The Power of Veto Ceremony will be held later today on Big Brother 16 as the season’s Final Five HGs come together for nearly the last meeting of the season with an important choice to be made.

As the week was rewound due to the button-pushing twist the Houseguests had to compete again in all the same challenges and the pressure was intense. Their battle is over and the war is nearly won after weeks of passing up their opportunity to go for a big target. But would they let him slip away again?

Caleb, as this week’s Head of Household, has placed Frankie and Victoria on the block for eviction. The Power of Veto competition ended with Cody snagging the control to undo one of those nominations should he choose to do so. Of course that would mean Caleb’s only renom option would be Derrick.

Of course Cody will not use the Veto this week. He’ll let Frankie and Victoria speak their parts for the Ceremony but then he will 100% decline to remove either of them from the block.

The golden medallion will go back in the block and the HGs will prepare to evict either Frankie or Victoria, but there’s really no discussion left on the matter.

Frankie’s game ended the second he lost that Veto comp. He regrets pushing that Rewind button, but it’s too late now for him to undo the damage. The entire house is against keeping him and he strongly suspects the fate ahead of him this week, but don’t expect him to go out quietly.

What do you think of Cody’s plan to leave the nominations the same? Would it be better for his game to save one of the noms and put his closest ally in danger?

We’ll have the official results confirmed later today after the Veto Ceremony is held and the week’s noms are finalized with Frankie and Victoria on the block facing eviction.


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