Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Donny Thompson is the main target this week and the PoV was his shot at safety, but could he overcome a house against him?

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Cody won the Power of Veto!

Players today were Cody as HoH, Donny and Nicole as noms plus Christine, Derrick, and Frankie as drawn players. Caleb hosted the competition.

The challenge involved counting objects and then guessing how many. Players could then fold or stay. HGs said Donny and Nicole were very close each time but kept folding hoping to outlast the competition. Clearly their strategy did not work. They should have discussed this potential comp.

Now that Cody holds all the power (like Frankie did last week), Cody could decide to pursue the Evict-Frankie plan he discussed earlier. Of course without Derrick’s blessing we know Cody won’t do it and Derrick has already squashed that idea once.

Cody won an event to watch a CBS show. He picked Donny & Nicole to join him so they could eat.

The drama surrounding the player picks was Victoria’s illness. She left for several hours due to passing out and requiring medical attention but returned and said if she was drawn that she could not play. This would have greatly benefited Donny and Nicole as they’d be competing against one less HG. Unfortunately for them, Victoria was not drawn. With 3 of 5 players being drawn it didn’t happen.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. That sucks. At least Cody was kind enough to bring Donny/Nicole with him for that reward. Donny will be evicted for sure

      • No way Jeannie, Donny has been the most honest. But I think that’s why he’s going…Frankie is the biggest fake ass in there.. And Calob is just the biggest liar about his real life. Somebody safe us all and gets his ass out. Send him packing to Kentucky ,or Tennessee or Texas, where ever the hell he’s from… His acting was effing rediculous and scary…

      • Derrick is just being a cop and doing what a cop does in the interrogation room – putting words and ideas in their heads and making them believe that they came up with it.

      • yes, but last night christine and derrik and donny were talking about Mexicans and how they are accomodated to an excess by printing signs and billboards and packaging in Spanish and English. Clearly they are prejudiced. Donny realized what they were doing and he put on a really fake p.c. persona….a 180degree turnabout

      • frankly it is so boring to me to watch everyone follow the leader. no one has even had the guts to give their friend a vote to stay even if that one vote would not affect the ourcome

  2. Looks like we’ll be having an endurance HOH this Thursday now that Donny will finally be evicted.

    Or, we’ll have Pandora’s Box, Diamond Power of Veto, or the Coup de ta (however you spell it) to ensure he and Nicole don’t go home. I’ll be surprised if things go as planned because you know production can’t be happy with the Detonators controlling every week.

    • At this point you’d think they’d be rushing Nicole and Donny out of the house, since then the detonators are forced to blow up.

      But really, they shouldn’t strive to interfere in the game. They should just cast people who actually know how the game works and want to play it.

      • Exactly.I have said it before.They really have been missing the mark by going out to recruit instead of going with people applying and knowing the game and let them play it out.

      • The obvious weakness of the whole show is the casting department, year after year…. same formula : 20 and 30 yr old good looking dummies, a couple of nerds and a token old man.

      • Yeah it’s more fun to watch gamers for BB fans buti guess they keep recruiting is to bring in showmancers for that appeal. Who knows?

      • don’t forget the token black man, and the token black women, and the older man is usually a good ole southern boy

      • Oh and the flaming gay man. I know many gay men and not a one acts like any of the gays bb casts. It’s disgraceful how bb has picked and showcased this particular group of people.

      • And also the man with a lot of muscle and always poses a physical threat like Jessie, Willie, Howie and Devin.

      • So true!!!! and boring people. they need to rehire the team they used to recruit they rachael was on and a few yrs after

      • Big Brother has to take the blame. They already see at the very start that they form an 8 house guest alliance out of 16 total house guests. You know it will be a ho hum season. And yet, they did not add any twists to make it interesting. The BOTB only diluted the power of the HOH and favored the large alliance even more. Team America was a huge failure! Last season, they had the fans putting one extra person in the hot seat. Why did they not use that to spread paranoia in the house? Also, why did they not introduce changes to make sure that huge alliance did not stick together? Maybe, it is time they adopted some features of Survivor. Like, everyone gets to play each and every week to try and win HOH. Have a version of the immunity idol by having them get a Diamond Power of Veto so that, throwing games become a thing of the past? This Diamond Power of Veto allows the holder to take themselves plus one person off the hot seat and make their own nominations. Maybe, they should fire people if they are totally out of ideas because Big Brother has gotten stale and while, casting is one problem—-the lack of action on Big Brother is sorely disappointing!

      • I think they should do one of two things when casting. 1. recruit all noobs who never saw the show. this way we possibly get new strategies and gameplay. 2. cast only those who’ve applied and seen the show. this way those who havent arent outed immediately or used to get far(victoria)

    • they try so hard to make you think it’s gonna be all exciting and they ALL vote the exact same way.. as the detonators tell them too.. even the floaters. Even the floaters don’t have each other’s backs

    • they talked about how they choose the competitions and were told the games are all planned out at least 3 months in advance because so much money is on the line…then they got in trouble for talking about production

    • ..this show seems to be on it’s way out…last season was the worst but this season is also lousy due to boring happened to ”expect the unexpected’?any viewer could have done a better job…any one of the above suggestions would be exciting…then again;it is rigged for Frankie to win(so lame as such a small and very young group are the only ones that even know who is sister is!PATHETIC season from PATHETIC producers!

    • Donny is more of a threat to Cody’s game than Frankie is right now. Though it’d certainly be more fun to watch, he’s not going to do that, nor should he.

      • DERRICK is the biggest threat to Cody’s game. First, if he can, Derrick will take Victoria to Final 2. Or Christine. Or Caleb. Cody is way too popular.

      • Frankie is a bigger threat to Cody. He has won a lot of HOH contests and will want Cody and Derek out since he realizes they are working together. Didn’t Frankie put Cody on the block with Zack, as Donnie said “look at the pecking order”. If he wins HOH next week Cody will be up. He could make a deal with Donny for the next 2 weeks not be be put up if Donny wins.

  3. This looks like the end of the road for Donny. He put up a great fight, surprising viewers at home and his fellow houseguests how tough he can be when he needs to be. He was a lot of fun to watch, and was clearly just a genuine and nice guy. I feel like when he inevitably returns for All-Stars 2 he will have learned a lot from his first go around and could prove to be a serious threat the next time around. He’s a master of the competition part of the game, it’s social part he really needs to improve on, especially since he most likely won’t have the benefit of having the Team America alliance protecting him for so many weeks the next go around. I think if he can manage to stay up past 8:00 pm at night and try to form relationships with more than one of his fellow houseguests before about 2 months of being in a house with them he could seriously win the game.

    Donny Thompson, you were truly a unique character that we have never seen before and an all around nice guy. Here’s to Donny, PoV Goddess!!

    • TA protecting him?!?!?! Derrick and Frankie might say that, but Derrick has been saying Donny needs to go since a week after TA was formed. They haven’t been protecting him. Donny has been the one keeping himself in the game. Winning POVs or BOTBs when needed.

      • But the times he didn’t Derrick convinced them to vote the other person out. Derrick is playing the game. He will tell them to put somebody up then convince them the other is more dangerous. Look how many times Victoria was up and shes still there.

      • As far as derrick is concerned, its time up for donny, he can go home now. Earlier, there were bigger targets , but now he can stay no longer.

      • Of course Team America has been protecting Donny. As long as Team America remains they get money. How does that not compute with you? Why do you think Donny was spared and Nicole was sent to jury when they were sitting next to each other? If your answer is because they thought Nicole was a bigger threat than Donny, then ERRRR wrong answer. If that were true then wouldn’t Nicole be the one leaving this week and not Donny? Too bad for you that we have the exact same scenario this week, with Nicole and Donny being up against each other so we can see who the house really wants out without the safety of “oh we can do it in a few weeks” looming over their heads. Donny has been a target since week 1. If you believe he had immunity every single week since then you are sorely mistaken. Donny has fought hard to stay in the game, but he has also been protected for weeks by Team America and their interest in winning more mission money.

      • WHAT? Frankie won the BotB that week. Remember how you guys threw a fit claiming someone shouldn’t be able to win BotB on their own yet were eerily silent when Donny managed to win the BotB on his own the very next week? You are wrong. Christine and Nicole were HoH’s. Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb for eviction while Christine nominated Donny and Zach. Frankie won the BotB, NOT Donny, Zach won the power of veto, and Nicole went up as a renom.

        I can’t wait to read your response.

      • Yeah, it was interesting how people squawked and moaned when Frankie won by himself, then peed themselves praising Donny for winning solo. Verrrry interesting, lol!

      • Yep I noticed.
        Also noticed how happy Victoria is now. She’shad soo much attention shes not wining. Talking about the 40 year old. She told Jeff she was so good at playing innocent she would use that. She must not have any great infection in her tooth. Matter of fact you usually don’t talk much but she is so happy everyone is giving her her do time. Sorry, I just don’t think she was very sick. I smell a rat.

      • Actually they showed a comp the year before where it was done individually, which is why they shut up about Frankie. Donny did a hell of a job.

      • @philly_cat:disqus I see you’ve been responding to other posts yet funnily you haven’t seemed to respond to this one. Are you admitting that you blatantly lied about information that can quickly be proven false?

      • If Donny would of went home weeks ago they would of still continued with just Derrick and Frankie. I don’t think TA was protecting him at all. Donny won BOTB’s and POVs otherwise he would of been gone sooner. Derrick has been talking about getting him out for weeks.

      • I feel that if Derrick really wanted him gone he would have taken the opportunity to send Donny home instead of Nicole on day 56. There’s no way Derrick saw Nicole as a bigger threat than Donny. I mean did you see Donny beast that athletic PoV competition during the double eviction? I think it’s pretty clear that Derrick wanted to continue the Team America missions for as long as he could and that includes Donny.

      • The reason Derrick sent Nicole home was because he thought Cody and her were too close. Notice how Derrick will go after people that get too close to each other. He doesn’t want anyone to have someone. Now he’s been putting bugs in people’s ears about Christine. Why because she’s close to Cody. He was paranoid about Nicole and that’s the only reason Donny was safe. Derrick has wanted him out for weeks.

    • He probably will get asked to come back but will he? He’s said in the house he has been so lonely and it’s sad how everyone shuns him. I wonder if he would play again. But it’s not Thursday yet so anything can happen. But sadly I think he’s gone too.

      • I agree with you 100% again, Lavendargirl! I’m sure Donny felt very isolated in the house and he did say that three months is a long time to be away from his family and Christine. Look at us fast becoming friends. Please accept my upvote and this smiley face. :)

      • Well not so soon. Lol. I just disagreed with you a little further down. But I did it with a smile on my face.

      • He said he would never leave his family and girl for a game again. He said he was too alone and no money was worth it. He was crying then. Don’t think he would do it again.

    • He probably will get asked to come back but will he? He’s said in the house he has been so lonely and it’s sad how everyone shuns him. I wonder if he would play again. But it’s not Thursday yet so anything can happen. But sadly I think he’s gone too.

    • Agree. He must work on his social skills. They were terrible. You can’t sit around until week 9 and then start talking game. Sometimes the social game is more important than the comps. I think he learned his lesson..hopefully, there will be an all-star season soon and Donny will be asked back. Hey, look…we actually agreed on something!!!

      • Donny seemed like a deer in the headlights for the first half of the game… now he lays dying at the side of the road, too stupid to get off the road.

      • It’s not that inane if you think about it, it’s actually accurate in terms of his social game, but not his intelligence though.

      • Actually he’s very smart. He may not have the social skills but he’s very intelligent.

      • Floaters can only ride someone’s back for so long. Most winners have tried at least, to play the game! Kaz who rode Tony the policeman’s back all the way to the Finals of the last survivor looked pretty stupid when Wu decided she was not deserving of making it to the Finals! Wu told her to her face when she had the nerve to ask why he did not pick her . Wu said he was part of a group which put a high value on integrity and only those deserving should make it into the Finals! It cost him winning Survivor but, allowed Tony who was the most deserving to win it! Hell, even Spencer put up a speech about honoring the game and voting for the best player to win Survivor. Now, if we can only get house guests like that.

      • I seem to remember Jordan riding Jeff’s back quite a way. She rode someone all the way to $500k.

    • hated donny this season, will be glad when the door hits him on the ass on his way out to meet julie. PLEASE, no allstars, no returning houseguests, no production hand picking players who didn’t apply… There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who want to get to play big brother, to waste a season on a bunch of old hack returnees is ludicrous !!!

      • I think Donny brought a huge amount of novelty and compassion to this season that we normally don’t get to see on a show like this. There’s never been anyone like him on the show before. On top of that, he’s a competition beast, which no one saw coming, ever, and Big Brother loves their competition beasts. While I certainly don’t appreciate the manipulation the editors used on the general public to make us like Donny more (I really don’t think he needed it. He was clearly fan favorite) it wasn’t Donny’s fault they did that. I also think he isolated himself from his fellow houseguests and refused to talk game with people unless he was in danger of going home, but again, I think that’s something he could learn from and if he really is on an all-star season I see him going very far.

      • Donny will never be see again after the thurs. eviction (oh wait, guess we’ll see him on finale nite!).
        He doesn’t really qualify for all-stars as he is going to lose and is boring to watch. Case Closed joe !

    • I wouldn’t put him on All Stars 2. Definitely bring him back for some sort of redemption season, but All Stars 2 should be saved for season 20 and only contain the absolute best of the best.

    • Well, seeing Donny lose tonight feels like it was the end of the season. Nothing interesting will happen in the weeks to come. I think Dereck should win it. His game has been flawless. But, his path to victory has been and will be deadly dull. So sad.

  4. I thought last season was bad this season it is even worse. Really look forward to it every summer, we have watched it from the start. Canada came along with Big Brother and put US to shame! Can’t wait for Big Brother Canada next year, done with Big Brother US!

    • Have to agree with you on that one, BB Canada is really setting the high water mark for all the other country’s BB shows. BB US needs a casting department shake-up, an allison grodner resignation and a commitment to less production manipulation of the outcome of the game.

  5. I’m not giving up just yet. Derrick has to convince Cody that Nicole is a bigger threat to win HOH next week. I hate to see Nicole go, but she was already evicted once.

    • As much as people love Donny Derrick would be making a big mistake not getting rid of him—-he is smarter and more observant than Nicole.

    • I want Nicole to stay. I’d like Donny to stay also but if one has to go I’d rather it be Donny over Nicole. Hoping for a twist.

      • Well, it doesn’t really matter. Whoever doesn’t go this week will go next. It is such a long shot for Donny to win it all and I think he will be much happier in the jury house with friends.

      • True. If Nicole doesn’t win HOH if she stays then I’m sure she’ll be gone next. Just hoping for something different to happen. Maybe Cody will start thinking of playing his own game.

    • I want Nicole to stay. I’d like Donny to stay also but if one has to go I’d rather it be Donny over Nicole. Hoping for a twist.

  6. Derrick Jr. will do whatever his daddy tells him to do, Derrick Jr. is to gutless to make a move without having his daddy’s approval.

  7. I love Donny, but really he isn’t the best player if you really think about it. Jocasta even said that she tried to get him to play the game with her and strategize but he didn’t. He is kind of a floater, but hopefully no one else sees that and they keep Nicole!!!! Or I think Nicole should get the cup de whatever or some other special power so they can both be safe!!!!!!! Let’s pray that that happens!!!

  8. Predictable.Boring.Sorry Donny but the unexpected is that you’re leaving.

  9. Bye Donny, loved watching you. I will be voting for you for AFP. You put up a good fight. Derrick says you are going so it will be.

  10. I thought Donny and Nichole were HN. How are they eating with Cody. Also is this the human side of Cody?

      • Hopefully Cody will listen to Donny/Nicole and stratagize. I want to think that Cody’s hatred is Crusty related. Remember when Cody thru his hat when he was forced to put Donny on the block instead of caleb. This is when he gave his word he wouldnt put him up back in week 3
        (I think)

  11. It bothers me that pretty much everyone will do anything Derrick says ,even throwing comps make his game never seen so much comp throwing ,so annoying please let Donny stay …..

  12. Matthew – off subject. Went back to 3:19 am and Derrick did say he was a cop. Nobody caught it.

  13. Oh donny I’ll make sure I’ll vote as much as I could so you’ll win AFP, that’s the only way we viewers can slap Frankie, Christine and Codys face. And help you get rewarded for trying your best to stay in the house this season.

    • Let’s not forget Donnie isn’t going home empty handed. He has about 20k earned from TA missions. I say vote for Zack and show Frankie who we really loved in the Zankie showmance.

  14. Donny ain’t gone yet…Cody has his pondering face on andhe appears to be thinking without Derrick in his ear…Then too Derrick has his thinking face on with that studious scowl….Lets see what happens in the next 24 hrs,,,

  15. Donny ain’t gone yet…Cody has his pondering face on andhe appears to be thinking without Derrick in his ear…Then too Derrick has his thinking face on with that studious scowl….Lets see what happens in the next 24 hrs,,,

  16. Just a question here.Do we get to vote in the final two.Don’t know where I heard that.Maybe I was dreaming.

  17. Just a question here.Do we get to vote in the final two.Don’t know where I heard that.Maybe I was dreaming.

  18. u have got to be kidding me STFU!!!!!!!! Frankie wants to do a broadway musical as TA task please shoot the producers shoot the casting director shoot Frankie,, What a frigging joke!!!!!!!

  19. This sucks AS*! And Cody will just do whatever Derrick tells him to do. This season is full of sheep and it’s the second-to-worst season.

  20. I’m tired of this show. Production needs to make this show more interesting and more fair to the contestants with no alliances. What happened to the Diamond Power of Veto or Pandora’s Box?? It lacks no mass appeal to the viewer or nothing helpful to save the fan favorites. Instead, they rather have a crusty old Kathy Griffin, a spoiled Hebrew photographer with munchausen syndrome byproxy with ISIS ties, a beastmode brokeback mountain cowboy, a lame cop from New England, a trifling and adulterous goth princess that is employed by Starbucks, a fairy with pink hair and glitter and finally, a metrosexual that confused about his sexuality that can’t speak his mind or play his own game. Shame on you CBS and Julie Chen. For shame. Barring a miracle to keep my favorite player here, Donny, thank you for everything. You kept it 100 and totally real; unlike your filthy and disgusting Houseguests.

  21. Derprick and Fakie talking about how Donny’s got to go and how much easier TA missions will be with him gone. Have I mentions how much I HATE THEM!!!!

    • I am sick and tired of giving them easy money. I am not voting anymore. I think all live feeders should make a promise not to vote. I know they will still have it, viewers who don’t have the feeds don’t know what really goes on in the house,

      • I haven’t voted in any of them. I hated this twist from the very beginning. And hated it even more when they kept using Zach to accomplish their mission.

      • Derprick said he’s sure they’ll get the money because all of Fakie’s sister’s fan will vote for them. I’m just so disgusted.

  22. Soooooo glad that evil donny is going. he kept his military career a secret for his whole stay in the house, congratulations General Thompson !

    • Are you on bath salts? Donny was a saint and the best player on that stupid show.

      • lol Dude you need to relax if you can’t figure out what sarcasm is, read the whole post again and hopefully you can recognize it.

      • You need to relax prick. Real recognizes real and you are not looking familiar. Eh?

      • Joe your dirt don’t make no sense whether it’s from you area code or any area code for that matter, the man wrote, “Soooooo glad that evil donny is going. he kept his military career a secret for his whole stay in the house, congratulations General Thompson!” and check how you respond?? You really don’t get it and you say I’m on something? It’s why I asked you to relax and take a sec to comprehend and understand before you talk and requires no “Ears”, just your “Eyes” and your “Brain” if you can compute.

      • First. Use correct grammar when addressing me. Second. You are the one that needs to relax and comprehend what is being said by others and myself on here. Cocaine is a helluva drug you said. You must have first experience with this since I have never tried any before in my life. You’re delusional as Caleb and nauseating like Vic. Get a life troll.

      • lol your the one being called a troll here, I’m on the forum here frequently, your the stranger here. “Cocaine is a helluva drug” is a saying from Chappelle’s Show when he was doing the Rick James skit, it was purely meant for jokes but you took it seriously which was my whole point to begin with, someone posts a sarcastic comment and you jump like you have fire ants biting your ass lol that’s why I was telling you to relax, hope you understand now troll ha.

      • lol I’ve never seen this guy in forums and he comes out like he was trapped in a burning building, Cocaine’s a helluva Drug buddy, rehab maybe? ha

      • Molly and Ketamine are deadly combo and I see that’s what you’re on. Annoying troll.

  23. Anything exciting happening on the feeds? Can’t be on here and the feeds at the same time.

      • LMAO. Well I’ve never voted but from what I understand we vote if we think they completed the mission and if he does that I’m voting for the first time and it will be NO.

  24. Maybe Christine will let Cody hold his balls long enough to make a “big boy” decision and put up glitter fairy

      • With Donny having been the most popular player from the beginning I don’t understand why CBS would want to kick their cash cow out the door. In his season Jeff was the fan favorite and CBS created the coup d’etat for Jeff to remain in the house. Why wouldn’t they do that for Donny? CBS will be suprised at their ratings when Donny leaves the house me thinks!

  25. This sucks Donny will be going home I so hope Derrick and Frankie don’t get any more missions just so I can see the looks on their greedy faces. Assuming voting Donny won’t matter when it comes to TA. It doesn’t surprise me Frankie thinks that way I am sure he thinks he is TA because he has a famous sister and he thinks he is an internet star but Derrick should be smarter

      • That is really funny because Cody stated before that he would rather lose and have America love him than win and have America hate him. By listening to Derrick, he is not looking very good in front of America and his game is in jeopardy. But I am sure he is a good guy though. Break away from Derrick, Cody.

      • On Joker’s NoBallsCody has dropped to third most disliked. Ratine at the bottom followed by Fakie. Wait until Derprick finds out he’s below PowPow.

    • Donny is NOT in Cody’s alliance, why is this confusing for you ? Keep the people you are working with and evict those who you are not. Simple. You must be a tard to not get that, lol.

      • What I mean is why is Cody saying that he will call out Donny? call out Donny for what? what has he done to him? not like Donny went behind Cody’s back and did something bad.

      • Not behind his back. After the HOH when everyone was telling NoBallsCody he was a genius Donny said yes he was a genius and all this time he thought he was just a dumb kid. NoBallsCody lost it and to prove himself smart he announced his IQ was 92. He’s so smart he didn’t realize that’s below average.

      • Of course Donny will say something like that. That is because Cody is playing Derricks game. He just managed to pull a win in an HOH comp and now he is a genius? Break away from Derrick then you would be seen as a genius.

      • It’s cause Donny has been making Cody feel like he isn’t as smart as him and he’s using that to fuel his anger and wants to bring up to him the conversation he had with him and the same one he had with Christine. It’s really just childish and makes him look like Christine’s venom has infected him to the point he spews the same hate towards him as she does.

      • Tard is an ugly word to use. Why do people think calling somebody retarded is acceptable. It appalling the way people/society think it is ok and how immature people find it funny. I have a family member with a mental handicap and find that word extremely offensive and inaccurate. Most people with mental handicaps are extremely decent and good people just they are stuck at an earlier stage of development or trapped at a younger mental state. Sorry for the rant I just hate it when people think it’s ok to go around using this as an insult. It insults their own intelligence and maturity when they use this as an insult

  26. Donny already won. He won where it counts more, America’s heart. Now let’s help him win America’s favorite. As long as Frankie or Christine win NADA, I will be happy. Cody shouldn’t win either for playing Derrick’s game. Beast Mode Cowdung could win and I will be fine with that, just scared for Amber. More money for him to profess his undying love, that he won it for her…. Derrick should win because he is playing the game and the fact that he was able to play mind tricks with this lovely bunch. Donny will enjoy the jury house far more than the nonsense he is enduring with….

    • Donny already lost. He lost where it counts more, the pocketbook. No 50 or 500 g’s for donny.

      • The way I see it is, Donny is well liked by many and will return to the real world with a warm reception. He will return home to his girlfriend, his best friend/brother, a job he loves, and a great supporting family. Plus he walks away with a few dollars. That to me that is a winner. Now, Christine and Frankie, even if they win $500,000 or $50,000, they are LOSERS! Christine will be answering to her husband and her church family. She is not very well liked and will be surprised by how much people “hate” her (as much as she “hates” everything and everyone). Frankie is going to be crushed that his media mogul personality may be in jeopardy because people really don’t like him (and that is what matters most to Frankie, the public, his fans….). Cody will be hurt as well, being seen as a wuss, he said it in his first HOH, wondering if people think he is a wuss. Yes, yes we do. Caleb maybe hurt because Amber will have a protection order against him and no one is calling for him to be on other shows. Frankie will be so bitter, he won’t introduce Caleb to the Biebs so they can hang out. Derrick is strictly playing the game.

      • GeorgiaSmilez you did again. made me smile from cheek to cheek with that play by play enactment of what’s to come, can’t wait, oh those exit interviews are gonna beeeee Fiiiiiire!!! lol alotta pants gonna be burned fire department better be on standby ha

      • :-) That is what I am looking forward to. I want to see their reaction when they are told how they are perceived. I want to hear their responses to questions about their behavior and what they said in the house. You are right, the fire department and paramedics need to be on hand…

      • That’s why true fans are going to vote him America’s Fav. That’s $25k + $15 or $20 TA + stipend. And you can bet after the show when there are charity functions/BB related events everyone will want Donny. So he has won $$ wise and he did it with class and honor. Except for Nic the rest of this bunch are going to find they’re in demand about as much as Amanda from BB15. She wanted to do a charity event and they told her no they didn’t want her associated with them in any way.

        As for Fakie I saw a podcast with Wil Heuser and he said Fakie had been trashing him for sometime on social media. And Wil’s contract with CBS expires at the end of this season so he’ll be free to say whatever he wants about whoever he wants. That should be so much fun.

      • Can’t wait to see what Wil has to say about Frankie.

        Julie might even have Donny on her show as a special guest. I see invitations from other outlets to Donny.

      • I can even imaging Donny and his brother doing charity events and shows. I believe only good will come from this for Donny.

      • Out of 16, only 2 players is going to win. Donny is a fan favorite and has a big chance of winning AFP. The other losers should hibernate for a year and not even go online because of the backlash from fans. America loves Donny. In my eyes, that’s a winner.

      • You don’t actually believe the military cr*p being said about Donny. You have been watching haven’t you. Remember the episode where we met Donny’s family. They confirmed he is a groundskeeper.

      • There has been posting of setting up a site so people could donate money to him. That is how much he is loved.

    • I’m voting for Zach cause Donny has 15K already and I vote who for who was the most entertaining…….

    • No amount of money in the world could make Amber like that village idiot. Derrick is psychologically unfit to be a cop, let alone a sergeant, but he’ll probably win. Aaaaargh!

  27. Too bad Cody had to turn his brain and balls over to Derrick so he can’t put Frankie up and make this a little interestinh

    • Honestly not even sure how smart he is strategy wise. I don’t hear him come up with original ideas enough. Ball wise, yes for sure

  28. 8:49 PMChristine says her Pastor’s wife waxes her “hoohah” once a month. Seriously Ratine? You just said this on BBAD about your Pastor’s wife!!

  29. The only hope we can have now is that when Donny goes, these stupid Team America missions go with him.

  30. I think if Donny and Nicole leave then seriously whats the point in watching anymore.Thats what I think.

      • That’ll never happen. It’s just like the idiots who loudly proclaim that they are leaving Facebook forever. Two hours later they’re posting a pic of their latest pizza.

      • And I love how they get 5+ upvotes for complaining while those very same people upvoting have absolutely no intention of not watching either. It’s so much easier to get an upvote complaining about something than being positive about something.

    • which means that derrick won the veto as well as HOH this week. Cody is Derrick’s puppet. I hope cody switches sides or my faves are gone for sure.

  31. wouldnt it be ironic if Frankie was put up for eviction replacement the same time his sister is performing at the VMAs? (I know 1 day difference)

  32. so do you think they were building a room for the veto reward and not pandoras box? This will be sad

  33. If I were playing, I talk all about Cody. If Donny or Nicole talk about them he will just run it to Derrick. All they have is say, “Cody, you can’t play for HOH next week. Hopefully, nobody will back door you Cody, Plant seeds in his mind. If he is smart he will make a move, but the chances of that are very slim.

  34. I’m still kinda bugged how donny looked sack in the eye and said I promise not to vote you out.. and did.

  35. What I’d like to see:

    Right before veto ceremony Nic and Donny corner NoBallsCody. They act excited and happy. Tell him they are so glad he finally knows about Fakie and the Thing. Before NoBalls can say anything one asks him so which one of us is coming down while the other says I so glad you know cause we knew if we told you that you wouldn’t believe us. NoBalls will be totally confused and question what the Thing is. Nic and Donny looked shocked. Then say OMG they told us you knew!! And then leave while looking at NoBalls like they feel bad for him.

    What do you think?

  36. Nicole and Donny should use this time to flip Cody. No way is Derrick taking him to f2. Donny can expose TA. Point how protective Derrick is of Victoria. Cody already already thinks Donny is some kind of genius, he likes Nicole and I think he can flip Christine and Caleb. Is time to back door Frankie or Derrick. What a move that would be.

  37. When it comes to who played the best game on BB this season, it has to be the biggest manipulator Derrick. I think it is the first season where the house votes together on every episode, except maybe one. Derrick is the creator of that. If he stays till’ the end he should win, but I hope that the person who he takes wins it all and he feels bad for all of his manipulative hard work. Nicole could still win it, if Donny leaves.

  38. this is the WORSE BB Ever YAWN BORING who ever paid for live feeds I would get my monies back

  39. Dear Big a loyal fan..even last season when it sucked..please please please stop trying to control the outcome of the game by not allowing any physical competitions. The viewers love to watch them and it is great for ratings..these easy/ mental comps are boring to watch. And I would love for Caleb to win something..everyone said last year that it was rigged but I defended you and said it wasn’t ..but you are proving me wrong everyday..I have watched so many seasons and this is the first time ever that there has only been 2 endurance comps all really looks bad..please don’t tell me the rumors are true and the whole thing is staged..because if it will lose most of your viewers..including me.

    • Unfortunately, as you can see from most of the comments on these boards people would rather have their favorites win the game than have it be a fair game. That’s perfectly fine, I think and it’s their choice to want certain outcomes. My only problem is the hypocrisy of it all. If you want production interference for your favorites then own it. The foaming at the mouth that happened when Frankie won the BotB on his own was outrageous and then the next week when Donny won it on his own those very same people were eerily quiet. I repeat: If you want production interference, then that’s your opinion, but don’t be a hypocrite about it.

  40. Did Frankie actually suggest doing a play in black face? I mean how much sicker can this person get. He says horrible things about Nicole and Donny, dry humps all the men, sends out a message asking people that want to have sex with him to contact him and admits to sleeping with over 1000 and says he wants to euthanize Zach. There is something seriously wrong with him? After all the stuff that is going on in Missouri and he talks about putting on a play in black face? He is vile!!!

    • Why would you mention Missouri when you of course know that the houseguests are completely unaware of what’s going on outside of the house?

  41. Donny will not go home because Team America wants him to stay!!! Go Team America!!

  42. They have a lock down Somebody over the fence yelling that Frankie is the saboteur…Go Guys keep yelling…lol

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