Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 1 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

We’re about to have confirmed what we all suspect when it comes to the first Big Brother 16 eviction of the season. Paola Shea and Joey Van Pelt are on the chopping block but only one will leave during tonight’s live show.

Paola and Joey prepare for eviction
Paola and Joey prepare for eviction on Big Brother – Source: CBS

There hasn’t been much campaigning from Paola in the past few days as Joey has been doing it for her. Time to find out how her efforts in revealing Team America and bringing in her alter ego “Alex” worked out.

Speaking of Team America, the next Houseguest member of our alliance should be revealed. Let’s hope viewers picked us someone who can last a bit longer and make it to the next round so we can see some hi-jinks in play.

Once we get through that reveal and the live vote, the Houseguests will head out to the backyard and compete to become one of the two new Heads of Household!

Make sure you’ve got your Live Feeds ready to go (start your Free Trial now). When the show is over the Feeds return and if there’s any spillover from the HoH competition we may get to watch it play out there.

Things don’t look good for Joey as she heads around the house looking for vote support. What they don’t show is Joey revealing her role in the Team America twist to Hayden. I guess they want to pretend that didn’t happen. Now we get to see Joey dressed up as Alex. As I said, “Alex” was not a Team America task.

Now we’re getting Caleb’s obsession with Amber. It’s brief and just scratches the surface. It goes way, way deeper, but now we’re on to the vote. Joey and Paola give their speeches. Now time to vote.

Big Brother 16 Week 1 Votes:

  • Devin votes to evict: Joey
  • Derrick votes to evict: Joey
  • Frankie votes to evict: Joey
  • Cody votes to evict: Joey
  • Zach votes to evict: Joey
  • Brittany votes to evict: Joey
  • Nicole votes to evict: Joey
  • That’s enough votes. Joey is evicted.
  • Christine votes to evict: Joey
  • Victoria votes to evict: Joey
  • Jocasta votes to evict: Joey
  • Hayden votes to evict: Joey
  • Amber votes to evict: Joey
  • Donny votes to evict: Joey

By a vote of 13-0, Joey Van Pelt has been evicted from Big Brother.

Lots of hugs all around as Joey heads out the front door. She doesn’t mention anything about Team America as some wondered if she might do.

Julie Chen and Joey Van Pelt

Out in front of the house Joey learns about the Bomb Squad in Caleb’s goodbye message. Joey shouts “you’re stupid!” That’s nice.

We learn there will be 2 Team America members voted in this week with the extra as a Joey-replacement.

Next up is the HoH comp and it’s going to be split up by sex. Men and Women competing separately so there will be a balance on HoHs.

Big Brother 16 Week 2 HoH comp

Head of Household – Comp 1 featuring the women:

Women are up first and must transfer kegs across a balance beam. If they fall off they are out.

Amber is leading with four kegs. Christine not far behind. Brittany drops a keg and she’s out.

Now Amber is running back and YES! Amber is the first female HoH!

Head of Household – Comp 2 featuring the men:

Now the guys are off! Hayden is running fast. Derrick already fell and is out.

Hayden is tearing it up fast! This is Hayden’s to lose. Oh no! Hayden fell and is out. Cody wins!

Cody is the second HoH of the night. Congrats to both.

No wait, Julie says they have to review the tapes as there may have been a foul. Did Cody do something wrong?

Yep, Cody hit the ground at the very last minute. You know who that makes HoH? Devin. Oh my…

Team America:

Donny is the next member, or really the first member now that Joey is gone. Hooray!

Now we will pick two more people thanks to Joey’s flop and fail. Vote for 2 more members. Official poll closes July 5th at 11:59PM ET.

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  1. Team America reveal should arrive tonight too. I’m hoping our poll is right and Donny gets it, mostly because I’d like to see him have a shot at $5K prizes. Not sure he’d be the most entertaining pick for us, but if he gets some extra cash then I’ll be happy w/ it.

  2. Joey might be cookoo but she does have a point if they could see it but they wont

      • I understand that but, even on the feeds everyone is crying. I see Caleb and Devin. doing it. so fake…Devin the paranoid demon and Caleb the creeper d-bag. I think Jocasta needs to ex-cerise some demons and d-bags i the house.

  3. ahhh! no pairs! sweet! i like that they are going guy & girl for HOH… this should make it more interesting! :D

      • I can tolerate Caleb, barely, but Devin is a big pain in the wazooo. Never shuts up but never makes sense

  4. I see production saw the writing on the wall. Girls vs. Boys – less of a chance for both HOHs to be Bomb Squad.

    • well the other bomb squad guys were talking about Devin already, but he’s really a better back door option

      • Yes, plus Devin seems to be able to talk himself out of a paper bag… but he keeps huffing and puffing a his bag just might get popped…and there will be a bomb drop.

    • She doesn’t like him so maybe. But I think it would be better to back door him. He would fight hard in BOTB and if still up would probably win POV.

      • I just hope that these girls starts thinking for themselves and not be influence by these idiots.

  5. Blah. I wanted Hayden. Hmm my crystal ball says the bomb diggity dummies put up Hayden. i hope a fowl…fingers crossed!

      • but it’s the top 2 votes so it’s back to 3 peps and they are keeping with the original timeline… but i agree… i think they should have started this week and done top 3 votes

      • That’s what I hope happens. The feeds are going to be fun to watch. He’s such a bully already I can imagine how he’s going to be with a little power.

    • No didn’t you see his big confession to Donny last night. And his fake tears. He was crazy before now with HOH he really is going to be crazy with power.

    • I have too admit it will be entertaining. Hopefully Devin keeps going off the rails and the HGs remember…his reign of terror.

      • No, I can’t! I rewatched it but, it didn’t show when Cody fell. Why does this always happen??

  6. the one good thing about Julie’s talk with Joey is knowing she is not coming back!!! that whole interview seemed super awkward to me…

  7. I really hope Devin does not nominate Donny and Hayden or even zach or Cody. Is it too much to hope for that he nominates Caleb?

    • He will never nominate Caleb and he better not nominate Donny after all of that BS last night!

      • Devin will nominate girl. But if nominate 2 girls and they loose he’s back on the block, or he’s the HOH.

      • And because he had this “plan” to get rid of floaters even though by week two no one is really a floater because not much game has been played but it’s Devin aka psycho so probably!

      • Just heard him say he wants to put up Paola and Brittney. He told Donny he will never put him up.

      • I think Devin nominates Brittany and PowPow to ensure they lose BoB and send Brittany home. Wouldn’t even put it past Devin to make a “deal” with PowPow to throw BoB since Brittany’s the target.
        I think Amber will wait to back door Devin.

      • I think it would be interesting if Amber’s team throws the comp so Devin can be dethroned. Though that is a risky move in the scenario that he wins veto and does not use it, so I doubt we’ll see it but it would be fantastic to watch Devin break down.

      • I don’t think he’s nominate Donny after that mess of a house meeting with the Donny confession but probably Paolo and Jocasta, he seems to think they’re floaters.

  8. Like I said. It would be great if Amber put up Caleb and maybe Hayden. and then Devin should put up the two that won’t stand a chance against those two. Glad Donny is our new Team America

    • I don’t think Amber should mess with her alliance when there is Battle of the Block. Putting up Caleb would create a giant target on her. A backdoor, on the other hand, seems better.

  9. No, I think Devin goes after Brittany. I think he may nominate PowPow with Brittany to ensure they lose the BoB. Then send home Brittany.
    I think Amber will try to back door Devin.

  10. Devin was a favorite the first 1/2 hour of the first show, now he’s just so lame. Never shuts up and doesn’t make a lot of sense

    • I liked him too, for a minute, cause he was nice too look at. Than he opened up his paranoid game. I will not forgive him for doing Donny dirty.

  11. Your right latifah, I forgot about Amber being in the alliance with Caleb. I was just thinking about watching Caleb implode if that happened. He seems nice enough but I’m so tired of him talking non-stop about Amber.

  12. Camera 3/4 7:21 pm BBT – Caleb is telling Amber to put him and Derrick up. They would throw the BofB.

  13. Watching feeds right now, All you hear is Caleb blabbering. This guy is full of it..Can’t wait to see him on the hot seat.

  14. Zach told Derrick that he heard Amber say she was going to put him up. Derrick is freaking and asked Zach if he should go talk to Amber. Zach was all No No No. Zach is playing a dangerous game that could come back and bite him since Amber specifically said she wasn’t going to put up Derrick

  15. Glad Joey is gone. Her “stereotyping” guy rant was just as anti-man as a guy dressing up like a women and sobbing and acting all prissy would be ant-woman. But, you’d never hear that in this here USA anyone could possibly…gasp…have a “war on men!” Not to mention, that it was just plain stupid and uncomfortable because it flopped so bad.

  16. Wow looks like I missed the flurry of chatting… But yes, I think we’ll have no surprises this week don’t you agree (Donny & Pao Pao once again teamed up to compete against whomever)…

  17. “The people in there are normal and a good representation of the world” Really?!! What world do you live in?!! I am happy when people with perception this bad are booted.

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