Big Brother 16 Episode 19 Recap: The Detonators Plan Their Own Zach Attack


Things aren’t what the seem in the Big Brother 16 house. At least not to Zach. While he was busy making the show entertaining (since no one else was willing to do so), his allies turned on him. And since he couldn’t come through with competition wins this week, Wednesday night’s episode suggests he’s in real danger this week.

The episode picked up right after Caleb and Victoria won the Battle of the Block competition. Zach is mad that he lost the BOTB. Jocasta is just as Jocasta as ever. But Caleb and Victoria are happy they won but have to deal with the punishments they picked up in the competition.

Nicole remains the Head of Household and keeps on her plan to backdoor Frankie. But Frankie is everywhere in the house and it doesn’t take him long to be in her ear about what she’s going to do this week.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Caleb get their Adam & Even punishment, which means they’re tied together and wearing only leaves for clothing. But the punishment doesn’t stop there. Caleb has to get his head shaved as well. And so now Caleb is bald.

Back to backdooring Frankie. Hayden and Nicole decide they want to align with Cody and Derrick, so they agree. But as usual, the BB editing team won’t quite tell us how legit it is with Derrick. I mean it’s legit enough for them to name it. But the name is horrible and I don’t even want to type it, but I guess I have to. It’s called “The Rationale.”

Christine, who used to be Nicole’s main target, has her own agenda. She wants Zach out and doesn’t want Frankie anywhere near the backdoor. Instead, she’d rather Derrick or Cody go up as a replacement nominee. And as we just saw, those are Nicole’s latest alliance members.

On top of that, Christine decides to create a complete lie to Nicole to cause some friction between her and Hayden. So she tells her that Hayden and Victoria made out. Nicole doesn’t believe it and now knows that Christine is not the friend she once thought.

The Christine shade stories spread so now Christine is on a couple of radars. But all that does is make Derrick and Cody really want Frankie out since it’s clear Christine and Frankie are working with them.

Caleb, Christine and Victoria were picked to play in the veto, joining Zach, Jocasta and Nicole. So no Hayden, no Derrick and No Cody. The backdoor Frankie plan won’t be as easy as Nicole hopes.

The Detonators, who are basically not even a thing anymore, meet to discuss veto and what they need to do. Zach thinks as long as Jocasta doesn’t win veto he’s golden. But little does he know, Christine is not interested in saving him this week and everyone else is aligned with others.


It’s time for the veto competition. The HGs will be playing this one by themselves. The players have to do a hipline to see what order some cool BB comic books are in, then put their own comic book covers in the exact order. So this competition is all about time.

Nicole finished in 12:20. Caleb finished in 15:48. Victoria took 35 minutes. Jocasta had 14:39. Christine did hers in 11:50. Zach finished in 26:17. Christine won the Power of Veto.

And Christine wants Zach out this week. Even though he thinks he’s in a solid alliance with her. So Nicole still wants Christine to use the veto so she can still backdoor Frankie. Christine decides to go with not using the veto so she can try to turn the Detanators on Zach and vote him out this week.

And as Nicole and Derrick suggested in their last-minute confessionals, the Detonators are ready to turn on Zach. So either Zach or Jocasta (most likely Zach) will be going home this week. But as we know, they won’t be alone as this is Double Eviction week.


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  1. Loved the POV comp even though people are saying BB cheated. Those people need to get a life. BB is a game and fair in the comps. BB will ask questions in the DR to get the HG thinking maybe they are making a mistake. Much like Jeff does on Survivor. It’s all in how you ask the question. The comps though are fair and FUN. HG usually always agree that they were either fun or brutal or even luck. Waiting for tomorrow nights DE. Will be a great show.

      • They are doing something right now. Live Feeds are on highlights. They showed us when they were practicing the golf game, so I don’t know what’s up.

      • do you think maybe the first elimination will be pre-emptively taped because they couldn’t fit the 2nd eviction vote into tomorrow nights show?

      • Never has before, and how would you have a comp with 2 people that might get voted out? Zach and Jocasta. It’s too early for Zingbot. He usually comes when jury starts. Maybe people are wrong and it will be a 9 person jury.

      • Yes I know. I turned them off to get on this site for awhile and to chill out. Cody and Derrick blew everything up. And Christine come out smelling like a rose.

  2. Loved the comics. It was so cool. Too bad Nicole lost the POV by a scant 30 seconds. On the plus side, I enjoyed watching Nicole figure out the lies of Christine and also, exposing her plan to target Cody and Derrick. By giving the info to Cody, that makes the schism between Cody, Derrick versus Zach, Frankie and Christine. Now, they know that Christine is already planning to take them out! With the double eviction, it would be nice to see Frankie or Christine follow Zach out the door! Christine would not have a clue when it happens!

  3. Anybody watching After Dark? Derrick and Cody have come to their senses and are goona try and save Zack. YESSSSSSSSSSSS

    • Derrick and Cody are going to have the entire house after them with this move. And I hope Donny or Hayden win HOH and backdoor one of them if this happens.

      • I’m so pissed right now. Did someone get in Derricks head? Hayden made a comment today that Derricks been called into the DR a lot today. I hope this backfires on both of them. Nicole and Hayden had their backs.

      • Their assessment of Hayden and Cody was sooo wrong ! Christine is so safe right now It’s unbelievable ! .

      • No kidding. Please let Donny win because he will go after Christine. And after Zach stays who knows what will happen.

      • Fine ! Saving Zack is like saving the Anti Christ. There’s a big chance he’ll turn against Derrick and Cody. lol

      • Oh, please make it so…let Jocasta win HOH. It will be just as insane as what is going on in the house now.

      • I know…lets break out the magic tricks we did last year. Please make our wish happen Hayden and Donny for the win. My eyes and ears hurt, going to bed.

      • Good night…okay…I am to bed as well…let’s start the mantra for Hayden and Donny HOH make it so…

      • And if Cody and Derrick double cross Hayden and Nicole then, they can put both of them on the block.
        They will get their asses evicted. Also, if one gets off, put Christine or Frankie as the replacement nominee! Now, they have to pick sides!

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. Donny wins the first HOH and one of them going during the DE then Hayden wins the second HOH and nominates two more of them.

      • If Zach stays I hope Nicole tells him what everyone wanted to do. And if they all lie she can tell him ask Caleb. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I wanted Caleb gone but I hope someway he finds out about the detonators and he’s not included.

      • Christine is the liar of the house. And they are eating her stories like yummy slop. Ugh.

      • Me too I just hit record…I had a long day been up since 3:30 am. I feel ya. lol

      • So you’d rather watch Jocasta the next 3 weeks? It’s not like Zach is gonna win. You must like watching paint dry.

      • No she can go soon. What I didn’t want was what just happened where Cody and Derrick blew up Nicole and Hayden’s game. Especially since they had their backs 100%. Now it will be the same people controlling the house. Just as BORING as having Jocasta there.

      • I am so tried of Derrick and Cody constantly targeting Donny. Really so the “other side” of the house is being run by Donny? wait no because Nicole, Hayden, and Donny are up in the AM that’s why?

      • Emma I’m so tired of that same group running everything. I actually thought this eviction would finally be someone from that group.

      • I wanted a change. Did they all just hit there head or drink some weird kool aide? I mean seriously Frankie is everywhere and yet again, off radar too.

      • That’s has to be it. I hate being “that person” but production is feeding stuff. Even tonight the DR showed. Victoria learned how to speak and stick up against Caleb seemed fishy.

      • I wish they would get Donny out of the house! His “aw, shucks” persona has grown extremely irritating, and he needs to leave ASAP.

      • He may appear to be playing that card. But, he knows the game Derrick is playing and Derrick doesn’t like that. He has enough to say he notices Fakies game too. He is not the dummy you think. I am still wearing my rose colored glasses when it come to Donny.

      • Nicole already warned them the dumb sticks that they are that Christine is targeting them. I hope Nicole figures it out and tells Christine, Frankie and Zach that Cody and Derrick are planning to take them out! It would be too risky now for Nicole, Hayden and Donny. They have to tell Frankie, Zach and Christine and make them switch. That way, if Zach is saved, Frankie, Zach and Christine now target Cody and Derrrick! You got to split that bunch now.

  4. Well Derrick has been called to the DR numerous times and now all of a sudden they want Zach to stay. Derrick and Cody are two of the stupidest players in the game. Nicole and Hayden have their backs 150% and they both are saying they’re just playing us when it’s Christine and Frankie that’s playing them. So what does do nothing Cody do…he goes to Christine and blows up Hayden and Nicole’s game. He tells her everything that Nicole and Hayden have been telling them. I pray to the BB Gods that either Donny or Hayden win the first and second HOH tomorrow.

    • “Yay, Zankie is safe! Now we can go back to whining about the Detonators winning everything and making everything so predictable!”

      — BB “fans” on Twitter

    • Also, I don’t think it was the DR. I think it was Caleb talking about why he thinks they shouldn’t evict Zach, basically going through the points Matthew has written about over the past few days.

      That’s right, Caleb just did to Derrick what Derrick’s been doing to everyone. BB, man.

      • Caleb doesn’t say a lot though. Hayden was saying today that Derrick keeps getting called into the DR a lot today. Come on production is putting ideas in his head. They want Zach to stay for TV

      • He’s been called in a billion times and yet only now is he changing his mind? No, I’m not buying that. The big change to me was that Caleb finally got a chance to give a case to keep Zach to all the Detonators in one room.

      • Caleb only said Zach is a number. He didn’t have a long conversation about it. Derrick has been called into the DR several times today. Not the normal. Hayden even remarked about it. Now it’s funny that Derrick comes out of DR and flips. We all know that production has a way to sway the game. I’m not saying they control it or fix things but they make suggestions in the DR to get people to think twice about things. And we know that production thinks Zach is good TV.

    • You’re being incredibly over zealous by saying that Cody and Derrick are the “stupidest players in the game”, which is complete nonsense. Even if you don’t like what they’re doing, it makes absolute sense within the context of the house, they don’t know everything that we know.

      Not only that though, but this doesn’t at all mean this will launch the whole house against them, it puts Hayden, Nicole and Donny against them. They still have the numbers at this juncture in time.

      Sure, Frankie and Christine will try to screw them at some point, but with the revelation that Nicole and Hayden want them out, it makes Haycole public enemy number 1 to the Detonators.

      • When it comes out that Derrick has an alliance with everyone the whole house will be after them. And after Zach stays Nicole and Hayden will know they were betrayed. And Cody is stupid. What has he done except sleep, lay over all the girls (even someone that’s married) and follow Derrick around? Cody is worse then Jocasta.

      • Once again, that is something you are saying because you are upset that you’re not getting what you want.

        By no means do I think that Cody is a great player, but I also think it’s kinda silly to say that he’s worse than Jocasta, him and Derrick have been building relationships and trust with everyone in the house, but they’re deciding to pick a side now.

        Lastly, I seriously doubt that Zach would believe Nicole and Hayden (the two people who were wanting him out) over his alliance.

        Only loose end they’d have to tie up is Caleb, telling him to keep his mouth shut so they can keep Zach as a number. Seriously doubt Zach would be turned by that whole revelation.

      • JMO just like you have yours. I think Cody is just as bad as Jocasta. Derrick has been building relationships and doing everything for him. All Cody says is yes Derrick, okay Derrick, whatever you say Derrick. Can you hold on a minute Derrick while I go crawl all over Christine. And Derrick has built too many relationships and I can’t wait until it comes back and bites him right in the ass. Once again JMO and you’re not going to change it.

      • If there’s nothing that can change your opinion, then perhaps your opinion may not be based in logic. You can have your opinion, but you just seem to be further proving my thoughts that you’re just saying all of this out of emotion and anger.

        Cody has absolutely been building relationships with people, just like Derrick. The only problem is that every person that he’s managed to do this with has been targeted by his alliance later on.

        Ex: Amber, Brittany, Hayden, Nicole.

        Up to this point, Cody has done a solid job socially managing to keep the target on his back one of the smallest in the house.

        What has Jocasta actually done other than pray with people?

        Once again, I’m not saying Cody is an amazing player, but he definitely isn’t the worst in the house.

      • Did you ever think your opinion isn’t based on logic? Maybe your saying this out of who you want in the house. So what makes you right and me wrong? I’m not going back and forth with you anymore. I feel one way and you feel a different way. End of story.

      • Let us just hope Donny and Hayden win the next HOH to end this nonsense of I am on your side, now I am against you nonsense of Derrick and Cody. When you fail to take out the biggest threats, you are the one getting evicted! Have these guys not seen last season where Helen and Judd kept saying now is not the week to take out Amanda. Amanda took out both of them first! Judd got a 2nd chance and trusted the people who evicted him and yet, got evicted again! Stupid people never learn but, they made their bed—-let them lie in it! Frankie, Zach and Christine get first dibs on Cody and Derrick then!

  5. Right now on feeds: Derrick/Cody just obliterated Nicole/Hayden’s game. Possibly save Zack, resurrect their old alliance and bulldoze the other side.

    • Our only hope is Hayden or Donny to win the next HOH. There is no battle of the block anymore. If they do win HOH, put up Derrick and Cody and tell them that it was Christine’s idea. Then, if one gets off via POV then, put Christine as replacement. One silver lining if Zach ends up staying is Nicole, Hayden and Donny will see that they have been lied to! Then, given a chance, they know they have to cut down the Detonators down to size by nominating them all each time they win HOH! That is their only chance. Now, there should be no more deals with them! Also, tell Caleb and Victoria about the lies of the Detonators and expose them! Those are two votes they are going to need to take the Detonators on!

      • And Nicole, Hayden and Donny now all have to play very hard to win HOH each and every week like their lives depended on it because it does! If they can win HOH in succession, they can still take the Detonators apart. Put two of them on the block and they lose 2 precious votes at once. If they win POV, put another Detonator in place. Still two votes down and they have to eat one of their own! Force them all to make a choice but, this time do not trust any of them!

  6. So who thought Caleb would end up being the voice of reason as far as not voting out one of their numbers? That’s is hilarious. His brain is now operating at like middle school level now that Amber is gone haha

  7. Wow Derrick is now going to tell Victoria a bunch of lies. He’s turning the entire house against Nicole, Hayden and Donny based on a bunch of lies. I hope he goes in the DE.

  8. It is predictable, Zach stay and if one of the five wins HOH, Nicole goes up and if it’s the other side of the house that wins HOH, Frankie goes up!

  9. Um, why is Production trying to interfere? They are really trying hard to keep Zach. I didn’t see them do this when Brittany was the target, same with Amber, so obviously they have favorites. This would happen if Frankie was on the block as well as Derrick. They always do this. It’s really stupid to keep Zach anyway.

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