Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 12 Thursday Highlights


It was actually a pretty exciting day on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds. We got to see the jury come in and trash the house, hear all about the luxury competition and then watch the slow burn of the fallout of the latest nomination ceremony that did not mirror what happened the first time the HGs played this week.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 11, 2014:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs are all sleeping aside from Victoria. No one sees “Luxury Competition Today” on the TV screen.

10:50 AM BBT – Feeds cut to tell them to look at the TV. They finally see that there is a competition today.

11:00 AM BBT – Because these people can’t not speculate they start guessing what the luxury is.

11:36 AM BBT – HGs are now in the second HOH room. They have instructions about the competition and at TV to watch. The TV comes on and the jury members are downstairs trashing the place. Zach, Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden and Christine are all in there. They’re throwing clothes around and Zach pours Froot Loops everywhere.

See pictures of the Jury members running wild in the house.

11:40 AM BBT – Feeds cut for the competition.

1:07 PM BBT – Feeds back. The house has been demolished by the jury members. HGs are made and calling them bitter (even thought they were instructed to tear up the house).

1:14 PM BBT – Victoria found that one of her necklaces was broken in the rampage. She’s very upset.

1:25 PM BBT – Victoria won the luxury competition.

1:40 PM BBT – HGs keep saying what the jury did to the house was just too much. Frankie says it was malicious.

2:05 PM BBT – HGs had to split the  luxury comp money with the jury member because the jury member apparently played FOR them. So Victoria got $5,000 and so did Hayden.

3:14 PM BBT – Derrick says they need to stick to Caleb until he makes his noms. They have to make sure he puts up Frankie.

4:13 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony.

5:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Caleb nominated Victoria and Frankie.

5:18 PM BBT – Caleb asks Frankie if he hates him. Frankie says he just doesn’t understand. Frankie mentions that Derrick has never been nominated. Caleb says if Frankie wins veto, he’ll put up Derrick.

5:34 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick meet in private to talk about how they have to win the veto so they can get Frankie out.

8:30 PM BBT – Frankie is being underhandedly nasty to Derrick. Derrick tells Frankie he hasn’t been dealt the best hand in life. Frankie says he has lived a privileged life himself. Derrick says even the $50K runner up money would change his life. Derrick trying to make sure Frankie doesn’t think he’s the mastermind.

9:13 PM BBT – HGs talking about how Hayden was upset when he found out he won the money for Victoria, which in turn upset Victoria because they watched it play out on the TV screen.

9:20 PM BBT – Caleb tells Frankie that he, Cody, and Derrick talked about the possibility of Frankie winning veto and taking Victoria off the block. Frankie gets mad and calls Caleb naive and says he can’t believe they’re all conspiring against him. Caleb tells Frankie he trusts him and Derrick with his life in the game. Frankie is guilting Caleb and saying he must not because he’s on the block.

9:27 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick come out and the talk actually continues. They tell Frankie he wasn’t plotting. Cody gets a little irritated with Frankie. Everyone is a little tense and Frankie says he just feels like he’s being made a fool of.

9:45 PM BBT – Now Frankie is bringing up his fans, trying to make Caleb worry they’ll hate him, no doubt.

10:58 PM BBT – Frankie asks Derrick if they have anything to discuss. Derrick tells him he’s being paranoid.

11:22 PM BBT – Derrick is fixing Victoria’s necklace but tells the others not to tell her he did it.

11:40 PM BBT – Frankie talking to himself/the cameras. He says Caleb putting him up was a horrific betrayal.

12:15 AM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria he’d take her to Final 2 over Cody.

12:40 AM BBT – HGs are again studying the memory wall for the veto competition.

1:00 AM BBT – Caleb promises Frankie that this nomination was not him taking a shot at Frankie. He says he was trying to be fair by putting Frankie up and he wants him to win the Veto.

1:15 AM BBT – Frankie joins Cody and tells him he’s upset about Caleb nominating him and doesn’t trust Caleb anymore. Frankie was bothered that he didn’t get a warning conversation about the nomination.

1:35 AM BBT – Caleb reveals the Bomb Squad alliance to Victoria. He says he created it, but the alliance collapsed when Devin nominated Zach.

2:00 AM BBT – Derrick tells Frankie he’s not competing against Frankie, he’s competing against Victoria. Frankie renews his F2 promise to Derrick and says Caleb doesn’t appreciate what he’s done for him in the game like Derrick and Cody appreciate it.

3:00 AM BBT – Cody and Derrick discuss the Frankie & Caleb tension. Derrick isn’t sure if it’s legit but it seems like Frankie is done with Caleb over the nominations.

3:30 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria still awake and chatting. She’s quizzing him on events and wants to know more about what went on in the game around her.

4:00 AM BBT – The other HGs have gone to bed but Derrick continues to study the Memory Wall.

4:30 AM BBT – Derrick turns in and now all the HGs have gone to sleep.

It sounds like if Frankie does’t win the veto, he’s in real trouble this week. The competition should be coming up on Friday and this should be a very tense one so we’ll keep you posted as soon as it happens.

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      • I didn’t catch that it was an error at first and further down when I read Frankie was nominated I was totally confused.

    • this post had several typos
      made it hard sometimes to follow. I wish the luxury comp was detailed a bit more. I don’t get live feeds and don’t understand how Jury trashing house ends up a luxury comp. Who actually broke Victoria’s necklace and messed up her name on the door? Zach was pretty teed off at her for the hat incident but that would be low for him to have done these things in retaliation. I will be working late shifts next week and will have to wait and watch shows I recorded. I feel like the upcoming shows might be a bit more interesting.

  1. Did Frankie just not tell everyone on Wednesday that he has(had) won 9 comps and 5 straight before the Rewind Twist .. Ha !! And, that he may have just put a huge Pink Glitter Target On His Bac, moreso now, etc … and, that he is probably his own worse enemy from winning this game ?? Ha!!!
    Anyways, while watching BBAD this morning (err last night, I guess) in defending himself to Caleb and Derrick (and, Cody??) that except for that one incident, (I am assuming Zach ??) that he has played an integral loyal and honest game and have had their backs this whole entire season …
    So, again, since Frankie’s Funeral, what we’ve apparently got is the real Frankie Grande, from what he has been saying … Pretty scary, if he has 1.5 million tweenie-boppers following him around ….

    • That one moment he is refering to is when he tried to throw all of them under the bus to keep himself from being nominated. Thats what caused caleb to sit out that BOB comp. He has not been loyal to anyone in the game but in his delusional mind he thinks he has.

  2. Do any of these house guests (besides Derrick) realize they are playing a game against each other? Good Lord! Cut the Kumbaya crap and play the damn game.

    • I lived the tweet the other night on After Dark that if Victoria wins HOH she will nominate herself for eviction to help Derrick’s game.

      That was pretty funny. But also a sad commentary on the way these HGs are playing. I think it would be a shame if Victoria makes it to the final two. How sad would it be for the worst player ever to win 2nd place.

  3. Interesting that Caleb still thinks (well, again manipulated to believe by Derrick and Cody) that Frankie would be the one to strike first and betray him vs Derrick/Cody .. Ha !!! If anything, Caleb is now in 4th place behind Victoria, Cody in Derricks F4 scenario .. while, Caleb may have been in an F2 position with Frankie …
    I doubt that Frankie nor Caleb would have ever kept Victoria to F4, as they were in their BS Alliance from Day 2, an All Guys Alliance, and Victoria was never even part of it ..
    And, yes, with 4 days to go before eviction, unless Frankie wins the POV, his goose may likely be cooked … and, if he does win, I suspect that Derrick’s days may be number, as he will be the renom, according to Caleb .. And, Frankie/Caleb could easily take the opportunity to blindside Derrick, as it would be them vs Cody and Victory in the F4 HOH showdown, but, Caleb can’t compete in the HOH, but, it doesn’t matter as the final POV winner will have all the power on who is evicted and who goes to F3 …

    • He believes it because frankie already backstabbed zach (his best friend in the house) way earlier in the game. He should have known from that moment that frankie could not be trusted.

    • Frankie should have realized Caleb is not making his own moves and is doing whatever Cody and Derrick want him to do. Frankie needed to get Caleb alone in the HOH room and explain to him Derrick is playing for Derrick and not for the F4 or F3. Perhaps Frankie can persuade him but I don’t think so. Maybe if he explained that he is telling Caleb for his own good and that if Frankie goes this week, Caleb will be out the door next week. Frankie should explain it to Cody too. He should tell him Derrick is obviously intent on taking Victoria to the F2. Ask Cody why he had to get rid of Christine but Derrick gets to keep Victoria. Perhaps that will wake Cody up.

      But Cody is obviously playing a game where he makes himself so likable that no one will evict him – except that is exactly why Derrick will evict him.

      • I agree with RRoses, remember Frankie still thinks he has had so much power in this game when actually even he has gone along much with what Derrick has planned.

    • Caleb has always been last. Poor guy. As an animal lover, some of the post and information I saw about him online coupled with some of his actions on the show made me not want him to win. However, he seems to be a nice enough person. He will be shocked to learn how he has been played during this game.

  4. Frankie is stupid to alienate Cody. One if he don’t win the veto….it will be Derrick and CODY voting him out he needs to be working with Cody. Second do anything he can to win the veto……such fans? …..such stupid moves!

    • I truly believe that Frankie thinks that there is no way anyone else can win the POV. He thinks it’s a shoe-in for him winning.

      • I’m waiting to hear the audience boo when Frankie walks out. He believes he’s going to be the fan favorite. He going to be some disappointed,when he finds out how hated he is…..

      • Because Ariana’s contract is more important than the BB fans, is my guess. I think he’s going to get booed at the finale. They can’t do the finale without a live, non-staff audience, can they?

    • Exactly what fans does Frankie think that he has? The only reason that he would get cheers instead of boos when he comes out is because people would be glad that he is gone. I hope he goes and I hope that he gets more boos than Christine. He has no true concept of the game. He says that he doesn’t even need the money and the others are playing for the futures. Derrick is playing for his family.
      He’s a cop and has a salary, but we all know that does not provide a lot of extras that he could give his little girl. Cody and Victoria are trying to build a life, and Caleb, well who knows.

      • If Frankie gets evicted on Tuesday, which is likely, unless he saves himself, there may not be any audience. No audience = no booing.

        Frankie has social media followers, but from what I gather, the majority of them are tweens.

      • I wonder if he has any fans at all left, you are right, maybe one of the producers will boo n the background for us…..

      • these 12 year olds need their parents to monitor their time on the internet. I have seen some stuff he post online that is very inappropriate for kids.

  5. At this late stage of the game, you make you move now or get yourself evicted. These ninnies still believe that you can float from beginning to end of the game. We know that is impossible. I hope they do not waste this week again by evicting Victoria! If Frankie gets off, Victoria could be the one going home. I Caleb had put up Cody and Frankie then, one of the guys would be the one going to the jury house as it should be! Each house guest should be playing hard for himself and that $500,000 prize.

    • Didn’t Andy float his way to the end last season? And it looks like Victoria will float her way to the end this season. So, you can float from beginning to the end of the game. It is possible.

      • I don’t think Caleb is playing for 2nd. I think V would like to win, but she doesn’t even think she will and would be thrilled with 2nd.

  6. I was kinda sad to seeing Franke grovelling with Caleb while playing pool during BBAD … Umm, the nominations have already been made, Dude … nothing Caleb could do now .. Just go out and win the POV if you wanna stay …
    Have to admit, though, Caleb stuck to his guns, stayed on script and did not throw Derrick nor Cody under the bus, when Frankie asked him who pushed him to nominate him …
    It would be interesting if Victoria happens to win the POV and save herself, and Caleb renoms Derrick … Derrick vs Frankie … would love to see how Derrick would attempt to campaign to save himself … Ha !!!

    • If Victoria wins the veto, Derrick will still be saved coz Cody and Vic will be voting and of course they’ll pick Derrick over frankie

      • If Victoria wins the POV and saves Derrick on the Block and Frankie gets evicted … This would be her Big Move for Jury votes if/when she makes it to F2 ….
        Would be appropriate, as she would have confirmed that Derrick is the Robin to Her Batman this Season .. Ha !!!!

    • I just watched that episode of BBAD on my DVzR and I read the situation differently. While Caleb stuck to his guns, I thought Frankie came off looking very much like a thug…trying to make Caleb feell bad about nominating him! Even when Caleb defended his decision, Frankie kept it up! His attempt to get Caleb and the viewers feel some sort of sympathy for him, just came off looking like a really bad acting job. That’s just this one gal’s opinion, though. I’m having a tough time feeling bad for Frankie….

      • I agree and would like to say that I was sincerely shocked and proud of the way Caleb handled Frankie’s inquisition. Frankie threw some jabs at Caleb, saying he was naive insinuating Caleb was stupid. Frankie pressured Caleb for a name of who brought it up to nom Frankie and Caleb didn’t bite. Frankie thought he had Caleb controlled and I think it literally shocked Frankie that Caleb didn’t cave. But Caleb is naive to think that Derrick and Cody will stick with his noms, because I think they would be more than happy to get rid of Frankie get time…if it isn’t too soon:(…..

    • That’s Caleb’s problem. He think the other guys won’t turn on him. all of them are so into themselves, except Derrick, that they are blind to what Derrick is doing to them. If Caleb evicts Frankie he will be the next to leave while Victoria stays in the house. Then, unless Cody wins the last HOH, it will be a Derrick, Victoria F2. Imagine Victoria winning $50,000. What a joke.

    • Why does Frankie ask who pushed him to nominate him? He is such a fan of this game, doesn’t he realize it is only smart to get rid of someone who wins a lot of competitions. These people need the money and they really shouldn’t be worried about being loyal to someone they met 3 months ago. Frankie has no understanding of that because he really doesn’t need the money. If he loved these people as he says he does, he would want them to win. Where was his loyalty when he put up Zack? Zack doesn’t even have a job so he certainly could have used the money.
      Since Donny(my favorite) can’t win, I hope that Derrick does because he wants it to change his family’s life, and he will be grateful and not act like he is entitled to win.

      • Frankie is a narcissist. He has no feelings for anyone, except himself. If it’s not perfect for Frankie, then in his mind it is wrong and he needs someone to blame.

  7. NOT ONE OF THESE A-HOLES are playing the game you guys that think Derrick is( GUESS YOU DON’T WATCH MUCH OF BIG BROTHER) Best moves would be Frankie to win POV and use it on himself and put up Derrick then backdoor Derrick and Frankie win head of house hold than it would be Frankie and Cab the final 2. But if Frankie wanted to win it all he would take Victoria to the final 2!!!!!!!!!

    • And be shocked if the jury gives it all to Victoria for being the best floater ever?? hahaha

      • Just you wait … Victoria is going to strike any day now and compete .. she is, afterall, the Warrior Princess .. and, will carry her Robin to the F2 .. Just you wait …
        She just have to ask Derrick, if it is still “too soon” for her to start playing this game … Ha !!!!

  8. I was hoping for pics of Caleb vacuuming his face off and of Caleb wearing his sanitary napkin mask. Those are so funny!

  9. “5:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Caleb nominated Victoria and Caleb.” I suspect you were very tired when you wrote this update. :-) Safe to assume it’s Victoria and Frankie? Kind of a crazy day for these kids. But hey, Victoria won something!

  10. As much as I would love for a Frankie eviction, I think from a viewers point-of-view … watching a Derrick vs Victoria on the Block over the weekend would be a hoot, for them going head-to-head in campaigning against one another …

    This may be Victoria’s first and only shot of actually making a big move to stay in the game, by exposing Derrick’s game and throwing him under the bus … Ha !!!

    • She wouldn’t do it. She was mostly resigned to going to jury last week. If she’s on the block with Derrick, she will just fold-up and go.

    • Victoria wouldn’t campaign against Derrick. If they were both on the block, it would be predictable and totally lacking in action, since she would be resigned to leaving and wouldn’t want to damage Derrick’s chances of winning. Even if she did throw Derrick in the bus and somehow stay, she knows very well she’d be gone the next week anyway, so it would be a waste of time. Victoria would much rather have Derrick win than neither of them win, which is exactly what would happen in your proposed scenario.

      • LOL yea that’s right! i guess he’ll do that after the plastic surgery he said he was planning on getting… something about his ears.. idk.. geez!

      • He may want to get his while face done, after this season, for the way he has acted .. Ha !!!!

        Oh, the irony .. if he got evicted sitting next to Victoria … Ha !!!

      • Maybe anal rejuvenation? OK, so blast me. I couldn’t contain it. He’s the one that refers to his “gaping hole”.

      • It is for a performing arts schools in South Africa. And he isn’t giving away much of the money at all! And he already is worth 1.5 million dollars! So Skankie Frankie needs to go! And he deserves to be boo’d! He is a horrible person!

    • Shhhh don’t tell him that! Could start his whining all up again. He’s quiet for now (cuz he’s sleeping)! LOL

  11. Please Derrick win the veto. I cannot wait for Frankie to be evicted and booed worse than Christine as he walks out.

  12. Caleb doesn’t realize what big trouble he is in. He is just so dumb playing this game. Once Derrick and Cody evict Frankie, they are going to turn on Caleb. They have to since they will not be doing what they discussed with Caleb, which is to evict Victoria. Since Caleb cannot play in the next HOH comp he will be going up and out the door. If Cody is smart he will realize what Derrick is really up to – taking Victoria to the end. But Cody, like the rest of these HGs, except Frankie, is a dummy too.

    As much as I think Derrick is playing a great game, I also think he is taking advantage of complete morons. The last 5 or 6 people evicted form the house have basically played Derrick’s game instead of their own.

    • You think that Donny was playing Derrick’s game? Was Jocasta playing Derrick’s game? Hayden, Nicole and even Zach got evicted because they weren’t completely under Derrick’s spell. I don’t think Christine was, either. So, IMO, only the people left in the house are truly playing Derrick’s game.

      • Yes, I do think they were playing Derricks game because they did not do anything to break him and Victoria/Cody up. Donny blamed Caleb and Cody. Nicole tried to get into Derrick’s good graces twice, even after Hayden told her to go after Derrick and Cody. Jocasta doesn’t count because she did absolutely nothing – which played into Derrick’s hands too.

        Not one of these HGs attempted to flip the house and make the others aware that Derrick was controlling the house. Instead, the were mesmerized by his BS and basically did nothing.

        People like Nicole and Christine were more worried about Frankie than Derrick.

      • I’d give Derrick credit for seeing who was about to flip or trying to flip and removing those people. He started to keep Nicole when she returned but she had to open her mouth about Derricks game and compare him to Dan.

        I’m very curious what would have played out if Derrick backed Nicole/Haydens group and turned on the bomb squad/detonators. I don’t think Derrick would have done as well w/that other group though.

      • I am glad u mentioned the imaginary rat,
        will someone please Caleb because he still making
        mousetraps. LOL What else is funny Frankie feels that anyone who is against him.Then his or his sister’s Fans will take care of them. REALITY CHECK!

      • I don’t get live feed and am unable to watch the after dark shows,so to hear that Caleb is still making traps for the rat made me laugh out loud. Man I wish I could get the live feeds and BBAD. I have watched as many clips online that people post but not too much new stuff was available lately.

    • Derrick and Vic final 2- She can make the same claims as Derrick-Voted to help him get everyone out, made no enemies, no blood on hands and expose his game. Will she do that? No because Derrick will tell her not to cause he needs the money for house. Please- I would expose him in a minute

      • Dan made that point Wednesday night that Derrick has been so behind the scenes in his moves that the other HGs may not be able to see what he’s actually done.

        On the other hand who of the final 5 has a chance to beat him? Based on the jury comments Wednesday night I think the evicted HGs get how well Derrick has played the game. Just like last year, when the jury gave Andy credit rather than accepting how dumb they were not to evict him early in the game, I think these HGs will not realize how stupid they were until after they are out of the jury house and have a chance to watch the show.

      • If Caleb survives next week and into F2, he could have an argument .. A comp Beast having won 6 comps so far, as compared to Frankies 7 (don’t think they should count his HOH and POV last week) …
        And, his social game, could possibly be on par with Derrick, if not better, as he has been sorta enjoying and having fun, as others have said, he is in a Frat Party … Ha !!
        I can just imagine him responding to the Jury’s questions by answering in a Beast Mode Cowboy Rapper … Ha !!!!
        But, I would love to hear Nicole respond with a … You can say what ever you want, Caleb, as I am done with you and you are just wasting your breath … type of comment … Ha !!! :)

      • I’d have a hard time exposing Derrick if i was a young beautiful photographer with no children. Heck i’d have a hard time as myself, Derrick has a gorgeous family.

    • Doesn’t really matter who wins the next HOH, as all the power goes to the POV Winner in F4, if I am not mistaken ?? HOH Winner just guarantees an F3 spot …

  13. Frankie is such a spoiled entitled BRAT! Didn’t he do worse to Zach, his friend he loved/s so much? Get over yourself. Victoria and Derrick for final two. Derrick has played a great game and Victoria, well, she…

    Ready for the finale. This season just feels like it is being dragged on/out.

  14. I don’t know if this is a for sure thing as I only saw it on Twitter… the eviction will be taped Monday with a live audience and air on Tuesday. Hoping this is the case and Frankie is for sure evicted. Although since the Grande family is up CBS’s ass, there may be CBS employees as the audience like they did when Aaryn was evicted.

  15. Who knows for sure what Skank would do, if he won.Last night he talked about getting his ears fixed. He needs way more than his ears fixed.

    • He has already had a nose job! You should look at old annoying videos of Frankie on YouTube! He had a Honker! Skankie Frankie needs to fix his entitled attitude!

  16. When Derrick says he’s taking Victoria to F2, he’s lying right? He had said that he wouldn’t do that b/c she could beat him; he had always said that it would be Cody in the F2. Who are these hitmen he’s been talking about?

    • Hitmen is the name that Derrick and Cody came up with for their F2 alliance months ago. Derrick will take whoever he thinks is easier to beat. At this point, it’s looking like Victoria. Right now Derrick is mostly concerned with getting both Cody and Victoria to F3. That way if he doesn’t win the F3 challenges, he’s still got a 99% shot at F2.

      • Derrick would still benefit with victory in the jury house also, thats a guaranteed vote. I don’t see a F2 situation that Derrick doesn’t earn the votes if he makes it, Donny had a shot but backed the wrong group early on.

        I can’t believe how well he’s played even with random game events like the rewind. I was afraid some of his game would leak but no ones did.

      • He had the Team America in though, had he not been so against that single mission I believe he could have joined Derrick. I know that mission was probably impossible to survive but he should have given it more thought and let Frankie/Derrick realize on there own the mission was too dangerous for them and their alliance.

      • derrick is smart enough in this game that he knew if anybody could beat him in the end it was Donny, therefore I don’t think he would join him in anything especially an alliance, and the ‘mission’ was an out of character thing for Donny to do so there was a good chance that he couldn’t pull it off and out the TA, but that is just my opinion

  17. Great, according to Joker, DR has told Derrick that if TA (he and Frankie) make it to the final 2, the winner will get an additional 50 grand added to the 500,000…..uggggg…..

    • Matt might be right though…any combo or individual TA makes it, they get it….hopefully Derrick is smart enough, or asks for clarification….uggg, still another ploy to keep Frankie in the game? so angry right now!

    • Joker clarified that if one of them wins they get the 50K they both don’t have to be in the F2

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