Big Brother 16 Las Vegas Party Tonight – Details

Big Brother Houseguests head to Las Vegas this weekend for another party and more rounds of some very well deserved celebrating. Or at least a lot more rounds of something!

Big Brother 16 Party in Las Vegas
Big Brother 16 Party in Las Vegas this weekend

The BB16 Houseguests haven’t slowed down since escaping the confines of Studio 18 this week with not just one celebration, but two afterparties. Now many of them are heading out to Vegas for the Wrap Party celebration starting tonight. Okay, well it looks like they went ahead and got started last night, but things officially kick off tonight at Aria’s Deuce Lounge.

Starting tonight at 9PM at The Deuce Lounge the party kicks off before rolling over to the Haze nightclub for the afterparty. No word yet on what time the Haze event starts, so be sure to check Deuce first.

Big Brother fans hoping to meet up with some of their favorites from this season and past summers are in luck. Aria is advertising that you’ll be able to meet Amber, Brittany, Donny, yes even Donny knows how to party in Vegas, and Jocasta from this season. That won’t be it though as we’re spotting a lot of familiar faces from both BBUS and BBCAN.

From past BBUS seasons I’ve spotted Judd, Jeremy, Parker, Michelle, Lawon, Howie. BBCAN has arrived with Arlie, Peter, Liza, Allison, Sarah, and Rachelle. And those were all just from who arrived Friday night, so I imagine as Saturday rolls along we’ll see lots more Big Brother alumni show up.

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  1. Has Franki posted anything about the negative things people said about him while he was in the house, or anything about him not getting AFP?

    • I would have loved to see his face when he found out not only was he not America’s favorite player but he was one of the most disliked players. I am a gay and not much bothers me, however Frankie sure did. Frankie is not only a disgrace to gay people, he is a disgrace to mankind! He they ever bring him back I will certain;y skip that season! He really screwed up Zach’s game on more than one occasion, I hope Zach realizes what a douche bag Frankie is when he watches the tapes! I hear Frankie’s sister is getting a lot of heat because she acts like a self entitled diva just like Frankie, it’s a real turnoff! Get over yourself Frankie, you’re just a pink haired flamboyant queen that is starving for attention, probably because he is walking in his sisters shadow. I have no use for either one of them and as much as I would like to see the negative post on Frankie’s Twitter page, I certainly won’t be visiting it to see!

      • Hi Larry, bless you, you said exactly what I was thinking, and I’m sure many other’s feel the same as we do, but ya know what I don’t get, Julie Chen sure does like him, having him on The Talk, and not having him in front of a LIVE audiance so people could boo him like they did Christine. Hate to say it but I think he is going to be on The Talk alot more, what say you? Have a good day Larry

      • I don’t think she likes him (or dislikes him). He is controversial and controversy drives viewership. Plus CBS has a lot of tie-ins with Ariana Grande management and who knows future appearances of an up and coming star. It is not personal it is business.
        And she did seem to have a certain delight in saying a big NO to apple pie for the have-nots. Also they didn’t have to announce the top 3. Could have just announced the winner or top 2. Again this is business not personal. They know he is disliked. Why not please the fans. And aren’t we glad they did.

      • Hey Bill, thanks for setting me straight on that, you are exactly right. And yes, we are sooo glad they did. Have a good one! A

      • I went to the talks face book page they had HUNDREDS of comments about it .also everyone needs to contact CBS SPONSERS they don’t want to put money into CBS BAD DECISIONS

      • Hey Bill, have youheard anything on Derrick or Calebs reaction to Donny really being a groundskeeper? Would love to have seen that.

      • I think so too… After that lil hint at the end of their segment it sounded like that was in the works!

    • Some people need to be negative towards other people to boost their own self esteem… Good Luck on blog sites for that boost…. When its all said and done…. As Lebron said, when its all said and done, your life will still be miserable and the frankies and Jesses lives will still be better than yours… LOL



      • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation or is insulting to others, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. No ALL-CAPS.

      • Hello? This a Big Brother forum. We get to say what we think here without fear of trolls. Everybody posting this season had their individual likes and dislikes, but some contestants (cough, Frankie) were so incredibly outrageous and disgusting that a lot of us united in voicing our negative opinions of him. This is America! Land of the Free! Home of the Awesome Creature Known as a Big Brother Fan!!

      • Hello? This is a Big Brother forum. We get to say what we think here, as you just did. Everybody posting this season had their individual likes and dislikes, but some contestants (cough, Frankie) were so incredibly outrageous and disgusting that a lot of us united in voicing our negative opinions of them. This is America! Land of the Free! Home of the Awesome Creature Known as a Big Brother Fan!!

      • Thanks, Anita. I think I’d already posted something similar to that before, but you don’t go on a BB webpage to poke fun of BB fans. HOLLA!

      • Fake Frankie, I would think your ego must have taken a blow in the aftermath of finale night. Too bad you weren’t able to read the chat room posts from the live feeds. About 96% of the posters bitched the most about you and also Victoria. In the grand scheme of things, you’re not all that. In fact, you’re just “not” anything at all. Your 15 minutes of fame are up and there’s only person responsible for that….YOU.


      • I’ve put years and years and years in working my butt off, contributing to society, and having zero time to enjoy something like this. Now I’m retired and I can pick and choose what I do. This is what I like and whether Frankie ‘ain’t worry about me’, I don’t care. I don’t go on here to change him anyway.

      • Thank God you said it, I liked Frankie and he played the game of Big Brother… Nobody hated Dan, because he was a backstabber, people only hate on Frankie, because his sister is a pop star and doesn’t need the money, but in all reality Frankie probably doesn’t give a crap what people have to say on this or any fourm or website…

      • I don’t hate Frankie. I was annoyed by Frankie. I thought he was the 2nd best player until his EGO blew up his game. So what annoyed me about him was also bad game play. Particularly his strategy of threatening the others with his Social Mogulness and mad social skills to sway the jury. What an annoying bad strategy.
        Ever since he revealed his secret he became more of a dick. It was a good strategy to deflect attention, but he should have gone back to the fun loving guy he had been instead of becoming the overbearing bragging idiot he told everyone was his true self. He told them it was an effort not to be his true self. Well his “true” self is not that likable. Derrick played a part and kept mostly true to it, to the end. Frankie’s ego was more important for him to stroke than to project some humility even if he didn’t feel humble. Don’t keep telling people you would have killed that competition you were not in. They rightly think it is bragging even if it may be true. Eat some humble apple pie. It may be hard to swallow, but choke it down for a better chance at 500 Gs.

      • Well, if you check EVEl Dick, I don’t think you will find him as a big fan of Frankie. And by the way try to at least spell his name correctly. I know you aren’t a big fan of spelling or grammar, but make an effort with the name of the man you are quoting.
        And thanks again for the all caps. It makes you seem much more forceful and intelligent. God job.

      • At the very least you need to grow a pair and use your real name own your bads and try to make things right. FRANKIE

      • …and what do you think you’re doing? Do you need to be negative towards some posters here? Who’s miserable? LOL

    • When Frankie was asked if he was surprised he wasn’t among the 3 finalists for AFP, People magazine quotes him as saying, “I wasn’t surprised. I think that a lot of people made assumptions based on my popularity outside the house, but ultimately this is Big Brother and there have been fans of this show for 16 years. Those are the people who voted. I’m just grateful for the general support I have gotten since I got out of the house. I feel like it’s been so overwhelmingly positive so I feel like I have won fan favorite.”

  2. As I expected, Frankie would avoid the limelight right now. He’s browsing the internet and I don’t think he likes what he’s reading..Not to mention TMZ has been stalking

  3. After so many days in captivity, it’s nice to see the hgs enjoying themselves in sunny downtown LasVegas.

    p.s.: this blog/segment is about after parties in LasVegas …NOT about the most disliked hg in BB16. H O L L A !!

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