Big Brother 16 On Bold & Beautiful – Which HGs Were Invited & Will Appear?

When Donny Thompson was evicted from Big Brother 16 we learned he had a special opportunity ahead of him: appearing on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but it turns out he won’t be alone. In fact, nearly half the cast will join Donny in a special episode.

Cody Calafiore and Donny Thompson from Big Brother 16
Cody Calafiore and Donny Thompson from Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

According to TV Guide’s interview with Donny he’ll be joined by seven other BB16 HGs plus five more from past seasons. It’ll be Big Brother overload when they appear in episodes airing October 30-31, 2014. So who all will be there along with Donny? We’ll get to see Zach Rance, Nicole Franzel, Amber Borzotra, Cody Calafiore, Caleb Reynolds, Hayden Voss, and Devin Shepherd.

While that list has a lot of this summer’s HGs there are obviously quite a number of them who did not make the cut. Bold & Beautiful producer Casey Kasprzyk told TV Guide the decision was made based on “time and budget” and they would have otherwise invited more of the season’s cast.

Houseguests from past Big Brother seasons joining the BB16 crew on screen will be Elissa, Jeff & Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon. That is going to be one very, very busy episode of B&B.

We did get an early detail on what Donny’s character will be doing in his appearance. Kaspryzk teased, “We’re going to have fun with all the speculations about Donny’s ‘real’ career and it’ll involve a lot of costume changes.” Sounds like they’ll put the HGs’ paranoia of Donny’s fictional mysterious past as a super genius secret commando ninja to good use.

The episode appears to have already been filmed as Caleb was sharing photos on Friday from backstage prep including him with the other Big Brother stars set to appear. We’ll keep an eye out for when their special episode airs next month. Can’t wait to see how everyone handles their scenes.

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Source: TV Guide

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  1. Sounds wonderful … I’ve been going through withdrawal and it’s not fun. I’ll check my local tv listings for time and channel. H O L L A !

    • Oh, God, Cuddles! I’m in serious withdrawal too. I’m grateful for anything I can get! It’ll be fun watching all the familiar faces.

      • It’s halloween … I wonder how much of their ‘familiar faces’ we’ll be able to recognize??? It sounds like it’s going to be fun. From one of your previous posts, it sounds like we’re in the same time zone. Do you know what time The Bold and the Beautiful airs?

      • It airs at 12:30 p.m. on CBS in my area. Only a 30 minute soap, don’t know how they’ll be able to squeeze everyone into a half an hour! Should be interesting.

    • I wouldn’t watch it if he were on the show. I’ve had enough Frankie to last me for the rest of my life.

  2. Thank goodness for a DVR. Upon reading this I was please do not put camera stalker Frankie on…his antics and being a drama hog, look at me peacocking days are over. I like everyone they choose, especially Donny and Hayden both nice quirky guys…I can see why Devin Cody and Caleb for pretty boy looks. Nicole and Amber both cute and ditsy. Now, Zack for a comical rant or stir up silliness. Great casting. Take note BB, Next year ditch the Frankie’s and just cast regular people.

  3. So happy Frankie got the boot! But I don’t understand Devin & Amber don’t care for either one myself. Oh well I don’t need to worry since I’ve never watch the SOAP .lol

    • Amber is gorgeous so that one is actually easy. Devin probably because he was a character, if he had stayed longer we would have watched some serious insanity in that house.

      • OMG. Are you kidding? He’s creepy AND repulsive…and that’s just his looks! And that psycho personality…WTF was B & B thinking??? The other 6 are good choices, though. And no skankie Frankie, thank God!

  4. So glad for not having to see Frankie on my favorite soap. :) Can’t wait to see Donny’s role.

  5. I think we dodged a bullet when Frankie wasn’t given a solo on the Bold and Beautiful as an interior designer or a gay stripper, after all, the show is on CBS and look how Julie Chen loved him. Phew! Terrifying thought. Perhaps it really has registered with them that there would be a viewer back-lash.

    • I just saw “the Talk” on youtube where he was on, and as a viewer (maybe I’m a lil bit biased) He was irrelevant as to why Derrick was there….that’s how I felt.

      • I just checked it out and I agree, it was the glittering Frankie show again. He’s like a little bantie rooster who’s entered in a glitz kiddy pageant, or as my old country grandma used to say, “mutton fixed up to look like lamb”.

  6. What’s wrong with all of you HATERS???? Frankie is the ONLY one who should’ve been invited to that stupid show!!! but sure he’s moved on to bigger and better things!!! my fave EVER!!!

  7. I was happy that Skankie didn’t take part on the Bold & the Beautiful BUT then realized that CBS probably is working on something to make this obnoxious and pathetic desperate for attention POS the next “KarTRASHian” CBS kissed his a$$ too much to let go. I bet leaving SKankie out was on purpose

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