Big Brother 16: Frankie Grande Reveals ‘My Sister Is Famous’


Frankie Grande decided last night was the right time to tell the other Big Brother 16 HGs his big secret. It was also the time that Big Brother After Dark was on. Oh, and he was being cornered as the house’s main target. Perhaps he felt it was time to play his big card.

Frankie pulled the guys in to the Fire Room for the big reveal: “I have a famous sister!” Flashback to 10:00PM BBT (Get your Free Trial now) to watch as everyone comes together for the conference Frankie wants to hold.

The guys listen as Frankie tells them his sister is Ariana Grande and he is a “multimedia mogul” because of his YouTube channel. He plans to use the money, if he wins, for charity to build schools in Africa.

If Frankie thought this information was going to bowl everyone over then he misjudged. Caleb is pretty excited about it because he thinks Frankie will get him in the studio with Justin Bieber, but the other guys are very annoyed with Frankie.

One, they think he’s locked down America’s Favorite. Considering it took three rounds of voting for him to get on Team America, I don’t think that’s the case.

Secondly, they don’t know what to make about his “playing for charity claims.” He hasn’t said he’s giving all the money to charity. Frankie has also told them he’s a struggling artist in New York, so they think he’ll keep most of the money for himself.

Outside of the house we had never heard that he was “playing for charity” so I’m not sure what to make of this either. I think he would have said in our interview if that’s what he was doing. Yes, I believe he’d donate money to the causes he discusses, but I doubt it’ll be $500K.

Jump to 10:30PM BBT as Frankie tells the girls. Victoria is shocked as she’s a big Ariana fan. Christine wonders if that means he could help her husband’s music career. Nicole thinks Frankie is a mega superstar now.

Later the HGs continue to discuss the news. Cody is furious and especially at Zach who says they should let Frankie win so he can give the money to charity. Derrick isn’t happy about that either. Victoria is very upset about this too saying she’s playing to help her family.

Overall the whole reveal seems odd and attention-needy, but hey, I don’t think most people go on Big Brother if they don’t want attention. Frankie does have a lot of online followers, but his claims about 1.5 million of them is strange. He has about 250,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and he does have a lot of Instagram and Twitter followers, but during our preseason checks of his 1.5 million claim, I couldn’t get to that number in any scenario.

(Update: Readers sent over some numbers that have 700K on Twitter, 750K on Insta, and 300K on Vine – many of which would likely be repeat users. But there are some more numbers to see.)

Frankie has told the Houseguests that they can nominate him and evict him because of this information if they have to, but he hopes they don’t. Well, the HGs did nominate him and try to evict him before they knew about this, so, um. Yeah.

What do you think of Frankie’s big reveal? Would it effect your strategy if you were in the house or is Frankie still just a regular HG with a famous sibling?


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  1. his ship was sinking so interesting move. Also he did it way before next nominations so ppl have time to think it over.

    • Another thing that gets to me about Frankie’s little speech is how he began it. “I must tell you that I have not been playing myself since I came to the house.” So much crap. Facts about his sister dont change him. He has been playing exactly who he is. In fact, he is so unique that no one else could act quite like him. No, he has been exactly himself–an attention whore, a drama manufacturer, a tattle-tale gossip, a groper of men, an insincere emotional black hole of need for constant affirmation. What did I leave out?

      • Pretty harsh criticisms you have. How do you feel about everyone else in the BB house? EVERYONE has been dishonest, manipulative, and conniving. But, Derrick and Christine have been the worst. Derrick says he is playing an honest game, but he’s not fooling anyone. I’m not knocking him, but he is acting like he is being honest to everyone in there. Not true. Cody is another is Nicole.. see what I mean?

      • Yes, I do. And I want to apologize before you read all of my ugly, ugly posts regarding Frankie. I have so much disgust built up for him that I take a lot of opportunities to just get it out because I am known in my real world to hold things in. Please don’t take them as a personal attack on you because it isn’t. You have a right to your opinion. But when it comes to the foul-mouthed, nasty-minded, egotistical, braggart,ridiculing,etc, etc…..that’s his character, it has nothing to do with gameplay. He has an ugly, vile soul.

      • You are so right. I truly hate to see him on my TV. Will love it when I see him leave. He will show out big time when he gets to his exit interview.

      • We are on a BB blog site. I am speaking of the character he has shown in the BB house. He is lewd, obnoxious, pretentious, disrespectful, entitled, smug-acting added with the other adjectives mentioned above. He has me convinced. But opinions vary.

      • Robbin if a guy tells you that you can go kill yourself (Jacosta) after he preformed a eulogy for a relative that was so dear to you, does that not show a character flaw and even exhibit some of the traits KSJB states in his opinion? Ask yourself that before you go asking generic rebuttal questions that don’t really defend the person’s character your trying to defend, think about that to yourself, it’ll help understand people more.

      • Ha my bad, glad you told me though, my apologies but yea Robbin, in her opinion you need to get your facts str8 cause she has all his traits down to a pat, question is, what are you basing yours on, that Frankie is modern day saint, dude told a pastor (Jacosta) to go kill herself and then without even blinking sits down to pray with her like his ass won’t burn lol Oh what a hole he’s dug himself in.

      • No apology necessary. I get a little passionate when I feel someone is insinuating that I shouldn’t state my opinion because I don’t know Frankie outside the house, and I may come across sounding more masculine, I don’t know, but I got a kick out of it. I hope to the good Lord above that he is different than what he is being in the house. I’m just going by what the soul of this man is saying with his actions in the house. I haven’t said anything about his gameplay which I would not judge him by. I’ve never mentioned his choice in sexual matters, just his vulgarity and nasty talk about such things. BB is played by manipulations, deceiving, lying, even the good ole boys like Donny will do it in their own way. I have never mentioned those characteristics, just the ones that pertain to unnecessary actions that do nothing to further his game and that obviously grate on my last nerve.

      • Your absolutely right, I’m also going by the soul of his actions. To me the way I see it is, remember how Aaryn from last year reacted when she noticed the hate she was receiving because of the words and actions she chose to portray herself in. That’s exactly how I feel Frankie will come to face when he gets out and the best thing for him is apologize right away to the people he’s said hurtful things to. Remember how arrogant Andy came out of the house and afterwards realized that he was not liked as much as he thought he would be and made it worse by not even acknowledging or addressing his mistakes, and now look at him. In his mind he feels he doesn’t have to because I read in an interview he did there was a question he was asked if he joined the Illuminati and he replied Yes I did and I don’t really care what people say about it and now I’m $500,000 richer for it. If I can find that article again I’ll send it to you but I wasn’t surprised with his attitude because to me he was a write off all together just like the whole season was to me IMO.

      • Last season is the only season that I haven’t watched. Both parents were sick and I chose not to Dvr or anything because I knew it would be so tempting and I would either lose more sleep or not get the things done I needed to do.I need to watch it online just so I know what everyone is talking about.NEVER heard that about the Illuminati!!! Nincompoop!

      • Yeah I know it was a shock to me too, Sorry to hear bout your Parents and I’m glad you put your priorities ahead of what last season was like. I’m actually glad you didn’t watch it clearly by far without a doubt worst season in BB history regardless what anyone says and I thought BB 9 was bad with the Adam win. I actually feel IMO that if they took a book out BB Can they might get their ratings and fans who stopped watching back in one swift move. Not to sound biased cause I’m from Canada but I gave them a lot of credit for making the game interesting and actually fun for viewers to interact kind of like how BB was back in it’s earlier years.

      • Thanks, my Mom is kickin high, Dad not so good, but blessed to still have them.You ARE from UpNorth. Never been. But maybe I’ll get to one of these days. We have mtns here in East Tn, but not like in Canada, and I love mtns. I enjoyed earlier seasons much more, more “normal” people, not brothers of singers and such. Everything changes and most not for the good anymore.

      • Every BB house needs a villain who some can root for and others despise.. I actually am rooting for Frankie and don’t seem him as a villain while some do.. However most of that anger towards Frankie is nothing more than homophobia.. Same thing happened last year when Andy won who is also gay.

      • I like Frankie and didn’t like Andy. I think they didn’t like Andy because he didn’t deserve to win. As for Go kill yourself, I agree not nice but unfortunately that is a figure of speech many people have started saying. I hear it all the time, (ha not to me) I just try not to be judgmental.

      • Running an alliance I guess you can call conniving, but I wouldnt. I would call playing one group against another very conniving. Derrick and Cody are just playing the game, and doing it from a pretty low profile position. I think Derrick is going about all of this quite intelligently.

        But, Frankie is all about manipulating ppl’s emotions. He gushes over everyone and tries to make each believe that they are special to him. I see this as truly fake. and utterly without integrity.

        And, I see no comparison between Frankie’s and Derrick’s games.

      • No Derrick’s game is brilliant and more strategic then Frankie can ever play like. He can’t play the way Derrick can play and when he finds that out the hard way he’ll have no choice if Derrick is at the end to vote for him because he’ll have to admit that he got played too and that’ll be the biggest blow to his already over-sized ego.

      • Since his lies are brilliant and strategic, it is ok? Sounds hypocritical to me. then again, the majority of the people are hypocrites,

      • It’s Biiiiiig Bruuuther Robin wake up and shake the glitter sparkle out of your eyes, Frankie’s got you fairy dusted and you clearly cant differentiate the difference between reality (the world we live in now) and reality tv (Big Brother) can you tell where we are now hmm? This is a BB Blog site where you can state you opinion, Insert opinion ________ here.

      • Derrick is not cuddling up with all the other men and kissing and hugging them. I wish Zach, Cody & Caleb would see what little girls they look like on tv. You don’t see Derrick cuddling with Frankie, because he is mature and confident in who he is.

      • Frankie said it weeks ago. He loves people until he hates them. He starts out loving then tires of them pretty quickly. He stated that is why he isn’t in a relationship.

      • Yeah, but Frankie is a real jerk! He has lied to everyone, and now, when his back is to the wall, he “comes clean” about his “famous” sister? Really? Who even cares? He is disingenuous in that he is constantly telling everyone that “he loves them”, and that he has their back, even if he just conspired to backdoor them or otherwise engineer their ouster. He has created the “BB Frankie” persona for the viewing audience, with all his “cutesy” behavior and mugging to the cameras (and Julie Chen, too, who just happens to be married to the head of CBS – hmmmm…..!) I don’t think he even cares that much about the money, since he views this on-air time as a three-month audition to attempt to achieve some fleeting sort of “fame” on his own, instead of having to constantly be in the shadow of his more famous sibling. Advertisers pay maybe $30,000+ per minute to be on BB, and Frankie is on 24/7, and I DO mean ON! That is a LOT of self-promotion!

      • “Entertaining and a ratings grabber”! Or were those descriptions too obviously apparent for you to recognize? You also left out the numerous discussions about him and Zach or otherwise known as “Zankie” all over social media.

    • The girls are just swooning over him! Guys didn’t say much to his face, but I think they’re mostly peeoed about his reveal! :-)

      • They talked a lot about it though. Zach knows who Frankie’s sis is, but didn’t want to acknowledge it in front of him. They all seemed in awe about the whole thing. The girls were in awe, and then they did a switcheroo, later on, because they figured out it could hurt their games.

  2. I really don’t think it should affect strategy now this late in the game. Maybe it would have some bearing if it was revealed say at the beginning of the show. Of course us viewers knew who he was anyway from his bio! It was how he played the game that mattered to the HGs…revealing this now just pissed off the guys more than the girls.

    • No bearing on the game… are you kidding? Players who don’t need the money shouldn’t even be in the game. Frankie will be history soon and is now the most disposable HG. As the hg’s realize this they will all want him gone before themselves.

      • Why is it that people taht have money should not be playing the game? Cody made the comment he makes more at his job then what he is going to make playing the game. Money should not be a factor.

  3. I feel sorry for his sister and the rest of his family. He is using the death of his grandfather to get ahead in the game and that is totally a pathetic excuse for a human being. He is a sleeze and they need to keep in mind that he is an actor. And I have to say that Victoria is a lot smarter and more observant than we give her credit for.

    • I agree! What is the deal about Frankie giving the money to charity. People go on that show to win money for themselves. Their is no guarantee he will give the money to charity.

      • Says who? We don’t really know, do we? Everyone has a hardship story, to say they need the money the most. Frankie is struggling financially, and he didn’t say he’d use all of it on the houses in Africa. But, why does that matter? No one knows what the others plan on doing w/ their money either.

      • With you U.S. government literally trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt, frankie wants to spend his future winnings in Africa, wtf

      • true, kids in Africa need schools and housing, but there are schools in America that need money for books, supplies, ect. not to mention all the kids here in America who go to bed hungry at night. if you want to give to a charity why not do it at home?

      • You never been to Africa, yeah right? Go and you will understand the difference.I know there is some family in really poor conditions in the US, but not as close as what we see in underdeveloped countries.

    • How is he using the death of his grandfather? His death affected Frankie because he had to keep the secret of his sister, and he said he felt like he was back in the closet again. Victoria: smart and observant? She wants Frankie to hook her up to meet Ariana! He didn’t like keeping secrets, and the paranoia. He had to let it out, he was losing his mind. Plus, BB production wanted him to spill the beans. He wasn’t going to until they mentioned it to them. Production does try to encourage “drama” to get more viewers. If you want to blame anyone blame them, or Christine for her lying and shenanigans. Frankie is the only one that came clean. Every one else is lying, except for Donny.

      • Every body is struggling! You go on this show to win the price which is money. I am sick tired of people saying they will give some of the money charity. If it was that easy every body would say I will give the money to charity.

      • I don’t if I have ever heard anyone on BB, ever on any season say they were giving money to charity. But, Frankie didn’t say he was giving it all away. He is going to use what he needs to, and save enough to buy a house in Africa, because he and his sis both went there, and want to do that together. He wants to pull his own end to help out, and not rely on her to pay for the whole thing. Which is admirable, I think.

      • Like I said everybody is struggling, You play to win the price. You don’t play just because you are going to give some to charity, Who cares if he wants to give some of the money to charity. You play to win and get to the finals.

      • That’s the thing. He’s not just playing for charity. He probably didn’t need to mention that, but I don’t think he did it so the other guests would say, “ok, well, he’s giving it away, so let him win”. He said 1 thing he’d do w/ the money. I’m sure the other guests have said what they’d buy w/ the money. Derrick keeps talking about his daughter, like he deserves the money more than anyone else.

      • He doesn’t need the money. The rationale will be to send him home sooner rather than later.

      • You’re his accountant?? If not, then how do you know he doesn’t need the money?

      • Do you know for sure that Frankie is going to give some money to charity? Just because someone says it does not mean they will do it.

        It is like people who play the lotto. Say they will give some to charity but do they really>

      • No, I don’t. But, that doesn’t matter. He not JUST playing for charity. He’s saying what he’d do with some of the money. We really don’t know what any of them will do w/ the money. And, frankly (pardon the pun), I don’t care what any of them do w/ it. I don’t care if they talk about it or not.

      • People should play to win and stop telling people they will give some to charity. Everybody is there to win. I don’t think a person should have an advantage just because they are willing to give some to charity.

      • You certainly don’t know BB at all if you think he’s the first person to say they were giving money to charity, go review Season 9 and you’ll find BB winner Adam Jasinski and he lied at the end and ended up getting caught and going to jail for drug trafficing.

      • Jake, actually I’ve been watching since season 1. I totally forgot about Adam saying that. I do remember now. I did say in my above comment that I do not know if I have ever heard anyone say that. But, stand corrected. And, I wanted Adam to win, and he did the drug trafficking. I was disappointed, because I liked the guy.

      • Glad your being honest, I can respect you for that cause I’ve been watching BB since season 1 also. I hoped you wouldn’t lie and you didn’t and I’m glad you agreed with that fact.

      • I know people say they will give the money to charity, but every HG needs the money.

      • Check your facts Peggy that’s a lie. There is someone that said they would give the money to charity and then lied about it at the end and got caught, Frankie is pulling the same card and it’s sad he mentions it like he has heart for people less fortunate.

      • Are you referring to Adam? I actually don’t know what Frankie will eventually do in the end. But, that doesn’t matter because I know he’ll not make it to the end. I want Donny to win.

      • j-u- double d(Judd) said if her won he would donate money to St Judes hospital due to them having saved his little cousin

      • And even though he didn’t win, he’s still helping raise money in other ways for St. Jude’s Hospital!!

      • Why did he have to keep the secret of his sister, and what was he protecting her from because he is in the house? It doesn’t seem to matter to him now that he has outed her as his sister. apparently she doesn’t need protecting and safety from the boogey man any more

    • Oh please, get off your high horse, with this whole “pathetic human being” It is BB you are not suppose to play like mother Teresa. You do whatever you can to get to the end and possibly win

      • I agree this is a game of lying and being deceptions. I think Julie was giving her opinion!

  4. Anyone else suspect that this was a planned/rehearsed speech / act from his arsenal of tricks in his hat, before coming into the House, that would be used when it was needed, such as this week??

    At least, some of the houseguests suggested that this was a divergent to take the target off of how he has played .. even I felt a bit of sympathy towards Zach, on how he was used, betrayed and b*tch-slapped, but cody and Derrick were as much to blame than just Frankie, and, in the end, he let this happen to himself …

    Should be an interesting week, for sure … though, sounds like Frankie is still lying and Nicole may end up paying for it, once again , depending on if Christine honours her word to her about no blindsiding the co-HOH this week …

    • It was rehearsed I agree with you 100%. I also know now that Production rigged that comp for Frankie to win and Caleb to win those NFL pre season tickets cause Caleb is that gullible. Man they really want their Golden Boy to win and last night was proof of it.

      • Production did not rig the comp. He fought he butt off by himself to win. Caleb felt a little bad for throwing it, so he helped him a little, but Frankie won it himself. He knew Caleb was going to throw it, so he was on his A-game. Look at Donny, when the pressure is on, he saves himself, because he knows no one has his back. Same for Frankie.

      • Don’t know if it was set up to make it easier for one person to win or not . but production knew caleb was going to throw it and you know they knew that frankie was going to do his reveal of himself. either way, cbs is loving the controversy in the house and the media coverage as a result of all of this

  5. 2:35am – 2:55am Up in the HOH room -Christine says this morning it sounded like spur of the moment. Frankie says I went to Caleb this morning and asked him 3 times if he was going to throw it. And I explained to him that if he throws it, it is very likely that he will go home because I am not going home. I knew what I was going to do next and I knew most likely everyone would forget about what I’ve done. Christine says look at the sparkles. Frankie says exactly look at the sparkles, don’t look at the knife! I didn’t know if it was going to work but I had something planned. Frankie says I am going back to my philosophy that the target will present itself. Frankie says I think they all want Zach to stay but if he keeps acting like this they’ll want him to go. Frankie says Zach is acting so wounded. Its my fault I did this too him. Some people just aren’t made for this game. Frankie says your husband thinks Ariana is hot and I think he is hot. Christine laughs. Frankie comments on he wondered if Frankie was actually gay. Christine says Caleb said Frankie’s sister was up and coming. Christine says no not up and coming … she’s here! Frankie says Cody said my sister was just below Beyoncé and I was like no above her. Frankie says what a great day. Frankie says we’re going to be targets every week. Christine says I think I am going up next week.

    If you think after reading this excerpt that Frankie is legit or he’s giving his money to charity then in the words of Mike Boogie, “Somebody get these people a blindfold because their in the dark”.

    • I really don’t care if he’s legit or giving the money away. He’s one of the more interesting people in the house, and I’d be fine with him winning.

      • That’s what I was wondering?? Alex you really have misconstrued understanding behind the meaning of the word “interesting” if you think Frankie is like that with most other people, again though you are entitled to your own opinion. Lavendargirl I’m glad you at least can understand my view on Frankie.

      • Like Derrick? Frankie coming clean, only makes the rest of the house look really bad.(except Donny, who is always honest) If you were in the house, and you made some mistakes, like humans do, you’d want to save yourself in the game, too. Frankie is playing the game. Hate the game, not the player.

      • Where did I say I liked Derrick. And he came clean hoping it would save him. Which it didn’t. Nobody trusts him. Love the game, hate the player.

      • Frankie “coming clean” was no great noble act of honesty. It was a rouse. It was a distraction. It was a ploy. It was a trick. It was a shiny object.

        And it didnt work.

    • I do not see anywhere that lives me to believe he is not giving the money to charity. I see that he planned on telling about his sister to divert attention off of his gameplay. I see that he was determined to win this or the veto to stay in.

      • Robin wake up, he’s pulling and Adam Jasinski from Season 9 except Frankie isn’t a drug trafficer and if he ever did goto Jail it would be heaven for him lol again IMO

      • Oh yeah, because gay people love to get raped…. Wake up, your the one who should get it in the butt to be less uptight

  6. It really seemed like Frankie was using his grandfather’s death as the reason that he has been lying and throwing out his friends names for eviction… That is really not the case–he was lying and ridiculous from day 1… It really bothered me last night on BBAD that he kept saying, “once my grandfather died”…–all the pressure got to me… etc” He has been the same person since day 1…

    • He’s a sad dude and their is huge backlash on him on twitter now so from the words from BB Allstars special power quote that Mike Boogie won, “You Reap What You Sow” and he’ll get his even if production is really going out of their way to protect him.

      • No one is protecting him. Frankie only had himself. Production likes drama, and that is all that happened. Time will only tell if it helps Frankie’s game. Frankie already said he knows he may go home next week, but he had to get all that out. And, he seemed relieved, and himself again, which he has not been since his grandfather died.

      • Oh you are sooo blind I should get you a blindfold because your totally in the dark.

    • Wouldn’t that be everyone on the show? They all volunteered to be on tv, after all. He happens to have a famous sister, so what? He’s still human, and seems like a great guy. All of the people in the house still love him, they just aren’t happy he kept that from him. You’d think they’d understand. Derrick is a cop, and he actually said everyone (besides Frankie) has been honest about who they are. But, he isn’t. Everyone is in the game to win. Frankie
      was worried they’d hold that against him. They’d think, “he doesn’t need the money..etc.” He had to show all his cards, because there was nothing left to lose. Oh, and his sister supported his decision.

      • I’m taking it you’re a Frankie fan? Hes not a great guy, hes a douche bag. Thy don’t love him like you say, you must not read everything on here. I would say being a cop is better then having a “famous” sister (shes not that famous unless your a 13yr old girl). Frankie is a tool and needs to go.

  7. Frankie’s reveal is a calculated one and I don’t blame him for using it, as it is part of his arsenal Will it make any difference ? I don’t think so. Had he not won the competition, he would have been evicted. As far as his followers, they’re not making any impact. He’s still at the bottom of the Polls, a little above Caleb/Christina. I have no proof of Production interference, but they are so creative that it’s a suspect.

    • We think alike. He is still the houses number one target. Except Caleb is under his spell but he’s delusional anyway.

    • Even Derrick said it was a good move. He knew the house was against him so he played the I’m famous and so is my sister card. Only thing is now they will say “Let the rich sister build the houses and let him supervise”. They also said “remember he was on Broadway, it involves better acting because you can’t do retakes”.

  8. I’ve been thinking and re-thinking before I posted and as much as I wanted to say it comes down to this: No Respect for the Fans. I’ve been with BB since Season 1–even stayed during the BB15 nightmare but this total disrespect for the true fans has me just sad. Its like someone saying You have to give up chocolate because from now on it will always taste like Sh!t. I so miss the game.

  9. Sorry, I just can’t resist this fun poke towards Frankie, but “we’ll have one less problem without you!”

  10. Yep the rules were changed when they had Frankie and Caleb play as individuals. Does production think that the viewers are that stupid? Even Caleb remarked on the happening. Caleb knew it was not on the up & up.

    • Not true. No rules were changed. Caleb felt bad because he was throwing it, and Frankie was working so hard to win. So, Caleb helped a little. Production doesn’t rig anything. They can suggest things for people to say, but they don’t have to take the bait.

      • You are more delusional then Caleb Peggy and that’s sad if you can’t even see that. Production spent hours making the competition in order to prevent Caleb from throwing it since Production can clearly see like we all can see that he was gonna throw it. If you don’t believe me, the proof is on the feeds when Frankie talks to Christine and also when Caleb is talking about the competition. Even Derrick put two and two together and clearly knows Production saved Frankie wake up and see it for yourself. Your fav player Frankie brags about it and now is bragging about how he has everyone fooled when really he’s the only one fooled if he thinks this will save him.

      • An observation worth noting is how smug Frankie has always seemed and how he has taken liberties with people. It’s like he new he had BB protecting him.

      • well we will see on Wednesday’s episode, so you conspiracy theorists can give it a rest. But I do agree that production rigged comps for Rachel Riley in the season she won

      • The only reason Caleb helped a little is because he knew there was a trip outside of the house and that is all it took. Caleb can go out into the world and maybe have someone notice him. It’s all about that kids’ ego.

      • I’ve always called Caleb loyal(among a few other names) and I was very disappointed that he let that little bone they threw him change the one good opinion I had of him . Now Caleb, take your bone and go lie down with the other smelly dogs.

      • OOPs! Just watched BB show that was on last night . Caleb didn’t help Frankie..I owe the BMC an apology.

      • So, who has the bigger ego-Caleb or Frankie? i have been asking myself that for days

    • What I read was that the comp was actually easier for one person, that two people made it more difficult, so Caleb actually made it easier by sitting out.

    • You and me both. And I think the first time I saw her on TV was when She and Frankie’s grandfather passed away, and even then they mentioned that her brother Frankie being on Big Brother. Where did I see this, on Entertainment Tonight, a CBS show.

      Another time I have seen her was when she was being talked about on TMZ or Dish Nation or maybe both shows IDK, and that mention was of some rapper she is suppose to be dating now, a rapper who just broke up with a Glee star (her name escapes me now).

    • well she is only 20 or 21 and her fan base seems to be teens and young adults so i think that it is fair to say that a lot of us geezers have not heard of her.

  11. It’s like Dan’s “funeral”. I’m team Frankie all the way, he is playing the game to win!
    Also, I think that Zach should be just as upset with Derrik and Cody – they weren’t even upset that Zach was going home, and Frankie was.

    • Frankie said that last night about the funeral. And everyone was saying he thinks he’s Dan. Frankie is a goner the whole house is after him. Except maybe delusional Caleb.

      • That’s a good thought. It’s creepy how he does that. I think he was hoping Zach would give in. Sick.

    • Right. Frankie was relieved when they said they we’re keeping Zach. It wasn’t Frankie’s idea, initially to send Zach home. All of the lies have a common denominator: Christine. If they keep her, they all should just sign the check over to her now.

  12. All this production involvement paranoia is getting to me also. Now I’m wondering if CBS has an investment somewhere in Ariana Grande’s new release. I’ll be truthful, I had never ever heard of her before this season of BB started and of course I went online to look her up as I’m sure many other people did. I’m sure some of those people became followers just to see what she would tweet (and whatever else they do these days) about Frankie in the BB house. This being right before her new release, was a coincidence? And also a coincidence that Frankie is using this info thinking it might help get him out of a hot situation, just when he needed something. I’m thinking there is more to this whole thing and maybe production had told Frankie that he could save the info and use it for his good when he felt he needed to. I hope I am wrong.

    • You’re not wrong. I’m wondering what is the label for Fakie’s sister and is it owned by CBS? Can someone find that out because if CBS has any interest in her label then all the fans have just been played.

      • It’s being produced by Republic Records if that means anything! The Voice sponsors them, which CBS owns! So I would think, yeh, CBS has a lot of interest in her label!

      • So it is a possibility that Frankie was used in the beginning(before he disgusted fans and became despised by most)to ramp up public awareness of Ariana Grandes existence and new release. All the publicity and promotion for BB pre season online and TV advertising would encourage BB fans espeically to check her out. Now Ariana is being used as headgame play for Frankie’s advantage, and therefore her name is everywhere again, plus it could give him another chance because some of these HGs are so gullible: star-struck adoration(Victoria), wannabe star(Caleb and Christine’s husband), ” I can’t not give charity a chance” naive people(Nicole and Zach). Wonder if Frankie and Cbs had a deal to give the $500,000 to charity if he won?Anyway you look at it, if any of this is true, it is definitely a win-win situation for CBS. I am being bad today.

      • Oh welll…it was a nice try to explain this infamous conspiracy theory! hahaha

      • What cable channel is Ariana’s tv show on? I wonder if that channel is owned by CBS.

      • wellllll Having FRANKIE on the show could be a “conflict of interest” matter if in fact CBS does have an interest in the career of Frankies sister.

      • The Voice is not on CBS. It’s on NBC. NBC owns Ariana’s label. So, it’s no conspiracy, everyone.

      • Just because the part about CBS/NBC was misstated by someone, it doesn’t have anything to do with the rest. There are still a whole lot of demons floating around, besides Frankie.

    • You make some valid points!! I hope it’s not the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

    • if I was ARIANA GRANDE I would hide till BB 16is over. Frankie is using his sisters fame to make his own. He is a common sleeze.

      • I would too, because that’s exactly what he’s been doing since her first album came out…he’s been riding on her skirt tail to gain attention for himself.

      • He actually was famous before her. He was on Broadway, when she was approached to be on tv..then she became a singer. She’s been on tv longer than she’s been singing.

      • Just a heads up. Be careful .There was some of that name changing stuff(like producer box, the other day) going on this AM.

      • Oh what’s the posters name. Yep I got into with that guy the other day. He was making filthy comments. I flagged them and they were removed.

      • It started out as Sue and then there were a few different names used to change some of those. I wish I had more skills and knowledge. I looked for a way to email BBN and couldn’t find one.

      • On the home page of this site Matt gives his email. Or if it’s a disgusting post at the top right corner of the post is a real tiny flag. Just click on the flag and it will ask if you want to flag this. Click yes or maybe it says okay. Anyway then the comment will be removed.

      • That’s what happen sometime with the people who posted as guest. If you refresh the page the name change. Thereby the imperative to register with Disqus if you don’t want other post to look like yours. If you don’t register, anybody can use your name to post and make it look like you.

      • I didn’t know that. That is scary, as Christine says. But everytime I post, I have to put my email address in. How could someone use my exact sign in name and not use my email too. I’m behind on this tech stuff.

      • In the previous post I use a different computer and right now it is showing you answering your own post until I do a refresh and then it show up with the right name.

      • Well, obviously I am not tech savvy enough to comprehend what you are trying to help me with here. I was in college at 16 (long time age)so I’m capable, I just haven’t been willing to get into this stuff until recently. Thanks for trying, Captain555. I’m scared now.

      • Don’t be scare, just go to Disqus dot com and register your name and put an avatar so nobody can post using your name.

    • Part of his intention also is to make the HG’s worry about his fans reaction to them if he gets evicted. He did emphasized the number of followers to them. At the same time he’s also calling out all his fans to vote for him for AFP…………the more I really want him out !

      • Yep, all a part of the headgames. The manure keeps piling up so much that I can smell it everytime I turn my TV on…of course, it could just be Caleb.

      • Donny should remind Frankie and Derrick that he was chosen for TA first. Just to let him know Donny has more BB fans that Frankie should be worried about.

      • i don’t understand why the hg’s worry about what his and his sister’s fans would think about them if/when he gets evicted. Most all of the hg’s will go back to their regular lives and after they are done with their obligations to cbs , no one will really care about them or for that fact remember them until they show up as a commentator on an episode of next years show.

      • You may not understand, but he got the reactions he needed after revealing his resume to them. They seemed to be nicer to him now. I’m only talking about during the game, not after the season is over. Some HG don’t care and will evict his a*s when they get a chance.

    • A lot of people who haven’t heard of Ariana Grande are old, so if you are then it is understandable. Old people/adults are not really her target audience

      • HMM.. I know many teenagers and people in their 20’s and 30’s that haven’t heard of her either. I guess it is just what kind of music attracts you

      • I’ve never heard of her. I listen to Pop, Jazz R&B, hip hop, even some rap. What’s her genre? Mariachi?..I don’t listen to mariachi.

      • I must say to you KSJB, it’s not an age thing, and it’s not an old thing, it’s a Ariana thing of her not getting enough media play thing. In this world of social media, internet, marketing strategy we have at our finger tips today, Ariana seems to not have had a good PR team behind her to make her as well known as she maybe should be.

        It’s the people behind you who makes you in that business. That’s their job. She may have a spectacular singing voice, but there is also a million others out there with spectacular singing voices who has never made it to the big time, but Ariana has, it’s just in my opinion her people have not blown her up enough. And you say that she has been out there for a couple of years now..huuummmm. Ariana has been seeing a rapper lately, a rapper who not to long ago just broke up with a GLEE STAR. What does that tell you right there?

      • Thanks for the shout out on the age, Cheryl. Some people never learned to respect their elders. I admit I have never heard her voice. When I went online to look her up, I just read enough about her that I wasn’t interested in listening. I asked my granddaughter if she had heard of her and she said yes, but does not listen to her and neither do her friends.

      • I just read where Zach came out of DR and was telling Derrick that “they” keep wanting him to do the same old things. This is not the same BB it use to be.

  13. It’s his move to start over. He knew of the dissension between him and his alliance, knew his biggest ally, Zach, just dropped him, and he wanted a clean slate. He felt the honesty and talking non-gameplay would help alleviate everyone’s game-play feelings. If you get them to like you as a person, maybe you forget the BB dirty play.
    I don’t think he was going to play this card unless he had to, and I’m sure the BotB competition opened his eyes to how everyone wanted him how, so he played the card. Good game play move, but unfortunately, it’s a game play move he has that no one else has. Closest thing was Brittany’s “I’m playing for my kids” move to Devin.

    • And he was lying the whole time about how it was his grandfather’s death making him act that way and he would be honest with the guys going forward. Nothing has changed. He’s still an overaged, wannabe fame Ho.

    • Too bad his “good” gameplay (I say that sarcastically) still has the whole house after him.

      • Because of jealousy, only. They know he would have votes of his own, and his sister’s followers, and that has them scared. That is exactly why he didn’t plan an ever sharing who his sister is. He knew it would make people believe he didn’t need the money, and he’d be considered more of a threat. They don’t know that Donny and Zach are the most popular in the house for fans. But, I’m sure that changed when Frankie came clean, and everyone in the house (except Zach) said it made sense to them, why he did what he did in the past. Then, they all did a switcheroo when they realized how it could hurt their games, because of his social media followers, and his sister’s fans. If he’s “using” his reveal to get forward in his game, then so are the other players. They are trying to protect their games, no matter how dishonest they are, while he tries to keep is game going, and keeping his conscience clean. I hand my hat off to Frankie. I am proud he did what he did last night. He didn’t have to do that. He knew it could make everything worse, but he needed peace. If he’s sent to jury next week, he said he can live w/ himself, and he’d be fine w/ it.

      • Wow Peggy he has you under his sparkle glitter dust, watch out for the knife lool his words not mine. He didn’t do it to keep his conscience clean you gullible one, he did it cause it was his only card to play. Here some more words from your fav player,

        Frankie says I went to Caleb this morning and asked him 3 times if he was going to throw it. And I explained to him that if he throws it, it is very likely that he will go home because I am not going home. I knew what I was going to do next and I knew most likely everyone would forget about what I’ve done. Christine says look at the sparkles. Frankie says exactly look at the sparkles, don’t look at the knife! I didn’t know if it was going to work but I had something planned.

        Conscience eh? More like strategic hail mary but it’s gonna back fire on him that he won’t know what hit him believe that.

      • He needed to save his a*s, that I’ll buy. He needed PEACE?..give me a break !..that’s crap..crap..crap.

      • Oh Peggy you are so delusional I’m starting to think your one of those people that you can pull the wool over your eyes and think your made of cotton lol

      • Wow!! You’re really buying into that? Fakie is an actor. Everything he does is for attention and camera time. He just told Derprick that he came on BB because his sister has gotten so big he needs to be more then her brother. And right after he told them he was up in the HOH doing all the crap he has been doing all season. Remember he didn’t come clean about the things he said/did in the house just about his life outside and how suddenly he’s giving the money to charity. Matt interviewed him before the show and he never said anything about a charity.

      • It’s not because of jealousy. It’s because of nobody trusting him. The whole house wanted him gone long before he told his story. See he thought that would save him but it didn’t.

    • Winning the competition saved him, not his bull crap revelation..Nice try though, but he needs to keep winning from now on to save his a*s

    • everybbody talks about frankies lies. what about derrick no telling them that he is a cop. isnt that another lie.

      • But Derrick hasnt revealed he is a cop to manipulate the game. But, even if he did, it would at least be something about him. Now, if he revealed that his sister was a cop to manipulate the game, that would be a different story altogether.

      • Jason, he is manipulating the game by NOT revealing he’s a cop. Which is far worse than what Frankie did, by revealing everything he kept secret from day one. Derrick actually had the nerve to say that everyone “else” in the house has been honest about who they are to Frankie. I lost a lot of respect for Derrick from his words last night. Everyone will deceive in the BB game. Frankie came clean. Didn’t have to, he knew it’d probably hurt his game, too. He did it to clear his conscience. That is to be commended. Derrick is slimy, and is manipulating everyone. The question is: would you rather be manipulated secretly, or to your face?

      • I don’t know how you can know what Frankie’s motivation was—-he could just as easily be doing it as part of a calculated move. Because he “came clean” doesn’t mean Derrick has to do something stupid.

      • I meant maybe that Peggy Frigard is his agent or wants to be. I didn’t make myself too clear on that one.

      • The only reason Frankie “came clean” is to throw up a smoke screen and distract everyone from all the dirty shite playing he has been doing–which is neither excused nor explain by his grandfather dying or his sister being a popstar. Those facts are dramatic, but for a rational person have zero bearing on his duplicity and just really really bad game play.

      • Derrick lies about being a cop—so what. He would be stupid to tell anyone now and if he told everyone up front he would be gone by now. But he would be an honest loser and everyone would be saying how dumb he was.

  14. Julie Chen and Ariana Grande had a photo taken together while she (Ariana) was visiting the set during double eviction. hmmmm the situation just keeps getting more and complicated.

    • I saw her and their mother in the audience that night too. And then what a surprise. CBS went to no. 1 in the ratings at the Double Eviction night!

      • It wasn’t due to Ariana being there. It was not broadcasted that she was there. I didn’t know she was there. She was there, because there was a possibility Frankie was going to be backdoored. A lot of friends and family were there for the other guests, too. Also, it was #1 because it was double eviction night, and is the most popular (right after Donny), and he could’ve been sent home. So, don’t make it this big conspiracy.

      • It is a conspiracy your just too blind to notice what Production is doing, Frankie is Grodner’s little pet plain and simple and she’s manipulating you worse then you claim Derrick is.

    • CBS is not connected to Ariana Grande or her record label in any way. NBC owns her label. Would you have had a problem if Derrick’s wife took a pic w/ Julie Chen? What would you say then? That’d be different? right.

  15. This guy is total bullshite. He plays a horrible game of being everyone’s best friend and making alliances on all sides. When he gets caught his excuse is his grandfather’s death and that he has a famous sister.

    Derrick also lost his grandfather, so I guess it is just fine for him to stab Cody in the back if he wants to because, well because it dramatic and makes everyone forget for a while that he is a complete pile of shite.

    • I think Derrick will reveal what he is when the time is right…it wouldn’t be smart to do so at this time, though.

      • I’ll be surprised if any of them find out until the game is over or at least until his game is over.

      • Why should he reveal it at all until after the show is over? I don’t see it benefiting him, but it sure could hurt him (because some HGs will be butthurt that he lied about it).

      • I don’t think he “should” but if he doesn’t I’m sure Julie will!!!

  16. Little does Frankie realize that the whole house still wants him gone. He’s talking to the cameras last night in the HOH bragging how he got out of this one and will be safe for a few weeks. Duh Frankie the only way your safe is if you win. And you probably lost half of your followers if they watch BB.

  17. Is it me or is this group of house guests as dumb as a box of rocks? (And we’re not talking smart rocks.) Have any of them looked up “gullible” in the dictionary, assuming that they can read?

  18. That was quite a performance. Derrick quickly figured out Frankie will win Favorite Player of the season plus it’s also why he is one of America’s Players. A couple of the HG compared it to Elissa winning favorite last year due to Rachel’s fan base. I do think this will all bite him in the butt and end up leaving sooner than later.
    I was very disappointed in the amount of whining Zach did after the convo went down in the fire room. Suck it up buttercup and start playing the game.

    • Why do yall keep saying that he is or will win AFP?? He is not AFP as the fans /viewers detest him….

  19. If he thinks his revelation last night was like Dan’s famous “funeral” he’s out of his mind. One word for his reveal…”VOMITOUS”

  20. I hope and pray that Donny wins the POV. He is the only one I am routing for in that house.

  21. frankie saying smthn mite hve been smart. even tho ppl mite try to evict him for alrdy hving money, one whose smart might still take him to final two just becus the jury will never give him the money & let him win over someone who doesnt have it.

  22. All I care about right now is that Donny wins POV. Why the house thinks this is such a big deal I have no idea. As Derrick said his sister is famous not Frankie. I have no idea why they think this factors into their game, vote him out if you want. Sister or no sister they vote not America. And his sister is semi sort of famous. I had no idea who she was when this came out so I think for a lot of people it makes little difference.

    • These people are not thinking hard enough. Just from what Frankie said, if you listen and think hard enough, you would understand that Frankie is semi-famous but ….. in New York. Not across the country. As for Ariana, it’s a question of demographic. People under 24 might have a better chance of knowing who she is. But anybody over 24 have no idea who she is. When is the last time you watch anything on Nickelodeon ? I don’t even know if I have that channel.

  23. I remember 2 years I believe that Dan held his our “funeral” (Frankie & Dan’s words, not mine) and while we don’t know the out come of Frankie’s, Dan ended up in the finale and finishing runner-up. Personally from a game point of view, Frankie was being called out by Zack and maybe it was eating him up inside, I don’t know, but at any rate him clearing the air might get him further in the game. Part of it is a game move, but with several HG’s upset with him, if he gets on the block in the next few weeks he could be finding himself in the jury house instead of in the final two at finale.

  24. I applaud to Frankie for finally playing big brother in a way that it should be, but his problem was that he lied to everyone. he should have had a select few that he was 100% honest to so that in case he had gotten caught, he wasn’t completely backed into the corner. As for his sister being famous, it would be a shame if the HG thought any different of him. When he told the girls I was a little disappointed because they were star struck. Frankie is an awesome person who can be who he is without being afraid and I respect that.

  25. Who gives a rotten fart! That doesn’t make him any less of a buttwhipe.
    When he smiles to the camera, it reminds me of a Cowpie.

  26. Unless he wins his way there he has zero chance to make it to the final 3 but if he does one of the other two might take him to the final 2 since he is so disliked.

  27. I love the people calling Derrick a “hypocrite” for the way he’s talking about Frankie being dishonest even though he’s a cop. Clearly they are completely ignorant of Derricks rather brilliant strategy (being that he’s playing the whole “I’m honest and straight up with everyone” card.) Obviously he’s a manipulator, but him playing the sanctimonious card makes it that much harder for people to believe that he’s lying to them.

    If you’re calling Derrick a hypocrite for doing this, it’s kind of laughable considering how obvious what he’s doing is.

    • Like what’s he supposed to do instead of saying he’s played the game honestly? “I’ve been lying to all of you and tricking everyone into doing what I want and making them think it’s their own idea.” Yeah, great strategy dimwits.

      • loool Yo KSJB man you kill me and I totally agree with you 100%. I don’t get why they hate on Derrick for his game, it’s pure genius and I swear I can bet that All BB former players and legends including Dr. Will are like this guy is playing the game the right way.

      • He is brilliant. I give him credit. He seems to pull off an honest game, while making sure others are doing the dirty work. I have respect for him. I just don’t like how he says, “everyone except Frankie, has been honest”. Do you know what I mean? I don’t expect him to admit everything, because this is his game. He’ll probably apologize later to everyone, after the game. The game can’t be won, w/o some deception.

      • Very true and I know what you mean but I have a feeling because the way I know he feels about his family that he’ll apologize to everyone which is what you do, even Dr. Will did that to he players that understood it was a game. I remember in BB Allstars when Howie was evicted and flipped on MIke Boogie and Chill Town for evicting him, afterwards in the Jury house they explained it to him that it was just a game and that it was part of it. The word “Deceit” was written on the wall in the house.

      • Yep, Derrick plays a fantastic game. Sure he is a dirty player, but I think moreso strategic. Good combo. Hope he makes it to the F2, at least. Still not going to call who I want to win yet, tho.

      • Derrick is playing the best game. That goes w/o saying. He’s very smart. And, he’s in it to win it. He probably will win, and the people around him don’t know they are being manipulated. That’s what is funny. I think he deserves the money, and so does Donny. Everyone else just doesn’t match to the both of them.

      • I agree with you about Derrick. If he stays he will win for sure. I think that other than Jocasta who left, Victoria who does nothing and Christine who is being drag to the end. Everyone else deserves the money, but we all have our faves to win.

  28. Does anyone here NOT believe that Frankie planned to drop his bomb whenever he got into jeopardy. I guess is all kinds in bb house….liars,cheats,backs rabbets, them that will ride sisters coat tails mile granddads death, etc.,Eric. Frankie has done it all. Lol. What a creep.

    • I think he may have had that in his “arsenal” as a last resort. That was definitely his last resort, because he was screwed. They all love him as a person, they just don’t like his game, and how it screwed up their games. Everyone in the house, gets a free pass to be manipulative, dishonest, etc. It makes my blood boil when I see people I like in the house being treated horribly, by a conniving person, though..(like Christine)

  29. Some points to make here. 1. Everybody will give some to charity. It saves them big on taxes – duh! 2. He (Frankie) probably won’t get AFP because Joey then Donny were both picked for TA over him. 3. Everybody lies (except Donny)) it’s BB. That’s what you do. 4. IF production is fixing things to save players (I don’t think so) then they need to save Donny! Just saying.

  30. I absolutely love Frankie. He has a fun loving spirit and is always warm and affectionate. Does he like attention? Obviously. That’s why he is on Youtube and performs for a living. Nothing wrong with that; it’s his personality. He has so much positive energy; I have never watched a season where I’ve seen so much alliance flopping as this season, but I’m not sure why Frankie is being targeted. He hasn’t done anything that the rest have not done. Derrick and Cody were selling out their whole alliance, except circumstances worked out better for them not to go thru with it. In regards to his grandfather, I don’t really see him exploiting the man. He is being filmed 24 in 7 and just lost his “father” figure. If your father died and you could not see your family or be with anyone and had to keep your head in some game, how many of you would be able to not mention him at all and not show any emotion or be affected emotionally and mentally? It just seems cruel. He brags about his sister, yes. He’s proud of her. He’s excited and he supports her fully, not just now when she is becoming famous, but has always supported her. If she is getting any free publicity, she deserves it. Have you heard her sing? It’s not like she has a voice like Brittany Spears. She is extremely talented. I am all for Frankie. And by the way; when he said he had 1.5 million viewers, he said from all of his videos and media combined.

    • I can’t stand Frankie. I think when some people talk about how he used his grandfather they may have been referring to a few days later when he would cry loudly with NO tears. He was trying to drag out the sympathy. Hey if it works good for him. His followers didn’t vote a lot though since he was 3rd or 4th picked for TA.

    • Bravo Andrea!!! I love Frankie too. No matter what Frankie does, Derrick and Cody get their snits up. What will the other house guests think when they finally find out his lies?? He is no paragon of virtue either. GO Frankie!!!!

    • Frankie and Derrick are the manipulators of the house. I want them both and Zack gone. Not every viewer of BB is a fan of the same person. I like Nicole, Donnie and Hayden, Not a fan of Derrick and Frankie. I can’t stand Zack now, I liked them before though.

  31. Sooo do you think our seeing Derrick holding a suit that he wore in DR has something to do with honoring his grandfather’s passing last week, so as not to overshadow Frankie’s grandfather since Derrick’s passed only 2 days afterwards?

  32. Frankie might be the biggest attention whore I’ve ever seen. What is wrong with this kid? Playing like his grandfather’s death is the reason he’s lied to everybody. Saying he is actually far more famous than he actually is. Acting like he is better then the rest of those HG, those “normal people” as he calls them. What a little conceited twat. Go HOME! Right on Zach and Victoria for seeing through this BS

    • Seems to feel a sense of entitlement, especially to the HOH room and bed. Nothing but the best for the nasty little pest.

      • I laughed the hardest when I watched him on the feeds claim his sister is bigger then Beyonce?? No joke I fell on the floor thinking wow this guy is really is far up his ass to see how he could be hurting his sister’s rep even if it means to save his own ass, talking about throwing someone under the bus.

      • I was rolling the floor laughing quite hysterically too when he mentioned that! Now I’m starting to think maybe he’s a tad delusional like Caleb! Just not as much as Caleb, though! LOL Big Dope Cowboy Caleb and Fluffy Bunny Frankie!

      • lool If they don’t put that on TV then you know they’re gonna edit that in order to save him from embarrassment.

      • I don’t watch the feeds, but that is hilarious. Ariana has one hit song. Give me a break. I like Ariana, but he is crazy thinking she is bigger than any other singer today. Even Iggy Azalea is bigger than her and they both recently came out on the scene.

      • lool don’t worry I’m one of the few guys that’s not really a fan of her at all never have been. I always liked Kelly from Destiny’s Child over her IMO.

      • This is something I could never understand. Everyone with their dirty sweaty body climbing into the HOHS bed with dirty feet! And it isn’t even their bed? Just disgusting. I can not stand him. Hopefully everyone sees right through him.

      • People say you never know what you would do until you are in that position. There is one thing for absolute certain, if I was in that big brother house, there would be no nasty/vulgar acting Frankie in any bed I was in.

      • lol so tell me, If Frankie came up in your bed you’d tell him get out str8 to his face or would you be politically correct about ha be honest. I know what I would do and that’s tell him go wash your feet and no you cannot come to my bed go sit your suck-up ass on the couch I don’t swing your way str8 up but that’s just me.

      • Honestly, if I won HOH, it would most likely be the only time because there would be no one in my bed. My room would be open as long as I wasn’t sleeping, but don’t interrupt my sleep.I would probably get evicted because I would want to have my privacy for that time because it is the only time that you can get any real quite time.

      • My issue would be ” I won HOH and the room and bed are mine for the week. And no u cannot sleep in the room with me.” It would not matter if the person was gay or straight.. To me a HOH deserves a little bit of privacy to think for his/her self which the status/room permits if the HG decides to take advantage of it. Private time in the BB house is a rare gift….

      • Frankie hijacks the room..he doesn’t care who is HOH..he barges right in and makes himself comfortable.

      • Str8 Up your right! What gets me is how Production let’s it slide when other HG’s sleep there even the one’s that are Have-nots

      • Has nothing to do with gay/straight, male/female. Like I said, I wouldn’t want anything to mess with my sleep in the HOH room if it was mine, and if they allowed a DO NOT DISTURB sign, it would be there to make sure. The fact that they don’t have sense enough to take advantage of an advantage is unbelievable to me.

      • I would lock the door and not open it unless I wanted to talk to someone. It has been done before on the show, in other seasons.

      • Frankie being gay should not be the issue. His annoying personality is the problem. If you would allow the other house guests in your bed, he shouldn’t be any different. He seems to be very respectful with Zack, since he has not admitted to being gay. Zack is 100% gay, even if he is using Frankie.

      • To assume Zack is 100% gay is ignorant. He says he is not, so he is not. Besides, he actually does not “act gay” at all (I mean the stereotypical way of acting gay). I have a lot of straight friends that would act a lot like zack especially if they have a gay friend. He is just so comfortable in his own skin that he doesn’t care if a gay guy gives him a massage or kisses him on the cheek. He can still be straight and still is.

      • I don’t come here to insult anyone, but if your straight friends behave like Zack and you say they are not gay, then you are the ignorant one.
        Zack “pretending” to like girls because he is on national TV and does not want to admit it does not mean that he is not gay. This guy is gay, just because he is not feminine like Frankie does not mean he is straight. Not all gay men are feminine, and not all gay women are masculine. I would love to see Zack’s family to see what they think of his behavior and if this is normal for him. A man kissing and doing all of the things Zack does to Frankie shows he is gay. I think it was Zack who said on the show that the next thing for them to do is intercourse. I think it was Cody who was there listening to their conversation.

    • I only heard of him because my daughter likes Ariana and she told me that is her brother. He was cool at first but now, I can’t stand his personality.
      He needs to be an attention whore, because he’s an actor. That will get him more gigs on Broadway, even on TV or film. That I don’t mind, but everything else bugs me about him.

      • If you daughter watches the show please tell her it is not right to just go around grabbing other people’s private parts like Fakie does.

      • lol. do you mean Zack’s privates because he gives Frankie the permission to do so. Whose private did he grab? She knows better.

      • lol. Devin would have punched him so hard that he will fly across the room. Donny with his southern accent would say, please don’t do that again, I am not comfortable with that.

  33. So you tell everyone that your sister is famous while you’re on the block AND the target. Genius.

  34. Frankie is talking about how much america hates Zach and Nicole for trying to get rid of him since he is america’s fave….Zach needs to win america’s fave and shove it up frankie’s a** and I think there is a chance of that happening. Frankie is unbelievably conceited

    • Frankie & Derrick think they are above Donnie. If they only knew that Donnie is more than likely at this point is Americas Favorite with Nichole fowling in at a close 2nd…just a guess on my part but makes perfect sense…

      • I think Donny or Zach will probably win america’s fave. They are usually the highest rated HG on jokers. Depends on who scorches Frankie first lol. Frankie might win least popular HG though(:

      • You’re right, On Jokers at least, Donnie is on top, followed by Zack/Nicole. Derrick is not even on top 5. You can forget about Frankie/Caleb and Christine. They’re at the bottom.

      • Donny was telling Nic that he’s ready to leave so if he loses the POV it’s okay. He’s tired of being around these fratbrats and not being given a chance to play the game. He also told her he quit his job to come on the show. His eyes were filled with tears. I almost started bawling myself. At least we know when he gets out his family and hometown will be proud of how he represented himself and them. I think he’ll get offered his old job back or even better.

      • Not being given a chance to play the game? Donny is a champion whiner then! And if he quit his job to come on the show, too bad for him. He knew what he was doing. That bumpkin gets ZERO sympathy from me.

      • What is your definition of a bumpkin? A very, nice, honest, sincerely caring, humble, unassuming, genuine person that works hard for a living and doesn’t live off of government handouts? If Donny is a bumpkin, sign me up.

      • Yo Alex who needs your sympathy, Dude works more harder then you and probably made more sacrifices in his life then you have in 1 day and you can blame your ego for that, start seeing things from the other side of the shoe before life throws you a curve ball that you’ll be begging people for sympathy and I guarantee a guy like Donny would be the first person to help because that’s what a person like Donny does, something to think about while you go stroke that ego of yours.

      • lol Thanks dude, some people just need a reality check but all this fool sees is a reality cheque. Unless he wakes up and sees guys like Donny are the ones who remind us of humility and compassion for a fellow being, guys like Alex will never anything more then just an empty glass.

    • He literally was all by himself yesterday in the one would give him the time of day..then he wins BotB..which I think when production knew what was going to happen with Caleb not participating..they redone the set/game so Frankie could have a shot at winning it all by himself..which he wonder it was played so late yesterday..then after he wins..he makes sure the cameras are ready and focused on him..he even asked production..”ready?” I heard him..Then he pulls out the “I have a famous sister card”..hoping that when HG’s found out they would bow down and kiss his feet..sorry, Frankie.. that ain’t happening!!

    • Frankie is digging a hole…Hope its big enough for him as well as his sister cause he is taking her down with him…

  35. Derrick is playing Frankie like an undefeated poker champ. Hes saying all the right things and Frankie is clueless that Derrick is feeding that already inflated ego which is subject to pop next week…

    • Zach should pull Cody aside and make a final 2 deal (which he can later then break) so that he can see Derrick has been manipulating him. Zach needs to play the “nobody will vote for me in the end” card and make people want to bring him to the final 2. If derrick is in the F2, he will win. Cody needs to realize this.

      • the only game play that i have seen coming out of Cody the last couple of days is talking to Derrick and doing what Derrick tells him to do. his only saving grace is actually believing what Nicole says is truth. because for some reason Derrick just will not believe that nic and hayden did not play him and lied to him

  36. Please, what an idiot. Get him out.
    Why would he even reveal that. I’m glad because Frankie is not one of my BB faves. I want him and Zack out.
    I loved Zankie at the beginning, but they are just obnoxious now.

  37. Telling the other houseguests that you don’t need the money is a death sentence in the BB house. Frank is an idiot if he thought that info would help him in any way. He started the game as a smart savvy player but this turns the tide and puts him in the running for the award of “Dumbest BB move of the season”. Bye frankie, they don’t offer the big prize money just for someone to “give” it away.

  38. Saying that Ariana Grande is his sister is no big deal, but that he is a multimedia mogul could make people think he has money. Get him out!

    • Local news this week reported that his sister dumpes her boyfriend because he did not drop everything to fly half way cross globe to support her enough, when her grandfather past away recently … as compared to her other friends and family ..

      Such the case, he could now offer to set her up with Caleb at the Finale show … Ha !!!

  39. It seems Fakie told the media before he went into the house that he thought the jury needed to know about his sister and supposed fame. So Julie says jury and Fakie confesses. Of course he threw in the charity thing because he had a target on his back. So HATE BB production for what they’ve done.

  40. Not sure why everyone’s complaining about how much of a manipulative douche Frankie is being on the game. It’s Big Brother. If you aren’t a c**t, you won’t win.
    Purity gets you nowhere. Even in life.

    • Why is Fakie a douche? Let’s just take the latest. He has taken over Ratine’s HOH room. Moved all his stuff up there. Is wearing the HOH robe and told her it’s his room because she wouldn’t be HOH without him. I think that qualifies as a douche.

      • why was he her partner in the hoh competition? He didn’t even play in it. shows how egotistically delusional he is. But then is Chris lets him do it and get away with it. why not?

  41. Convo of Donnie and Nicole today was cute and sad. They talked about how their game is almost done. She really missed Hayden, and realized how much strength he’s been giving her. Donnie said if Nic is gone and he had to stay in the house for another week and listen to that cackle(Christine) and hear them talk about themselves, It’ll be like prison, lol Nicole laughs.
    ……Both of them winning HOH next week will be awesome..come on Production..make it happen. lol

    • Donny had tears in his eyes when he talked about quitting his job to go on BB and wasting a summer away from his family and girlfriend and he never had a chance with this group. I almost started sobbing.

      • Donny will have made at least $13,000 stipend for his time in the House .. already made an additional $10,000 for the first two AT challenge, though, could have been $15,000 if he had not declined the one last week, and if Zach is evicted this week, that may be an additional $5,000 ..

        Plus, has a good shot at AP, for extra $25,000 ….

        not bad for a 4 months all expensed paid bootcamp … Ha !!!

      • TA didn’t do the mission this week so forget that. and Donny wanted to play the game and have a chance to get to the end. That’s what was important to him. He’s not a Ho like Derprick and Fakie. He turned down a TA mission because it would hurt him in the game. And Donny doesn’t want to be famous. He wants his family and girlfriend to be taken care of and he loved his job. He never had a chance to play the game. All he could do was survive week to week.

      • He had Devon the first week … Ha!!
        Could have declined the TA, but wanted the $$$$….
        He had Jocasta .. Ha!!!
        and, he has become one of the most favorite HG this season ..
        A week or so ago, think it was a discussion between Frankie and Zach, or Cody, Derrick and Zach ?? That they were already famous and stars by just being on Big Brothers …
        so, yeah, I am pretty sure that Donny will survive well in the real world once the season is over ….

      • The problem is that Donny came to play the game and like he said today he just got to sit around and watch them play pool and they never really talked to him or included him. selfish spoiled brats.

  42. Frankie loves talking about Joker’s popularity rankings. Maybe it would interest him to know that after three weeks of Caleb and Christine swapping the bottom spot of that ranking, he has now taken over the spot.

    • Even better that Zach and nicole who Frankie says “america will hate for coming after him” are at the top. In fact, zach has been number 1 many times over the past several weeks. It switches off between him and donny.

  43. Donny and Zach are in the HN room and talking. Donny telling him about being alone in the house since the beginning and Zach talking about being one of the fratbrats and now has no one. I think maybe Zach might be taking in some wisdom from Donny. I hope so.

  44. Maybe Frankie and Christine leaving this week isn’t too bad. Cuz if HG get them out now they might be coming back. I want those two gone and stayed gone. Right now I want Hayden to come back and join forces with Nicole,Donny, and possibly Zach

    • Umm, Frankie is safe from winning the BOTB and Nicole is HOH .. so pretty well unlikely to happen, unfortunately, unless they can self-evict …. Ha!!!

  45. Maybe im an oddity but I love Frankie he makes me laugh. Big Brother is a game you are never yourself you are the character you think will make it to the end. I think Franke is fun and wouldn’t mind seeing him win.

  46. So, could someone confirm if Frankie was a Fan Applicant or Production Recruit to BB this season? During BBAD this morning, Victoria asked him point blank if he was an applicant or recruited, and he quickly responded that he had submitted an application as he was a huge Fan..

    if true, he may actually be telling the truth about not needing the $money, but just wanted he PR and glory of being crowned the Winner of BB16, similar to that of Ruaaell Hantz of Surcivor, who was a multi-millionaire and only wantes to be awarded as the winner… he even offered to give the eventual winner the $million$ prize if he gave Russell the acknowledgement, that Russell should have won … Ha!!!

  47. The biggest thing that got me was when he apologized to Zach in a higer pitched voice and dramatically threw his hands up I found that to be very flippant and insincere plus the fact he was so excited to tell everyone his story and he seems to thinks everything is going to be ok now

    • Reading all of the negative comments on here, facebook and other sites…I don’t think he is getting the response he thought he would.

  48. There have been no updates since early this morning and I have been working all day. Have we at least had players picked for veto? and if so who?

    • crap, that means Donny will be leaving. but then again today he said he was ready to get out of there and he doesn’t think he could bear any more time in there listening to Christine cackle and rest talking about themselves, not to mention them ignoring him like he is a piece of furniture.

  49. If I was a House Guest and I won the next HOH, his ass would be the 1st one on the block just for annoying the hell out of me.

  50. well tonite may be the time the house blows up….Victoria is aware that Derrick has been playing /using her and that he has an alliance with (of all people) Christine….Cody Nicole & Zach know that she may blow any time so u folks with the feeds just keep watching…

  51. He acts like he is important – NOT! He is so self-absorbed I gag every time he is on screen. He thinks the world is all about Frankie – NOT! If there were no mirrors in the house he would wrinkle up and die. He is an attention whore, a drama queen, with or without a little sister that sings and just got cancelled from her show. How sad that he can’t live up to his own expectations. I hope they kick him out soon. I am sick of watching him.

  52. There are a lot of comments, and I cannot read them all, so if someone already addressed this, my apologies.

    Why didn’t they backdoor Frankie this week? He obviously was clueless right up until the competition that everyone was coming after him, so why not just put up Victoria, and then BD him after the POV comp? I know it’s not a guarantee, but obviously, neither was Caleb “throwing” the competition – which begs the question, “How worthless is Caleb since he sat down and didn’t even compete, and Frankie STILL won?” It would have been better had he actually competed, since he could have sabotaged the outcome if he were pulling on one side of that those chains, resulting in his team losing. By sitting down, he gave Frankie a chance, and it blew up in everyone’s face (but Frankie’s). This is consistent with Caleb’s dumb moves all season.

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