‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 8 [POLL]

Another week, another Big Brother eviction vote heading our way. But hang on there. Don’t forget about the returning Juror twist that will bring someone back for another Final 8 on Big Brother 16!

Christine counting the votes on Big Brother 16
Christine counting the votes on Big Brother 16

There are just five votes this week standing between the final nominees and eviction. Cody Calafiore is riding his first trip to the Block all the way to eviction night while Zach Rance is making a return appearance which could be his last.

The plan since Saturday has been for Zach to get evicted and I think they’re definitely going to pull it off with only three of the five available votes needed to make that happen.

Cody has a lot of support in the house with his close ally Derrick voting, his cuddlemate Christine voting, and Derrick’s proxy Victoria voting. That’s all it takes and Zach avoiding eviction would require one of those three to flip. Not going to happen. Especially not Victoria after last night’s destruction.

Caleb is also going to vote out Zach and has told him there’s no chance of a consideration to keep him. Zach pointed out that Cody was actively in on the plan to get Caleb out the other week, but Caleb believes Cody is more loyal now and Frankie supported that stance in the conversation.

Of course the funny thing was how later on Derrick & Cody were talking about Frankie & Caleb being in an obvious F2 and needing to target them quickly. Anyway…

Only Donny may vote for Zach and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. It’d be pointless overall, but still a nice gesture and one Zach might keep in mind when it comes to Jury votes as compared to things like calling him “stupid!” and cutting up his pink hat. Jury management. It’s a thing, HGs.

Who do you think will be evicted on Thursday night? We’ll have to see how that plays out with the twist, but there will definitely be an eviction vote so let’s get on with it.



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  1. I would say right now, Zach is getting evicted on Thursday by 5-0 and depending upon the competition for the returning jury members, he may be right back in. The sad thing is, for whoever returns into the house, they will most likely will be the next week’s evicted HG unless they will HOH or POV of course.

    Also I would like to see the two HOH twist be done now. Good twist, I’m done with it.

  2. I think Zack will be evicted and I also thing he will be the favorite to win readmission to the house, IF he can keep his emotions in tact. I would LOVE for a twist this year to be, the person who reenters the house is automatic HOH… now THAT would be an expect the unexpected to remember!

    • Well, if we’re wishing for things… I hope that the evicted house guest returning will be rewarded with a diamond power of veto. (This would protect them for a week without production catching too much crap for rigging) I’m not giving up on this dream of a Diamond power of veto coming into play this season.

      • I believe there was one time the returning jury member was save for the first week but I haven’t seen it since

      • How about if we are wishing for things then the returning hg is hoh or if not then Donny wins hoh and noms frankie and Derrick then reveals team america

      • It would be in Donnys best intrest to NOT reveal that information imo. That would hurt his game more than Frankies or Derricks because the remaining HGs are such MORONS.

      • Never thought about that part ok maybe nom Frankie or Derrick and Cody or Christine without revealing TA he can tell Derrick or Frankie they aren’t his target but other people want him to put either of them up kind if like they did to him or he can tell them he drew skittles for his noms

  3. BIG MAYBE’S (but I have a question at the end): Donny gets a clue and looks thru the rulebook to help Zach, finds “the rule” (at this point highlighted and a bookmark – J/K). Zach appeals with the rule Thursday night (so no time to campaign) and Production is forced to enforce the rule …Question: Is Cody then, automatically evicted? OR – Will Frankie be forced to replace Zach on the block right then and there?
    Cody would perhaps win his way back in, at which point, Donny is utterly alone. At least if Zach could stay and Hayden return, he’d have a fighting chance and it would be interesting and dynamic. Even watching Derrick approach it. He had the sense to show kindness to Zach while Frankie burned the bridges this week.
    I still doubt Frankie’d nominate Derrick but at least Victoria would go. Derrick would have to choose among his children. While I think he’d ideally like to take Victoria to the end, since he’s wisely observed that Frankie has Caleb & Christine, he’d be forced to take Cody to battle the Forces of Frankie. Though he could play a wildcard and evict Cody to send Christine into an inconsolable GinaMarie tailspin. Lol. But wait: GM got $50K last year. Never mind.

    • I think your dreaming. Lol. Production does what production wants. And they never in force this rule.

  4. As much as Derrick has play a good game, Donny has had much more challenges to beat and he has! So just because Donny doesn’t scheme like Derrick doesn’t mean he hasn’t earned his place to win the game!!

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