Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! The HGs were plotting a big move to force one player out the door this week but things fell apart at the seams. What are they going to do now? Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results:

Zach Rance won the Power of Veto

  • Zach won the Power of Veto!

Zach won’t be going anywhere. He’ll use the Veto on himself and, according to Christine earlier, Victoria will go up. This could be the end of Donny as I doubt Derrick will let his valuable Victoria go over Donny who he doesn’t trust.

Players today were Christine as HoH, Donny & Zach as noms plus Nicole, Derrick, and Caleb as drawn players. Victoria hosted the competition.

Houseguests discussed it being the OTEV comp so that should be fun, as always, to watch on Wednesday.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. LOL was just wondering if players had even been picked. YES!! So happy Zach won. Now I just have to hope he doesn’t do anything silly and actually uses it on himself… With any luck anybody but Nicole gets the renom and that person goes home.

    • I’m ecstatic that Zach won. Too bad that Christine basically has no choice but to put Victoria up since Caleb and Frankie are safe by winning the BoB, which sucks because she doesn’t have the balls to put up Derrick or Cody. I can only pray that Victoria makes it through, but the numbers are stacked against her. I feel the only reason Donny will get to stay is because he’s part of TA…and nothing more. Victoria tried her hardest to win comps, which I give her kudos for…but she just hasn’t as much pull compared to Donny.

      • I think Nicole is still in danger until the replacement nominee is put on the block. If Nicole ends up safe, Donny can still be in peril. If Donny and Nicole were smart, they would use the only thing they have which is leverage to keep themselves safe. Use the promise of the jury vote if they are kept safe the next couple of weeks. If they plan on sending you to the jury house—-promise that you will poison the jury house against them by telling them everything you know about them! That should put chills on their spines because now, they have to think about the damage one or two disgruntled house guests can do to your game! Give the promise to Christine as she has the power this week.

      • Didn’t Caleb forfeit his standing in the BOB by not participating? Frankie went alone and won for himself. I think technically Caleb forfeited therefore he can be called up for nomination.. I don’t know the official BB rules on forfeit so this I am assuming is the way it will happen.

      • Not sure of that one…I thought if one or the other win the comp, they both were safe for the week.

    • Zach is the most immature ignorant person to ever play the game, he should of went home along time ago, Donny is the only one playing with his heart, Victoria should go this week, she is worthless , this has been the most boring season ever , the only big move if you can call it that was getting rid of Hayden, these people need to start thinking for themselves.

  2. I’m praying Victoria somehow goes home.
    This one instance I wouldn’t mind TA pressuring Derrick and Frankie to keep Donny. Then Cody would follow Derrick. Then would just need one more.

    • Agree, this would be the ideal scenario. Then we’d be left with 8 players who all have been fairly involved in the game.

      • What? Are you saying that Victoria’s game has been playing the game as much as Cody? Forget it. She is a zero. She should go home. Sadly, I agree that she is Dereck’s pet. He wants her in the game. Between the two of them, the house would vote for him, so he keeps her. And THAT makes her a threat.

      • I see on BBAD tonight that she let that cat out of the bag to Nicole. It was when Nicole told her that Derrick wanted Victoria to go. She was in tears. I dont know if Nicolse was lying or not.

      • That’s what Derrick told Nicole when she was HOH, when he and Cody were wanting to align with Nicole and Hayden for a final 4. You see how that flipped, though when some decided to keep Zach and backdoor Hayden. But Derrick’s sly like that because he knew Victoria would tell Nicole what he had said only to her eventually and then Nicole would probably tell Victoria about what he said to Nicole and Hayden…and wahlah. Derrick knows how to manipulate well! Doesn’t mean it will happen as it all depends on how the game plays out!

      • Derrick is an undercover cop, so of course he would be the one and only professional liar in the entire BB house. One who gets paid for it I might add.

      • Since when are detectives known as professional liars?!?!
        I know that they go undercover to bring down drug dealers.
        I thought detectives sovled cases an put away criminals….wow
        Wow, never thought of a detective as a professional liar.

      • They aren’t professional liars in the outside world, but this is BB and cops are notorious manipulators to get the truth out of criminals’ mouths. If it means they have to lie to a criminal, then so be it! :-)

    • Think about it..who would you like to sit next to in the Finale? I would say Victoria and walk away with the money!

    • Can’t they convince Victoria to go up as a pawn and vote her out to complete the TA mission?

      • That would work if Derrick would vote her out. But I don’t see that happening. She’s his lap dog.

      • I don’t see that happening either. She’s a sure bet to his winning it all.

    • Why doesn’t Christine find the balls to put Cody up instead of Victoria??? Victoria’s never been a threat to her.

      • Better still, why not put up Derrick instead? If the Detonators wanted to make a big move. Now, is the best chance to do so! Derrick will not expect it and two, there might just be enough votes to take him out! Go for it!

      • Hate how Christine teases Cody and hate than no one in power has tried putting Derrick up (he’s yet to be on the block like all the others have). I’m like, what the heck is wrong with them? Have they not realized that much yet?

      • Finally someone who has common sense.. The only one who seemed to be on to Derrick was Donny.. The other Detonators are clueless that he is puling the strings.. Why have they not brought up that Derrick is weak at comps and is nothing more than a vote? Victoria at least makes an effort to play at comps even though she doesn’t win. Derrick on the other hand is the most laziest player who doesn’t even make an effort to win.

      • Christine promised on her wedding ring that Cody would never be her target. Obviously, promises mean nothing in the BB household so take it for what it is.

      • She also promised she’d never target Nicole either…oh well. Looks like another Derrick brainwash to me!

  3. I hope Vic goes up and is voted out. Then we will have one hell of season for rest of this game.

    • If Victoria is sitting next to Donny, Derrick will do everything in his power to make sure Donny is sent packing. And Derrick gets what Derrick wants LOL!

      • Except if Derrick gets Donnie out, that’s the end of TA, and the opportunity to win more money!

      • He’d be dumb to get rid of Victoria. She’s under his mind control. However, I think Donny could actually sway some people with talking about Derrick. I think Frankie/Zach Could flip to strike derrick.

      • That is the reason Victoria needs to go now!! Derrick has had everything going his way for far too long. So go now Victoria and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. JMHO.

      • It probably was done anyway. It was so stupid. And if it’s not they will just go with two of them.

      •’re right..crap! I forgot about that. But what if Donny doesn’t want to participate at all anymore in TA??

      • At this point, Derrick probably does not care. There is $500,000. $5,000 is nothing so, probably would not affect his decision one bit.

    • I agree this time. Lol. I’m scared for Donny. It was so sad this afternoon when he was talking to Zach about being alone and he was crying. It made me so sad.

      • That’s when I saw defeat for the first time written on his face and he just wants out at this point. I missed whatever got Victoria to crying and confiding in Nicole over it…but knew it had to be something about hearing what Derrick is planning to do with her since Zach has won the Veto.

      • she was crying once she realized Derrick has been playing her, lol, IF she blows up at him before the renoms I think she will go up and Derrick will get her voted out!! thus saving Donnie HOPEFULLY!!

      • Zach told her everything about all the alliances. She thinks she got played by Derrick. She kept saying I can’t believe Christine was in the alliance. As of last night she was so angry at him. I’m just going to turn the feeds on now so I don’t know what happened after around 1 am.

    • Derrick is not going to send Victoria home when she reports everything she hears to him! She is his spy. The reason Derrick has been safe all this time is he has been using information he has on everyone else! The others are too dumb to figure out not to blab every plan you have to people you cannot trust like Victoria for instance. Add to that, one sure vote on his side. Donny could be sent home this week or Nicole if she wins up on the block with Donny.

    • Thur 2:08pm camera 3 in HOH bathroom. Victoria redoing her hair extensions. You wanted to see what her real hair looked like. Very pretty just above the shoulders.

    • No kidding. What’s up with that? He hated him a few hours ago. The only good thing is Zach knows about Frankie lying and Frankie saying to Zach it was Cody and Derrick that tried to get you out also maybe that will blow up Derrick and Cody finally. They’ve both been getting off with no blood on their hands.

      • I wish the veto ceremony would be right after the comp. waiting until Monday too many things can flip and it makes me nervous. Lol. I hope Zach goes after Derrick and Cody v

      • Caleb and Zach are both somehow swayed because Franky is a celebrity (to them) and has a famous sister. Both are the types that want to get close to wealth and fame, at any cost. Kissing up to Frankie, in their minds, gets them close to Franky’s sister and Justin Beiber, and country singing careers, and and and and………….

      • I think he’s faking it with Frankie. I saw him discussing that with Victoria later.

      • YEP and Zach spilled the whole can of worms about the alliances etc to Vicky and she is p-o’ed, lol, lets see if slick derrick can smooth this over, or will she go through the house stirring things up taking the heat off of both Nichole and Donnie!?!?!

      • This is all part of Derrick’s masterplan. To see who tells what to whom what he’s told them separately! But it doesn’t always work out to Derrick’s advantage when whomever wins comps changes that outcome he’s told differently to others.

    • That will be disgusting if they’re buds again. Hopefully they’re both just on the high of winning some competitions, and it’ll wear off soon. Zach has been played by Frankie all season and someone needs to remind him of that.

      • At the very beginning Frankie did play Zach, that I agree with.. However he genuinely look at Zach as a good friend and realized that together they had more power than apart.. Don’t forget it was Zach who sabotaged his own game and Frankie’s with his wild outbursts and erratic behavior. Even when the other Detonators were planning on sending Zach out the door while he was sleeping all that week, Frankie did try to save him.. Yes he agreed along with the others to evict Zach but did so publicly hoping Caleb would flip to keep Zach.. Getting rid of Zach was not Frankie’s plan, it began with Derrick/Cody who let the others doing the dirty work for them. Zach didn’t help himself in any way sleeping through the week either.

      • that being said, it’s those lil slip of the tongues that is getting them now, example–during Zankies talk, Frankie admitted that he would do whatever to win, listing ways that left Zach OUT!!! Zach heard that BUT still wanted to ‘work’ with Frankie even after he listed all the ways he had been screwing him all along— another example of the slip of the tongue was when Zach was filling in his new bestie/Victoria, about all the ‘alliances’ her bestie/Derrick is in, no mention of her name in any of them, and now she feels used , DUH, ya think!!

    • Agreed. Zach is a moron. But, mostly he is just naive and doesnt see the manipulation. Crazy how Frankie can tell the story of his treachery against Zach in such a way that Frankie is the victim. It is all compete bs. Zach should never have allowed himself to get in a conversation with Frankie. But, of course, Frankie would never leave Zach alone. He would follow him around the house 24/7, and just hound him into submission. Frankie gets what Frankie wants. Oy.

      • See my comment above ^^^. I think Zach is starting to have some clarity for a change. He can put on a good act for Frankie just as well as Frankie has for him.

      • True that about Frankie, but Zackh has been scr@wd as much by Derrick and Cody, along with his Alliance, just the same …

        during his conversation with Victoria during BBAD, by the end of it, I sensed a bit of the old Zach coming back again ….

      • Frankie went along with the others in trying to blindside Zach, but he did try to sway others to keep him, including Caleb who eventually flipped and the others followed.. Frankie also found out that they planned on blindsiding him as well.. The other house guests want to keep Zankie apart because they will be easier to pick off alone. If Zach can see that they are stronger as a team instead of apart then they have a chance to get to the final 5 together.

    • Not necessarily…catch what Zach says to Victoria only! He didn’t have to say anything to her at all, but he’s come to trust Victoria since she’s never said anything bad about Zach to anyone where it got back to him as all the others have.

    • If anything, this is definitive proof that the show is NOT rigged. If production is all about saving the popular HGs (i. e. Frankie) why would they jettison Donny, the most popular of them all, right now?

      • good point, but in mind its what they think is best for TV not what the people like (i.e. Zach) hes out there and loud and “good for tv” where as Donny is a fan favorite, but quite and “not good” for tv. It will be sad if Victoria out last Donny.

      • But otev is one of those comps that’s just luck. Production couldn’t fix that game if they wanted to.

  4. This whole season had to be set up for that fruit cake Frankie to win, with two HoH make him in a power alliance and then he will hardly go up. They must think we are really dumb

    • “fruit cake”? Really?

      This is 2014, not 1914.

      If I were mod-ing this site, you’d be gone.

      • stfu. it is 2014. and guess what? homosexuality is still gross and disgusting. and people like you are worthless. as much as you approve of it, I have every damn right to oppose it.

      • people like you makes this world a terrible place to live… your hate for others just tells me what love you have for yourself… grow up bad news!!!

      • you don’t. You can oppose gay mariage if your are dumb as you seem to be but it’s pretty impossible to oppose homosexuality, buddy. It’s like behing oppose to the existence of different ethnicities. It’s not something u choose to be. And why do you care about what two adult consenting persons do in their own bedroom if your not involved?

      • Here comes yet another Tea Party/Republican shrill out condemning gays in 2014. Dinosaurs like yourself are an endangered species in case you haven’t noticed..

      • In 1914 fruitcake meant crazy, hence the phrase “nutty as a fruitcake”. If you want to get technical, Zach used the phrase “fruitloop dingus”. Was he implying that Nicole was gay?

    • Frankie’s actually won 3 HoHs. How many has Cody won?? With Derrick having only won one comp and that was HoH! Frankie has been playing this game from start to finish along with his social game too. I’m not saying I want Frankie to win and I seriously doubt he will. I really believe it will be between Zach and Derrick or Zach and Cody to make it to the final 2.

    • Here comes the homophobes! How often do you crawl out from under that rock you hide under and join the real world?

  5. Are you kidding me? Zach has been on try hard mode for the whole game. Whether it’s socially or physically, I hate Zach’s gameplay.

    • He has virtually no gameplay. He wants to be the “villain” of this season and for some reason, he is in the lead for America’s Favorite Player.

  6. This doesn’t bode well for Donny. Unless Derrick or Cody are nominated next to him, Donny will more than likely be evicted. As likeable as he is with the other house guests, they gotta realize he’s way too good at competitions to NOT be evicted. Also, Derrick will make sure he gets the boot.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of,…and it will be because of what Donny cost him and Frankie for not wanting to do the last TA challenge. Only he’ll say something else to convince Christine why Donny needs to go.

  7. OTEV is always a hard comp. It’s usually hard to predict the outcome of it. It’s part physical, part mental, and part luck.

    As for Donny, considering he’s more than likely a shoe-in for America’s Favorite, I’m sure he’ll be fine if he goes out this week. He’s made it to jury, after all. And, of course, Julie hinted that there may be a HG returning to the game, so he could get another chance alongside Hayden and Jocasta.

  8. Derrick didn’t want Frankie voted out because of TA but he has no problem voting out Donny doesn’t make sense

    • Donny already demonstrated that he won’t go ahead with any TA mission that he perceives as harmful to his own game.

    • It does make sense—-if he goes up against Donny in the final two he has a greater chance of losing.

      • I think he would have a greater chance of losing next to Frankie than Donny. Derrick hopes Victoria makes it to Final 2 with him so he can hope to win. I will laugh so hard if for the first time a “basically a floater” wins it all!!! That would really make Derrick eat all the crow he’s been dishing out the whole season!

      • I don’t know, Joni. I think this big reveal about his sister and his social media following left a bad taste in the other hosueguests’ mouths. They also would respect Derrick’s game more than Frankie’s, who has been exposed as a liar this week.

        P.S. Victoria has absolutely no chance of winning. The houseguests don’t respect her at all.

      • I didn’t say Victoria would probably win if it were her and Derrick in the final 2…just that it would be pretty much historical if she did..LOL But for Derrick it would be better to get Frankie out before making it to final 2!

      • lol, I agree with that! That would be historical indeed if she pulled that off. The jury would have to be crazy bitter and all blame Derrick for their ousting and give Victoria the money.

        I think if it’s a Derrick and Frankie final 2 (which probably won’t happen) I still think Derrick would beat Frankie in a landslide. I’m calling it right now: a Derrick and Victoria final 2 with Derrick winning 9-0.

      • Do you seriously think if it gets out that Derrick is an undercover cop that the house guests will vote for him? More like it he will become one if not the most despised player in recent memory.. Undercover cops are paid professional liars..How do you think the house guests will react when they find out that a professional liar who gets paid to do just that in real life has been in their midst all this time?

      • Interesting question. However even if it did get revealed that Derrick is an undercover cop (which I do not see happening at all) I don’t think that would have any effect on his chances at winning the money. If anything they might respect his game more. Just my opinion.

      • Since when did being a cop make you an expert at Big Brother? I don’t really understand why he kept it a secret in the first place. I also didn’t understand why Amber told everyone she was a model and not an esthetician….Do estheticians have an unfair advantage in the game as well?

      • Because as an undercover cop his job is to lie to people and get them to trust them while he learns information and then uses that information to bring them down. They’re also very perceptive and are cool under pressure.

        I have no idea why Amber lied, to be quite honest.

      • if Victoria ever makes it to the F2 I don’t think the jury would vote for her because she does NOTHING and usually they vote for who played the better game and no matter who is sitting next to her…..they played a better game….Joey even played a better game than Victoria!!!

      • That’s simply not true. You hate Derrick so much yet you don’t know what the heck is going on.

      • And you’re in love with him and are either blind or don’t watch the feeds or needs to turn up the volume. Why is he putting doubt in Christine about Frankie? Why does he talk crap about Frankie to Cody, Caleb and Zach. Doesn’t sound like that’s someone that wants to keep him.

      • Look, just because you don’t like Frankie doesn’t mean Derrick wants to get him out. I won’t retype my explanation because the one I wrote above was perfectly valid.

    • But that was before they knew about who all was going to go to jury. Now that they know, he doesn’t feel as bad about Donny leaving…but you have to remember Donny cost him and Frankie for not following through on one of the challenges.

    • It’s probably because Donny doesn’t do anything for team America, whereas Frankie does. I love the guy and I think he is playing a good game, but he has few connections in the house and basically has to have the tasks done for him. The one task he was forced to actually participate in he forfeited against the rest of Team America’s wishes.

      P.S. Before all of you swoop in on me for saying something negative against Jesus- I mean Donny, I repeat: I love the guy and I think he’s playing a good game!

      • I like Donny too, but TA is really the only thing keeping him in the game. He could have just voted and let Derrick and Frankie do all the accusing. Now they’re using his refusal as the reason to get him out. So for his long term game it would have been better to accept the mission.

  9. Screw all of them. So long as Frankie is safe, that’s all I care about. They’re all a bunch of hypocrites anyway. Ganging up on someone for lying? Yeah, they should all look in the mirror. I really can’t stand anyone left other than Frankie. It’s sad, since the season started off so good, what with all the bad players going early. But now it’s just getting bad and everyone is turning really awful. Go Frankie!

    • Listening to Frankie brag about his sister, and living his life through her celebrity, is embarrassing. I know the sister of a very famous person, and I didn’t find it out for over a year. That’s what people with class and normalcy act like. Frankie couldn’t wait till he was in trouble to pull out this trick, than ad nauseum tell everyone about it. Who friggin cares who your sister is? What matters is who you are. Im sure Frankie “uses” the Ariana card all day long in the real world. puke

      • I think so too. He should be able to stand on his own like he once had before she made it big in the pop world.

      • It’s better that he lets the cat out of the bag now instead of the other house guests finding out later and resenting him for not telling them the truth. Why should Frankie have kept it secret for so long and have it eat at him? This way he has it out in the open and can play his game.. Now as for Derrick it’s time he comes clean and tell everyone he is a professional liar in real life and is an undercover cop!! Now that would shake up the entire house and the tables would be turned against him as the house votes him out.

    • Good one. But Christine is not a Derrick fan. Maybe she will put Derrick up. I can hope can’t I?

      • Yep. I really think his house of cards is going to come tumbling down. And I hope it happens soon. He is playing way to hard and got careless.

      • Would that be awesome or what? Do you think Donny has a chance of staying over Derrick, though?

  10. Im sure production will tell Derrick to keep Donny just like week they did tell him to keep Zack.

  11. I know it looks bad for Donny, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Christine put Nicole on the block

  12. I wonder when Caleb, Frankie and Christine go for their trip to the football game. I hope it’s after the veto ceremony so Frankie can’t get in Christine’s head.

    • I hope so. I want Frank as far away as possible from Zach. I am hoping some of Nicole’s sweet and innocence will rub off on Zach. I so want Vic evicted Hayden come back into the house, then Hayden Nicole Donny and Zach team up and take out the other side. Where is Caleb? Back best buddies with Frankie?

  13. Frankie, Derrick and Victoria all need to go. I am so sick of Frankie and the way he acts. Team Donny

  14. I don’t think Christine is going to waste her HOH on getting out Victoria. I would not be a bit surprised if she BD’s Nicole. Christine wants to make sure she is the last girl in the house, plus she wants Cody all to herself!

    • Vic might enjoy going to the jury house. She will go there and have Hayden all to herself. Then Hayden will run the opposite direction. Lol

    • If Christine backdoors Nicole, it will be another notch of promises broken to her that would seal her potential jury vote, and likely Hayden’s and Jocasta, should she make it to Final 2…

      making a big move now, against eiher Derrick or Cody, would help her end game …

      so, Zach has been telling everyone that he is alone now .. and, suggests to return to the Detonators in one breath to Derrick et al then tells Frankie all is forgotten .. but, an unholy alliance with Zach, Nicole, Frankie and Christine could really flip the House ..

      victoria, appears to be all but committed to Derric’s jedi mind tricks ….

      according, to Victoria from this mornig’s BBAD she has been playing dumb and throwing all the comps to avoiding showing how strong and smart of a player she really is, to Zach ….

    • What Nicole should do is promise her jury vote to Christine to make sure she is not put on the block with Donny. If Christine does anyway, promise to reveal everything she knows and poison the jury house against her. That way, Nicole can guarantee her safety.
      Donny should be doing the same thing to Derrick and Cody because he also, has that leverage. Make sure it is Victoria who is nominated and sent home! She is Derrick’s spy so, is useless to everyone else!

  15. Watching Victoria tonight talk to Zach she actually seems to be somewhat competent. At least for five minutes anyway before she starts complaining about something lol.

    • Except Zach just unintentionally threw Derrick under the bus to Victoria. She’s a crying mess right now and feels very betrayed he was in all these other alliances. Zach is trying his best to cover his tracks and let her know Derrick really does have her back.

      We’ll see if Derrick can mist his way out of this one.

    • Just watched BBAD this morning, and according onVictoria, she is just not a pretty girl in the House, and is quite aware of what has been going on in the House … she still trusts Derrick with her BB Life and now appears to have added Zach to the mix .. as of that moment, moving forward, it appears it will be the rest of the House vs Frankie and Christine ….

      So, a new F2 Power Couple has been formed ..Victoria and Zach … :)

      Andy, yes, does not look god for Nicole if she is put on the Block as a renom on Monday, unless she joins the Darkside … Team Franktine …

      Then again, if she goes this week, she can spend more time with Hayden in Jury House and have an opportunity to return back into the game …

      It was kinda funny how Zach got so uptight when he and Victoria called out Nicole as a liar, re: Nicole offering to be a Have Not next week …. Ha!!

      With all that has been done and said, this season, that Nicole is a bad, bad girl for lying to them …. Ha!!!

  16. Didn’t Christine say she was going to put up Victoria if the veto was used. She told Nicole last night I believe.

  17. Again, the stupidness of removing pawns instead of dangerous players remains in place. Pao, Devin (after the house hated him), Jocasta…..and on and on. Nobody takes out a major player, so those major players will remain to haunt them. How does Christine expect to jump over the big male alliances in the house by removing all threats to that male alliance? She’s bottom on the totem pole and removing all of the last people who she could band together to stop the Derrick led alliances. Dumb.

    • Actually, you could argue that the pawns are getting increasingly more dangerous because they are everybody’s choice for bringing to the final 2 and you don’t want someone else being someone’s final 2 choice.

  18. What do I think, well I think it sucks. I don’t care if Victoria goes but not Donny. I don’t know why I even look anymore. It’s almost always a noooooooo reaction. No offense to this blog of course. My frustration is with the show.

  19. Poor Donny :( It makes me sad that he has to go so soon but at least he’ll be in the jury. I can’t see a reason to keep Victoria. She does nothing in the challenges but Derrick protects her. I hope Donny comes back into the house (in the case that a juror comes back and in the case that he’s evicted). He’s got my vote for America’s favorite!!!

    • Derrick can control her vote and she isn’t a threat to win the game. She’s not a competition threat and she’s basically a permanent nomination pick. What do you mean you can’t see a reason to keep her?

  20. This week’s TA Challenge will be to convince the House to save Donny from eviction …. now, what would Dereick and Frankie do?? Ha!!! :)

    • And since Donny is so beloved (deservedly so) no one would cry production interference.

  21. So now the Detonators will pretend that nothing happened and will start working together. Christine needs to make a move now and put up derrick, but she won’t because the other guys will tell he what to do.

    • If she puts up Derrick she doesn’t have the votes to send him home. Donny is going home this week.

      • An all girls alliance … nicole, victoria and frankie with Christine casting the final vote …. Ha!!!

        Though, Cody would be a viable option, considering that was Christine’s original backdoor option …

  22. If the rest of the Detonators had any smarts to them they would use this golden opportunity to take Derrick out.

    That being said good old boy and everybody’s favorite Donny is likely headed out the door on Thursday which is sad.

  23. Does anyone else think that Caleb could possibly end up winning this whole thing if they continue you string him along for the votes??

    other than his little obsession with Amber, besides Donny, he has played a pretty solid game winning comps when he had to, and pretty intregal and loyal to a fault to his Alliance, who unknown to him, had dropped him weeks ago when the Detinators were formed …

    even in the BOTB, he honored his word by attemptig to throw the comp, then ended winning it by no fault of Frankie…. Ha !! And, now gets anoher free week in the House and a free roadtrip to a foorball outting .. and, not one drop of blood on his hands ..

    • Unless Caleb ends up in the Final with another floater, I do not see him winning it. All he can hope for is 2nd. If he was with Derrick or Frankie or Nicole, I do not see him winning that $500,000. Pretty much he has been played and floated along with his alliance. His HOH has been used by the alliance for their benefit and not his. Caleb’s fault is not figuring out this late in the game, despite, what Nicole told him and others that, he has been played. Caleb should start playing his own game if he is smart. Strike an alliance with Nicole and Donny if he was smart.

    • No you’re right. Caleb has definitely grown on me now that Amber is out of the house. He IS good at competitions, and isn’t really on anybody’s radar. The only thing standing in his way is his lack of knowledge about the game. I’m not sure he’d know how to make a big move (turn on someone in his alliance) if the opportunity presented himself. He’s too loyal and that might ultimately hurt him.

  24. Man, this week went south fast. I had high hopes for Frankie going home this week and all of a sudden, it’s DONNY! :|

  25. I think if they had done the POV ceremony at 3am this morning Zach would have given the POV medallion to Donny. Seems like every hour he has a meltdown and wants to leave.

  26. Nicole needs to get to Christine and say to put up Derrick, Cody or Victoria. Then, next week, Nicole needs to win HoH again. She is like a prowess at competitions, so she can say this
    “You do know that I have a chance to come back, right?”. I am rooting for her to win since it looks like Donny is going home this week unless he convinces people to vote Derrick out.

  27. l knew Zac was going to win; but it could be good for TA b/c their supposed to vote out a pawn this week. Is the pawn going to be Donny or Victoria?

  28. Derrick just seems to float along. He has done nothing but has everyone do what he wants. Has he won anything at all??? If only they could all see he is the one that needs to go. I wish Donny and Nicole would make it to the end, but odds are against them.

    • Derrick is playing the game. Winning competitions is not the only way to play. He manipulates, lies and convinces everyone he is honest. I want him out, but he is the best player this season.

  29. I do not want Donny to go. It is so unfortunate the luck that Zack has. He gets put up and for some reason does not go home. Zankie needs to go. I hope Nicole wins next HOH and puts them both up. Trusting Derrick is a mistake Nicole. If Hayden comes back, I hope Nicole is still in the house.

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