Should Big Brother Step In & Stop Caleb Reynolds? [PICS]

Since Big Brother Houseguest Caleb Reynolds was yet again told that Amber Borzotra was not interested in him it seems to be settling in but he’s not taking it too well. Last late night Caleb was acting out again against Amber and it’s got some fans asking if production needs to step in.

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Flashback to 5:26AM BBT 7/28 on your Live Feeds (Get the Free Trial now) to find Caleb standing over Amber while she sleeps. He starts signaling to Cody that he wants to hit Amber with a pillow. Caleb slowly pulls one off her bed, hides behind the door, and throws it at her as she sleeps.

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Okay, first off, it’s a pillow. No one was hurt. Should he have done it? No. It was childish & stupid, but I don’t think it’s going to get anyone ejected from the game. However, what he started talking about next might require a visit to the Diary Room for a reminder about what’s not acceptable.

Throughout the morning Caleb went around bragging to the guys that he had hit Amber in the head with a pillow. Flashback to 9:50AM BBT as he retells it to Derrick. Then jump to 10:15 AM as he talks with Frankie in the HoH room about it before taking it to the next level.

Caleb tells Frankie he wants to cut up a banana and put it in her food without her knowing. Amber hates bananas and listed it as one of her biggest fears in her bio from CBS. He knows that and it’s why he suggests taking that action. I’m not convinced he’d really do it, but come on Caleb, grow up.

Do you think Big Brother should just let it be or does Caleb’s behavior warrant a discussion in the DR?


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  1. I just saw it. This is a controlled environment, but can you imagine him outside BB house when he’s in this kind of situation?…this guy is sick !

    • This guy is beyond sick and your right this is a controlled environment, they wouldn’t allow it because like Vinman said Shannon from season 2 tried that and failed and then tried to cover it up by saying she knocked it over while she was blow drying her hair which was BS.

    • He’s very sick. After watching him on the feeds last night and the evil look in his eyes as he’s telling Zack what to say at the POV meeting. All I can say is wow!

      • Yes, now, this is sick. Obviously he hasn’t done anything serious yet, but they really need to talk to him. They need an expert (psychiatrist/psychologist) to sit down with him in DR and evaluate him. They need to give him boundary that he can in no way step over.

  2. If he puts a banana in her food, BB will stop her before she eats it just like in season 2 when Shannon used hardy’s toothbrush to clean the toilet. BB stopped him before he used it.

    • It still doesn’t make what he’s doing right and he should be taken to task for it – just my opinion.

    • I don’t think they will stop her from eating it. A toothbrush in the toilet is a health hazard, not just something you hate to eat.

  3. You know, there was once an old game show on CBS called Press Your Luck. And that is exactly what Caleb is doing.

  4. This guy definitely needs help, wow if he actually did that he should get a penalty. What I find funny the most about this guy, is he takes Estrogen pills because his tits get sensitive as if he’s giving birth or something and that’s nothing against women, I love women, but if a man needs to take pills for his “Glands” for his tits and shave his “Arms”?? Then that is by definition no “Man” at all in my opinion, think about it for a sec…

    • Then he has a medical condition. I’m sure you wouldn’t find the situation so amusing and disgusting if you had to deal with it.

      • Shaving your arms is not a medical condition… like I said think about it for a sec. These actions that he’s doing regardless of what ever medical condition he’s taking doesn’t excuse him from pulling a childish prank on a girl who he’s been harassing this season, period, now that I don’t find amusing and 100% find disgusting no matter what condition he says he’s on.

      • Not defending him, but about the shaving; that is recommended for anyone wanting to do modeling. I went to HS with a girl that shaved her arms. She said she modeled jewelry and was told to shave. this was 40 years ago so I would assume men are encouraged to do it too. Have you not noticed ALL the guys but Donny shaving their chest and backs.

      • Reading comprehension 101: nowhere did i defend Caleb’s behavior. My issue is with your sneering at him because he takes estrogen due to an uncomfortable medical condition. Doing that makes you much less of a person than taking the estrogen does Caleb. One day you too will likely have unpleasant medical issues, and perhaps then you’ll develop some empathy.

      • Gemini when he does blow up and he will and someone gets hurt, I hope you won’t being using his medical condition as an excuse for his behaviour because from what I see in the live feeds he seems perfectly fine with how he’s acting as far as how deep his ego is up his ass,

      • So in your logic he gets a pass for obnoxious behavior because of his so-called medical condition? You’re retarded.

  5. BB needs to do something to stop him. For starters it’s just straight immature. I can understand playfully hitting someone with a pillow, but to take one from her when she’s sleeping and crank it at her head and then brag about it? It’s just ridiculous. Amber is all he talks about, EVER. And she has repeatedly given signals that she is not interested, even flat out saying no, we’re just friends. How much more obvious does she have to make it?

    • Yet they’re still “allies”, she told him she’d go on a date with him if he ate a pickle, and she runs and tells Caleb every single thing she knows. In Caleb’s confused mind these are mixed signals.

      • She never said she would go on a date. She what IF i went on a date, would you eat it. He as well took that the wrong way, he ate it an actually expects a date haha.

      • No she actually did say she’d go on a date. She sat on the HOH bed and Caleb was talking about hating pickles and she said if you eat a pickle I’ll go on a date with you. She didn’t think he would actually do it though. And she was sorry she said it.

      • What actually happened is during the topic of his hatred for pickles, she asked would he eat one IF she went on a date with him (she’d been turning him down up til this point). It was a hypothetical question posed in a room full of people. Even Cody pointed out her exact wording. Then days later he took it upon himself to do it….. & yes, she did regret the situation.

  6. It completely depends on her. While I don’t blame Amber for Caleb being a psycho creep, I think she could have been a bit more firm with shutting it down. If she goes to production and asks for assistance then absolutely they should, otherwise it’s her game.

    • The one time she tried to be firm, he ried to sabotage her game. She’s playing for $500K, so unfortunately she needs to play her cards right. If his was the real world, I’d hope she would’ve kneed him in the nuts by now.

  7. That guy is a wacko. She has made it more than clear she isn’t interested and hasn’t given him any reason to be such a stalker. I worry about guys like him. BB should tell him to back off

  8. She was outside this morning..Caleb stood at the door, hood pulled over his head..stood there for what seemed like forever, just staring at her. This guy is out of control and after this veto ceremony that is taking place right now…if she doesn’t react the way he WANTS her to..I don’t know what he is going to do to her. Production is responsible for alot of this today because they are allowing Zach to attack her at the ceremony. It aggravates me that someone like Cody or Derrick don’t stand up for her just a little.

    • and Derrick is a cop who can see bad behavior vs scary. People forget Caleb is a veteran. He was a prison guard in Iraq. Maybe he has other issues.

  9. Has Amber ever said NO to Caleb? IF she really is not interested in the Attention from him, then she should tell him to back off. And the other female HG’s should back her up. I do not get the live feeds. Has Amber discussed how Caleb creeps her out with any of the other HGs?

    • I have the feeds and I don’t think she has ever been forceful with him by telling him he needs to back off. She always says she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings, but, she has said enough to him that he should know that she only wants to be friends, nothing else. He just won’t accept it. Guy is really a jerk. Now, that he is throwing pillows at her and wanting to put bananas in her food…I guess he is really trying to show what “her place” is in the house.

    • She has said ‘no’…. several times….. but she also tries to maintain some sort of dignified friendship with him as well. Everyone in the house recognizes it for what it is but they hype Caleb up to continue his bad behavior for their own entertainment. About the girls… they would neeever back her being that they are some of THEE most petty & jealous chicks to ever step foot in the BB house. She’s kind to them , cooks & cleans for them, confides in them & all they do is trash her then run to the boys & tell everything she says, w/embellishments. They’ve even gone as far as to comment on how annoyed they are when the guys compliment her(amber)… and always ‘pay her attention’… these are the worst kind of females, if you are attractive. They’ve even dogged past houseguests, Janelle & Brittney Haynes looks & actions. Anyone pretty gets hammered. Too bad you don’t have the feeds… that’s where the REAL show is, not to mention the Truth.

  10. Justin, are you watching the same show we are? Maybe if you don’t see the live feeds you aren’t really getting the full picture, She has made it VERY clear to him many times that she is not interested in him in any way shape or form. The stuff he says about her on TVGN at night is disturbing.

  11. Caleb definitely has a problem and the DR needs to have a talk with him and if he continues a penalty nom. As much as it pains me to say this I don’t think he would have gotten this bad if NOT for the other HG encouraging him and telling him false stuff. This mooring when I watched the pillow incident I had backed it up several minutes and Cody was encouraging him and I thought (could be wrong) that I heard Cody say the word pillow. If that was the case DR needs to talk to him too.

      • Maybe they didn’t realize at first how far he would take it, but they need to play it down now.

    • they’re all misogynists from cop derrick’s saying that amber “leads him on” to frankie’s telling him that amber should apologize to caleb, to hayden lying on her that first week (when devin was in the house lying on her, too) telling caleb that amber wanted to go on a date with caleb.

      also, their treatment of the other women borders on mean-spirited if not outright disrespectful.

      • Maybe it’s not misogynistic, but rather a natural response to how all of the women in the house behave. None of them have given any reason to respect them in terms of the game, so of course when confined in a house comments of their pathetic play are going to come out. Christine is the only girl who has done ANYTHING, and she has even said everything has fallen in her lap. All of the women are content letting the men run the game.

      • Derrick has contradicted himself on that one. They ALL know she’s turned him down, flat, on several topics & has been pretty clear that’s he wants nothing more than a friendship. When she did begin to pull away from him completely, the other houseguests, Britt & Cody included, encouraged her to be nice to him because he could damage her game. I mean, this girl is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

  12. She’s not allergic to bananas, a pillow isn’t going to hurt her at all. Kind of a ridiculous thought to think people actually think BB needs to intervene here. Get over it. A major part of the show is the social experiment of how people interact with each other when confined to a house. She’s not in any sort of danger. A complete non-issue, end of discussion.

    • It could become an issue. BB has actually been encouraging it too, not a doubt in my mind. They call him to DR all the time. Former HG have said they ask leading questions. EX: Do you think Amber looks good today? Did you tell her? Well of course he’s going to run back out and tell her. I’m sure they are watching him closely so it remains a non-issue.

      • Did you ever hear the term nip it in the bud? Why wait until it becomes an issue? He’s a delusional, immature wack job. Who knows what he’ll do next.

    • An abuse is an abuse even if the persona doesn’t get hurt, the way he throwed the pillow was no prank

      • It’s not an abuse. That’s my point. Why are the people on this site so incredibly hyper-sensitive? Did not of you ever play pranks on people as kids? Stop sucking all fun out of everything. He’s not going to hurt her in any way… Get over it!

      • I don’t understand how some of you people on here get through day to day life. Constantly offended by the slightest things that are even done out of affection and not even malice. It would be a complete obstruction of the realities of human nature for BB to get involved in this situation when no one is threatened what so ever.

      • You need to watch the feeds. He through the pillow out of hatred not affection. Just listen to what he tells everyone about it. He talks with hate.

      • Yet it was the least possible harmful object he could have come up with to throw at her, outside of air. So maybe it just isn’t a big deal. Oh wait, it isn’t.

      • Okay you must like hatred and violence so there’s no point in arguing with you. When your brother gets out he will get a rude awakening when he sees what an ass he’s been.

      • If she’s afraid of bananas and Caleb knows this and uses it against her, of course it’s abusive. It would be the same way if she were afraid of snakes or cereal boxes or the color pink. Knowing someone’s fear and deliberating using it against that person is abusive, plain and simple. Kids can get away with it because they usually don’t yet realize that playing on someone’s fears is cruel and wrong.

        If I had a genuine fear of bananas and a significant other, friend, or relative did to me what Caleb is talking about doing to Amber, they would either quit that crap instantly or be out of my life. No one should tolerate abuse under the guise that it’s just someone having fun. It may be fun for the person pulling that nonsense, but it certainly isn’t fun for the victim.

        That said, I don’t think BB should intervene. Being scared will do no physical harm to Amber. It will also show Caleb’s true colors to everyone. I hope he realizes that going through with this stunt would be very wrong–he might just be talking big and wouldn’t really do it.

      • She isn’t deathly afraid of them… She just really hates them. “It’s a texture thing.” One of my cousins HATES ketchup. Yet my other cousins and I, who grew up together and are very close, will mess with her by putting ketchup near her. She gets scared, but it’s a JOKE and she realizes it. We aren’t abusing her, and in fact afterwards we all laugh and we all (including her) get to bond over the experience. Jumping out from behind a door is another one. It’s scary to that person, but then it becomes a good joke to laugh about 5 seconds later. Let’s not reduce humanity to the point where we are saying that we cannot handle anything outside the realm of perfect and constant respect and political correctness. It removes human nature from humans themselves.

      • And you know this how? Are you related to him? He’s obsessed with her. And I mean OBSESSED!!! They’ve been in the house for how long and he NEVER has a normal conversation. Everything is Amber.

    • I agree. You’d think from these comments that he was throwing daggers at her or putting arsenic in her food. People’s reactions are ridic!

      • The entire time in the house, Caleb has shown he still has an acceptable level of respect for Amber. While being immature and foolish in his pursuit of Amber, he still doesn’t cross the actual line of doing something legitimately bad. I will be the first to correct myself should it happen, but I would be shocked to see Caleb change his pattern of behavior in terms of respecting Amber as a person. Putting a banana in someone’s food doesn’t cross that line.

  13. Caleb seems like in the real world he could be a stalker. Like DUDE this chic don’t want you. Leave her alone. He seems like the type that will fall for a woman very quickly and start being obsessive and overbearing. And if a girl broke up with him, he would follow her, sit outside of her home and job etc…Dude is creepy and insecure. Stalker Alert!!

  14. BB needs to give Amber money after the show to change her name, phone #, address & relocate her whole family. I can see something really creepy happening after the show is over.

  15. Amazes me he can’t tank the hint that she isn’t interested. However if she is allergic to Bananas then he should be ejected from the game if he puts them in her food. If she just doesn’t like them then it is prank and part of the game. Seriously though this guy has some issues. Really think she is going to want anything to do with him after he nails her with a pillow.

    • This article doesn’t say anything about her being allergic to bananas, where in the hell did you get that from? It just says she’s scared of them as in Bananaphobia, like some people fear snakes or spiders. This would fall under the prank category.

      • The key word was if she is allergic. Otherwise I say it is fair game. Sometimes we don’t know all the details as viewers.

  16. I think Caleb’s obsession with Amber does warrant a talk from producers. She has made it clear that she just wants to be friends and he keeps trying to find ways to get close to her. Now he seems to be getting the hint, but he must be used to rejection because now he is targeting her. It’s disturbing.
    Also I don’t know why everybody in the house gives him all the power and they don’t get rid of him.

    • these are not kids and they should be able to handle the crazy social interactions that they all knew was going to happen, especially when you are trapped in the BB house. production should be encouraging the “crazyness” to boost ratings… houseguests would have to be stupid to not realize this.

  17. Production – You let last year’s bad behavior escalate to the point of hurting the BB reputation. This year ? Misogynistic behavior. Time to stop it !

  18. I don’t know , I really started off liking Caleb. I kinda still do, to the point that he did serve in Iraq as a prison guard & he did see battle more than what we can even imagine.. Out there what them soldiers (Men & women) see is far beyond our own thoughts.. I wouldn’t call him a sicko ,but he does need to talk with someone 4 Real… In his bio he talks about his love 4 his mother & How He Loves this Country so Much…We Can’t help who our Heart beats for, that’s Life ,everybody thinks different.. I’m hoping he talks w/his mother,& maybe she can get him 2 stay focus. Bc the way they R coming @ him, is setting his mind in a place of a Soldier. If Amber goes home ,they better watch out the remaining men ,not the women bc I don’t think he would disrespect them..When he says beastmode ,they better be aware, bc he will not speak 2 them. This is just what I’m feeling..

  19. Big Brother is portraying Caleb as a stalker on TV in my eyes. They are recorded 24/7 and I don’t get to watch the live feeds much. If the way they portray him on TV is the way he always treats Amber then the production definitely needs to put a stop to it.

    • Exactly right, I think so too. I am still amazed no one cares how they look on tv. You have family watching, friends, potential employers etc and you look like a crazy person for the world.

  20. It’s obvious to me that Caleb being the handsome looking guy that he is, is probably use to having women swoon over him. Now that Amber is rejecting his advances as nicely as she can, his ego can’t stand it. Quite frankly from what I’ve seen and heard from him, he has the personality of a brick. He needs to realize that no means no! The quicker he’s voted out the better the game will be.

  21. I tend to believe that once the BB game is over, Amber will have to get a restraining order to keep Caleb away from her. He is totally obsessed with her to the point that I think it could get turned into a very serious and dangerous situation for her. In my opinion Caleb is egotistical and unstable. I think the other players need to put the game aside for a second and have a house meeting with Caleb and show him that what he is doing is just wrong and it needs to stop. Then vote him out asap.

  22. Caleb is the most arrogant ego person. Bragger. Ridiculous. Plain stupid. Hope his family is sooooo ashamed by his behavior. Especially the Amber thing. And dressing in all of their clothes. Didn’t he bring anything in to wear? Hugging kissing and antics with Frankie. WOW thats macho.

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