Big Brother 16: Caleb Can’t Keep His Mouth Closed Around Frankie

The best thing about Caleb as a HG is he’s so honest. The worst thing about Caleb as a HG is he’s so honest. That honesty could have just put all of the guys in hot water as they were positioning to evict Frankie this week from Big Brother 16.

Frankie Grande is shocked by Caleb Reynolds' confession
Frankie Grande is shocked by Caleb Reynolds’ confession – Source: CBS

Derrick and Cody were able to convince Caleb that their best plan of action was to turn on Frankie this week will they had the opportunity. It didn’t take much effort for Caleb to agree after Derrick suggested that unless Frankie was on the block he could be tempted to use the Veto on Victoria and force a Derrick-Cody nomination combo. Of course that’s something you shouldn’t repeat to Frankie, right? RIGHT?

Flashback to 9:18PM BBT 9/11 Cams 1/2 (watch it now on the Free Trial) to find Caleb and Frankie alone playing pool. Caleb had previously told Frankie the choice to put him on the block was a fairness issue as Cody had just come down and Derrick couldn’t play in either HoH. Frankie asks Caleb if there are any other reasons he’s on the block. Okay, before we move on, hold your hand in front of your face and lean forward until your face is comfortable cradled in your palm. Now you’re ready to proceed.

Caleb tells Frankie the guys all discussed that Frankie might consider taking a big stab at them by using the Veto on Victoria if he weren’t on the block with her. Still got your face in your palm? Good.

Frankie is shocked that this was not only a consideration for Caleb but that it was discussed with Derrick and Cody. Frankie points out that as HoH and Veto winner last week he could have already tried that if he was going to do that at all. (He’s right.)

Derrick and Cody both told Frankie they didn’t know Caleb was putting him on the block so now he knows they were lying to him and the entire house is likely against him. Frankie says the three of them are now conspiring against him. (Yep.) Good grief, Caleb.

Caleb tries to cover it up by returning to the original reason of what was “fair” in the situation, but it’s way too late for that. If Caleb had just kept his mouth shut this wouldn’t be an issue. But he did and it is.

Cody shows up at 9:25PM BBT in the backyard and Caleb announces he told Frankie that they had discussed the scenario of Frankie using the Veto on Victoria. Caleb says he’s not throwing anyone under the bus… but the three of them all agreed that if anyone was going to try to screw them it would be Frankie. Cody denies saying that Frankie would do that as though they just discussed Frankie could do it. Ugh.

Jump ahead to 9:39PM BBT as Caleb relays the events to Derrick. The story is a little adjusted as Caleb says he told Frankie that he (Caleb) thought that out of the four of them that Frankie would be the one to flip on the group. Caleb claims he said “this has nothing to do with Derrick or Cody,” but he did actually tell Frankie it was an idea discussed by all three of them.

So we all know Frankie isn’t an idiot. He had to know in the back of his head even before this discussion that he was a top pick for the guys to send home. It’s just unfortunate for Cody and Derrick that they’re relying on loose lips Caleb to not spill the beans on every aspect of their game week after week.

Then again, should Frankie win that Veto today he might harbor enough resentment that he’ll come for revenge against Caleb directly. In a talk later in the night with Cody and Derrick Frankie says that if he stays he knows who his target would be. Could be an interesting week ahead!

What do you think of Caleb spilling details of their secret plan to their target Frankie? Is honesty the best policy in this game or, as Derrick put it, should you make moves and then shut up about it?


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    • Caleb’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me. He did say that West Point wanted him, but didn’t think his brilliance and military knowledge was fair to the other cadets. ROFL

    • Caleb has admitted he knows his arithmetic times table only up to the number 3 or 5… how do you get through a school system without that basic knowledge ? That’s grade 3 stuff. And what’s up with Frankie basically saying that he is illiterate and can’t really read much so he relies on “shapes”… wtf Stupid is now the normal, yikes !!!

  1. Caleb is an idiot. First of all, for his game, he should have never put Frankie up to begin with. Frankie is the only one that would take him to F2.
    Second of all, why does he continue to tell Frankie his plans to move against him. This may be the dumbest move ever.

    • Also, if Frankie goes, Caleb has sealed his fate. He will have to win veto next week bc no matter who else wins… They aren’t bringing Caleb.

    • He thinks Frankie is going to amp up his “music career” when they get out of the house. So it’s more about not making him mad.

    • Obviously he didn’t learn anything from Joey and her being honest; except it hasn’t bit him like it had her….yet.

    • Caleb is trying to let on to Frankie he is the innocent one out of him, Cody, and Derrick in making the decision to put Frankie up on the block.


  2. Now I hope Frankie wins the Veto comp so he can play out Derrick and Cody’s scenario and use the Veto on Victoria! Oops, nevermind. Frankie’s going up. :(

  3. As an edit to an earlier post I made, I’ll say that I knew Frankie should have gone earlier in the game in order for Derrick to remain safe…however I thought Derrick’s demise would be directly because of Frankie, not Frankie via Caleb! Haha..I like to think that Caleb has no common sense, but hell, maybe he’s super strategic and he’s duped us all!

  4. Caleb says he knows how to play this game…Caleb has no clue how to play this game. Derrick and Cody should have known better than to leave Frankie and Caleb alone. Shut-up..Caleb!!!!

    • I know, right? Derrick was careful enough to make sure Victoria or Cody were always talk blocking them before nominations, he has to remember that there are still nominations to be made.

    • this season should be remembered as the season of the blabbermouths. Caleb cant shut up, Zach had to tell everone everything, Devin telling all about the b-squad, etc etc… so many secrets revealed constantly…

  5. Wow! Caleb never ceases to amaze me… i looked him up on YouTube (just for a laugh) and his singing is…um… well… he has a rude awakening coming after this show!

    • I realize that his singing has nothing to do with this post, but thought I’d share that tidbit! haha!

      • As if we’d want to hear that, or look at him. Perhaps Tim could make a romantic musical video starring his wife and Cody.

      • He has. his twitter is full of it. He claims to have over 800 ppl blocked from multiple accounts of his. As if it wasn’t hard enough to watch ppl write some pretty mean things to him.

      • Every year say hate the player not family. I cannot believe the hateful things some people say and do. Tim didn’t go on that show. People need to leave him alone as he will have enough to deal with when his “wife” comes home.

      • That’s not right! There are some really cruel people in this world. He hasn’t played this game. Wonder if Ariana has received similar hate from people for Frankie’s behavior? Neither would deserve it, but it is much easier to pick on someone who doesn’t have the backing and fame like Tim as opposed to Ariana.

      • Let me try this again, was they writing bad about him or hating on him? Could it have been nasty and tasteless things about Christine and that could be the reason he blocked them? I am just wondering how all the hate has came into play against him since he hasn’t been the one doing the things Christine has done. In all fairness and to give (me) a clear understanding can you please elaborate more.

      • He said that he’s blocking the “haters.” Your guess is as good as mine as to what kind of things were said.

      • Not hate towards him really but dealing with her actions is hard enough, but the constant nagging about and nasty things about her has to make it 10x worse. It’s hard to watch someone you love do something like that not to mention having a complete stranger reminding you of it ever 5 min. Plus, I think some ppl were calling him a P*ssy and stuff like that. But ppl were posting to him “How does it feel to married to a Wh**e?”, sending him times to go view in the house, just nasty nasty stuff that isn’t necessary.

        If they are married, then they are a team. While what she did was wrong, I don’t see it as worthy material for a divorce.

      • I agree. I have looked at one of his videos on you tube and he had a nice, sweet, soft voice. I wish him well in his life. He seems like a positive person with a good heart.

      • A lot of Big Brother fans tend to be crazy. Let’s just flashback to BB13 when Shelly evicted Jeff and people began to message her family death threats, and they even called into her work to get her fired. Though I don’t agree with most of Christine’s actions within the game, it’s a topic that really should only matter to Christine and her husband, not the majority of fans.

      • Yes, he does seem like a nice positive, supportive, loving, decent person. Who would have thought someone that looked like Christine would have acted like a player on the show. I would have thought she would have appreciated that she had a good husband and not risked her marriage for this show. I feel bad for he husband.

  6. I disagree that this was stupid of Caleb to do. If Frankie is evicted, it gives Caleb VERY little chance of winning. He needs him to stay around. By doing this, Caleb can now tell Frankie he was the one who told him because he didnt feel good about it, and was the one who needed convincing. If Victoria goes home this week, Frankie is going to remain the target for Cody and Derrick. If Cody/Derrick go home this week, the guy still standing will still be targeting Frankie and Frankie will probably be targeting that remaining guy. Notice that Caleb isnt a target in any of those scenarios. So I say, this was the best thing for Caleb to do, because he needs to get Frankie to stay.

    • I see your point. That’s why I say Caleb should have never put Frankie up. I see Frankie being upset with Caleb for not trusting him. Therefore i think telling him was dumb. As was putting him up.

      and this kills me bc I so badly want Frankie gone, but I try to think of what’s best for the current HOH

    • What you think about this move. Caleb wins the veto, gives it to Frankie then renominate Derrick. Frankie votes Derrick and Cody votes Victoria. Caleb would be the final vote. Caleb and Frankie could make a pack.

    • I hope that after all of this talk last night it get’s in Frankie’s head and he completely loses his train of thought during the comp.

    • Caleb appears to make a lot of his decisions from emotions, and even during BBAD, as Frankie was coming wave after wave after Caleb, as “… why ?” ” why you betray Frank … ” etc., that Caleb was on the verge of breaking, every so often when the camera would pan at him, after Frankie was almost scolding the poor guy .. then, luckily, Derrick came out to the backyard, to the rescue ….
      In a way, had Derrick waited a bit longer before coming out, I think the darker side of Frankie was starting come out, as he appeared to be getting a bit annoyed with Caleb, for not listening to him … Ha !!!

  7. Well honesty is Great under certain circumstance but in a game of lies an deceit it is hard to say if its a good way of staying. One player could use it to his advantage I believe that is what The Don aka: Derrick is doing with The Box of Rocks aka: Celeb. To create a rift between him and Glitter Boy aka: Frankie. If everything goes as planned then It would be in favor of Derrick. But this is Big Brother when does anything goes as planned??? Lets just hope it bring in some interesting situation that could keep the show interesting =D

  8. All of them are ninnies. Seriously, this late in the game with the 4 knuckleheads and Victoria left in the house, these 4 knuckleheads make the 3 stooges look like geniuses! With no one left in the house outside of Victoria, why would any of these fools think that they cannot possibly be the target? At some point after Victoria is evicted, they will be targeting each other because they will be forced to! So, why would you want to be the first one targeted and evicted and lose your chance at that $500,000?
    If Frankie was somehow evicted this week, he has only himself to blame for not trying to get out Derrick and Cody when he had the chance. The same goes for Cody who passed on targeting Frankie several times the past weeks. Caleb had his chance to of putting up say Cody and Frankie on the block with Derrick as replacement nominee. Chances are pretty good if Frankie gets off via POV and wins HOH next, Caleb will be targeted next. These Big Babies need to grow up and play Big Brother.

  9. Derrick told Victoria and Cody NOT to leave Caleb alone with Skankie. He knew Caleb would spill his guts. But what happened? Derrick is too smart not to keep an eye on that situation, yet none of those three were in the b/y when Caleb blew up the plan. I wonder if production was keeping Cody and Derrick busy while Vic was studying the wall. Seems weird that Derrick would allow those two to have a private chat. Derrick was really pissed off and you could see it on his face. Cody was outright mad and let Caleb know it. When Caleb came in with that rag on his face and the mini-pads stuck to the side of his head, nobody laughed, he knows he’s in the doghouse now and may go running back to Skankie for protection in case Skankie wins POV. I’d hate to think of Caleb in our military. If he was captured by the enemy, he’d betray everybody. Never saw a more cowardly, brain dead, snivelling “cowboy.” unless you split that word. He’s as clueless as a cow and has the mental capacity of a boy. Praying Skankie don’t win POV. Hey, my prayers are always answered but sometimes the answer is, “no.” TEAM ANYONE BUT SKANKIE/CALEB.

    • He’d be perfect, actually .. His Superiors would feed Caleb with a bunch of cr@p to tell the enemy, and he would actually rap it out in Beast Mode Cowboy and drive them nuts, to a point that they would probably all surrender to him … and, he and the Military would eventually be charged in the Humane Rights Tribunal Court for treating the POWs with inhumane and unusual punishment of Rapper Caleb and stories of his accomplishments … Ha !!!

      • Hilarious visual there, andy. Hoping against hope that Skankie loses POV to Victoria. What a sweet way to slap the holier than thou snot out of Skankie. He’s scared right now and I’m afraid a cornered skank is dangerous. That POV took so long, we won’t know anything for a while. If Caleb wins and takes Skankie off, there’s gonna be a bloodbath with Caleb the slaughtered lamb…did I say lamb? I meant turkey.

  10. Frankie could lose his train of thought before the comp begins. Maybe hearing what he heard last night will make him move way faster than he needs to and he messes up on the comp therefore losing it to Derrick.

    • He’s usually very focused, but there have been a couple of times that his nerves have gotten the better of him. So, it’s definitely plausible, IMO.

      • That is what I am saying. He is a beast when it comes to comp’s but he can’t win them all. He could go into this comp with all the confidence in the world and that could be his downfall.

      • I agree! Sorry that I get carried away throwing my 2 cents in. My kids complain about it all the time. :)

      • Just finished watching Survivor Season 12 and Terry the fighter pilot won 5 straight immunity challenges before losing his first one! That is why Cody and Derrick waiting to get Frankie out is a dumb idea. If Frankie were to dominate POV and HOH from here on in then, Cody, Caleb and Derrick could all be sunk!

    • If Frankie gets evicted, he only has himself to blame. He had opportunities to make his move and take out Cody and Derrick and he passed on them! The same goes for Derrick and Cody, they had Frankie and could have evicted him but, passed on it! If he somehow escapes this week, Cody or Caleb could be the next one sent to the jury house. In Caleb’s case, he should know his days are numbered so, why not go all out? He should have put up Derrick and Frankie on the block with Cody as replacement if one gets off. That guarantees one strong player is evicted. He cannot play for HOH but, will play for POV and he would have had one strong player out before then! Now, Victoria is in peril if Frankie goes off. Only game that would help is Frankie.

  11. Truth be known Caleb is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Here they have chance to make first big move and he is screwing it up.

    Hope Derrick, Cody or Vic win Veto. Leave Frankie on block Then vote him out. Its time he left. He is a disgusting example of a human being.

    • Caleb is just digging his own grave by sorta kinda not telling Frankie the entire truth, but in the same breath sorta kinda attempting to protect Derrick/Cody, but as you said, not doing a very good job .. Ha !!!
      He should ask Victoria to give him some lessons on acting and lying … Ha !!! :)

  12. But, but the most important question is … Where is Frankie sleeping these days ?? In the HOH Room/Bed with Caleb or amongst the rest of the Commoners ?? Ha !!!

      • ‘k, I guess if Caleb attempted to kick Frankie out of his HOH Room / Bed, then Frankie would become even more paranoid that he would be the target .. Ha !!!
        Afterall, Caleb insisted to Frankie that he is not the target, just that not too many HG’s left to put up on the block with Victoria this week ….

      • Caleb is still stroking frankies ego (hopefully thats all) for that “record deal” he is dreaming bout.

    • Apparently he is a truly dishonest person (outside the house) , I can’t wait till they interview him about all the things he has claimed.

      • surely he can’t believe everything he claims, i’ll feel bad for him if he actually can’t help saying those things and has some sort of disability

  13. Off subject but just watched the hour preview of Survivor which starts the night BB ends. Looks like a great night for TV. All new cast yeah. Check out TVGN listings.

  14. Caleb shares way too much information. This is a do or die veto for both Frankie and Derrick. I think if Frankie wins veto Derrick could actually be in huge danger. Frankie seems to realize how great of a manipulator Derrick is.

  15. Let’s just hope Derrick’s “photographic” memory can win the veto for him this week and we don’t have to worry about Frankie next week.

    Then say BYEBYE CALEB (unless he wins veto next week.) *rubs hands vigorously with evil grin.*

  16. caleb was a PRIVATE in the military so he is used to being told what to do. but he is kind of like “Gomer” was i think

    • Gomer, the TV character, not Jim Nabors, the man, was a lovable doofus that genuinely cared about everyone else more than himself. Caleb is a narcissistic doofus.

  17. Actually, Caleb may not have been too bright telling Frankie but at least now Frankie knows its not just Caleb putting him up. Derrick has been great deflecting the blame away from himself even telling his own nominations it was a house decision – something Frankie noticed and made note of. But that’s the lamest statement for a BB HOH to make – ever.

    I think Frankie knows its not Caleb. In fact by telling Frankie what’s going on Caleb is making it seem like its no what he wants.

    Caleb is clueless about how to play this game but he is going to find out shortly that his loyalty and honesty to Derrick and Cody is going to be his downfall.

    And I will say the same thing for Cody. If Caleb goes after Frankie and Derrick wins HOH, Cody can kiss F2 goodbye as well.

  18. If Frankie is only 28, I will eat my shorts. No way! He told Derrick he’ll be turning 29. Don’t believe it for a second!

  19. My favorite part is when they talked about how Frankie could possibly take Victoria down and put Cody vs Derrick, Derrick says “But don’t tell Frankie that” and Caleb says of course I wouldn’t ….. While that was said I was thinking to myself , Caleb don’t act like thats a given, you always open your mouth when you shouldn’t so he had to make it clear NOT to. Then look what happens! Hahaha he’s such an idiot I can’t even deal

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