Big Brother 16: Returning Juror Scenarios As Twist Approaches [POLL]

This week on Big Brother 16 an evicted Jury member will be returning to the game in the latest twist of the season. While the HGs suspect something is happening they don’t know that for sure, but other than “when,” we really don’t know much more than them.

A Houseguest will return on Big Brother 16
A Houseguest will return on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last season there were four Jury members up for the return opportunity and they competed in one large endurance competition. The last remaining Jury member in the competition, Judd, won his way back in to the house. Judd also had the chance to be that week’s HoH if he had won overall, but it didn’t come to that.

I think we could expect a similar situation this week. If so, then Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and Zach, as this week’s presumed evictee, could face off to return to Big Brother 16 in an endurance comp.

Endurance competitions are obviously very tough by design. Jocasta could have the biggest challenge here as she has struggled in many comps this season. So sorry Jocasta fans, but I’d put her as most likely out of the running. Many endurance comps have favored the smaller framed women so there’s an advantage for Nicole, but don’t write off the guys just yet.

Hayden came in second place behind Caleb in the very first HoH commpetition of the season when they had to hang on to the rolling column. He’s strong and tough, but he’s also been sitting on the bench for two weeks with his head out of the game.

Zach will be coming straight in to this competition hot but feeling defeated with his eviction just moments earlier. He’ll have the adrenaline as his advantage and maybe that’ll be enough.

Now as for what could happen with each of them if they got the chance to return. Jocasta would team back up with Donny. Heck, I think they all would do that, but it’d likely be a 2 vs 6 scenario all over again. This might not be a long-lasting situation.

What about their targets? I asked all three in their eviction interviews who they would go after if they had a chance to return to Big Brother. Jocasta said she’d go after Frankie, Christine and then Caleb. Hayden wants a chance to target Derrick and Cody. Nicole said she’d go for revenge with Christine. I think we can guess that Zach might be after Frankie for this.

It’ll be an exciting night on Thursday and the week to follow, but honestly, unless that returning player gets HoH it could be a short-lived return. Then again, with Frankie unable to compete and no more Battle of the Block then the BB16 House may finally take their chance at evicting him.

Who do you want to see back in the game with this twist? Vote in the poll & share your thoughts!

Note: This poll started last week before the final nominees were set. Now that we know who will be this week’s likely evictee this %’s could shift more.


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  1. I kind of hope Zach comes back so he could be evicted in 2 consecutive weeks. That would be almost as memorable as him offering to blow Frankie.

  2. I don’t see this happening but I want the returning jury member to become HOH just so they don’t go as soon as they come back like Brendon.

    • That happened during another competition too – it was Kaysar, but can’t remember the year – the night he came back it was an endurance comp, they had to hang on to the inside of a cage I think – he made a deal with someone, he fell off, she immediately nominated him.

    • Considering that she’s never won any kind of individual competition, I would say your happiness is assured.

  3. To “flip” the house, you would need Hayden to come back, win HoH and expose everything.

    I still think Nicole was falling for some of the lies when she was evicted.

    Zach…well…he wouldn’t break anything and would probably just go right back out. I hope Frankie and Christine are the next 2 to go no matter who comes back. >_<

    • I kind of have to agree, I mean yes I would like to see Nicole return, but at least Hayden figured out who screwed him over and might not trust so many HGs the second time around. I also believe that Jocasta would be evicted the next week and Zach doesn’t have anyone. He would be better in the jury house anyway.

      • But she will have been able to talk to Hayden and find out that it was Derrick and Cody who screwed them over so if either of them won HOH it is likely that Derrick and Cody will be their targets so I’m happy with either of them returning but I’d rather Nicole.

      • Actually, I don’t think she will have talked to Hayden. I’m betting that the jury members are sequestered separately until after Thursday. Remember last year when Helen was telling Jessie, Judd, & Elissa what had gone on since they left DURING the HoH/Return comp?? If they were all in Jury House together, why would she have needed to do that?

    • so right!! Hayden comes back and wins HOH, and Donny wins POV, both safe, then Donny wins HOH next and Hayden wins POV—each week like this until final 2 suits me!!

    • I so agree about F and C going next, followed by Victoria and Cody, leaving (whoever comes back), Donny and Derrick in the final 3!

  4. I would love to see Nicole or Zach come back, but I think Hayden is the only one that would actually have a chance at surviving. With Nicole and now Zach the house actually turned on them and made their evictions personal, causing tension in the house between veto and eviction. With Hayden, his eviction was strictly game and very swift leaving no time for the same kind of drama or the bad blood that went with the other two. Out of the three he might be the only one that even has a remote chance at rallying enough allies to stay.

  5. Can we just switch to two people coming back? Hayden/Nicole or Nicole/Zach?

    Man can only dream.

    • If I had my wish, we’d do a 3 in and 3 out switch…. Hayden, Nicole and Zach in …. Frankie, Caleb and Christine out. That would be a new game!

    • Why can’t they vote Christine’s pet out first (in a slight effort to save her marriage)??? Zach has basically already outted himself and he wouldn’t have that much power if he even won HoH!

  6. Hope Nicole comes back… or Hayden. I love Derrick but I would like to see him start sweating a little bit.

    • Yep I want Derrick to fight for his life in the house. Dan at least was nominated a few times. Makes him a much better player than Derrick. All Derrick does is dictate orders.

      • I agree. Derrick has been behind every eviction but no one has figured this out. He is also lying about what he does outside the house. Come on guys, someone figure this out.

      • Derrick doesn’t dictate, he manipulates people. If Derricks wins this season I think in my opinion he will be a better player than Dan.

      • Just because Dan was nominated a couple times does not make him a better player. I think that since Derrick was never nominated makes him better because he never got himself in a situation TO get nominated

    • My sentiments exactly. They’re making it way too easy for Derrick. He’s not even on anyone’s radar this far in the game. He’s a good game player, but too good = boring.

  7. It would be nice if the returning player had immunity for this week. They can’t play in HOH but they’re safe. I’d like that twist. Did you hear that production?

    • I agree with you. I hate when they bring back a player and they go right out. With the house so slanted toward one side, giving the returning player immunity for the week makes things a little more even.

  8. None of the above—once they are evicted they should be gone. Isn’t this production interfering? LOL.

  9. Matt, can we have a new poll? Some might want to change their vote now that we can safely assume the 4th will be Zach.

  10. I wish it was just a vote! I won’t be able to stand it if Nicole doesn’t come back! She was the only girl really making moves in the house, and the boys chickened out and back-stabbed her.

  11. I’m holding out hope that Donny shows Zach the rule in the book so Zach can appeal and stay to play Thursday night with Donny and (hopefully) Hayden. Then it’s a battle. (Especially if Victoria is named Zach’s replacement and evicted – but even if Cody is automatically evicted.)

    • Been out of the loop since Friday(vacation) what rule are you talking about? short version is OK :)

      • Thanks. Wish BB would follow the rules and have punishment for breaking them. But just like telling how you voted to the next person voting is a rules violation …BB Production will not do anything thing with this one either

      • And since Derrick and Frankie violated this rule their eviction choices should be overturned and Derrick and Frankie placed on the block instead.

      • No, Caleb told Zach in the bathroom first then told Frankie up in the HOH room that he had told him and they agreed that it was the vote.

      • If anyone violated, it would be Caleb because he is the one who told him first. See ya Caleb!!!!!

      • There ought to be a rule that the HOH can’t make people draw skittles to determine who is going up on the block in order to avoid showing the pecking order of evictions.

    • Actually it would be good game if Cody went out because think about it, what has he done. Nothing but FLOAT!

  12. I’m betting on Hayden/Zack to return and win HOH,…and Damn it ! right thing this time !

  13. I don’t want Hayden back! I’d prefer Zach, Nicole, Jocasta, Hayden in that exact order. Not that I’m wild about anyone returning. Why should they get a second chance? Besides, whoever comes back is probably a sitting duck with few or no allies left in the house.

    • On one hand, I agree no one should return because they had their chance…from a game show perspective. But in BB, I can roll with it because “expect the unexpected” and they are “warned” and part of the “social experiment” (in the BBH) is “what if…”.

  14. I’m fairly new to Big Brother so I’m not sure how the jury works. Are they able to see what’s transpired in the house from the beginning? If so then I’d like to see Hayden return because it sounds like he would go after Derrick who has been running this game.
    I really have no interest in seeing Nicole return if the only thing she’s going to do is play a game of revenge against Christine. Yawn. Come on Nicole. Can you play more into Derricks plan than that?

    • Hayden never won anything and he like Nicole always listens to the other side. Jocasta is Donny’s best backup because nobody else can get into her ear and make decisions for her. It’s better to have a friend back you up than an acquaintance. Jocasta plans on coming back a steamroller and with guns blazing and I’ve been waiting to see that.

      • I would like to see Jocasta behave as a steamroller. She’d have to start winning competitions though

      • At least Jocasta will be well rested .. Ha !!!
        And, she did say to Julie that if she had the opportunity to returning to the House, that she would consider lying this time around …. Remember, she had promised her mother to be honest and integral before leaving for the Big House ….
        And, the challenge would suit her well … marathon speaking in tongue … Ha !!! :)

    • Yep! Finally someone else can see that Derrick has been behind every eviction. He makes people think it’s their idea but he has it all planned.

      • Derrick has been clever in his game play and probably deserves to win but nothing would make me happier than to see Donnie or Nicole or Jocasta win.

    • But Nicole said she would target Christine before going to jury. Once she got there she probably talked to Hayden and now knows that she should be targeting Derrick and Cody.

    • I don’t think they get live feeds but they do share what they know with each other and (at some point), the new Jurors bring a DVD with them of events from the past week, to further clue them in. :)

  15. Zach coming back would cause him to go right back out the door, but if it’s popularity… then that’s probably what will happen. Nicole coming back would put her in a weird position and I feel that people would want to work with her than come after her. Hayden coming back would be very interesting. Jocasta isn’t coming back so LOL. But if she did, she would be the worst ever returnee in BB history.

    • Worst returnee in regards to doing anything. But, before anyone throws Kaysar out there, I forgot about him for a second. He was pretty terrible and almost every returnee that I can remember was pretty terrible lol.

  16. My fear would be that whoever comes back will hypnotized into thinking that it was nothing personal and a game move. Hopefully the returnee will say hogwash and not listen to that side of the house.

  17. Too bad BOTB is gone this week … would have been interesting, if they had a dual competition … where the current HG’s fight for their HOH amongst them, and the potential Returning Jurors fight amongst themselves, and end up with a final co-HOH … basically, similar to the first HOH Comp this season with the Guys and Girls competing in their respective group ….

  18. WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR NICOLE TO COME BACK, VOTE ZACK. ZAck makes the game more entertaining. Nicole is just boring, no offense.

    • If history repeats itself, Zach would just come back in to be b*tch slapped by Frankie … and, would likely win and use the POV to save Frankie, if he had the opportunity … Ha !!!!

  19. I think it would be great if they had 2 jurors come back!! Then they would have a better chance of getting rid of these morons! I’ve seen other seasons of BB where there’s twist and turns, where they have you on the edge of you effin seat. This season is boring and very predictible!… expect the unexpected.. my ass. We all know Frankie or Derrick will win! Well if you have been watching. I keep watching hoping something exciting will happen and nothing!!):

    • I think it’s like last season. It will be an endurance comp for the HGS to win hoh, while the jurors compete to get back in the house. The first three have been in the jury house talking, and after Zach talks to Julie he will go right back in with the other jurors to compete.

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