Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 12 Special Eviction Live Results

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for the special eviction episode will be revealed as the Final Five HGs face a surprise elimination before holding the next Head of Household competition.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS[/caption]

The Houseguests didn’t know what was going on Monday when they were woken up early and told to prepare for an important day. Their hopes of a visitor didn’t come true as it was actually quite the opposite and one of them was sent to Jury. Now we’ll get confirmation of who that was.

Once the Final Four is revealed they’ll have a HoH comp to decide who wins a seat at the F3 which sets us up for Wednesday’s live eviction. It’s a big night and an even bigger week of Big Brother!

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

Okay, so the Feed leaks earlier today revealed all of tonight’s results! But we’re still here to see what officially happens.

Julie Chen announces Team America is over but there’s one last task and this one is an individual mission. If one of them wins BB16 then he will earn a bonus of $50,000!

Big Brother 16 Week 12 Power of Veto – Rewound ‘BB Freakshow’:

  • Cody sets a time of 2m21 secs
  • Caleb can’t beat the time & it ends
  • Victoria can’t be the time either
  • Frankie doesn’t make the countdown either
  • Derrick almost, almost has it, but nope.

Cody wins the Power of Veto! An impressive win and puts Frankie in a dangerous spot.

Big Brother 16 Week 12 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Cody does not use the Veto. Frankie & Vic stay on the block.

CBS just announced that you can audition for Big Brother 17! Hooray! Apply now!

Big Brother 16 Week 12 Eviction Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Frankie
  • Derrick votes to evict: Frankie

Frankie has been evicted 2-0 over Victoria.

Big Brother 16 Week 12.5 Head of Household Comp – “Before or After”:

  • Round 1: Before – all get a point
  • Round 2: After – all get a point
  • Round 3: Before – Victoria & Cody get a point
  • Round 4: Before – all get a point
  • Round 5: After – Cody & Derrick get a point – Cody leads
  • Round 6: Before – Cody & Derrick get a point – Vic can’t win
  • Round 7: After – Derrick gets a point – Tie!
  • Tiebreaker – 462 secs, Derrick guessed 420 – Derrick wins

Congrats to Derrick. He is the new HoH! This also secures him a spot in the F3.

Wednesday’s live eviction will get us down to the F3 and then the Final HoH comp starts on Friday’s episode, so yeah that will be an important one for sure. Season finale is 9/24 @ 9:30PM ET.

Jump on your Live Feeds NOW & watch to find out what happens next! When the Feeds return we’ll find out who was nominated and who won Veto which is very important and decides the F3. Tomorrow I’ll have our interview with tonight’s evicted HG to share as well.

Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!


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  1. We need to petition CBS to reject ALL Frankies votes for AFP. It seems that Arianna Grande & Justin (Dickeahd) Bieber are asking their fans to vote for Frankie on the CBS site.

    This is an outrage and an unfair advantage to all the other HG’s.

    Start now on Twitter so CBS knows we know whats up & we will not allow Frankie to be AFP. In fact he’s Americas LFP (Least Favorite Player)

    • ScottyG I totally agree with you Frankie should have been rejected the night he told the HG’s who he really was and who he was related to but yet they kept him to where someone else could have went futher in the game hated the way he hung all over the straight guys in the house and they shouldn’t have allowed that either but they did …….Donny has my vote for AFP….!!!

      • Donny has all 20 of my votes but with those guys telling their base to vote for the disgusting vile pink haired guy I wonder if Donny can make it.

      • I gave my daily 20 to Donny.

        But CBS needs to know that we are not happy with Frankie getting his sister & twerp biebers fans to overload the voting system.

        You also forgot that he told the guys to gang rape Victoria & laughed about it. That sealed the deal for AMERICA!

        Now we need BB fans worldwide to let CBS know we won’t stand for it.

        I hope Matt is aware & talks to his connections at CBS to let them know we are PISSED.

      • I agree with everything you said.i am having trouble logging in to vote, hope I can get my votes in. I hope this voting turns out fair and the right person wins (donny),
        But I got a bad feeling about this.

      • Glad Frankie is outa there but him “hanging all over the straight guys”.. what do you care? If they were uncomfortable with it, they’re big boys and can speak for themselves.

      • No they can’t. They’ve already tried again and again to get him to stop and he just ignores them and keeps doing it. If they try too hard to tell Frankie to back off they could end up looking homophobic – which could cause a lot of backlash for them later. If you remember from last year, several guests left the house to find themselves jobless because of the racism scandal. I feel sorry for the guys because Frankie is a parasite and they are stuck smiling through it all because of how things might look on the outside.

    • CBS never shows the vote totals, only percentages AFTER the voting ends so they could conceivably give it to who they want. I don’t know how they do it but some voting results on other shows have been thrown out. So they may thrown some out anyway. All we will see is who they give it to. Nicole’s family has their town voting for her BUT Donny’s girlfriend has his town voting for him, so I think he will win because most of the blogs people are voting Donny.

      • The important thing is that we the fans let CBS know Frankie is NOT Americas favorite.

        I’m fairly sure from Twitter feeds, etc. they are aware. If they know WE know, then with an ounce of luck he’ll get his votes rejected.

        Having millions of teeny bopper fanboi’s & fangirls for 2 so called pop Sub-lebrities voting is NOT the way we want our Big Brother 16 AFP chosen.

        If we make enough noise, he CAN’T win.

      • Believe me CBS knows my email by heart. I’ve been sending them about every other day with complaints about Frankie and how he acts. Should have been kicked out. They know how true fans feel.

      • Now start on Twitter, I already put out a tweet. I hep it get RT’ed & Fav’ed a LOT so CBS Pays ATTENTION!

      • Yes they do! And that’s why the dares not have a live show for his eviction! His boos would have blown the fake walls of the studio down! Sorry CBS!

      • Yea, but on twitter, it seems like the vote is split. Seen many people who are voting for Zach. That’s bad. If they split the vote, that can help Frankie to go thru the crack.

      • I understand their loyalty in wanting to support their fav. When it comes down to it, would they rather see Frankie win or Zach get some loyalty votes? Oh well, I can only decide for myself and respect what others decide to do.

      • Everyone on this site needs to stick together or Frankie will win. I think most people want Donny so I voted Donny. If the majority wanted Zach I would vote Zach but that’s not the case. Please everyone vote Donny.

      • Y sooo much hate on Frankie but all this love 4 Derrick whose just as dirty & conniving as Frankie. I get u all don’t want him 2 win AFP but all this hate I would think u all were jealous of him. In my opinion Derrick is just as low down as Frankie but he uses everyone else 2 do his dirty work yet he gets all tjis praise & he doesn’t tell everyone he’s a f***ing undercover cop.

      • Gee, I forgot where Derrick told the guys that they should gang rape Victoria & take the virginity of ALL her holes like Frankie did.

        Frankie is a creep no matter how you slice it.

        Derrick never said vile things like Frankie did about the Women in the house.

      • Soo just because he said these things u hate him but u all sing the praises of everyone else in the house. Granted what he said wasn’t right I still don’t get y so much hate. And Derrick manipulated the whole house but because he’s a “cop” & he’s “playing 4 his family” he should win while Victoria & he have an almost Cody & Christine type of “friendship”.

      • Yes. I don’t like people who call for gang rape. I can’t tell you how to think, but I am going by common sense and decency.

        Frankie exhibited neither & is nothing more than a peacocking fame whore.

        Derrick did a great job of jury management too.

        So go ahead and keep your Frankie. Most of America agrees with me, not you.

      • derrick & victoria’s relationship doesn’t even compare to christine’s & cody’s. derrick doesn’t do anything wrong in the terms of cheating, flirting or anything of the sort with victoria or anyone else in the house. i don’t know how you could compare the two. you’re crazy.

      • While I am far from a Derrick fan and have posted about why I dislike, there is no way I would put him in the same category as Frankie. Frankie stands alone in his well deserved title of “Most Hated House Guest EVER!”

      • Wow. After what we discussed yesterday about Derrick. To see you take up for HIM like this just shows how much you really dislike Frankie. & that’s something I’m definitely on board with. ;)

        I wanted to vomit when I saw him run out of the house and his interview with JUlie. Was it just me or did his interview seem longer than most? Or did it just seem like forever bc I hate him?? I so wish he could have got a real feel of what real BB fans think of him

    • I don’t think we have to do that – we can do this on our own. Adults of all ages … vote your 20x per day and we’ll get this done. I’d rather not get down in the gutter with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

    • I dont have or use Twitter. We need one online at a petition site. It figures that one self entitled rich brat would call for his fans to support another self entitled rich brat….sad! Vote in droves and ask at least 5 other people you know to get online and vote for Donny Thompson!!! Supply friends with the web address to vote, along with a yummy homemade baked goodie (thinking like a Grannie) I honestly think we would have more luck than getting CBS attention with a petition! No way the “Disbeliebers” or “Sick Puppys Sister” can beat an army of true BB fans bringing along 5 of their nearest and dearest! Lets show em who the REAL AFP is!

      • Not that seriously. I don’t pay for the live feeds. I just don’t like seeing such a stacked deck. Using a siblings pop fame to overload the votes is not only wrong, It’s a lame desperate attempt to salvage Skankie’s ruined reputation & get him some cash. Why doesn’t she just give him 25K? Not like she doesn’t have it.

  2. Happy #EvictFrankie Day! Holiday Palooza for everyone!

    Enter choir song:
    “Give thanks with a grateful heart
    Give thanks to the Holy One
    Give thanks because BB evicted Frankie Grande, oh snap!”

  3. Team Donny all the way!! I’m posting to all of my family and friends on Facebook to vote for him!

  4. oh geez, i was hoping not to have to hear any more squeals and high pitched screams hopefully this will be the last time

  5. If I was Frankie, I would feel robbed not having a live studio audience (to boo me). No fun putting on a show for BB employees, they have been watching all summer.

  6. What a cry baby Frankie is then that dr comment about are you going to choose greed what has been he choosing the entire time with TA

      • lol. I’m starting to feel paranoid, I’ve tried three times to leave this post and each time I’ve been kicked off by my computer!
        I’m beyond frustrated. Les and Julie should be ashamed of how they’ve slapped all the BB fans in the face. They have treated us like fools. They wouldn’t have their fortunes, their big homes or their loyal followers if it weren’t for us. They need to remember, if they keep throwing this swill at us and telling us it’s filet mignon, we’re going to get disgusted and stop watching. I still think we need a petition listing exactly what was so very wrong with this season. Anyone know how to do that?

      • I’m not really sure how to do that. I would think you would have to have Les Moonvies’ e-mail or something..I really have no idea.

  7. Frankie better then all you haters

    homophobia here is horrible
    learn to live in the 21st century
    Gay people are people also
    He even helped your favorite donny

    • What does being gay have to do with anything? He’s a sexist, hateful, rude pig. That’s why people can’t stand him. I take it you agree with rape?

      • Mike, you have no effing clue. It has NOTHING to do with his sexuality! Goodbye, you racist, bigoted, self-absorbed, narcissistic, sociopath!

      • Wake up. He talked about the guys raping Victoria. He talked about Jocasta can just kill herself. Know what you’re talking about before you make such ignorant comments!

      • Because he’s gay he can’t be a jerk? I don’t know about this rape business, but it seems you are excusing everything and rather than being pro-gay or gay-friendly, you are using sexual orientation as a shield against which no one can comment. As I said above, his sexual orientation has nothing to do with why people do not respond well to him. If it was, then it would not explain why fans have had positive responses to numerous gay players on either BB US or BB Canada in the past. Frankie is just, well, he’s Frankie.

    • so much I want to say but why bother would just get called a homophobe no matter the real reason I don’t like him

    • Several of us like him, BEFORE he showed his true vile, narcissistic colors, which definitely aren’t a rainbow! So this is about Frankie as a person, and nothing about gays, flamboyant people, or cross-dressing.

    • While I appreciate your support of the LGBT community and your willingness to call out homophobia when you see it, as well we all should, I don’t think that is what you are seeing here. My sense is that the dislike of Frankie has absolutely nothing to do with his sexual orientation. People are fine with that and frankly, don’t even care. So many people dislike Frankie because he is a self-centered, obnoxious twit. And he would be if he were straight or gay.

    • Nothing whatsoever to do with him being gay. Now, does it have something to do with him being vile, inappropriate, conceited, and lecherous? Absolutely.

  8. read some place last night chances are good he F.G. will most likely be on survivor and the amazing race

  9. Did anyone else notice ALL those editing cuts in the taped goodbye messages. I wonder what they really said!

  10. Just wait until finale. All the previous house guests that didn’t make jury and saw the show and all the social media. Maybe Frankie will get a wake up call from them!

    • People like Frankie don’t hear the wake up call when it comes. He will just continue to relish his fabulousness, completely unaware of how many people don’t relish with him. And you know what? In some ways, I suppose, it’s not a bad way to live, if you can be that self involved.

  11. And you know what this does, it enables Frankie to keep acting the way he does. He now has a false impression that America loves him. Those who watched the live feeds are quite frankly, disgusted with Frankie.

    Man that guy got a great edit.

  12. Ugggg….CBS so disappointed in you. What are you afraid of? Julie Chen, if you ever had aspirations of becoming a “real interviewer”, you just lost all credibility. Thank you (NOT) for assuming most of your viewers are stoopid. Most ridiculous tribute to a complete moron and disgrace to the entire human race.

  13. Does anyone ever recall a HG being treated so favorably as Frankie? That applause made me sick, because we know the true Frankie J.Grande. Blowing kisses, thanking Julie, thanking CBS..terrible.

    • Don’t know if I even want to watch it. Such disappointment in CBS, but not shocked. Ulterior motives this season, for sure.

  14. I’m pissed beyond words. That’s OK…Frankie didn’t get his just desserts—YET. He still has to deal with Victoria’s family; so spread all the magic dust you want…I doubt that will make it all go away.

      • Finale night, yes!! But will the jurors know enough even then to ask everyone the really tough questions?

      • Yep can’t wait. And it’s sad because I’m a very forgiving person and to feel this much anger towards a person is not like me. But I can’t forgive his remarks and actions about raping Victoria. I also didn’t like the remark about Jocasta can just kill herself. And she did a memorial for his Grandfather. He’s an awful person.

      • They usually let the previous HGs that didn’t make jury speak. I’m hoping that Joey is the one that lays into Frankie.

      • Unless his family shields him. It may take until he tries to do anything other than what’s purchased for him, e.g. CBS.

      • He deserved to get a dose of reality upon his exit and we as faithful fans of BB who have stuck it out deserved to see it.

      • what will jury do? I hope ice cold shoulder. Especially after Nicole told them Frankie had her put up for have not 2 weeks

      • I’ll bet the jury is fine with him. They haven’t heard the things he’s said. Just have to see what their reaction is.

      • It would be poetic justice if Christine, the back-stabber, did it to Frankie and told the others about THE incident. Of course she’d leave out her participation in it.

      • Oh that’s right. I forgot she was in the room. I wonder if she even gave it a second thought since it wasn’t game talk. She’s so ignorant too.

      • Maybe he’ll crack a joke about it and it will remind her. People tend to blab a lot of things that went on behind closed doors in the jury house.

      • If the various postings are correct, his mother, sister and bieber have been rumored to be tweet their followers to vote for Frankie to win AFP .. wondering how many viewers actually are aware of what happens in the House other than the edit episodes??

      • A lot of viewers that only watch the show are also the ones that would never log into a network site and vote for anything.

    • Absolutely an outrageous sham! Worst exit interview ever! Fake audience, fake praise and poorly edited good-bye messages. They should have shown what the HGs really said. CBS did a HUGE disservice to their BB fans. :(

      • I’m beginning to wonder if Julie and Les had such a problem last year because some of the racist comments made were about Asians? Also, I’m beyond surprised that Sarah Gilbert (The View) didn’t mention Frankie’s Idi-freaking-otic comment about lesbians; that they, unlike gay men, aren’t born that way—that it’s a choice. From now on, contestants should NOT be allowed to participate if they’re related to anyone working for CBS or any of their affiliates (i.e. Republic Records). There. Now I can enjoy the fact that I never have to see that pr*ck ever again.

      • I feel the same. I get so involved and upset that I have to tell myself relax you don’t have to see this idiot. And the day after the shows finale I don’t even think of those people.

      • Remember how tough Julie was to Aaryn and Amanda? She was in a joyful mood with Frankie. ..what? lol

      • Exactly. I was thinking the same thing when she was interviewing him. I hope people with twitter accounts tweet about her terrible interview.

      • Julie blasted Aaryn last season. Amanda came out to boos. This one really was a was so obvious..there was so many things she could have called him on. Guess those $$ from “her” album mean more.

      • She even talked about Aaryns comments on David Letterman last year. I think because of Aaryns Asian remarks is why she was so public about racism. But no comments about killing yourself or rape?

      • She was all over the place. It was like her mission. I thought she was gonna be in her usual (reporter like) interview.

      • I thought ALL contests had to have a clause that employees, family, friends, affiliates, family and friends of affiliates aren’t allowed to participate. How did they get around that for Frankie?

      • On BB15, She made it personal too about some racial comments made by the HG since she’s Asian. She probably was told to stay neutral this time. Her interview to Frankie looks so scripted.

      • I’ve never seen editing like this. It didn’t reflect anything that was really going on. They didn’t even try to make it as close as possible to the real thing….so suspicious.

      • We have seen BB15..There’s not a lot of censorship there. HG’s got what they deserve. You know what I’m saying.

      • It’s a big slap in the face to BB fans. Gives credence to the thought that this is all staged to tie in with the Ariana Grande hype. I say we start a petition to let CBS know that we will boycott the show (no matter how hard that is!) until they go back to the old traditions of the show and quit their meddling and manipulating. This is getting to be nothing but a semi-scripted show like the Kardashians.

  15. Well it was a disappointment hearing him get cheers. But it is still my second fav show. Favorite starts next week. Survivor. Come on CBS we need another night.

  16. I am writing this one last time. I don’t care how many times he says it but Frankie has no integrity. His eviction tonight was so staged and the fact that they said Julie accidentally posted a selfie on Instagram. Please do not choose another person like him next year. Just for the record he did NOT want to keep Donny and he did everything he could to throw everyone under the bus. Can’t stand Frankie.

    • My favorite saying – “preaching to the choir on this site”. Very few like Frankie, most like you can’t stand him.

    • Actually, he did try to keep Donny at the last minute. Caleb and Cody were on board, but Derrick shut it down. Said he couldn’t get the girls to go along with it and they had to vote as a block.

      • Frankie only changed his tune about Frankie AFTER he realized that he might be the next target once Donny was out.

      • Yep, and first to kill Donny’s suggestion to save him as the TA Mission and earn $5k in the process,, instead they/we got his drag queen play that failed big time … Ha!!!

      • not only that but he wanted Nicole out because of this over the top dislike of her. Remember he bitched at Christine for talking to her

  17. Ok, did they threaten the CBS employees into cheering for Frankie???? Nothing else explains the reaction he received.

  18. Will see ya’ll tomorrow. Lightning took out the free Wi-Fi today an using mine. Adds up quick.

  19. i remember last year on the talk they discussed the things that were being said from feeds re racisim but nothing this year re rape what is that all about

    • Ariana Grande’s record label is owned by CBS. This whole season has been about promoting her, since most people over the age of 14, excluding the aware preteen parents, know who she is.

      • Brendan just told me on twitter, that Ariana’s label is associated with CBS but not own by CBS.

      • TY for the info! OK, maybe they got around it be being “associated” instead of “affiliated.”

      • CBS owns stock in the company. And actually, CBS outright owned the company when it was under a different name. There have been so many different acquisitions over the last 25 years that the name has changed several times, but CBS still owns a piece of Universal Republic Records.

  20. I think since CBS doesn’t get the hint about all the negativity towards Frankie they maybe everyone should send an email to Julie at the Talk!

    • I had a feeling they were going to be overly nice to him. I really wanted Julie’s first question to be; So you think it’s funny to joke about raping women. You have a little sister, how would you feel if someone joked about raping her? Julie and CBS let everyone who has ever be sexually victimized down big time.

  21. Friend who never watches BB stopped by, saw Frankies eviction and asked me if he was Richard Simmons!

  22. What a crock of shite!!! I’m getting this weird feeling that cbs is going to try and put Frankie in his own TV show based on the fact that they basically paid a bunch of people to come sit in a room and cheer for a guy they don’t know. that’s the only way I can understand why anyone would cheer for Frankie, the dude is disgusting. This has got to do with his sisters fame in someway.

  23. did anyone else notice that Derrick changed his answer after the audience moaned at his original answer? Derrick wound up tying Cody and then winning the tiebreaker question but had he not changed his answer on that one question, Cody would be the HOH and Derrick would not be safe.

    My question is, why, if the audience was all CBS employees, did the moan at Derrick’s original answer? And since they did moan, why was Derrick allowed to change his answer?

    • I also noticed that when Cody and Derrick were doing the tie breaker, Derrick had 420 and Cody had 680..when Julie said the answer was I think 460 or something..Derrick didn’t even wait for her to say he was the winner..he starting pumping his fist before she ever said anything..I found that a little odd too. How was he so sure that Cody didn’t have the right answer?

      • Something looked a little fishy with that HOH comp. I am going to go back and watch and listen again..I know Derrick was celebrating before Julie said he was right.

      • I’m with you on this one, Cap. Derrick’s answer was extremely close. He probably suspected that Cody wouldn’t have had it close, considering his track record with these kinds of questions.

        Seriously, I HATE conspiracy theorists! Granted, the BB production crew rigs certain elements of this, but not that much. Besides, there’s no rule that says a HG can’t change their answer at the last second. Furthermore, at this point in the game, I seriously doubt BB cares who wins this game as long as they have a winner to crown next week.

      • So true. CBS could have edited out for the show the shot of Derrick changing his answer if they thought it was a big deal. Derrick just changed his answer before Julie called the results. No rule against that. HG have changed their answers at the last second in lots of other comps.

      • Yep. I’m rewatching the show also. And if it was CBS employees then they would know the answers.

      • The second question Derrick didn’t answer and Julie says I need an answer Derrick so he steps on before and stands there for over 3 seconds and at that time you hear the audience and then he steps back. Clearly heard them and cheated. Then for the tie breaker Julie said the correct answer is 462 seconds and before she even finished that Derrick was shaking his head yes. And raising his hand like he knew he won. Then Julie said congratulations Derrick.

      • Conspiracy!! I knew I wasn’t crazy! That is what is so aggravating..Cody should have won that comp. If Cody didn’t win this POV today..he is in trouble. Derrick will not hesitate to take him out at F3. Derrick must have been in the right spot to hear the crowd..they sure were a knowledgeable bunch.

      • I think if Derrick, Cody and Victoria are final 3 Derrick will throw it. He thinks they will both take him to the F2.

    • I couldn’t even watch the comp because I was seething over Frankie’s exit show, I mean interview.

    • I’m going to say that because this wasn’t “live” it was edited…and the editors wanted to give the audience something else to talk about, other than the “Royal Send Off” they gave Frankie! Thus, it was edited to look like Derrick did something wrong….

      • So true. Like how they edited it to made Victoria look like an idiot reading the label on some food instead of studying the faces like they showed the boys doing. She did study the wall. She sat in front of it like the others at different times eating.

  24. Anyone else prefer the old fake Franke Grande more than the real Frankie J Grande thst we have been watch for the last 35+ days of pure honour, integrity, loyalty and honesty? Ha!!

    it is too bad that he could not just have played the game as the Beast Comp that he proved to be, but decided to be all that other cr@p that was not really game added value, imo ….

    Because Julie never called him out of anynof his actions, he never even had the opportunity to use the “villain” card as an excuse …..

    • I know, right?! Honor, integrity, loyalty and honesty? Oh, how nice it must be to live in his world. I’ve said before, I’m not a psychiatrist but I’ve played one on TV. :) And I’ve diagnosed Frankie as a narcissistic sociopath with borderline personality disorder. He needs some anti-psychotic meds and years of therapy. STAT! Seriously though…Frankie has to be one of the most miserable people I’ve ever seen. He is literally screaming for attention. I feel terribly sorry for him. I hope you can find a way to love yourself, Frankie. I mean that in all seriousness. He’s a sad, sad, man-child.

      • Yes he is. Desperate for attention and willing to be as out there as necessary to get it. Hope he gets help too.

    • Frankie’s reputation never made any television broadcasts, not like the vile word vomit that came spewing of of the HGs last year. It was only online. That’s the difference.

  25. The eviction made me sick..they (CBS) just loves Frankie. They made him shine form day 1 till the time he walked off that sound stage.

  26. Did anyone hear the cheering and clapping fir this little pink shitpickle, when he came out the door ejaculating glitter?? GAG! I want to make it clear that I dont believe, nor do I support, theories that the BB game is rigged. I will, however, ask (with tongue firmly in cheek) how much do you suppose the bonus check was for the CBS staffers in audience to fake that heros welcome that awaited this degenerate little turd?

    • Never know what’s going to show up in print when I see your name, but I make sure to read it, because it is usually entertaining to say the least. You have a way with words, JeanJ; can’t help but have a good laugh. LOL

      • Glitter will nevermore be the innocent fun thing that I have oodles of in my craft boxes for my grandchildren to use for school projects and holiday crafts. It has lost its sparkle. :(

  27. Okay guys when I’m on the show next season will you take it easy on me on this site? Please root me on and vote me AFP. I’ll make you proud! Lol

    • When you do get on next year, you have to say something that all of us will get….something like ‘ejaculating glitter’. Deal?!

    • You’d better promise to speak up if you see any B/S like they had this season! And don’t go groping all the HG’s against their will. Other than that, you’ve got my vote!

    • Are you nuts Lavendar?!! I can’t even imagine what some of the people on here would say about you (even as nice as you are)! The vile things that people type on here about complete strangers they don’t know and only see on a reality show, and you want to have them comment on you? Yikes. I wouldn’t do it.

  28. I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, we need an on-line petition to show the CBS honchos all the things that we hated this season. A lot of people are saying they won’t watch any more if this keeps up. Is it hard to do? Anyone know how?

    • They just need to get back to the basics. Absolutely no relatives of anyone. Bring back the fun twists, DPOV, Pandora’s Box, Coup d’tat, HN and luxury comps. This season was a bust and I think they know it, at least I hope they do, how can they not with all of the negative feedback we have been giving them all season.

      • Great post. That’s exactly what we need. Let’s hope they at least have an intern checking all these comments and maybe printing some of them up for the CBS bigwigs to read.

        Oh, and if Production is giving inside info to the HG’s in the DR, they need to stop.

      • How about only ONE of those gimmicks? And yes we can do without relatives, models, actors, sports stars, and minor celebs for one season….just one season, back to basics!

    • He didn’t cheat. “If” he did hear the audience and took advantage of the knowledge of what their moans meant and changing his answer before Julie called the results is not cheating— its just being smart. And at the end being confident that he was the winner because he guessed below the number isn’t cheating either– its just plain being confident that he got it right. He is just a smart logical guy who is just trying his best to win.

      • He clearly heard the audience reaction on the live microphone and changed his answer. I’m surprised CBS hasn’t issued a statement about it – it obviously affected the outcome of the game.

      • Even so that doesn’t mean he cheated. He just took advantage of what he heard before Julie called the results.

      • I don’t see how its unfair. If Derrick could hear the audience that means Cody and Victoria could too. No reason why they wouldn’t have done the same thing if they had picked the wrong choice and acted quickly enough to reconsider their answer before Julie called the results.

      • I don’t see how its unfair. If Derrick could hear the audience that means Cody and Victoria could too. No reason why they wouldn’t have done the same thing if they had picked the wrong choice and acted quickly enough to reconsider their answer before Julie called the results. Its not against the rules to change your answer at the last second. They do it all the time on the other comps.

      • Cody and Victoria had already taken their places…on the correct spots…then Derrick, moving last, moved to the incorrect spot…then the crowd groaned…he heard them…and then he moved to the correct spot. Not fair to Cody and Victoria.

  29. Well…CBS sent Caligula off in royal fashion,what a sham…he got special treatment,no doubt about it,they made sure he got no boos and can you believe Fakie had enough nerve to mention the word “loyalty”?,that is like Jack the Ripper talking about neighborhood crime.

  30. What is important is that: Frankie was evicted and he will not be in the final 3/2…..For that we should be grateful….As for his “eviction reception” and his well “scripted interview” with Julie Chen those incidents make us the viewers mad. On the other hand It does nothing but hurt and demean BB as we the viewers know it. That is the fault of CBS/Production/ Allison Grodner and Julie Chen who as a talk show hostess is losing her credibility as an interviewer. The names I just mentioned are destroying what was once an amazing show. Its sad that they are so stupid….

  31. Julie posted a selfie with Frankie did she do that with any other ones? I’m just so disgusted with the way he was received on his exit

  32. I hope that idiot tool Caleb goes home next. He’s just as arrogant as Frankie; the only difference is that people think he’s hot.

    • Not this lady. He looks like an ignorant hick. Add in his cold, shark eyes, and his serial-killer-crazy personality, and he’s downright frightening. I’m with you, I’ll be almost as happy to see him go as I was with Frankie.

      • Yeah, Caleb is truly disturbing. It bothers me that he was a prison guard in Iraq. He’s the type who’d go crazy with power and pull and Abu Ghraib-incident. Remember when he’d sit across the room from Amber and Cody (while they were talking), pull his hoodie over his head and STARE at them while playing with his plastic knife? Creepy.

      • A bit harsh much? Caleb might have a big head and be way too into himself, but he’s been a decent person in the house. He’s not rude or cruel or anything like that.

      • It happened and it was creepy and for many other reasons I wouldn’t want him within eyeshot of my granddaughter.

      • Nah, I don’t think I’m being too harsh. Caleb might seem nice and loyal, however sometimes loyalty can border on the excessive side. Plus, I’m telling you, the guy downright crossed the line with his treatment of Amber. Any guy who expects his ‘girl’ (which she WASN’T) to ‘keep in line’ isn’t right. Something terribly wrong with that, IMO.

  33. Not at all happy with the whole staged reaction to Frankie leaving. Now they will say only Christine got boos as if she was the most hated houseguest and we loved him. He deserved boos just as she did. I hope he gets out and understands the show did it.

    • He was unfairly praised and coddled on his exit! I can’t believe that there isn’t more outrage and the injustice of Christine being treated like garbage while Frankie gets a rose covered path all the way to jury house!

      • In my fantasy world, when he gets to the Jury House, Donny finally snaps and freaks out on him!

  34. OMG. The look on Frankie’s face when Cody didn’t use the POV was priceless. Thought that was good enough and then saw his face when they voted him out. Unbelievably, it looked as though he was shocked. Can’t bear to watch any more of this BBAD,. Julie is kissing his butt and he’s fluttering like a butterfly with one wing. The HG comments looked like a stop action video they were so edited.

    • If anyone doubts that CBS has favoritism towards Frankie, they should watch this eviction interview. Julie was gushing over him, whereas she was cool and barely polite to Christine. It almost felt like she and Frankie already knew each other well. It was hard to watch, so I did what everyone tells you to do – I changed channels.

      • It was extremely unprofessional and the optics of it absolutely suck but I’m not sure Julie and her overseers at CBS are under any contractual obligation to treat all houseguests with a fair and even hand. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I think this latest blantant display of Frankie favourtism is pretty much consistent and in keeping with their longstanding historical precident of nudging as close to the line as humanly possible to ensure the game plays out as per the narrative they had in mind when casting the roster of a season’s houseguests.
        Tell you this though, the optics surrounding Frankie’s swan song managed to pull off what I would have considered impossible as recently as this past Sunday, dipped if they didn’t cast a sympathetic light onto Christine. A weak, watery one to be sure but still… there’s a sympathetic undercurrant out there for Christine because whe was thrown to the wolves while his Pink Purse Poodleness Frankie was treated with kid gloves.

    • Yes, here is one from Ariana Grande that Julie Chen retweeted FIFTEEN hours ago…..hmmmmm

      Ariana Grande ‏@ArianaGrande 15h

      i just want @juliechen to say “sashay… away…” to @frankiejgrande if he goes tomorrow. miss u & can’t wait to have ur silly ass back home

      • In agreement with her on that one,,, We couldn’t wait till his silly ass was out of the house and on his way home…

  35. Julie Chen just received an open invitation from Andy Cohen to become a Real Housewife. She has his approval obviously.

    • They were cbs employees. I feel so cheated! I wanted to see the shocked look on his face when he realized that America doesn’t love him. We were all cheated. It was a fluff piece.

  36. Watching BBAD. Cody has been sucking/swallowing snot for 20 minutes. I guess if that is the most disgusting thing I have to complain about, I should be happy, huh?

      • There are tissues to blow with, all kinds of devices to spit in, and medications to help with that. I guess one good thing about it would be, with all the lubrication the slime provides, he probably has no problems with his BMs.

  37. This was an odd episode. It was a pre-recorded eviction (break times were sent to stations several hours before 8pm ET) and the amount of interview time given to Frankie afterward was noticeably longer than other houseguests this season. What a disgusting waste of prime air time.

  38. Watching BBAD West Coast. I think that not only are Caleb and Frankie in for a big surprise when they find out what people think of them, but so is Victoria. She truly believes she has played a great game. She’s a very naïve girl, and doesn’t seem too bright, so I hope it’s not too hard for her. Frankie and Caleb are jerks, they can handle it.

  39. OK, coming from an Arianator, I’m absolutely disgusted with the way he talked about Victoria. Not to mention every other mean, nasty, cruel thing he’s said throughout the season. And with JB joining in, we’re going to need to band TOGETHER in order to make sure Shankie doesn’t win. I love Zach as much as the next guy, but we need to vote Donny, the true heart of the season. If we do that, we’ll more than likely overcome all the 13 year old bandwagon fans looking for a follow. VOTE DONNY!!

  40. Just used all 20 votes on Donny and made sure to contact the following people:

    -Joey Van Pelt
    -Paola Shea
    -Devin Shepherd
    -Brittany Martinez
    -Amber Borzotra
    -“Evel” Dick Donato
    -Dani Donato
    -Dan Ghessling
    -Britney Haynes
    -Rachel Reilley
    -Elissa Slater

    We can pull together, just get everyone on board through the #BB16 and #TeamDonny hashtags. Make sure to bombard the twitters for the main fanpages of every houseguest: each contestant has one! Let’s get this done people!!!

  41. Was Frankie’s exit interview as annoying to everyone else as it was to me??? When he said he didn’t regret not turning on his alliance last week because that’s not who he is… I mean really??? He must think we all forgot about how he walked in the house, buddied up to Victoria then instantly put her on the block. Then how he turned on Zach… trying unsuccessfully to get him out once, and then succeeding later. And then there was the time he threw all the guys under the bus to Nicole and Christine…

    But he doesn’t do that. It’s just not his personality.

    How stupid does he think we are????

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