Big Brother 16: Derrick Advises Zach It’s A Lost Cause

The votes are stacked against Zach Rance this week and while he knows things are grim he hasn’t completely given up. Or at least he hadn’t until he talked to Derrick last night.

Derrick Levasseur and Zach Rance on Big Brother
Derrick Levasseur and Zach Rance on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Flashback to 2:20AM BBT 8/20 on Cams 1/2 to find Derrick heading outside to talk with Zach who is sitting alone on the hammock. They’re soon discussing the upcoming vote and Zach’s chances of survival. Derrick is blunt without being cruel and lets him down easy. It’s a very long talk.

Zach admits he knows there seems to be no chance or evading eviction but he’s torn between going out easy and full-on campaigning with any trick he can to convince HGs to keep him. This includes even going to Christine and saying he’ll put her on blast to her husband for how she’s been behaving with Cody. Derrick immediately shuts that down and points out that Zach isn’t a dirty player like that and it’d make him look very bad. Zach agrees but still wonders if it’d get him a vote. Derrick assures him it would not.

Derrick explains to Zach that a big issue for him was when Zach wouldn’t agree to go up on the block with Donny to throw the competition. Considering Cody wouldn’t agree to it either it’s hard to believe this is a sincere statement from Derrick. I think it’s more likely that he just doesn’t think he can completely control Zach like he can with Cody. I’d agree. Zach is far more volatile for Derrick’s game than “point me in the direction and tell me how to vote” Cody.

Zach insists that keeping him would be better for everyone’s game including Derrick’s. Derrick says that even if he voted to keep Zach, what would be the point? Derrick points out that Victoria will definitely not vote for Zach, Christine will not vote out Cody, and Caleb is sticking with the team. Even if Derrick were being sincere to Zach, Zach would need his, Donny’s, and still one more vote to make any difference.

Overall Zach is at peace with the situation and isn’t angry at the other HGs or himself. He knows he’ll be evicted and won’t be surprised by the vote on Thursday night.

Zach did mention that he already advised Donny to vote with the house and send Zach out so as not to make him any bigger of a target in the game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen on Thursday night.

The best chance for Zach at this point is to take the eviction plunge, square off in whatever competition awaits the first four Jury members, and fight for his return. Should be a wild Thursday night on Big Brother!


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  1. So Zack has no chance of evading this eviction, but what about putting Christine on blast?…haha

    • I still hope Zach does say something to Christine during his “last words” speech!

    • No need for public humiliation as she will find out when she gets out how she has humiliated her husband and herself.

      • It may have upset her at the time (Zingbot) but she’s already back to it. She said in DR that was her game plan and her husband knew. However I think her husband was under the impression flirting not pawing.

      • Yeah, it slowed her & Cody down for a solid 30 seconds. Moments after feeds came back from the Zingbot they were back on one another just after saying they were worried about the impression back home. Go figure.

      • But Cody said that they’re just really “good” friends! Sorry, but I have some really “good” guy friends and none of them would get petted by me or even be allowed to cuddle, smooch or have their arm around me and vice versa. I take my marriage vows very seriously and they know that right from the get go!

      • She needs to be flirting with someone in power in the house, not the dude that NEVER won anything, is not a player, simply an as* kisser. Surely her husband is not stupid and can see this has nothing to do with the game. It is all about lust.

      • Cheating on your spouse on NATIONAL TV. Who would have thought you could go so low……. ooops Aryan BB15 forgot about her

      • Have they kissed? screwed? imo. touching someone’s hair is not cheating. is it odd. yes. and Aaryn was not married nor did she cheat so comparing the 2 doesn’t make sense.

        For the record, I dislike Christine very much, and think her relationship is weird for a married woman. However, unless you can give me a date and time of them making out, eating out, or full on doing the nasty…I won’t believe it & she hasn’t cheated.

        After all, she’s a nudist at home… remember. Maybe she’s a handsy person. idk.

      • Well I wish I had wrote down the day and time for you. They were under the covers in the HOH and felling each other up. Both got off although I’m sure it wasn’t satisfying since they were clothed. I believe it was when she was HOH. They made sure the door was locked too.

      • Yep. The HOH camera showed them then panned over to her picture of her and her husband then back to them.

      • There is different forms of cheating. One does not need to engage in sexual intercourse to cheat. With the advent of computers there is on line cheating where you meet over the internet but never meet in person and you develop some sort of attraction based on mutual interests. This kind of cheating can be as harmful if not more so than the actual physical cheating to someone’s significant other. It’s like emotional cheating.
        Christine has cheated on her husband with Cody. The relationship is inappropriate. She’s married and making advances towards a man other than her husband. There’s nothing lower than that. I would never dream of doing what she’s doing for any amount of money. She may want to re-evaluate her situation and decide if marriage is right for her.

      • I agree with you 100%, she has cheated on her husband on an emotional level and translates that to a form of physical interaction with someone other then her significant other.

      • It’s like when my brother told me he didn’t have an “affair” with his now girlfriend when he was still married to his wife. I said to him, “just because you didn’t have intercourse with her, doesn’t mean you weren’t having an affair. Were you thinking of your wife when you were talking to your girlfriend on the phone or texting her?” He shut up then! He very much was having an “emotional” affair on his wife.

      • Your absolutely right, and for someone to say other wise is pure denial and intentional ignorance of the truth. I’m glad you got the truth out of him when you asked him that honest question cause if he said yes he would be lying not only to you but himself, hence the term, “Silence is Golden”.

      • You know ppl cheat on their spouses everyday for no money. I don’t consider it cheating (which what each person considers cheating is their own opinion) I also don’t watch the feeds as much as most of you so you may have seen something I have not. According to her husband’s twitter he isn’t bothered by it as much as you seem to be. Also, ppl forgive their cheating spouses everyday. Obviously nothing will become of this after they leave the house & her husband prob knows this. So whatever. That’s his decision.

        I still think Frankie is a worse human being than she is.

      • You tell them. Frankie is worse than Christine and I say whatever Christine and her husband have is between them wether or not he is ok with it. It’s not up to us to tell anybody how to live everybody has the right to chose how to live and what and how to do whatever they want within the confines of the law and not doing physical harm to anyone else or their belongings. However Christine I do dislike prob a little more than the rest of the detonators with the exception of Frankie who I dislike the most

      • He probably won’t if she wins the $500,000, but I don’t see that happening for her…so time will tell just how much he thinks of her then. It shouldn’t have been made my business to know about her business, but she made the choice to air her private life with a BB house guest, so she doesn’t get the choice as to what viewers say about it! JS!

      • Cheating means different things to different people. It is according to what her husband’s idea of cheating is. And in the long run, that is all that will matter.

      • look she looks like the old guy from six flags, i’m sure she was overwhelmed when a guy that looks like cody was giving her attention. either way it’s no excuse for doing what she did, and shame on cody for making the moves on an old guy that has a husband. i mean sure some people are just really physical and like to touch others, but they kinda took it to far.

      • I don’t blame Cody at all..he’s a single guy trapped in a house with married and single women for days…when he’d probably have otherwise walked away from other married women outside the house. She basically threw herself at him. JMO

      • She let him get on top of her and dry hump her…hate to say this, but that is a form of cheating as it involves intimacy with someone that’s not her husband. Sort of like when former President Clinton stated that he did not have “relations” with Monica because he didn’t think “oral” was included in “sexual” relationships! :-)

    • I can’t help but think there is one thing that possibly could save Zach. It is all according to just how low he would go and if he doesn’t have a bad gag reflex.

  2. Matthew do you think the comp could be something like last year where the longest on the little board moving back and forth? There have not been many endurance comps like that this year. I like those as it gives everbody BUT the big strong guys a chance.

    • What I particularly like from last year was the 4 evictees are competing with the rest of the HG’s, to stay and for HOH. Not a separate competition just for them.

      • I think they got complaints that it was unfair to returning HG not to at least have the opportunity to compete. This way they compete to get back in at the same time compete for HOH. Very fair that way.

      • Oh yeah..put a little break on that revolving door. 4 players competing against them increased their chance of winning HOH….I just hope this is what’s going to happen.

    • It’s so strange how we have had really any serious endurance comps past premiere night. I hope it’ll be endurance on Thurs, but I guess it really could be anything they think will be most exciting.

  3. I know this comment has nothing to do with this thread but it’s the newest one to comment on. Does anyone remember on Monday morning Frankie got called into the DR and right after he came out he went and got in bed with Zach and was telling him I wonder if I can flip the house and also I wonder if everyone would get mad if I put Victoria up. Well don’t tell me production didn’t have something to do with that. I’m sure they keep a watch on all the blog sites and all of social media. When they realized everyone was talking about the rules not being followed in regards to telling someone about nominations they made Frankie do that. Then after the POV ceremony that’s when Zach was yelling at Frankie asking him why right before was he giving him false hope. Production should of told Frankie sorry you violated the rules now you have to put someone else up or not use the veto.

    • I agree. They even showed Zach reading the rules like it was going to happen. Everyone else has not said for sure. They have said “don’t be surprised but I can’t say for sure”. That way they covered themselves for the rules. Frankie flatout said you are going up. They should have nullified that nomn.

      • So they can enforce what they want and don’t want. HG last year said on LF the contract says something to the effect of “Even though you are playing a game this is a TV show NOT a game show and we reserve the right to change things for the benefit of the show”

      • Didn’t Devin go around telling people who was going to be nominated? If yes, I don’t remember anyone complaining about the rules when he was HOH. Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t we, by we I mean several people on multiple blogs this week, being just as selective with the rule enforcement request?

        Don’t get me wrong. I fully believe that HOHs shouldn’t tell noms/renoms that they are going up. I also believe that there should be a punishment if they do tell.

    • Production consistently underestimates the superfans and their ability to remember how rules were applied in seasons past.

  4. Would be nice if they could not tell who they are voting for, like BB United Kingdom. that would stir up the pot for sure

  5. Why doesn’t Zach remind everyone that he volunteered to be nominated with Donny and both Frankie and Derrick said no.

  6. If I acted like Christine..I would not be married when I got out of the BB house..and I feel sorry for Zach..he is taking it so well..I would be happier if he threw a fit..but this makes me feel sorry for him.

    • Zack was making a little headway with Caleb, about the Detonators alliance that C. wasn’t invited to join, but even though C. became a little paranoid and suspicious the truth of the matter was not able to penetrate Caleb’s very thick head.

  7. That is the week that DONNY has to win hoh. Please make it a puzzle competition, oh what a joy it would be to watch him win!

  8. Check out what Christine is trying to spread to the HG’s, this is her conversation last night on the feeds at just after 5 in the morning, after hearing this I hope Zach does put her on blast regardless of what harm it will do cause she’s already done it to herself.

    ‘Christine says you know what the number 1 best thing about staying up late is.. No Donny! Cody says Donny called me a pud puller because I had my hands down my pants. She says that he made a comment about having a huge d**k. And I literally almost got up and pulled his hair! In a horrible way like throw him to the ground. Cody asks what!? Christine says when we made a comment like oh that was huge and he said thank you and then jiggled his junk. Derrick says he’s a little bit of a pervert. Christine says he has said 50 things to Victoria. Derrick says Victoria caught him staring at her. Christine says he’s said things that are weird that creeps me out.’

    Tell me guys, does this married woman deserve any sympathy if she’s talking about a man who isn’t even there to defend himself for slandering him while he’s asleep while bragging that they have the best time when Donny isn’t up?

    • Has Donny done any of the things she’s talking about? It doesn’t like him to me. Wow she is disgusting.

      • Thanks. I didn’t think he would but with out the feeds I miss things. You the best thing for Donny about them sleeping all day….yep….no them. Fear the Beard they should. GO DONNY!

      • I know, it’s much more better for him to not stay up and hear this kind of garbage about a person. What I don’t get is like what does she have to gain by doing this? She plants dirty seeds in peoples minds so they can hate a person they have no reason to hate?

      • It’s sad. They are the ones who are losing out here. Donny seems like, if given the chance, he’d be pretty cool to hang around with. He has a big heart and genuinely cares for those around him. I bet there isn’t one person in that house he wouldn’t do almost anything for if they really needed something. There just enough people like him in the world anymore.

      • It is sad and your absolutely right, there isn’t enough people like that in the world, a rare breed. If I was in that house first person I would of hung out with was Donny and have whoever else magnet toward us leaving the “Cool kids” to gossip on their own. I was the type of dude that was popular but rather hung out with the people who weren’t when I could and usually people would come and hang out as well without treating certain people like they were the plague or something, which is why I like Donny’s personality cause it reminds me of a few people I grew up with who carry the same self-less heart.

      • And those people with the self-less heart made great friends. Most young people, teens to 30, don’t really understand what true friendship is because they are too self-centered and are always expecting someone to do something for them instead of thinking about others. It breaks my heart to see. Ok, sorry for the rant.

      • You must be talking about what i call the me generation {WIIFM ] meaning what,s in it for me thats all these yoing punks think about these days only about themselves and to hell with every body else and these house guests prove it every day

      • No…that’s just Christine making him out to be something he isn’t because she’s jealous he can’t be as crude as she’d like for herself! Some of her comments are degrading to most women in general. She believes she’s one of the guys in a woman’s body is all! Even said she’d be just fine with no other women in the house…what a biatch!

    • That is such a evil blow. What has Donny done to deserve this. Does she really think that all men are attracted to her? All I can say is Go Donny.

    • Gosh, I hate Christine so bad, and hate is a strong word to use, but I HATE her. Christine is a LOSER. Think about it, this is the only time she’s ever got to hang out with the “cool kids.” I wish I was there, because she’d be in for a rude awakening for what I would tell her. I really hope Zach cuts her down so bad, because she deserves it, not only about her being a cheater, but I would out her and her game, along with making fun of her looks for the fun of it. I would much rather hang out with Donny any day. Someone who cares and is genuine. Victoria seriously needs to get over herself, just because someone stares at you doesn’t mean they like you. Donny stares at stuff all the time, off into the distance, at a wall, my goodness…he was probably staring at her and wondering what was dead on her head. Is she sure it wasn’t herself staring at herself? Derrick is a little perverted himself, so he’s one to talk.

      • That’s how I feel, the saying, “What goes around, comes around” definitely needs to be applied to her on Thursday.

      • I,m glad i,m not the only one who thinks she is an ugly b–ch, they say that beauty is only skin deep ,but ugly is to the bone,that describes Christine all except the beauty part.

    • I think the best thing for Victoria would be to go work at a couple of these nursing homes that I have worked at. If she wants to accuse an honorable man like Donny of being lewd and staring at her in a weird way, let her go try to help one of the old,old, dirty men who will do whatever it takes to try and cop a feel while you are trying to clean his bed up and the whole time he is making vulgar innuendos It is a difficult situation because they are not in their right minds and don’t deserve to be mistreated. It’s sad.Victoria accusing Donnie of such things is typical of a girl who isn’t getting the attention she wants so she makes some up she doesn’t want and cries wolf. A man’s credibility can be destroyed by those type woman if that is what she is doing.

    • i hope what derrick said gets back to donny about him being a pervert ,he should his ass for defamation of character maybe his girlfriend will sue his dumb ass

    • That’s funny Derrick calling Donny a pervert the last 2 nights BBAD Christine Frankie caleb Derrick and Cody keep talking about masturbating. So who’s the pervert The ones obsessed with masturbating

  9. I try not to be too judgemental, but acting the way Christine does with Cody on national television is beyond me. I would be totally embarrassed. And the fact they have been called out and still continue to do it is so strange. I actually like them both in the beginning, but now they act so horribly, not only the cuddling/petting/etc….. the way they treat Donny is so rude and disrespectful. Hard to watch!

  10. Donny is talking to all of the wrong people right now. Christine will run and tell Cody, Derrick and Frankie everything that they just talked about, he basically said the same thing to her that he said to Cody yesterday. He is putting a bigger target on his back..Christine has already shown what kind of person she is..a nasty no way would Donny ever say the things that she is accusing him is so sad and pathetic that someone would even believe her. This girl is horrible.

    • Obviously Donny is desperate and feels he has nothing to lose at this point. He keeps trying to alert the others that Derrick is running the show and it’s frustrating that no one will listen to him.

    • Donny is planting seeds of doubt and if he can get through to just one HG then maybe he will have a chance… I think he knows that his conversations are being repeated. And Foxfire is right Donny has nothing to lose at this point

      • Right, if Donnie just continues his whispering campaign MAYBE the truth will finally sink in. He has got to turn the alliance against itself hoping that if the blood bath begins Donny will be needed as a vote finally and that will get the target off of him.

      • I’m guessing they still think Donny is the bad guy then. Derrick really has everyone brainwashed except Donnie it seems.

      • Thats because the house is full of brain dead little punks,that can,t believe that Derrick would feed them a bunch of crap,even though Donny is telling them the truth but their hatred for Donny is beyond reproach.

      • …and looking at him with those bedroom eyes as she is doing so. I am so disappointed with Cody..he just called Donny a “f****r,” I feel like they are making fun of Donny and that is so wrong. Donny has AFP locked down, so he will get that 25K.

  11. The thing about Donny talking to these people is that “He has not lied” and he has made perfect sense and is correct in all his assumptions…lol….Karma comes in the door Thursday nite in one shape or another lol

  12. I am a big BB fan, but it seems as soon as the season starts I get so excited and would hope we would have better players every year. I had high hopes, and I did still believe in those hopes, but then as the show started to progress, I am back to hating this cast, not as much as last year’s, but I really dislike these people. All the decent one’s went home, and we’re stuck watching a bunch of bumps on a log. While I really want Donny to make it to the end, at the same time I wish for him to leave that pathetic house, and the losers that reside in it. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick is playing a good game, and I love Zach and Donny, but the rest disgust me. Decent players like Hayden and Nicole left, while the likes of Cody and Christine, both floaters, have remained. Don’t get me started on Victoria, what a worthless player. Oh, and the ass kissing production is doing to their beloved pink hair annoyance, Fakie Frankie. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can’t wait for this season to be over with already. As quick as it started, I’m glad for it to be over with. Donny will definitely be getting my vote for AFP, and I hope Frankie cries when he doesn’t get it.

    • My thoughts exactly! I really liked Cody when he first came into the house..not so much anymore. He called Donny a “f****r,” a little while ago..they treat him with such disrespect..Donny is desperate to play this game with one will. They put him on the block over and over and he comes off everytime..shows his will for wanting to win..I would love for Hayden or Nicole to get back in tomorrow night, hopefully win HOH and start getting these losers out. Time for the script to flip..this has been such a boring season..we have known every week who is going blindsides at all..Derrick has ran the house the entire time and no one thinks to even put him on the block. I really hope something changes tomorrow night.

    • I hope some body castrates that little pink haired lying bastard,i hate that sob more than i have hated any BB player in history.

  13. on the lighter side…Donny & Caleb talking about “boars”. Caleb ask Donny if he had ever seen a “Russian boar” Donny “I may have seen a boar but don’t know if it was Russian or not”. LMAO…uh duh

  14. Did anyone catch the little spat between Cody and Caleb last night? How lame. Country boy vs City boy, lmao. I was laughing the whole time. During that moment, was when I actually laughed at Fakie for not wanting Caleb to like his sister, because plain and simple Caleb is a bit of a stalker. However, Cody is a little b*tch for not accepting the truth for being a slut and touching everyone, especially married women. That would be the only time I would agree with Caleb on anything. I literally deleted AD off my DVR because I couldn’t watch anymore (besides Zach and Donny), these people are lame. I felt so bad for Zach, walking around by himself, eating yogurt by himself in the beehive room. I can’t even watch the live feeds anymore, because I can’t stand the treatment of how these obnoxious people talk about Donny. Christine needs to GTFO! I hate her. I hope her husband leaves her cheating ass.

    • Just now, she is laying in the bed with Cody…puts her arm around his chest and starts rubbing his arm and he rubs hers as well. I am a married woman..there is no way, even if I were playing for money, that I would go into a house and act like Christine has with Cody for almost the entire time.

      • NP Cyril, you’re welcome… KSJB… NP = no problem. Here’s a couple more you might come across in your internet travels – smh = shaking my head, smhl = shaking my head laughing, STFU = Shut The F-word Up, fml = F-word my life, ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, k = okay, and here’s the two that just about made my monitor and keyboard spontaneously combust when I looked them up, MILF = Mother I’d Like to F-word, believe it or not it’s compliment a younger guy might make in relation to an attractive older woman, and, See You Next Tuesday = that most crass and vulgar of expletives, the ‘C’ word, you know… C U – well, you know the rest, bleah, I HATE HATE HATE both the word and the expression.

      • Hi, Marianna, thank you so much for the info.I will add these to my little quick reference notebook that Cyril helped me start. I love learning the meaning of new acronyms. Maybe I will get to use them soon and I will think of you..except for a couple that I will probably never have a use for, but still good to know.

      • You are so welcome, it was my pleasure. Cyril may have already given you these but here are five more in which you may be interested. JSYK = Just So You Know, YOLO = You Only Live Once, IMO = In My Opinion – some people stick an H in there for In My Humble Opinion, JMO = Just My Opinion and FWIW = For What It’s Worth.

  15. I have to admit zack isnt that great in competitions, is a loud mouth, and can hurt peoples game, but in all honesty derek is the biggest puppet master other than frankie (who deserves to go home aswell).. i just hope that either donny wins it or cody at this point seeing as though zack is gone.

    • The only thing i want to see Cody win is a foot to his balls from Christine,s hubby after the show and then divorce papers served to her .

  16. Donnie and Derrick are the only players who have a chance of winning. Donnie needs to wake up Victoria and someone else to keep Zach, and, get rid of Cody. I really think his best chance is to talk to Caleb. He needs to lay it out to Victoria and Caleb, that, Derrick is in control and will win unless they keep Zach,now.

  17. Frankie’s family was even campaigning for Zack to stay according to the rulebook of not telling the house guess that they are being addicted. I wonder how proud of the wonderful grande family is of their golden boy now. Who does that

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