Loves to kiss Julie ‘ s A$$hole every week. …it is sick and Fake!

    • A special eviction show has always been without a live audience to greet an exiting houseguest who reaches 5th place. Plus, it’s prerecorded ahead of transmission so in most cases, that particular episode either shows a POV comp, a POV ceremony or both, apart from the subsequent eviction and HOH comp.

      It’s been that way for several seasons now.

      • In the past the evictions that aren’t on a live show are just the evicted and Julie sitting in chairs on the stage. There is no audience. I would assume that this year is no different.

    • I read that there WILL be an audience, made up of CBS staffers. Hence, if what people are saying is true, that in the past there was NO audience for the taped show, then this change of having an “audience” will serve to make sure Skankie gets a standing ovation. And, CBS’ protection of Skankie’s delicate feelings goes on…and on…and on. OY!

      • I have heard that also, and if I hear any cheers for Frankie I will Never watch CBS again and neither will my family and friends. …so he better have silence or his Boo’s!

      • P.S. he deserves Boo’s and worse than Christine! He was just as vile and mean as Christine if Not Worse! YAH, he was much worse in every way shape and form!

    • Please. Victoria has done nothing but follow Derick everywhere. I hope Derick does not take her for final 2. If that is his plan, I hope Caleb and Cody final two.

  2. Question? The final 4 will have 1 HOH, 2 people nominated, and 1 person safe. How will they do the final 4? If Caleb can’t play for HoH let’s just vote him out now? I never saw a final 4. I am just waiting for Survivor to start! Amazing Race is more exicting then this show! This season been very boring!

  3. Derrick’s perfectly played game will continue to its half mill (+50K) conclusion. Well done derrick!

    • Plus the $25k he has also won in TA Missions and comps ..

      now, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Cody and Caleb blindside Derrick next week ?? Ha!!! Again, it all depends on the POV winner, assuming Derrick doesn’t win neither the HOH nor POV..

      interesting watching him in BBAD playing the Bride’s Maid card last night … having come in 6x times in 2nd place and said if their was a standings comp board he would be winning with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for all his podium finishes …. yep, he is still working Cody and Caleb to bring him to F2 for a guarantee win ….

      only Victoria sees Derek’s game ..and, almost pulled a Nicole when she told him that he would win against everyone based on his game, so he asked her to explain her reasoning …

      Victoria was giggling when Derrick suggested that she will be possibly a sure F2 during BBAD ..

      • Wrong TA (Frankie & Derrick) only have earned $20k they think it’s $25k but they are wrong Donny has $15k for TA and they have only completed one mission since Donny left

  4. frankie has thought he would have all his fans and his sister there when he comes out. he may not get the boos he deserves but he wont get the adoring ppl either! would rather have heard the boos but this is still getting him out

  5. I would like someone to tell me how this is a team America mission. I thought we were team America and we chose the missions. I don’t remember being asked to vote on this.

    • I don’t like it either! We weren’t asked to vote on whether or not they should have a “make-up your own mission,” either. I think they’ll call it a TA bonus, rather than a mission. No matter how you look at it, it’s not fair that it was announced after they were down to 2 TA members. I’d much rather them have no TA bonus for the winner or at least make it a $50K to the charity of your choice for the winner.

      • after is gone, they will probably have one more TA mission for just Derrick, production seems to love throwing money at that guy, He might get the money they had tagged for all 3 members, $15,000. Just don’t get the favortism this year!

      • True, but that was after the fact. I remember several, including myself, wondering why we hadn’t voted for a “make-up your own” mission.

    • According to co-EP Chris Roach on Twitter that it’s not true so we don’t know how Frankie got that idea.

      • Check out the link to his Twitter: CM_Roach/status/510547927257739264

        Entire thing may turn out to be false after all. We’ll know by finale night.

      • All he says is “That is not correct.” It was in reply to a question about the $50K bonus AND TA having to be F2.

        We can safely assume that there is a $50K bonus, since both Derrick and Frankie were talking about it. So, the logical assumption is that the TA having to be F2 is what Chris Roach meant by “That is not correct.” It’s too ambiguous to be certain.

      • If there is a “mission” America did not vote on it.
        Derrick and Frankie are assuming that America did vote. Some think that Derrick knows it is a production thing but is not telling Frankie.
        I hope what I said makes sense cause the entire scenario is very confusing.

      • I agree that it’s confusing! I also think that while we didn’t vote on it, both Derrick and Frankie think that we did.

    • It’s been done before. When the eviction is taped, rather than on an announced live show, there is usually an empty studio with Julie and 2 chairs on the stage.

    • It’s been that way for a long time now. We got two evictions this week, on Tuesday and live Wednesday. Another HOH and Veto comp will have to be played leading to Wednesday’s live show.

    • I actually think walking out to a empty studio will be more of a slap in the face to Frankie than getting booed. He lives for an audience/fame, when you watch him on BBAD he is always looking right at one of the cameras. Can you imagine his face when he walks out and there is NO ONE there. I’m sure he would think the only reason people were booing him is because America just isn’t ready for someone like him to be in the BB house.

      • Right. Look at the picture on the top of this page, He is looking right at the camera. At least his mouth isn’t hanging open in this one

  6. I can’t believe production got that little brat Victoria a new necklace. BB needs to stop calling it Team America, cause it’s not. And I’m pissed Frankie won’t get booed – his ginormous ego will never believe America hates him unless he’s smacked in the face with it.

    • I’m glad that they replaced her personal property. I think it was the right thing to do. I’m also glad that they gave Zach a new hat, even though it wasn’t technically his to begin with, but was his after Victoria told him to keep it.

      Also, he may (probably) will get booed at the finale!

      • your last line gives us all a glimmer of hope….are we horrid for wanting to see Frankie’s reaction to being booed?

      • No, we’re responding to a season of over-the-top creepy and self-aggrandizing behavior. We’d be horrid if we didn’t react negatively to it.

    • It was Zach’s birthday and he was in the jury house. He didn’t just win $5K and then proceed to stomp his feet and “demand” that production replace a cheap necklace. She’s so ungrateful and spoiled. Cannot stand her. I do hope Frankie still gets booed at the finale Redroses – from your lips…..

      • So because she wanted a necklace replaced that production allowed the jurors to destroy she’s ungrateful? I don’t blame her, I’d be pissed too.

      • Yes, she is. She just won $5K and instead of celebrating and focusing on that, she choose to stomp around the house, “demanding” that they replace her cheap piece of costume jewelry, and that “someone was going to pay” for it. What a brat! How anyone can defend that spoiled piece of trash is beyond me, but in this entitled society we live in, I’m not surprised.

        I personally think it is karma for her destroying her own hat to piss off Zach – karma is a bitch. All I can say is if it had been Nicole instead of Victoria in this same situation, you would have seen it handled with grace, not someone prima donna stomping around like a toddler who didn’t get her way. I also loved that they “x”‘d her name out on the shower door, hahaha! I can only imagine what a nightmare it must have been living with her.

      • Well then you don’t watch the feeds. She wasn’t stomping around and how do you know the value of her jewelry? And she has been nothing but nice to everyone. She has a good heart. Can’t compete worth a damn but she’s a good person. When everyone in the house treated Nicole awful even her BFF Christine, Victoria was very kind to her. Derrick and Victoria were the only ones talking to her. And I hope Derrick takes her to the final 2 and she wins!

    • Why shouldn’t they? It was production that allowed the jurors to destroy all their property. No matter what the cost was they should replace it.

  7. what is so much fun about this week is it looks like in the next few days Frankie and Caleb will both be surprised and possibly even humbled!

    • I hope Derrick goes next and Caleb wins the half mil, Derrick has won enough money, and Caleb may be as dense as the London fog, but it would feel good to see Derricks face after all his 9this is why I’m winning, this is how I’m winning speeches in the diary room. And sorry but sorry explains Codys game.

    • as long as he goes ..that’s what matters…I would have enjoyed hearing the “boos” as well but his leaving will be enough…

  8. I wished Frankie would of went to the F3 or F2, I also like Derrick too he’s played a good game. If he makes it to the F2 in which I think he will he may loose because it is up to the jury to pick in decide who they want to win. And from the the looks of it, the jury knows Derrick is the head of the snake and they are not please with it, especially when a lot of them trusted him when they were playing the game. So it doesn’t look to good for Derrick to win the 500k even though I will like him to win or Caleb, but we will have to keep watching:-)

    • Were you watching the same jury clip that I was? They all admitted that it was Derrick behind them going to jury, but they were giving him props for doing it. If there was a vote today, my guess would be a 6-0 in Derrick’s favor.

    • As a player Frankie was good, he won a lot of comps and in the beginning his social game was on point. As a person Frankie is horrible, I will never get over him joking about having the other guys rape Victoria and saying Jocasta needs to go kill herself. As for Derrick the jury is always bitter when they first get evicted but in the end they usually vote for the person who played the best game even if that person is the reason they are sitting in the jury house and not in the F2.

  9. Caleb was telling Derrick and Cody to split the vote so that he could vote Frankie out. The idea was squashed by Cody and seconded by Derrick. Caleb is way to wishy washy to be trusted in that kind of situation. Frankie got in his ear and head last time and Caleb changed his mind. I was “NOOOOOO !! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!” lol…..Caleb is all over the place…and I don’t think they should tell Frankie hes going and if they do I think it should be Tuesday a few hours before the vote.

    • One of the last things they talked about before bed was telling Frankie the night before. Since they don’t know that the eviction won’t be live, they won’t know to tell him! I’m so hoping it’s a blindside.

    • How about how last night on BBAD Frankie kept trying to convince Cody to use the veto on him. Frankie was acting like he was joking every time he said but he said it about 12-20 times somewhere in there. Why would he think Cody would do that when Frankie wouldn’t use the veto to save Cody when he was on the block. Then Frankie trying to make it sound like his nomination record was just as good as Derrick’s because neither of them had been on the block on eviction night. So what Frankie you were still nominated twice and Derrick hasn’t been. IDK maybe I read too much into those things but IMO that’s what it seemed like to me

      • He conveniently forgot that he won veto and took Caleb off the block and left Cody there, but chances are about 100% that Cody remembers

  10. Well we may not get to hear the audience reaction when Frankie gets evicted
    But I do hope that he gets the same reception and treatment that Christine got when he enters the Jury house
    He deserves it just as she did..

  11. I can only hope Frankie doesn’t use the button as an excuse to why he didn’t win. He wanted to push the button more than anyone, so he can’t complain about the results. Much like Derrick said in his DR, curiosity isn’t worth losing 500k over.

    And on another note, this is why those who rely on winning competitions to stay in the house rarely win it all. Hayden is really the only one I can think of who won competitions from start to finish (And please to say “what about Rachel Reilly”. We all know that season was fixed in her favor. Physical comp after physical comp.).

    Look at some of the best competitors in this show’s history – Frank, Jeff, Janelle, Jesse, Shane, and now Frankie. All ended up in the jury house. It’s better to play a great social game and only win comps when needed.

    • He blames everyone else whenever things don’t go his way, so I don’t see this being any different! :-)

    • I just want to see what will become of his career. I predict good things for him, but how many people will hate him and insult him and his behavior on the show is what I am waiting for.

  12. Now why wouldn’t Cody and Derrick trust Caleb with the decisive vote to evict Frankie, I wonder?? Ha!!!

    Anyone else feels a bit of sympathy now for Frankie, in the way they are treating and lying to him about keeping him safe this week?? Ha!!!

    Also, did anyone else notice during BBAD that when Derrick was laying in the HOH bed, when Frankie laid in behind him, and literally starting to rub him and spooning him, Derrick suddenly got up and walked away while yacking away about something ?? Ha!!!

  13. America will do a collective simultaneous cheer when Skankie is evicted. Can’t wait to see his ugly mug when that happens.

  14. Wondering if Production will invite Frankie’s family and sister to be in the audience if and when he evicted for the taped non-live eviction show?? Maybe even have her do live performance? Hmm ..

    For the record, never heard of her nor heard her songs, as far as i am aware, until he announced it on his Frankie’s Funeral show ..

  15. I’ve been reeeelly bummed out that Frankie won’t be facing a live crowd when he’s evicted, but as AG55 pointed out, his reaction will be priceless he he exits the house to see Julie. He’ll be expecting a standing ovation; people cheering and chanting his name; flowers being thrown at his feet; fans climbing the stage to touch the hem of his shorts! Instead, *crickets*. I’m sure his family will be there, but it’s going to be a huge let down for Mr. Show-biz. Oh, Frankie…bless your heart.

  16. There will be an audience that consists of CBS staff and likely Skankie’s family so, he’ll get a standing ovation when he leaves. And, since it’s a taped show, his surprise eviction will likely be re-done until he stops acting like the wuss he is and leaves the house with dignity. I have no doubt that when he learns he’s gone, he’ll throw a hissy fit and the producers will have the HGs do it over…and over…and over till Skankie looks good. But he’ll have an even bigger surprise when the game is over and he learns how America really feels about him. When Vic’s family calls him to task for the “rape” act, when Jocasta finds out he said she should commit suicide, when Nicole learns he called her a c**t and said he’d punch her in the face, when he said he’d like to ” behead and euthanize” another HG (Zack or Donny?) and when the evicted houseguests see his “play.” He has not endeared himself to America and America will see to it that he knows that by blowing up his accounts and telling him what really went on, how he was protected from people’s real feelings about hime and by people posting those hateful videos of all the vile things he said and did. He could be somewhat protected while he’s in the game but in the end, he’ll find out the truth.

    • Taped eviction shows have always Julie doing the exit interview on stage with the evicted in 2 chairs. There is no audience.The whole thing is eerily quiet. It’s usually done for 5th place. I don’t expect the one on Tuesday to be different.

  17. Does anyone realize that Derrick could possibly make BB history If he can stay off the block? I believe he’d be the only HG who was never nominated, who made it to F3 without ever getting blood on his hands with the remaining HGs and carried a do-nothing HG to the F4 while manipulating HGs to evict players who caught on to his skills by making them believe it was their idea. Well played, Derrick.

    • And, depending on when the eviction is done, Frankie would also have set a record for the HG having spent almost 73-75 days sleeping in the HOH room … Ha!!!

    • In a way by having his Batman sidekick around to be the Queen of Pawns, also may have protected him from being nominated, in the end …

      So, would Victoria also have the distinction of holding the record for being nominated on the block the most in BB History?

      I suspect that umless Derrick wins the POV, he may likely be a renom ?? So, to secure his spot in F3 he almost have to win either the HOH or POV or he may follow Frankie ….

      I would suspect regardless who wins the HOH Caleb and Victoria would be the obvious nominations .. so Derrick should likely survive another week of not being nominated ….

  18. They are offering $50K to a single person for a TA mission? This is twice more than the AFP will make. Can anyone tell me what the mission is?

    • Victoria has only one friend in the house and that is Derrick. She is not flirting with him or being inappropriate in any way. At least not on the show, I’m not sure if she is doing that on the live feeds. Victoria seems like a sweet young girl.

  19. Derrick will win according to what the jurors were saying, so if he makes it to the final he will have $550,000.

  20. So happy, please please Evict Skankie Frankie! And Yes Morons, Skankie Frankie was CBS’ s favorite. …but he wasn’t America’ s Favorite! So I do Not believe Skankie Frankie won Team America at All! CBS nominated him, Not us!! It sucks that Skankie Frankie will be shield from his much deserved BOO’S that he would have gotten! Oh well let’s hope Skankie Frankie see ‘ s All the people who Hate him in America when he gets out of the house/ jury house!

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