Big Brother 16: House Flips To Save The Zach Attack

What a night. The Big Brother 16 house has flipped in what we thought to be the final night of the Zach Attack after a night of celebrating the half-way point with credit to the most unlikely of heroes.

Nicole & Zach on Big Brother 16
Nicole & Zach on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Watching last night’s Big Brother episode I couldn’t help but note Caleb talking about needing to save his boy Zach. I thought it was interesting that Caleb, who wasn’t even part of the Detonators, would be so concerned about Zach’s safety. Now I’ve given Caleb plenty (puh-LENTY) of flak for his Creepin’ ways, but the guy is nothing if not loyal and he proved it again last night.

Flashback to 9:05PM BBT 8/6 Cams 1/2 to find Caleb and Frankie talking in the Hive. Caleb is raising the obvious question that many of us have been asking all week: how is this good for our numbers?

Caleb says that while they know Zach is a loose cannon he is one on their side and a more reliable number than Jocasta who isn’t a known quantity to them especially when it comes down to votes.

At the same time Zach, unaware of the discussion downstairs, is in the HoH room with Nicole promising her she’s safe with him and he’s not coming after her. She scoffs at his claims, but doesn’t push back too hard. It’s a good thing Zach isn’t going to have to rely on Nicole’s tie-breaker.

Derrick pulls Cody aside in the bathroom at 10:02PM BBT to discuss the situation. Derrick says they have 3 options. 1) Float this week & vote out Zach. 2) Call a meeting with the Detonators & expose what’s being said. Derrick doesn’t get to the third option, but that one is keeping Zach.

Derrick points out that he knows Frankie is going along with voting out Zach to get in good with Nicole & Hayden, but he and Cody know that Haycole wants to BD Frankie and they could expose that. Derrick says that while Nicole insists that Zach has got to go this week, why? Why should he do this for their game?

Arrggh! This is what we’ve been saying all week! Why is Derrick giving in to Nicole of all people to vote out one of his own numbers?? It made no sense and they’re finally realizing that.

Jump again to 10:25PM BBT as Cody brings together Frankie and Christine to expose what’s been going on with Hayden & Nicole and the wedge being driven between them. Cody reveals that had Christine used the Veto that Frankie was going up to be Backdoor’d.

They agree that they need to keep Zach for their numbers and to tell him what’s going on. Frankie says this will make him “crazy” and riled up to go against Haycole. Frankie suggests they blindside Haycole with this vote shift as they have 4 Detonators + Caleb to make it happen.

Derrick arrives a few mins later and the chatter is going wild. Everyone agrees to this plan. Zach has been saved. Hayden & Nicole are now their big targets.

Later at 1:22AM BBT Frankie and Caleb pull Zach in to the Hive and let him know what’s been going on but not to worry and that he’s safe now. Frankie opens with “no freaking out.” He warns Zach that Haycole have been actively working to evict Zach. Oh but he probably won’t mention they were all on board too until a few hours ago.

Derrick joins the group and everyone is confirming to Zach he’s safe, he won’t be evicted, and they’re ready to go after the rest of the house together. New targets? Nicole, Donny, and Hayden. Yikes, if we keep Zach and lose Donny in the DE that’s going to be a wash for a lot of viewers.

So that’s that. The house has flipped in nearly its eleventh hour. What never made much sense to me is finally clear to the rest of the Detonators. Zach owes Caleb a solid for Hero Mode Cowboy.

Taking one step back, remember when I said yesterday what a foolish plan it was to completely expose the Detonators just in the off case that Zach ran his mouth? It was unnecessary, but maybe it won’t matter at this point if they have such a stronghold on the numbers and perhaps the discussions wouldn’t have come to this point if the Detonators weren’t first pushed apart.

Are you excited for Zach’s close call with eviction tonight? I don’t think he’ll be vulnerable in the second DE either as the group will still have the numbers and after working so hard to keep him I don’t think they’ll flip again in the same night.


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  1. I like the idea that Zach is staying and Jacosta is going because she’s not really bringing much of anything to this house.

    That said, I personally thought it was a wiser move for Derrick & Cody to permanently align themselves with Hayden & Nicole as they’re more trustworthy then Frankie & Christine (both of whom HAVE thrown Cody’s name out there as a nominee, even though they swear they haven’t).

    My ultimate wish is for the Detonators to blindside Hayden & Nicole with the non-eviction of Zach. Then have Hayden & Donnie win tonight’s first and second HOH’s respectively. That should get the house nice & lively this week!

    • There is just going to be one HOH going on tonight after Jocasta is evicted so, the most we can expect if Donny or Hayden manage to win is hopefully, to send one Detonator after Jocasta home! And that is the best case scenario. If the Detonators win HOH, it is over for Nicole, Donny and Hayden because one of them will be the 2nd
      evicted. If that happens, it becomes pointless to watch Big Brother because 2 people cannot beat 6 people even if they happen to win HOH one time. The odds will be stocked up too far high and the Detonators will just roll all the way to the finals. Only question is who of the 5 will end up as the Final 2?

      • Tonight is a double eviction night. So by the end of the night there will have been 2 HOH comps. The first a quickie that happens during the show and the second that will be the HOH who’s in power for the rest of the week.

      • No. The Zach/Jocasta eviction is one eviction. They play for the 2nd HOH, have POV all in one hour. No way can you fit two HOHs in one hour.

      • Sometimes they start it at the end of the show. Especially if it is an endurance comp. I think Pandora’s box is coming back if they have been building something in the other HOH room.

      • True. They need something to liven this season up. I am so disappointed with Derrick and Cody..thinking that Hayden and Nicole are the ones playing them. Donny or Hayden have to win that first HOH’s a must for them!!!!

      • Well I’m disappointed with the turn of events (because who doesn’t want the underdog showmancers and our fave player Donny to win?) but let’s be honest – Cody & Derrick had this game in the bag until they flirted with the idea of turning on Zach which made no sense considering they had the majority of votes! Now they’re all back to their senses, and they realize (sadly) that they can just pick off the remaining non-aligned houseguests (Donny, Hayden, Nicole, & Victoria)…

      • I didn’t say they would have 2 HOH’s by the end of the SHOW. I said by the end of the NIGHT.

        Two houseguests will be evicted on the show tonight, and the live show will end with the start of the next HOH competition…which will likely be some sort of endurance comp. By the end of the evening, the people with the live feeds will know who the next HOH is.

      • With a Double Evict they are usually mind games and most of the men %#$# I mean boys in this BB only have a 6th grade education (except Donney)

      • True. But that’s why it would be awesome if someone like Donny or Hayden won the quick round of HOH & put up 2 Detonators. The brains would implode on everyone except for Derrick.

      • The Detonators have the numbers with Caleb, Christine, Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie versus Hayden and Donny. I just hope somehow, Hayden or Donny manage to win HOH. They can at least, send one Detonator home. I would favor putting Derrick and Frankie on the block. If one gets off, put Christine or Caleb as renom.

      • I’d like to see Derrick and Cody sitting side by side. Let them worry for a little while.

      • The second HOH will be on the feeds. We will know the second HOH sometime tonight.

      • Now that we know that outcome, I see Derrick and Cody as the final 2..if not both of those two, one of them will be there and I feel it will be Derrick and whoever makes it there alongside him.

    • I’m with you one this one. I wanted to see Nicole, Hayden, Donny in the final with Derrick and Cody. Now I hope Derrick and Cody go up together in the DE and one of them goes. They deserve it.

      • Oh no, not your too Lavendar! ;) Seriously everyone wants Hayden, Nicole and Donny to advance to the final 5, but it was absolute insanity for Cody & Derrick to turn on their own alliance member – it made no sense when they can easily pluck away at everyone until it’s just themselves and maybe 2 other people (then they might turn on each other)…

      • But you’re forgetting their own alliance members (Christine and Frankie) wanted Nicole to put either Derrick and Cody up on the block. And do you really want to watch the same people controlling the house? Boring. If this happens I can already predict the next three weeks so why watch. See you at the end.

  2. Seriously, who wants to see the Detonators roll Nicole, Donny and Hayden one by one? How interesting would that be? Yawn…ZZZZZ. We might as well pack it in. Of course, they still have Victoria and Caleb next so, 5 weeks of boring, let us vote Nicole, then Donny, then Hayden, then Caleb, then, Victoria. Tonight is going to be key because Donny or Hayden need to win HOH and put two of the Detonators on the block. That will get rid of one of them but, there is still 5 left. Hell, they need to win 3 straight HOH at least, to bring them down to 3 Detonator members left and at least, a 50%
    chance of beating them out because then, you have Nicole, Hayden, Donny against 3 Detonators which would be a more even fight!

    • If Nicole, Donny and Hayden leave then the show is over. it is just the Testosterone boys trying to find out whose tally wacker is bigger then the others.

      • And who wants to watch the rest of the season with the Detonators rolling everyone else out one by one? Just like last season where Amanda lasted as long and Helen and Judd got evicted. Derrick and Cody probably will get evicted first as Frankie will go after them when everyone else is out! He also has Christine and Zach on his side and the numbers to do so!

    • I couldn’t agree more to be honest. At the beginning of the week all the fans were so happy that The Detonators were out of power and a big move was going to be made, and now that their precious “ZachAttack” is safe everyone is now suddenly a Caleb fan and we are forced to have another week of The Detonators in power. >.>

  3. The thing is that Derrick is completely wrong about Nicole and Hayden. They’re not playing anyone. Zach told Nicole she was his target. Nicole got power. Nicole targeted Zach. That’s it. No ulterior motives. No deeper meaning.

    It never made sense for Derrick to vote Zach out, but he should have made that decision cleanly days ago. Now he’s unnecessarily making enemies.

    • I hope Donny or Hayden win tonight and they put Derrick and Frankie on the block. Let them eat one of their own for once. Regardless of what the Detonators do, one of them is going home! Let them pick who to send home! That will at least, make this week not a total loss. The lines would be drawn because the duplicity of Derrick and Cody would be exposed for Nicole, Hayden and Donny to see! Nicole, Hayden and Donny needs to ensure too that they get Victoria to their side now that the lines are drawn in the sand.
      Each vote counts especially when their survival depends on it!

      • It would be great to see Hayden or Donny win tonight and send one of the Paranoianators out.

        Victoria likes Hayden, but I think she likes Derrick more, so I would say she’s more likely to side with Derrick. He’ll tell her that Hayden and Nicole are horrible people and manipulators who are targeting her.

      • HOPEFULLY, Vic will think about the lie that was made up about her and Hayden and begin to see through the lies that Derrick is going to tell.

      • I wish word would get back to Nicole and Hayden some how. Then they could blow up everything in front of the whole house.

  4. I knew a Hail Mary would happen for Zach!! He is definitely more entertaining and brings more than Jocasta..
    As much as I like Derrick, i am getting scared of his gameplay. He is playing too many sides and it could cost him soon. I am starting to lean more toward the Hayden/Nicole/Donny side as the ones I would like to see go far in this game. Hoping that Derrick/Cody will align with them, but it all depends on the is DE week.

  5. Ughh I wish Zach the annoying douchey try hard was the one getting evicted. Ohh well hope he leaves during the double.

  6. They are the most boring group of people that ever played this game. Big brother you need to get better players in this game. Every time I watch the show I fall fast asleep. BORING!!!!!

  7. Give Caleb his due for loyalty, but when it comes down to it, this would never have happened if Derrick didn’t want it to.

  8. well crap… just when i thought things could turn around for ol’ haycol and donny….

    • Tonight is a must win HOH for Donny or Hayden otherwise, it is over for Nicole, Hayden and Donny because they will be picked off one by one by the Detonators. Their only hope is to win HOH 3 straight times and get out 3 Detonators out of the house. That is their only chance.

  9. See Nicole this is what you get for nominating Jocasta and Zach. Nominate 2 guys… Looks more and more like Derrick or Cody will win

    • That is her absolute worst move. She should have not put Jocasta and Victoria on the block as those are two sure votes on your side.
      Had she put Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Zach on the block, even if Christine saved one of them, you can put Caleb in as replacement nominee and evict one of them guaranteed!

      • She didn’t put Victoria up. And she did it so she could remain HOH. If she would of put up two guys they would of won and been off the block anyway. And she wouldn’t of been HOH. Then they would of been after her. I thought she played smart. If only she would of won POV. “30 seconds”.

  10. I am seriously hoping Donny or Hayden wins HOH tonight and nominates 2 detonators. Then one will surely be evicted during double eviction!

      • Totally agree that the DR did a bit of nudging. Caleb said the same thing about Zach being a number when the others told him how to vote and how they planned to blow up the “alliance” (that Caleb is not really in) themselves before Zach did as he was going out the door. When he said it then nobody seemed to care.

    • That’s what I’d like to know!!!! Funny as hell that the delusional guy would get the house to flip!

  11. I have to disagree with you Matthew. I think Derrick and Cody would have been better with Haycole. They have Victoria and Donny and if Zach had went home Jocasta. Even if 2 were on the block they would still have 5 votes. I think in the next 2 weeks you will see Derrick regretting this decision.
    Go Donny! Win HOH in the DE. I want Donny to make jury and if it’s 7 he can’t go tonight.

  12. WOW, when I woke up this morning and hear what had happened overnight I was shocked. Zach is a wild child, but fun TV, this should bring him in line with his alliance to stay. Yesterday, I predicted either Frankie or Christine for 2nd vote tonight… now I can see Nicole being target number one. (I hope she stays.) Whatever happens tonight is going to be CRAZY! (BTW, I still want Christine gone.)

    • Me too…but you have to hand it to her…she can LIE very well with a very straight face. She did just that to Cody! It was her that really wants Zach, Frankie and Cody gone followed by Derrick. She is somewhat involved in that manipulated move that made the house flip to keep Zach.

  13. I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea for Hayden and Nicole to confide in Derrick and Cody and did expect something like what took place last night happen….the whole house flipping to save Zach. And it had to be Caleb to point out why the numbers weren’t there to get rid of him. So Zach is safe, that is for a few hours if things go accordingly. Donny needs to become the HoH after Jocasta leaves so he can put up Zach himself. They won’t have the numbers then! Cannot wait to see the Detonators start to crumble once and for all.

    • If they stick to what transpired late last night, yes. That skanky Christine got that to happen after she told a bold face lie to Cody’s face and he went off and told Frankie what Hayden and Nicole wanted to see happen…backdoor him, which didn’t work out after Christine decided to not use the Veto.

  14. I think Derrick is sweating it now. He has always had the luxury of feeling pretty safe. He has his TA which he thought may have kept him safe for the purpose of making some money(Donny, Frankie), he has Detonators alliance (Cody, Frankie, Zach,Christine), Caleb still is loyal as part of the Bomb Squad, Victoria is his little follow-the-leader princess, he prays with Jocasta and has the wool pulled over her eyes, and he had Nicole and Hayden thinking he would work with them.This latest decision to save Zach, is bad timing for Derrick’s short-term gameplay and he could have sealed his fate. For his game alone, he would probably have been safe through the DE if he had just left things the way they were with Zach going home. Now, if the wrong people win HOH, there is a chance he could go home.

    • I think Derrick is very sly and will find a way to make it through this screw up that Cody made for him.

    • Derrick would have been fine if he had just convinced Nichole at the beginning of the week why they were keeping Zach. He messed up by convincing everybody else to get rid of Zach. It was much easier then to convince one person of what he wanted instead of convincing the whole house including his alliance to do what one person wanted. That’s what led to the week of lies and blowing up the detonators. Now that Jocasta is finally leaving it should get interesting. Everybody’s going after each other, and there’s no more throwing comps.

    • Early this morning Derrick suddenly got up and went to stare at the Memory Wall. Then to bathroom, staring at the wall. Next goes to DR. Then Frankie gets up to look at Memory Wall. hmmm ??? Something is bothering them and not ringing true! Why do they trust Christine? She is the sketchiest person in the house!

      • I have never been a Christine fan either. I don’t think Derrick trusts her AT ALL. Frankie does though, for now. Derrick has had to swallow his disgust for her to keep their numbers intact, although, he’s second-guessing everything probably at this very moment.

    • And I pray this happens. He was in the DR in the middle of the night for what? Oh production you need to let the players play the game.

      • I love all the info you provide that I would never know. I must be blind to the fact of the production shenanigans because too many people are associating the “changes” that happen to DR visits. Since I have never been online until this year, yes,I’m an oldie trying to learn, I’ve never even considered that ,but am beginning to see the light.

      • I don’t think production tells them what to do but they do put ideas in their heads. They know just how to manipulate the situation. And of course they want to make good TV so why wouldn’t they want Jocasta to go. She hasn’t done anything. But Zach they think makes good TV.

      • I saw him go into the DR on flashback. 2:54 am, BBT…wonder what that was about…showed him and Frankie both staring at the memory wall???

      • Yep. That’s why I think production says certain things to them. Last night after Derrick came out of the DR that’s when he talked to Cody and blew up everything.

    • Right..because if the vote comes back 6-2..him and Cody are exposed and Nicole and Hayden are pissed!

  15. A 6-2 vote would mean they got Victoria to vote with the detonators. If they approach her with it, there is a good chance she will tell Hayden. If Hayden can convince Victoria and Christine decides that Zach gone is better for her game, we can see a tie vote. Its far off but still could happen.

    • Not if Derrick is the one in her ear to convince her to not tell Hayden and Nicole. That by doing so she will become the next target by some of the other Detonators (even though he will have manipulated that to happen).

      • You can bet she is the first person Derrick ran to after plans changed! I am ready for a house meeting..Nicole finds out..calls the meeting and exposes Christine for the rat she is!!!

      • And…as you found out by now, Victoria voted to evict Hayden!!! Had a feeling this was how it was going to go down once all but three decided to flip the house and keep Zach. I didn’t figure in that Caleb would win HoH though…but he still thinks he’s part of the “Bomb Squad” alliance, none the wiser, which the Detonators found was to their advantage after all. Nicole now has to navigate alone unless she wins this next HoH, which I seriously doubt and if she does, she won’t have enough power other than to put up two people to duke it out. Looking forward to seeing who actually wins it…should be an endurance comp.

  16. So much for getting Zach out. But i’m sure his fans over at BB’s official FB page will be surprised at the outcome.

  17. I’m not disappointed Jokecesta is leaving who talks zero game, Well, she talks about pooping game. What I’m disappointed is Derrick/Cody demolishing Nicole and Hayden’s game who has their back and are more trustworthy than Christine/Frankie. By saving Zack, who knows what will happen. They might have saved their own assassin. Not to mention Christine, the “villain” of this season..and of course Frankie. Sh*t happens in BB house.

    • Well said, Cyril! I hate when someone’s game is hurt when stuff like this happens..Nicole reminds me of Jordan..trying to play the game with as little lying and manipulation as far she has done a good job..I think Cody and Derrick have chosen the wrong side. I hope now it comes back to bite them, Christine did say all of the things that Nicole said she did..why does Cody believe Christine over Nicole? Frankie, Zach and Christine will get rid of them in a heartbeat!

  18. The second HOH will probably be endurance. They’ll start and won’t see the results until Sunday…. Unless u have the live feeds.

  19. I’m so sick of this having the “numbers”. Only 2 can sit in the final 2 chairs. So with all the “numbers” it’s not going to help in the long run. Derrick and Cody could of coasted down the middle for a few weeks if they would of kept their big mouths shut. And why shouldn’t Derrick go along with Nicole’s plan? Oh wait that’s right the whole house is supposed to go along with whatever King Derrick says.

    • You are exactly right about Cody and Derrick and I tried to make that point earlier. I don’t think there would have been any chance of them going home if they had have just zipped it, kept things the way they were with everything including the plan with Hayden and Nicole, but once Caleb got in Frankies nasty ear about numbers, and Derrick saw the paranoia growing, he had to be the “one” who brought them all together. He does have an ego and needs to feel that he is the master planner and that the final decision is his. I think he may have gone too far this time.

  20. better idea…make it a 4 – 4 vote, have nicole send out zach and then watch as the others try and figure out who turned against the Bomb Squad….drama for sure. Leaving Zach in the house is just plain stupid. Cant watch him anymore.

  21. Production wants Donny/Nicole/Hayden out very clearly, so they will be. I fully expect Donny to go home tonight and Hayden or Nicole to go home next week.

    • That’s funny. Production wants their most popular player (Donny) and their underdog showmance couple out… lol.

      • So do you not believe production tampers with things or maybe just not to the extent that others think? I’m asking sincerely because I honestly don’t know what to think. Being my first year online, in all the years I have watched BB, it had never entered my mind. I don’t know if I am naive or just uninformed.

      • Well to be honest I actually do think it would be naïve for anyone to believe that a show which casts its ”reality” stars from the back pages of acting & modelling agencies wouldn’t ”tinker” with aspects of the show to keep ratings up. Now do I think production ”forces” an outcome? Of course not. Do I think production influences a desired outcome? Of course! They do it before they even start filming – they *cast* people on this show, they *create* the twists, and yes, they even interact with the contestants when the live cameras and film crews are not rolling… What happens during those times? Who can say for sure? But it is ultra paranoid to think they script everything, as much as it is naïve to think they don’t manipulate circumstances to favour a certain outcome… as with most things in life, the truth is found somewhere in the middle.

      • So I would therefore assume it has a whole lot to do with who takes the bait if and when details, info, or what ifs are planted into their heads by production. Kind of like the way the HGS do to each other. Yes, just call me Miss Naive because it never entered my mind. That’s been a problem all my life, too trusting. Gosh darn!

      • People forget that running a show and it’s a business. Excellent explanation Matt….please keep posting this.

      • Thanks my friend. Perspective is a funny thing. People may or may not agree, but in the end I try my best to help people understand each other.

    • Donny is the #1 Fan favorite and helps drive the ratings up. Nicole is also #1 among the girls. Do you understand these things at all?

  22. I’m so sick of seeing all these “production” comments. Yeah production is going to rally an alliance against one of America’s favorite players (Donny) and part of team America, just to save this loud mouth annoying ass kid??? lol, no, Caleb did the basic thinking while the smarter members of the alliance were thinking way too deep. It’s basic common sense- Zach is a number for us, and Jacosta isn’t…let’s get real here.

    • Well said. Even though I’m with everyone else in wanting Donny, Nicole & Hayden to be in a good position, lets face it, there’s absolutely no reason for Derrick & Cody (the kingpins of their alliance) to mix things up and turn on their own. Heck, they can backdoor Zach anytime they want (knowing they have the support of everyone else)… I’ll be surprised if they’re not 2 of the final 4…

  23. The show will be unwatchable if the Detonators will HOH tonight during the double eviction. Can’t stand Frankie or Christine. Another horribly boring year of BB is upon us I’m afraid

    • That makes no sense. If the detonators are the only ones left then that would mean they will have to turn on each other. How does that mean “another horribly boring year of BB is upon us”? Doesn’t that mean “holy !@#$ this season is about to explode!!”?

      • Because I hate every single one of them …. What fun is it to watch a huge alliance steamroll through the season?? If I don’t care about any of the people that are left it becomes unwatchable to me. Just my opinion

      • But they can’t steamroll through the season. It’s only a final 2. They have to turn on each other.

  24. Yes, you conspiracy theorists. Production pulled strings to save Zach and put a target on Donny. Because that makes sense.

    • Actually, I suspect if Donny, Nicole or Hayden leave tonight there will magically be a re-entry competition later in the season.It’s been done before.

      • There is a strong possibility that a jury member will come back into the game, but that has nothing to do with who goes home tonight. It has everything to do with the game being expanded by a week to end on September 24th.

  25. The CBS Commercial for Big Brother is all about that. Is funny because I have never seen that before.

    Anyways, This season is the worst ever…who cares is anymore? Im done with it.

    • lmao. you already said you were done with this season after Brittany was voted out and you’re still here. i’m guessing you’ll still continue watching the “worst ever” season.

  26. I am so bummed, because I really like Nicole and Hayden. I am glad Jocasta is going, I agree with everyone else. She is not doing anything. I believe in God, I was raised Catholic and went to church 6 days a week. Come on already, I am tired of the holy roller Jocasta. I hope Hayden or Donny win the HOH and evicts Derrick, Cody, or Frankie. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the 3 guys, but I am sick of people picking on the little guy. They need to get Victoria out, because she is ridiculous. I love Donny. And Caleb is so useless. And I am sick of hearing “At The End of the Day”. I want to reach in the tv and strangle him. I am going to feel so bad for Nichole. Zach is going to be such an ass. just saying.

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