Big Brother 16: Does The Next ‘Zach Attack’ Go Too Far?

After Team America failed to initiate an argument between Zach and Christine at the Nominations Ceremony their plans have changed. Not only is Team America substituting a new target, but Big Brother seems to be allowing them to swap out the original requirements.

Zach Attack prepares to launch on Big Brother 16
Zach Attack prepares to launch on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Instead of having to create an argument with two Houseguests they’ll now succeed if one Houseguest “berates” another for twenty seconds. Yeah, cause that’s what viewers wanted to see, right? Anyway, the new plan has Zach going on the “Attack” at today’s Veto meeting with Amber as the recipient and Caleb the catalyst. The whole thing ties in to their plan to make Caleb think this is his idea to Backdoor Amber, but is it going too far?

So what’s this Zach Attack going to be? Flashback to 10:42PM BBT Cams 3/4 for his rehearsal. Zach plans to stand up at the end of the meeting and announce he wants to say something. Here’s what he presented to the guys:

There’s something that’s been going on for several weeks that’s been really grinding my gears and is honestly agitating the entire house. There is one individual in particular, who has given his all to another person, who has taken that, spit it right back in his face, and rubbed his head in the dirt.

Beast Mode Cowboy went on the block for you, Amber. He risked $500,000 for you. More than any of your previous boyfriends have ever spent on you. When you were both Have-Nots sleeping in the Ice room, he took his only two blankets, laid them over you so you could sleep in warmth… *Fish cut in* And how do you thank him? By thanking the entire room, one of them being Devin.

In the Power of Veto competition, he chose five thousand dollars over his safety to take you on a cruise. He also ate a frickin’ pickle which he hates more than anything in the world, just so he could take you on a date. You said that you only went on that date with him because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Amber, this is really just a disgrace. How do you think your family feels? Watching you treat this lovely gentleman, who has given his all to you, like trash? Amber, this isn’t the first or the second that Beast Mode Cowboy has saved your life in this game. He is the only person in this house that you can trust. Amber, Beast Mode Cowboy is now the reason today why you are sitting in that orange chair and possibly walking out the door three days from now.

Update: It’s been pointed out to me that Zach & Cody agreed later that he should not reference her family & that most of this wouldn’t make the final cut.

Zach breaks at this point and Caleb starts giving him pointers on what he wants Zach to say next. Later on in the night Zach gives a few more practice rounds and they’re similar to this speech so he could deliver something along these lines if he sticks to the “script.”

The whole thing comes off like a parody of every absurd claim of wrongdoing Caleb suggests Amber has done to him. Even Caleb’s pickle drama made the cut. They’re mocking Caleb at Amber’s expense. I have a very hard time believing any of them, outside of Caleb, thinks it’s a legitimate argument being made, but I don’t see that stopping them.

Team America wants their $5K each and Zach wants another round in the spotlight, but is it too much? Share your thoughts.


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  1. …and who’s gonna look like an a*s in front of America? as he/Caleb is the author of this speech. LOL…oh Rhinestone Cowboy…think ! think !

  2. I think it is hilarious! Come on, it’s Big Brother! If you can’t take the heat, get out of the house!! The season is already boring w/ predictable plays, it’s time for a shake up, and this will do it!!

  3. I get that Team America is pushing Zach to do this so they can win their $5K, but I’m REALLY uncomfortable with any speech (real or for show) that belittles a woman and tries to portray her as the villain because some guy developed a crush on her and feels she OWES him something in return.

  4. The fans voted for an argument, so in this house full of sheep this is probably about as close as they will get.

  5. You know it is that bad when they have to resort to such gimmicks. I guess they have to have something to talk about. Team America should not get anything for this as they have failed at the task. Nothing has really changed in the Big Brother House. Detonators still in full control and poor Amber has no clue although, the multiple times she has been put on the block should have been enough warning for her! If you are in an alliance and they keep putting you up then, you are at the very bottom of that alliance.

  6. What made this ridiculous is the fact that Zach’s speech (or the way he describes it, being an attack) is scripted and even worse, rehearsed. I mean, what the bleep is this all about? I could not fathom this whole maneuver by Zach.
    I cannot imagine if GinaMarie, Amanda, Candice or Chima are in this season, Zach will be eaten alive. These girls needed no scripted speeches and rehearsal speeches to attack.
    And the Beast-Mode Cowboy, lord have mercy, what a waste of a man.

    • Maybe, when Amber is booted out, the beast mode cowboy might regain some cojones and go after the Detonator boys. Let us see if he has any cojones left when Amber is gone. I would like to see Caleb win HOH and put Derrick, Frankie, Zach and Cody on the block. If he can do that, he will gain my respect. Now, if he wimps out instead, he deserves to be sent packing right after Amber.

  7. The Big Douche Cowboy trying too hard to get the girl, when the girl said weeks ago she has no interest. Keep roping that calf cowpoke maybe she will change her mind?

  8. I don’t like it, because Amber doesn’t deserve it at all. Caleb has ruined her game from the very beginning. Zach saying this crap to her is sad and I am disappointed that the producers would stoop this low. Caleb is a delusional idiot, moron. chauvenist jerk, creep, stalker, celebrity wanna-be who came into the house thinking he was God’s gift and latched onto Amber and now she is paying the price for it. I admire her for trying to stop the onslaught of females walking out the door every week…now she is being sent home because of it. I know this is BB and stuff like this happens, but, Zach attacking her today because Caleb needs to feel superior to her is just sad for this BB watcher.

  9. On last night’s feeds, Amber told Derrick that she asked Zach to not be disrespectful to her family. What did Zach originally say about them that upset her?

    • How does she know that Zach is going to say anything, I thought this was top secret?

      • Because…you know…CALEB tells her everything? lol
        (just my guess, I don’t have the feeds.)

      • I am not sure how she would know..I have the feeds and I don’t recall anyone telling her. Caleb is the one who is demanding that she not be told..notice that word “demanding?”

  10. What I would love to see is the girls wake up and play the game. What would be a big move for them is shock the guys and vote out Jacosta they need a girl that may win HOH which is Amber. The girls should know they’re at the bottom of there alliance and come together get Hayden and Donny

    • They are too dumb to realize that..where is Rachel and Dani when we need them?

    • They will never do that because Victoria hates Amber and she won’t ever get over that. If they could stop being petty long enough to figure out they are playing a game it might work but….

      • yes I think this bunch of girls are extremely jealous of one another and will never get over themselves long enough to actually work together. It seems that they are all competing against each other for attention from Cody or whoever and not realizing that they are actually there to play this game and win money….come on ladies get it together because so far you suck.

  11. They just called Hayden to the DR…close to veto ceremony. Get ready to jump back on the feeds in about an hour..I would guess.

  12. Wow…we are 1/4 of the way through Big Brother, and it is already more interesting than BB15. Of course, that’s not much of an achievement.

  13. I just hope that the Zach attack can hang around a few more weeks. Not necessarily because I want him to win, but who in the house is more entertaining? He at least tries to add some excitement to things.

  14. this should be mission failed for TEAM AMERICA! change the rules? why don’t you just give them 5 grand for doing nothing CBS? like you did last week, AMERICA should get to vote on whether TEAM AMERICA suceeded or failed mission.

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