Big Brother 16 Finale Party Photos – HGs Let Loose

The Big Brother 16 finale is over and the Houseguests are now free to get back out in to the world. Without having to wait on Big Brother for a booze delivery it looks like everyone was ready to have a good time last night.

Big Brother 16 Houseguests running wild
Big Brother 16 Houseguests running wild – Source: @JulieChen

Lots of pictures have been shared since the BB16 HGs got together to party and I’ll keep adding more to this collection as we find them. It seems like the Jury and Finalist HGs didn’t get the chance to share many pics last night as their phones might not have been with them yet, but I’m already seeing more of them pop up online this morning.

Plenty of former HGs came out to show they’re support as this season’s cast returned to the outside world. I imagine they’re a pretty good support team for such a tough transition like that. Oh, and yes, that’s Shannon Elizabeth hanging out with the HGs last night. She’s a huge BB fan.

If you could buy one Houseguest a drink to celebrate, who would it be?

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    • Cody’s decision to take Derrick instead of Victoria to the final 2 cost Cody $450,000 (difference between 1st place and 2nd place). I wonder if Derrick had won part 3 of the HOH competition would he have chose Victoria or Cody to be in the final two with him?

      • I don’t know…hard to say. I have this strange feeling that had Derrick won, he’d have taken Vic over Cody, knowing he could win against her hands down! We’ll never know though darnit!

  1. Sara was on The Talk today after all and she posed the “lesbian” situation to Frankie. Frankie cleared it up for her by saying that he based his comment on an article he read back in the day about social gender behavior in that women choose to be gay based on upbringing, environment, etc., but that he in no way was an authority on it and is sorry his comment on the BB came across differently. No one posed the “rape” comment to either Derrick or him (sad to say). Frankie was on The Talk due to being the most talked about house guest and that’s it. But Kudos to Sara for speaking up! Frankie insinuated that he’d like to be a co-host on The Talk as an option for what’s next. Derrick stated he was going to go back to what he loves, hitting the street as a cop. And yes, Frankie did ask Derrick on the show if he was a cop and Derrick diffused it by lying! :-) Derrick’s also glad he never revealed he was a cop after hearing how much some of the house guests didn’t like cops! :-)

    • Frankie once again was a camera whore. Derrick was the winner and Frankie got more camera time then Derrick. Makes me sick how they coddle him.

      • That he did not, which I did applaud him for that much as well as apologizing for that specific remark. So wish they’d brought up the other “issue”, but with Derrick winning and sitting next to him who had also been involved would have been in poor taste for the network.

      • I swore I wouldn’t watch it either but I relented when I saw a link to the interview on you tube a little while ago. I was hoping Derrick would reveal more about the photo he got as HOH that he had production take back. I guess we will never know the truth of that photo. Frankie tried to make a good save on his remark about Lesbians who choose, I didn’t buy it but I am pretty much anti-Frankie after getting to know more about him the past few months.

    • He should have turned the table and asked Sara what she thinks about gay men.. But Zankie will be on next seasons The Amazing Race so it’s not the last of Frankie Grande and Zach Rance we will be seeing on CBS. I wonder what Derrick thinks of how the public is now viewing the police in wake of Ferguson and one scandal after another involving brutality and killing of unarmed civilians by police across America.

  2. Thanx so much for the great pics Matt … I enjoyed seeing all of them and look forward to your posting more.

  3. I am happy the show ended the way it did. I am glad it is over, it was like pulling teeth. Hating Frankie has drained me. Now I can devote the time I have been spending watching the show, reading about the show, keeping up with the many BB blogs, researching the HGs, scouring you tube, twitter and other sites for any information about BB, I can now devote this time to more worth while ventures. At least until next summer….

  4. People should STILL phone CBS and let them know that they are condoning Rape, and violence by shoving Skankie down our throats. I didn’t watch The Talk ..and will not watch it again. I could imagine the goo goo eyes Julie gave him..she thinks he’s funny..*I* think he’s violent. I wonder how Julie and her husband would have felt if He would have talked about raping their child, or punching their child in the face..or any other violent act he talked about…slow drip and giving Nicole Milk knowing she is lactose intolerant! Keep Calling CBS..they probably think its water under the bridge now..but it should NOT be..THE NUMBER IS…212-975-3247

    • No one held a gun and “FORCED” you against your will to watch BB did they? So don’t make it sound like it then! Frankie is gay in case you didn’t realize that so there is no chance he would willingly have sex with a woman much less rape her.. This was entertainment and you need to learn the difference between reality tv and reality in general.

  5. Keep phoning CBS, don’t let them think it’s over and have them sign Skankie up for another Big Brother experience..either as a guest challenge host of houseguest. Let CBS know how disgusted you every day for at least a week..don’t let this pass and be forgotten. WE DO NOT CONDONE RAPE, EUTHANIZING, PUNCHING OR GIVING LACTOSE INTOLERANT HOUSEGUESTS MILK. WE DON’T CONDONE VIOLENCE…CALL..212-975-3247

    • Same goes for you as well. I don’t see you complaining one single bit about the cop who was present while these straight men were joking about what they would do to Victoria.. In fact Derrick laughed along with it, the only one who said it was inappropriate was Cody.. While we are at it, where is your outrage towards Christine who was the one who actually started this discussion by bringing up Victoria’s name in the first place? Not a single word about what Caleb said either…But your venom is directed squarely at Frankie, that’s why you are exposing yourself as a hypocrite!

      • Derrick, did laugh.. but as he was laughing he said that if was sitting at home and was Victoria’s dad, he would take his computer and throw it across the room and then be mad that he did that.. that’s what he was laughing about… not Frankie’s comment. also Frankie has apologized for the comment and said that he in no way condones rape and that he tends to have a potty mouth and when put in a house with a bunch of people being bored… he tends to go overboard.

  6. Zankie will be on The Amazing Race together as a team next season.. That will be one reason I will be watching..Maybe we may seen yet another team from BB16 compete as well like Hayden/Nicole or Derrick/Cody.

    • As much as I love Zach if Frankie is part of the deal, then no. And before you accuse me of being a homophob it’s not because he’s gay it’s because he is beyond annoying.
      Hayden and Coconuts would be fun to watch though.

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