Big Brother 16: Donny Thompson & Nicole Franzel Are Doomed

They might be the most popular male and female HGs for the readers here, but Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel aren’t finding a lot of support on the inside of the Big Brother 16 House. As things stand now, their games appear to be doomed.

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16
Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Nicole returned to the game as part of last night’s twist and while many may suggest that’s an automatic return trip ticket to the Jury house it doesn’t have to be. It’s worth nothing Gary Levy returned from the the Jury on BBCAN1, made it to the F2, and lost in a chaotic finale vote when one Juror used the wrong keycard. Oops.

So while it is possible for a returning player to make it to the end, can Nicole make that happen? I highly doubt it.

Shortly after the Feeds returned last night we found Derrick instructing the guys alliance that no one was allowed to talk privately with Nicole behind closed doors or they would be called out and suspected of treason. She remains a top target just as she was the week she left.

Donny’s situation has not improved with Nicole’s return. He tried to save Zach while flipping Cody, Christine, and Frankie to fight alongside him. None of those attempts worked and only solidified their plans to eliminate who they fear to be a Harvard medical professor / super genius rather than simply the intelligent, capable, and tough competitor that Donny is.

Nicole and Donny had a chance to delay the seemingly inevitable outcome last night with the Head of Household competition. From what we could piece together Nicole was the first player out as she couldn’t even remember what day # it was. That makes a days/events/timeline competition pretty darn hard when your head is out of the game.

As for Donny, the entire competition came down to him and Cody. Both had the right answer and raced for their buttons but Cody outreached him by less than a second and won HoH last night, according to the retells by Derrick. Ouch.

Had Donny won HoH this week then we would have seen guaranteed safety for him and Nicole until the next round. There could have been a Derrick/Cody nomination combo with Frankie as the backup plan. It would have been quite the week, but that’s not going to happen.

Instead Donny and Nicole are going up on the block and one of them will be sent back to Jury. If Donny does not win the Veto then he’ll go on Thursday with Nicole as the alternative.

But let’s take a step back. Donny and Nicole don’t have a chance overall without a crack in the guys alliance. Even if Donny and Nicole had survived this week then next week it would have been 5 vs 2 and really 5 vs 1 in the HoH comp. They would have needed back to back HoH and Veto wins until the end of the season. Not impossible, just improbable.

Last night when the HoH comp was over and the week’s path all too obvious Donny told Nicole that they faced an “insurmountable obstacle” in their battle of 6 vs 2. It’s not that they’re giving up, he told Nicole, but simply an impossible task at hand.

Sadly, I believe he’s right. The opposing alliance will most likely stick together to vote out Donny and Nicole before moving on to Christine and then the guys as Victoria gets dragged to the end.

Inevitability. It’s a bummer.


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  1. Like someone else said on the previous board, Donny just needs to throw TA under the bus, while he has a potential ally who can help him manage the fallout. If Donny does this I’ll take back every questionable thing I’ve said about him and eat my pink hat.

    • I read that Donny can only reveal his own involvement and can not mention the other members. In that case it probably wouldn’t help him. If that’s not true, then yeah, I’d say that’s not a bad plan and worth a shot.

      • We as team America captains need to Have our voice heard. If nobody votes on the pole for Team America’s next challenge maybe they’ll get the message Americas team is going down the drain. I’m not given Frankie or Derek another five grand to slap around and bash Donnie all night.

      • Besides that Zach is the only reason they won the challenge of three different times that’s $45,000 that Through Zack team America’s players won. And they turn their last challenge into a bash Zack attack that got him booted.

      • Donny didn’t turn it into that he just kept his mouth shut cause he knew Derrrick and Frankie would do whatever they wanted anyway

      • Lmao youre not giving them anything, big brother is. And theyre there for 500k not 5k. They didnt ask to be a part of Team America, they were thrown into it by America. Donny is detrimental to Frankie’s game and especially to Derrecks game. So, what youre saying is that they should be punished for playing a better game thus far, than Donny has? Like I said they didnt ask to be alligned with Donny. So it is what it is, move on.

      • What’s the punishment for revealing the other members? It might be worth it, depending on how bad the punishment is and IF production would even enforce a punishment (considering their lack of enforcement and Donny’s popularity.)

      • The players should have been eliminated from playing the next POV or HOH for purposely throwing competitions over and over again – but no production allows them to call the shots. But if Donny reveals TA he loses his earnings. Who is controlling the game?

  2. Time for Donny to blow up Team America. Last card in hand. These HGs must have not received the memo we as viewers hate unnecessary bullying. I cannot wait until they all come out and find out what America thinks of them. Oh sweet justice.

    • Bullying and bashing are two different things. Nobody was bullied this season. Plus who cares what America thinks. There maybe some haters and there are some fans. It’s not like ALL of America hates them.

      • I wouldn’t say 90% probably 65 or 70… Plus all the people who hate them won’t do anything about their hatred so why should they care?

      • I don’t recall a BB where the entire house goes after just ONE person constantly, calling him names and making fun of him. If that is not bullying then the sky is not blue, the earth is not round and grass is not green. WHO cares what America thinks, Americans fool. What third world country are you from?

      • Um, the earth is not round, like a ball. Only globes are round. It’s more pear shaped, than round.

      • Bullying and bashing are two different things. Was Donny terrorized or threatened in the house on multiple occasions? Just because they talk bad about him doesn’t make him being bullied. I hate when people throw that word around now and days. The word Bully lost it’s meaning when people like you are using it wrong. Again nobody this season was bullied.
        What I mean is I hate when people say that America is going to hate them. Why the F should they care? Not ALL of America are going to hate them. There are some haters and some fans for ALL BB houseguest. Don’t speak for the people who actually like them because I actually like a majority of the houseguest this season. At the end of the day nobody should care what America thinks, what is the worse they can do cyber bully them on twitter?

      • Ah but to Frankie that would mean his whole world fell apart and then where would he get his sense of self worth from

      • I hope when your a father and your child is treated like Donny in school and in the neighborhood you say to your child “just because they talk bad about you to EVERYONE make fun of you, ignore you make you feel worthless, they are not terrorizing or threatening you “

      • If somebody is talking bad about you and is ignoring you that doesn’t mean they are bullying you. If somebody terrorizing you, causing intimidation, or threatening you on a regular bases, that’s bullying. I hope you can stop looking at things subjectively and see the difference between what Donny is going through and what somebody like Jen Johnson went through in BB8.

      • Agreed. Derreck is the third most popularhouseguest and has been by far, playing the best game. Yet he gets bashed by these Donnylovers just cause hes not holdingDonnys hand along the way. What ever happened to may the best player win? Donny deserves to win cause hes nice???? Lol sounds ridiculous to me. I hope the hgs this season arent salty, and actually vote for who played the better game in the F2, like with Evel Dick.

      • Agreed. It’s ridiculous to bash someone who is just playing the game. Oddly enough, I like them both. I’m completely fascinated by how Derrick is playing this game, but I’m also completely fascinated by how Donny’s held on this long. I find myself torn between the two. Usually the few people I like are on the same side.

      • I have never seen Donny bashed before. I’ve seen people say he is playing a bad game but I’ve never seen anyone bash him personally. On this site, or any other bb site. But I constantly see people call Derrick a pig, looks like a pig, is a terrible person, a corrupt cop, he should hang himself, etc. Many of you Donny worshipers talk about how kind he is, and then precede to bash other houseguests. Hyprocritcal.

      • nah Donny doesn’t get bashed at all. People saying Donny is playing a bad social game isn’t bashing him, it’s just the truth,


      • Bashing is name calling; bullying is isolating, ignoring, ganging up on an individual, doing everything possible to ruin his game simply because they are different or weaker than you.

      • Well your definition of bullying is wrong. Look up the ACTUAL definition of bullying instead of making up a definition that you want to make sense to you because your hating on some of the houseguests.

  3. Nicole needs to convince Christine that Hayden was in with her “guys” and that she was out the door once Donny was gone. She also needs to tell her that Derrick told Hayden Cody was being kept to do “dirty work” for Derrick as the end drew near. She needs to tell Christine that Derrick has (according to Hayden) appt’d them all “character traits”, and that Nicole’s was that of house liar so that in case of a re-entry no one would believe her. Hopefully Christine will report back to Cody and then, just maybe…..

  4. This will probably be a case of a person returning and then booted out the next week. I wish Donny won HOH, but oh well. Donny and Derrick are my picks for the winner of Big Brother this season.

  5. No point in me watching anymore, now that I know for sure who will win(Derrick). To predictable from here on out, not enjoyable. Oh well, time to focus on real life again while waiting for bb17. :)

    • Please your going to keep watching. Everyone always complain every single season when things don’t go the way the fans want it to.

      • No actually I’m not. Despite your stereotyping of me, I am 1 person and am only speaking for myself. I will check in here now and again, however, to see if there is anything interesting happening(doubtful). Thanks you for your reply, though.

      • To be a fair weather friend would mean I stopped watching because things were not going to turn out way I liked or that I don’t like BB anymore, but I never said that. I never said who I was rooting for or not. I am actually okay with the outcome, the best player wins. That’s the game, like the winner or not, and I love the game and the players. What I said was it is too predictable now and no longer entertaining, so I will wait for next year. ( and yes I will watch again next year.)

      • Doesn’t sound like you’re a true fan if you quit watching because things aren’t going the way you want. If you love the game and players you’d still be watching. JMO

    • I agree!!!!! but somehow as fans we will endure this one sided predictable season till its ova…i hardly watch as much now best thing is reading from the fans..

    • I agree, send in something to shake this up. I also think that the returning jury should be safe at least for one week.

      • Youre basically saying “send a fix for Donny”. Its crazy to read all these comments to me. Its not anyones fault but Donnys that he hasnt played a better social game. I mean the dude refused a “Team America” challenge cause he had to call someone out about a fake vote. Seriously, get real and start playing the game already.

      • Actually, I agree that we need Pandora’s Box, but only to shake things up so that the feeds won’t be so boring this week. Has nothing to do with needing a twist to save Donny. I maybe rooting for Nicole where the girls are concerned, but when it comes to the guys, I’m rooting for Derrick.

  6. Well, Derrick is being handed the game on a silver platter by a bunch of absolutely stupid players. Cody should be ashamed. He should plan to backdoor Derrick now. He will not, he is too much in awe of Derrick. Anyways, it is predictable and boring to see that Derrick is winning unchallenged.

    • I’m not so sure Derrick is gonna win, for the simple reason he said no one to talk to Nicole behind closed doors, that should lead to suspicion on his end.

      • I don’t think they’ll be suspicious. It’s a tactic that Boston rob used in his survivor season he won, keeping his alliance from talking to the other side.

      • They’ve got this herd mentality. They feel if they stay together they won’t be the next out. Derrick is only saying what I believe they are all thinking.

      • They would have to actually be able to think for themselves. They are all thinking it because Derek told them to think it

      • Do you think anyone left is bright enough to realize what he said? They are all to busy bragging what they are going to do to Donny and Nicole

    • Why should Cody flip on Derrick. It makes no sense at this point. If he flips than he has 4 other people coming after him.

      • Maybe because he has no chance of beating Derrick? I thought the point was to win the game … he’s done nothing of consequence to this point so to do something predictable (evict Don/Nic) would be stupid.

      • For you, evicting Don/Nic would be stupid because you like them, (I like them too) but for Cody’s game. Why take out Derrick now. Again if Derrick leaves, yeah he gains a few allies but the rest of the detonators + Victoria would go after him. Plus he sits out at the next HOH and will only have 2 people to win against 4. Yes he has no chance of beating Derrick but he has 5 weeks left to get rid of Derrick. Cody is more likely to win competitions than Derrick.

      • After Donny and Nicole are gone your looking at only 3 weeks. Should he wait until the end when he’s sitting in jury?

      • He won’t make it to the end if he put up a Detonator this week. Your looking at it in a subjective point of view.

  7. While I don’t think Nicole and Donny have much of chance with Cody winning HOH, I do think they would have been able to make quite a bit longer if Donny would have won. I think that Donny would have nominated any two alliance members and we saw how quick they were to turn on their own when Nicole and Christine won HOH. Instead of staying strong together initially, Frankie ran in and threw the others under the bus and they in turn were willing to sacrifice him. So even next week, we could see some of these people turning on each other.

    • Considering that, as things stand now, Nicole will be the one remaining in the house and she’ll have a chance to pull out the HOH (which, as Derrick says, she’s the queen of – last night was just unfair to her). Even if she doesn’t win that, there’s always the Veto. And even without all of that, they’d still have to pick an alliance member to put up beside her and have blind faith that they’re going to be safe for the week.

  8. HMM I wonder what would happen to the detonators if Derrick were to go into soldiery confinement for 24 hours. I doubt Donny and Nicole could make a crack but it’ll be worth a try if that were to happen

  9. If this Big Brother is full of surprises I wish that Big brother would let the people in the house know what us on the outside really think about them!

  10. I’m cool with it. Derrick deserves to win. Anything less at this point would be a travesty.

  11. I hate that Donny didn’t win HOH but that’s how the BB cookie crumbles. Was really hoping Frankie and Derrick would be put up this week. Just to see the action. If Donny can’t win I want Derrick to win. Any BB fan knows h has played the best game.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I just wish Derrick would calm it down a notch. He has always controlled things in a strategic way, while commanding respect. But lately it has become more of a demanding respect. I’m not enjoying that.

      • I changed my final 2 back in week 3. Derrick has changed since the beginning into a demanding dictator. Barking orders last night that nobody talks to Nicole behind closed doors. He was so pissed when Nicole came back. He was flipping out. Then when someone told him Donny said if he won HOH he’d pick M&M’s Derrick said I’ll knock that bag right out of his hands and make him pick them up from the floor. He has a very angry/hateful side when things don’t go his way.

      • I’d like to see somebody slap Derrick for that remark. Where does he get off it’s ok for him to pick candy for his nomination but heaven forbid someone else does it. He expected Donny to be okay with it when he did it but If Donny does it then it’s aww f*** it’s the end of the world how dare he do something like that

      • Wow! I wish everyone knew all of this. I know it is difficult to interact with people posting that have no idea what the real truth is about what is going on behind those doors. People are getting two different aspects and it has to be frustrating for both.

    • It is easy to play the best game when you haven’t been on the block or had to face an adversity in the game at all! When Derrick finally did get a whiff that someone was actually on to his game strategy, his true colors came out.. Perhaps I could have respect for his game if his game life had ever been in jeopardy and he survived it, but that will not happen this season.

      • Because no one has wanted to nominate him. The fact that he hasn’t been in jeopardy is impressive–much more impressive than someone frequently being nominated. But I guess when someone makes it look easy, there are always people waiting to denigrate that skill just because it isn’t showy.

      • I don’t agree Alex. I am much more impressed by someone that has taken themselves off the block when they needed to under that kind of pressure, rather than someone who is manipulative. Not sure what “skill” you are referring to.

  12. The fact that Derrick and Cody feel more threatened by Donny and Nicole than Frankie could most likely be their downfall. I have a deep disgust for Frankie but with a heavy heart I would have to admit that they are underestimating his prowess.

    • Or at least, they’re probably overestimating his loyalty. He’s the one other person besides Derrick who wouldn’t think twice about stabbing another in the back.

      • Christine I think is different in that she won’t act unless her BFF Cody says she should/unless she’s acting out of unwarranted jealousy. I think Frankie’s kind of backstabbing isn’t loyal to anyone but himself.

  13. I really think that whenever a HG goes back into the show, it’s more for the audience and not so much for the HG. It’s a huge blow for the player when they go out and comes back in. It just irks the HG’s, They’re still a target, doesn’t change the dynamic in the house. They’re still not your friends.

      • That doesn’t surprise me at all. He deserves it and I’m beginning to rethink my F2 because of just updates I’ve read. I haven’t actually seen the footage for myself.

      • Isn’t this exactly what made him good as undercover? Being able to talk your way out of anything, being sneaky and being in control would be the qualities that I think are needed as an undercover cop.

      • He’s not on the streets dealing with criminals and I think he could be a bit more respectful. Be strategic, command attention and respect, but don’t demand it. Just a little over the top for a game, in my opinion. I still think he has had a great strategy, but if I was a HG, I would be irritated with his behaviour as of late.

      • If you are a good undercover cop you don’t go and brag on big brother :) on national tv…

      • I’m guessing that when he agreed to go on BB & he told them what he did for a living, that he was already done with undercover.

      • It should. I liked him in the beginning too. But now I want him gone. He’s turned into a hateful dictator.

      • I do recognized his game play In fact, he’s strategy is working for him . There’s just something about how he executes them. I dislike. He can win this, Just can’t cheer for his style….sorry !

  14. I really liked Derrick at the beginning of the game, but it’s hard to root for a guy that just NEVER faces adversity and has everyone bowing to his every wish. I mean I get it, the guy is freakin’ good at what he does, but seriously even Frankie and Zach said on Wednesday or Thursday’s show that there’s no way Derrick would lose if he’s in F2. It’s just frustrating as a fan to watch people not have the guts to stand up to him except Donny. It’s exactly the same as Boston Rob in his FOURTH season of Survivor where his alliance of women just worshiped him and never even thought of making a move against him. Now Derrick is threatening anyone who even talks to Donny or Nicole? Umm hello?? You just going to do everything this guy says all the way to the end??? Ughh.

    • Conversely, though, isn’t this truly the best way to win Big Brother? It’s all about the cult of personality in the end, and the one who manages to pull the strings in the house is the one who truly deserves to win. I’d rather see Donny win based on his personality, but if we’re honest here, he never really played a good social game. You need strength in numbers, and you need to be in control of those numbers at all times. Subliminally and directly, Derrick has done a masterful job of it.

      • I don’t disagree with any of that. Derrick would absolutely be one of the most deserving winners in the show’s history if he goes all the way, and I’m not suggesting at all that he should be changing his strategy because it’s clearly working. However as far as being a person I want to root for? He’s lost that now. We want to see people overcome obstacles. It’s what drives most television and drama. Derrick has had absolutely no obstacles to overcome (to his own credit) so it’s hard for me to cheer for him. HE IS the obstacle for a lot of the remaining houseguests, and I’m just hoping that they can figure him out and overcome him before the show’s over.

      • Derrick has controlled everyone in the house. It’s way less showy that frequently being nominated and escaping eviction, but IMO it’s indicative of far better playing. I’m enjoying the clinic he’s putting on.

      • It may be better gameplay, but as a fan it’s boring and frustrating to watch. It’s like watching a horse race where one horse jumps out to a huge lead and the outcome is never in doubt. Yeah that horse may be an awesome specimen, but give me some competition and excitement over a one man show.

  15. So it didn’t take long after Derrick won HOH (oops I mean Cody) to start dictating orders to all his little minions. “Nobody talks to Nicole behind closed doors”. But it’s okay for you to scheme with everyone Derlick.

  16. id be fine with derrick winning if the rest of the players werent so completely stupid. i was a bit interested in watching again when nicole came back but now it seems all for naught. im out.

    • Yeah people can claim Derrick’s really that good, but I’m not buying it; these HGs are just that dumb and incapable of thinking ahead.

  17. I am so disgusted with BB this season! Uneventful, predictable, and no reason to watch this one sided slaughter after all the goings on last night. What a despicable group of self-absorbed fame seekers that can only play one way…to personally belittle, castigate, and bully! Honestly, they act like a bunch of 12 yr. old wayward juveniles in a halfway house. A bunch of social outcasts who gathered together at summer camp to revenge their own bullied lives by doing to someone else what was done to them. Last night was paramount to watching an episode of Jerry Springer, with Derrick as Springer leading the charge! Disgusting!!! There was such an obvious difference between the attitude of Derrick before and after the HOH competition, from dejected to elated in a manner of an hour. He could barely contain it. It is so obvious who CBS wants in the F2, Derrick and Frankie. Does anyone actually relish watching that unfold? I don’t think I do any longer. Way to underestimate the intelligence of the viewing public. Or is it that your viewing public has diminished to 12 year olds at summer camp who have thumbs and an index finger and use social media?
    Just for once why can’t someone with a little character move forward in this game with a chance to win? Just once??? Is that too much to ask??? Would it really hurt CBS’s ratings for their most popular female and male to advance in the game??? 2 verses a maniacal group of 6s? A demented group think tank of idiotic bullies? Really CBS??? Are we really supposed to believe that watching an obvious pre-disposed outcome is a form of entertainment? Nothing to change up the group dynamic? Someone must have either been bored and fell asleep,or was too busy covering their ears from the screeching and missed the storyline meeting.
    Honestly, after 16 years of being a fan and watching every show, I have to say enough is enough for me. Color me done with the BB social experiment. CBS all I have to say is “Bless your heart”!

    • Calm down, take some deep breaths. It’s just a TV show. It’s not worth getting that worked up about it. If it really upsets you that much, why do you watch it? It can’t be good for your health. Also, holy teal deer!

    • Great post, Grapple! I feel the same way. I’ve also watched every season—all the way through, so I don’t consider myself a “…fair weather fan”…It is with a heavy heart, but this is the first season that I won’t be watching until the end. It’s been boring, predictable and the folks left in the house are mean and gross (Donny and Nicole being the exceptions). At least Donnie got some money by being on TA. Frankie and Derrick are going to get all the prize money anyway, so just give it to them now and use this time to start looking for a GREAT cast for next season. I’m just bored. See ya next season!

      • And, if Frankie wins, Graple and Sharona, I’ll probably be kicking myself in the butt and wishing I had been as smart.

  18. I wanted Donny to win HOH… he and Nicole are the only ones with the guts to get some of these power hungry guys out. I wonder If Christine remembers who got her into this group? Devin. They wanted Caleb out if his princess didn’t leave.. now he’s golden. They wanted Frankie out last week but now his buddy is out. When will they quit listening to the dictator Derrick? I agree he asks just like Boston Rob from survivor. This is just like last season when most of the house told everyone else who was going home… This isn’t a game, It’s a one sided boring reality show. When Donny leaves, I’m going to quit watching and hope Derrick doesn’t win. I’d rather see Cody

    • Fair weather fans need to stop threatening to never watch Big Brother again and just actually do it. Goodbye.

      • @joe..Why do you keep calling people fair weather fans when they say they dont want to watch any more….. To be honest with you, other than Zack who didnt have a clue about how to play but did entertained us, its been rather boring… Although, I give Derrick big props because he has played a great game, CBS picked too many models and not enough real game players… All the thousands of knowledgeable people that want to get on this show, CBS consistently show newbies 2 seasons of edited BB and think they gone understand the game…. Half the fans that only watch the show on cbs be buying into them edits when we the live feeders know the edits are bias and unreal…. how can you show people 2 years of a edited show and think they gone understand how to play…This has been one of the dumbest big brother cast i ever seen…. No big moves, no game shifts, rather boring i would have to say and very easy for a player as smart as Derrick to make it work

      • You guys will only watch if your favorites are succeeding but if things look grim then you threaten not to watch the show. That’s the definition of a fair weather fan.

        I get that this hasn’t been the most twisty season (though I feel it’s the best season is many years thanks to the cast everyone else seems to hate) and it’s certainly your right not to watch anymore. I just know that I would always watch Big Brother, even if my favorites went home and there wasn’t anyone I liked left. Take last year for example. That final 3 was terrible! I feel like you’re more in tune with Big Brother than the casual viewer because you comment on these boards. I would like to think you would watch Big Brother even if your favorites weren’t in the game.

  19. It’s hopeless for Nicole and Donny. The other side of the house dominated from the beginning. Please Big Brother change up the dynamic, this season so predictable its starting to get really boring. Please do a twist to shake up the game and the BB house. I going to stop watching.

  20. People are just ridiculous lol. Going all crazy cause Donny is likely to go home bahaha A-its a GAME B- hes not playing a great social game. Hes been a nice kind person to everyone, but thats not plotting and planning with people to get more support from other players. Theyve been clearly eyeing him for a while, which he has figured out, instead of coming up with a game plan, he just cried. Hes simplay Americas favorite player because hes old and kind, not because of his gaming skills

    • Its not so much that he will be voted out but the way that he has been treated…Even after he tried to join in with the top 6 turd heads they still made fun of him and shunned him….Like now in the HOH Frankie told Cody to name Nicole & Donny have nots… What the hell is it to Frankie to tell the HOH anything. That’s whats wrong with this season u got toooo many Chiefs and not enough Indians. If Cody had the guts to tell Frankie that he could not sleep in the HOH then Cody has the guts to tell people that he will make his own decisions while he is HOH.

      • ive seen players treated way worst that donny on big brother… none of them have said much to him like they have done to formal players…… thats just an excuse….Get real

  21. I have never had a problem with production doing what they want to do—-but it is amazing to me a couple of weeks ago people were screaming bloody murder when there was interference and now there is a drumbeat for just that.

    • We like production interference when it helps the people we like. It’s as simple as that and it will always be true.

      • I agree Davet, people hate productions when it goes against their favorite players… To tell the truth, people hate a lot of the players for going against their favorite players…. Shelly that turned against Jeff was a prime example…. As long as she was getting info to help Jeff and jordo, she was good but as soon as she was the deciding vote to oust him, these fools threaten her family….. a lot of live feeders are far worst than the players for real

  22. This game blows The only way it could turn is to get Derrick out. The other would fall apart and the fun would start.

    • Yep. In an alternative BB universe, Cody puts Caleb and Frankie on the block and back doors Derrick. He has the votes with Donny, Nicole, and his friend Christine.

  23. It’s a shame that Donny or Nicole will be voted out before Victoria who has done nothing all summer but hitch a ride in Derrick’s pocket. This season is a huge letdown.

    • Actually its very smart for Derrick or Cody or Frankie to take her to the end… it would guarentee them a half a mil…. You should always take a bad player or a player that may be good but the jury hates…Thats just smart play and the way it goes… we dont like it but the players are playing to win, not to keep players in the game that we the live feeders want to stay in the game

  24. If Derrick wins HOH put a picture of him in there in his Police Uniform.. Ooops! Now that would be worth watching.

  25. This is Big Brother. There’s always a chance to flip someone, especially as the game gets closer and closer to the end. Granted, this is going to be a lot harder for Donny since he refused to talk game with the houseguests for the first 60 days or so, but it can still be done. Donny is a smart guy. He’s aware of what’s going on in the house and and I can see him flipping a few people onto his side if he knows the right thing to say to certain people. I also can see someone like Derrick smart enough to try and keep the bigger target in the game so the target doesn’t go onto him the second Donny is evicted. I don’t think Frankie is smart enough to do this, though. He probably wants Donny out and won’t budge.

  26. I want a fix so Donny/Nicole can stay this week. Do a duos twist, or allow them to have an extra power of veto, allow for a diamond power of veto, without voting give Donny a coup d’état. Don’t make it fair, but allow Donny/Nicole to stay this week, and stop interfering next week.

  27. I honestly think there is a good chance of a backdoor for Frankie this week. Last week, Frankie had HOH & POV… obviously safe. If he doesn’t get POV this week, this could be Derrick’s only chance to strike. Don’t forget, they originally wanted Frankie out before Nicole. This could be their first opportunity to get him out since he pulled off that BOB by himself.

    • Eh I think they are all pretty angry at Nicole for coming back and Donny for still being there. They won’t devour each other unless they absolutely can’t get the Donny. Even then they might decide to get rid of Nicole to sabotage Donny’s game more than further their own.

  28. someone please explain what went down during the HN ceremony, if that is what you call it. what or how did Crusty nominate Donny for have not. And whatever happened to HN comps. This makes Frankie still only being HN once

  29. Ok. Let’s use their theory from last week. Are you really Going to waste this HOH on getting out Nicole? Cody make a big move get out a big target send Frankie packing


  30. Where are all of the endurance comps this season? By this point in the game, there have usually been at least two. People have put on here that it is because of Donny’s age..I don’t think so..there have been other older HG’s in past seasons and they have had endurance…I think it is because, once again, they are protecting their “star,” Frankie..because of all of his circulation issues..I call BS!!!

  31. You know what I find really interesting is that Derrick is a cop and to my knowledge he never revealed it. He has also inmho been playing fairly crooked game by stacking all the chips ( HGs) against single individuals in the house, what kind of cop does it make him? The way he is playing makes me question any criminals he busted out in the real world. Oh and can someone remind me has Derrick ever been on the block or volunteered to go on the block and if he hasn’t why the hell has his own alliance not called him on it?

    • It dont make him no kind of Cop… hes playing Big Brother in the Big Brother house that requires lying and manipulation of other players… Thats all he done and he had done it well considering all the poor players that was on this season… Has nothing to do with what he does in real life

  32. Fakie is still there b/c he has so many follows which = more viewers for CBS. As if they would have called him out on this renom rule. The rest don’t stand a chance. Fakie=ratings. So sad that he uses his sister to gain popularity b/c he is a big nobody. Nicole or Donny will leave the house and if it’s Nic what a waste of jury return. This expect the unexpected bs is just that bs and the shows writers need to step up their game and think outside the box. BORING!! Fakie is using the charity thing, the guy is a you tube personality, who is unemployed, relying on his sister for $$$$. No big moves…1

    I meant Frankie but you get it. I actually enjoyed Zach. At least he was entertaining, the rest are all robots. The biggest floater is still floating (Victoria) There should have been a rule, that whoever came back from Jury could not be nominated this time, a safe pass. Then a free for all next nomination ceremony. The producers need to come up with better stuff.1

    This whatever it is between Cody and Christine is getting to gag reflexes….She may be headed for a divorce come the end of the show. Why is she still there?? I just don’t get this show anymore. I really don’t know why I am still watching it.

    • Donny is awesome, It must be so hard for him to be in a house to babysit the youngsters. Derick has this I think. It’s the cop in him. Calab has stalker tendencies that I think should be addressed outside the BB house, Victoria, I am not quite sure why she is there but she annoys me like Rachel Riley’s laugh. Jocasta what a waste Jesus never helped you. I think Nick and Hayden are cute together and this whole Zankie thing needs to be put on the back burner. I don’t think Frankie is true to anyone, he is as phoney as it gets. Pandora’s box should come in now with the noms being safe and have Cody locked in a room with Rachel’s laugh soundtrack playing continuosly.

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