Big Brother 16 Finale Tonight: Get Ready To Find Out Who Won

It all comes down to tonight on CBS when the Big Brother 16 finale arrives and the Jury reveals who won the half-million dollar prize at the end of the longest Big Brother season ever.

Big Brother 16 Season Finale tonight on CBS
Big Brother 16 Season Finale tonight on CBS

The season finale kicks off at 9:30PM ET/PT on CBS for a 90-minute capstone following the premiere of Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water. We’ll be here recapping the entire show live with the results as they happen so be sure to stick with us for all the updates.

Last week we saw Caleb exit the house leaving the Final Three as Cody, Derrick, and Victoria. Since then the battle has been on to become the final Head of Household of the season. Just one competition left after the first two rounds (spoilers on Round 1 and Round 2) and we’ll see that challenge held live tonight and hosted by Julie Chen.

Along with all of these competitions we’ll get to see the hotly anticipated Jury segment where Dr. Will returns to host their roundtable debate. We’ve got an early look at what went down and it’s interesting to see who looks relaxed and content and who seems ready to be done with it.

Whoever wins the third and final comp, which we all expect to be “A or B” regarding the Jurors, will then cast the sole eviction vote to set the F2 and move on to the big reveal. The pressure is on and I can not wait to see what happens. Will Derrick keep his perfect game alive? Can Cody pull off the upset? Or does Victoria shock everyone and walk out with the prize? Share your thoughts below!

Don’t forget that we will also find out who won America’s Favorite Houseguest. I’m guessing this will come down to Donny and Zach with both being great picks for the prize money.

Big Brother 16 Season Finale – Episode 40 Preview:


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  1. Derrick is going to win because Cody is going to take him to the final 2 if he wins the HOH. Its a stupid move on Cody’s part but it would be typical of this season.

    Derrick has played the best game of anyone in the house by far and for that reason he deserves to win. This was like taking candy from babies. But part of me wishes that Cody would make a bold move and take Victoria since it may redeem an otherwise horribly boring and predictable season of BB.

    I will say what I have been saying all season long, Derrick has been successful mostly because of the abject stupidity of the other HGs. Victoria thinking she is a threat in F2? Caleb thinking he runs the house? Cody willing to take $50,000 when he can assure himself of $500,000? Even Donny isolated himself instead of striking up a counter alliance at some point. Nicole? Puhlease!

    Derrick’s defenders with take exception to my comments but please tell me, what other HG this season was playing this game to win or even playing a decent game? Even today, Cody has counted the votes and knows he will lose to Derrick but instead of making the winning move he is apparently willing to give up $450,000 for Derrick. Its a bizarre season of bizarre HGs.

    They are all going to find out soon that they all have thousands more twitter followers but not a dime more in their bank accounts!

    • Well said!! It’s definitely been an interesting season of HGs who just weren’t mentally equipped for this game. Not sad to see this one come to an end.. unfortunately..

    • I must agree, Derrick does deserve to win. However, I think if it were not for Frankie’s arrogance and ego, he would have been a great contender. I know most will disagree, but that’s fine. I knew I was not going to like this group of hgs from the very start. I don’t know why it is so hard for production to select a diverse group of people. I believe people watch BB for the experience. I don’t think most people care about how beautiful the hgs are……(we don’t want to see butt ugly people, but normal looking people will do). I mainly would like to see more diversity in age ranges. Quite frankly, I am tried of the twentyish age group.

      • So am I, LeeArnie. The over-abundance of people in their 20’s was a disaster this year. Most young people that age don’t have the maturity or life experience to play the game wisely. The older or smarter players got voted off early, except of course for the almost 30-year old who still reigns. The young guys never seem to have respect for the women players, except as means for them to get ahead. Season after season, they gang up and pick them off. Yet, when Joey attempted to band the women together, they blew her off and paid the price. It seems as though, even in this day and age, most of the women get intimidated by the bully power of the men and hang around the periphery of male alliances, only to be discarded when no longer needed. Hello, Christine!!

        “redroses” had a great idea in an earlier post. She suggested 4 20’ish contestants, 4 30’ish contestants, 4 40’ish contestants and 4 50’ish contestants. You wouldn’t have to strictly adhere to those numbers, just make sure each age group was well represented and consisted of people in good physical and mental shape, able to play the game. This would result in a much more interesting season and would prevent one age group from forming an alliance and taking over the game.

        This year was like watching lemmings line up to jump off a cliff, carefully supervised by the lying lemming who knows to stop just before the edge and merely watches the carnage. The predator of all predators, the pathological liar, the con man of the season, knew exactly how to lure them to their “deaths”, while standing back and admiring his work. Please, let’s not have this happen again. Let’s level the playing field and have HGs more representative of the millions of BB fans.

    • I agree but i don’t think it’s the other’s stupidity 100% that made them sheep. This was the nicest group of people I’ve seen come into the house in many years.

      The first few weeks were so odd cuz’ there were constant “I love you”s and prayer circles and meditation. It was refreshing from last year, but I could tell this group wasn’t going to make enemies until they absolutely had to…like at F5 or 6.

      Frankie was even able to be appealing, until he was able to reveal himself and then all bets were off.

      Watching Derrick ‘mist’ three different people into apologizing to him for catching on to his game strategy was pure brilliance (Frankie, Nicole, and Vic).

      I’m not convinced they guys will take each other to F2 but it would be a shame if Derrick didn’t win.

      • I agree with all you said 110% and an exceptional review!! It really threw me for a loop when in the beginning the live feeders, super fans and fans, LOVED this group of HG’s, suddenly halfway through, it was the most boring season of BB ever! I was like whaaaa? Wait a minute, you guys were just living thishouse, now wwe are hating them? Finicky America and our Big Brother!!! Can’t stop watching, can’t shoot it! Gotta Love it!

    • Once Derrick realized that Victoria couldnt win anything, he stayed silent all the way to the end so no one else would get his ideas. He played a really good game. If Cody REALLY wants to win it all, he should stop & think to bring Victoria…But he is staying TOTALLY COMMITED to Derrick, which is fine. But if Derrick wins the 3rd comp, he WOULD be smart to keep Victoria so that he is GUARANTEED to WIN BIG!!!!…but how true is he to Cody?..everyone says Victoria shouldnt get any money….but hold on…she should….she floated by with the help of Derrick and they both kept it a secret…she too played a good game by being a good sport for being on the block 8 times…not too shabby

      • I agree, Renee…but I dislike the term ‘floater’ when used to describe Victoria. She was a pawn. And if you ask me, she does deserve second place.

    • I am happy that Survivor is back. However, I hate that Survivor returns and the finale of BB air on the same night. Hell, that is just too much darn tv to watch in one night. Plus, I like to chat with you guys after the show has ended. Can someone let CBS know about my gripe…….lol!

    • Can’t wait for tonight to start! Too bad survivor doesn’t have feeds. On second thought maybe that’s a good thing. Now I can catch up on my lack of sleep From all summer.

  2. I don’t think anyone has any doubts at this point about who will win unless Cody grows a backbone he’s been missing for the past 96 days. The Bomb Squad/Detinators/Idiot Alliance basically walked Derrick to a check for $500,000 and yet they all think they played such a great game. Personally, I’m more excited to see who is AFP and I’m hoping and praying it’s Donny! The stank face Frankie is sporting in the jury photos is nothing compared to what it’ll be if Donny wins! Now if Zach wins, he’ll think it was because of their showmance so he’ll take credit for it. I really hope tonight is the last time I ever have to see him on my tv!
    Maybe next summer will have more interesting people who actually have the ba*lls to play the game instead of just being fame whor*es who are using it for exposure.

  3. Let’s go Der-rick, let’s go (clap, clap, clap)! Let’s go Der-rick, let’s go (clap, clap, clap)! If he doesn’t win tonight, I’ll put on some short shorts, cover myself in glitter and join the chorus of a Broadway show that’s been running since 2001. Then I’ll put on my resume that I’ve also produced a show on Broadway. Oh wait…I don’t have to fake my resume. ;)

  4. Looking forward to tonight. Having to wait a week for the finale is just too long for the fans, and for the HG’s, especially with the three left this year. A con man, a seemingly deluded fratboy, and a young girl who should never have been in the house in the first place. Booooooooooooooring!

  5. i just saw that frankie will be on the talk tomarrow , i mean really cbs , you are giving tv time to one of the most disgusting hgs u’ve ever had i might be done with the talk too bad i really liked that show

  6. Don’t care for Derrick, but I could live with his win. He did play a good game regardless of the ease of running the house this year. At least this season does not leave the taste in my mouth that I had last year when the rat took the 500k.

  7. I’m so looking forward to tonight. Finally, the end of the longest & dullest season of BB. May all the hgs live long, healthy lives filled with whatever pleases each of them the most.

  8. Hello America and hello world!

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch the finale with you guys live. Hopefully I get to watch it as soon as I can.

  9. Derrick should win the game by hands down. There is no blood on Derrick hand which was great on his game moves. Then I do not care who Franky wants to win do to the fact I lost respect for him. Franky played to many people like they were his lap dogs. Then the comment which Franky made up in the HOH room saying he has million followers and etc made me loose respect. I’m glad the true Franky came out which they saw in the HOH room.

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