The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds had a premature return Tuesday, and in the five minutes they were back, all was revealed.

Frankie was clearly evicted as Victoria was still in the house. And according to Derrick standing in the HOH room and the basket clearly being for a dad, he is the new Head of Household. The HGs were also preparing for the Power of Veto competition that seemingly was set to begin soon.

Here are the highlights from those precious leaked five minutes

11:54 AM BBT – Feeds come back from trivia. Cody, Caleb and Victoria are seen in the living room. Derrick is in the HOH room. Frankie is no where to be seen.

11:55 AM BBT – Derrick in the HOH room getting ready for veto. HOH basket has a license plate that reads “#1 Dad.”

11:57 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria wishing each other good luck for the Veto competition. “I got this,” Victoria says. Derrick tells her to just go have fun. “You’re in the final veto competition,” Derrick says, implying that’s something to be proud of. He tells her to play because she wants to win, not for the money.

11:59 AM BBT – Feeds cut.

So Derrick is in the final three. That is all we know for sure right now. It’s unclear who Derrick nominated for eviction

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