Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Discusses Week 7 Of Big Brother 16

Finally Big Brother 16 is getting interesting! I think this is around the time every season when I really decide who I want to root for. Unfortunately everyone I root for gets evicted so should I say I’m rooting for Caleb, Frankie, and Christine? I don’t think I can go that far…

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

In all seriousness out of the people left I. The house I think I am rooting for Donny, Cody, Nicole, and Zach and I’m even starting to like Derrick again. I love Cody and Derricks alliance and I really hope that they stick together. I think that Cody can kind of hide behind Derrick’s big moves and stay in the game a little longer by not looking like a big threat to anyone’s game. I think that would be a really smart move for him at this point in the game and I have to admit I feel that Cody is a little underestimated.

So the other night I was watching the feeds with my boy @spencerbclawson and we happened to watch at the perfect time. Frankie had told the house about his sister being a big pop star and I have to admit I was a little disgusted by most of the houses reaction as far as them being kiss ass. I think that Frankie felt like the most famous person in the world…. Sorry I just threw up…

I love the game of Big Brother, I hate fame being thrown into the game, but at the same time I guess that’s what makes it a unique social game because they have people from all walks of life. Maybe that was even a smart move by Frankie because everyone was turning against him. I swear it was less than 30 minutes before the biggest one upper of the season started name dropping famous athletes he knows ( it was beast mode cowboy for anyone still wondering.

A lot of ass kissing was going on with Frankie and he was loving every minute of it dancing around the house singing his sisters song around the house. Zach however was not kissing any ass, he was mad as hell and I have to admit I to have tried to not like Zach. All these Twitter profiles with his picture as theirs has made me feel like I’m in teeny-bopper hell… Haha but I really like Zach more and more each week.

I honestly feel like Zach has been playing for the 25k Americas Favorite and now he knows that he has absolutely no shot at winning that over an international pop stars brother. I would hate to play Big Brother with Zach because he is such a loose cannon but I absolutely love watching him on this season. I think it’s safe to say that 90% of the entertainment has been by Zach. And Zach is so lucky! Not only has he won the veto but he also got saved last week while he was asleep haha.

I’m now hearing that Christine wants to put up Nicole and have her evicted this week? I honestly thought that Christine was a smarter player than that but maybe I’m missing something. She has so many bigger fish to back door right now and I hope that she makes a smart move this week.

Wait! I have to backtrack a little and also say that I thought Caleb was hilarious during the BOB competition this week. I guess you have to sit for something or you’ll fall for anything! I thought it was brilliant and I even said “that’s how you throw a competition!” Then I seen that it was actually easier for one person to do the competition alone and I was yelling at the tv for Caleb to grab a chain and mess everything up.

Hope you all have enjoyed reading my random thoughts about Big Brother and I also hope that y’all are still enjoying this crazy season. It will get better and better each week now. Hopefully Hayden and one of my other favorites will return in a few weeks! (Fingers crossed for Haydenator!)


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